Trump ROASTS Joe Biden After He Pulls Dementia Trick Claiming He’s Running for Senate

Democrats have to get Joe Biden out in front of people, because his campaign is failing badly. But the more that they trot Joe Biden out in front of the cameras, the worse the situation gets.

At a staged campaign “event” on Monday, which involved no actual Biden supporters and a group of local journalists spread out in shame circles, Biden excitedly told the gathering, “I’m running as a proud Democrat for the Senate!”

We’re three weeks out from the election, and the man who supposedly vanquished more than 30 opponents in the totally-not-rigged Democrat primaries isn’t sure what office he’s running for. That’s the third time this year, by the way, that Biden has forgotten what office his handlers have him running for.


As he was rushing to his plane earlier in the week, Biden stopped to offer some advice to Democrats in the US Senate. Biden was asked whether Democrats should consider Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s faith in the confirmation hearings this week. To his credit, Biden advised the Senate Democrats not to do so, based on his own personal experience.

“Her faith should not be considered,” said Biden. “You may remember I got in trouble when we were running against the senator who was a Mormon – the governor.”

You know. That Mormon guy, what’s-his-name?

Joe Biden is forcing the media to break its old habit of hanging on every word that a Democrat nominee says. They can’t cover his events as breathlessly as they did with Hillary Clinton, because the Alzheimer’s is making Joe Biden such a wild card. No one knows what he’s going to say or do next.

While the media may be covering for Sleepy Joe, President Trump is not (and neither are we). Trump at his rally earlier this week addressed Joe Biden’s gaffe and he had some hilarious things to say about it all. Watch it for yourself in the video below.

76 thoughts on “Trump ROASTS Joe Biden After He Pulls Dementia Trick Claiming He’s Running for Senate”

    1. Come on be real, a simple slip of the tongue that we all do at ever age. I’m more concerned about the thought out rants the President posts on his twitter accounts. Attacking women not condemning racism etc. You know what they are, we have heard thousands of them in the last 4 years. Republicans are moving away from the President behind closed doors and some in public. Time to think this over.

      1. Have you been watching? He has no clue What office, what city, what family members, his platform. He is lost and it’s a shame his family and handlers want him to have the title so badly, they’re abusing him.

        1. I agree, shame on Jill & each one of his Children that did not try to stop it although after what came out a few days ago it is probably greed & America needs to seek justice & take every dime back.

        2. This is the plan, so that if elected Biden is the deemed too frail etc to serve, so Kamala steps up and has Pelosi as V.President.
          Pretty Frikkin Scary.
          The inmates will continue to run the asylum…
          Start Praying cause we are going to need it…

          1. Pelosi has already started laying the ground work by putting a 25th Amendment commission together. If Joe were elected, the push would be to remove him and replace him with Kamala. I think she would pick some one like Warren to be VP. What a pair to draw to. Pelosi is to old and too dingy to be VP. Can you imagine her sitting down with Xi and carrying on an intelligent conversion?

          2. The MAIN reason Joek Obiden wants to be president is so he can pardon Hunter, obomma, HiLIARy, and other snakes. After that, he does not care.

        3. The left will never admit Joe has a problem…… an even bigger problem coming to light……buckle up this is going to get good.

      2. I don’t think there are many republicans moving away from President Trump! Look at the choice you have with Air-head Biden and Harris, Demorats are in trouble if that is all they have to offer! But wait, you still have Pelsoieee, Schiff for brains, Mad Maxine just to name a few……..

      3. Hey, Joseph. A slip of the tongue, REALLY. Where have you been. I have an email that shows at least 30 of his confusing, dementia ramblings that leave absolutely no doubt that Joe has serious mental problems. The separate debates last night were because the Democrats wanted to protect Joe for as long as they can. Keep him in his basement bunker for as long as they can and say it is because of the virus. We the people are not that ignorant as we can see through this screen the Democrats have put up.

      4. So joe you know about the republicans behind doors meetings!!! You are a MORON if you are considering voting for sleezy joe & ?’s-up harris. Do you even believe anything from either of their past? Go back to mommy & daddy’s basement.


      6. Slip of the tongue no three different times he says he is running for Senate and he he doesn’t know where he is at. He has Alzheimer’s and it will get worse. Trump is not racist that has been proven over and over again,quit listening to the main stream media and research it yourself. Seek knowledge. Trump has been defending himself since the first day in office and he does tweet a lot as this is the only be heard.main stream hates him because they are afraid of their past evil deeds coming to light when he wins this election. They are looking at a lot of jail time and their are many of them in high places.for this reason they are continuing to try to destroy him.

      7. Repeating a leftist narrative isn’t the same as examining facts and having the honor to speak the truth, in case that matters at all to you.

