The Jailed January 6th Protesters are Being Tortured with Solitary Confinement

Biden DOJ prosecutors are torturing Trump supporters by placing January 6 defendants in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day – even though none of them have been convicted of any crime.

Conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza reveals an attack on liberty so horrific that most Americans do not even believe it. The mainstream media is certainly not covering it, as they cover Biden’s latest gaffes and Psaki continues to “circle back” on the nation’s most critical issues.

To justify this blatant violation of rights, the Biden administration had to first rename the U.S. Capitol kerfuffle. Making it “insurrection” and “sedition” instead of a protest, they could justify the same treatment the government gives to terrorists.

Why the mistreatment of American citizens peacefully protesting in Washington? Revenge. Democrats HATE Trump and his supporters. They blame Trump for all of the country’s problems and are using the January kerfuffle as an excuse to abuse and mistreat them.

D’Souza also reveals much suspicion remains regarding those who died in the U.S. Capitol riot. How did they die? Was it really due to the events of January 6? We may never know thanks to the mainstream mafia’s full support of the left’s narrative of the day.

But D’Souza sets the record straight. You must see it to believe what’s happening in our own nation as we continue to face attacks that few will even mention.

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94 thoughts on “The Jailed January 6th Protesters are Being Tortured with Solitary Confinement”

  1. Right wing hit squads are desperately needed here in the United States of Communist America Comrades. Biden, the Democrat’s, and the Media want to play this way? Game on. A couple of the media just disappear, not to be seen again? Oh well. Democrat’s want a Hitler type country? Fine, two can play it this way. A few Democrat’s, and their body guards could just disappear too.

      1. Fay there are exceptions to your statement about two wrongs, The Revolutionary War,freed us, and the civil war ended slavery, sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. Unless the commie Dems. come to their senses Michael may just be right. Semper Fi. at 88, if called I’ll join.

        1. Right on, Mike! An incindet where a guard, saying that he hates whites and our “honky religion” beat a prisoner – who has not been convicted or charged with a crime – so sadistically that the prisoner lost an eye, literally. That guard belongs in solitary!

          1. On the contrary , that guard belongs in general population . The cons know how to deal with these haters .

      2. Bullshit Fay. It’s the only way to deal with that kind. It’s like going to a gunfight with a knife. It’s the same as the revolutionary war until the federalist stood up and got mean against the loyalest, which ment take no prisoners, did we finally got to Yorktown and are here today.

        1. nincompoop dems puppet do not realize that by destroying American values finally will hurt them too.
          Let that b a lesson to them. So we all go to hell together except the ones who are pulling the stings who in their turn will eat each others’ tail..
          a non partisan history buff

      3. Chatge Biden, handlers, Harris, Pelosi. etc. With CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. The border situation fits this. Remove them from office. Prosecute. Impeachment isn’t enough.

        1. Death by firing squad it only cost one bullet per person . Compared to how the Democrats waste millions upon millions our tax dollars on impeachments and any thing under the table they fail to tell us about .


        1. Mr. Larry,

      5. You are living in la la land. We must fight fire with fire, not sit on our hands and do zip! Wake up, Fay!

      6. Unfortunately, the Marxist Communist Democrats ALWAYS play as dirty as they can get away with it. Playing nice only shows weakness. It takes extreme measures to fight Commjnism’s takeover of America. We should have learned that from the election. We basically did nothing to prove fraud in the election though it was so blatantly obvious.

      7. ways to deal with the Biden Bunch is to take out to the wood and hang them all, DAMN COMMUNISTS, one fed up Veteran

      8. Fay where have you been we have lost the FBI, CIA,DOJ & some top brass in our military if not action is taken America will be no more!

      9. For coward & condoning,complacent behaviors like yours is the reason we’re living this hell now. It seems that you will never learn,with all respect.


    2. I truly believe that this whole mess is going to blow up in the Democrats faces just like every thing else they tried to do to Trump Blew up in their faces. Every day the people are starting to hate the Democratic party more and more until one day the people are going to come for these Traitors and there will be nothing that can stop them.

