Tucker: We’re ‘Speeding Toward Assassination’ of President Trump

Tucker Carlson believes that we are rushing headlong toward the assassination of President Donald Trump. As usual, Tucker is saying something out loud that the rest of us were already kind of thinking to ourselves. He shared this belief on an episode of the Adam Carolla Show on Monday night.

Tucker’s reasoning behind this is sound. The intelligence agencies completely fabricated a hoax about a pee tape, Russia hacking our democracy, and Trump communicating secretly with Vladimir Putin through a secret server in Trump Tower that was routing to a bank in Moscow. Every word of the Russia hoax was false, but the FBI and the CIA worked in tandem to try to take Trump out.

Impeaching him didn’t work. Impeaching him a second time didn’t work, either. Fast forward to 2023, and after four indictments, Donald Trump has never been more popular with the American people.


His trial over the January 6 BS, which was fomented by undercover FBI and CIA agents, starts in March in the middle of the Republican primary contests. They’re already at the point where they could potentially lock Trump up for the rest of his life, and it’s still not working.

What’s next? There’s really only one thing left on the list. Republicans and Democrats in Washington, DC hate Donald Trump so much that they’ll try to kill him next, according to Carlson.

Watch as Tucker explains his reasoning for this fear on the Adam Carolla Show…

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35 thoughts on “Tucker: We’re ‘Speeding Toward Assassination’ of President Trump”

  1. Assassination would be politically risky and too “obvious” to even the gullible “sheople”. Watch for a poisoning or induced heart attack or something of that sort. He truly does stand between the ruling class and We the People.

    1. Mr Burnshaw you may be right on, but look at the years of in your face political hacking that has gone on since DJT was nominated and had not even set in the oral office … need to steam clean that place after the trash that joey the military hating chinee lover has allowed to enter… also need to set the pervert flag on fire the next time some clown gets it out and attempts to put in on the capital ..

  2. If anything happens that not of nature cause. I pray there will be lot of politicians start dropping by the PEOPLE! FBI can try whatever they want, but the people know who ARE OUR ENEMIES WITHIN OUR BORDER! Will not be a John F. Kennedy thing! We all are to smart to not know who will try this crap! They too will drop if it start! These politicians and agents got family, they will not be able to be in two places at once! That Not America way of life! Same gone with the CIA AND GARLAND!

  3. Stop the communist bastards now it may be to late but this is America we must not give up we can’t go by laws now they don’t go by laws and it’s time people wake up we must show them what down and dirty is we can end this today don’t be afraid good always wins over evil and God has our backs don’t play their game any longer take our country back our fore fathers left us the right to take to arms act now or all will be lost.Pray Pray we can end this.

  4. IN ADDITION TO THE ASSINATION THE FBI, DOJ, NSA, CIA WILL MAXIMISE THE NEW NEED FOR GUN CONRTOL and try to ride that problem they created to there advantage

  5. I hope that President Trump stays safe, however, I hope that if something should happen the D*** Rhino’s all get their just rewards. Never have I seen so many men without souls or backbones. They have found so much corruption but NO actions stating “things may backfire!” Our founders weren’t afraid of backfire.

  6. There is only one cure for the Corrupted Government Agencies. Everyone of them need to be totally disbanded, and or all of the Management need to be totally replaced. Those that were identified as being part of the weaponized Government need to stand trial for corruption and possibly Treason. These people need to face either a long term prison term or the firing squad based on the charges they committed!

      1. They wish for Civil War. We know who they are. They will get theirs. They do what we do not want them to do and it will be against them. They are not safe and neither are their families.

  7. I totally agree with T. Smith
    If anything happens to Trump then we need to have a civil war to get our country back. We need to ALL be armed and ready to save our country or what’s left of it after this disgusting Administration. Biden/Harris is the worst thing that could have happened to America! Crime family doesn’t begin to describe Joe Biden and his psycho son, and the psychos within his administration. They have destroyed what was left of America in 2 1/2 years. Trump was an amazing President and had the respect of North Korea, Russia, China. They may have hated him, but they respected him. He had us on our feet and running . He opened all our eyes, something the Left hates. We know the truth and we aren’t turning back. Thank God Trump picked his own body guards, or this administration would have taken him out already. We need to be praying for Donald Trump and his family every day without fail. God is listening to our prayers, don’t think he is not!!! Stand up, don’t take a weak knee when it comes to this fight!!!! We are losing America, it is sinking as quickly as the Titanic!!!!

    1. Right on! But we have an even bigger problem that gets little if any attention. The ties between this administration and current political parties is the cozy relationship wit klause Schwab and his WEF schemes in addition to alex soros and his fathers hatred of our country. Their global plans and those of the biden administration are in lock step with the WEF scheme of world domination. We’re not far away from that possibility and most don’t see it. Reducing earths population to less than one billion is not impossible, especially with the threat of pandemics and nuclear accidents and a decrease in good production all orchestrated via the World Wide Web.

      1. Spot on, us patriates and true American citizens do know the truth and yes this government corruption has been going on right in front of our very eyes and now they are so bold to preceded to take down our great nation to emplement socialism, Marxist’s socialism and communism to a one world order, and yes our great nation was founded in God we trust and he is in control no matter what, we all need to pray for our nation.

  8. Tucker is 100 percent correct. The 3 letter agencies will get rid of him, one way or another. I’m surprised they haven’t done it already. I no longer trust our government. They have told so many lies, why would I!!! Trump is one man “We The People” can trust and that is why he is so hated.

    1. The swamp only got embolden after getting away with all the election fraud. Watch out for 2024 it will be even more outrageous!

