Ted Cruz Defends His Decision to Go on a Cancun Vacation while Texans Struggle

As Texans face an infuriating week without power, long food lines, and sleeping at the homes of neighbors due to freezing weather, Texas Senator Ted Cruz responded to critics concerning his family vacation to Cancun.

He shared his trip was at the request of his daughters, who asked him to take them on a trip after school had been cancelled for the week. He noted he was in constant communication with his staff and state leaders to make sure water and power are restored to Texans.

But many say the story just looks bad for the Senator. While it’s great to enjoy time with your family, it’s hard to blame Biden or green energy failures when you’re with your family on the beach, especially when you’re a politicians who represents the very people who are struggling right now.


Cruz has had an amazing level of respect among conservatives, standing with form President Trump and the American people through turbulent times, but he will need to tread carefully and take some responsibility for his actions for this bone-head move.

95 thoughts on “Ted Cruz Defends His Decision to Go on a Cancun Vacation while Texans Struggle”

    1. How about common reason. Just what can one man do to repair a power grid. This is a cheap political statement. We are going to have to allow the professional people who work in this technology fix the problem and get the power back on, also plumbers to fix broken water lines. Don’t be stupid, even a politician isn’t in charge of a act of nature. Jim McCrea-Wyoming.

      1. It was not totally an act of nature. It was they depended on a power source that was not yet reliable. The windmills froze up in the ice and snow. Solar did not work in that condition. You cannot store power from these two options. I am sure President Trump would have run with it if he thought it was a safe and good option but he knew better. These people are forcing this upon us for the near future. So this will occur on a regular basis. The best option is fossil fuel for backup. If you are not going to use it entirely. they have generators that can power a whole house. They run usually on fossil fuel or solar. Solar panels can be broken easily and are expensive.

        1. I bought a Propane back up Generator years ago. The Propane is cheap, easy to store, safe ( safer than Gas ). It puts out enough power to keep my freezer/ Refrigerator going as well as lights and fans/ space heaters if needed. The Generator itself was less than $700.00 online and is even electric start!

          1. As you said, “that was years ago”… Don’t think you will get a propane generator that’s capable of running refrigerator, freezer, lights, fans and space heaters for $700…

      2. Cruz did nothing wrong however why doesn t anybody criticize Biden. As president he should have shown up like past presidents. Think before you speak

        1. Donna….my feeling as yours!!! Mr Cruz did nothing wrong…making sure his family got there safely is not a crime…Where was Biden!!!????? He is the one to go there first!!!

          1. He did nothing wrong was only gone over night Democratics will try anything to make him bad they can do worse and get away with it

        2. Well put Donna. Ofcourse our media doesn’t exploit why Pelosi and Schummer called a week recess for Congress & Senate as this sleazy 1.3 trillion Covid bill has sat on her desk since after the election holding people who actually do need the money along with last Pelosi showing off her new freezer full of dove bars while at the height of the food shortage. We need a conservative national TV network nightly news to challenge the 3 stooges of Muir, Holt & McDonnel on ABC, NBC & CBS

        3. NO Biden did this it’s all his fault the weather froze everything he should have seen it coming and did something.

      3. Not the point! I’ve been a Cruz supporter for years but this was just a bone-head move on his part and he should state that. He represents the people of Texas and should have been there to show his concern and support. He wasn’t and should apologize. Take his lumps, after all he’s not a democrat.

      4. I agree. As long as he was in communication with his staff, what else could he have done? It’s not that he gets a lot of time with his family in the first place. Also, what other things has he done for Texas? I imagine quite a bit. People are too quick to judge and react when a malcontent screams indignation. Let it go! He’s one of the good guys!

      5. I didn’t get out of there and I would do so. He’s one of the hardest working senators. Always the naysayers. God bless you senator for you do. says:

        Your are right,if I didn’t get out of there and I would do so. He’s one of the hardest working senators. Always the naysayers. God bless you senator for you do.

      6. This never should have happened with the power grid, in the first place!
        So many presidents should have taken care of this problem/situation years ago!
        It should be made mandatory to fix, or repair anything first that has to do with a power grid! Ask any person familiar with it!

        1. Why was it a mistake? What could you possibly do to make it better? Don’t you and family get time away from work. Whose hand must be held to make it all better? Please, get a grip. Ted now go and be an American.

      7. Thank for speaking up, spot on.

        As a electrician and State/City Electrical inspector, I would of fined him for performing such work plus no power company would allow him to touch or come close to problematic areas. The governor is over the state anyway I always thought. PS: Under the whiners finger pointing, where is the top dog or is that Weiner Biden at?

