Senator Josh Hawley Goes Off on Dems “Telling 74 Million People to Shut Up” is Not a Recipe for Unity

Let’s be honest: It’s been incredibly disappointing to see the lack of support from Republican Senators for President Trump over the past 6 weeks since the Democrat Party orchestrated a massive nationwide conspiracy to steal the election. Where are the Republican Senators with an ounce of courage who are willing to step forward and denounce this crooked election?

Earlier this week, Mitch McConnell himself had the gall to congratulate the slimy election thief Joe Biden for his fake “victory.” Not only that, but McConnell told all of the Republican Senators to not talk about election fraud or the FACT that Democrats are attempting to steal an election that Donald Trump rightfully won. By a LOT.

Unfortunately for Mitch McConnell, his own caucus has now broken ranks with him. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), who chairs the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs, immediately held a hearing on 2020 election fraud.



But it gets even better.

One GOP Senator went on an absolutely epic defense of Donald Trump and the roughly 74 million Americans who voted for him on November 3, only to watch as their votes were stolen and shifted to Joe Biden. Watch this clip for the mic drop moment when Senator Josh Hawley of Wisconsin lays the smackdown on the fraud…

125 thoughts on “Senator Josh Hawley Goes Off on Dems “Telling 74 Million People to Shut Up” is Not a Recipe for Unity”

  1. He is right. We have no voice because the people we elected have their heads shoved up thr democraps asses. Time to pull them outan be voted out and work for us or you can be voted out. Like that piece of crap from utah, McConnell, graham and several others that want to bow down to peloosi, schumer and that lowlife , corrupt pedophile biden and his prostitute running mate. The only ones that voted for them were brainless morons and satan worshippers.

      1. Plus the Chinese helped Steal it too with there connections to Dominion. The lack of support for Trump by Republican Senators is mind boggling and gutless. Here that McOnnenl. You stabbed Trump And the 80+ million who voted for him in the back!
        Trump will win this yet! It’s not over!
        Keep the faith!!!!

      2. Yes, why haven’t our Republican senators stood up for our president of the millions of people that want him and trust him. Why have not the real democrats stood up against the crazy power hungry Schumer and Nancy. why did they vote her back in. What is wrong with standing up For America.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. The RINOS don’t seem to have any balls at all. The Republicans never unite. I saw this 2016 election. These guys were never happy that President Trump won the nomination. They did everything they could to undermine him. Looks like they are at again. I refuse to donate to RNC because of this. My money goes directly to a specific candidate. Term limits are needed to clean out all the jerks we have made being a Senator or Congressman a career.

      1. excellent point. i will start donating only to real candidates. y r people afraid to get the facts? let’s not forget the judges who won’t listen to evidence. is this still america?

        1. The dirty democrats have gotten away with stealing away the peoples rightful votes in this dirtiest farce of an election ever in American history. What makes anyone think that they will ever allow another honest election? Or that our votes will ever matter again? Once that criminals find that they can get away with their crimes, they become even bolder with them. The fraud which was committed against the American voters was just the tip of the iceberg, now that they know that they can do it, their crimes will know no bounds, and America, as a great nation will no longer exist. Their goal is to destroy the American way of life, and they have just taken a giant step toward it.

        2. I only donate straight to candidates not the rnc. The many rinos don’t deserve my dollars. Time for some young blood real conservative Republicans to run and be elected. The new group of women in congress are exciting.

          1. Ever hear of the “Deep State” or the “One World Order?” Well you are seeing it up close and personal. Oh yeah, the deep state, it’s not a United States problem it’s a world wide problem. Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, O’Connell, Graham, Romney are all apart of it. You can contribute your money to a specific candidate but at the end of the day, you have just flushed your money down the drain.

      2. Agree with you term limits are needed especially when Mitch McConnel tells the republicans to shut up and back Biden, who he and his family are in bed with the Chinese for years and outsourced jobs, how can you support such a crooked person, McConnel is part of the swamp especially that he did not support the immigration laws presented by Trump, he and Paul Ryan, the speaker of the house, should be accused of not supporting the American voters!!!

        Shame, shame are the Republicans politicians that spineless?


