Truck Driver Says He Delivered Cargo Load of 288,000 Completed Ballots

The flood of whistleblowers coming forward with hard, provable evidence of 2020 election fraud is now officially HUGE. We no longer have the drip-drip-drip trickle of fraud evidence. It’s officially a FIRE HOSE of proof.

The Thomas More Society in Virginia held a press conference this week regarding their election fraud lawsuit, in which they presented yet more proof that the Democrat Party and their labor union bosses colluded to try to steal the election from President Trump. All of the witnesses have signed affidavits under penalty of perjury about what they saw.

One of the witnesses this week was a US Postal Service truck driver named Jesse Morgan. One of the delivery routes that he drove was from New York to Pennsylvania before the election — carrying hundreds of thousands of completed ballots.


Everything about Jesse Morgan’s story is confusing — unless you accept that election fraud was taking place. Jesse was forced to sit around waiting for hours in Harrisburg, PA as a high-ranking official with the Postal Service refused to allow him to have his truck unloaded.

Six hours later, Jesse was ordered to deliver his load of COMPLETED ballots to Lancaster, PA. Even though this was highly unorthodox, Jesse complied with those orders, finally.

The really strange part happened after he finally arrived in Lancaster and parked his trailer. You won’t believe what happened next. Check out this video of the incredible and obvious election fraud in action that Jesse Morgan describes in this video.

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86 thoughts on “Truck Driver Says He Delivered Cargo Load of 288,000 Completed Ballots”

  1. I firmly believe the only way Trump did not win because of all the crazy paper ballots that Biden had delivered with his name on those illegal ballots and everyone knows it too and agrees with me

    1. I believe if this election stands the United States will no longer be a free Nation. In President Trump we have a fighter and I hope the amount of fraud will wake up the American people especially the Republicans!

      1. Aye, Don. There’s the rub. With the demonrats in control of Congress, in four more years, the commies will have full control of all three parts of our government. The demonrats will have fully functioning fema (re-education) camps for all patriots of our free form of government.

        1. So why you don’t rally with weapon in hands? I know why. Because Whities are biologically degenerate Ze gender.
          If they believe in Ze gender no other proof is needed. Next stage they will flock into the Chinese labor camps will fully like sheep does always.
          When I understood it I left America with my children to save them from degenerate ZE.

          1. If you really left America, I feel so much better. 1 less racist in our Country is a good thing! If you know anything about our Country’s history & you probably don’t (based on your post) you’d understand that we have built the finest, strongest, freest, Country the world has ever known with unlimited potential for the citizens that care to take part. If you don’t understand that, it’s probably because of the 3 brain cells left in your head, 2 1/2 have shut down! Good luck to you & good riddance.

          2. Your comment makes no sense. You imply that non-Whities are not degenerate because they will go off on their own with “weapon in hands” and kill somebody? Do you actually believe that “non-Whities” are suicidal?So, you leave the country

          3. Another thing , for you to think about if you still have a half a brain cell !!! When these socialist start hurting people I will have something that will put a lot of them down fast we won’t just hand you are country OUR family members were part of that military that fought and die for the freedom and our rights for this country of you think we are going to just hand it over to a bunch of lying cheating worthless COMMUNIST SOMS OF BITCHES AND IGMORANT PEOPLE , THAT IF THEIR BRAINS WERE DYNOMITE THEY WOULS NOT HAVE ENOUGH TO BLOW THEIR NOSE YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE CRAZY AS HELL IDIOTS . I WILL XIGHT TIL I DIE FOR THIS COUNTRY ARE YOU WILLING TO ??? IF NOT MOVE UOUR ASS TO COMMUNIST CHINA WITH A IGNORANT OLD BASTARD LIKE COMMIE JOEY BIDEN AND HIS HORSE KAMALA HAIRYASS AND TAKE THE REST OF THAT STINKING ASS SWAMP WITH YOU !!!

