Obama Finally Hits the Campaign Trail Only to Scold, Blame Voters for his Failures

Back in 2016, the outgoing failure known as Barack Obama hit the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton in the month of June. He really liked her. In fact, Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton fairly early on in the 2016 Democrat primary contests. He didn’t wait until long after she had won the nomination to offer a tepid, limp endorsement.

But in 2020, His Arrogance waited until incredibly late in the season to finally endorse his former vice president, Joe Biden. And Obama has been pretty much silent all year long until this point. He hasn’t been campaigning for Biden at all. Obama told major Democrat Party donors earlier this year that they should never underestimate “Joe’s ability to f— things up.”

You kind of get the sense that Obama doesn’t really like Joe Biden. Well, anyway, Obama has finally emerged from his mansion on Martha’s Vineyard to say a few words in favor of his old running mate. As usual… it wasn’t pretty.


Obama doesn’t really speak out in favor of Joe Biden. Instead, he criticizes his own progressive base for being a bunch of lazy bums. That’s kind of a curious response from a guy who was savvy enough to win a couple of elections, don’t you think?

If Obama actually believed the fake news polls that are showing Joe Biden anywhere from 16 to 37 points ahead of Trump, would he really be telling his base to get off their lazy rumps? Watch this clip to see for yourself what Obama said. Do you think he sounds confident of a Biden victory next month?

115 thoughts on “Obama Finally Hits the Campaign Trail Only to Scold, Blame Voters for his Failures”

      1. He isn’t speaking as easily as he did when he was president and a smooth talker. I think he and have been drinking the same koolaide.

      1. Obama(SS) belongs in a grave for all of his treasonous acts against America. Why should our tax dollars continue supporting him or any of the others that did the same?

      2. Yep.. right… Barack Obama should go to straight to jail.. as same as Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi go to jail Plus Joe Biden/Hunter Biden should go to jail time, period all of them are not doing good anymore.. They fail!!!

    1. I say let’s then stay TREASON here is better than poor dumb in kenya, well at least the USA taxpayers ribbed by those two fur 8 years and possibly more.

    2. I agree, You were & still are the sorry excuse of a human to try to lead any body.
      Go back to Kenya and take the drag queen with you

    3. Yes!! My first impression of Obama was a talk at a university in Utah. Change! Change! But didn’t explain his changes. Open borders, Non-vetted refugees picked by UN , Muslim Brotherhood Brotherhood connection, money to Iran. Muslim refugees in one area so they could get in local government and Obama appointed judges who were allowing Muslim prayers in public schools. More Mosque. CA government now mandatory Muslim prayers taught by teachers. No Christian prayers allowed.
      Obama Biden presidency was a desaste for our country. His ties to China allowed China to buy Smithfield and Tyson + other plants. Buy defunded businesses at very low price. China take over.
      I want my taxes to go to the school system I chose.
      Trump 2020

      1. We agree. Obama was a traitor to our country Americans need to look carefully at each candidate, not just what they say, but their history, their past involvements. Obama was a crook right from the start!!!!

    4. Even his half brother doesn’t like him. And, he was born in Kenya. His brother posted a copy of the REAL birth certificate.

    5. Agree with all the many responders. He is an arrogant, lying hypocrite who should be in jail along with the Clintons and Pelosi and Schumer, and most of the Democrats. His ‘wife’ is a ungrateful racist…

    6. Don’t send them to Kenya. Put them on (obamby an the drug queen) on a boat (small boat) in the middle of the Pacific an sink. Let the fish make fish turds of them. But wait, don’t hurt the fish, they will poison them if the make turds.

    1. Changing the “wife” would require surgery! Osamaobama is a dirt bag, always was always will be. He could care less about Biden,it’s all about him self and another 15 min of ego face time, and of course the big $$ some one’s paying him to be his usual self…. a douche bag.

          1. Sadly, a foolish man, Obama “community organizer” of evil doings amongst us freedom loving people,
            was chosen to live in the people’s House.
            Happily Trump, a wiser man, was and will be chosen to continue the good work of the people, by the people, for the people to remain a freedom loving nation under our great, good, loving God!!!

      1. My question is, “How can americans be so deceived by this narcisstic, egotistical, anti- american, deceiving a-hole and his rascist fake wife??” Their popularity is off the roofs just like the fake Oprah!!! They use victimization to hurt and oppress other races. I can’t believe how many americans have bought in and sold out to their deceiving ways. SMH

      2. You are right about everything. I have been researching Obama Biden on China connect. Harris on Bob Filner case sexual harassment. San Diego mayor.