      8. Not condemning racism? You really have drank the koolaid haven’t you. How many times does he have to say he condemns racism. Would you like him to get on his knees and beg you to listen to him or will you keep up your rhetoric. How many times will it take? I think you just don’t want Donald J. Trump in office. You would rather this country to fall headlong into COMMUNISM. Well your wish will come true and mark my words. Don’t forget them.

      9. Hey Joseph I think it’s time for that Doctor visit you have been putting off. Please for your own good don’t see Old Joe’s Doctor it’s not working out to good for him. FING WAKE UP!!!.

      10. How many “simple slips of the tongue” are you gonna give him? Earlier in the race the dude forgot what state he was in. He babbles and when he forgets he goes to this >> “C’mon man”. What the heck is that?? If he wins, he won’t last a year in office, then we have that communist Harris to deal with. Remember people, we aren’t just voting for a President, we are also voting for a Vice President and Pence is a hell of a lot smarter than Harris. Not to mention Harris at one point was a lawyer and you all know how well they lie. She can’t even do that good. She’s one of the biggest liars around after Hitlary Clinton!!!

      11. Get a grip you are sounding like CNN or MSNBC turn your channel and learn to think. Our President is not a politician he is running the business of the USA and it’s not a popularity contest he works for the people all the people. We can’t help people who are blind to the truth nay sayers and stupid unyielding dumbocraps. Wake up liberals

      12. You are what you watch and you obviously watch garbage TV because they never show that Joe is Basket Case.
        If you are running for preside4nt you don’t go around saying you are running for the senate! He really has a serious mental problem that is obvious to the most casual observer.

      13. He does several at every speech. What’s the excuse for not knowing he was running for president? He’s a washed up sorry ass crooked politiction who needs to shutup and get out of the way. But you go ahead and vote for tax increase. Vote for lawnessess. Vote for tightest crime and murder rates ever. Vote for Joe to give your job to China. Vote for military going back to war. Vote for illeagle aliens to take your job. Vote for everything being higher and us paying for it because the illeagle are getting everything for free. Well it’s not free. You and I will pay for it.

      14. Sorry meathead but you’re completely wrong as most of you lids are on a regular basis. President Trump is doing just fine and will beat o’biden by a major landslide so get used to another four years.

      15. Attacking women, really, Women politicians call him every name in the book and then some. If he defends himself he is attacking women. Equality my ass. He has repeatedly condemned racism but you lefties are deaf to his condemnation of racism. You all keep harping about his racism while overlooking your own and it’s blatant. Get real. Joe Biden is a compulsive liar with 44 years of practice.

      16. Trump has condemned white supremacy, the KKK, neo-Nazis many times. He’s on record doing so at least as far back as 2000. How many times does he need to do so before the left stop claiming he’s never done it?

      17. Come On Joseph, How many slip of the tongues does it take? If anything people are moving closer to Trump when they see that Biden can’t remember names, numbers, places…TIme to re-think that just a slip of the tongue excuse. Attacking Women, you mean you are ok with Biden being the little kid hair sniffer? How many times does he have to condemn racism, White and Black? Biden cant even say Law and Order the left will disown him.

      18. Biden has tooo Many ‘slips of the tongue’.
        He is loosing it and can be controlled by foreign entries and the enemies of the US
        His handlers know this and so do you

      19. Republicans (NON-Rino) quietly moving away from Trump ??????

        DREAM ON, Joseph!!!!!

        “Sleezy Joe” just drooled over EIGHT 15 year old young women last week into a microphone ON TAPE, so don’t try to hit Trump attacking Women!
        And don’t call Trump a racist when he has done more for minorities than YOU DEMS ever have!
        The ONLY thing you people on the left are good at is IGNORING THE FACTS.
        I guess that is why we always refer to you as “Low Information Voters”, because you are either too lazy to find and ADMIT THE FACTS, or too dumb to know where to FIND THE FACTS!

      20. Hold up!! Watch the debate. He has several times condemned white supremacists. He has also made it easier for women to open business.
        4 MORE YEARS

      21. You really need to expand your information input sources, Joseph. He has done so repeatedly…both on audio and video. You will make people thing you are as dead from the neck up as is Mr. Biden.

      22. He averages at least 2 such ‘slips of the tongue’ for every coherent statement. Whatever you think of the Joe Biden of 2008, he is no longer mentally able to hold office.

    2. Exactly Rick!! What the Dems are “hoping against hope” for is a Biden win! Then they will “declare” “Dementia Joe” unfit for office, make Harris POTUS, and Pelosi as VP!! Then they will be “set up” to dismantle American Democracy as we know it!! Are we ready for THAT America??? Hell NO!!