          1. Allowing Election 2020 to stand, means the Soapbox and Ballotbox have totally failed. Time for the Cartridgebox.

          1. and this will apply to professors, school teachers social workers, and all liberal “advocates” . Their purpose will have been served and they too will march as ordered…because all the guns would have bee seized..wake up fools..third world is righ around the corner

        1. No it won’t! This Country is bigger & stronger then 1 administration. In our 200+ yr history we’ve had good POTUS’s & bad but the way the system was set up, it’s almost impossible for 1 group of AH’s to screw it up completely. The politicians have to be elected every 2,4,6 yrs so we have plenty of opportunity to sort out the bad apples. It’s very hard for a political party to control the 3 branches of Government all @ 1 time & even when it’s happened, it’s happened for a very short time. Historically, 2 yrs. So, take a step back, take a deep breath & if you don’t like what your representative (s) are doing, vote them out!

          1. You are talking in circles. This election was a fraud. How can you vote the bad apples out when the elections are rigged? Won’t happen. Another thing, this election is the culmination of Communist conspiracy that started 40 years ago with the socialist and communist infiltration of our schools and colleges along with Hollywood. No prayer. No morals. No right or wrong. No pledge of allegiance. No gun safety classes. No true history. and on and on. We are now seeing the fruits of that labor. Those kids are now voters. They have been brainwashed. I wished it was as simple as “vote them out” but that ship has sailed. All three branches of the government are contaminated. Sorry, but this is the time to wake up and smell the roses. We are in deep shit!!!

          2. The American Spirit is gone. We have 3 generations of wuzzies. 40 years ago Covid would have united Americans like 9/11 did.

            I seriously doubt there would be any serious resistance in large cities to Chinese or Russian troops, probably not to Iranian troops by the populace. The mayor’s would a reject Federal intervention.

            If this election were a one term affair & the liberal/leftists lose in GA which is virtually impossible for them to do, there might be a chance. The reality is 8-12 years of Obama. Harris/Biden got the titles, Obama got control. He can finish his destruction of this country in 8 years & no one is going to stop him. He has the support of all the media, 99% of the largest corporations, 97% of the wealthiest people in the world, all Federal agencies, & military brass.

        2. Only if we allow it. We wont and shouldn’t sit back and take it. My dad who fought in WWII did so in order that we remain free. I’m sure that you know of a grandparent, father, brother, uncle who fought in a war maybe even someone who gave their life. Should we right for America ??? Yes! Yes! Yes!

        3. yes 100% true.i don’t understand how people can sit talking like in a dream world,,, be sad when they do wake up.most likely in some cage or one of the warehouses already made into prison ,only GOD can bring us past this.

        1. Printed in NY And counted in Pennsylvania Probably same scenario in Michigan and Wisconsin
          Manufacturing ballots ship them to the state needed and count them. Sounds like the same thing happened in Georgia when the pulled out ballots and started running them through after everybody left.

      2. you are so right I agree the election was not won by Biden the democrats cheated to get Biden the win all the fraudulent ballots should be removed also all double ballots should be thrown out

    2. What about CROOKED HILLARY working with THE NEW YORK ELECTORAL COLLEGE VOTE? WHAT THIS DEM”S HAVE DONE IS FRAUD and TREASON! THEY all need to be HELD accountable ! Why don”t someone do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. It’s terrible what is happening in our country, so much corruption ! We really need to be praying for our country. And praying that this vermin are held accountable.

      2. Because they’re ALL taking money from China, Soros and tons of Leftist Millionaires / Billionaires. Corporations want small businesses destroyed, Billionaires want to tell you what to believe and worship them. Many Billionaires have even stated that the world population needs to be reduced by 70%+. All they want is obedient consumers to make themselves richer than they are now.
        Almost ALL of the politicians are OWNED by mega corporations and they don’t care what kind of society we have as long as we are obedient, buy their shit and bow down to them! The Politicians need their foreign aid kickbacks to pay off the “Invisible Rulers” who got them into their powerful positions and enrich themselves and their families. It’s a fight of the “Ruling Class” to get to the top of the heap!
        The Corruption is Almost Complete and runs through ALL of our Institutions and almost ALL of them are taking payoffs!

    3. Yes election was stolen by corrupt Dem politicians & their thug activists!Bejing China Biden not America’s President!Hes ILLEGITIMATE ILLEGITIMATE ILLEGITIMATE

    4. This election — should Biddyboy be declared the winner — will be the catalyst to something more devastating to the American people. It will be the take over of our Nation not just by Democraps but by an unknown accomplice yet to be discovered. Too many discrepancies and just plain outlandish actions like what this truck driver went through to steal this election.


