Meta Hires CIA Agent to Head Up Their Election Censorship Division

Just when you thought the left’s censorship efforts couldn’t get any worse, Facebook parent company Meta has decided to put a former CIA agent in charge of their “Elections Policies,” meaning things are about to get worse…much worse!

With 2024 rapidly approaching, the social media company has decided to promote former CIA Agent Aaron Berman – who served 17 years at the government agency – to lead up the division of their company devoted to controlling the narrative surrounding elections.

Berman earned the promotion after spearheading Meta’s COVID misinformation team. That team was responsible for censoring any bit of REAL TRUTH that was posted on the platform surrounding COVID, therapeutics, and the vaccines.

The leftists were so pleased with how effectively he managed to control the narrative surrounding COVID that they have now decided to trust him with doing the same for the elections!


Meta has a history of doing this sort of thing. During the 2020 election they infamously censored hundreds of thousands of posts by conservative voices to help sway the election in the Democrats favor.

And Berman himself is certainly not shy about Meta’s censorship efforts. In one interview, he bragged about the fact that his company goes out of its way to not only limit content that violates their polices, but also anything that their internal “fact checkers” deem to be “misinformation.”

Now that the veteran CIA spook is leading Meta’s election censorship arm, they’re about to make 2020 look like a walk In the park!

Buckle up – this means things are about to get FAR WORSE!

Watch the video here to see why this change is so concerning!

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52 thoughts on “Meta Hires CIA Agent to Head Up Their Election Censorship Division”

  1. SUCK-BERG the Zionist is making is organization into a duplicate of the Nazi SS. The Communist Idiots & Assholes.
    program their employees to be Demonrat Hacks. The programming is right out of the 3RD Reich playbook.
    Liberal Demonrats are brain dead scumbags & the scourge of the earth.

      1. These dirty rotten Globalist Demon Rat bastards should All be executed! They continue to destroy what was once a great country! I’d love to see Mark Zuckerbergs brains splattered all over a brick wall!

      1. They will try again (as they TOTALLY did in 2020). The people is aware now, specially as we all witness daily: their outright INCOMPETENCE, total DISREGARD for the Constitution, for Law and Order, their CORRUPTION, and how demonCrats are DESTROYING the Greatest Nation ever known! Eyes are OPEN now! The CONSTANT persecution of Trump, all Conservatives, and lawful citizens that love and respect our Great Country are even greater eye openers! Soros and SUCKER-berg hate this country. Honest U.S. citizens need to LEAVE faceCROOK and CENSORmeta! We the People are the majority in the country. For LOVE of Country we have to Stand Up for It and ALL it Represents! ‘One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All!’

        1. Very well said! They should all be executed! Hang them upside down from a rope n give them a nice painful slow death by a thousand tiny razor cuts so they can watch the blood roll down into their eyes as they slowly bleed out! I hate them All!

      2. Obama is pulling the strings behind puppet Biden!! He doesn’t have a working brain cell any more…. this is Obama’s. Third term

        1. Right on, he is dealing with the devil. I got kicked off Facebook because I was telling people how to not get Covid. Right on about Biden being a puppet for Obama, Obama said one time He also said he wished he could run for a third term, which, with who we have in office he has the ability.

        2. Fuckerberg is getting paid off by Soros to keep the election fraud that put Biden and Harris in office. Chinese voting and counting machines.
          The Security for Biden in his health care home in Delaware.
          Just reading about Newsom and his helping the Chinese plant in CA, that was making mask, test tubes and vaccine for the covid. They were injecting the mice to carry the covid. The whole plant was illegal, Our taxes paid for that mess. Who profited from this? Probably Pelosi and Newsom.

      3. That is what we are all afraid of. They have paid too many people and media stations including tech to only put forth what they want the public to know. False lies from the Democratics.

      4. We are studying Revelation in Bible Class and the entire democrat realm sound just like Satan is described. I pray God will take care of them soon,.

