Nancy Pelosi Buys $25 Million Mansion in Florida, Still Criticizes Republican Governor’s Leadership

So, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi can buy a $25 million mansion in Florida, yet still criticizes Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and his leadership that made the state the top destination for families and businesses during a pandemic worsened by Biden and leftist Democrats?

That’s the story in the latest video from “The Rubin Report.” But he didn’t come up with the story himself. It’s straight from MSNBC, where the liberal hosts shockingly admitted Democrat policies are destroying cities like San Francisco, the area Pelosi is supposed to represent, while Pelosi is on her way to moving to Florida.

The bit of good news is that the home purchase might be part of her upcoming retirement plan from Congress. If the red wave of Republican victories continues into 2022, she’ll be out of a job as Speaker of the House.


Or maybe she’s just a bit tired of the San Francisco crime spree liberals have created on the left coast. It’s not like she’s planning to help put a stop to the wave of shoplifting, homelessness, drug use and violent crimes ruining some of the most beautiful land in America.

California’s population declined in 2020 for the first time since becoming a state. Was it climate change? Republicans? Nope, something worse. Leftist policies and their consequences. Check out the video for more details on Nancy Pelosi from Dave Rubin now.

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112 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi Buys $25 Million Mansion in Florida, Still Criticizes Republican Governor’s Leadership”

          1. Russia, that would be a good place for her to go. We don’t need people like her in Florida, she wrecked CA, now she wants to do the same thing in Florida? OH NO.

        1. Yes, I think this is a common occurrence. They ruin their states with their liberal, progressive actions, realize their stupidity and move to a conservative state. They are so pathetic.

        2. She is a piece of shit. She ruined California and now wants to pay no taxes. Funny how that works for her. But, everyone else has to pay their fair share.

        3. Covid-19 and now Nancy Pelosi’!Can the governor declare her PERSONA NON GRATA and expel the plague to…..Baltimore….or. China?

    1. She makes a total mess out of SF and now doesn’t want to deal with it. Keep your eye on her Floridians because she’s will probably try to change the state of Florida. To bad you can’t kick her out. Pelosi is big trouble

      1. To quote another Demoncrat “You go up in her face and tell her she is not wanted here. Tell her GET OUT! And you hound her and her family and you harrass the hell out of them!” Too bad we don’t roll that way. That is a Demoncratic way.

        1. Rats move in they destroy property and when there is nothing left to free load off they move somewhere else!

    2. She’s tired of cleaning the poop off of her driveway everyday. Maybe she could take Gavin with her…… he could live in the grandma house

      1. First & Foremost, I don’t her in Our Government trying to Ruin Our America. By the way are the Millionaire Politicians going to have to pay the Millionaires taxes too

    3. Who said that witch could move HERE???????
      We don’t like, need or want her kind.
      She should stay in the sh*t-hole she created.

    4. She destroyed San Francisco, now she is out to destroy Florida and Ron De Santis. But she will be happy there without having to wear a mask and being called a hypocrite. This old hag should have been denied residentcy in Florida. Don’t need any radicals living there. But, I hope she steps out of line and Ron De Santis wallops her with hugh fines. This woman needs to live among the snakes.

  1. I hope she gets run out of Florida to just below the Mexico border so she can set and look out her window at all the thousands crossing the border. If she goes to Florida I hope Governor De Santi give her the hardest time of her life. Maybe she will be treated like she and her devils have treated the American people.

    1. I just would like to mention let this be a learning lesson what power does to people . I knew long time ago she was evil and fake. They ruined California and they should live in toliets. They ruined our country with CRT. Pure evil. Lets be smart and not stupid its all about illegal votes,power and forget the people like common and middle class. I hope they get their. judgement with the Almighty. God bless the USA. Stand tall and proud for our beautiful flag . God bless the USA

    2. The pelosi stench deserves a commie, islamic terrorist s–t hole in a 3rd world ! She doesn’t deserve U.S. Freedom !

      1. AGREE, Why would she want to go there…she complains about the Republican run state. Too bad they don’t have a way to stop her. Wonder if her husband is moving also?….hopefully, this is a sign she will stay out of politics and let others try to clean up her and other Democrats messes. Trying to hide, since she was part of the plan to put Biden and Kamala in….