    3. That is EXACTLY what we DO NOT NEED to do! The Scriptures state, “Do not repay evil with evil.” But do good to those who spitefully use you.” And in another place, “It is mine to repay, saith the LORD. Vengence is MINE.” To do the stuff that you are alluding to, how does that make us any different? If Conservatives would do that, the demoncrats and the MSM would gleefully point and say, “See there! We told you so!” No, we need to take the higher ground and we need to bend our knees and pray to the LORD for help. Let HIM handle these ignorant people, for we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but the principalities and powers behind these peopel. The weapons of our warfare is not the carnal swords and spears, but the power of the Holy Spirit. Those people are only mindless puppets of the dark powers. As Christ said on the cross, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing.” When you hear them say the evil that they are saying and the things that they are doing, don’t look or listen to them, but recognize the evil ones behind them controlling them. What we need to do, is keep on doing the right things and not copy them. Eventually, their evilness will become clear to the rest of the Nation and world. We need to pray that God will open up the eys of the people and recognize who is in the wrong and who is in the right.

    4. At this point ” Frankly Scarlett I dont give a damn “.

      There WILL BE a revolution of some sort.

      These “elite narcosstic assholes ” need taken under control.

      The American people are being censored in every way possible.
      These Trump supporters have a,God given right to their beliefs.

      I swear I would sue the government and anyone else involved.

      Dambed communist/socialist in charge will be taken down.

      The military is actually the ones in charge.

      They protect us from foreign and DOMESTIC terrorist.
      Bam ! That’s just what this government is.

      Then when it will be a war between the government and We the people.
      Just saying

    5. i picture in my mind the emaciated, long bearded, filthy prisoner in a dungeon chained to a wall. I WAS MISTAKENLY UNDER THE LAW, THEY HAD 96 HRS TO CHARGE YOU WITH A CRIME OR LET GO. GODDAMN THE DEMOCOMMIES

      1. I agree with you John, pay back will be hell to these Communist, Swamp Scum[Rats are better than] Of The Earth Democrats. By the way if you really want to start on the road to make things right, start eliminating, the Commie Democrats interier army of BLM-ATIFA[There is as many whites in them as blacks,[ a warring Commie, witch they are makes no difference of color, male or female, eliminate them all, to stop they’re murder and destruction. GOD BLESS THE USA

        1. Mark,Mark; but do you still assume that sanctimonious attitude? Did u learn anything ? Did u already identify the enemy,…it’s evilness!? My Goodness! Thanks to God human history,progress & changes for good have never achieved by ppl like u,that only pray instead of using the free will God gave us all. And frankly,God must be SO TIRED of people who don’t have the courage to stand for their rights only kneeling & praying. COWARDS have never made history,ALL BY THE CONTRARY.You’re facing the most deceitful & evil people human beings can imagine so,you SIMPLY CAN’T PUT YOUR OTHER CHEEK USING SILK GLOVES & TALKING WITH RESPECT,DIPLOMACY & HONESTY BECAUSE THEY NEITHER UNDERSTAND NOR CARE ABOUT IT.Capice? What else has to happen to make u STAND,AWAKE!?

    6. I think mr. groves is trying to get a negative response. At this moment the 17th of April 2021, about 72 million people disagree with the biden administration, and that’s says a lot. biden at the moment hasn’t gained any support at all. Since he’s been elected.
      His support has plunged into the swamp if I’m allowed to say. More democratic voters are realizing the mistake that they have made voting for biden. This includes the dead voters that are turning over in their graves. Just give it time, and sooner or later the biden administration will be under a recall of the people of the United States.

      1. Not 72 millions. You’re forgetting all votes miraculously “switched” to Biden,inmates, dead & illegal’s “votes” counted to send the USURPER In Chief to the WH,those people who ‘voted’ MANY TIMES & IN DIFFERENT STATES & CITIES when & where they weren’t supposed to,& many other factors that allowed that Elections were BLATANTLY STOLEN. No,we weren’t “70 millions”, because talking the truth with the facts,those who voted for president Trump were MUCH MORE THAN 70 millions people repeat again & again.