  2. Suckaturd tries this again and we will break him like we did budweiser,this will stop before it happens

  3. What elections? You guys are sleeping and practically you are so naive that it defines cammon sense. You truly believe that there will be an election on 2024?
    Let me tell you what will happen in 2024.
    1. You will cast your vote
    2. You will go to sleep feeling good or bad about the pooling results depending for who you vote.
    3. You go to sleep to wake up next day that Biden has won the second term.
    4. If you don’t agree, what are you gonna do? Go out and protest? Do you think that the winning party cares? No they don’t , and beside that you had a taste of what the january 6th comitees can do. Do you want to spend 20 years behind bars? I didn’t think so.
    You all , wake up. Biden is already the 47th. His party of thieves already knows that and you cannot do anything about it.
    And by the way, if you think that the Supreme Court will intervene you have learned nothing from 2020 while the thieves have learned everything
    What makes you think that now when they control every branch of the government will they give up the power. They made it publicly known that Mr. Trump will not be the 47th, NO MATHER WHAT IT TAKES and trust me. They know that you are a good boy and you will do nothing except throw a little tantrum which will go away quite fast. YOU WERE A LITTLE BOY IN 2020 SO YOU WILL BE A LITTLE BOY IN 2024. That is a fact

    1. I think Biden is the worst President ever trying to destroy America! Trying to allow college student to not pay loans back that is terrible. Glad the Supreme Court has done their job as they should the correct way Biden does not have power to make such a promise to students! Trump should be our next president if we want our country to move forward!!

    2. I will bet you are depressed all the time with a loser attitude as you express above. Being a prophet is not your talent. I have faith in a power higher than the government and that power will and does control the end result, regardless of what mere men say or do. I will vote as a conservative in the election, as I have voted in the past. If God wills that America will survive as a free country, my candidate will prevail, regardless of what or how the leftist democrats conspire to do.

      1. Remember me on November 2024. I am not a profer. I am someone who lived for decades in a comunist country. I know what I see, you don’t

      2. Jack, Biden is not a conservative. He is giving all our weapons to Russia, China and the Ukraine , We will have no defense because he will fill the military with crossdressers as he has started. They will not fight. He has given loads of OUR money to China. WHY? you are smart, tell me why he is giving away our weapons and money.

    3. I don’t know about your “Little Boy” antics but, This is exactly why I left F’n fb !! It’s part of the “Fraudbook’ and they censor anything they want!! I had 3 pages devoted to Trump and sharing news !! Due to their bias, they stripped me from any kind of administration / management to my own pages !! FUCK FB !!!

      1. Happily, Facebook cancelled me because I made a comment about Obama. Everyone needs to cancel their accounts. But people being people, they will value their ability to share pictures and info instead of their country.

        1. I think I was on Facebook about a month. It’s the worst social website. I am sure China and all the crooks, have to know everything about families and friends, where you live, following peoples every move.

    4. You are absolutely correct! This administration and all the heads of government are totally devoid of any integrity or morals. Unless people start paying attention to what’s happening, we are doomed. It’s time to take a page from the Democrat playbook and hold rallies and send emails and phone calls to wake them up to our anger, 2024 will be a remake of 2020.

  4. I don’t think that the Democrats are that sure they will win against Trump in 2024. If they did, why are they doing everything, legally or illegally to stop him from running?
    I think more people are fed up with the things the Democrat party has been doing and they are scared that they will lose the election if Trump runs. If they were sure they could win against Trump, they would be doing everything they could to make sure he run, instead of trying to stop him.
    They must not be sure they can steal the next election like they did the last.
    We do need some honest politicians in Washington who will put a stop to a lot of the garbage that is going on now in Washington.

    1. There are no honest politicans on this planet! It is all about how much money they can steal from taxpayers!!

  5. If by chance Biden wins – there will be a revolution! As for facebook, never go on it. Never have and never will.

    1. I hope there is a way to stop the Democrats. I think you are right. My husband thought that 3 years ago. He hoped he was wrong, but it looks like the government Democrats have corrupted everything especially the media which will be even worse if they win again they will shut down all other media except what they want you to hear. China is involved in all of this and probably has been along with Soros. The idea is that we can never choose our leaders again. If we had term limits 50 years ago, this would not be happening because Pelosi/Schumer/McConnell and other Rhinos would not have had years to plot this occurring. They want to have a hierarchy here and Gavin Newsom will be Pelosi’s relative to take over. Look what he did to California. We actually do not have a country anymore since open borders. They rushed this because they wanted to quickly destroy our country. Pray that God will come to our rescue.

  6. We do not have to worry about China our own government is throwing all of us under the bus. There is no real preference to race creed or religion, the Democratic party has always pushed Racial issues, if there wasn’t one they invented one. They have always been the ones that started them, Antifa was formed by our government, FBI, CIA. BLM was founded so a few of the ones hired by our government to incite riots and build fires, would become rich. You noticed they even burnt black owned businesses to remove the thought they were just destroying the safety and continuity of the small private owned businesses and neighborhood’s, all the while taking the money and causing hate and discontent between all classes of the public!!! This started in the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s. They have been lying to us for a long time, it’s time it stops, many have dies to make us where we are today lets not accept the lies anymore.