        1. If by chance that Sleepy Joe ? and his communist partner from California do cheat enough to win, be ready for the end of the United States as we know it ?

      3. Ken Worth…When they complete the exposing of all the info on Hunter Biden’s laptop, Obama will be going down the toilet along with the Russia hoax, Benghazi, The death of Chris Stevens, hundreds of others, the killing of Seal Team Six, and hundreds of other ill deeds, those things sealed in his papers when he ran for Senate and Presidency. His Gayness hidden and his wife’s sex change hidden from (Big Mike) to Michelle is a huge crime against the American people. He hated America and he sat in our beautiful White House with his filthy feet on the furniture. The ones I feel most sorry for are the two children who were props to make up their lovely family. They will eventually know the truth and have to live with it. And Big Mikes mother, she has to be suffering too.


  1. This is not any surprise at all and as predictable as the high and low tide charts. He is almost as arrogant as Bill Clinton thanks to the vigorous protection he received from the media and shockingly our Justice Department that is coming into focus more each day. All that hype of being the Messiah went straight to his head. It is tough to stomach his all righteous claims of no scandals in his terms served. I can think of several and the Republicans failed miserably at bringing these up.Of course, they had no help from the biased press and the all knowing Hollywood elites. The Swamp is far from being drained.

  2. Talk about a “lame duck”. He appointed a crooked, corrupt Vice Pres to be in charge of foreign affairs!! I hated the fact that Binladen was killed during his Presidency because it gave him some legitimacy, when that effort had been started long before he was in office. “We the People” killed Binladen at a cost of 10 billion dollars! Looking back, we all make mistakes and one of my biggest was, EVER wasting my vote on him, and for that I apologize America! He BS’d his way into office with his charming personality and proceeded to do nothing but make bad decisions and left office with the country much worse than when he was elected. If Trump is not reelected, ALL the deception, lies and corruption that his time in office has proven to have taken place, will be “swept under the rug” and it will indicate to “sleepy Joe’s” that the people accept and encourage the pillaging of this country and want a dictatorship.!

    1. The Obama administration didn’t kill Bin Laden. We were led to to believe that is what happened. The money that was sent to Iran as part of the nuclear deal was hush money to keep them from telling the world that ST6 was setup to fail by Hilary, Biden and Iran. The jihad sympathizer Obama would never kill one of their own.

      1. Dude, Osamie was killed for good reason. His intel gleaning vs his usefulness were at a crossroads. Ever notice how all, everyone that was associated with him was killed? He made it a point that all his Lts meet with him, Like any tyrant. They were tracked and eliminated. Do you think satellites are just for cellphones…..
        Osamie was also starting to get involved in Pakistan politics and the rumor was to run for President of Pakistan. As a nuke country, that idea was unacceptable. So, he too saw his end. The intel we gleaned was enormous, massive networks of cells. All eliminated and a bunch by Trump. As you recall, Bumbling Biden was against it. Osamie was a bigger threat than asset. When. I tell you Odildo was willing to be a president of a nuke country, I ain’t lying.

        1. Intelligence from the compound confirmed Bi-Laden hatched a plan for Ilyas Kashmiri to take out Obama & Gen. Petraeus in a stinger missile attack on Air Force One. He new killing Petraeus would slow down the war in Afghanistan fast and killing “Chim Chim “ would leave Joe Biden in control and new he couldn’t wipe his ass workout help from his worthless wife…Kashmiri eventually got a M-114 Hellfire missile up has ass which was to good for the Hajji bitch…

    2. I agree completely, the corrupt democrat party should be disbanded and the DNC too….
      ” DRAIN THE SWAMP ASAP Bill Barr!!!

      1. The very reason the democrats have fought president Trumps so hard and to get him out of office is because, he is going to get the American people the justice we deserve. The are all very worried and very scared . He has waited until he had the goods to send them where they belong.

    3. Why the people of this country want another 4 years of Obama and biden we just had 8 years of obama and biden and they didn’t do a thing for this country!

