Republican Congressman Reveals the Sad Truth Behind Joe Biden’s Relationship with Big Tech

To anyone who has been paying attention, it is rather obvious just how in bed with Big Tech President-elect Joe Biden actually is. For a man who says nothing is better than taking an old fashion train to work, he sure loves his super technology.

Especially the fact that they are helping sweep under the rug any news from President Trump.

President Trump asked protestors to return home and to leave in peace, but the social networks decided they didn’t like what he said so they suspended his account in the hours that followed Wednesday’s mostly peaceful march. Facebook and Instagram has gone so far as to indefinitely ban him.

It would seem that a peaceful end to protests would be something people would want to share and hear, unless that is you’re a liberal news organization that makes money off of smearing President Trump and its supporters.


During a recent interview with Fox News, Colorado congressman Ken Buck dove into all of the money that was funneled into Joe Biden’s campaign from Big Tech. He also pointed to the fact that Vice President Kamala Harris hails from the same area of California that is the center of Big Tech, San Francisco. In fact, Kamala Harris’ brother-in-law is an executive for Uber.

Rep. Buck pointed out that the administration is now looking at putting individuals from organizations like Google and Amazon into key positions that run the government. Big Tech has been influential in its ability to squash information that tells the truth about Joe Biden and Democrats or that is flattering to Donald Trump.

That will only continue to intensify over the next four years. To learn even more about the growing situation, check out the rest of Rep. Buck’s interview below.

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75 thoughts on “Republican Congressman Reveals the Sad Truth Behind Joe Biden’s Relationship with Big Tech”

  1. Biteme himself has only a dim awareness of what is going on, but the radical leftists and Chinese military and intelligence that are using him as a front to take control of this country know exactly what they are doing. It is clear that any expression of conservative thought or Republican support will be forbidden on Twitter and Facebook by the end of the month. Apple and Google have announced that they will keep Parler off their platforms unless it adopts the sort of censorship that Twitter and Facebook have adopted. In addition to the preposterous demand to use the 25th Amendment as an express impeachment and the ridiculous second impeachment which is aimed clearly at disqualifying the President from public office, first the loonies of the Squad and now the less radical Obammunists have demanded first the resignation of Republicans who objected to the fraudulent election results and now the expulsion of Republicans for “sedition”. Twitter blue checks have begun a campaign to put the Republican Party out of existence and leave the party of Biteme, Bernie and Bolshevism as our sole legal party. This is no surprise: this is how it is done in communist parties, and in week and a half the former United States is going to become the satellite of a communist country. Biden delendum est! #NotMyPresident. #StolenElection. #FuckBiden. #Resist. China must pay! Say her name – Ashli Babbitt!

    1. When BLM and Antifa were burning and looting, they were allowed to do it all over the USA and the Mayors and The Democrats look the other way, BLM and Antifa, Joe Biden had only a couple hundred people at his rally, were did the thousand people come from ? To vote for Biden, PS BLM and Antifa are not rioting They are Parasites GOD BLESS AMERICA and FLAG ?? And not the DemocRATs I use to be a Democrat for 71 yrs not any more

        1. You better find a way to kick all the Obama, Biden, Perez, Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the Scumbags out of your new party!!!!!

    2. I absolutely agree with everything you have written. This is a crisis time for America. A A quote from Albert Einstein is very appropriate at this time – “it will not be the evil that will destroy the world; it will be those that stand back and do nothing. I just hope we have enough good Americans to prevent our total destruction. For one thing, I think Trump needs to form his own political party. Republicans are so divided unlike the Democrats who have loyalty to one another. Let the Rhino Republicans see how much political power they have. So many Republicans have thrown Trump under the bus and they are pathetic with no real convictions. I really feel for President Donald Trump who has had to fight tooth and nail for everything he accomplished in four years despite fighting Dems and many of the Republicans stabbing him in the back. Barr was a total failure and apparently that was intentional on his part. There will be many books written about Trump and I am sure that many of the backstabbers will be mentioned by name. I was so disappointed in Pence; I always thought he had courage and class. For him to say he didn’t have Constitutional authority to select Electors was an insult to Trump’s voters. He of all people knew that the Dem’s didn’t have the Constitutional authority for changing voting laws that enabled this fiasco. I actually have more respect for the Dems than many of the Republicans that have no loyalty to their party. But we have to realize that Trump hurt many of the Politicians financially when he put Americans first . That is not what most politicians are all about.