    1. Agree!!!! We outnumber the government. But look how China controls millions of people. They have already infiltrated our country and are buying up farms, real estate and if you control the food, you control the people. They have all our military information, plus there is no draft so the military was for those willing to fight for our country until the WOKE culture was introduced. Do you really think anyone is afraid of men dressed as women or the reverse? Definitely not. We have generals who have destroyed our military. They will then be kept in charge for life. We have given all of our ammunition to Zelensky who will also remain in power indefinitely in the global order. We fell for the plight of the Russia/Ukraine war. They care nothing for their people either. They will also be controlled. We no longer make munitions but again it was given to China. What fools!

  7. The wealthy elitist Communists are working with Biden and his Democrat (American Communist Party) to turn the USA into a socialist republic like Russia became when Putin took over and the old Soviet Union was outlawed. Wealthy elitist psuedo-commies with power over the people with the facade of personal rights.The African “Democratic Republics” are just one step out of the Russian style and the Chinese just a little more powerful over the people than them. With the North Korean govt being the total communist regime. When the USA is finally taken over totally by the Democrats (ACP) there will never again be a free nation on the face of the earth and probably in the universe. Such a document as our Constitution and our govt (as funded) will be outlawed and anyone in the future who tries to bring it back wil be executed immediately. When the truth is that all those working toward the govt that is coming are the ones who should be executed now for treason against our nation and the human race

    1. Gunny Gil – your logic and reasoning are superb and spot-on !
      The time for wishy-washy platitudes has long passed – the Demonrats want a WAR – they should be accommodated 😉
      Otherwise – its RIP America – sad to see you go !

      Thanks for the insane number of “reCAPTCHA” hoops you tried today – plonkers !!!!

  8. Zukerturd is a tiny little man who uses his money and Meta to make hinself look important. He is NOT!! Ignore this puiny little ASSHOLE and you will all be better off…don’t do business with this jerk!!!

    1. Isn’t his wife from China? Not sure. But I bet she is another FangFang who has corrupted him while he was younger. Just saying.

  9. A member of the CIA is not an agent: that term is reserved for people hired to work for the agency who are not members of it – spies, agents of influence and so on. A member of the CIA is an employee or officer.

    1. I think its ti.e to boycott facebook. Who do they think they are to censor free speech. If the Don should indict anyone it should be meta executives. Why do the democrats need to cheat in an election to win. Its because their policies don’t work and it being proven time and time again in all major cities run bydems.

  10. The democrats are the fascist party of America, they are trying to take control of our lives in everything we do. Their gun control agenda is just for that, this tyrant government knows if they can disarm the American people they can impose on us the same as Hitler imposed on the German people and the German Jews. Have you ever noticed how many more mass shootings occur when the democrats are in our White House, that’s because they initiated them to justify their unconstitutional gun control laws. The democrats are notorious for race baiting the black community against the conservatives and a lot of the black community take the bait when the truth of it, the democrats are the true racist and are the ones that brought slavery to America while over 600,000 conservative Union soldiers died on the battlefield during the civil war in order to abolish slavery, only 40,000 of those soldiers were black that means that over 560,000 of those soldiers were white conservative men. It might take another revolutionary war to free the real American people no matter what race from this tyrannical government.

    1. I agree if the democrats win the presidency in 2024, it might take another civil war to take our country back from these power hungry politicians.

  11. If they think they make better decisions God will show up and out to let them see they have no real knowledge of what He will and can do.

  12. F_ _ K Facebook. I stopped going there because they are very anti republicans and also because is a waste of time. Beleave or not after 3-4 days I don’t miss all that bull5hit.

  13. I was advised years ago to steer clear of Facebook. Why? Because I was told Facebook couldn’t be trusted! Therefore, I have avoided Facebook. Damn good advise!

  14. True on, Face book is a bad joke and with this Aaron Berman added its worst joke. I don’t go on FB anymore stoped along time ago and with him nose-in around on it so glad i did. I seems no matter what the Democrats and every one with them are out to destroy America, and they are!! This nation is gone down hill so bad I’m beginning to thank it will never recover. I know it want with people like Biden in the front. Get him out please!!

  15. I complained and got access to another email address but they will not return all the work I had stored, I had family tree info, everything but the facebook gestapo took it. I am 80 years old and not computer friendly enough to know of another way to talk to folks. That’s why I quietly signed on to Facebook with another name but now they will kick me off again

  16. More Cover ups, misinformation fro Gument run FB or met and neither are a legit Free Speech Platform, DUM them and RUN, go to a place where FREEDOM is FREE because of FREEDOM of speech, dont support suppressers of the truth

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