    2. Well Kathy, you are spot on! For decades I have been telling people if TERM LIMITS are not enacted, then WE, THE PEOPLE can do it by our votes! BUT with this voter fraud going on as it has to some degree since lbj, we can not be secure in the knowledge that our vote even counts anymore!!! The left has become so self confident in their getting away with voter fraud, they just went all out on our President TRUMP…not even trying to hide the FRAUD! They figured that WE, THE PEOPLE would just roll over and take it! THANK GOD for people like Senator Hawley, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood and all the other people who are working so hard to right the WRONG done to the 74-80 MILLION people who cast their votes for President TRUMP! It looks like we need to do something about the Supreme Court as well!!!

      1. I agree the justices are not supportive they are wrong to not hear these cases they are Republicans they should back trump up I don’t think they are even care

      2. Well said!
        To all of you Trump Supporters, You should Join the ‘Wild’ Protest in DC on Jan. 6 .
        They may try to silence our words but they can not hide our physical presence.
        Join me in DC!

    3. You list them all Kathy. May be some cowards and RINO (Romney likes) will stand up and use your words to fight the leftist Dem and activist justice and the socialist wannabes.
      Thank you.

    4. You sure hit the nail on the head!!! I am praying that GOD pulls off another miracle, and Donald John Trump remains our President!!! Then he will continue to drain the swamp……….is this still America?? I am beginning to wonder myself.

    5. Plus the Chinese helped Steal it too with there connections to Dominion. The lack of support for Trump by Republican Senators is mind boggling and gutless. Here that McOnnenl. You stabbed Trump And the 80+ million who voted for him in the back!
      Trump will win this yet! It’s not over!
      Keep the faith!!!!

      1. It is hard-this waiting time but yes, keep the faith. So much is going on—-not on the channeled news. keep in mind, Jan 6th 2021.

    6. We the Republican voters agree with you. It’s time the true REPUBLICAN Senators and Congress people stand up and stand with President Trump and the people who voted for them. KARMA does not have an expiration date. We will remember the next time we go to the voting booth. THESE RHINOS HAVE TO GO.

    7. Boy did you hit the nail on the head. i so agree with you. McConnell took 35 million from the china government. I don’t know what or if graham took anything but the way things are going it looks like a lot of them have lined their pockets with money from china. But then they have the nerve to denie us a penny to take care of us. and frog face biden the biggest crook in the country who doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground and his son hunter sent an email to china asking for 10 million for the biden family Who are we to trust any more? Have a nice day Kathy! and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    8. The only conclusion I can come to is that our Republican leaders have just the same background as Biden.
      Any hearing would bring this information out.
      Time for us to force limits and get the SOB out of office.

    9. You do have a choice. As republicans we can vote them out, get term limits and face the republicans f-t-f. We can March on Washington with 1,000,000 people. We don’t have to allow them or democrats to tell the American people what they want. If we banded together and I mean all of us someone is going to listen. What r they going to do, shoot us?? Most r getting money from other SOURCES. They’re all worth millions which is quite higher then their income. Then some have family who also are making millions. How?? We are the people! We’ll speak!!

    10. They do not run for America. Few do. they run for power not the people. And I agree, the democrats in office now are satinists. God will take care of these people very soon. He is ANGRY and we may live to see it all.

    11. It is hard-this waiting time but yes, keep the faith. So much is going on—-not on the channeled news. keep in mind, Jan 6th 2021.
      Pray thank you Josh hawley

