Whites Need Not Apply: Biden’s Rebuilding Program Excludes One Major Group of People

For those of us who are old enough to remember just a few years ago, the Barack Obama administration was the most racist, anti-American and anti-freedom administration that our country has ever witnessed. And we don’t say that lightly, because we know it was Obama’s party that formed the Ku Klux Klan and which also interned Japanese-Americans during World War 2.

But the Joe Biden Administration is already saying, “Hold my double-soy, cruelty-free, fair-trade, gender-neutral latte.”

If you want a taste of just how miserable the Neo-Klan Democrat Party is planning to make life for everyday Americans, you must watch the Joe Biden speech in this video. It is toxic poison. If you are a nation, the stuff that Joe Biden is spewing right now is Socratic hemlock.


If you wanted to wreck the country that you live in, there’s no better way to do it than what Joe Biden has planned. Now, after all the hooplah in Congress in recent days, you might have thought that more COVID relief funds are on their way for all Americans. But you’d be wrong.

Only certain Americans will be getting COVID relief under the Joe Biden administration. If you happen to have been born with the incorrect skin color, you need not even apply for any COVID relief from a Joe Biden administration.

Yeah. It’s that bad.

Check out this video in which Joe Biden declares that you are not entitled to COVID relief unless you have the correct skin color.

68 thoughts on “Whites Need Not Apply: Biden’s Rebuilding Program Excludes One Major Group of People”

    1. Joe Biden is not my President, how can a traitor to our country not his anymore. How can he do or say the things he says after saying that wants to unite our cor.
      He is working and getting paid by China.

      1. I totally agree. He is not my President either. He was elected on a fraudulent election. They planned this since the start of Covid-19 . Even President Jimmy Carter said a mail in ballot voting system is corrupt. For him to say he will unite the country is B.S. Why didn’t he condemn the Riots of BLM and Antifa. They all condoned them. I hope the Republicans make his term 10X worse than what the Communist Dem’s did my President Trump.

      2. Joe Biden is nobody’s president. With the 20.1 million followers that he had on his twitter account, compared to Trump’s 88.6 million followers, his election votes were very small, like what is left if his brain, and yet as soon as CNN called him president-elect what does he do? He runs to the podium to claim his phony prize. This whole election is unconstitutional, and DJT never got his day in court. So I and DJT, would like Biden to prove that he got over 8o million votes, backed up by official ballots, and not the ones printed in China and other printing places here in the US that mysteriously burned down, but he can’t. Therefore this entire election was nothing but a big sh*t show, and a waste of our time. Yes I voted for DJT, I stood in line and voted in person with my mother only to find out later that our votes were not counted. I did not get a receipt, only a sticker that said I voted. I live in the corrupt, over taxed state of Pennsylvania where lots of fraud took place, only to have our corupt governor say ” As far as I am concerned there is no fraud here. My man got in” I do believe those were the exact words he used. I feel cheated and I would like to see justice

        1. Aileen, unfortunately we can forget about justice, the deep state political class thinks that we don’t matter, they are in power and they are going to do what they want. Iran and China are celebrating in the streets because they got their man back and we’re going to get sh*t on.

          1. That is true only if we allow it. We need to apply extreme pressure to the Biden administration AND the courts,and demand that every piece of evidence that support3ed the contention that there was election fraud be made available to the public. There is recorded evidence of just what is available, so we will know whether or not they comply. THEN, when that evidence is made public, Biden and Harris, along with the entire Obama hand picked administration, must to be immediately evicted from their positions, by force if necessary. Stand up and stand together American patriots, or lose the country to that illegal crowd.

        1. What about an article I red where Biden son took China money to buy out some company here in America. I believe they have been investing in America for years, why??? Just like FINA oil why did they sale to Germany investors. Why would America allow foreigners buy out America? This sounds unusual too me. Do other countries allow that? If you read and listen to what is really going on…you sure can not vote on the agenda that Biden preached. No substance…

    2. You are 100% correct! Biden is the one discriminating now as he excludes whites from rebuilding. People must have blinders on if they can’t see this.

