MSNBC Host Calls for Drone Strikes on Trump Supporters, Panel Doesn’t Bat an Eye

When an MSNBC host advocated murdering Trump Supporters with drone strikes, other liberals on the panel didn’t bat an eye. The idea of the U.S. government killing American citizens didn’t disturb them. This is the state of politics today, liberals no longer see people who voted for Trump as their fellow Americans and neighbors. Hell, they don’t even see us as human anymore.

How did we get here? Well, we have to go back to the Obama administration. Reports confirm that former President Barack Obama launched a drone attack on two Muslim Americans living in Yemen in 2012, and he has never been held accountable. According to news footage on this disturbing video, Obama ordered the assassination of a Cleric and his 16-year-old son living abroad because they criticized his foreign policies. It goes without saying that Joe Biden was in on the hit.

Democrats and liberal media elites now want to rekindle the Obama-Biden administration’s illegal precedent and apply it on U.S. soil. Obama murdered the expatriates living in Yemen because he claimed they were “inciting violence.” These words echo what Democrats have been saying since former President Donald Trump won the White House in 2016. At every Trump Rally, the liberal media regurgitates the same rhetoric that Mr. Trump, his former advisors, and ardent supporters are inciting violence every time they speak.


It appears MSNBC and left-wing media outlets are testing the waters to see if President Biden will take the use of instruments of death to the next level. The Cleric and his teenage son were not enemy combatants or members of a terrorist organization. They were Americans and they said words President Obama didn’t like.

Watch this video and see for yourself how liberals on MSNBC view Trump supporters in the wake of the January riots and President Biden taking over. You’ll get the facts about why Democrats are inching closer to killing those who disagree with them.

66 thoughts on “MSNBC Host Calls for Drone Strikes on Trump Supporters, Panel Doesn’t Bat an Eye”

  1. The anchor who suggested drone killing of US citizens in the US soil must be removed from job and charged for inciting violence and murder of citizens who are republicans!!!!

        1. Judging from your comment to the person who’s spellcheck went crazy, you’re right up there with killing Americans who just happen to disagree with you ! What does THAT make YOU ???

    1. These people are sick!!! Anyone who talks like like they do should be removed with a free pass to jail! Sick no other words for it.

      1. jail is only one sided. Only for conservatives. The criminals get a get out of jail free card. This is marxism. This is how they work. Remember Biden and his cultural norm for China. He probably would say that about Hitler too. Remember the US did not get into that war to save the jews. They got into it to stop Hitler. Not only jews many other people were in the camps too for political reasons mostly.

        1. At least that what we were taught. Actually, we (the ultra wealth) got into it for the sole purpose of making money. Ford Motor Company supplied the engines in the Nazi tanks and planes! The Central Bankers funded them…. it was all about money.

    2. I agree,they are way out there.If that were to happen,the media crazies wouldn’t know what hit them.You can’t put that out there and think you’ll walk away without people remembering who you are.

      1. of course there are enforcers. but,as long as the murderer kills the right (no pun intended) people, nothing will happen.

      2. Well they may not be there to protect us. Instead they will troops marching through every city like they already have in DC!

    3. Would be nice but Biden has no back bone is a coward and a puppet for the 3rd term Obama the 1st gay president with the trans wife. They never had kids,just browed them for the public scam. The video is still out there but hard to find. Like anyone getting the truth out about Hilary,Obama,and Soros etc. they end up dead,accidently ofcourse.

    4. no, lets try to sight in these drones. she can be the first to help. in a way, that really might be a good idea. just think, there goes Maxine Waters, Pelosi, and all the demon rats that advocate violence through rhetoric. they are the ones who are always calling for violence. you dont see conservatives mouthing off at the rate they do. and be sure to add AOC, Tlaib, Omar, Presley, and the very intoxicated person from Michigan who made a video inciting “her boys” to riot. just think, they can self-destruct without anyone breaking a sweat. what a great idea!!!!

    5. This is beyond murder threats and now proven genocide racism by dem leaders that instigate ww2 nazi type killers to eliminate opposition to the far left dictator’s treasonous whims & ways of abused power media idiots ! These dem media criminals are the so called dem’s domestic terrorists to eliminate from U.S.A. as #1 enemies !