        1. Anyone with with a brain will vote for Trump. I do not want Kamala for president. She will be the one running things if Biden should win because she knows he is not capable.

      1. Sam that is such a scary scenario that even the Dems should be questioning which way to vote. This is probably one of the most important elections in our country history. I’ve lost neighbors who i’ve known for 18 years because I put up Trump signs. If we want our country back you have to vote Trump or watch it disappear.

        1. Jack, you are absolutely right. I can’t believe the polls that keep saying that Biden is ahead of Trump. I have a hard time thinking that there are that many stupid people in America. If the Dems take over this country it will be a socialist/communist country before we know what hit us. Biden/Harris is a horrible pair to be in control of America. We need GOD to be on our side and get Trump reelected.

          1. Oh.h.h.h BELIEVE ME, there ARE that many STUPID PEOPLE in America!
            It is called Apathy!. They would rather take the easy way by just listening to the media than searching out the truth and the facts for themselves.

      2. You got it right Sam, a Set up for Harris and Nancy Pothead. Note, We should all vote for it so we can see what is in it :ACA” Obumbercare.

    3. “Joe Biden, the unlikely winner of the Democratic Party’s primary contest, is a career politician steeped in the Washington political culture of back-room deals, morally-questionable compromises, and corruption. He is as establishment as establishment gets. Worse still, the man has some disturbing personal traits, such as an almost pathologically dishonest streak, obvious racist tendencies, and an inability to keep his hands to himself around women and children.”

  1. How can you expect a guy to be a good candidate when after 2 years of running for an office he can’t remember what office he is running for and you dems, want him as president. Better tell him that he is not running for senate then. Also Joey needs to come clean about his lies in the last debate where he repedately said that the hunter story of corruption was not true, not true. After all America the only thing that is at stake here is your jobs, the appearance we have as a nation to the world if we elect a guy that doesn’t know office he is running for yet.

  2. Look at his record. He has done more for America than any president in my lifetime. Biden even after 50 years has no record to run on

    1. You are exactly right Joseph. No president has done more than President Trump, even with all the BS leftist throw at him he keeps on going fighting for us [ American people] MAGA 2020

  3. The simple fact that “Joe Biden” was presented as the best democrats have to offer America as a leader, speaks volumes about the intellectual inferiority democrats and by extension the MSM exude.

  4. I believe Sam Douglas has sued up precisely what the plan of the dems is. The USA needs to see that that does not happen. The BEST preventative to this coming about is to re-elect our President. An ounce of prevention in this case if much much more worth that a kilo of cure.

  5. As much as I want Trump to win, I think Biden just used the phrase incorrectly. I feel he meant that he was running for president for the sake of the Senate. Or to that effect. God Bless America and God Bless President Trump for re election.

    1. I think you are a moron. this man is in latter stage dementia. he takes Namenda. look up what it is used for. ask yourself why he didn’t come out of his basement 15 times during September>. he wears a wire everywhere, and he wore it last nite in the townhall meeting. it was hanging out of his pants on the right side. this man is a liar and does so with impunity. he plagiarizes everything and everyone. that is why he had to drop out of the presidential race years ago. he was CAUGHT! and back then, people had morals. not so today. ask yourself why it was so important to him to get a v.p candidate who was ready to be president on day one. his own words/. why do you think pelosi is dusting off the 25 th amendment concerning a presidents unfitness mentally for office??? it sure as hell is for old Joe….. wake up. you and your demon rat thinking will cost this country its democracy. vote republican and save America… another thought, dont listen to the abc stations. look at Hannity, Ingraham, etc. there you will find the truth the mainstream media dont want you to know…..

      1. You hit the nail on head Southern Proud. Could not have said any better. I also am a southern girl from [Texas]. Hannity, Ingraham, Tucker, is what I watch as well.The 5 is good also with the exception of Juan Williams, he can fly the coop as far as I’m concerned. ******** Trump 2020 ********

  6. Tom and Jerry, from the cartoon, would be better candidates for President and Vice President than Sleepy Creepy Uncle Joe and Kamala. Better qualified too.

  7. They, his family should put him down for a long nap. I guess they can’t he is their cash cow. The Biden’s are a very wealthy Family because of Daddy Joe. Americans wake up all Democrat’s are very very rich people. Dishonest at best and very evil. God Bless Donald J Trump. He is my Hero. judy

  8. It is really sad that people on these posts are actually decrying the man because he has some form of dementia. It isn’t his fault he has it. The frequent lapses in memory and the anger all add up to the fact that he is not in a good place right now. It was obvious that it was beginning while he was still in office as VP! His party should be ashamed of themselves for what they are doing. But the question remains do you really want to have screaming hyena Harris as your first woman POTUS? I think not!