        Blah, blah, these complainers need to evaluate a situation from a realistic stand point. What a generation of accusatory Sad Sacks we have…. I have to wonder if the largest portion of whiners have been raised working on a farm or had been in the military service where they could of learn to be appreciative rather than bitch about life?

      8. I concur fully! I would have done the same thing if I had the decision to make for my children! There was nothing he could have done, period!!! ERCOT let us down by not addressing Texas vulnerability when it was first appraised years ago! That’s where the blame should lie!!!

      9. I agree. The Democrats jump on anything a Republican does. I also read that he was trounced for going with while covid restrictions were in place. Sure does not restrict thousands of illegals coming into our country at Biden’s invitation.

    2. he did nothing wrong, his job is not 24hrs,and he is a father too. Congress has taken lengthy sessions away during critical times in the country so many times i can’t count. He has a right to be a father too. He also kept informed on what was happening in Texas. Most things done on line these days anyway due to covid. so give me a break. If he stood out in the cold without a mask in the middle of Texas they would be talking about that. Can’t stand these people, pay attention to coumo in New York,pelosi ,schumer,and Biden and what they are doing to destroy the country ,instead of worrying about ted Cruz’s 24 hr day away from Texas.

      1. Exactly , bring Biden into account , stealing and ending thousands of jobs just to push their dirty agenda… instead of doing gradually to lower fossil fuels, families out of work while they keep getting paid by us tax payers. They don’t take into account they are suppose to work for the PEOPLE !!!

      2. I agree. He has a track record of service. You cannot fault him for having a family. You cannot plan for everything and storms come and go without warning.
        Besides, I’ve seen a whole lot of other public servants do far more ingregeous acts and nobody mentions a thing. Evil likes to stir the pot and cause a ruckus.
        Let him be!

    3. So. it’s bad when Cruz wants to spend time with his family but it’s not when Pelois fly’s back and forward to CA? It’s cold and snowy in DC but not in CA. Sounds like “Pelois says do as I say but not as I do” double standards. What about you?

      1. This was the perfect opportunity to cover up all the noise around Cuomo who want to be in jail. Let it go Ted you did the right thing.


    5. He DIDNOT repeat DIDNOT, make a mistake. I ont go to Mexico by myself, let alone my daughter ( rest her soul) or my granddaughter go to Mexico without an escort. It’s to dangerous. And like a previous comment said, one man can’t fix the problem, especially if he is not a professional in the field. The naysayers are political hacks, and need to use common sense, and shut their mouths. George Proctor SR (Indiana)

    6. It was an overnight trip,hardly a vacation.Pretty sure Mexico has phone and internet .Should he have shoveled Texas out?

    7. I don’t think SENATOR TED CRUZ did any thing wrong. What’s his job ? TO BE ALL THINGS TO ALL PEOPLE!? at all times, ! He also has a wife and children. He is not God, his job/obligation is not to hold our hand during an ice winter, A WINTER LIKE NO OTHER in our life time, Possible wont ever happen again. Was he expected to fix the grid and drive a plow truck along I-35 ? ..TED CRUZ did nothing that he needed to apologize for,! in my opinion…I’M FOR TED CRUZ..

    8. Am I the only person who can see what is going on? This has NOTHING to do with Cruz’s trip, or the climatic condition in Texas. It has everything to do with Democrats/Marxists in our “new” government who are trying to cancel Cruz from their agenda and persecute him as they did with President Trump rather than persecute the crooks currently sitting in Washington. As far as I am concern, Mr. Cruz owes no one any apology for his travelling to Mexico–FREE COUNTRY, SO FAR! Instead, the attention should be focus on Biden’s resolution to allow 25,000 illegals in this country during the pandemic. WAKE UP AMERICA!

    9. Come on now! There isn’t much Cruz could do for his constituents because they were all snowed in. If anything, that storm taught Texans THEY HAD BETTER BE “PREPARED” BETTER THAN THEY WERE FOR ANY NATURAL DISASTER!!

      What???? Did you expect Cruz to go door to door in the ICE Storms, Blizzards to do what? deliver food from where? THAT’S FEMA’S JOB!

      These “Natural Disasters” are what FEMA takes care of, not a Congressman. Cruz had every “right” to take his daughter to Cancuun and enjoy the warm sun. It IS NOT Cruz’s responsibility to ACT during a Natural Disaster, that falls on the President of the U.S, YES BIDDYBOY BIDEN TO DECLARE A NATIONAL EMERGENCY SO FEMA CAN HELP PEOPLE OUT! NONE OF THIS FALLS ON A CONGRESSMAN, NONE!!