        1. Do not think so George. She is envious of Gov. DeSantis, she may want her new party( the illegals) to elect her as the new Gov.
          of Florida. So she can do to Fla. what she did to San Francisco.
          That would be sad!!! There has to be a reason for supporting
          all these illegals. Just thinking???

    1. Do the Democrats really think the majority of the illegals entering our country will remain loyal to them if they somehow manage to manipulate the American voting system laws so illegals are allowed to vote? Really…how long do you think it will last? How have the other chaotic and radical ideas and policies ended up working out for the Democrats and their far left agenda so far…like the defund the police and support the criminals instead idea??? These caravans of illegals are coming with their own agendas and their own leaders, and it won’t be the Democrats they will want to see voted into office for long….It will be those people they feel they can relate to like other illegals….how foolish and naive to think otherwise. I guess, the question is…who is really pulling the wool over whose eyes? The illegals are foreigners, but that doesn’t make them stupid people…they will want the control and power over their own lives in this country, and if you think anything else…you are only fooling yourself. I read a story the other day where an illegal stated it’s easy for them to find work here in the United States, because, as she remarked…it was something to the effect that either Americans don’t want to work or don’t like to work. I strongly disagree with her view of the American people, but it showed me a sampling of their mindset and their disrespect towards the American people. I also read about an illegal who pretended to be a minor, but he wasn’t, and he killed his sponsor, who was a father of four and a man who put more trust in a stranger then in his own safety and it cost him his life. That should be a wake up call to all Americans. We can be generous and kind, but we must know where to draw the line and where and how the line is formed. Many of these illegals entering the country are doing it however they can and through any means necessary…and we know little or nothing about them. You have to stop and think what are their long range plans as they step foot onto American soil and whose rule book will the illegals be playing by…will they respect our laws or make their own? Are they already among those rioting here? How many are criminals or worse terrorists? I’m sure some may have good intentions, but judging by the crimes already committed so far I’d say there are still a lot that don’t. So, we need to step back and reevaluate what is in the best interest of our country.

      The United States of America belongs to the American people first and foremost, and then we can accept and allow others into our country, after application is made and with proper vetting, and in accordance with our immigration laws and procedures, as was done under President Trump. The open border policy has been a huge disaster since the current administration set it into play. I believe we need to support and help Governor Abbott, however we can, and listen to him, and also finish the wall. Donald Trump, Governor Abbott, Ted Cruz, other Governor’s, Senators and Congress men and women, ICE, the border patrol, and many others are on the front lines of this catastrophy fighting for our nation, and for us…the American people everyday. So, we must in turn do everything in our power to support their efforts, and prevent this mayhem and insanity from continuing on. Everything President Trump did and said, and that he continues to do today is for the good and betterment of this country and the American people. He is a true Patriot and a man of the American people first and foremost. He is dedicated to preserving our freedom, our rights, and our liberties. So, we can freely speak our minds and raise our children with the values and morals, we choose for them, and not the ones the government chooses. Donald Trump’s wisdom, courage, strength, and business savvy kept America safe and a leading super power in this world when he was our President. It makes no sense to want to destroy what he did when it was in the best interest of the American people! The American people are tired of polital agendas being put ahead of the welfare of this nation and of the American people. Millions of Americans understand what an incredibly wise leader and business man Donald J. Trump is and we want him as our Commander and Chief again in 2024 should he chose to run.

      Why is Nancy moving to Florida? Retirement sure, it’s a great place to live, but, could it also have something to do with the political miscalculations and the horrible mess her party has caused in this country, due to their bad judgement and outlandish spending. The miscalculations and destruction encouraged by the far left agendas that are backfiring as some cities are being looted and entire blocks of stores are being burnt down to the ground, after Democrats set the stage for it, and then handed them the match with their radical agendas and beliefs.

      How has the censorship and the political games worked out so far for the American people….well, look around and see for yourself…crimes up, the economy is down, prices on gas, electric, and groceries are soaring, we aren’t hearing the truth from our Democratic leaders, free speech is being jepordized. Afganistan was so shameful to the Democrats, that they avoid mentioning it at all cost, including the Americans that were left behind. There are exceptions and some Democrats still believe in and put this nation and the American people first, which is to their credit.