      1. You have to remember that Pence has been a part of the deep state for a long time. I was not surprised. Evil is at work here!

        1. The main problem that everyone is forgetting is the Democrats have been attacking Trump before he was even sworn into office. The meeting in the Oval office between President Obama, Joe Biden and Comey where they discussed the Logan Act against General Flynn, and also discussed the dossier about Russian influence of the 2016 election. Then you had the pid pro thing with the Ukraine, which then Vice President Biden refused aid until investigator into corruption was fired. Aid was provided after the firing, Biden him self explained and bragged about it. Big Tech has denied access to anything concerning Joe Biden and his son Hunter to protect Joe Biden. I truly believe that the truth will come out eventually. God helped the USA

        2. Everyone needs to slow down a bit … this is far from over

          A LOT can occur QUICKLY when the US Military begins to execute!

          Stay tuned

      2. That’s where everyone goes wrong: President Trump is not politician! That’s the main reason this country voted for him, they were sick and tired of the crap the politicians were feeding the people.

        1. Totally agree! President Trump is not a politician , but a businessman and great negotiator. This is his strength and not being a member of the “Good ole boys club” has left him open to viscous opposition on all sides. The current childish behavior of those coming into power can only be evil imaginations meant to hurt and destroy a great man who opposed them. The election is over. For goodness sake, LET IT GO!!

          1. They should have looked into election fraud for Trump and for the people and the system… He did alot of good for the American people. Trump exposed the corruption in Washington and elsewhere , He got things done, never took vacations as Obama was always on vacation and took whole extended family at tax payers expense and he entertainment in White House on going for eight years. Trump played golf and do not recall any entertainment ; Trump did not play their game, have fancy parties and most of all he did not take any money from special interest groups as they should be kicked out of Washington… Hillary and Obama let congressman Ryan be killed and never sent help… They are like small children in Washington, they fight over trivial things, in stead of worrying about the peoples business and most of all not paying attention to our enemies and keeping us safe… We needed Trump. He did not incite violence as they sent in BLM and Antifa. The people are more than fed up on their antics….God be with you…

    3. Puppet Joe Obama is going to be connecting with Big Tech on frivolous items as well as China. He is unable to do and think things as Obama is telling him who to pick for cabinet picks and what to do all of the time. The “CAMEL” is playing the race card and bringing in their black folks from the OBAMA regime. Obama needs to but out and shut the hell up.

    4. How long do you think it will take before the 25th Amendment is involved against President elect Biden? I give them 2 months.

    5. i believe you have it correct! we need to form a new “tea party”-OR WHATEVER NAME. WITH 70 MILLION VOTING FOR TRUMP AND AA MILLION AT HIS RALLIES, WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO FORM A ENEW AND FREE PARTY!

    6. i agree 100% and in my protest i am now flying my AMERICAN FLAG UPSDE DOWN >>AMERICA IS IN DISTRESS … may god save amerca

    7. You know the saddest part of all this charade is if they vote had have been counted as they should have been counted none of this would be happening.

    8. Agree… For the the people to come together, they should have looked into the election for over 70 million voters… They should not have changed therules on the way we vote. Go back to paper ballots… Do not use computers…get that completely honest… Trump should become independent and start own party or be part of that party. .Start grass roots little offices in small towns, with people working at them… Start to educate the younger and everyone what Liberal and socialist stand for… Educate on the all political ideas. Do not argue, swear, call names, just educate them on the what the different political terms mean, with respect. Ask them if they have been to a third world country. That should or should have opened their eyes…Would you want to live this way? Teach the information like a college teacher… The young do not understand about being free…..Pull together and start GRASS ROOTS EFFORT. We have 4 years…If Trump does not run, one of his family members may…We can do it….I want to ask one question… When Obama was in office, He gave Billions to Iran, by plane, in the middle of the night , in CASH. How does an President have access to that kind of money in cash, without the people knowing??? Being the tax payers money….??? No one seems alarmed except me…We need a way to communicate. maybe two way radio, mail, E-mails, telephone. Think outside the box. In stead of using abortion as a birth control. When a women has as many children as she wants, or have no children, she should be offered sterilization. I know for a fact that most birth control Clinics do not suggest this service. Without a boyfriend or husbands input, she should have this decision alone…God is not favoring us for this full term abortion. It is in the ten commandants DO NOT KILL. Along with Bill of Right, Constitution, Party differences we also teach the Ten Commandments….Pray for Trump. Send him a small donation and Stick together. Have faith…There are alot of good people out there, gather together… Be peaceful. Nothing is gained by arguments or violence. Only teach…and they make up own mind….God wants us to Love one another…