    3. Hey China Joe, never will be considered a real President, My heritage is Irish & Welch I remember from history, Irish not not apply or words to that affect. You are already showing how bad a decision the thieves made to get you elected. Those races you identified as getting preference to my tax dollars show how stupid you really are and why you should resign immediately. You will never be accepted by the 74,000,000+ people who voted for Trump as our President.

    4. No high ranking DemocRAT will EVER see the inside of a prison cell: they ARE above the law. Just look at Hillary: she committed a federal felony and is still walking around free running her vile mouth!

    5. How come he didn’t mentioned caucasians or even Muslims, on which he has often times Quoted Muslims’ false prophet Muhammad from?? Perhaps his intent is somewhat the opposite.

    1. The useless Bastard has been getting away with his antics and uselessness for over 47 years! Does ANYONE remember a non heard of Senator from a little state of useless people, as he is, was trying 4 or 5 times to STOP our retirement Social Security! This is one of the TYPICAL useless Lifers in Congress who have NEVER paid into the Social Security system at all and gets their full salary for life!

      1. These people who are in congress should work for their pension. Not just take take what they want and give themselves a raise when they want. They should not be on office no more than a president can. As you can see old sleepy Joe has been there for 47 years and has only learned how to steal and give his buddies what they want . He has learned a lot from OBummer and Killery how to do things. As you see those two has not been prosecuted for anything that they pulled off with the money they gave other countries. Well I guess thats enough of my RANTS.

  1. America, please wake up from this Nightmare… I know it is way to late. Please Remember God, Our God will be with Us. We only can let this man destroy Our Country if We choose to follow him. America is in trouble for the next 4 years if We let Joe do what he has planned. Even if he only does half of what he promised in his speeches, America will never be the same for all races. PLEASE remember in God We Trust, in joe we fail!!!

  2. Well then, nothing will get rebuilt. When you have a race that is lazy, and shiftless. Nothing will be accomplished. Sort of like Joe Biden in public office for 47 years, and never accomplished one dam thing. Water seems to it’s own level. Biden’s a corrupt politician so it only stand to reason he’d take up with corrupt people. I mean does he know how to play blacks for the idiots they are.

  3. Biden isn’t making ANY decisions here, the DNC is. They are creating a Cabinet and environment suited to the Harris Presidency. Biden will be resigning very soon. OR, he will suffer the same fate as did JFK! The Progressives are Corrupt, not stupid! Even they don’t want Biden making any important decisions.

  4. Crime family in the Bidens he stole an election with the rest of the dimocrats. Not my president and nothing good will come out of this administration these communists are taking away everything and give us shit. Hypocrisy and double standards

    1. Their plan is working. Trojan Horse Joe will get put in a home and “Heels In the air” Harris will become YOUR next President. ??

  5. Americans know that come January 20th we will have a criminal as our 46th President and a whore as our first female Vice President.
    May God help us.???

    1. All those old white people who were shaking his hand and drooling over him will be crying in their coffee when Biden takes everything away from them that he promised he would make life better for them. When you put that vote in for him you signed your life away. and you have no one to blame but yourself. the whole Biden family are nothing but scumbag criminals. God save America with all your Blessings. Show no mercy to the ones who don’t believe in you and have broken all your rules. Open the doors of hell and drop ship every democrat that has committed treason against America People. God knows no color.

      1. It has been reported that Hunter Biden owes more than eight hundred thousand dollars in back taxes. Will Corrupt Joe be able to sweep this under the rug?

        1. sure he will and the public purse will pay any fines. Kerry is no better they both made tons of money off the public purse and they brag about it. Pelosi is way to old controling in a sick way. They all brag about getting rich off the public purse its their money to line their pockets with. Colour , race is not part of any democratic country.It means nothing color. The Democrats have made it so since 2016. They love it. So instead of punishing all the aging greedy people in office ,they have turned on the middle class whites. Pathetic low life commies . A good read from EPOCH times is by WilliamGairdner.ca The transition from the 4F’s to the 4G’s .

  6. Biden is a RACIST through and through! He is now trying “to be Racist against whites”! He is white last time I looked. How ridiculous he is acting at this time.
    He is compromised and we all know it. Obama wanted Harris to be President but NO ONE WOULD SUPPORT HER! So they back doored her in (that’s their plan)!!! The ONLY way she could possibly be President!!
    So many sheep FELL FOR THAT!!! What a disgrace to our Country!! BOTH of them!!!