    10. He shouldn’t even be worried no apologies needed. Like he said he done all he could by phone the rest had to be done by other skilled people electrical, plumbing… Where was Joe never seen him show up like Trump always did. It is the Democrats ant their green deal bs and global warming bs that is to blame for the heating / electricity… The turbines was froze to a halt and Joe has cost many thousands jobs. Joe and the Democrats are working to destroy America as fast as they can.

  1. Have people lost their minds?? When a person has done all they can to help with a problem, why stay & suffer the situation
    Out just for the sake of suffering because
    Someone else can’t or won’t try to get a better idea and get gone!!!!!!! I keep wondering just how much more selfish
    This world plans to tread on their
    neighbors business for the sake of their
    A BEAUTIFUL [email protected]
    Hellish meanness. GOD HELP AMERICA!!!!

  2. Maybe he should’ve taken his own personal vehicle and delivered water ,blankets,pillows, chick fil a, taco bell while guiding planes on the tarmac carrying relief items ( TOTAL SARCASM ) Come on man ( Biden drivel ) Today’s technology you can conduct business as usual from space. But wait , Biden’s going to declare a state of emergency one week after the disaster. COME ON MAN

  3. remember you were a father first and will be a father long after being a republiction so sorry people are so narrow minded love is first

  4. You needed to stay and get help for Texas. Take those guards from the White House that the crook Biden diesnt need since he has a damm fence around there. Help those people in texas with no food water or electricity??? You damm Democrat think you can do anything well Biden and all Democrats need to go somewhere else toive namely china

    1. Nina, Gov Abbott called the Guard home at the end of January. And, in reality, the problem of dealing with the disaster in Texas is under Abbott’s purview.

  5. Ted Cruz is without a doubt one of the
    Best & Most caring and great Senators of our time,
    so far the Democrats haven’t shown us any care about our country !!

  6. Everyone needs to be more understanding and less critical of many things going on these days. It seems okay to do and say anything, burn down buildings, destroy the country for one reason or another. Does that help anything? I pray that we can get through these terrible times and get back to being the greatest country in the world–not trying to change us to something that has failed all over the world. This starts with each individual person doing the right thing in all circumstances.

  7. Most idiotic crap I have heard. So what, he was able to get his family someplace warm. Good for him! Tell me you wouldn’t do the same for your family if you had the opportunity. Or are we liberals now and expect everyone to enjoy shared misery.

  8. Sorry, taking his children down there, and turning around and coming right back does not make for a vacation…. if you call that a vacation then you haven’t traveled at all…. flying like that is the pits and exhausting but he was still working as he did this, not unlike so many that are now working from home or remote places… People Get real… He never abandoned anyone… he can’t pull out a miracle from his hat… what is happening in Texas is very hard on all, but Cruz can’t solve the problem…It will take God to get your Texas weather back…

  9. There’s so many more important situations to talk about. And the media is taking the Cruz get away and blowing it out of proportion with gilt. Address the other situations in this country first, like how the fool idiot dems are killing everything that was good.

  10. Exactly, but the left are always going to pojnceln anything the republican conservatives do. Yes own your misjudgedment and move on by showing the people of Texas that your a great senator.

  11. Ted Cruz has the right as any true American to take his family on vacation and come back to work. It’s just these Dirty Democrats that complain about everything. And they want to unify. Ha Ha.

  12. Mr. Cruz, you did NOTHING WRONG, Sir. May God bless you for trying to be everywhere at once and multitasking. You are 1st a Dad. All this bad weather wasn’t your fault and you did the best you could. Thank you. Don’t listen to those Dems, they look for any opportunity to criticize and stir up shit. That’s what they do. But we Texans still love you.

  13. It is just what a lot of you would have done if you could afford it. I think it was good that he does that for his kids and all.

  14. So glad to see so many replies that a pro Cruz. He did not do anything wrong. He is doing as much as he can to help solve the problem. Leave my Senator along and try to do something about the real wrong doers. Senator Cruz, you are a good father and that will make you a good Senator.

  15. Had he has a “D” after his name this would be a non-story. How many Dems have yet to be held accountable for tax evasion, actual sex harassment or crime, lies under oath and the list goes on and on. Poor optics by Ted, sure. No issue to small to exploit when there’s a “R” after you name. Same optics for a Dem, listen to the crickets. All indicative of the double standard.

  16. I agree, I am an independent who votes for the best candidate and will continue to do so, none of the Democrats (all are demons in disguise) are eligible for my vote!!!!