    7. These people (Democrates) are dumber than dumb…
      All the Active military, National guard, and Law enforcement agencies combined nationally does not exceed 5,000,000…
      Add to that total of 38,000,000 Democrat
      gun owners equals 43,000 000 weapons.
      Republican gun owners are estimated between 78 and 93,00,000.
      You do the math, last person standing
      At the first drone attack of Americans,
      We the People will retaliate on those involved to the likes those people have never seen before… We will defend Our Nation to the end to eradicate Democratic
      Domestic violence…

  2. I really think idiots like this woman should be very careful what she asks for, in each and every case that they have called on violence against others it boomerangs back on them, these people who really really really incite violence, i guess that don’t realize they are in a very distinct area, all in one bldg. Everybody has drones these days, u never know who u might incite. Antifa and blm don’t like anybody dems, republicans, independents, news media, if the dems can so easily destroy innocent life, there’s nothing else that they aren’t incapable of doing. This woman may have just put a bulls eye on herself and others like her. “The times they are a changin”. Im just sayin?

      1. She should get a size nine boot up the you know what, so hard that she could not not sit on her fat behind for weeks.

    1. Let make her happy! Someone know her address? Give it to government with a note she going to bomb Pelosi house! Maybe it will be her family that get a DRONE STRIKE! IF she was intelligent but we all know CNN and MSNBC doesn’t hired INTELLIGENT people! She should checked out what the DEMOCRAT HAS DONE FOR FOOL LIKE HER! RACISM SYSTEMIC WAS CREATED BY DEMOCRAT to keep the black women on the PLANTATION! Do the research!

      1. Time to strap up and take the fight to them. Only way this will stop is to bloody those socialists up once and for all. Freedom is NOT free time we we take it back.

        1. See, that’s the problem. Republicans have a habit of turning the other cheek, and look where its got us today..
          We need to slap them off there horse, enough is enough
          Let them wake up in the morning, and say to themselves, is today a good day to die for my Democrat Party or that Assholes Administration…

  3. No doubt, this anchor shouldn’t be allowed to continue in this profession. But it is further evidence why a “peaceful separation ” of the states is imminent. In truth, there is little of any common ground. The left, however would be foolish to welcome an armed conflict with their conservative counterparts. They will lose decisively.

    1. I approved if the secession of conservative states “American Patriot States” and we will take all that nasty oil (?), our guns, and our bibles! The left is a disease which is worst then Covid and there’s no vaccine to cure it! If they want conflict American Patriots say bring it on!

  4. This woman is a degenerate, and it’s not the first time this fool uttered a
    filthy call to violence against Americans. They are the ones inciting violence.

  5. No one before Roe v Wade could have imagined that our Godless society would condone murdering babies. There should be no surprise with this leftist attitude. After all, conservatives are clearly less human than babies. Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

  6. I’m not sure which I rather see in AMERICA. But I will be HONEST to you. There is going to be hell to pay! And it going to happen on AMERICA SOIL! These POLITICAN don’t care about the people or country! If theses people I don’t care who you are or your color! MONEY TALK IN POLITICAN MIND! POWER AND CONTROL OF BEING A DICTATOR TOO! But these DEMONcrat POLITICAN ALL WANT TO BE IN CHARGE! So if they turn on each other like what happened before World War two got started! Hitler follower ATTACK the leadership of GERMANY! Fight broke out! Same thing will happen here! But in the end it will be other COUNTRIES ATTACKS ON AMERICA! IT. Doesn’t matter if you are a leftist, MARXIST, or a CONSERVATIVE OR LIBERAL! Because you are the one who made it easy for them to KILLED YOU! YOUR mind has been twisted by those who are in CONTROL OVER YOU! THEY TO WILL BE KILL IF FOREIGNERS GOVERNMENT ATTACK AMERICA! But keep one thing in mind! There will be AMERICA fighting each other! So it will help these foreigners not to lose many troops!

  7. If anybody can remember USSR WAS DIVIDE to by their people. Even today the COMMUNIST SOCIALISM GROUP ATTACK THESE COUNTRY! Because they didn’t want to follow the rules of someone who was trying to DESTORY them! In a SOCIALIST RULE you see the one in charge is the one with the biggest ARMY behind them! Look like Pelosi is trying to HAVE THE NATIONAL GUARD AS HER ARMY! You can check out Cuba and VENEZUELA!

