Michigan Voter Fraud Probe Now Tied Directly to the Democrat Party

Morgantown, WV - 29 September 2020: Macro close up of the presidential choice in 2020 election on mail-in paper absentee ballot

In the ongoing probe into a voter fraud ring that was uncovered in Muskegon, Michigan, there has been a new development. GBI Strategies, the group accused of fabricating fake absentee ballot registrations on behalf of Joe Biden, appears to have been in collusion with the DNC in 2020.

A GBI Strategies employee was caught trying to turn in 10,000 ballot registrations two weeks before the stolen 2020 election. That was odd, since there were only about 4,000 people in the little town who were not already registered to vote. A criminal investigation that involved local, state and federal law enforcement was launched.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel and the FBI hid this investigation from the public, and the FBI never even follow up on it. It appears we know the reason why now.


Amazingly, Nessel continues to declare that there was no evidence whatsoever of election fraud in her state, despite this investigation. No one was ever arrested in connection with the 10,000 fake ballot applications that were turned in, and the head of GBI Strategies seems to have disappeared.

On top that, Nessel knew firsthand about this investigation for three years, but indicted the Trump slate of alternate electors (who were lawfully elected) for not believing Michigan got the election right.

The Gateway Pundit has another major revelation in the Muskegon case and joined Steve Bannon on the War Room podcast to share it.

Watch as Jim Hoft connects the dots directly to the DNC…

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61 thoughts on “Michigan Voter Fraud Probe Now Tied Directly to the Democrat Party”


    1. 60+ cases so far with zero agreement from any of the courts or any of the judges. Judges appointed by Dems, Right Wingers and even the Fat Boy himself all came up with the same conclusion – NO EVIDENCE. So take them to court and either make it 61 or be the first to actually show something that supports your allegations.

      So, put up or shut up.

      1. There has always been mountains of evidence but they always block it from getting presented at trial. The fix has been in and both parties are complicit. Trump took on the DC Swamp, Deep State and Uniparty Establishment, threatened to up end their gravy train. That’s why he was targeted for removal. You see it now with the bullshit indictments, while the many crimes of the Biden Crime Family are ignored by our 2-tiered DOJ.

        1. So true we know that the FBI and DOJ and mews media will not tell the truth about idiot Biden selling out America and the fraud and illegal votes in the 2020 election

      2. Hey SCUMBAG… keep your motherfucking braindead opinions to yourself, you SCUMocrat piece of shit. Go back to trolling the elementary schools for your next Prom “date”, asshole ?????????????????

      3. With this CORRUPT PARTY in control of the Whitehouse and Senate, there will never be a finding against these corrupt democrats

        1. Would someone please tell me how people can keep voting for the socialist Democrats after all the destroying of America and the states that ran by the socialist Democrats cannot believe that they keep voting for the same ones that’s destroying America and the states

          1. Remember, the evidence shows the voters did not vote them in : the demonrats cheated them to gain the offices clearly from dirty Joe Biden to many demonrat office holders

      4. There was very much considerable evidence and all Satanists will be found out because judgement day is coming and God, himself, knows your wickedness and it is Demoncrats.

    2. I watched fraud happen in Michigan right on my tv from a security camera. It wasn’t long before that broadcast was never to be seen again. This is no surprise to me. Our whole state is red except for Detroit, Lansing and a couple other small cities.

    3. Amen the sheriff’s must be corrupt too. How sad cause the only way this evil shit stops is gonna have to be the 2nd civil war, We The People will get it done, they’ve already given away all of our artillery and all of our good enlisted men we’re either discharged retired are they send them across seas, the only things that’s left in the USA is all the cross dressing LBGTQ queers, We The People could have all them arrested and in Gitmo 4 days 6 tops

      1. It seems like all the socialist Democrats care about is illegals and transgender and gay people since Muslim Obama was in office

  2. Don’t expect any investigations by the DOJ (FBI) – truth beknown, they probably enabled the voter fraud. What’s the remedy? I don’t know. When we elect republicans they just roll over and pee on themselves.

    1. This administration is the biggest money laundering crooks ! In history ! Biden never got the votes ….. ! This is blue blood and big tec ! Robing American people and Biden selling us out to China……WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE IT IS TO LATE !!!!!!

      1. I believe we are in the middle of revolution in this country and time will tell if this gets ratcheted up after the out come of our next Presidential election if they succeed of taking President Trump off the ballot or assonate him, then all bets are off the table where our country will be heading after all of this!

    2. 60+ cases so far with zero agreement from any of the courts or any of the judges. Judges appointed by Dems, Right Wingers and even the Fat Boy himself all came up with the same conclusion – NO EVIDENCE. So take them to court and either make it 61 or be the first to actually show something that supports your allegations.

      So, put up or shut up.