    4. I would not have voted at all if that one had been the only one running for president !!!! I voted for SARAH P. in 2008 and mittens in 2012 …. the FIRST TIME I saw those dead eyes & heard him speak, I felt a sense of evil so strong that it came through my television set !!!!! I KNEW he was nothing but pond scum !!!!! I actually lost my so-called ”friends” because of him !!! in MY life, friends were just people that I cared about, that I would have done anything for …. in THEIR LIVES, I was just someone to spend time with, someone to talk to when they needed to talk !!!!! when I came out as a Constitutional Conservative, they were all done with me !!!! one of my friends even told me that o bum bum was the best thing to ever happen to the US !!! and she claims to be a Christian !!!! all of the ‘praying’ and church-going didn’t help her to see impure evil right in front of her !!!! another friend was so HAPPY that he is pro-union !!!! she HATED Gov. Scott Walker ( WI ) because he made WI a right-to-work state !!! she is a good worker, so she didn’t NEED a union to protect her, so I never understood why someone who doesn’t NEED a union would willingly let them steal part of her check ever week !!!! the rest of the friends I had are all horrible demon craps ….. and since I am not, and they refused to even CONSIDER that I could possibly have good talking points, they were done with me !!! so, while some considered o bum bum to be a ”savior” and smooth-talking and a credit to his ‘two races’, I felt repelled by him and mike !!!! I was angry all the time at the OBVIOUS CORRUPTION and the greed and the lies and them thinking that we didn’t KNOW that mike is a guy and the white house was a freak show for 8 long miserable years !!!! as you can no doubt tell, my total disgust and h a t r e d for them has been a negative part of my life for 12 years now, and until berry & mike are safely interred, it will remain a part of me !!! I praise GOD for Donald J Trump !!! if not for him, this great country would be no more !!!!!

      1. Joy…thank you for your good, accurate and wise words. Now I don’t have to write them, I’ll just lean on yours.
        Your words are a blessing to my ears. and eyes. God Bless Donald Trump and God Bless America.

      2. Oh Joy,
        You are not alone!
        Have endured and lived amongst the same kind of knuckleheads for too long, but just keep your focus on the TRUTH, and may you continue to stand strong with sisters and brothers who are with you too!!!

      3. Joy: I agree with you completely. We decerned correctly about the half-black who chose the race card. He never fooled me either. His speech lisp and his grin did not mean he was a good-guy. It takes more than that to ‘win me over’. EVERY TIME I SEE HIS FACE, I GET AN IRRESISTIBLE URGE TO GO SCRUB THE TOILET !

    5. I made the same mistake you did and voted for Obama the first time but I was so furious that the Republicans went with that Rino McCain I wanted to send them a message that I didn’t like where that party was going. So who do they run next time but the almost as bad Rino Romney! I didn’t vote for Obama the 2nd time but was not too surprised that he won again. We had to bring an outsider in against all odds to get someone real in Donald Trump. Does the Republican party hear us now?

  3. Obama was the worst president. The Obamacare is very expensive. When you just have social security income you can’t afford $420. 00 a month for insurance so you don’t have any. I have another year to get Medicare. Obama and Biden didn’t know what they were doing and done everything wrong.

  4. He truly was a most gifted liar right from the start. Using his skills of portraying himself as the smooth,nice,likeable man got him everywhere. It all began with he never heard his preacher give America hate speech in the twenty some years of membership. How incredibly that could happen. Either he slept through the sermons or he wasn’t intelligent enough to pick up on the extreme obvious. As time went by he got even better at it and no one called him out on it. How many times did we hear that he learned about big stories from catching it on the news. He knew nothing until learning about it with the rest of us..to quote his opportunist Vice President, ” come on man !”

      1. Said that from the first time I heard him give a speech. I told my daughter that but she said I don’t think he the Antichrist but he is evil. This was before the first election. I think the second election he only one by cheating and when Hillary ran he knew she knew all the dirt so they cheated big time but God was in control and Trump won. I knew God is still in control so praying Trump win should or our country is gone

  5. Sorry to further comment, but everyone has to remember Obama is finally showing up late in the campaign to support Biden, who he really doesn’t like or endorse, so he’s lying yet again! Remember what he said…”don’t underestimate the ability for Joe Biden to fuck things up”!!

  6. Go back to the Bathhouse Barry, we don’t want you! We had enough of your lies, race baiting and corruption during the miserable eight years you stunk up the Oval Office to last us forever and then some!

  7. I sure would love to see obuma fall flat on his lying face. He nearly took this great country done and got filthy rich in the way. He should go back where he came from, kenya.

  8. I wish he would crawl back in his hole and disappear. Take his “wife” with him.
    They spent more of our taxpayers money, a free for all.
    I applaud President Trump for donating his salary . A TRUE PATRIOT.