  7. Equal protection guaranteed under the 14th Amendment is being abridged. Perfect grounds for impeachment. Let the courts sort out the racist mess he just created.

  8. I don’t like the words “so be prepared.” This is a very serious threat for victims of communism and they will never be prepared. There are museums from history of communism in Eastern European countries. Go and see it. What Biden didn’t tell you: Communists will never tell you the truth before they trap you, and after that they show you in action. If they let small businesses to function, the government will have full control over the production and distribution. So the owner is just another government’s employee.         

  9. I’ve been saying for years that the DemoRATs are racists who hate white people, especially straight white males. How any white person could vote for this scum is beyond me. Are they really that stupid? It’s comparable to Jews voting for Nazis. Unbelievable.

  10. Just a reminder to you folks who have large student loans, Biden (the senator from MBNA NOT Delaware) was the one responsible for the bill that made student loans exempt from bankruptcy clearance. Hunter, the family cash machine, also got a $100,000/year job (no show?) at MBNA when he graduated. Speaks poorly of our education system when sheeple who hate Trump (who accomplished so much good) enough to vote for obvious crooks whose plans are to destroy our country. If you doubt me, look at his nominations (particularly the proposed head of the Justice Civil Rights Division). Consider what is going on in our country now- fill in/substitute where you will be if you do nothing:
    First they came for the conservative/Trump supporters, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a conservative/Trump supporter.
    Then they came for the ___________, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a __________.
    Then they came for the __________, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a ___________.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.
    (Thanks and apologies to Martin Niemoller)

  11. See what u voted for its going 2 get worse and they impeached Trump best president ever there all traitors uod help us

  12. Not my President! Guess the 14th Amendment is under attack as well. Guess we have to play the lefts game- everybody identify as a member of a preferred class. If they’re allowed to do it so can we.

  13. Like the old saying gone. You can’t teach an old dog new trick! Well these fool who never could open their eyes or ears to other people. ARE DOOM! This Biden has been lying for 47 years! Nothing truth has ever been spoken by him! YOU AIN’T BLACK IF YOU DON’T VOTE FOR ME! Now go back to 1994! Look at the bill BIDEN SPONSOR AND GOT PASS BY A CONGRESS CONTROL BY DEMOCRAT! If you don’t remember the bills they you are a FOOL! That bills show his WHITE SUPREMACISTS SIDE! And if you don’t know HARRIS AS AG OF CALIFORNIA USE IT TO LOCK UP LOT OF YOUNG BLACK NEN!

  14. I am 69 years old and never thought I’d see our country in this shape! It’s an atrocity that our government is now just a government that endeavors to silence and destroy those who have a different opinion instead of what do we need to do to help get us back on our feet. It’s appalling what they are doing to President Trump and his family and other conservatives. I grieve for our nation and pray God have mercy on us!

  15. YOU AIN’T BLACK JOE hates his skin color. How much white guilt does this ass carry with him? Knowing him he has never met behavior or actions that he is ashamed of or carries guilt over. He simply is a malliable spineless fool who will go where the money and power and influence take him. This is NOT equality or equity. This is blatant and willful racism against the skin color of white….white conservatives.

  16. This is the most racist thing I’ve heard a politician say in a long time. No one chooses their skin color. And every small business owner has been negatively affected by COVID. It isn’t Biden’s money to dole out to whom he chooses, it OUR taxpayer money! It belongs to the citizens of this country in spite of their genetic alleles. Unity? Ha!

  17. so folks, what you do is look to the senator/house rep from Georgia, a bright young woman who knows what to do. she is drafting an impeachment against Joe and will file it 1-21-2021. I contacted her via email last nite. we need to send her emails voicing our support. I also plan to email those who stood for our President to ask them to join her. I will provide her name and the contact I used if anyone here is interested in helping in this effort. we can impeach Joe on the Ukraine quid pro quo deal of you don’t get the 1 billion unless you fire the prosecutor who is after burisma and my son, the smartest man I know. shows what he knows, right???? also for you avid anti illegitimate #46, go to waipu, Ukraine on duckduckgo and read about ol’ sniffy’s house that got raided there on 1-1-2021. it will be good reading and pass it to any ilovejoe people you know. maybe they will see the light. so, be back here in a few with the contact info I mentioned above. we can protest behind the keyboard, or we can get them where it hurts, the pocket book. I have a list of vendors who have pulled back support for the right. I plan to boycott their products. if you can, please do it also. the almighty dollar stops here.

