Senator Reveals Secret Info from Facebook Whistleblower that Leaves Zuckerberg SPEECHLESS

For most people, watching a Senate hearing on any topic falls somewhere between “boring” and “please gouge my eyes out” on the scale of things that interest us. But when the Silicon Valley tech czars testified in front of the Senate this week, it was ELECTRIC.

Total side note: Who told Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook to jump in a tanning booth right before the hearing, in order to look more human? Results not convincing!

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) just about made Mark Zuckerberg swallow his tongue during the hearing. Hawley showed Zuckerberg internal screenshots of Facebook’s censorship platform, which a whistleblower provided to his office. What happened next was pretty remarkable.

For context, it’s important to understand what the tech companies actually fear. They don’t care about amending Section 230 or some of the other threats that Congress has made toward them. What they do fear is US antitrust law.


It’s one thing if Google is censoring conservatives on YouTube and its other platforms, while Twitter is censoring users on its platform and Facebook is censoring conservatives on Facebook. But if the companies are coordinating their censorship actions, they’re in violation of US antitrust laws.

When you watch this video, that’s what Hawley is really pressing Zuckerberg to deny under oath. He asks Zuckerberg multiple times to deny coordination with Google and YouTube on their censorship efforts.

And Mark Zuckerberg, one of the most powerful tech oligarchs on the planet, suddenly looks like he accidentally swallowed a frog. Check it out!

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45 thoughts on “Senator Reveals Secret Info from Facebook Whistleblower that Leaves Zuckerberg SPEECHLESS”

  1. It is time to end these outlets. When they take orders from the Democrats to appease them and show what the Dems want is not fair freedom of speech! Face book and Twitter have been part of the “swamp” far too long. Hold them accountable! Tracking people is another word for “stalking “. STOP THEM!

    1. Facebook ,twitter and Google and the MSM and the comnunist Democrats are trying to creat another Venezuela. These bastards must be eliminated from our society.

      1. When the rebellion begins, Make these and media alphabets your first priority to destroy. Next, all liberal politicians, including liberal judicial advocates that don’t follow US laws. Next, all swamp creatures appointed by Obama as well as all sympathetic federal workers. These people are all communists or globalists intent on the destruction of America!

      2. THey are all clearly breaking antitrust laws, and it is time to prosecute them. Break up these companies like they did to the Bells in the 60’s. They control all communications throughout the globe. That is scary. They may ban this post for pointing out that Zuckerberg is no different than a Russian Oligarch, yet more dangerous because he can directly influence what all people see and hear. Recently, I started getting messages that the Admin has blocked my IP address from seeing a good deal of conservative content on many sites I attempt to visit. That’s censorship, and Zuckerberg has been doing it for years. IN this time frame his and googles and Twitter and You tube have strongly and illegally influenced the General election. He is even paying $ directly to influence the elections in Ga.because he knows if any one GOP senator is put in the Senate He an his other criminal oligarchs will see their companies heavily fined, Criminally prosecuted and broken up into smaller pieces.

      1. If its provable then charge them. Let a court settle it or let the x public all know and decide if they want to stay and be treated like that. I’ve gone to Parler. Now for a good replacement for youtube.

    2. There is a V E R Y simple solution to deal with Facebook, Twitter, GOOGLE-iath (that HIDEOUS “GOLIATH” commonly known as Google)…
      CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNT and resolve to NEVER, EVER, FOR ALL ETERNITY, use any of these LIBERAL-CONTROLLED platforms AGAIN! If they lose 50% of their users overnight, they will COLLAPSE!

      1. OH! and FORCE under threat of DIS-OWNING them to CLOSE THEIR ACCOUNTS ALSO! They are the people who are the most likely to support the platforms through their MINDLESS and obcessive USAGE of Facebook and “Tweet-Tweet-Tweet”!

      2. Absolutely Lynn…non violence ALWAYS gets the attention of profit based companies…just quietly disconnect and keep disconnected…Enough people do so they WILL get the message!

    3. I think he should be fined in the billions. After that he should be jailed for voter fraud. Thant will slow him down.

      1. A fine is probably somehow TAX DEDUCTABLE as “financing the federal government” and they would make it “work” for them…Simply get enough people to disconnect and STAY disconnected and that will be harder on them than a fine…

    4. part of this information probably goes to China , and Iran which could indicate treason along with other charges

  2. It’s time to shut them down! Rooting out this evil against our constitutional rights has to start some place. I also think all media stations should be held accountable for doing the same thing. They’ve all created a grave injustice to our country and they need to be held accountable.

  3. Zuckerburg sounds and looks very guilty. Why oh why won’t he answer the question as well. joe lieben and all the rest of these morons will rot in hell. That includes all the fake newspapers. Please God enlighten them before they go to hell in a handbag. This is going to destroy our Great Country and the world.