    12. First of all WE, THE PEOPLE, ARE THE (REAL) GOVERNMENT AND POWER and per our Founders/congress means they are our SERVANTS or today our hired help as our employees and we are their bosses and on top of this what we must do is also look to the Supreme Court not following our Constitution, mainly such as Roberts, and then further are you not aware that the DNC Party published in 1963 their Communist Manifesto to take over our Republic of freedom and rights? Wake up and smell the coffee and we can kick them out of congress and no benefits, and like Trump sue them for using OUR tax money for free meals, vacations on OUR MONEY, why a break of several days or weeks and not working but get paid? Time to remove the DNC Party from our Congress and allow other worthwhile party/parties to enter. The communist members in our Congress need to be kicked to the curb and since many have committed treason and sedition more than once then off to the gallows and we confiscate ALL their ASSETS here and abroad to repay us for the national debt they have given us and their hate (and many are republican rinos, and finish our wall and no money back to them or their families. Time to put our foot down and clean up the mess WE HAVE ALLOWED TO TAKE PLACE. We know Trump won and we won’t give up until ALL the votes for him are out there and no communist ever but ever not in our Congress one day longer. Either we are for our Republic of Freedom and Rights, or we deserve the nasties to take us over and communism that my husband escaped means you will lose everything and ever be enslaved or killed. Your choices.

    1. He is the BRAVE! We always respect him and love to make contributions to his campaign. Salute to you Senator Hawley and the other brave solder in the House , Mo Brooks! We will cheer for you to protect the integrity of this election! We can not imagine to let the Demoncrapes steal the election and allow the moron and prostitute to run our country!

    2. Thank God there are some with a spine but in general most in our supposed Congress are there for their salaries and lifetime benefits becauase they couldn’t make their way in the real world and deserve NOTHING.

  2. If you are an an American you have to stand up for freedom and raise hell until this gets fixed. We can’t let a foreign county rig our election. This stolen election cannot stand. MAGA!!!!!!

    1. So where do we go from here? The Trump campaign has documented evidence and affidavits to show this was a flawed election. We all believe that you simply present it to the courts and they will justly rule upon the evidence. What I’m seeing is that the judicial system is broken. Why even the Supreme Court doesn’t want to hear the case. Now what? I’m not content to take a pass on this absolutely blatant attack on our country by the socialist Democratic Party.

      1. I could hardly believe the supreme court (they hardly deserve the Capital Letters to their name anymore) threw out the Texas, PLUS 17-18 other states & other notables filings with all the documentation that was available.
        What the heck has happened here???
        Well, the Bible does warn us plenty that this will be happening….
        And even tho it was been surreptitiously creeping up on us for actually a few decades now, to see it become full-blown in such a short time & so darn blatantly is mind-blowing.
        God forgive us & help us & intervene MIGHTILY!

      2. Not socialism because I lived under socialism and you work or you die of hunger and no freebies at all. Another socialism is Germany where they take 1/2 of your salary and when you are dying they take all your furniture, etc. What we have is what my husband who fled 10 nights in the dark to the western Germany because of Stalin and his communism. They lost almost every good they had, little to no food, and many died of hunger or found as against their communist bosses. Wake up and smell the coffee because WE, THE PEOPLE, ARE THE (REAL) GOVERNMENT AND POWER and time to remember that the DNC Party took over the educational systems and why I then quit being a teacher and today’s grandparents, parents and most students did not learn ONE GOOD THING about our Republic and that America was a warring country which it fought and died for other countries and only a war that Pres. Franklin Roosevelt gave us when he already knew the Japanese were going to bomb Pearl Harbor and he was a democrat and also had a mistress and embarrassed a great wife.

    2. If this election fraud stands there will be more than verbal objections, true Patriots will not have their liberties and freedoms taken from them!

      1. Absolutely correct. To think our Country is to have a president, who can’t wipe his own ass! Not my PRESIDENT!!! IMPEACH the sorry son-of-a- bitch!!!!!

        1. I can hardly believe their gall in saying that now is the time for “unity”…Where was their “unity” with Pres. Trump?

    3. I agree jed. We have to stand and fight because too many Republicans don’t have the guts to do the right thing. I see a great future for senator Hawley. Thank you for standing up to the domocrats.

    4. Yes! MAGA, let’s fight for our country by rallying nation wide on 1/6/21 demanding not to certify this fraudulent, stolen election by the treasonous Democrats leader, fake. News media, Facebook, Twitter, Google, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and some FOX news. We have abandoned these fake evil news outlets for a long time. Let’s get the REAL election winner, President Trump back in the White House!