    7. Biden stated that we will need nukes and a special something (letters and numbers) whatever it is to defeat them. He has the power to call the military out on us. This is the reason for Critical Race theory. They are being taught to hate certain groups, namely us so killing us contridictory to constitution will be made easier. beware. This is also the reason for this treatment of these people. Hitler did this too. Talked horribly about the awful Jews. Later the people of Germany were so brainwashed they wer most like glad to see them go.

    8. A nice big swamp could be a good place to disappear these people. We have people in our area that wish some of these people would show up here because we do have a very large 2 county swamp with quick sand in it!!!

  2. After reading this article about Biden and the Democrats torturing citizens who have not been convicted of anything much less a crime significant enough to justify this barbaric treatment. I will never be able to justify voting Democratic again. I will not associate myself with political crimes against my fellow citizens.

    1. Dave, I hope you don’t take this too poorly. I really do not understand how anyone voted for Obiden. If everyone would investigate the candidates prior to just voting one straight ticket things would be much different today! A voter has the responsibility to learn all they can before voting and yes I know the leftist media hid a tremendous amount of the bad on Obiden.

      1. Biden didn’t win, Americans aren’t that stupid, cheating got two frauds in the White House, a fraud president, and a fraud doctor. lol

      2. Plus the problem of Biden changing everything he’d said in the campaign period. Have to factor in his (and Harris, Pelosi. Schumer) lie FREQUENTLY and should not vote for people like that. There goes much of the Dem politicians and media supporters.

    2. Everything they are doing was discussed when the twenty or so were running way back when. I watched. I never in my life voted a democrat for higher office. In our town in the past people like the sheriff etc. only ran democrat. Now we have a republican party line here. Anyway all they are doing and talking about doing was discussed when the twenty something were running. This is not a shockwave to those that listened and paid attention. Even in the DNC bidens talk to this country was to tell us it was going to be a dark winter under him. He meant dark summer , fall, winter and spring. It will never get any better, only worse. The American dream is now the American Nightmare. We did not vote for this , They cheated.

  3. Its all illegal. Biden got to be arrested ! He’s a dictator. Send to gimp now.with his other in American assholes !

    1. Not only Biden but his handlers. Since he doesn’t have the cognition to complete a sentence much less make decisions. His handlers Pelosi, Schumer, Harris and more, should all be given the same treatment using those that are being held in prison currently without being charged as their gaurds.

      1. Biden and we know his handler is Obama,
        Pelosi, Schumer, all of the socialist Democrats should be taken to Gitmo and hung for treason! The corrupt Soros paid fake Media need to be taken to Gitmo too!

  4. For all of you sharing your thoughts and comments about what’s happening in our country, do what what the government does, “tell you nothing” as it is for national security reasons. Stealth and secrecy is best strategy. Be smart!

  5. January the six was the first battle of the next American revolution it’s clearly coming and BTY is already here Nancy Pelosi and her democratic partners are to blame. This woman hated Trump so much she screwed over a entire country trying to get rid of him. What she can’t get through her senile pea brain is it’s not about Trump. It’s about freedom of choice living to your own moral values and working hard it’s about taking care of yourself and family without government interference. If Washington keeps their woke agenda their will be blood in the streets. Wake the fuck up.

    1. I think Pelosi, Schumer, SQUAD, AOC , Biden and handlers, Harris, Waters, etc hated Trump and him fighting the Deep Swamp, crooked media, them.
      They decided ANYTHING, and harm to us and America, is justified to stop him or strong people like him. Election fraud. Planned, arranged riot to blame on others they consider “enemies”, cruel treatment/crushing/bankrupting Trump supporters and any that disagree with them. As Schumer said, first the election, then America, and Everything is on the table.
      The pandemic helped them. Perfect time for an attack, when people are suffering and financially hurting. Lie to them; they won’t know. Push our Agenda by any means, it’s the perfect time.