      So, you tell me….how do you think America is doing today? The majority of Democrats and RINO’s are blindly being led to destruction by the far left, at this point in time. It’s really sad to think of the American people as being collateral damage in anyone’s mind, but that is certainly how they are making us feel…and some politicians even blindly lash out, making hateful and very personal remarks against American voters they don’t even know. The shame is theirs…yet, they wonder why we think differently then they do and aren’t on board with them. The tongue can start fires that burn for decades.

      If I were in Nancy’s shoes I’d want to escape all the mayhem and destruction too. Florida is doing great and it’s a great place to live, because we have such an incredibly strong and wise Leader as Governor DeSantis in charge. He fights for this state, America, and the Floridian people with every ounce of strength and wisdom he possess each and everyday. His courage and integrity are beyond reproach. He’s proud of his unshakable and uundeniable faith in God. He believes in honoring and respecting the American flag. Governor DeSantis honors our law enforcement officers and the amazing members of our military, they know without question that they have his full support and unending gratitude. Governor DeSantis honors the people of Florida and he puts the voters first in making his decisions, because he cares about what we think and he always makes his constituents his top priority. He has confronted and defeated countless attacks, continues to address issues head on, time and time again, for the betterment of Florida…no games just straight forward common sense with the best game plan in mind for Florida and its residents. So, who wouldn’t want to live here? Maybe, even a democrat, who knows that it’s great men like Governor DeSantis that make Florida the Sunshine State.

      1. Yes, DeSantis is for Florida; however if Christ is voted in, all hell will break loose. Is that why Nancy is comig here? To lead the charge for Christ????

        1. We don’t need any Marxists or Democrats in Wyoming ! There is room in The Totalitarian Island of Australia for all of them !

  2. Ugly Nancy is so afraid of Corona VIrus and its’ variants that she moves to Florida. She is seeking protection in Florida because Florida has everything in control … that is her true reason of wanting a residence in Florida. Hope the gaters get her … no great loss to society.

    1. A gator could not keep the old hag down. They can eat a two week old swole, rotted cow and ask for another afterward. But the stench and rottenness of old peeloosely would make a buzzard puke…

  3. We don’t want people like Pelosi in Florida. She tried to crucify President Trump, she tries to crucify Our Handsome Governor and yet she is coming to Florida to live? Oh NO we don’t want people from the sewer, stay in your CRIME FREE STATE LIKE CALIFORNIA, try to clean it up and when you are through cleaning, we may allow you to come into Florida, but before that, you better think twice about moving to Florida, unless you are willing to
    apologize to our President and I don’t mean “LETS GO BRANDON” and also to our Governor. Until then, stay where you are, don’t come to stink up Florida.

  4. Pelosi needs to stay in that hell hole she created in California. Don’t come to Florida. We have wonderful
    Governor DeSantis, and President Donald Trump is a resident here. We want to keep our beautiful state beautiful.
    Pelosi will bring criminals here and soon you will have a state just like California.

    1. Marilyn……. bring criminals with her?!!
      This “ woman” has sluffed off millions of dollars in inside trading, she personally saw to it that 10’s of millions of dollars of TAXPAYERS MONIES were wasted …… not once….. but twice on completely unfounded impeachment proceedings against the man I consider the finest leader our nation ever had. She spent four years of congressional ineptitude doing NOTHING BUT TRYING TO RID THE NATION OF IT’s DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT!!
      This wretch wants to leave her heart in SF… stay there Bitch, you made your bed, now lie in it!! The LAST THING Floridians want is you stinking up the joint!!

  5. You and your cronies have done your best to bring socializm to this great contry.we don’t need it or you and your types here in florida.keep the hell out. you are a disgrace to our political system .if you don’t like the way florida is being run stay in California


  7. Nasty Piglosi is going to try and stink up Florida now. What a complete fool. This freak is a gay transgender commie democrat and she wants to destroy America anyway she can. Her best move would be to Africa where she could live in the jungle with her black criminal friends.

