The Truth about the Vaccine’s Efficacy and Why There’s So Many Breakthrough Cases

Americans have been prevented from making informed decisions about Covid inoculation because the federal government and dishonest media refused to follow the science. As Joe Biden’s handlers prop him up to read speeches attacking people who are hesitant to take the shot, other countries put forward fact-based information the White House and CDC don’t want you to know.

In the video below, the curtain gets pulled back on all of the Biden administration and media’s phony narratives about the effectiveness of Big Pharma shots.

Israel ranks among the leading countries in terms of vaccination rates, natural immunity, and scientific transparency. With more than 80 percent of its population getting fully vaccinated, many anticipated a return to normalcy. But that has not been the case as the Jewish State struggles to defend against Covid offshoots such as the more contagious Delta Variant.


Unlike Joe Biden and the hot mess running the CDC, Israel has willingly admitted Big Pharma shots are not delivering the long-term protections we were promised would happen if we just got the jab for Pete’s sake.

And unlike the White House, Israeli leaders appear to be working hand-in-glove with scientists to provide fact-based information, so its citizens can make the best possible choice.

We live in troubled times as politicians, health officials, and the mainstream media conspire to promote false propaganda to control people’s lives. That’s why this video featuring Covid expert Dr. Ram Yogendra is so important. Dr. Yogendra lays out the facts about vaccines, booster shots and explains why the policies and procedures being deployed are not defeating Covid. By watching this breaking report, you’ll get the truth about Covid variants and vaccines that powerful forces don’t want you to know.

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These content links are provided by Both and the web site upon which the links are displayed may receive compensation when readers click on these links. Some of the content you are redirected to may be sponsored content. View our privacy policy here.

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52 thoughts on “The Truth about the Vaccine’s Efficacy and Why There’s So Many Breakthrough Cases”

    1. Oh, They care! It is starting to resemble a plan to reduce Medicare, and Social Security costs. Add to that, possibly an answer to the “Climate Change Hoax”, by population reduction.

      1. That is the goal bingo check out Georgia guide stones the 1st thing it says is to reduce the population to just under 500,000,000 , question how do ya think they will try to do this answer they are doing it now plain as the nose on your face don’t get the shot.

      2. Bingo!!! Not only to reduce Medicare and SS costs but, if nothing else, to slowly move medical support into a socialized medicine program where they can slowly reduce options int he program like Canada and Britain has done Margaret Sanger fashion…..the climate change farce is another push for control which was suddenly changed from global warming when NASA proved the earth was cooling again. What the ignorant cannot grasp is that climate has been changing since earth’s inception and it’ll continue. The earth has seen far warmer, longer periods in it’s history which has leveled to about 30 year periods of warm and cold intertwined. It’s all nothing but scams for total control.

        1. Exactly. People always cry out the sky is falling and too many fall for this farce. Many start running around with hands in the air crying “what should we do”? That’s when Democrats come in to save the day!! They think themselves gods and we need them to save us. Right. Watch out; they only destroy.

    2. the scientists in Europe are now proving thru the high costs that the only Covide Virus is the Patented Man-Made, Manipulated, Gain of Function that is Put in the Vaccine, that is put in your body.? It is this Vaccine that is creating the Delta Variant. The spike in very sick Fully Vaccinated are staggering.

  1. Maybe by 2022 well be mandated to have boosters to the boosters to the booster so every 3 months we will need another shot all this is is a way these pharma companies are stealing the taxpayers money why else would president idiot buy 1 billion more shots to send around the world to other countries I for one don’t want my tax dollars spent over seas at all if we have billions to throw away why not shore up Medicaid and social security

    1. Big medicine screwed up big time in the 50’s. They cured Polio!
      By the time cancer got big, they had figured out that controlling was much more profitable than curing. Controlling ,doesn’t stop the money flow, like curing does. Hence the yearly, or semi-yearly booster. Along with that comes life control through fear.

      1. Jonas Salk invented the vaccine. He made the patent public so that Big Pharma couldn’t hold it from those who couldn’t afford it. I also know that the polio vaccine actually gave some people polio and there were vaccine injuries. My ex’s grandfather was paralyzed from taking the shot. I just wish they could be honest, but I guess that is just too much to ask for this monsters.