      1. You obviously don’t live in Michigan or you would know better. I have seen it with my own eyes and we are in trouble. My Michigan is run by people who want to take over our state and have Chinese businesses here and expand our military footprint (which we successfully stopped so far). Our whole state is red except for Detroit, Lansing and a couple other small cities and we were shocked at how they were taken over by the Left and watched their crimes right on television before being taken off, never to be seen again.

    3. Which is why Kevin McPussy was just removed. Jordan will be much tougher, but until we control the WH and DOJ, nothing will change.

  3. We knew it was only a matter of time. The problem is the GOP needs to grow a set and start their own investigation and get whomever they can on their side to confront these criminals with arrests, indictments, whatever. The best way to combat all these Trump indictments is to expose the 2020 election Fraud. In a way, him getting indicted allows his legal team to expose all the evidence of fraud that is now vital to his defense.

    1. If you believe any of this based on the allegations of whoever is laying them out then you are simply losing your water over something that you have been hoping to hear for a couple of years but that always turns out to be nothing more than a fart in a hurricane. Put it into a courtroom and see what happens. It’s amazing what happens to allegations like this when questions start being asked. The reason that the previous 60+ cases were laughed out of court for lack of evidence was because there was simply no evidence.

      1. Yes, 10 000 made up ballots in one place, how many are there in other places? If that’s not evidence then what the hell is? No wonder our country is going to hell!

        1. Millions. There is no way legitimate U.S. citizen voters cast 80 million votes for Biden the notoriously corrupt incompetent career politician who has been a liar, a cheater, and a plagiarist his entire adult life. All those that rigged the 2020 election especially those that knowingly signed the letter that falsely claims Hunter’s computer was Russian disinformation should be locked up for life. The number of deaths and the destruction of our country caused by the policies of the corrupt incompetent they placed in the White House deserve at the very lease life in prison.

          1. Oh there was plenty of evidence…. but the Left made sure it was quickly squashed, never to be seen again. It’s all coming out now and will be seen by all. But in the meantime, we the people are living with it and trying to get things moving. It takes a lot of time to follow and investigate all these crimes. The Biden administration is full of B..ls..t it may take a decade for it all to come out. Who would ever have believed it could have been such a mess. The cowardly left can’t even have an election without cheating because they know they are not good enough to do it right.

      2. They were all blocked or flat out refused to be heard by Obunger appointed federal judges! That’s why they were appointed to the courts they’re in, because they’re corrupt and would expose themselves if they allowed the cases to be heard! Since the Clinton years the DNC has patiently waited and appointed the right judges in the right districts to make this possible today and now that they have all their ducks in a row they know there’s know way any cases of corruption or election fraud will ever be heard by the friends of the accused and we all watched the judges that were DNC appointed in all the “swing states” simply blow off every case as “Fake News” or a deliberate attempt to “Overturn the Election” then claim this was the most secure and honest election in American History and then refuse to waste the courts time and taxpayers money hearing a case that has no merit, despite the fact that every swing state had more votes than registered voters! If the Secretary of States refuse to do their jobs and show the proof that there’s no way mathematically possible to get 81 million votes from 63 million registered voters, and over 2 million of those voters being over 134 years old I guess you’re not going to be seeing any proof either and will have to keep believing what you believe! That’s how the Democrats actually get the “in person votes” and they only added up to around 35 million votes in 2020 with all the rest being mail in, but with over 20 million new illegal Democrat voters that have crossed into America since 2020 he’ll have enough to pick up the slack by Nov 2024! Then the entire Country will be footing the bill for them until 2028 and by then this Country won’t be “Home of the Free” anymore and by then you can SEE THE PROOF YOU NEEDED TO SEE BEFORE IT GOT THAT BAD and realize that you could’ve help stop it THEN! Now the only way out is to help the other Patriots arm up and take our Country back, BUT, you have no currency because Bidens banned Cash and your digital money card won’t work to buy Guns or ammo if you can find any Guns because they were also banned in 2025 for your safety. Then you discover that they now class you as a Domestic Terrorist and a threat to the State and shut off everything you have, money, electricity, water, food supply, and will do the same to anyone that tries to help you because they can’t have your kind in society and they let you starve to death! OPEN YOUR EYES AND LOOK WHAT’S GOING ON AROUND YOU TODAY! They take the front runner in the Republican Party and hit him with all these stupid charges to keep him out of the election, off the ballot (where’s democracy here), try to make him quit by destroying him financially, Rip into his family home looking for documents that weren’t classified but held proof of Biden corruption and needed to be found and destroyed, Biden is GUILTY of doing everything they’re accusing Trump of and more yet he’s not being prosecuted and neither is Bill Clinton for the Lewinski shit! If they can do all this to one of our Presidents just THINK ABOUT WHAT THEY’LL DO TO YOU IF YOU GET OUT OF LINE! That’s all the PROOF I NEED TO VOTE FOR TRUMP AGAIN IF NOTHING ELSE BUT TO STOP JOE BIDEN AND WHAT HE HAS PLANNED FOR US IN THE NEAR FUTURE! Rant over!