      If you are aware of anything looking illegal about our election, give that info to President Trump’s Investigation Personnel. The more we can prove there was fraud, the sooner the truth will emerge and the rightful winner will be President Trump!

      Besides, who in their right mind would vote for an old, dementiad man who can’t speak a sentence without forgetting his thoughts and put him in our highest office to communicate with world leaders? ?THAT IS JUST PLAIN STUPIDITY TO DO THAT!?

    5. There was no doubt large amounts of election fraud, but unfortunately it looks like they got away with the perfect crime. Let’s just remember this in 2024

      1. Hey Eric,
        Ya should of stopped after
        …“no doubt…election fraud…”,
        because thankfully there are those who will not wait for 2024, nor will never let them get away with the stupid crime committed.

  2. There is no doubt that this was the biggest fraudulent election in our country. Biden/Harris did not win and should not be allowed to set one foot in the White House. This USPS truck driver’s statement abd those of other witnesseses proves just how far Democrats were and are willing to go to get our hard working President Trump out of the Oval Office. Treasonous acts all around!!

    1. Mary, I agree except for one big part, it was actually the greatest crime ever visited upon each and every American citizen, regardless of party. I also agree that those involved have committed treasonous acts against the United States, our Constitution and our laws, the people who are calling for President Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807 or martial law need to understand that, while the criminal acts by democrats and their lackies are unprecedented in American history, we are still a nation of laws and must remain so.

      The Insurrection Act, while it certainly does give the President of the United States to power to invoke it under defined circumstances, it and US law also requires that it must only be used after all judicial proceedings have failed to protect and preserve our Constitutional republic and our rights under the Constitution and the law. If President Trump invoked the Insurrection Act or declared martial law before he exercised all legal means to have the courts render rulings on the matter, he will not only have played into the democrats’ hand that he is a tyrant wanting to be a dictator, but will most definitely have violated his oath of office and the Supreme Court will have no choice but to declare his actions unconstitutional.

      We are a nation of laws, and must give the system a chance to work, otherwise, we are no better than those who committed treason rigging the election. If, and only if the courts fail the American people should the President decide to invoke the Insurrection Act, or for those legal American citizen who voted for President Trump to rise up and tell those would-be dictators that we will not be subjugated.

      I have absolutely no doubt that President Trump won the election by a landslide, and that he also won the popular vote by millions of legal votes. I also have no doubt that democrats and some republicans at the federal and state level have colluded in rigging this election, and they are going to try to use the “process” along with a complicit media to try and ram the bogus results down our throats. However, nowhere in the Constitution does it give any candidate or political party the right to a conclusion that supercedes American citizens’ absolute right to cast their lawful vote, to have it counted and not canceled by illegal votes, nowhere does the “process” or the “results” take precedence over our Constitutional rights, period!

      As I said, we are a nation of laws, as well as a Constitutional republic, we must give our system the chance to work, and I believe in the end it will. It doesn’t matter how far along in the “process” those treasonous people get, even Inauguration day, the laws of our great nation and the Supreme Court can render any illegal actions null and void, including the election results and the “process.”

      I firmly believe that the Supreme Court will overturn the results of this election, they can declare President Trump the winner, send it to the House of Representatives or require a new election. I believe they will send it to the House of Representatives, given all of the evidence that democrats and their lackies rigged the election, I feel certain a majority of states will declare President Trump the legal winner of the election and President for 4 more years.

      There will be a reckoning, and those who engaged in acts of treason held accountable for their actions. The question that remains for them, and one they had best consider, will they be judged by the very system they sought to subvert, or will it be by the American people. I would prefer it be by our system of justice, but make no mistake, scores of millions of Americans are not going to let their treachery stand, not without a fight.

      1. These are facts about what happening to all of us.Great job of explaining what should occur hopefully our government can atone for all that’s happened.

      2. I agree fully with most of what you said except for one statement. I have yet to see anyone in Washington in a political position of power held accountable for their actions. Not one, no matter what they’ve done. Accountability for thee, not for me.