  6. Here is my plan for taking back our country. The 2022 election is the only way to eliminate the Democrat take over of our government. All we need to do is for all Republicans to campaign on nothing but the 2020 election fraud. I mean, get into the face of every organization or person that tries to down play the Big Steal. Take back the house and senate, impeach Biden, Harris, and jail every Democrat official involved in the fraud. More and more hard evidence is coming into play each day so all it takes is hard nosed Republicans to consider all these anti-constitution and fraud justifies as traitors.


    1. You are making the assumption that the current Communist-Demoncrat government “allows” an election in 2022. At the rate they are attacking our “GOD GIVEN RIGHTS”, OUR CONSTITUTION MAY NOT EXIST IN 2022, MUCH LESS IN 2024 !!! SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE AND A.S.A.P. !!!

  7. What’s needed is their release and all the Black Lives Matter thugs and Antifa put in their place, they are the real criminals.

  8. DUMBOCRATS just cant get enough of trying to put down Republicans and all the voters who voted for President Be careful with what you are doing it may come back to haunt you

  9. Biden is breaking the law but doesn’t care about the constitution. This is the way socialist countries Like China and Russia, etc

    1. No one voted it in . The election was stolen. If there was a new election today with what information we know now , TRUMP would be our President Now and the American people would feel safe once again. The people fear what a brain damaged Biden might do to Hurt America and its people that never voted for him. This is a well planned out attack on our Democracy by the Evil communist acting Democrats in order to make our country weak so that we can’t defend our selves against an attack from one of our enemies. That’s the reason they want to take away our own high powered weapons so that we are no match against them . Stop and think WHY else would BIDENS Handler’s do what they are doing to us.

  10. Why is this being kept a sercret? Why can’t we get the news out? This is a horrible way to treat our fellow American citizens .. how do I help this horrible injustice?
    Why isn’t the Antifa and BLM RIOTERS behind bars in solitary confinement ? 40 lives lost many many business in ruins .. the rampage last summer went unnoticed by all DEMs except the ones who bailed them out with their special funds.. Kamala Harris asked for donation to bail out rioters anyone remember that??

    1. It’s being kept “secret” because the “Main Stream Media”, Congress and the Courts are all in the pocket of the Communist-Demoncrats !!! Where have YOU been for the past 3-4 months ??? Did you just wake-up from your nap, Suzanne ???

  11. Evil begets evil and to say it trickles down from the top liberal socialist democrat,peeloosi,would be a misnomer.It flows thru the democratic party like a torrential mountain river.They hate Trump and all of us that support him mostly because we conservatives are a threat to their own personal welfare of wealth and power,ONLY their own.

  12. Joe is going to be the Worse President in America history. We Americans must boycott and Vote them out of office . We need a RED WAVE in 2022.

  13. Be glad if you’re not in Mussolini[Andrew Cuomo]&co land.Schumer has always been a shyster,ditto the rest of the NYC crowd.They’re inherently evil,should be permanently incarcerated or immediately and permanently deported out of the USA.Physically[and economically]eliminate BLM,Antifa,ALF,AIM,all illegals.Let the marxist south american pope take them all to the Vatican-or send them southbound to Venezuela, Brazil,Argentina,Cuba.