  9. This POS’s name is NOT Barak O’Bama, it’s Barry Sowtoro! Born in Kenya and tapped by Alwaleed to become Barak O’Bama (THE GREAT TRAITOR) to lead America into the UN’s New World Order! He was to set the stage for Crooked Hilary to be President during the coronavirus pandemic. He’s the one that used TAXPAYER MONEY to fund Wuhan Labs, owned by George Soros, who bought those labs from the CCP! Helped by Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci! There’s a photo of Fauci, Melinda Gates and O’Bama (THE GREAT TRAITOR) in Wuhan Labs in 2015!
    A LOT of DNC/Communist “Operators” have changed their names. The names they have now a fake!

    Ilhan Omar – Ilhan Esmi
    Kristen Gillbrand – Tina Ritneck (Rutneck)
    Bill DeBlasio – Warren Wilhelm Jr.
    Beto Orourke – Robert Orourke
    Kamala Harris – Maya Harrison
    Pete Bulligeg – Paul Montgomery
    Cory Booker – Tony Booker
    Eric Holder – Eric Himpton
    Bernie Sanders – Bernard Gutman

    The name on Donald J. Trump’s birth certificate is Donald J. Trump! TRUMP2020!

    1. And the birthplace is Kenya on Oblowmo’s certificate – posted by none other than his half brother (with whom he has zero contact).

  10. We have a wonderful President Donald Trump that has done more for us in four years than , kenya has done in eight years i part to GOD when all these evil people will be exposed for their wrongdoings

  11. We have a wonderful President Donald Trump that has done more for us in four years than , kenya has done in eight years i part to GOD when all these evil people will be exposed for their wrongdoings

  12. I am still trying to figure out what Obama is going to put in his Presidential Library! A set of golf clubs and all of the First Lady’s designer dresses? Maybe some vacation photos, along with photos of his Wednesday Night Cocktail Parties that he hosted for his Campaign Donors, serving $100 Kobe steaks at tax payers expense! Obama lost the Super Majority, not because his voters stayed home, it was because he overplayed the racist card and the “Silent Majority” finally seen him for what he was, a Socialist, and voted to put a stop to him and his agenda! The only reason he was re-elected was because 6 million republicans sat out the election in 2012, refusing to vote for Romney! 100 years from now, his legacy will be that he was America’s First Arabic President who bowed down to other World Leaders!

    1. 1st, most of Micbelle’s “outfits” went to homeless whores, the only ones that would wear those outfits.
      2nd, don’t forget the basketball, a backboard and hoop, and of course the elongated shorts
      3rd, Trump may be the 1st president elected after being impeached. But it comes no where near to being the first president elected that was NOT a naturalized citizen.
      Lastly, Obama(ss) really believes he will be appointed to be the leader of the UN New World Order once the Democrats can win the White House and “change” the US over to socialism. That is the only thing keeping the world FREE from total tyranny.

      1. Yes Papa ~

        If Biden is in – we have a major catastrophe on our hands. He will return to his basement, counting his ill-gained billions, and the radicals will take over – completely (not the least of which as you said, Obozo’s appointment to the UN).
        They are so evil, wicked, and egregious that they might possibly see to it that he is assassinated. Hillary is an expert in that field.

  13. You were a damn Illegal squatting in the oval office, everything you signed was as Illegal’s as you ass saying you were born American when your mother denounced her citizenship and was no longer an American before you ass was born.

    You should be shot for your TREASONOUS action against our Country.

  14. I really don’t understand republicans’ continued obsession with Obama. This has nothing to do with the election.
    This is a simple election. We have two old men running. Trump is a self serving, narsistic, megelomaniac, an immoral horrible person who wants to be the dictator of the USA. If Trump wins we will no longer have a democracy. Joe is a good person. I’m voting for the good guy who is going to win in a landslide.

    1. That’s the stupidest statement I’ve heard in sometime, Joe a good person and what the hell you been smoking. Corrupt SOB deals with zipperheads using your tax dollars, that’s what’s wrong with this country now, a bunch of brainwashed retards…

    2. Yeah, just like when he was elected in 2016, he was said to blow up the whole world once he got the nuclear codes. How can we be sending these comments if the whole world has been destroyed? He has been president for almost 4 years and not one thing you claim has happened.
      You are a “USEFUL IDIOT”.

  15. One thing was changed in the last few years. Obama and his mate were not able to sell their books and their book signings don’t generate participation from supporters. Their movies are duds and I think they are beginning to realize no one cares what they think or do. They were a blight on our history and when the final results are recorded for historical facts, I believe the nasty tricks and illegal acts that were used to elect him will embarrass even his staunchest supporters. I wonder what he traded away to get those results?