        1. Nancy, those are my thoughts exactly! I completely agree with you!! We have yet to see the day those crooked DEMONS are held accountable for their blatant corruption!! I really hope to God that they are held accountable!! Perhaps the election fraud they committed was the turning point and we will finally see them held accountable to the fullest extent of the law!! THIS CANNOT BE ALLOWED IN OUR COUNTRY OR WE WILL NO LONGER HAVE A DEMOCRACY!!

          1. Maybe it’s time we make pelosi, schumer, omar, AOC, and all of their corrupt buddies accountable. I know they have grand plans to destroy our country and it’s”legal” citizens and maybe, probably, kill everyone and everything that doesn’t go along with their socialist/communist agenda. I think it would be very beneficial to hold a public televised hanging, or some other form of execution, of these traitors to show the world our country will not accept socialism, communism, or any form of dictatorship. I am not a violent person and have been appalled by comments I’ve been seeing and hearing from the liberals and media. There have been outright threats by some of them to kill President Trump! How much more can the American people take without revolting? Although I am not violent, they sure are. I was confronted personally by a post office employee about my republican views. She wasn’t very nice about it either. I’m not saying we should kill all democrats. That would sound like they sound. Buy I do believe there should be a public demonstration of our stand on the traitorous acts of the “elected officials” who are orchestrating all of this, including Biden and Harris, and “hang them all” at the same time on National television. I’d be the first to tune in!!! Maybe, if we can keep our great country as it is and should be, a “Free Republic,” we should all be more careful in the future about who we are electing to represent us.

        2. There is no accountability for democrats. They are above the law don’t you know. That is why judges are making up “laws” about wearing masks and then telling police officers they have to arrest those who don’t wear them. Since when does a judge have the power under the constitution to make laws?

          1. I agree completely We The People absolutely deserve to see some accountability for the crimes these life long criminals have committed.

        3. I believe that the rigged part of the voting can be defeated by writing in the name of your candidate which is what everyone should do in the upcoming Senate election.

        4. Amen to that. If the Republicans had pulled this kind of election rigging all hell would break loose on the MSM parteners of the demonrats would be up in arms about the fraud that had to have taken place in order that their favored party not be elected. We would be inundated with ‘news’ reports 24/7. Where is the journalists now?

      3. Perfect. Right on the button. If the high courts fail due process of law fail, its our right to take action. It won’t be nice to face.

      4. Great discussion but you forgot one thing. If the Supreme Court doesn’t agree to hear the arguments, your argument goes out the window. What are they afraid of. Their refusal just proves the criminal acts that have been committed and they are part of it!! Laws only work if the judges are honest, and we know they aren’t as the won’t even LISTEN. That proves they are corrupt.

    2. In the very words of Creepy Joe
      “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,”

    3. If we find and prosecute all of the participants for treason, it would be the biggest extinction since the fall of the dinosaurs.

  3. Isn’t it a FEDERAL offense to commit election fraud? I have NEVER seen an election so obviously stolen as this one (I am 69) Outraged ! Will never vote again if this farce is allowed to stand . Why bother if “the fix is in”

    1. I believe that the rigged part of the voting can be defeated by writing in the name of your candidate which is what everyone should do in the upcoming Senate election.

  4. All Affidavits are subjected to fraud if proven untrue that means Prison time. Now if these people are making untrue statements then WHY are the Democrats not pursuing this matter? Why are the Democrats NOT assisting in the investigation of fraud to prove they won Fairly? Instead they declared themselves as winners with out the proper protocol being followed and the Media is perpetually attempting to portray the Republican Party as having NO evidence of fraud when in fact all of these Affidavits state they witnessed all of these improperly handled Ballots? Where there’s smoke you normally always find fire. This whole election has been a sham and a blight on our election system and the Democrats do NOT seem to care about the total honesty of our election system or they would be trying to prove it was honest and above board, instead all they do is try to take over the country in a coupe ‘ type Attempt instead of up holding the Constitution and insuring that the Constitution is followed and not riding the coattails of the Media.

    1. The Democrats have NEVER defended themselves because they don’t need to. Remember Hunter Biden.?
      For them, always, the best defense is a good offense.