      1. I agree! We need to stand up and keep the corruption out of Our America. We have already seen what the Democrats are allowing to happen and what they are encouraging to happen. Our “NO” news medias are just as corrupt and spineless as our so called justice system. Don’t watch the fake news and shut them down to help stop their corruption! I know come Jan 6 I will be backing President Trump all the way. “STOP THE STEAL”!!!!

  3. I totally support the President of the United States, Donald J Trump whom I voted for. I completely agree with Senator Josh Hawley, that the 74 million Americans who voted for the President were disenfranchised by the voting process, which was fraudulent. I further support all attempts by Senator Hawley, Republicans in both houses and the 74 million American voters who voted for the current President, Donald J Trump to the election results to their representatives in Congress, to the Courts of this country as certain legal representatives are doing now and to the Supreme Court which to date, has refused to consider the most fundamental, federally protected right in the Constitution of the United States- the right to vote.

    1. Here here, I know the first place we need change is in the Supreme Court, John Roberts needs to be impeached, it’s absolutely obvious that he indeed is a rino, to not at the very least give the Texas lawsuit a hearing is disgusting. It’s the Supreme Court for god’s sake. Are they not sworn to uphold the constitution of the United States! The corruption of the deep state is in our faces every day. Wake up people. If we don’t rise up and get the rightful winner of the presidential election seated, this country is very certainly on it’s way to collapsing as the way of Venezuela!!!

      1. Come on my fellow Americans, stand up, and demand of our government the recognition of your sovereignty. Demand of your government servants, restoration of the constitutional constraints on the government. Failure to do so tells the government you are happy to be the state’s property. What say YOU? Make that answer loud and clear!

        1. Roger you might want to talk to Vice President pence. It will be in his hands January 6th. Better hope he comes through for the 74 million people that voted for him and trump

      2. John Roberts NEEDS to be impeached. His actions re: protecting the INTEGRITY of the OUR (OUR Constitution not his) Constitution has been compromised by his apparent past actions that were probably extorted by THE Deep State (Obama’s). ACTIONS always speak louder than words. The RINO’s in Congress and the political elite do NOT like TRUMP because heis disturbing their hold on personal wealth through control of political elites and disturbing power and control of THE political elites over THE American citizens. Trump is the ancient David fighting the Goliaths of political corruption.

      3. I read where John Roberts’ name appears on the flight list of the plane that went to Pedo Island. Go figure.
        Its time for a third party….call it the Real Conservative Party RCP. Then get rid of the real rinos. I find it disgusting that Mitch and the bunch sat on their asses the last four years, did not truly support the president, and then they come up at the last minute begging for funds to win Georgia. Do they really think we are that stupid? We need a new real conservative party.

    2. 74 million. Republicans should sue Congress for their wages and waste, fraud and abuse of tax payer money for the last four years.

      1. Great idea! Do we have an attorney capable and we can start a non profit organization to do injunction (?) on the wrongful certification by the Congress if it happens on 1/6/21!

      2. Correct. If they can shut down small businesses, they who make the call both at the federal and local level have NO right to a salary what so ever. Our president is serving with NO salary. The Congress and Senate should follow the lead and do the same.
        What a bunch of hypocrites.

    1. Yes, Josh is from The Show-Me state, and that’s exactly what he’s doing! Take note, all you spineless other Republican senators. Stop worrying about keeping your job and your connections. Fight for America and the people who put you in office!!

  4. Our courageous president should not be intimidated from using all LEGAL avenues at his disposal to “cancel” the fraudulent election and arrest those who have used UNLAWFUL means to gain control of our country — including martial law!

  5. As a Georgian I am very upset my vote was stolen! These Republican COWARDS should not be re-elected! I haven’t voted for a Democrat since voting for Reagan, but I WILL NOT vote for any Republican who does not support President Trump!

    1. I agree. What we as Georgians need is for constitutional conservatives to step up and replace those so called republicans, flamingburger and kempy

  6. All republican and true hard working americans need to keep up the good fight to save freedom and liberty. There were many fearless men and women who laid down there life for this great country. Let’s not sit back and let them die in vain while our country is being taken away. Fight fight fight. Wake up Republicans that can stop this.