  16. I remember when Obama said “Elections have consequences”. He blames republicans for not being bi-partisan when he was in office. The democrats have done everything they could for the past four years to impeach or block Trump from any accomplishment.

    This man was not a good president and might have been one of the worst. His wife is a racist and does nothing but complain about others. If they have not noticed half of the country does not like them and wish they would take their ill-gotten millions and go away.

  17. 1973. Biden enters politics
    1990. Hang on almost there

    1. Biden is the MOST preposterous candidate I have ever seen run for President in all my 75 years!!! The fact that he is backed by Wall Street globalists and biased media outlets and platforms will be ignored by low information and single digit IQ voters because they not only drank Jim Jones’ koolaid, they have it in their veins.

    2. Leopaul: remember when Joek Obiden said that “he has the cure for cancer, but would only let us know what it is, after the election” ?! I remember him saying it.

  18. Sowtero was the Empty Suit with the correct Democrat identity: smooth talking operator, black enough to merit blackness, communist, a willingness to Play-for-Pay and a penchant for hobnobbing with wealthy white men. He rescued Beijing Biden from political obscurity as a life insurance policy…nobody wanted Biden for President. He, like his running mate, never won a single primary before the 2020 rigging of primaries. Now, he is their candidate and, despite the best efforts of his wealthy backers in the media and Wall St to censor the truth, Biden’s past will come to light before the election. The early voters may be shocked that they voted for another Empty Suit willing to sell their liberty to China but an honest election will put Biden exactly where he belongs…obscurity.

  19. I still say I don”t know how he has enough time to help Biden while he is organizing his 30,000 thugs ( BLM and other commies) he and Soros have put together to riot if Biden and Horseface Harris don’t win the election, plus participating in his favorite pastime at the Chicago bath house.

  20. When the Republicans and media get done ramming Hunter Biden’s emails down Joe’s throat, I don’t think anything Obama says will make any difference.

  21. Obozo, the worst president in American history. He single handedly almost brought this country into a third world nation and given over to communism. Nearly destroying it except his term was up. That saved the country. Now he’s a billionaire, stealing most of it from the taxpayers. He should count his blessings and stay in his lavish estate on Martha’s Vineyard and leave the country alone.

  22. Obama should take his silver tongue his raciest wife the very large fortune he made while being the president and move to a socialist country like he wants America to be. There is an old saying YOU CAN FOOL SOME OF THE PEOPLE SOME OF THE TIME BUT NOT ALL PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME. Many Americans have learned a lot after 8 years of your time in office and how you served yourself and your friends in the Swamp who walked away with hard working taxpayers dollars doing your bidding. You did nothing to improve race relations and improve the lives in the black communities like better schools better housing or deal with drug gangs. In 8 years you were okay to have BLM at the White House watch them march through the streets chanting WHATE DO WE WANT DEAD COPS FRY THEM LIKE BACON. Shame on you, you are no better than AL Sharpton who you had at the White House many many times who has always been a raciest and done nothing for the black community but stoke hate. Let me inform you ALL LIVES MATTER. Do this country a big favor. take the fortune you have accumulated by being president take Michele and move to a country that believes in socialism and maybe you will learn something. Hopefully you will go down in history as the worst President our country has ever had and maybe in he future we will elect a Great Black PRESIDENT man or women who will serve ALL the people of this Great Country.

  23. Barak was and is a bald face lying piece of human excrement…not based on his race but based on his ideology. He was the worst President in Ameircan History and was created by George Soros an old white marxist. Kind of ironic wouldn’t you say.

  24. Joy , I to am a Christian and I felt the same as you about Obama, he never fooled me for a split second. I seen darkness over America and I felt the evil all him while he was running for the Presidency. I’m exactly like you and I also thank God for President Trump. God bless America and Our President ? Trump 2021-2024 . I think President Trump should get 8 more year’s because of all of the hell he’s had to go through these first 4 yrs. Don’t you agree ??

  25. If you recall when Biden was vying for the nomine position Obama had some other guy in mind. They set up a tow nhall meet & greet sesion & nobody showed up!