    1. Sandy, I think this is what has to be coming in the future. I do not want to live in a socialist country.
      I have family members who fought and even gave their lives to protect our Country… I can’t believe how divided we are… but if that is the case… Let’s make a clean clear division.

      1. The division in this country is because of Obama and his hatred of America. He created all of the division and hate in this country that has taken over recently. He has openly voiced his hatred of police and their duty to protect and serve the communities they work and live in. Look at the two main terrorist groups that are trying to take over this country and overthrow our government. Both of these groups were welcomed into the White House by Obama. He has proven himself to be a terrorist supporter and leader by his constant statements of racial bias.

        1. It’s ALSO due to all the Illegals and Refugees that have been are still being allowed into our Country. They don’t believe in our Foundations and most of them are just looking for freebies. Look at ALL the Muslims being allowed to enter politics at EVERY LEVEL and contesting / changing our laws! The last decade more Muslims have entered political positions in record numbers, by the thousands, same with Mexicans that have been given Citizenship.

    2. Sandy, I for one would never want to see that happen, it would ultimately lead to another Civil War. I realize for some people, that may be a good idea to remove or reduce the leftist scourge that has pushed this great nation so far to the left. However, a Civil War would most definitely make this nation very susceptible to foreign intervention, and possibly even invasion. Just the same, if the results of this fraudulent election stands, Civil War may be a forgone conclusion.

      Nevertheless, we must give our Constitution and system of laws the opportunity to work, among those are that each state has the right to chose its electors for the Electoral College. Right now, several of the so-called battleground states legislatures are conducting hearings into the fraud that took place in the election. While democrats, their lackies and the media are pushing the “process” to have the Electoral College declare Biden the winner, as I said, every state has the right to decide who their electoral votes be give to.

      As I said earlier, we are a nation of laws and a Constitutional republic, and we must give it the chance to work. I believe in the end justice will prevail, that President Trump will be declared the winner and those people who attempted treason upon this great nation will pay the price.

      However, I urge each and every American citizen to remain vigilant, and should our system of laws and justice fail us, then we have the right before God to secure our freedom, liberties and rights, even if it means by force. We, the People owe allegiance only to a system of government, laws and justice that not only recognizes our absolute rights under the Constitution, but one who’s sole duty is to ensure and protect its citizens and their rights. Any government, regardless of political party that fails its people is not a legal government, and its citizens not only should not, but must not allow such a government to exist. Otherwise, we are no longer a free people, but rather subjects to their will, and slaves to whatever they decide, I for one would rather die fighting for my rights and freedom than to live on my knees as a slave to any government.

  5. WOW! What more evidence does any honest person need to know that there was a concerted effort to steal this election. Its ridiculous the media continues to deny it without doing any routine investigation. They suppress the info. That’s election interference. We know more than the FBI and DOJ who may also be complicit in this. The virus was a perfect pretense to push this mass mail ballot business. We have counties in PA, Michigan, Wisconsin, GA. with over 100% of registered voters voting. We know that didn’t happen. We have the destruction of envelopes, wiping of the voting systems memory. We have efforts to block Conservative observers from seeing the vote process (illegal). There is both physical and circumstantial evidence of fraud. Don’t sit on your butt and do nothing or let it pass. We must demand justice!

  6. I’m a Marine Corps vet of the Korean war. I stand behind Donald Trump! To not see what he’s done for the U.S.A. the last 4 yrs. is blindness! I hope and pray the Supreme Court rights this travesty and gives the true winner to us.

    1. Agree. “A well regulated militia, the Right of the , People to bare arms.” Lets not let this be taken away! Trump WON in my opinion!

    2. Thankyou John!!!
      With you, I stand, I Hope, I pray, that Truth will prevail for our great President Donald Trump!!!

    3. I am a K vet and I will stand with. But only if the legal sys fails us. Honest ABE said it right that the only way this country will fall is divided. We can not let that happen. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE LET THIS HAPPEN AND IT WILL TAKE US TO MAKE IT RIGHT The voting sys needs to be fixed so that every legal voter can get his vote in and counted. There has to be some way to make a politician accountable for what he or she does. That is the job of the US attorney general and supreme court. The court needs more ACB on it, not a party judge. Anyone voted in or appointed to a high office in our government has to understand that he or she becomes independent not a party promoter. They need to act by our law and constitution, not some party agenda.