    1. ???guilty like a child when in trouble to scared to answer yes but when young liars always have a back up they dont know what yes or no means so when they are young they aways say no because the real answer us yes mark us so guilty that a 5 yr old could guess his face if lues

  4. The entire media is guilty of at least sedition, and at best, treason.
    They have been censoring conservatives, invading privacy, selling our info to foreign governments, fabricating stories, and outright lying under oath.
    Big Tech, msm, and the corrupt people in our own government need to be taken to tribunals and executed

    1. GUESS where it comes from though…all the deception and continual news “management” is actually taught in Colleges…I was going into Communication & Journalism in a well known Washington DC university – when my professor took an entire “chapter” on how to convince readers to take your political comments as “gospel truth”…THAT is how we are manipulated by the media…Academia has given GRADES and GRADUATION to those who learn well how to deceive…I changed my major! And that was in the 70’s & 80’s…so we KNOW it is going on BIG TIME now.

      1. Right on Alice. I noticed this in the 70 when my kids started school,and now it is even worse as you are kicked out belittled and abused at 10 yrs. of age. The adults teaching the kids are complete scumbags and an overhaul to sanity is needed.

  5. Playing political party favorites but more importantly what is important is that communication is worldwide and this will be used as planned for God’s good purpose.

  6. As soon as this joker said ummm, awh, you know instantly there is a problem. Caught with pants down look right there. What about his part in the leak of all those people’s info from not long ago. Sure he sold that info for a good price too. His so called fines were a fraction of what he got from that info. Take all these loser facebook, twitter, and all that bs apart or go to parler. If he hasn’t bought that one too. Anyone that stays with these sites gets what they deserve. Get out and bankrupt this crook and his p.a.l.

    1. Well Zuckerberg isn’t dead yet and when that time comes I wouldn’t want to be close to him because I hate heat
      and ETERNITY is forever !! ( wonder if all that money and power is worth it ,HUMMMM ETERNITY HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT IT MARK ??

  7. I was disabled by face book, the reason they gave, was that I WAS TOO YOUNG.. I was in f/b eleven years, am a senior citizen. HOWEVER I THINK IT WAS MORE DUE TO POLITICS..I did post gospel news , conservative politics support TRUMP AND TED CRUZ.

    1. A friend kept trying to give me links to her church Sunday services. The links never came but a notice was posted each time that the link wasn’t available then some stupid reason was listed.

  8. Each should be required to make a one time irrevocable choice to be either (i) a “platform” for free speech with absolutely NO editorial control or (ii) an editor with content control but subject to the same liability as other such organizations.

  9. Fb has always been democratic anoles. Sensors everything. Only good to receive messages and notes from friends. Ugh

  10. FUKERBIRD really needs to have his wings clipped as do the CEOs of Google and Twitter! Not to mention all the LYING alphabet news corporations that out and out LIE about so called confidential informants just to get ratings!

  11. Silicon Valley has caused so much harm to the Planet. They are ruining young peoples lives with Fortnite and other aggressive war games, making children anti social and aggressive. Hollywood too , has warped peoples values and the CIA are behind it all. And MSM has caused division and brainwashing. The lies they spread about the best President ever, is disgusting

  12. There is one way to stop it. Stop using these platforms. As soon as i saw the so called hacker on facebook that was enough for me. More than likely sold this info to highest bidder. The fine he got was a drop in bucket. You are a slave to your own making here. No one use them and they go away.

  13. The Anti-Trust Laws need to be used to take these big conglomerates to court and make them pay huge fines to
    the federal government.

  14. Mark Zuckerberg is a phuquing liar.It is way past time to go after all of big tech with anti-trust lawsuits.

  15. They are part of the Lie-beral DEMONocrat Sin-dicate (Syndicate). It’s all about MONEY. Just like the mainstream media, they are banking that in the future, most people will be like them; the young ‘movers and shakers’ – yuppies who don’t pledge allegiance to anything but themselves and their bank account. Lie-berals are the opposite of conservatives. Our country has laws already established and Lie-beral DEMONocrats don’t like it or our Constitution. Go to the light, choose life, and you’ll be RIGHT. Go to the LEFT, and you’ll be bereft. Demons are anti-good and have the Look-At-Me-See-How-Nice-I-Am Syndrome. Such a paradox. Let us do evil, that good might come !

  16. The Nazi and communist demons whether the corrupt news networks or the communist demorats need to move to China or Cuba the true American people want to be free not dictated on how to live our lives. It’s horrible that these commies are want to run our country the way Hitler ran Germany. You assholes need to remember what hitlers generals plotted when they had enough of the atrocities the that were waged on the poor German people. This is in no way a threat just a reminder.

  17. I believe you are on to something, the only GOD they worship is money and fame. stop using their stuff, period. same goes for the Hollywood “stars” who deign to give us commoners their esteemed opinions. I am done with them all. no movies they are in, no books they put out. old has been stars better hope their money holds out, because they won’t be getting any more from me. these people are clueless about what real people experience. their biggest woo-hoo is breaking a fingernail, or in Pissy and Legends case, a lost child. I guess she shouldn’t have used the f word so many times, huh? Karma is a b–ch. what makes them think they could possibly compare themselves to us? used to respect the ROCK, Deniro, et al. now they are just sickening old has beens. maybe the demented old gasbag and his californicating HO will stroke their egos some. let me know how the 82% tax rate feels… I will cry gigantic crocodile tears for you–NOT. better stock up people, hoarding has started again at Sams club on tp.

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