  7. I’m so disappointed in The FBI, the Supreme Court, including our newest Justices for not standing up to this fraudulent election. To allow John Roberts to tell the junior justices how to vote is a true travesty. I’m sick to my stomach over all of this corruption. I do hope Trump calls for martial law and arrests all these traitors.

  8. Do you remember Michelle Obama saying, “When they go low, we go higher!”? Well, our mantra should be, “When they go low, we go lower!” For years the Republicans have let the Dems slide just a little at a time and now it’s a huge rolling snowball. It’s going to take a lot of our people in Washington to stop it or it will roll over everything that we hold dear as Americans. The old codgers have to make way for some new, more aggressive, assertive warriors. Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, and Mad Max Waters should be the first to get bumped out if their cushy jobs.

  9. I totally agree , our republicans are all a bunch of chicken shit democratic ass lickers , they want to get on tv and talk a big game but they are too damn scared to do anything McConnell is a traitor needs to be put out same as Pelosi and shumer all the old wore out fuckers they are just robbing the people

  10. If the current population were alive during the revolutionary war, we’d be speaking with a British accent and bowing to the queen. Or during the world wars, German and or Japanese. As it is now half of our idiot countrymen would be fine as a communist and speak Chinese.

    1. Senator Hadley, I am so glad we have you up there speaking for us and President Trump and the 74 million who voted him in. I am 82 years old and have followed all this very closely. It is shameful the blatant cheating the dems have thought they could get away with—defiance, we Americans have had enough now so lead the way Senator!

      1. All we need is one senator and one house to vote against the electoral votes. Then things will start looking good for trump to get re-elected. It is what happens Jan 6th. V P Pence one senator and one house They can stop this whole parade. ???

      2. All we need is one senator and one house to vote against the electoral votes. Then things will start looking good for trump to get re-elected. It is what happens Jan 6th. V P Pence one senator and one house They can stop this whole parade. ???

  11. I know for fact President Trump is not a loser and he is always a winner. As a register democrat voted for president Trump twice 2016, 2020, we need the martial law ESAP to settle this election back to the rightful winner. I’m begging you Mr President and Vice President not to let your price and the 74 million American voters stolen by the Democrats.

    Love you Mr President for putting American first/ MAGA all the way.

  12. You are STANDING UP! I am proud of you for what is TRUTH. I’m so glad there are some people in Washington DC who sill have the backbone to do this for all the people who STOOD. I’m very disappointed in Mitch McConnell, my Senator for his stance.

  13. I am so happy that someone FINALLY had the sense to stand up for our President. I just don’t get it that the Biden family want be indicted. Isn’t someone able to stop them now before Joe crawls in to the white house. The government had no problem making a big deal about the hoax the demonrats did to our President. They are still harping about it 4 years later. Senators and expert reports are naming names, showing evidence, have e-mails, and eye witnesses that know Biden and a LOT of our government is CROOKED. How much more does it take? Someone didn’t waste any time damning President Trump so why can’t all the people who have said they have the evidence come forward all at once. They act like they have to “ask” if they can present that there is corruption and fraud in our nation. A team should INSIST THAT THE JUDGES AND COURTS AND THE ELECTED PEOPLE WHO WE PAY THEIR SALARY TO should be held accountable. To he’ll with asking—SERVE THE WARRENTS INDICT THE PEOPLE INSIST THEY ANSWER THE QUESTIONS THAT WE HAVE A RIGHT TO BE ASKED. AFTER ALL, IF THEY WERE INNOCENT THEY WOULD NOT BE AFRAID TO STAND UP AND PROVE IT. They expected it from President Trump.. so it’s about time WE should get the same from them.

    1. Wow! That really says it all. Thanks, Craig
      The corruption is so darn obvious; what don’t those in “authority” “get it” & DO something about it???
      I can hardly believe how the supreme court totally let us all down. (I refuse to capitalize that name any more.)
      I actually was sure that I had read it wrong when it was reported that they refused to hear the case. What a bunch of wimps, cowtowing to uhh, whoever it was that dictated how they had to vote (sorry forgot the name), but he was a RINO, for sure.