  7. This what the American people have been indouring the last 4 years from the Democratic party is nothing new,has been going on for centuries ,all these people that betrayed the American people for the last 4 years should be held accountable and I think the best way of teaching these democrats a lesson they will never forget is to have Donald Trump start his presidency all over again meaning 8years because of all the processes the the Democratic party put him through, this would put this crap to death, you wouldn’t see it again in any upcoming elections by either party…..

  8. The fraud is so blatant that even Stevie Wonder can see it but everyone who wants Biden in Office choose to ignore it,if Biden gets in the Demonrat plan is to remove him with the 25th Amendment install Harris ( who’s a Socialist) and turn us into a Socialist Nation!! ??


  10. We are faced with obvious election fraud on a grand scale. These are not isolated, one-off screw ups. This is a coordinated attack by very important and influential people. If this crime is not rooted out and perpetrators punished, their next effort will be less sloppy anf they will succeed. Unless some very important people end up in jail, and less important, but still complicit people are punished, they will have succeeded and America is finished. Trump should be supported and congratulated for not being a Republican “rollover”. He has nothing to gain in this. He is independently wealthy and works for free.

  11. I’m curious as to how these traitors can believe that they will be treated well by their communist masters. Have they no recall of communist history over the last approx. 100yrs. and how they repay those they have used to gain power. Communists cannot understand the intelligence and fortitude of average americans like our truck driver on the video. This is why the media and universities have worked so hard to reeducate us , It’s nice to see they have not been as successful as they believed when they corrupted our election proceedings.

  12. I’ve been a truck driver for 40 years now and its sure funny how the government has always tried there best to screw us over. Now when the honesty of one comes out they try to hide the fact that the MAN was doing his job. We have been regulated more than any other employment careers in this country for years but when they want to try to pin the blame on one of us they tend to forget we have been fed up with their B.S. long enough. You just keep on truckin Jesse cause that bull whip they have been crackin our backs with will soon be reversed. We are tired of the B.S. and so are the many Americans that actually know what we go through. When was the last time you saw a set of Railroad tracks behind your favorite grocery outlet or major store D.C. If you bought it a truck brought it.

  13. January 6 to January 18, 2021, the Joint Houses of Congress must put this right according to the law provided over 100 years ago for this event.

    Either way the Second Revolution [or call it the Second Civil War] long ago predicted and condoned by Thomas Jefferson is more likely than not.

    Vietnam Veteran, “Deplorable” and “Conservative Knuckle Head” – – Thanks Hillary and Haraldo – but what are you?

  14. Consider joining Dr. Corsi’s talk/5days each week. You will hear some of the very latest info. Unavailable anywhere else. Note: $5 a month. If you do, listen to his 12/24/20 podcast. You will hear from Patrick Byrne as to what happened
    in the Oval Office before Pres. Trump left for Fl. We The People Will prevail and we will have our beloved Pres. Trump inaugurated for his 2nd term. Even Pres. Trump did not know the depth of the ‘swamp’..he does now. You will hear directly from Patrick about the 100 year plan that China has for the USA and it’s in the 66th year.

  15. I know most freight transportation companies have installed GPS navigation systems. If this carrier has these
    devices, it should be no problem to confirm this drivers activities on that day.