  14. Has anyone given any thought to why Biden wants everyone to still wear masks? Maybe so we can’t identify all of their agitators ? Here is the one thing on the top of my list right now. I don’t know the number of people that are being held in prison from Jan.6 right now BUT, how come NO charges have been filed also why if no charges have been filed are they being held in Solitary confinement?. Are they being serviced as regular prisoners? 3 square meals,? Fresh clothing,? Proper bathing facilities,? Medical aide if needed,? Access to Religious assistance if requested? With no charges filed are they allowed Visitation from Immediate family members? Have any of them been allowed LEGAL REPRESENTATION ? If not why not ? If this was 1943 you would see a Gallows some
    place, There would be a wall of some type with several 6-8 foot posts erected about 3-4feet in front of the wall. Use your imagination. ( It did happen in Europe and it can happen here. The Gestapo trainee Soros could describe those actions ). IF any of you EVER read “MIEN KAMPF” PLEASE tell your families, friends, about what you remember. It was 79 years ago for me and I don’t remember things like I used to. BUT, what the Democrats are doing today is almost a carbon copy of what I do remember. ALL FOR GOD AND COUNTRY. PEACE, LOVE, HAPPINESS showing of PATRIOTS. AMEN

  15. Where is the ACLU, Heritage Foundation, Judicial Watch etc. on these flagrant injustices & violations of the Constitution. They are readily available to accept donations, so put the donations to work helping these people.
    If the news about this is viral, they know about it. These government watch dog organizations need to step up to
    this travesty of justice. If it were a blm or antifa goon, Harlot Harris & company would be demanding for & posting their bail. What is going on is nothing short of Gestapo tactics, which should infuriate all free citizens.

    1. ACLU was founded by card-carrying communists. They have used the judicial system to pull America apart from the inside out. They oppose every word which is behind each letter in their name. Do not expect them to come to the aid of your countrymen.

  16. If any of you are hunters out there, you know what they say about a trapped, wounded animal; there’s no animal MORE DANGEROUS than one that’s CORNERED and WOUNDED–at that point, they’ve nothing left to lose by FIGHTING-to-the DEATH against their attacker! Today, we no longer have a, “government” in Washington–but a LEAGUE of PIRATES– that are FORCING the American People to feel like, CORNERED, WOUNDED ANIMALS–
    who’ve got NOTHING-LEFT-TO-LOSE–by FIGHTING-to the-DEATH against their OWN “elected” GOVERNMENT!! And they BROUGHT the WRATH of the AMERICAN PEOPLE DOWN-on-THEMSELVES!!

  17. They pulled out all th stops to get into power via Criminal theft
    They dont care about criticism and nor does the MSM

  18. Who questioned that policeman who clearly aimed and killed Mrs. Babbit for no reason? She didn’t have a gun, she didn’t threatened or throw anything to hurt anyone. This group infiltrated by a BLM leader of some sort Sullivan admitting to infiltrating and breaking a window yet he was let go immediately. The hypocrisy of this government is beyond words. We pay taxes so demonic possessed fools can run this government who clearly don’t represent the people. BUT there has been a plan from the beginning of time and though times will get worse GOD is in control. He is patient but we must repent as a nation and ask the LORD to intervene. Every knee will bend and every tongue WILL confess JESUS CHRIST is LORD of all.

  19. Well, we have our choices. This failed POTUS Biden and his handlers are trying to assert their dictatorial authority over us, the citizens of this nation. If compliance isn’t reached via peaceful means then we’ll be incarcerated and held in prison until we do comply or die in prison… our choice it seems.

    I might be wrong but I do believe I read about this happening in the past. In Russia, Vietnam, China, Bulgaria, Romania, many of the South American and Central American countries and others throughout the world. I believe many of them are still doing that to their citizens.

  20. I think we need to stop work for maybe 2 months, and March and do what blm, and antifa are doing except in reverse. Caucasian people are a big majority over anybody else, we can put blm, antifa, and Democrats in the ground where they will be much happier than they are now. 5 million man March to stomp blm, antifa and democrats, and put an end to blm, antifa, democratic party forever. FUCK joe biden AND ANYBODY THAT VOTED FOR HIM.

  21. You stupid s.o.b’s in portland are the stupidest dumbass pussies on earth. You all including your trash ridden pitiful excuse for a city should all perish and let blm, and antifa burn your putrid town to the ground. If you can’t even control a couple hundred stupid dumbass criminals, you just let criminals demolish you town, it must not be worth saving at all. SO BURN BABY BURN! NEED GAS!