  2. Nothing but corruption and fake news may God help our Country through these very difficult times the Devil has taken over our Country and the one President that was fighting this evil was cheated out of this election may God bless our President Trump and his family and may he find a way to reveal all these corrupted followers whom now taken over our Country We The People stand up and fight the greatest battle against these terrorists leaders that have taken over our democracy. God will reveal the truth in his time and Good shall once again Prevail over Evil God Bless America and our President Trump

    1. These corrupt corporations, corrupt politicians, better term, tyrants and traitors have been exposed numerous times over the past 12 years but the problem lies within those who have control of everything, our president was surrounded with backstabbing traitors everywhere he turned, and with the elections being rigged for the last 36 years, we’ll never gain control of our nation through the voting process, it’ll have to be done the old fashion way by refreshing the tree of liberty with physical force.

      1. I’m old but I’m ready and willing to go after them. Better start protesting violently at all the MSM and tech firms, that’s where this has been emanating from!!!

    2. I totally agree, God will put things the way they should be in his own time…He has a plan & not about letting the devil take over.. all these people involved in the steal of this election will all get theirs & what they all dederve..bunch of loosers who knew they could never win if it were a fail & honest election, so they lowered themselves as low as they could go, & the only to win wss to cheap

    3. You know the saddest part of this charade is if the votes had been counted as they should have been none of this would be happening.

      1. No! Declare God’s will for America! America will prosper. We are One nation under God. This is God’s country. The truth is being exposed. Praise God!

        1. Amen Do not give up hope in our God, he is more powerful then Anyone, we The American people must get on our hands and knees look up and repent to our a God, for all our sins , ask for forgiveness and he will heal our land ,, 2 chronicle 7:14, please read, do, and pass on, God already told us what to do,,????????????????

        2. Amen Do not give up hope in our God, he is more powerful then Anyone, we The American people must get on our hands and knees look up and repent to our a God, for all our sins , ask for forgiveness and he will heal our land ,, 2 chronicle 7:14, please read, do, and pass on, God already told us what to do,,


        3. I’m think God has allowed this to happen. Too many people have discarded God and kicked him out of the USA. He doesn’t like us killing all of our babies and not giving them a chance to be born. He also said he is a jealous God. He doesn’t like being disrespected. We all need to pray for President Trump and our country and ask God to forgive our country’s sins.

          1. I agree Jan 100%!!!

            Our fight power combined with God’s power IS the WINNING combo.


            GET TO WORK!!!

    1. VERY true, EXCEPT only if we Patriots roll over and die!!!(give up)
      We only have TWO(2) years until we take back the Senate, and kick the Dimwits butts.
      We MUST continually talk to everyone period against the ACTIONS of the total swamp, not just the Dimwits.

      RINOS will destroy America too if we roll over for them, as well as the BS Dimwits.

      #1 #1 #1 problem in America is NOT in Washington, it is in our streets.

      WHAT is the #1 problem you ask?


      I believe Dem voters would be conservative if they only would LEARN the truth, rather than be sheeplets led to slaughter by the corrupt(owned by Dem supporters) FAKE MEDIA!!!

      It is not acceptable, but is understandable, why the Dem voters are voting BLINDLY.

      Soooooo, tell every Dem voter you run into, you understand their position, but it still is not acceptable for ANY patriotic American to be ignorant of the truth, and become a sheeplet.

      Simple answer to the 2022 path to victory.

      I just converted my brother, a Dem for (78), yes 78 years. He voted FOR Donald Trump 2016 and 2020, so did his wife, a life long Dem.

      I told them my own family, what I am suggesting you tell every Dem you run into ANYWHERE!!!

  3. Not only have the federal government agencies and departments been weaponized with bought and appointed bureaucrats, but so has the big tech corporations. Welcome to the incoming United Socialist States of America, or better put, welcome to the new Nazi America. May all these tyrants and traitors burn in hell.

    1. Alan – you mean Chinese America! They are on their way to owning USA. When out shopping, check all the products made in China. They own Biden family too. Biden corruption will now get a pass, I hope the investigation continues… Why is it the DemonRats get away with all the crime? I’m sick of it along with all the corruption in Washington. GOP folks are just too nice. Watch Tom Cotton, very knowledgable about the China “plagues”. Portland is suffering terribly here because of Demon Wheeler and Demoness Brown, The Dems just let it continue. I can’t believe these people here continue to vote Democrat!