    I do not blame Senator Ted Cruz for enjoying being with his children while they are still young, the problem here is, the ones in charge of our power grid did not refurbish our entire grid like El Paso did. They became a totally separate grid and set theirs up like the states to the west that normally have extreme cold weather, they didn’t have the magnitude of problems like we have had! Also, while they have power outages in the north, it is usually not of the magnitude we have experienced and, from what Governor Abbot ha said, some heads will roll both willingly and unwillingly! Perhaps they will learn a lesson from this unexpected artic weather (we became a part of southern Alaska for about a week)!

    I expect this to be blamed on so-called “Global Warming”, they did that when there was a severe freeze up north a few years ago! AOC and her brain-dead moronic followers (sheeple) want the U.S. to go green, God (or as some prefer “Mother Nature”) has tested the go green movement (wind turbines, solar panels etc.) and it failed miserably! But, some will continue to insist on doing away with fossil fuels Albert Einstein said it well when he said; “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

    Nuff Said!!!!

    In Christ Jesus

    1. Well said, Darrold! No outrage from the left about canceling the Keystone pipeline, though. Gasoline prices already beginning to rise. Global warming? Reminds me of a saying, “When in trouble, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout!”. Weather on this planet has been cycling back and forth for thousands of years… maybe millions. It’s a natural occurrence which has been going on long before man created industries and is more likely caused by the changes in solar radiation from the sun, volcanic activity or asteroid strikes. Then we get morons like AOC come along and scream and shout to get attention from other morons to try to change our whole way of life. Cruz did nothing wrong by taking his family on a vacation. What did critics expect him to do? Wave his arms and generate electricity? Texas has a capable governor and staff to deal with state issues. Those same critics of Cruz should be more concerned with the horde of ILLEGALS that not too bright Biden is unleashing into our country. Where’s the outrage there???

  17. mr cruz is a father first and therenis nothing you can do whe your hit whith a storm,wnether your a democrars or a replubican we are all parents and they should take care of the family first and for most.

  18. Ted, only, did what any loving, caring Dad
    should, would, have done for his daughters
    by accompanying them to Cancun.
    If he was Democrat Senator he would have
    been praised for his actions instead of
    being criticized. We are tired of these
    double standards !!

  19. The whiners need to grow up. First, the issue is not federal…it is a state issue and the governor is quite capable of handling it including asking for federal help which under the commiecrats would be slow if ever since Texas doesn’t bow to them. Find your pacifiers, children. Ted did nothing wrong, period.

  20. Ted Cruz did nothing wrong in leaving the state. The dems only do this to Rep. There was nothing he could have done to prevented the weather. Ted is a fighter for us in Texas, I am grateful to him for all he does for Texas.
    Back off & let him enjoy his family . Thank u. Ted for being a Texas Senator, u do a great job.

  21. I can hardly believe these articles going around about Ted Cruz.He accompanied his girls to Mexico on a Wed. and came back THE FOLLOWING DAY. It was an overnight!And since when does a senator manage a crisis,that’s the governor’s job.Pretty sure Mexico has phone and internet service.UNbelievable.

  22. golly,geepers ! if Trump were in office, the socialists would be foaming at the mouth in criticism of him. In similar fashion, now they go after a US Senator , when they should be criticizing the doddering old demented moron in the office of President, for not declaring a disaster.

  23. Mr.Cruz is fine; it’s our no do nothing , so called President that needs to something, other than copying everything that has already been done!Trump would have been there already!

  24. Move on Ted we love you and even if the cowardly maggot media gave you more air time the the serial killer ,we do not care. By the way get rid of the clean energy hoax. Lots of countries have fallen prey to this HOAX. Just like climate change.

  25. A Senator has no emergency power, there is little or nothing a Senator can do in an emergency. Joe the dope, does have emergency power and should have done something, Trump sure would have!

  26. What should have Cruz done, get a snow shovel? There are many stories that need proper coverage by the Marxist state-run press such as the “Cuomo story,” that caused so many needless deaths because of his ignorance? That was a serious mistake and they’re having difficulty finding enough rugs to sweep that one under. Mr. Cruz will face more adverse press for years to come because he had the balls to stand up to those that knew there was election fraud committed

  27. I don’t know if his reasons are true or not but I think if any of us had the chance to take off we would have and not think anything about it. Or do you get pissed off because your coworkers earned a week paid vacation or your buddy next door go on a trip with his family.

