Trump Cuts Off California over Newsom’s Abortion Mandate

The Trump administration announced a new mandate against Newsom’s abortion-happy California administration this week. This recent regulation rejects the state’s support of universal abortion coverage mandates on health insurance in California, claiming the act is in violation of federal conscience laws.

The mandate includes withholding $200 million in federal Medicaid funds from the state in the first quarter of 2021 unless California amends its policy. The plan also includes withholding an additional $200 million every quarter until the state complies.

President Trump is not only doing what is right; he’s also hitting California’s liberals where it hurts most. With a decimated economy due to progressive political policies and totalitarian lockdowns, Californians are rapidly moving out of the Golden State.


Even if Joe Biden replaces President Trump in the White House in 2021, he won’t be able to stop the loss of $200 million to California. Further, any change by Biden to restore these funds will reveal Biden’s position as a multi-million-dollar supporter of ending the lives of unborn children.

President Trump clearly rejects the lame duck concept of leadership. His latest political moves may end up being some of his greatest achievements.

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48 thoughts on “Trump Cuts Off California over Newsom’s Abortion Mandate”

    1. Why isn’t anybody bringing up the shut down being to protect our lives because of the virus, but yet they kill babies at birth so if they care so much about as humans, why are they shutting down businesses but yet still killing babies??? Why aren’t people bringing this up. If they’re so concerned about our life, What about the unborn babies life. This needs to be brought up on our news media and we know the lame Stream media won’t but, maybe fox, Newsmax, and other areas of communication.

    2. Good, I am glad. Those babies has the right to live. Did his mother ever thought of aborting him? And look where he stand by being a Gobernor of California. Why, because his mother give him the right to live. So every baby has his/her right to live as well.

    3. Heartily agree with our wonderful President Trump. Abortion is purely nothing more than the murder of God’s creation. It is the product of love not hate. If you don’t want children, keep your pants/panties on your body!!!

  1. California should have all federal money cut off since they want to harbor illegal aliens some of which are criminals who should be deported, because they prevent the feds from apprehending these criminals for deportation.

  2. Killing innocent unborn babies is straight from hell. Imagine the pain they experience in the womb and being unable to cry. It’s outright murder. Thankfully, President Trump is against abortion but I believe Biden is for abortion. I would NEVER vote for him. Kamala is all for abortion. God, please stop this in the Name of Jesus!!!!!

      1. Pray unceasingly for President Trump to win in the electiral votes. Google, Face Book and Twitter are all censoring him. John Henry Westiin showed our President giving his christmas wishes with the birth of Christ which was censored.

    1. I totally agree with you Johnnie!!!!! Father God we ask in Jesus’ name that you intervene in this Presidential election and let YOUR WILL be done and protect us all from the evil of all the dumbocrats and all the devils involved !!!!!!

  3. Thank you President Trump for withholding federal funding for abortions , this is truly a miracle!! California is really destroying itself with it’s liberal lying state leaders. Well done President Donald J Trump. God Bless You.

  4. No Biden’s in the white house. NO MORE BABIES KILLED. Babies are the sweetest people innocent, guilty of no crimes except being conceived to the wrong women. Women who spread their legs for the fun of it knowing they can get rid of the baby. It all needs to be stopped. How any woman could stand by and let her baby be killed so she can move on down the road and do it over and over. It’s the woman that should be killed for committing murder, not the baby. It pains my Heart so, knowing these poor little babies are being killed.


  6. That’s why President Trump has to remain in office. It’s amazing how people don’t see how he is for all the American people. Preserving life and not allowing the murder of babies yet they do nothing to stop Soros who blatantly declares planning to control the population , the reset has been the plan for a long time. Trump 2020 ??

  7. These people are so correct in the destructive mentality of these communist democrats whether it be CCP or plain old Soviet communism. Jill Biden is getting a lot of criticism of being a phony doctorate like her husband Joe also is a phony and the least qualified to be President. Anyone marrying a Biden has to be uninformed or as worthless as they are. The main trouble we have in America today is a corrupt media and some people are notifying these corporations they’ll no longer be listening to their lies. Our local news, WLKY for one is nothing more than an organization out to stir up trouble between the races or anywhere else they can find, then advertise how community minded they are. I’ve been telling people for years to feel better just quit listening to the so called news. Nothing but lies anyway .How many times they dig out every incident with police officers but let our crooked politicians get away even with their unconstitutional acts. This is one person, a vet and patriotic citizen that’s had enough of all of this.
    Thanks and merry Christmas to you all!

    1. From one Veteran to another, Mr. Merrick ~ thank you for your service! Your comments were spot-on! May God keep and bless you and yours through this troubled, holiday season. Merry Christmas, rightbackatha!

  8. The entire West coast (CA, OR, and WA) should secede from the USA. The liberal Marxists there “bring nothing to the table” for the rest of the country — their socialist agendas bring poverty, despair, and death. Their policies encourage widespread welfare, illegal immigrations, and untamed criminal behavior. Their citizens are overwhelmed by gross taxation and political scandal. They expect the rest of nation to join them in their reprehensible, moral turpitude. I say, “Good riddance!” How much better our country would be if all of the “Blue” states left. (One can dream, right?)

