Pollster Says Don’t Believe the Mainstream Media’s Polls

The mainstream media is running its usual con-game on the American people right before a presidential election. The Democrat is up by a zillion points! It’s curtains for Big Orange! Why, Joe Biden has such a sizeable lead that all of you icky Trump supporters should just stay home on Election Day.

Don’t let these liars and losers discourage you. Trump is winning bigly. Here is even more proof that one of America’s greatest presidents will be spending eight years in office.

The geniuses running the Biden campaign have decided that they’re not going to knock on doors ahead of the election, in order to “slow the spread” of the Chinese bat soup flu. This is not only unprecedented in modern presidential campaigns, but also obviously dumb. Voter outreach helps to decide elections, especially in swing states.

The elderly, frail Joe Biden gets so exhausted by his low-energy campaign stops that he has to stop and rest after every single one of them. Biden took 43% of the month of September off to recuperate in his basement. Out of 30 days in September, Biden took 13 days off. Ready to lead?


In comparison Trump’s Ground Game is Hyuuuge. In Florida, Democrats outnumbered Republicans by 330,000 in 2016. Today, that gap has been lowered to 186,000.

In Pennsylvania, 200,000 more new Republicans have registered this year than new Democrats. Republican new voter registration in North Carolina is +3.5% this year. For Democrats, the number is -6%.

And again: That’s new voter registrations. That doesn’t even take into account the numbers of registered voters switching parties. Among voters switching parties, Democrats switching to Republican are outpacing Republicans switching to Democrat 4 to 1 in many states, especially after the Democrats’ fun-time summer of mostly peaceful bricks through windows and arson fires.

All of the media coverage of the election is voodoo. It’s a big mind manipulation game designed to depress you until you feel so discouraged that when Election Day rolls around, you’ll think, “My vote doesn’t matter. I may as well stay home.”

Don’t fall for the media’s anti-Trump trick. Check out how the Trump campaign is really doing by an non-biased pollster in the video below.

74 thoughts on “Pollster Says Don’t Believe the Mainstream Media’s Polls”

  1. There is only in survey from about 2 months ago that shows exactly what the American voters are going to do in the 2020 election!!V This survey asked equal numbers of Republican, Democrat and Independent voters, “whether we were going to tell the national news media before the 2020 election, who we were going to vote for in that election”?? An amazing 61% of all American voters said NO they were not going to tell!! In addition, of all Democratic voters in the survey, 40% said they were not going to tell either!! That is a repeat of the 2016 election in the 2020 election but a bigger win for President Trump and a solid Republican Congress!!! By the way Democrat poll takers, how can you say ROBOT Joe Biden is far ahead, when over 50% of American voters are not telling you who they are going to vote for in the 2020 election, are you all BIG FAT LIARS??? The truth above will set us all free as the American voters in the 2020 election, period!!!!!

    1. The treatment that Trump gets from the lamestream media is absolutely disgusting. CNN & MSNBC along with the other major networks have a personal vendetta to “down” Trump at every chance they get. If they don ‘t have an opportunity then they make up some more FAKE NEWS. Never in my lifetime have I seen the news media being so cruel to any politician. They are definitely deplorable trash.

  2. Biden is a loser and the radical left is also i believe they consistently live and cover up those lies all the time ! They lied about hillary winning the polls in the last election to because thry thought they had it in the bag bought and paid for with their dirty money but America came out and voted and put thst lying old bag in yhe trash can! America will come out and vote Again! We elected President Trump once and can do it again !! Vote! Trump 2020

    1. When Biden steps off a plane the Fake News camera focuses in on him closely… as he waves to the crowd…problem is… NO-ONE IS THERE…ZERO…NOTTA… A large crowd for Biden is 10 people…a Huge crowd is 15.

      1. to jan 93: i have closely looked at biden getting off his plane at a so called rally and the only ones i see he is waving to is his secret service people. one town hall had 8 people with mask listening to dementia crooked joe.