  4. Do all of these traitors really believe that they are going to have a position in the new Communist government?, what a joke, their usefulness will be short lived and they will be put into boxcars like most of the regular people and taken to the ovens and gas chambers like everyone else, they are just typical greedy politicians, the old carrot at the end of the stick trick.

  5. Fear not. President Trump is still our President, and we can still hope that he’s got the theoretical “MOAB” up his sleeve to unleash before 1/20. Pray.

    1. Their is a fight to see who is the antlchrist , biden, xi ,gates,sorus, obama and large corporations. JEM is right, we will all be forced into boxcars, gas chambers, or starved because history must repeat itself, the neo Nazis are already here to do the deed. The Democrat party has been brainwashed into submission. They think their love for money will save them, xi and obama will stab them in the back like they(pence and some Republicans) have done to President Trump. Thank you President Trump for your effort to save us, but greed for money changed their views.
      God promised he would not leave us. Let us pray for that redemption. Maybe biden bring crazy is his only blessing, Because ol’ Camal Face is stupid.

      No good deed goes unpunished! We have fed the world and of course they bite be the hand that fed them.

  6. lyein hiden biden- is gonna be the number 1 turd ,in the swamp,and number 2 turd is the one who sucked and
    F–ked her way up the ladder to get to the top.

  7. All if you above have said just the right things. ONLY GOD can save us now and it HAS TO BE BY CONTINUOUS PRAYER. Pls continue to pray. The Fuckerbergs, bidetd, and kamelbacks CANNOT WIN. THEY ARE SATANS MINIONS.

  8. The democrats have cheated and now own the president, house and senate. We the people need direction to take back our country and drain the swamp. In an American way, the Bidens, Obamas and Clintons need to be jailed, and the people of the US need to take charge. While the house and senate are spending our money on another impeachment rather than helping Americans, we the people need some direction in what we can do. Merely writing letters and emails has not worked and neither has voting.

    1. Amen Do not give up hope in our God, he is more powerful then Anyone, we The American people must get on our hands and knees look up and repent to our a God, for all our sins , ask for forgiveness and he will heal our land ,, 2 chronicle 7:14, please read, do, and pass on, God already told us what to do,,

  9. I will be flying my American flag upside down for the next 4 years. Displaying the U.S. flag upside down is a “signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property”. Do the threats by the dems meet this criteria? YES! Won’t you join me in this peaceful way of expressing our displeasure with the incoming gang of liars and thieves since the courts don’t have the backbone to take care of the situation .

  10. Biden promised to buy the Georgians’ vote for $2000. They will be stabbed in the back like Democrats and some Republicans did to President Trump. Biden wouldn’t piss on them now and will not remember saying so. I am sorry for you, but you should have known not to believe them.

  11. Pence didn’t just throw Trump under the bus. HE ALSO THREW GOD UNDER THE BUS! His faith has been going down the wrong road for quite some time! Like Bible say there ARE WOLF IN SHEEP CLOTHES! Pence know he had the power but he REFUSED TO FOLLOW IT! Because there was thing on his mind that he could not shake! Like having a HITMAN take him out! Or CHINA sending someone after his family! Maybe ANTIFA and BLM was getting to him! THE ACT OF A COWARD PERSON! There are 73 million Patroit AMERICANS he better start WORRYING ABOUT!

    1. All congress should of fear the 80 million Patriots. I’m seeing a lot of Anger around this situation!!!!! ?????? Land of the Free & One Nation Under God.. O’Lordy

  12. I “hear” many of you refer to “God” here. I agree that we must RETURN to Him, but that ESSENTIAL “step” is ignored. In order to “return to Him” we must ADMIT and CONFESS our monstrous DISOBEDIENCE. This nation that murders pre-born children;, confuses sexes; dishonors God’s plan for sex only in marriage; that okays
    lying for most any situation (God says that the Devil is the Father of Lies) disqualifies itself for “blessing by God”.
    GOD DOES NOT BLESS DISOBEDIENCE any more than a good parent does.

    1. CJK – Biden is some kind of Catholic – wonder what his prayers are saying??? – The Pope won’t comment. Interesting. The Virus has shut the churches, here in Portland you have to make a reservation and only 25 are allowed into our huge churches. So we pray at home and with the EWTN TV! Thank God for them! Spiritual music calms the soul as well! We must keep the faith that Good and God will eventually prevail.