        1. I received the polio “shot” when I was in elementary school in Savannah, GA, people came to our little school which mostly taught children of the nearby military base and gave it. I remember because the first try, the needle was broken off and it had to be done again. No permission, no discussion that I remember our parents giving or even being asked. This was 1953.

    2. I’m guessing this was an intentional release if a virus that was engineered to mutate past it’s original composition.
      Many possible reason s….transfer if wealth, power grab, collusion with the CCP by the current evil admin of O’Baden. Maybe even just prophecy being fulfilled.

      1. You know this is Obama doing this he’s the one that had the other soldiers killed by telling the media where they were located Obama’s traitorous

        1. Obama is anti-America!! Joe Biden, whom I DID NOT VOTE FOR, is his puppet! Biden. Harris (Pocahontas,) and Madame’ Pelosi will meet their Maker one day! The fake media, and Congress, won’t be there to support them!

          1. I pray to rid our country to be free of the filth in DC. I also agree about OBummer. I think he THOUGHT that he was “Loved” soo much that.he might get a 3rd term!! Ha!!
            So he stayed in DC to be close enough to cause all the mayhem he could. Up to something.

        2. Imagine he has betrayed the country that gave him so much , including the presidency and making millions of dollars in the process . Disgusting !

    3. I agree ! Social Security and Medicaid/Medicare can use the money !
      Any politician with integrity should plainly understand this !

    4. Pfizer’s CEO has admitted to receiving $26 billion in taxpayers monies when they start giving those boosters every 6 to 9 months apart every year from now on!

    5. We don’t have a single penny to throw away. The debt is over $28 trillion and predicted to be $40 trillion by 2025. We are paying over a billion dollar a day interest on the loan right now. How much longer can we do this? I don’t know whether anyone knows, but we are on our way to finding out. It can’t be much longer.

  2. this is all a plan by the ccp and those who follow them. it is all of the above mentioned things. reduce population, get all the social security and medicare monies back to give to all the NEW AMERICANS Biden is letting in. this is fauci and gates eugenics plan. and big Pharma is going to milk this for all it is worth. look at who has big Pharma stocks, and bidders own son in law owns a covid lab. he got the inside info from Joe last summer. should be illegal, but again biden is golden. takes bribes, doesn’t pay taxes, he has the perfect life. too bad we can’t. if the government couldn’t bribe you, they then have gone to threats. lose your job, etc. can’t go anywhere. a virtual prisoner in your own home. this regime needs to go. one way or another. all the boosters are for the old virus? makes no damn sense. they don’t want you to have lifetime immunity, they lose money that way.

    1. You are absolutely correct. They are destroying the United States of America! It is horrible! No Southern border, but the illegal people coming in DO NOT GET VACCINATED!!!
      I think any time someone gives blood should test for Covid 19 to see if you have the antibodies and no need for the vaccine.

    2. One of the items in the $3.5 T ($5.5+ T) bill is for Wall Street to sell CHINESE DEBT TO PENSION FUNDS! OMG. Can you say China defaults on repayment and destroys US pensions?

      Other items in Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Squad bill:
      “Made in America” tax ?cost to us
      “Home heating” tax. ?cost to us
      $8 B for AOC’S dream of CIVILIAN CLIMATE CORP.
      $13B for “EQUITY tree plantings, so everyone can have oxygen from “their own tree”. (Then they’ll chop them down to make space for solar panel and windmill “farms”).
      $15 M to re-educate “underserved” seniors re their sexual orientation and gender identity
      $643 M CULTURALLY APPROPRIATE school lunches!
      Billions: FREE Comm College for all ILLEGAL ALIENS
      $4B for electric vehicle charging plug ins.
      Purchase CHINESE DRONES to monitor nuclear, energy, power grids. Water sources and systems !!!
      “Free” child care for age 3-5 yr olds. Since racism starts AT BIRTH, and this allows access for indocrination before K-12.
      Mass amnesty and quick path to citizenship for illegal aliens.
      And 2,765 pages more.