  18. her name is Marjorie Greene, and she represents the 14thdistrict of Georgia. look up how to contact her. follow the instructions on her page to send the email. they are too long to list here. she is like Trump, she thinks for herself and does not put up with b-s. she is young, and I believe she will be a star someday. read about her and what she stands for. Trump should take a look at her for any future runs for President. she will give the squat, formerly known as the squad, a run for their money. please support her people!!!!!! I dont live in Georgia, but if I did, she would always have my vote. also, bombard the congressman and women who targeted our President yesterday. they are petrified of him. what secrets they have!!!!!!! send email and voice your displeasure of their actions and what they mean to any future votes they may expect. the pen is mightier than the sword. until #46 illegitimate re writes our constitution to suit himself and his Chinese masters. or BLDM group. or ANTIFAGS.

  19. What about all the “white” voters that believed Racist Biden would help them rebuild the businesses they lost due to the 2020 summer violence. Well, you white Biden supporters what are thee to do now that you helped him secure his position of power. White need not apply. That includes you, white Biden voters. Be careful what you wish for.

  20. Nice to know Americans should have there own country , divide America 50 50 democrates from Republicans . Job well done .

  21. I can’t believe how the Democrats have been able to spin this so successfully. They have succeeded in buying off the right people and we have no one to help get the real truth out to the majority of the people the way they can censor anything they don’t want made public. Our courts refuse to hear any cases contradictory to the Democrats. It’s like we have no recourse for what they have done so successfully. Democrats and Big Tech can hammer home their agenda and suppress anything they deem bad for us to hear. Who in their right mind could believe Joe Biden got 80,000,000 legal votes. President Trump has accomplished more in four years than anyone thought possible. If the Democrats would have given him an ounce of help just think where our country would be today. The problem is he made all of them looks so bad it scared them out of their minds. Pelosi and Schumer are our biggest foes.

  22. You now see there is no longer a Democrat Party. What we have is a racist, socialist , Totalitarian takeover our our country

  23. He’s such an old coot. Let’s hope those that are at the back of the line can get those benefits before it’s too late.

  24. Biden’s plan to help only minority owned businesses is doomed to complete failure. He alluded to the reason why in his own statement. Blacks in particular are not intelligent enough to know how to access the programs and help that is readily available to businesses. They are not innovative. They lack ingenuity. They are not motivated. They are not industrious. Therefore, they are far less likely to succeed than are whites, Hispanics, or Asans….. with or without Biden’s help.

  25. It’s funny that this BOY would say that about his own RACE ! Isn’t this BOY talking out of his DONKEY BU.. !
    HE’S really showing his True Color isn’t he .

  26. I agree with everything stated about the faults of all democrats and what biden and his VP are going to do to this country and its people.

  27. I agre with you. I hope the white people of this nation support the American Indians. If anyone needs help they sure do and I will never support Biden as my President. For his big party why didn’t he go to camp David so all his buddies who get boomed can have a place to stay. And all these troops would not be necessary.

  28. We Americans regardless of party were defrauded on election day 2020 and the days and nights thereafter. We were put through “Political Theater” People reference the book 1984 but really go and read it. Somethings are now being said and done nearly word for word.

    We are in for a fools parade of Biden “politically correct” appointments with little to no ability to derail the nonsense until 2022. Regardless,the GOP needed real reform to real responsible governance which will take good, decent, honorable, and thoughtful Representatives and Senators or it should go like the old Whig Party did in 1860. The Democrat Party I renamed two plus years ago in my newspaper column called the “Right Stuff” published every Monday in Fairfield,Ca. The are the Democrat Socialist Progressive Peoples Party(DSPPP) and are living down to the name. Funny the last time we had such a difficult time the Democrat Party was the primary cause in that little dust up we call the Civil War. Just saying!

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