  8. Pelosi is demon possessed if ever there was. Her evil actions are the tell, speaking lies and promoting unrighteous ideologies. Truth is not in her. Florida Beware!

  9. If she moves out of the State which she represents, then she has lost her seat in Congress. Kick her lousy butt to the curb.

  10. Can’t we just move her farther south, about 90 miles off the Florida coast? I think old Nan would be happier in the commie lifestyle she is trying to force on the rest of us.
    As another has stated, “ there goes the neighborhood “ ?

    1. No No No – Nancy wants US to live like communist – NOT HER – she will still maintain her “WHITE PRIVILEGED” – “ELITIST” status – she has not stolen all of those taxpayer doillars over the years to live in squalor. She should be moving into a federal penitentiary.

  11. I guess I won’t be coming to florida.the witch is move to be close to her best friend trump.there go the neighborhood.god bless America.

  12. She has to get out of San Francisco – it has become such a s**thole on her watch. Like Waters Pelosi can’t stand to live in her own district – it’s to crime – drug and filth infested for soemone of Nancy Pelosi’s “entitlement”. HOWEVER – Nancy Pelosi is going to be as welcome in Florida as a turd in a punchbowl at a debutante ball would be.

  13. I feel sorry that she is moving to Florida. Beware Floridians. Make her life miserable if you see her any where. Boo her and spit on her. That’s what she deserves.

  14. DON’T give the OLD HAG flight clearance for her BROOM . . . We DON’T want her STINKING up OUR GOOD Florida AIR! One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  15. I am glad she still have the money to buy a little house for 25 million dollars I though that she had used all her money in the infiltration of Botox trough all her arteries. She shouldn’t escape CA, she should stay in San Francisco and help to clean the city of the destructive policy of the retrogressive (socialist/communist) infestation. Unfortunately this pest is spreading through the whole country

  16. We The People don’t need PIGLOSI coming to live In the GREAT, WONDERFUL and BEAUTIFUL State of Florida. PIGLOSI needs to stay in the State she has RUINED.

  17. Based on Florida’s commitment to justice freedom, religious liberty and protection of unborn , Pelosi purchase of a home in Florida will probably result in major security issues for the state.
    Amazing she is escaping to. red state

  18. If Piggy thinks she’s going to disrupt the way Ron DeSantis runs Florida she better think again. Piglousy moves to Florida and she gets eaten by an alligator, that would do my heart very good! Probably the gater would die from old Botox meat!! ?

  19. Maybe some of the bad elements in Florida will make her feel at home in San Fransisco, and begin harassing her after she moves in. Imagine her home surrounded by Trump and DeSantis posters attached to the outside of any walls around her home. She should be kept inside her mansion like a bird in a guilded cage.

  20. My question to Pisslosi is: are the American Taxpayers going to be footing the bill for her move from California to Florida.
    We can protest in front of her mansion every day and also protest everywhere she goes. Floridians do NOT want her living anywhere in the State and will make sure understood. she is nothing but PURE EVIL

  21. Hint: FOLLOW HER WEALTH!! Wanna know the truth about why she’s doing this. When we’re dealing with Nazi Piglosi, it’s ALWAYS about her money and avoiding paying her taxes. California is not very friendly to retired seniors, it’s pretty horrible because they will tax seniors at a high rate, if you use your 401K and IRAs. Unfortunately, it has the distinction for higher taxes. The State Income Tax in California varies from 1% to 9.3% which is one of the highest state income rates in the nation. All residents of the Golden State have to pay a minimum income tax rate of 1%. Persons that earn between $7,169 and $16,994 a year have to pay a rate of 2%. Those who earn between $16,994 and $26,821 a year are subject to a 4% income tax rate. Individuals that earn between $26,822 and $37,233 a year face a 6% rate. Taxpayers who earn between $37,234 and $47,055 a year have an 8% rate. Filers that earn more than $47,056 a year face the 9.3% state income tax rate. The state charges an additional 1% mental health tax on those who earn more than $1 million a year. DO THE MATH!! The Piglosi are worth over $300 million.