  3. We Americans can put a stop to this Socialist Racist agenda by getting out to vote them out of office starting in 2022 and get our Country back.

    1. Do you really think that after being allowed to steal the 2020 Presidential Election there will ever be a FAIR Election allowed to happen in America again, I DON’T.

      1. Yes ,IF the Gov. would enforce the law and clear/clean the voter registration. This would eliminate the voter fraud at the polls . The error in the investigation of voter fraud after the polls will find no fraud.

    2. What you mean like 2020 election…We all know Trump won and was cheated out of the presidency…What is being done…They have done NOTHING to election machines to improve integrity of election…They say it is RACISM to ask for ID but yet you must have ID FOR “EVERYTHING” else…We are FCKed unless some superhero from above comes down to save us…I know what I want to do but how do I do it…Ill be arrested before I even start..Our REPUBLICAN LEADERS need to get up off there arse and STOP ALLTHIS NONSENSE BEFORE IT DOES lead to a civil war!!!

  4. This is definite the way to control masses through fearmongering. Let see…Hitler and the Japanese Kaiser at that time and by a pact, did exactly the same thing. It took the people of America and the world exactly about 5 years to get that mess under control. It took a lot of life’s through mass murder, war and what nots. End product was heard al over the globe not one but 2 big booms. History is repeating itself. The cloak 0f doom is spreading not only over America, Yet two nations are still pretty cool but stomping at the bits. They are called the King of the East and the North. When those two are marching together the next big boom will be heard and this earth will shake as it never did before and everybody’s Eyes will see the miracle they have been waiting for, ……, even so King Jesus come soon.

  5. If we are really lucky Biden will get so senile he can no longer function even partially.
    Then we get Kamala. Don’t like her, then we get Plousy.

  6. 56% of all positive tests in the last two months have been from fully vaccinated people. 77% of covid related deaths over the last two months have been fully vaccinated. This information is on Public Health England and can be viewed by anyone. Imagine this, a vaccine so safe, that you must be threatened to take it. Don’t shoot the messenger.

  7. Trump’s operation warp speed made the vaccine available in record time. Stupid Joe and his cackling hen both said they would never take Trump’ s vaccine and now the chickens have come home to roost. Demon rats won’t take it because of those two idiots, so let them get it and let them die. Who cares? Sure as hell not me.

  8. I’m 75
    I did all the masking, social distancing, cut off contacts
    Took the shots
    6 weeks later was sicker than I have ever been – and it lasted almost 3 weeks
    No way do I listen any more

    1. I’m glad you’re still here Lee. So sorry for them that their attempt to kill you didn’t pan out.

      This isn’t about anything less than population control.

      I admire your fight to still live sir, and kudos to you for your strong will!!!!

  9. ’22 success is the key but meanwhile the States pushing back & Patriots in office like Rand Paul are important too. More attention needs to be openly made aimed at the man behind the curtain, Obama. More Senators need to ask where these decisions are coming from & what his role is. It all smells like the evil Obama wanted to do but was too clever to go too far as it would make him unpopular & he’d pay a political price. Biden isn’t really there & the media just ignores Afghanistan, the Border & all of the damage. Like it’s not really happening. Let’s get to the source somehow & expose Obama. China is obviously in support of it all.

    1. I to think Obama is the puppet controller Biden will do what Obama was afraid to do no matter how dumb it is no matter who it hurts m
      mainly us.

  10. I personally think “THEY” have mechanisms that are continually pumping covid into the atmosphere. WE have tried to lawfully do our part to stop the rise of covid now “WE THE PEOPLE” must rise up and stamp out the malignant fools that are destroying our country. They must feel the BURN.

  11. If Obama runs Biden, who runs Obama? Michelle, who’s starting to tweak running for President? This current administration is destroying American and it would only get worse if the Obamas make a reappearance. God protect us from such evil people.