  9. California is a wasteland only because of the political idiots who need replacement. It’s a beautiful state just ruined by stupid politicians voted in by bought and paid for electorate and probably election “fixing”.
    Just throw out the Pelosi family and their idiot followers in Hollywood, which should not be considered part of California and receive no government subsidy. Also, they should be doubly taxed if they want to stay.

  10. I’m in complete agreement with the comments. Saving babies is huge. The evil hearts that choose to take life need our prayers. One of my sisters is an executive director of a crisis pregnancy center in FL. These centers need help to put a dent in the deaths that Planned Parenthood offices are so well financed to carry out. They need our prayers and funds and hands on support. We must stop the deaths of so many precious lives. I believe God honors our desire to support them.

    1. You are so right. The Thomas Moore Society (lawyers) are trying to fight against planned parenthood. Planned parenthood has alot of money behind them. Suing anyone who tries to show their true colors. These lawyers are helping journalists who try to show the truth but are buried under the lawsuits from k. harris and planned parenthood help is needed to show the truth. Keep praying

  11. I’m ready for a civil war if that what it take to remove evil POLITICAN from our Congress and governor seat! TRUMP IS THE FIRST PRESIDENT THAT STAND UP FOR THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY! Those who think otherwise are smoking weed! None can prove anything that the DEMONcrat has done to benefit ALL AMERICAN PEOPLE! They only want to pack their bank account with $$$$

  12. Thank you President Trump for exposing the murder of innocent babies for what it really is and saving the lives of many yet to come. I pray that justice will be done as o who really won our last election. I’ve always believed in the principle that if it acts like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, And it walks like a duck and it looks like a duck, then the the odds are, it probably is a duck. On that basis alone, the stats from the past election scream the truth that you won the election. For the safety of many millions of babies yet to come, I pray the truth of the past election will be revealed. God bless you for caring about the lives of innocent babies!

  13. Until Roe vWade is abolished, abortion mills ( aka planned parenthood) will flourish! This RoevWade was based upon a lie. The woman who perpetrated it admitted she lied! This should be struck down now! Petition your congressmen and senators to abolish it!

  14. If Newsom thinks abortions are so important let him put his money where his mouth is and fund it out of his own sleezy pocket. Quit forcing dissenting Americans to pay for your petty little edicts.

  15. California wanted to remove themselves from the rest of the United States anyway so i say cut them completely off,not just with medicaid,but with everything. Let the liberals see how long they can survive on just their idiotic policies alone.

    1. Please, not all Californians are liberals. I am for Trump, I voted for him and I will stand for him. I believe that there hasn’t be a president like President Trump. I was also want to leave California, but for short of money I have to stay. But I would be glad if I could leave.

  16. The Global Cabal wants to clear California (and New York/New Jersey) in its Plan to set up massive estates for the Elite. Forcing the current populations into untenable conditions, the uber-exclusive clique is ensuring that a large portion of the populations of the coastal states will have to relocate in order to survive. This is a part of —the Plan to reallocate lands and consolidate the U.S. population to inner states wherein the labor camps and population zones will be established. Trump is the only federal voice seemingly railing against this forced design. That is why he is being targeted. We are headed to war. The first ones that must go will be the hardest to hit: The Global Elite. But there are enough “madmen” — today’s version of the Minutemen — to get this mission done. With the head off the snake, the snake will wither.

  17. We the people stand with you all the way President Trump. Patriots are ready to follow you to hell and back ( Joe Biden’s basement). We need to crush this anti American treachery that’s poisoning the minds of our youth, end illegal immigration, annihilate these anti American terroristic groups Antifa and BLM, reject everything Democrats push and return to the once great state of unity our country once was and will be again. Thank you sir, I salute you.

  18. Planned parenthood gets enuff $ from their body parts of babies they sell for research, yet demonRATS want us to help them out, just like making us pay for students’ loans when many are getting tax$ from us!!! If demonrats want the slaying machine to continue, LET THEM PAY FOR IT, NOT ME, I BELIEVE THOU SHALL NOT KILL!!!! There is no way around it, when a human kills another human being, ITS CALLED MURDER WHICH IS A CRIME, except if you are a demonrat…NOTHING IS A CRIME for them! The pro death people use to say its a fetus so you arent killing a baby! How many in the maternity ward say they are giving birth to a fetus?!!!! now tho they want women to be able to kill their babies after they deliver them 9 months!!!!! How does one do that?

  19. Goals of the Lie-beral DEMONocrats: Kontinue corruption, Koddle illegals, and Kill babies = KKK

    Skills of the Lie-beral DEMONocrats: Slinging bullshit, raising our taxes, and slinging MORE bullshit.

    They have the Look-At-Me-See-How-Nice-I-Am Syndrome AND ARE FUGITIVES FROM TRUTH !!!


  20. No tax payer should have to pay for a abortion of another person . AND if made to do so government should have to pay for our utilities are auto insurance registration and gas we use in the car plus maintenance tires hoses belts oil changes tune up’s … If we don’t make the baby we don’t pay !!! Of course THIS is one of those ignorant communist China Joey and KAMALA HAIRYASS’s ideas

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