Why the NBA is Doomed

Jason Whitlock of Outkick.com says he knows what is wrong with the NBA. The NBA is doomed because it is hopelessly tied to Communist China.

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R–TN) wrote in an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal, “The NBA’s Moral Failure in China … Quick to take up the banner of ‘social justice’ in the U.S., the league turned a blind eye to abuse and neglect at its training academies in Xinjiang.”

The issue Blackburn referred to is reports of neglect and abuse at the league’s basketball training academies in Xinjiang, China.

An ESPN report suggested the NBA willingly ignored the irony of placing a basketball training facility in one of the least “Social Justice aware” regions of the world. The training academy is located in:

A region notorious for the mass murder of Uighur Muslims and other ethnic minorities, compulsory political re-education, and one of the most extensive internments of civilians in concentration camps since the Holocaust.


As Blackburn notes, the NBA is afraid of sacrificing any more of China’s $4 billion fan base. With ratings plummeting amid the league’s embracement of leftwing social activism, it looks like the clock is ticking on the days of professional sport’s love affair with the progressive ideals.

Watch the video to hear Jason Whitlock of Outkick.com break down the issue for Tucker Carlson. Learn what Whitlock says must be done about professional sports “love affair” with China.

41 thoughts on “Why the NBA is Doomed”

  1. nba loves China, why not move to China since they lost the US fan base. LeBron is a total idiot and Mark Cuban is a racist. Too many I’s and my in LeBron and Cuban loves White players and will overpay them. Cuban refused to pay Black Tyson Chandler his due but overpaid White journeyman Chandler Parsons in the same negotiation cycle.

    1. I believe the cause of the NBA free fall goes directly to one person. He’s the most racist person in all of professional sports. LeBron James. I’m glad to see people finally calling this thug out. His comments and ideas make me want to vomit.

      1. I have been a life long Laker fan I will not watch another NBA game as long a LeBron is a Laker or any other NBA game as long as they have anything to do with the BLM and keep kneeling when the National Anthem is played.

  2. It is a damn shame that these lunatics have basically destroyed themselves and in the process totally ruined what used to be a great game with so many great players! The NFL, MLB and now the NHL have all chosen this path if self destruction and it is getting worse by the minute! A great example for me is I never really enjoyed UFC fighting but now that I see how much they do to support President Trump and us I am gladly watching them now!

    1. Either the NBA, NFL , MLB, NHL love freedom and the Ametican way of life or they can move to Beijing. IF THEY decide to move to China then The sports teams in the USA should have all their funds frozen and confiscated to pay for the sports arenas we the people, as tax payers, have and are paying for.

      1. Players and owners really don’t care about the financial funds municipalities have given teams to build sports stadiums and areanas. Go to China to play. Have your family live in that country and enjoy the freedoms they offer.
        I guess burning down stores, looting businesses, shooting citizens and police is okay. Even in their games “no law no order”. Guess what that’s also true outside the sports complex. Or are athletes treated differently Then the regular citizen much like so many politicians?

      2. Totally agree! Screw all of those who think they’re entitled! They are there for my entertainment only & are waaaay overpaid!

    2. I agree. They talk about white privilege. They haven’t looked in the mirror lately. They are black privileged. This is how they treat the greatest country in the world who gave them the opportunity to make millions of dollars. Ungrateful prima donnas.

  3. Let the NBA move to China. I don’t miss them, in fact, they disgust me. I hope others walk away from this league of pompous, arrogant social warriors.

  4. I agree , they should move to China. Mark Cuban is a total ass and the players are pampered brats.
    They do not deserve to live in our country.
    P S. Take Nike with you.

  5. What a country, where one can become rich and famous by being adept at putting a rubber ball through a metal ring. ‘Paying it forward’? Ya, right!
    Party on LeBron, party on Colin!

  6. Do NONE OF YOU KNOW WHY the NBA, NFL and other sports leagues are so PRO CHINA???

    They ‘do business’ with China! The CCP has infiltrated most every sports program in the country! They’ve given MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to teams “to promote good will and show how much China loves American sports”!