  28. The people down the road had solar on their house they had power the whole time maybe people should start depending on themselves more and stop acting like infants that the elected officials have to babysit. Why didn’t you have a generator on your home how come you don’t have firewood chopped for winter because you become dependent on someone else that’s why so what it boils down to is you are responsible for you not anyone else

  29. IF he was a democrat it would be no bid deal or SO WHAT but he’s done more for this country than any democrats in they last 5 yrs.

  30. Hey Lying JOE You would be the FIRST to help the ILLEGALS how about activating the National Guard to go around and issuing ANYTHING ( we used to have immersion heater that would burn just about anything ) to some of the hardest hid elderly and or very sick or very YOUNG so they don’t start freezing to death like the animals in the zoo in Texas, Oklahoma, and other States. HEY D/A YOU ARE THE PRESIDENT NOW YOUIR RESPONSIBILTY IS TO AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the CITIZENS. Believe me that also includes those DASTARDLY WHITE SUPREMACISTS. Hey, CAVEMAN here is a chance to maybe convert one or two. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL HER REAL, LEGAL CITIZENS

  31. Plain and simple. It was a GREEN ENERGY FAILURE. The turbines froze up. The Soler Panels froze over and couldn’t produce current. The natural gas to run power plants the demand went to heat homes and businesses that used it. Green Technology is intended to use less fossil fuels not to replace it.
    Like it or not if we are going to depend on electric power there must be safe nuclear power.
    The Global Warming People now are calling it Climate Change.
    Texas has been closed down for almost a week. You can’t blame Senator Cruse for taking care of his family.
    It’s not his fault that the POTUS has the National Guard tied up on a fools errand in Washington D.C. Instead of making sure food fuel and medication gets to people that need it.
    A lot of filling stations haven’t gotten their fuel delivery as of Friday.
    My guess is the tank farms don’t have the electrical power to pump the fuel into the trucks.

  32. Or get diesel powered locomotives close to power plants to provide a small bit of power to keep things running.
    How about sending nuclear powered vessels to ports like Huston to supply electrical power to keep fuel moving.
    I guess Sleepy Joe is asleep at the switch.

  33. I agree but back off every one needs a vacation .
    On the other hand when what’s Biden going to do
    With all the illegal coming . How is he going
    To inoculate all them and he claims we have a shortage.

  34. Get Off Ted Cruz’s Back…he has been busy for weeks now exposing the liar’s that are trying to make America socialist.He deserves some time off with his family,why don’t the rest of you sorry senators get off your fat lazy butt’s and help Texas…no…better yet….get that lying assed president off his ass out of his basement and into Texas directing emergency help.He is the one who needs to get off his but and get thing’s moving especially since he say’s he has the power to move heaven and Earth.

  35. Liberals and the media can always find something about which to be offended. Sen. Cruz has done nothing for which he should apologize. Just what is it about a Cruz decision to stay and have he and his family suffer with the rest of us in Texas that would have helped anyone else. I’m not looking for any false martyrs. He has NO responsibilities in Texas. He’s not a Texas official, and Texas officials are competent to have done anything Cruz could have done.

  36. I’m afraid this green power is going to leave a lot of people in the dark and in the cold. We don’t have the technology to go green. You don’t go green until the technology is there. The ocean is the only source of power that we have that could generate endless power. But they are focusing on solar and wind which is unreliable at best. We may all need to go to Cancun the way this country is going down the shitter. Between communism green power microchipping people in the name of so called pandemic. The communists or democrats as they like to call themselves have lost their minds completely and are hell bent on ending this world. Well be careful what you wish for because if you try hard enough to end it then it will end for certain and then the world that the billionaires hoped to have all to themselves will come crashing down around them also. You can’t bring down the world without having it crash down on your own head. When you have peace calm in the world you should try your best to keep it. It’s the best that we can hope for with so many people in the world having gone insane. The communists or democrats have completely lost their minds. They are completely out of touch with reality. To many years living in fantasy in a drug fueled insanity. We really need drug tests for politicians. No one that’s on drugs should be running the country.

  37. He had a planned vacation and most likely could not get a refund. I bet there were texans away on vacation also. Anything he could do would he done via phone, and it does matter where one is making a phone call from

  38. Senator Cruz didn’t do anything wrong . Please when do we need to shame people for going with family for a vacation ? Who think this way ? I beg that if we all could afford it we would be somewhere else by the beach . He used his money and he worked for that money . He has nothing to apologize . The hypocrisy of people now a days goes along with their envious ness and covetousness of others and what others do . When you are paying for his get away or his clothing and food for his family then the hypocrites can talk otherwise it’s nothing but a double standard and another political game . They should be looking into Biden’s affairs and his lack of leadership and unpresidential behavior .

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