  8. Are you kidding me? Hate is a language that shouldn’t be used as a slip of the tongue…what we, “as Americans,” need is a lot more love! We can blame anybody for anything, that doesn’t solve the problems we face. Check out the lyrics to Sly and the Family Stones ‘ We’re Everyday People.’ Great song! Have you been overseas to places where they have laws but laws are not practiced? Being in the military I have and it’s not comfortable… when is it a sin to vote for whom you think will do a better job as a leader…isn’t that what democracy is all about? Suggesting the use of drones should be addressed by the network responsible for hiring this individual and dealt with through whatever means necessary.

  9. She is the terrorist inciting violence and should be immediately removed from her position and prosecuted accordingly. Further, and if not terminated, MSNBC should be held accountable and taken off the air. All of their sponsors should withdraw commercial support and be held equally responsible.
    Lastly, the Biden administration should issue a strong condemnation of the reporter and to MSNBC.
    Failure to do so would leave them as complicit to the threat.

    1. Hey Donald, these only words I want coming out of idiots like this person is an apology for voting for China Joe and (I slept with Willie) Kamala. Two of the most dangerous people in America being controlled by George Soros and Muslim Obama. These idiots need to be be called out for what they are: hateful Siocialist/Communist traitors. Trump 2024 or before, if the Supreme Court upholds the Constitution of the USA.

  10. This woman should be classified as a terrorist and jailed. The FEDS should pick her ass up immediately and put her away. We don’t need people like her suggesting the murder of AMERICANS.

  11. If you mean business stop buying all products advertised on these liberal new channels that are promoting all the lefts socialist agenda.hit em in the pocketbook then they listen

  12. do these people have any comprehension of reality, any semblance of unity is out the window.
    I would put to you these are not journalists, but mere wack jobs

  13. But that was “peacefully mostly”.
    Besides, Obiden is about to reopen operation chokehold.
    Another means of hurting Republicans.
    He does not work for us, he works for China.

  14. MSNBC has poor ratings and must believe that this type of talk will help. They are just plain wrong. This whole subject is just plain sick. Proves you just can’t fix Stupid. What they are saying is wrong, but like my Korean War father said “I disagree but will go to war to defend your right to say it”. Free speech is what makes this country special. Eventually citizens who grew up with free speech will do what is necessary to defend it.

  15. look morons, we dont need to go at each other. don’t you think maybe this “critic”, is a left-wing PLANT? by arguing amongst ourselves, we are easier to conquer. lets just concentrate on the issue, which is the left, you know, the group that thinks there are more than two genders? I dare say they dont want to poke the bear that is the conservatives. we can and will eliminate that problem, should it occur. now, lets just think about what this “woke” person said. notice that he/she/it/they/them can’t do the job without the help of the government, who has the drones. I personally invite whomever. thinks this way to. come and talk to my little friend. but bring a designated driver, you won’t be able to do it yourself. It never ceases to amaze me that the minority thinks they can control the majority. they have no idea what can happen, and you won’t be able to put this genie back in the bottle. hold onto the conservative values, no one can take them from you.

  16. Lets have one on MSNBC studios at about noon on say a Wednesday when all the staff is present so that as many of them as possible are killed. Would that make them happy? The idiots!

  17. Wow! What a bunch of retarded idiots the demonrats have become! What happened to reUniting our Nation BiddyBoy? You didn’t give it even one try BECAUSE “PEACE” is not in any demonrat’s vocabulary.

    If our Country is not aggitated about something, the dems stir the pot to make it boil! NOW these same small minded, pitiful worms are talking about drone striking on Americans? Well, they had better understand, THAT can go both ways and there are methods to get their home addresses too — actually easier than any American’s info!

    Besides with the majority of demonrats walking around with their heads up where the sun doesn’t shine, they wouldn’t even know they were in a Civil War until they realized their “Selfie Sticks” were broken!

  18. The brown shirts were blinded by one demon. As before it’s the same scenario only its many demons that have filled so many with hate that their blinded and will learn this soon enough but that will be too late. I never in my life time thought I would see this happening but Jesus did say no one but the Father knows. The warning signs he did give and most of us including me ignored them. I’m not here to preach but Jesus did say “Love your neighbor as yourself”. So folks get ready it’s just beginning. But started long ago.

  19. Another nasty bullying dem………What goes around comes around…spit in the air it comes back in your face………

  20. I like that one!!(: Right now I’m reading the Epoch Times to bypass the bullsh*t that MSNBC and CNN spew.

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