  4. Exactly! Now THEY have opened the door for us to prove beyond doubt that BIDEN LOST AND IS ILLAGITAMENT POTUS. HE is acting just like he stole the election. Meanwhile WE THE PEOPLE NOW HAVE TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!

    1. 60+. That is neither an accident nor a conspiracy. The first hand evidence from high ranking REPUBLICANS in the White House have heard the Fat Boy acknowledge that he lost the election. You heard it as well during the January 6 congressional committee hearings that I’m sure you didn’t watch. Your conviction that Fat Donny the Loser won the election becomes even more pathetic when everyone around you who actually has been keeping up with things is aware of the fact that your four times indicted defendant charged with 91 felony counts knows full well that he got his fat butt kicked in 2020 but was a good enough liar to get you to believe it and to make a fool out of yourself expounding it

      1. You’re full of shit! When Tucker Carlson released extensive Jan. 6th video, the Dems freaked out, tried to block it!

      2. What’s the matter with you lefties… can’t even have a conversation without using your potty mouth. I’ve been around enough of you to know that you think being slanderous is cool. Anyhow, President Trump has not been found guilty of anything yet, because…,. the pseudo evidence is false, just like everything else the left puts out. It’s a fantasy world they live in and make up the rules as they go along. No love for the country at all. Just more and more crime and waste and wars. We the People are sick of it and it will all be history soon when President Trump gets back in the W.H. Then you can eat your nasty words for breakfast.

  5. Omg another cover up. Let me get this – In an on going probe into a voter fraud ring in Muskegon Michigan which someone was caught with 10,000 fraud ballots . Became hide from The people and the Michigan Attorney general and FBI just said ” hey let’s lie and cover this up no-one arrested “. That stupid ruthless Attorney general Dana Nessel needs put in prison for voter fraud and the FBI who helped her. There so dam above the law they stink. I truly hate these ruthless above the law people that are supposed to be on the side of the people but to dam uncareing. Line them all up there so many old Biden is one lucky crook to have them all on his side. And we the people suffer.

    1. What is so glaringly wrong about the subject of election fraud is that of all the hundreds of articles I’ve read not one single Democrat has ever said there may be a problem. They all say the same exact thing: “there is no evidence of election fraud. I believe AG Dana Nessel knew that GBI and the DNC colluded on the 10,000 fraudulent ballots and she did a coverup on the local and state investigation. The FBI was also aware of the fraud and did nothing.
      I hope the Trump trials bring truth and shine a spotlight on these criminals and bring them to justice.

      1. I agree JBG… We have had enough of this abomination. I have lived in Michigan for 80 years and I’ve never seen such graft, cheating, lying and corruption we have now. Oh, I’m sure it was there before, but they kept it under the table (literally). We are now seeing what its really about and we are on the hunt for them now. We’ve had to fight military expansion, keeping Chinese businesses out, and even the left trying to take over people’s property with bogus rules and laws. I’m going to a fund raiser dinner next weekend to fight this. Our biggest problem is that we trusted the wrong people. But our eyes are open now and Michigan is a key state, so run for cover you leftist BOS.

    2. If proven – this would be treason- after proving in a court of law – the penalty should be death – what these individuals have placed on the American citizens is unconditionable – they have taken this country and robbed each citizen by causing higher interest, doubling of gas prices , food prices that are out of reach for the average family, they depleated our emergency oil supply including selling 1 million barrels to China, they have sent Billions to Ukrainian that would have benefited the Maui Fire citizens and the Ohio Chemical Train disaster of which Brandon hasn’t had time to visit – because of too many vacations – he had a hand in the original plea deal for his son when many others for the same thing are in prison, Brandon has gone you our enemies and begged for oil ( what a joke) he still hasn’t visited the southern boarder except for the ruse he attempted after the city he visited had been cleaned up and all illegals kept out of site – Brandon isn’t smart enough to engineered any of this – can’t even stay upright as he probably has fallen many times we aren’t aware of
      The civil war was fought to free all Americans from slavery – what is being perpetrated on all of us is the same currently – I do not believe Democrats or Republicans feel any differently – it only takes a few bad apples on both sides that impair real conversations.

      Enough said

  6. We need to remember that We The People VOTE the Sheriff’s into office. They are not put in office by the good old boys Treason Club!