    California is one of the few states that charges an alternative minimum tax or AMT. The current AMT rate in California is 7.5%, this tax can be levied on filers who are not paying taxes because of exemptions. The AMT has two tax rates: 26% and 28%. (Compare these to the seven federal income tax brackets, ranging from 10% to 37%.) Which rate you pay depends on how high your AMT taxable income is. (Again, IRS Form 6251 has the details.) Federal law prohibits any state from taxing pension income of non-residents, even if the pension was earned within the state. … Thanks to this law, people who earn a pension in California then move out of the state no longer have to pay taxes on these funds to California. Don’t even get me started on California’s statewide property taxes. The Property Tax Rate for the City and County of San Francisco is currently set at 1.1801% of the assessed value for 2019-20. The assessed value is initially set at the purchase price. The tax rate changes every year.

    Now, Florida has no state income tax and a much lower property tax. Florida is a very friendly state for retirees. They get to keep more of their retirement income. She’s moving to Martin County, Florida. Florida has a 6% sales tax and Martin County collects an additional 0.5%, so the minimum sales tax rate in Martin County is 6.5% (not including any city or special district taxes). Do you get it now? I know how this woman thinks, I’ve studied and did massive research on Nazi for 10 YEARS, I know all of her little tricks to avoid paying her taxes. Nazi’s head almost exploded with the Trump tax cuts across the board. But Obama’s lie about taxing the rich (and Biden’s going to do the same), the reality was that Obama had placed “loopholes” in his tax bill that allowed the wealthy to keep more of their money, and the reality he increased taxes on the middle class. Trump’s tax cuts removed those loopholes and why Nazi’s head was going to explode, forcing her and her husband to pay more of their taxes. To avoid doing that, the Piglosi (and Feinstein/Blum), took advantage of those Obama loopholes and paid their taxes early before the Trump tax cuts went into effect. GET IT!!! Whatever Nazi’s says, the opposite is the truth.

  22. I won’ t tell, if you won’t tell – “GATER FEED PELOSI” as soon as her butt arrives in the Sunshine State. I can hardly believe that she would think Floridians would welcome her. Pick the Hell Out of Her Everybody. Make Old Hag Pelosi uncomfortable and unwanted.

  23. Doesn’t anybody love the bitch? Give her a warm reception … pee on her yard and her cars wherever she parks them!


  25. She’s ruined her own state to HER SATISFACTON, so it’s time to move on and to create havoc in another state! Life becomes boring to Satan, when she feels there is no more work to do in destroying a state, so ONWARD TO THE NEXT BEST PICKINGS!!
    She’s used to being QUEEN in California, which is seeing even more craziness than ever! Time to get her ass out, right? It’s ne thing to be destructive to others, but she’s no fool! It’s her turn!!

  26. Prune face Pelosi, yes, the one with furrows in her face deep enough to plant corn in, should purchase a tent and live on the sidewalks of San Francisco where she created the mess that California is in. Florida doesn’t want her, in fact, there’s not a state in the US that wants this traitor bitch to become their resident. Her only hope is to leave the country in exile!!

  27. OMG! NO!!!!!! We do NOT want her here in Florida. She can leave before she arrives, or maybe we can run her out of our state. Nancy…go somewhere else. You are a disgrace to this country, and we here in Florida do not want to associate you with our state at all.

  28. Pelosi, Newsome, Schiff, and the Getty family, have played a major role in ruining the State of California, but she won’t find a friendly climate in Florida. Like all other rats, she’s leaving behind a sunken ship.

  29. Nancy Pelosi is moving from California to Florida because the burial lots are cheaper, and she needs a double sized one!

  30. Californias gain is Floridas loss. How would you like to spend all that money buying a house in that neighborhood and have this bitch move in near you.

  31. She’s totally destroyed California, now she’s moving on to Florida…I hope she bought a mansion that sits on a sink hole, and is inside when it disappears into the ground…she deserves an express trip to hell.

  32. The stupid bitch is going to go to Florida and do what she did to San Fran and TURN IT INTO A SLUM…If I was Desantis I would tell the bitch to go someplace else because she will not be safe…Fact

  33. We do not want her here. We love Florida. She will pollute this state. Let her stay in the state she destroyed. Pelosi go back to your hole!
    Should be a mandate against you and your dirty money!!