  22. Where’s ACLU or Amnesty Int, you know the groups & agency’s that fight for individual human rights? Need to turn the tables. The Dimawits are trying like hell to get their ideology, EO’s & legislation passed before Trump comes back in 2024. They are scared sheep. Trump should have declared Portland, Seattle, Kenosha acts of insurrection & then we might have those BLM/Antifa thugs in solitary w/Pelosi, Shifty Shiff, Shithead Shummer, the squat squad & all the anti American commies.

  23. This is a real concern for the American people to have these type people running our Country. They are only thinking about themselves and the hell with what everyone else thinks. The people better open their eyes and their mind and think about what is happening here. Even the news media lying and making accusations that just is not true and the majority does not seem to be worried. The American people are being erased and domineered by these actors that are selfish and trying to get rich off of the American people who they do not care about. I am definitely worried about where we as a nation are going and what the future will bring.

  24. The time has come to standup for what you believe in or rot in hell…time for talk is over…action is the only way to take our country back.

  25. Why is no one outraged that Joe Biden has just threatened American citizens with F-15 fighter jets and nuclear bombs? Where are our Representatives?

  26. After convicting Biden & Democrats for Un-American Activities .Deport Biden & Democrats to Russia or Red China. They love living under the communist regimes.

  27. Greetings All. Get a copy of the book “Cracking the Apocalypse Code” by Gerard Bodson. He put together a team of experts and set out to do a mathematical analysis of the Bible book “The Revelation”. They translated the language using the numerical correspondences of the ancient Hebrew alphabet as the key. The first half reads about our recent history from about 1935, the rest is the prophesy. Very EYE OPENING, because we are now witness to the end of time. No one knows the exact date, but if Bodson is 80% right it could happen sometime between 2030 and 2050. BE PREPARED. I have had a personal encounter with an Angel, they are not just stories in a book.

  28. The Biden Administration of usurpers has to be held accountable for their crimes against America. The buck stops with Biden. Those in the Republican and Democrat parties who have been complacent with these illegal violations of our constitutional rights must be tried by Americans and severely punished to the full extent of the law. Demand justice NOW and release the political prisoners!

  29. I’m a Christian, a poor one, as I’m a terrible sinner. I know exactly where I’ll go at the final judgement, because I’ve done things I can’t forgive myself over, regardless if God forgives me. I was also taught that prayer and faith can move mountains, but that I better be out there at dawn with my shovel and wheelbarrow to start digging. I’m sure 6 million plus Jews prayed for God’s intervention during the Holocaust, and for them, help was too little and too late.
    I’m also a Patriot, and I will protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, including those that wipe their noses and arses with it.
    I also believe strongly in a document written before the Constitution, and one passage from said document is fundamental to American Freedom and Liberty. Without it, even the Constitution is but empty words written on parchment. That passage reads thus:
    “But when a long train of abuses and ursurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such government, and to establish New Guards for their future security.” Those aren’t empty words scribbled on toilet paper. It is a mandate to We the People, charging us to stand for our Right, and perform our Duty to throw off a government turned Despotic.
    We now have a Senile Fool in the Oval Office who threatened Americans with Military Action and Nuclear weapons if we disagree with and oppose his asinine policies and actions. This decrepit, pervert and criminal threatened all of us with Police State Third World Tactics. This cannot be allowed to stand and it should be answered with an outcry that cracks the Capitol Rotunda in twain.
    As my departed Grandfather once said, “It’s time to crap or get off the pot.”
    We either take our country and government back from those destroying it, or we stand in line waiting for our turn in the ovens. We cannot rely on amthe corrupted Judicial, Legislatire or Executive branches of our States and Federal Governments. Even our Electoral process has been perverted beyond redemption.

    Decide Patriots, because it’s time for Revolution 2.0. The very Soul of our Nation is being ripped apart by this division. It’s time to kick ass and take names.

  30. Guantanamo prison for violent terrorists. This is abuse and peplsies power play. ‘Let them go until court date.

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