  13. One thing the left hates is all Good people coming together and praying to God, they know the power in God, THATS why they r trying to take it out, there will become a time no bibles, no Nothing Good for God, so repent, pray, pray, it is so,,,,,,,,important, repent ,,important God tells us already in 2 Chronickes 7:14,,,, read it do it Everydayfrom the bottom of your heart, We are In The War Between Good, and evil, Amen,

  14. time to start impeachment on Biden for his MONEY TIES with Russia and Chinas!!!Time to charge all these crooked congress people for fraud and stealing.

  15. God will not be mocked. These are the end times. Look up for your redemption draws near. But in the mean time confess our sins, repent and turn from our sins, ask for forgiveness and walk in obedience Pray for the salvation of our enemies and that their eyes, ears, minds, hearts, souls & spirits will open to the truth of Jesus Christ. Put on the full armor of God and when you have done all just Stand & not be moved. Our weapons of war are not carnel but the pulling done of strongholds through prayer, fasting & supplication. President Trump has been the first President in many years to confess God from the White House and the Devil & his minions HATE it & are having a hissy fit!
    Ps 35…Let them be put to shame & dishonor who seek after our lives, let them be turned back and confounded who devise evil against us, Let their way be dark & slippery with the Angel of the Lord Pursuing them! In Jesus’s Name Amen. We over come by the Blood of the Lamb, the word of our testimony & not loving our lives unto death.
    Have Confidence for we know how this story ends……God will overcome the Devil & good will overcome evil. God Bless you & God Bless America !!! Keep the Faith!!????

  16. If the Republicans know this, then it’s time for them to come together, get some guts and figure out how to block and stop the B.S.

  17. By The Corporation’s Like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon,That Are Holding Back Vital Communication About The Truth Of Any Situation That Involves A Criminal Act Which Involves A Potential Presidential Candidate That Is Apart Of A Factual Criminal Act These Corporation’s Should Be Investigated By The NSA,FBI, An The Attending General Attorney Of The United States Department Of Internal Criminal Investigation & By The Federal Regulation Of The FCC An Any Other Resources Even If Those Resources Are In Concern With International Banking Transactions Between The USA &Any Foreign Countries That Might Be Involved In Concern To That Potential Presidential Candidate Which Also Includes The Big Tech Corporation’s That Are Obstruction The Justice System From Their Lawful Duty To Investigate Any Evidence Or Wittnesses Involved With This Criminal Act And/or Acts Which Could Lead To A Impending War Between Nations And/Or That Foreign Countries Loss Of Financial Institution’s Dealing Do To Usuary From An United States Potential Presidential Candidate Including But Not Limited To Threats Of Any Nature To That Foreign Leader’s Life Or Citizen’s, Corporation’s, Ect… Just Like Hunter Biden’s Involvement In The Ukraine At Barisma When Joe Biden Was Vice President To Hen President Obama, These Are Serious Allegations That Need To Be Shown To All America’s So They Can See The Whole Truth About Joe Biden & Hunter Biden’s Involvement, The American Democrat Voters Will Not Believe This Until They Are Subject To The Leftists Communist Take Over Of Our Country An Are Enslaved A Long Side Of The Rest Of Us, The Great Reset Of Universal Income For All By The Ruling New World Order Agenda Globalist An The Chinese Socialist Credit Economic Financial System That Will Be The Next Thing Coming To America Very Very Soon, After January 20th 2021 Something Wicked This Way Comes An It Ain’t Looking To Good For Our Freedom Or Our Civil Liberties, Infact We Will Be Losing Our Constitution Bill Of Rights Taken Away By Joe Biden An The Leftists Communist New Regime, The Demoncrates Voters Will Then Feel The Truth As It Bites Them Right In The Neck An Sucks Out Their Life Force

    1. WELL, Stand up and Fight by whatever means you have. The American people need to come together and STOP THIS TYRRANY NOW

  18. You know the saddest part of this charade is if the votes had been counted as they should have been none of this would be happening.

  19. People you need to quit talking and start doing something, There needs to have all the people in the militias in America need to come together along with every Patriot in America and Stop the Treasonous biden and the democrats, They all need to be Removed from Office and the only way that can be done is through the 2nd Amendment, To form a Militia to Stop the Tyrannical democrats that are trying to Terrorize America and all Americans. The 2nd Amendment was written just for this. We all need to help President Trump to stop the Tyranny here in OUR AMERICA

  20. We should all start wearing red shirts to show our unity. That should show the dems they are in trouble. And law enforcement where we stand. In numbers we can prevail

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