  7. Steve. Can you find out if those GA persons in charge of Trump Indictments, and those others being indicted as well, have actually been Re-trained into COS Article V (5) Common Law?? If not, they are outside of WDC Inc Constitution district!
    They MUST get Re-Trained in Common Law and be sworn under Oath to our 1776 Constitution For The Republic Of The United States now in effect.! This is part of NESARA LAW now! Otherwise they are sworn in Oath to Q of UK and it is illegal now!

  8. We knew about this back when it happened, as it was reported on. However, all of those “in charge” acted like they investigated, but nothing came from it. Whenever someone does speak up, they are smeared, made fun of, laughed at or just disappear. If the people from Michigan would wise up and stop putting these crooked Democrats into office, maybe we could see some justice served. And to think the state reelected that poor excuse for a Governor, A.G. & S.O.S. Do people simply vote for the party and not the person?? Or are they all so focused on mainstream news they believe all the B.S. being spewed? Look what they are doing to Donald Trump……is this supposed to “prove” there was no election fraud? Tell us another one.

    1. What makes you think they voted for these crooked democrats? Do you believe these fraudulent applications were only for the election of the President?

    2. The vote in Michigan was stolen by those in Detroit and Lansing. We all watched it happen and could do nothing. The next time, things will be different. We are watching and they are not going to get away with it again.

  9. That fraud polling is also In Georgia was the same by the democrats in Georgia staring Stack Abrams. We all lived, Trump is absolutely correct about the fraud in Georgia. She had people out of state get ballots and return them and dead people submitting ballots for the democrat’s. I would testify in the trial for Trump if asked.

  10. The only way to save this nation is to get the democrats out. The longer they are in power the harder it will be to fix this broken system. Trump needs to be back in the WH ASAP. If democrats steal again you can kiss this country goodbye. We the people need to wake up. We are sleeping while Rome burns. I am hoping that the house finally gets it. Ousting McCarthy shows the rest of them we are not going to stand by while RINOS sell this country out to the liberal nut jobs who want to turn this country communist. The senate is a joke. As long as the clown McConnell is there he will continue to sabotage Trump. If he continues to refuse to step down maybe God will retire him just like he did with Feinstein.

  11. All the indictments on President Trump, they are a farce of untruths. They are trying to make him homeless, I think. The truth will be shown by Our God.

  12. Don’t forget that Fuckerberg, Soros, paid for the Chinese made voting and counting machines that changed the votes. The Ohio votes were more votes for Obama than registered voters. My area, the 47 pasteboard ballot boxes were not secure. Anyway could have put lots of ballots in the boxes. Post office blue drop boxes were set om fire, sawed open. Inside postoffice the ballots were stacked in pickup containers against the wall. Anyone couldn’t have stolen the ballots. These ballot should be treated like money from banks. Security in front and behind the ballot boxes. Metal locked boxes. No more mail in abinstee ballots.

  13. Silly Milley is gone. Now we need our military to step up and clean out the stench in the Oval office. Now. We can not continue with this farce any longér.

  14. Pat Wells, you are correct. Until a new president is in office it is up in the air if our government will stop at the last method or not. If enough people speak to “Our God” as noted we can make a difference and those who are committing crimes will get there just dues.

  15. Both political parties are responsible for this mess, and both should be held accountable. There are plenty of Republicans with TDS, and many of our leading political leaders are not doing their job. It seems most of Washington, D.C., believes “we, the people” do not matter. We need to stop blaming the “other” side, wake up, and take this country back. We have been sold out.

  16. hay, look at the judge in the trump trial going on now. and who’s in the bunch setting out front. got a rope.

  17. Historically, with few exceptions, once a corrupt regime is in power the only way to displace them is revolution since corrupt regimes tend to be self perpetuating. The principle function of revolution, unfortunately, is to replace one corrupt junta with a worse one, e.g. African and Latin American republics. Illustrative of the difficulty in displacing an embedded cabal is the Hiss/Chambers affair. Note what it took to remove from power the German National Socialists. The tactics by which Marxists seize and hold power is easily recognized and follows a well established (and very effective) pattern of subverting government to gain control of those elements created to prosecute their actions – e.g. the FBI, the DOJ.

  18. To Vote in any election: ID, Fingerprints, proof of citizenship, paper ballots with serial numbers and the Military Counting Votes! Only Military can use mail in ballots with serial numbers! Period! God bless America! Wake up America the shit has hit the fan, if you love your Country, it’s time to step up to the plate if you want to keep your freedoms and your children’s freedoms and your grandchildren’s freedoms!!! SOS!!! Patriots stand up and be counted!!!

  19. Whoa, there was no voter fraud right? Democrats will do anything to win including breaking laws. Corruption all the way. Criminal act’s and no democrat did it right? Barr needs held accountable also. Throw them all out.

  20. We have so many EVIL people in this country that have sold their souls to the devil. Thank goodness that God is cleaning all of this up NOW!

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