  3. Americans don’t pay attention to the media anymore, we are not looking for there opinion or there approval. We know what’s going on in this country, we get more good information turning down the volume and just look at what is happening. And as far as the poles are concerned, you are in for a big disappointment, all its done is drove us all to get out and vote, virus or not, we are walking in to vote.. The silent majority will be heard.

  4. Just look . Joe 47 years what did he ever do? Trump 47 months has done plenty ! Polls all phony ,look back to 2016 poll phony # didn’t work then . GET OUT AND VOTE .

    1. His everyone ,well I’m in Northern California, by San Fransico where Polosi is from ,hee hee .But it’s a Presidential year ,and you would always see signs in the front yard and posters ,bumper stickers , But not Here Not anymore it’s a secret…We are a blue state , but I couldnt tell you what there voting for ,people I speak to say Trump…Lol ..Anyways Times have CHANGED …

      1. I live in Southern California, and I see a few Trump signs but absolutely ZERO Biden signs. I believe people here are afraid to be public about supporting Trump for fear of physical harm and/or property damage. But I too have folks telling me they are voting for Trump. (And in person at the polls!)

    2. He did plenty! Got CCP to give his family big money for intellectual property stolen from US & shady property business deals, Russia mayor wife gave his son 3.5 million$s. You know the rest. Oh, one more thing he’s running for Senate and we thought he was running for President. Tricky guy! Surprise surprise.
      He has had to lie for so long he can’t keep anything straight. If I had his life history to contend with I couldn’t either. Too many voices to attend to, just to be a front for a Kamala presidency. Clarity, focus and patriotism is what TRUMP/PENCE offer. Hand deliver your vote to the poll. TRUMP/PENCE 2020

    3. OOOOO he has done a lot of crappy things, in 1983 when social security not taxed he sponsored a bill to tax 20% of all of our SSA payments, then again in the early 90s he voted to raise that amount to 50% . In all the years he was in the senate and even when he was VP he voted against cost of living raises for the military and DOD civilians. I was active duty for 23y 11m 17d and when I retired in 1995 I was 36% behind in COL raises and just above poverty level (that’s what I get for defending the Constitution of the US and following the orders of the President ) I have already voted straight Republican and I hope the rest of you military personnel will do the same.. God Bless..!!

  5. The democrats have ruined the country and president Trump has done so much good to take our country back you can’t believe anything they say they have turned into communist

    1. I am simply over the moon that I found this site and article because I am just being pounded by all the Democrats around me about how we’re going to take him down meaning Trump and I feel the same way the majority of you do he has done far more for this country than any president has done in my lifetime maybe with one exception Ronald Reagan but he did different things and I love them both I think Donald Trump is the perfect man especially for these next four years to finish what he started everything good and God bless all our military and all our veterans for all the sacrifices that you have made.

  6. Why would we vote for some neons who clearly wants to take our country to war again especially where we do not belong. President Trump is trying to love things peacefully. Biden. Wants our me. To sacrifice their selves and take the chance to be killed while he sits on his ass. Biden is not worth dying over. NO TO BIDEN AND NO TO NO MORE WAR

    1. If Bideb wins, he will turn his back on everyone who voted for him. He will not be running the country. Kamala IS NOT QUALIFIED NOR HAS SHE BEEN VETTED properly. Our military have given their lives protecting this country. Biden wins and the freedoms we once enjoyed will all be gone. He and his family have profited from his ties to China Burisma…..we can’t let this happen.

  7. Biden’s got a Plan for the “Green New Deal” Work week, work Half or portion of two days and rest for the remainder of the week……………………..

  8. One thing is for certain, polls after this election will never be respected like they once were. Also, news from the MSM will suffer the same self-imposed defamation.

  9. It is a standard practice of these pollsters to send their questionnaires to those they can predict will answer they way they want to suit their foregone conclusions. The wording of their questions is designed to lead to only one conclusion. Therefore, the end result is predictable within their margin or error.

  10. I do not listen to or believe any poll that has the following in it’s name: CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, AP, FOX (yes, I Said FOX), MSNBC, WAPO, NYT, or any university or college.
    The poll I do believe is the one taken at a local bar or pub, where real folks are, who tell the truth and would rather spend their time bending their elbow with their “deplorable” friends and neighbors, than with Rachel Maddow, Fredo, Don Lemon, and that utter psychopath Lawrence O’Donnell.