  26. How would Obama react, if he were asked what he and Biden did after Ferguson – and all his other Black Deaths?
    And what would he say if asked about the hundreds of thousands of Africans he killed in Libya?
    And how would he explain how Biden junior profited from Daddy’s and Obama’s Fascist Coup in Ukraine?
    Hunter Biden would never even have heard of Ukraine, not to mention Burisma, if not his father had been Obama’s chief rep. in the “Regime Change”, speak Maidan Massacre (plus the Odessa one, and the several ones around DonBass).
    Joe Biden’s and Ms. Nuland’s connection with and support for “Our Yats” (Yatseniuk, founder and head of the Ukrainian Fascist Party), and the murderous activities of “Our Yats” and his deputy Mr. Paruby were the basis for young Mr. Biden’s unexpected business riches, and it is hardly likely that the ‘Beneficiary’ will not give the ‘Benefactor’ some share in the shameful loot.
    We have to bear in mind that, immediately after the Maidan shooting that killed 100 innocent people, the Ukrainian Parliamentary Commission found that “no police weapons were involved in the killings” – so, the NYT and WashPost and Obama stories about “police did it” are a clear lie.
    In fact, the weapons were Saiga hunting rifles (with sniper visors) brought to Kiev by the fascist Mr. Salogi Parasyuk and his troop (of 20 or so who had been trained in NATO Poland) who fired onto Maidan Square from a building, not direct on the square but in Gomoldetsky Street.
    A “nice” trick had been prepared for the case that the people on Maidan would realize that the shots came not from any policemen but from buildings around hotel Ukraina and the Philharmonic: Three snipers had been brought in from Georgia (not USA), they say, by the Georgian ex-President Sakashvili, and they were in the front building – and surprised when bullets flew past them. The crowd would have found them first and killed them – and the false passports they had been given, and the words of “Our Yats” and Mr. Paruby (who was seen at the hotel Ukraina) would have “identified” them as “Russian agents”.
    The methods used by Obama & Co for “Regime Changes”, whether using Jihadists in Libya, arming and financing ISIS in Syria, or collaborating with Fascists in Ukraine, are neither for Ms. Clinton nor for Mr. Biden any recommendation for anything but long-term prison. Maybe, President Trump should order the arrest and interrogation of Bryan Christopher Bovenger, formerly in US 101 air born division, who instructed the snipers in Kiev – who sent him?

  27. I never did like Obama and I like him even less now! I don’t consider him as someone one could rely on and I believe that he wouldn’t hesitate to put down anyone that displeased him for any reason!

  28. Lie-beral DEMONocrats…the syndicate of fake, hate, negate, ingrate, denigrate, degenerate, agitate, instigate, segregate, separate, isolate, desecrate (Bible burning), depopulate (abortions), and D O M I N A T E !

    Go to the light, choose life, and you will be RIGHT.
    Go to the LEFT, and you will be bereft !

  29. Obummer & his husband, Michael, should just STFU, & let a real President continue to run the USA … Barmy Biden is a none entity ffs

  30. Take a look at the picture, above. See many books on the shelves behind him? Nope. Except for maybe a few by Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky. Mostly keepsakes and paperweights. The man doesn’t read, never held down an honest job and got through college by virtue of affirmative action programs and charmed his way into the Demogogue hierarchy by way of a slick speech at the Demogogic Nation Convention. Now that the truth has finally come out about his conspiracy to spy on the Trump campaign, with his stooge, Biden, I’m surprised he’d ever show his face in public. Obumma can’t do anything but hurt Biden at this point, and with Michelle’s recent embarrassing video, should seal Biden’s fate as a loser, liar and fake. Oh, and a closet racist, too. Obama knows it, and the voters know it, too.

  31. Every single democrat and republican supporting CHINA JOE is a TRAITOR! And DNC/Communist “elected official” spouting the “progressive” communist agenda is a TRAITOR! These ‘enemy combatants’ that pretend to be Americans are either on George Soros payroll or connected to the CCP! And it’s all falling down, the deep state is panicking! Adam Schiff is a bald face LIAR! The Ukraine has determined the investments companies Franklin Templeton and BlackRock Investments are both money laundering for the CHINA JOE FAMILY! Guess who’s getting money from Franklin Templeton and BlackRock Investments? ADAM SCHIFF! IT’S ON HIS F’ING TAX RETURNS! TRUMP2020!

  32. Obama is not campaigning for Biden, he wants Kamala. And why did he say that if Biden became president, he would probably screw it up. How would he know? Because they both did nothing for our country during their 8 years in office. Beware, the Democrats have evil up their sleeves.

  33. Obama is an arrogant SOB who believes he is God’s gift to human kind! It reminds me of what one of my high school classmates said about an arrogant boy a year ahead of us, who thought he was God’s gift to women. Her quote was “He thinks he is hot shit on a flag pole but he is only a cold toot on a toothpick”!

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