  14. Another example of precisely why I won’t donate one thin dime to the Republican Party until they boot these RINOS out & start placing true conservatives in positions that matter. I’m tired as hell of the high-sounding talk & NO ACTION! You butt-heads work for us, not the other way around! Get with the program, Dammit!

  15. Great job, Senator Harley!
    Now, that being said – a FACT CHECK to the author of this artcle:
    Senator Josh Harley represents MISSOURI … NOT frickin’ Wisconsin!

      1. Has anyone thought perhaps the longtime Congress pol have dirty laundry and r being threatened regarding exposure. With all the proof of election stealing that’s the only answer my brain can come up with.

  16. McConnell and anyone who goes along with him are cowards and a disgrace to our country. Our election is one of the things that make our country what it is, if the Democrats are allowed to get away with stealing the election our country will be nothing, just a place to exist till you die, speaking of dying, the vaccine they’re pushing is an experimental drug, remember that. McConnell, Pelosi and the rest who are saying they took the injection, I wouldn’t bet my butt on it, it was probably saline, this virus weakens every time there’s a surge, the vaccine isn’t needed, the drug companies own this country. If you want to hear the other side watch the highwire online, bit chute

  17. Refuse to donate to the RNC they are a bunch of back stabbers to Trump. I donate to Donald Trump only to get a thank you from the RNC, I don’t want them to get any of my money so guess what I don’t give to anyone anymore. Lets get behind the president, no one want Biden or Harris in the White House both are crooked him with his sin and her with anyone who want a piece of ass.

  18. Senator’s Hawley and Johnson just put the hopefully the
    FINAL NAIL in the Coffin of DERANGED and DEPLORABLE Democratic Socialist Party. I for hope every single Democrat sees what is in front of them when the Subpoenas come flying out. I hope everyone of them get what they Deserve and that is No less 365 Years in PRISON !!

  19. Bravo Josh! We need many more MEN like you standing up for what is right! You hit the nail on the head! I hope you will stand with Mo Brooks and tommy Tuberville and contest the electoral college votes. Biden did not win! Obama set this fraud up before he took office, he stold TWO elections and thought he had it in the bag for killary! Trump outsmarted them, so this time they made sure it was really rigged! Obama has openly admitted he is using Biden as a “ stooge” to get back in power. If this farce election is not overturned, we loose our country! Please stand with those who want to challenge the electoral college!

  20. I am very disappointed in one of my senators, Senator John Cornyn for his attitude toward the recent election fraud. I also believe that if the actual number of Trump votes, considering the Dominion machines, was known, it would be well in excess of 80 million. Having said that, I have contributed hundreds of dollars to the NRSC that I can barely spare for the two Republicans running for the senate from Georgia and I’m getting multiple texts every day berating me for not contributing more. I’m fed up with the terrorism being promulgated by these establishment political organizations. Our republic will cease to exist if the Democrats gain total control, but it doesn’t look very healthy even with partial Republican control.

  21. Since Roberts was so afraid of taking the Texas case because of rioting, maybe it’s time for the conservative right to start rioting about this FRAUD!!! I also want to know just what the Democrats have on Roberts to make him side with all the liberal justices!!! They’ve got something on him that they’re threatening him with!!! He needs to quit or be impeached!!!!

  22. The Supreme Court needs to remember that they took OATHS prior to being able to administer any decisions,AND, the Constitution is still the Law of the Land and they are committing treason and sedition against the country…That includes Judge Robert’s as well, even though he is also guilty of being black-mailed by Obama due to passing Obamacare for the help enlisted in the illegal adoption of his 2 kids….The Constitution, Article VI, Clause 2 has precedence over even States etc..

  23. This is the home of the brave- senators and representatives if you don’t have the courage and common sense to fight for :our president , truth and honesty, and the millions of Americans who demand to protect all the accomplishments for this country by president Trump- then get the hell out. McConnel, Romney, Graham,- you’re done. We appreciate your fighting for us: Cruz, Hawley, Collins, Johnson, Brooks, and all senators and representatives defending our constitution, our president, the people, and the integrity of our great country.