  12. I’m tired of the bribes! My daughter was offered $500.00 to get the MNRA shot! She is 28 years old. She doesn’t have a chance to die of Covid! The illness is not deadly anymore than any other chance we have to die. She said “NO”. The medical community never bribed people to get flu shots or polio shots. Why is Covid such a big deal?
    If people said “Jesus” as much as people use the word”Covid”, we would see amazing results. I refuse to live in fear of a virus. I chose to live in love to my savior and Lord “Jesus”. His blood refuses to allow any virus or bacteria to harm me. I know this! I have survived death 2 times already: 107 fever for 7 days after birth of first child and a staff infection. (1973) , 107 fever 7 days in isolation, pneumonia, MN state epidemiology called into interview me how I got this illness, I had the nurse write “Jesus” on my white board at the end of my bed.1991 July

    1. Nobody thinks about this oh, but it never was a vaccine. It Alters your genetic code Alias DNA and now you are no longer 100% human. Who do you think really runs the game? Satan? What better way to Mark you!

  13. I refuse to take any COVID vaccine period!, I’ve got a blood disease called Ledien factor five that can cause my body to give off blood clots . Im an old women soon80 yrs so I don’t have all that much time as it goes. Don’t need killed off by some stupid vaccine . The new world order wants most of the worlds people killed off so there ya go f u world order f u!

  14. I lost my job because of the vaccine mandate. I told my boss and supervisor, “if anything at all you guys all 12 employees are gonna get me sick.” I had covid, recovered, I trust my natural immunity better. This is not about covid at all, it’s about control. F**k joe biden.

  15. Hipocrisy exposed! Who is exempt from taking the jab? Congressmen, Hollywood elites, rich NBA players, oh and let’s not forget illegal aliens. F**k joe biden!

  16. It is not just Israel. Sweden and Finland have stopped vaccinating people under 30 until these reported side effects have been properly investigated. Denmark has stopped vaccinating people under 18 for the same purpose. In Iceland they have stopped the vaccines altogether until the side effects are investigated. Israel has an 80% vaccinated rate. What if the worst case scenario proves to be true? These people blindly followed the guidance of Fauci – the guy who has no small part in the conducting and funding of the gain of function research being conducted at the Wu Han lab that led to COVID being apparently intentionally released on the world in the first place? Along with Obama – or whoever the hell he really is – Gates and Soros. Soros has already had a hand in eliminating the Jews – when he collaborated with the Nazi’s at the concentration camps.

  17. My point is this, of all the vaccines that have been developed, none of them lose efficacy this quickly. 6 months? That’s ridiculous. What this tells me, is that the mRNA track, was the wrong way to approach this virus. Yes, it was the fastest way to develop a vaccine, but the vaccine that they developed, is proving to be ineffective in stopping the spread. The mRNA vaccine is giving indications that it may be precipitating ADE events (driving the mutations).
    I’m not Anti-Vax. But I’m not going to take a vaccine that required boosters every 3 to 6 months. Boosters that don’t target the mutations.
    At this point in time, the only logical conclusion is that the mRNA Vaccines are a flop. They haven’t delivered the Immunity that was first promised. Traditional Vaccines don’t work like that. You don’t get the Measles Vaccine, and then turn around and get a less severe case of the Measles. You don’t get the Measles, period, for the rest of your life. Yes, there are a few Vaccines that require a booster, but the booster is needed YEARS after the initial inoculation. Years, not months.

    No thanks, I’ll wait for a traditional Vaccine.

  18. Fauci is a high priced licensed murderer who reminds me of Dr. Mengele who was Hitler’s equivalent of Fauci. He needs to be tried like Mengele in Nuremberg in 1945 and 1946. Crime against humanity, an offense in international criminal law, adopted in the Charter of the International Military Tribunal (Nüremberg Charter), which tried surviving Nazi leaders in 1945, and was, in 1998, incorporated into the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC).
    “What is the definition of crimes against humanity?
    crime against humanity. noun. a crime or series of crimes, such as genocide, directed against a large group because of religion, ethnicity, country of origin, or other reason unconnected with any individual’s responsibility for having committed a criminal act.”
    This fits Fauci. Biden and others in CDC who have pushed to force citizens to take experimental drugs known to cause permanent disability and or death.

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