    BS! They use that money to bribe American owners into publicly supporting their Anti-American agenda! And if these owner don’t, then the CCP will use the DNC/Communist party’s control over the main stream media to ‘expose’ the corruption of the owners!

    I see a lot of angry Americans in these comments, but no critical thinking, just anger! I don’t blame you for that, but I do blame you for not asking WHY! Come on, it’s not a conspiracy if the evidence proves it is a FACT!

  7. Cuban should stay with buying businesses. e sucks as a total feckless individual when it come to human behavior. This is definitely a guy who thinks his money doesn’t stink.

  8. Competition has always bred contempt. It’s a veil of darkness distracting humanity from personal growth. $$ Spectators watching opponents duke it out in various fashion goes back 700,000 years in Africa. The cannibal tribes ruled then. History shrouded / censored by elitist keeps nose rings and tattoos prominent with those trapped in mental poverty. The equation of fame takes all levels of “look at me”. 100 years from now who cares? Competition goes hand in hand with politics. Divide & conquer. Meanwhile sales are up, bottom line mentality rules the turf while the media pumps humanity with cyclic patterns of drama. The rise and fall of nation is cyclic social dysfunction. History proves it. Trump inherited a hornet’s nest. Eliminate professional sports and the USA will heal from the damage of dualistic darkness. Being better, faster, smarter, crafty, taller, more agile are points of competition, yes? The physical realm holds humanity in a low level of entertainment. Similar in manner as murder stories, porno, war, sex trafficking and dark events that do little to uplift spiritual potential. Religious competition was not delved for obvious reasons. Are you passing through this life and moving onward? Congrads upon leaving the trappings of low life. Competition breeds contempt. Ultimately it even contaminates all aspects of life. Best of luck.

  9. I am totally surprised that Cuban became such a liberal rat, who doesn’t care about Amerika, sold his soul and patriotism to communist China, same goes for Labran

  10. Failures in professional sports are due to abandonment of faith in God, patriotism, greed and corruption.
    The same holds true for our swamp dwellers.

  11. China supports American sports they want to Destroy America. Just like Chinese people get a education here and spy and steal are Technically.

  12. Just send the whole lot of NBA players, owners, and supporters to China. They will be happy as long as they do what they are told by the government. In fact if Biden wins the election we will have that type of government control in America.

  13. What have they accomplished for these United States? Oh, made a lot of money for themselves and the players. And now they want to call the United States rascist, funny. They don’t complain about How much money they make.
    I do not watch any of the MLB, NFL, or any of these overpaid people or accept anything from them. It’s easy to sit in your million dollar homes and point figures at everyone else, and say see that’s wrong, while all along they have been complicit with what they say is wrong!


  15. I dropped the NFL when Kaeperdick put on his show of disrespect for our flag and country. Now I’m done with the NBA. I’ve always been a huge sports fan. I guess those days are gone forever. If I was as rich as these people are, because of ordinary citizens like me, I would buy one way tickets to China for every American that hates this country. One stipulation, YOU MUST GIVE UP YOUR CITIZENSHIP when you get on the plane.

  16. The players only have themselves to blame. Bet the owners would be willing to redo millions dollar contacts to thousand dollars contacts. If the players want to get into politics, give up the games and run, but they can’t do both very well, one or the other. I agree that if they want to represent China, they can give up their US citizenship, and leave for some country that might want them, because we, have heard and seen too much of the crap.

  17. I am 71 now,& been a sports fan since i was 8 yrs old. Its so sad to see whats going on. Watched & rooted on my boys in the sports they played growing up. Well SCREW all these COMMUNISTS,send all of them to DISCUSTING CHINA or any other LOW LIFE GOVERNMENT CESSPOOL! All they are doing is trying to destroy our country along with the LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE SCUM. They are all losers! I want my Kids,Grandchildren & future generations to enjoy the freedoms & joy i have up until now. Oh,& put SLIMEBALL BIDEN, HIS GIRLFRIEND & THE REST OF THOSE LOSERS on the plane with them!

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