  24. I got this to say’s time to pay attention attention to the crooked politicians and right there names when we do take our government back from them.we know who the bad actors thing nice is Biden is helping.if he appoints them you need to put them at the top of the list and who ever backed them.trump got it’s time to really clean the swamp now more than ever you can see the how deep the swamp is.let’s be is time to pull the plug.I think if we don’t get control now this will be the end of democracy.aren’t you tired of these crooked politicians stilling from your pockets and enriching them self’s look at your street and what they have done. Enough is enough.

  25. Two items:
    In the body of the article it states that the Senator is from Wisconsin. He states that he is from Missouri.

    I am a Trump supporter, but the Republican Trump legal team has not shown concrete proof of the claims that votes were fraud, or changed, or whatever. The legal team even dropped fraud in the court fillings. The article needs to cite concrete provable instances. I am all for it, but you need proof of the allegation.

  26. We never had this type of a problem until the mail-in vote. Red flag 1. No one has ever ran for president and only went among the people 3 times or so and spoke to less than 50 people. Red flag 2. Kamala Harris ran in the primaries for president and earned ZERO delegates. Red flag 3. Now, tell how so many people suddenly thought these 2 were the best choice? And now add in all the red flags from the voting and election day. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. This whole thing was about control and power because that’s how the politicians who have a salary of $184,000 a year live in $8 million homes (Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Watters, etc.). When they say it’s not about the money, it’s about the money.

  27. The most disappointing thing I have heard recently is that Mitch McConnell, who has supposedly been running the Senate the last few years, is up to his neck in the Chinese mess. His little chink wife’s family owns and operates a shipping company whose ships are manufactored by China, manned by Chinese sailors and ships mostly goods to China. The family are multi millionaires and a few years ago gave s gift of 25 million dollars to McConnell. Wonder where his support lies ?

  28. There is not a doubt in my mind that this was a fraudulent election!. And what’s more, we may never, under the present method
    of presidential voting, have another “honest” election. Maybe we could make the presidential ballot a part of our income tax form. Vote for president when you file your income taxes.those who don’t file, don’t get a vote. Those who file jointly, get 2 votes.maybe not the very best solution but something needs th be done to ensure a “1 person, 1 vote” guarantee. The present system is definitely broken!

    1. Just a thought here… the idea of voting via tax filing doesn’t really work. Many of us seniors are not required to file, as our income is so low. But it’s a good idea for the working class!

  29. I’m a Missourian, and I have great respect for Senator Hawley! He has never struck me as a typical politician, he actually works for the folks who hired him! I voted this year, first time in over 25 years, and now I am reminded of why I stopped voting in the first place. I am an independent, whereas, I hold NO allegiance to any party, but I voted straight republican ticket. I feel like I am done voting now, probably for the rest of my years. MAYBE, by the grace of God, more politicians OR non-politicians, of the caliber of Senator Hawley, can/will step up, and MAYBE our republic can once again be OUR REPUBLIC. Thank You, Senator Hawley!

  30. Grandma McConnell & his CHINESE wife NEED TO GO !!! He is NO BETTER than the dirty TRAITORS of the DamnARat party !
    And our judges ??? They’re blatant blindness to justice is also TRAITOROUS !
    I hope the ALL ROT IN HELL !!!!!!

  31. Any GOP senator that votes to accept the elector results will be voted out next election.
    It is time these spinless GOP representatives start to listen to “We the people”!!

  32. It’s time for a 3rd party. Donald Trump needs to take his 74 million votes and spend 4 years working with moderate democrat’s (20 million votes) and rid the American people of these Swamp Creatures – pelosi – shumer – mconehead and the rest of these politicians who hate America! Spinless GOP representatives.

  33. Our poor country!!! That man makes my skin crawl…. I still see a woman, can’t remember who…..they were a family at a podium and biden was standing next to her young a daughter…… The mom reached over put her hands on her daughter’s shoulders and moved her to her other side so she wouldn’t be near him….???????????

  34. People we can’t allow this to happen in our great country. We will lose our freedom. Look at what happened in Wisconsin. BLM riot the streets of candy land which was for the children with cancer. Shame full. It’s this called freedom or fear What is happening to our country. Riots. Stealing elections what’s next. God bless America pray for Donald trump.


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