  9. They did it to JFK. It will be the Deep State ‘Final Option’ if all the phony legal persecution of Trump is unsuccessful. If that does happen, America will be very close to another Civil War. That’s the reason our Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment into the Bill of Rights. ‘When ballots don’t work, bullets do’ — Malcom X.

  10. At 1:50. Words that should shock the world.
    Shock America. Here is more of what we have to surmise that Carlson knows:
    Has Biden been blundering?
    The facts say “No!”.
    He’s just “following China’s orders.”
    AND ARE DEMANDING THAT THE BUCKFIDENS “pay up!”.. and obey their orders
    These buckfidens actions include:
    1] the intentional and contrived devastation of our energy industries,
    2] instigating and abetting of invasions against America’s borders,
    3] purposefully giving our huge Afghan $$military resources$$ to China, and
    4] the cowardly use of DOJ, FBI, judges, AGs, DAs to attack Trump.. and America.
    5] And myriad more anti-America atrocities in between.

    1. I think not only that the Bidens have been bought out by China, but I think the Bidens think China will protect them when they are out of office. That is just how stupid all of them are, China will rid the world of all them.

    2. Dont forget weakening our energy supplies, 20,000 military fired, depleting our Strategic Oil Reserve, even selling millions of barrels to, guess who, China

  11. Yes i watched where old FBI WHAY would not a answer questions about covering up for Biden so by doing that we know Biden is guilty and WHAY is his cover man. So yes i would not put it pass them to try assassination on Trump the dirty assholes are so dam scared of him. If the American citizens would rise-up together they would be scared of us, but that want happen. Poor Trump the most hated man in America by the dirty ruthless corrupt criminals mafia Biden Regime. Wish some one would get some balls in congress and IMPEACH that mafia high boss out of the White House.

    1. Impeach Biden and Harris simultaneously!
      They are both guilty of so much treachery
      that there is not enough punishment to
      properly punish them with.

      1. Harris is intellectually incapable of being treacherous… but she needs to be removed due to incompetence, absolutely.

  12. I agree with a lot of you who commented above. I do wonder if Trump wears a “bullet proof vest” whenever he goes out into the public square!!! To me, it would seem a reasonable caution for the sake of his safety!!! All it takes is one deranged mind as we have seen in the past in the asassination of previous U. S. presidents!!!

  13. I agree with all of you. These are very dangerous and sad times for this country. We have to stand up and fight or everything is lost.

    Lisa Christian


  15. Wake up folks,This is the agenda from Jan.20,2009 .If you are smart enough and observant you will realize that the 2008 election was the ultimate fraud brought onto the people of United States by the so called Democrats.Look and listen and pay attention to the actions of America’s ultimate destroyer today.Who is it?Only one person had to steal 2020 election to finish Obama’s agenda that he sure participated in plus also for his own enrichment.

  16. I BELIEVE ALL OF THIS IS TRUE. My god inspire some leadership to take positive action to recover America now in 2023.

  17. Don’t forget that they don’t make bulletproof vest for your head that is what killed JFK he was shot in the head

  18. I really don’t think they need to kill Trump. Biden already has the plan to destroy us all. When the new digital currency goes into effect. They will have us trapped . This is why he hired the 87,000 new IRS agents. Every time a transaction is done they will know it. They will either have to approve it or decline it. So even if we want to send money to the Republican Party. They will decline it so we wont be able to fund them. To tell you the truth there may well not even be an election.
    Remember the Covid shots. Look how many they got to believe the lies they told about them. And how mad the people got at the ones who would not take it. Hell they are still mad some hospitals and doctors won’t have anything to do with you if we haven’t had the shots. The government has never told the truth, that the shots are killing as many as the virus is. We have never seen so many athletes just fall over dead while playing their sports. The only thing they have in common is the shots. They have also never told the truth that more people who had the shots are the ones getting covid again. The ones who didn’t get them and had covid have never gotten it again. I sat in the same room with my daughters family when they had it without a mask and never got it again.
    They have done this same thing with climate control. Everything they are telling people is a lie. When 1600 of the worlds top scientists
    Say its a scam, I have to believe them. But then we have the nuts who think we can control weather.. we have never been able to do much of anything about it. Seed the clouds. And make it rain and that’s about all.
    Nothing that man has or is doing will change the weather. Look at this year alone. We had record snow fall in places . And now record temperatures, so what caused the ice age. It was not man. These people are doing one thing. Making a few people richer. That and our government want to see how many people they can lie to and get them to believe it and be on their side. That is what both of these have been about how many people can they fool and be on their side.
    Everyone of you should know that the 7 million illegals are only here to vote for the Democratic Party. There is no other reason for Biden to let them in except for this reason. He is already using our tax dollars to pay these people off. For voting for him.
    What the Democrats really want is to be in total control over everything that goes on in our country. Like I said with this new money they will be able to have a democratic dictatorship. They will be able to stop us from getting water, electricity, food, anything they want, they will be in control of. Im sorry to say this but I the only way to stop it now is to stop this new digital currency. And I don’t know how they can do this.

  19. They killed JFK and covered it up! And elected a corrupt president probably involved in the cover up (gerald ford)

  20. What everyone here is saying is true. Now what needs saying is how do we the American citizen take back our country ? So dam much evil from every where , we do need to start doing something, and one thing is– there is prove that Biden is in office by fraudulent ballots so we the people need to stand up to Washington and demand that Biden be taken out of office now and the real winner “Trump” be put in office for the rest of the term. *** and pray the dam dirtballs want assassinate him*** we the people need to over throw the corrupt DOJ and FBI out of office, make a stand even if it is to use guns. We have to fight for our America. Trump is the only one on the side of the people . That is why he is so hate it ** so we the people need to stand by him.** we need to stand up and fight for our country now.

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