    1. You nailed it, Janis! The only polls I pay attention to is the opinions of my neighbors and folks shopping in the grocery stores along with me. Overwhelmingly, they are all in for President Trump!

  11. The media covers up anything that is negative Biden, but they inflate everything negative about President Trump. Democrats continue to criticize Trump about how the Corona virus was handled and all the lives lost, yet they never ask Biden what different or additional steps he would have taken to save lives. Trump said he is sending additional equipment to other countries to help save lives because we have it to share.

    1. Slight correction to what you said: “…they INVENT everything negative about President Trump”

      Why anybody trusts this lying media is beyond comprehension!

  12. Democrats win? You cannot murder 61 million of your future voters through abortion and win an election. In fact I would hazard to guess that they couldn’t win dogcatcher on Pluto. Ah, let’s send all the mainstream news medias to Pluto to get the scoop on the dems failing to win the dogcatcher election [grin].

  13. I voted already. I asuume you are just talking to the respective choir anyway. Why would a Demoncrat ask a Ripublican to vote or vice-versa? So go to hell.

  14. President Trump has fulfilled almost all of his campaign promises, unlike any other President I know of, except Calvin Coolidge. Every demeaning lie and distortion thrown at him by the desperate Dems has been deflected. This is a spiritual battle for the soul of our nation, folks, and Trump is our David to their Goliath, and Goliath thinks he is far superior to us. The Dems’ narcissism and arrogance belies their inability to grow up and be responsible and not victims. Always unhappy, collectively trying to destroy all that is good and decent with America, and Western Civilization. They MUST be defeated for the welfare of all of us; including them.

  15. We need HONEST media and HONEST pollsters!! I quit bothering with both when Obozo got elected the first time!! Obozo, WORST president this country has ever had!!!!!!

  16. every one hates Trump ,but they can’t give you a answer as why the hate him .They are like a monna bird ,repeat every thing they hear ..Biden supporters are so dim whited they can’t think for themselves .they are told what to believe, just as Joe is. He has no ability to be president of the USA or his home land China…he is told everything to say and do/

    1. Wilber, Agree 100%, No one I ask can give a reason why they hate Trump, all they know is they do. When you show them his accomplishments they act dumbstruck. Thanks MSM!!!!

  17. The door to door campaign by the Trump campaign is critical. In south Texas the Trump Army has done a great job of informing the uninformed voter about the benefits of Trump’s accomplishments. The Hispanic support for Trump has increased to unbelievable numbers in Texas.

  18. If Biden wins then I will give up on the American people and it will prove that the Liberal Tech, Media, Professors, and all the brain washing paid for has now taken over the minds of the majority of Americans. This would be a huge tragedy followed by us being a communist country. I am glad I have lived most of my life in a sane place. I hope Trump wins because if he doesn’t then we have lost our Country.

    1. I live relatively close to Canada, and would seriously move there if the demonRATS win. The close election will be for the senate seats. Vote republiCAN!

  19. Would like to correct the spelling of DITTI to the correct spelling of DITTO in my last comment. Apologies to all.

  20. Hello fellow deplorable s I just voted for Trump / Pence so if that makes me a deplorable , so be it , but at least if I step on crap I will be able to smell it before I track it through my living room. China ??Joe has it on both shoes , a terrible prospect his VP pick is more Sh£t he’s tracking in the house
    Hell No !! GET OUT JOE!! We reject you and
    your crooked ass party of communists , just for the readers HUNTER IS A DRUG ADDLED CROOK AND A DEADBEAT DAD
    # pollsters lie, # TRUMP PENCE 2020

  21. All of these criminal Democratic Party Mob polls are BIG FAT LIES because of a survey that was released over a month ago!!! This survey asked all American voters of all political parties one simple question!! Are you as American voters going to tell the news media who you are going to vote for in the 2020 election??/ An amazing 62% of you said no you were not!!! Of all Democratic voters in the survey, 40% said they were not !!! With the American saying this how can any double digit lead for ROBOT Joe Biden be nothing but a BIG FAT LIE??????????? Repeat of 2016 in the 2020 election but bigger wins for President Trump and a solid Republican Congress!!!! Suckers again for the criminal Democrat Party Mob leadership in the 2020 election!!! They will never learn about us the American voters, will they??????