  16. I for one agree with most of the comments written on here. I know that the election was rigged the truck driver just proved it. America needs to wake up, the Democrats have control and there needs to be justice. Trump won the election fair and square and the Democrats cheated him out of it.
    Pelosi Schumer Schiff and the rest of the damn Democrats are crooked as hell. They believe they are right. As for the deprogramming of Trump supporters it ain’t gonna happen because I for one will shoot the first person that tries to deprogram me. The Democrats knew about this pandemic the COVID virus three or four months before it ever hit the United States. So they tried to impeach Trump to hide it the only thing that matters is that Trump won
    They’re cheating right now in Georgia trying to gain control of the Senate. Democrats from all over the United States are requesting resident forms so they can vote in this election well Georgia needs to stop it.
    I have a constitutional right to speak my mind and it’s guaranteed to me by the first amendment. I also have a right to bear arms which says my right to bear arms shall not be infringed upon. Who do the damn Democrats think they are trying to take my firearms and my freedom of speech. They are violating all of our rights as hard as I can.
    The American people need to wake up and realize what’s happening because if they don’t you’ll lose your freedoms. We are slowly turning into a communist country. Which is what the Democrat party is trying to do. The constitution stated Muslims shall not serve in congress but the Democrats removed that law. Before long they’ll make it to where anybody illegal or not can run for the Congress or the office of president of United States. We need to wake up and smell the roses.
    We were once a great and powerful nation but the Democrats are slowly turning us into a Third World country. During the Obama administration the OMB played with the money and Obama put us deeper and deeper in debt. Now the covid virus has threatened to bankrupt the nation. Biden is just gonna make things worse.
    This is just one man’s opinion or maybe not. God help us and the senate and the Supreme Court goes against the electoral college and cancels out the vote that we took on November 3 and makes us have a new election on paper ballots that are hand counted and don’t used dominion machines.

  17. I agree with my husband. I the last election I believe that the Democrats became traitors of the US, by having ballots duplicated their way. My father told me that we should always stand behind what we know is true. I hope that the courts see the fraud. My Dad was 101Air Born during The WWII, he fought for our freedom and now what I see the Democrats all involved with this fraud in the election. Shame on those Democrats for thinking the American people agree to this fraud. Well, we don’t agree we want justice, so I hope and pray the courts see the fraud. Don’t slapped those people put them in jail and us the American people that there is justice. For the Media you make me sick to my stomach the way you write and what comes out of your mouth. You Should Be Ashame of Yourself for not investigating this FRUAD and telling the truth about what really is going on here to the American Nation.

  18. USA is a beautiful country people come to this country and they’re trying to change the Democrats are using the peoples stupidity to trying to change this country I am from Cuba believe me I know what a dictator looks like look at the Democrats and some Republicans this country is not racist I’m black I came here with nothing I had the opportunity to go to school I work very hard for what I have this country is beautiful we cannot let them take it away from us it’s so obvious they are cheating President Trump is the president we elected him we need to come together and see the truth democrat or republican they are taking our freedom

  19. This truck drivers story is incontrovertible, is there any other explanation for his story? There are literally hundreds of affidavits recorded citing fraud in our election process. The media knows it, our intelligence communities know it, and all people with common sense know it. So why isn’t anything being done about it? Why isn’t anyone being prosecuted for it? Will anyone be held accountable or responsible for it?

    This lack of inaction on the part of elected officials, courts (including SCOTUS), Department of Justice, speaks volumes. The American public is once again being told, “nothing to see here, move along”. We know better, but how can honest, hard working, faithful Americans fix it when the integrity of the vote has been taken away? What are we left with when half of the country dis-agrees on virtually everything politically and culturally?

    It is nice to hear let the Constitution, Congress,, legal process, take their normal course and all will be well. Based on what has happened so far, do you really believe that will happen? Unfortunately, I don’t.

  20. Thanks every one who has written to try and expose the seriousness of our country’s situation. We must all stand together or we will fall together. Demand our right to a legal,uncompromised election of our president.
    Violence only proves those are the ones who are false and not true citizens. Support your local police and pray we will not see them removed. They are your only protection from the illegal protesters who are bought by soros and his kind.They want to destroy America and our Constitution and put us all under a communist dictatorship.

  21. I’m not one to mince words, our country and people are under attack by corrupt politicians, George Soros and the Communist Chinese! We do not, at present, have a government “by and for the people”, what we do have is a government “by and for itself”. Donald Trump is the only real warrior defending our Republic and its’ people. We have got to make it clear to our enemies here and abroad, that we stand by President Trump! The lives and futures of our children and grandchildren are at stake here and, we just can’t let them down. Did the Democrats cheat during this election? HELL YES! Do they want to destroy our Republic? HELL YES! Are we going to let them get away with all of their lying, cheating, stealing and treason? HELL NO! It’s time for every corrupt politician in this government, regardless of party, to pay the piper. We’ve already spent too much time talking, it’s time to act!

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