  34. Maybe she/it will take a walk in the park and meet a new friend, Mr Allie Gator and he can have the bitch for lunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. OK great news, now we have a place to drop off all the Everglades snakes, big city Rats and killer gators. She’s probably locating somewhere in the West Palm area, home to all the brain dead anti Americans. When she shows up we will have a new form of pollution.

  36. We The People don’t need PIGLOSI coming to live In the GREAT, WONDERFUL and BEAUTIFUL State of Florida. PIGLOSI needs to stay in the State she has RUINED.

  37. Has anyone identified who is her latest Taxidermist ? She lost her make up people, they can’t do the impossible and they have professional reputations to protect. If my dog had a face like hers, I would shave his ass and make hime walk backward.

  38. Once again, joe biden and his team of incompetence energy players will keep driving the cost of energy up so the battery deals with China will make more money for Hunter and family. What a great plan. China, owns the biden family, recent events coming from Africa confirm this treason even further, Hunters pot of gold awaits the biden for their rainy days. “Biden refuses cognitive testing” – “despite showing many obvious signs of diminished cognitive function” joe biden claims American is back, what reality, is this lack of mental ability for judgement is he living in? He lacks any required ability for basic leadership skills, responsibility, Look at all his personal decisions since being in office. Afghanistan with his callous regard for loss , fuel transportation cost, resulting in the highest inflation our Country has ever seen. His appointment of non qualified persons who are unable to resolve any of the un American problems he created against the American people, like his open border policy, allowing illegal drugs, invaders to swarm into our Country without consequence. Ask yourself is this not the from loss in his mental state? Look at the bidens love of China, and the decisions made since he has been in the White House that favor this Communist Country, the money the bidens been well compensated for those decisions. And there’s many in that community who believe starting at age 65, there should be some sort of screening that’s done. Dr. Ronald Peterson, who runs the Alzheimer’s clinic at Mayo has been somebody who talked about that.” “But as far as we know, President Biden, “we didn’t see any kind of tests like that performed since being in office” O’Connor concluded claiming that biden may remain fit for duty, and fully executes all of his responsibilities without any exemptions or accommodations, except ” without any testing for what appears to be the obvious threat to “Biden’s ability to perform his job, his mental fitness?” “President Trump had something known as the Montreal cognitive assessment. It’s sort of a screening test for dementia. And, you know, that there was no mention of that sort of thing here. It is a constant point of discussion. I can tell you within the geriatrics community, I wrote this book last year about brain health, and one of the things that kept coming up was, should sort of leadership types of screening tests, cognitive screening tests, be more commonly done? The democrats complained and complained until Trump took the exam,where are the same complaints from the democrats against bidens abuse of power.We have all heard the expression money talks bullshit walks the biden have made their money now dish out total bullshit.

  39. Hmm I hope Nancy enjoys Riviera Beach ( Crack Town USA ) and It just shows how worried she is about the climate, if they are correct , where she bought will be underwater in the next 10 years. I had the unpleasant experience of living on Riviera Beach years ago, got mugged coming our of the Burt Reynolds theater, was met at the police station by the robbers willing to give back my car , if I paid. Crack dealers at every corner and the cops just turning their heads. Enjoy Nancy, may we be so lucky as you become a statistic of a carjacking or driveby that goes on there.

  40. O my God!Now beside COVID-19 we are going to have the PLAGUE!Hope she will be in quarantine for EVER!By the way can governor DeSantis to declare her PERSONA NON GRATA?

  41. Remember when rioters climbed her fence at her mansion she immediately called the police. Just another rat that has eaten all the cheese in San Francisco and looking for more cheese on other ground. Maybe she will be convicted, Florida take the mansion and sell and she and her son and maybe husband be locked away for life for their crimes against us the taxpayers.

  42. How come she was not accepted in Socialist Republic of Taxachussetts?Or Nantucket Communist Party leader comrade Obama did not approve her move there?

  43. Piglousy the lying skank should go swimming in the glades with the gaiters. The gaiters would enjoy it since she is living proof Skunks fornicate with Sewer Rats.

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