  22. we the people fully support president trump/pence in 2020 and beyond
    and we will continue to support the vice president mike pence, if he decide
    to run in 2024 more power to you mr.vice president mike pence.

  23. I am Canadian, I believe thy President Trump will win the 2020 election. I have been following Trump for the 4yrs. He is the only one who is fit to be the President. You certainly wouldn’t want Biden in the WH. He is a traitor to his country. We will all pray for President of the USA. Go 2020 all the way for Trump, we all love you and the first Beautiful First Lady and Family.

  24. The left blames Trump for the Chinese virus, yet they forget when he closed air travel from China And Europe he was branded xenophobic. In Jan. Cuomo followed with come to New York all is great here (as he crammed the nursing homes with covid patients). Pelosi followed with come to China town in San Francisco its wonderful here. Now Trump didn’t act quick enough. Only one example of thousands from the left and their media. The hypocrisy from the left never fails to amaze me. And thank you Libby you hit all dead on right. I have already voted and straight Republican. No doubt in my mind not only the better choice but the only choice for the future of our country and our children and grandchildren

  25. I agree with all the comments, its refreshing to see all the comments from trump supporters that these are fake poles and trump is going to win.go trump 2020.

  26. If President Trump does not win re-election, it will be because he was cheated out of it. If that is allowed to happen, we may as well bend over and kiss our ass goodbye because this country won’t be worth living in. We can’t go wrong if we vote straight Republican all the way. Go President Trump & Mike Pence!!


    1. Arlie, thank you for your service. I agree, 8 years of Odumbo was bad enough, but even 12 months of Kamala would be 10 times worse.

  28. Momma always told me if you can’t say anything good about someone, don’t say anything at all. So what do I think about the Dems,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  29. Think about this If Biden were to die or become to weak to continue Kamala Harris would become president, can you imagen what this country would become if she took over the helm.

  30. This should be on a GIANT BILLBOARD in every city in the USA.

    America does not need to see the tax returns of a Billionaire who became a public servant.
    America needs to see the tax returns of public servants who became millionaires while being public servants.




  32. The polls are the excuse for when the ‘look what I found lying around uncounted’ mail in votes put Biden over the top after Nov 3.
    Might as well get ready for the legal war unless everyone turns out bigly.

  33. This is an excellent article and many comments are terrific as well!
    President Trump is actually going to win the 2020 election by even more of a landslide (which it truly was) than in 2016 against the wicked witch (Hillary) and the socialist/communist oppressive state. As a long time analyst it is my sworn oath and duty to be as accurate as possible. PLEASE do not fail to vote for your country just because you think it is not necessary, because the more “BIGGLEY” that President Trump wins the better off ALL Americans will be. We simply must send the message that America is all about Individual freedom (The Constitution) and that we completely and utterly reject the socialist/communist incursions into America and our lives as Americans! Winning BIGGLY matters! We must stomp out the socialists and communists within America and it is absolutely critical for us all to demand the criminal prosecutions of ALL politicians and government employees who are known to have violated their oaths & committed treason!!! Failure to do so will result in the destruction of The Constitution and America as a free country. We simply MUST purge America of the treasonous criminals within the country, or they will never stop destroying us all! WWG1WGA~!

  34. Lets assume the President’s base is solid and intact and not changing from 2016…add the increae registration, the cross over democrats (more African Americans, Litinos) ..how can he lose? just look at the crowds at the rallies and miles of people on the road just to see his motorcade, the caravans, the boat rallies!! Logically this should be a landslide! I have voted YES to every person with an R all the way! I don’t know why the DEMONRATS think their propoganda will make us stay home..if anything it should make us want to go vote..stupid is as stupid does GO TRUMP/PENCE 2020 AND TAKE BACK THE HOUSE, KEEP THE SENATE

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