  9. The Democrats are pushing hard for Joe Biden to win the Presidency, reason being is that Joe Biden won’t be President for very long. His mental ability will go down and his running mate will become President. I don’t think people want her as their President, but that’s exactly what will happen if Sleepy Joe Biden gets in office. God help us! We need the best man for the job and that’s our beloved President Donald J. Trump! We also need our beloved Vice President Mike Pence! If the voting public truly looked at each man running for President, the only one who can truly do the job is Donald J. Trump!

    2020 Belongs to Donald J. Trump, President
    Mike Pence, Vice President.
    Trump/Pence In 2020.

  10. It is questionable if Joe Biden is physically fit, but it is absolutely most certainly something wrong with Joe Biden mentally. I believe he is suffering from Dementia even though his handlers and the Lame Stream Media are trying to hide such. Now with new suspicions of Biden and his son Hunter has been selling his position as VP to Ukraine & China while he was in office according to the newly acquired Emails of Hunter Biden. This is probably a practice by Biden since he was a Senator for 38 yrs before he became VP. How else has he become such a multimillionaire on a government salary. We cannot allow Biden to become President. He is totally being coached by far left pundits that want nothing but Socialism for America. This must be stopped. Vote for President Trump to assure a great American come back.

  11. I shake with fear at the thought of biden running for office, But when a man doesn’t know which office he’s running for on several occasions, God ? forbid. Lost too many thrusters upstairs ,definitely not not working on all of them. My hope is that Trump will see another 4 years, sure he may be unconventional, perhaps that is what was needed, unconventional approach. Can’t make everyone happy, I sleep better knowing he is POTUS and as such deserves the respect he is not getting.

  12. Daddy Biden may deny a lot, but the fact is that his son would never even have heard of Ukraine, not to mention Burisma, if not his father had been Obama’s chief rep. in the “Regime Change”, speak Maidan Massacre (plus the Odessa one, and the several ones around DonBass).
    Joe Biden’s and Ms. Nuland’s connection with and support for “Our Yats” (Yatseniuk, founder and head of the Ukrainian Fascist Party), and the murderous activities of “Our Yats” and his deputy Mr. Paruby were the basis for young Mr. Biden’s unexpected business riches, and it is hardly likely that the ‘Beneficiary’ will not give the ‘Benefactor’ some share in the shameful loot.
    We have to bear in mind that, immediately after the Maidan shooting that killed 100 innocent people, the Ukrainian Parliamentary Commission found that “no police weapons were involved in the killings” – so, the NYT and WashPost and Obama stories about “police did it” are a clear lie.
    In fact, the weapons were Saiga hunting rifles (with sniper visors) brought to Kiev by the fascist Mr. Salogi Parasyuk and his troop (of 20 or so who had been trained in NATO Poland) who fired onto Maidan Square from a building, not direct on the square but in Gomoldetsky Street.
    A “nice” trick had been prepared for the case that the people on Maidan would realize that the shots came not from any policemen but from buildings around hotel Ukraina and the Philharmonic: Three snipers had been brought in from Georgia (not USA), they say, by the Georgian ex-President Sakashvili, and they were in the front building – and surprised when bullets flew past them. The crowd would have found them first and killed them – and the false passports they had been given, and the words of “Our Yats” and Mr. Paruby (who was seen at the hotel Ukraina) would have “identified” them as “Russian agents”.
    The methods used by Obama & Co for “Regime Changes”, whether using Jihadists in Libya, arming and financing ISIS in Syria, or collaborating with Fascists in Ukraine, are neither for Ms. Clinton nor for Mr. Biden any recommendation for anything but long-term prison. Maybe, President Trump should order the arrest and interrogation of Bryan Christopher Bovenger, formerly in US 101 air born division, who instructed the snipers in Kiev – who sent him?

  13. ELDER ABUSE: The Delaware Elder Protection Board must investigate the BIDEN family members who would profit from the Presidential win. Joe Biden is being exploited by family members to continue the insidious foreign access funds which Hunter procured. Joe Biden is clearly suffering from dementia. He requires assisted living and help; not, posed publicly to endure excruciating embarrassing scenarios. His handlers and family are complicit in using Joe Biden as a meal ticket. Elder abuse and corruption.

  14. Lie-beral DEMONocrats…the syndicate of fake, hate, negate, ingrate, denigrate, degenerate, agitate, instigate, segregate, separate, isolate, desecrate (Bible burning), depopulate (abortions), and D O M I N A T E ! Vote for Joek Obiden…Lucy Furr or Lou C. Furr will welcome you to the hate train.

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