Media COMPLETELY Ignores Inner City Mass Shootings

Steve Crowder asks, “Why would the media leave these out? It’s almost like they’re… fake… or something.” He refers to mainstream media’s ongoing efforts to overlook inner city mass shootings.

He notes that 80 people were shot in the past week in inner city shootings. Chicago had 20 people shot in one week, and 40 people the previous week. Yet you’ll barely hear about these events outside of Chicago. Why not?

The media appears to be downplaying inner city violence out of some kind of fear or cover up of largely African American violence. No outlet wants to be “that place” to highlight the amount of black on black crime occurring or the stereotype of a black male shooting multiple victims.

Even if the move doesn’t play to the left’s narrative, it’s unfortunately still often true. In fact, more people were shot in Chicago last weekend than in both the Atlanta and Boulder shootings last week. But unless you are a local watching Chicago news, you probably didn’t hear about it.


As Crowder notes, the media treats these shooting almost like fake news. But if the shootings involved a white supremacist, it would be wall-to-wall coverage. There’s something not right when the mainstream media chooses story based on what fits its narrative rather than what is really happening in the country. Time to turn off mainstream news and take a look at Crowder’s latest commentary for more on this important event.

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34 thoughts on “Media COMPLETELY Ignores Inner City Mass Shootings”

  1. One of the biggest problems this country has is blacks, and with open borders latino’s will soon be a major problem.

    1. Seriously? Personally I think THE biggest problems is idiots like YOU that can’t label people by anything other than the tone of their skin. Color has NOTHING to do with it, the problem is CRIMINAL behavior, PERIOD. It comes in all colors, sexes, political affiliation, and levels of intelligence.

      1. Are you that ignorant? What do you think the media does all of the time? Of course these low life thugs are criminals but the media is ignoring the shootings in Chicago because it involves black on black crime and that just does not fit their agenda.

        1. Restore gun rights in Chicago & shootings will stop that day. Also abolish gun free zones,99.6% of all shootings take place there,of course.



      3. Your’re the idiot. Facts are facts. Black on black crime is worse. Black or white needs to be addressed. Had nothing to do with race.

      4. Totally agree with you about color not being the issue. Also that organizations like the police. In 2019, there were 697,195 full-time law enforcement officers employed in the United States. The Dems and media playing there race baiting pushing the anti-Law Enforcement is costing there lives, being so disrespected and now downsizing there ability to assist society of keeping them safe and felling secure. Many lives will be lost as well as the crime rate will go through the roof. With the decrease of law enforcement and attack on our 2nd amendment again which will leave citizens unable to protect themselves. If they compromise our 2nd amendment in any way it will open the door to keep down sizing it till it is gone completely. They are already looking to get semiautomatic weapons outlawed which is all weapons. It’s already illegal to own automatic weapons unless you go through a very long process for a specific license which could take months. It and all legally purchased weapon purchases (from online, gun show or store) go through the background check and the weapon is then registered in the federal data base. Like every other law it just needs to be enforced. The media pushing the narrative that online and gun shows do not do background checks and registering the weapons has got to stop it’s just pushing there socialist agenda to have control and big government.

      5. Male blacks make up 7% of our population, yet commit 54% of violent crimes. I know, I was a cop in Chicago.

    2. They already are! Drugs, sex trafficking of children, killings, illegal entry into the US. Raping women and girls, receiving government services they are not entitled to.

    3. and journalists are not supposed to have an agenda….they are supposed to report the news, regardless of agenda, color, time or place. period. .if it doesn’t pass make it into the news, it didn’t happen? well they have been trolling that sort of thinking for some time now; surely by now we all know it’s mostly fake, churned out system of dem media picking and choosing!

    4. YOU…..Are So Correct – Rodney.!!!! Well put….. AND – It is Only Going to Get Worse. And somehow the Media Only wants to Cover Up this FACT.!!! Let alone the Blacks and the Issues that is there….The Latino’s or Hispanic’s or whatever they want to be called…..Has been an Issue and now with the Border Crisis…..The Flood is Upon Us.!
      I knew these days were going to happen…..YEARS, ago…..and it is now upon us and this Country is going to have some very Rough Times Ahead. There will Never be a Day – When some people think we are going to Hug, and Kiss, and Shake Hands, and be Friends……..What a Crock of S _ _ _…!!! …That is.!!! RACISM is a Human Fact – It has Always Been the Case on this Planet and Always Will Be.!!!!!!!!!

    5. funny how the liberals / democrats support and encourage all those problems.

      They do not want to focus on the inner city shootings because the problem is gangs , black gangs. The problem is the culture of the father leaving the family to go be cool with his buddies and whores.

      Since the liberals / democrats want to insist the problem is white supremacy there is no value to democrats to work on the biggest violence problem in america so they want to solve a superficial one instead.

      The problem with america is black people and the problem with black people is their blackness.

      The problem with america is Hispanic people and the problem with Hispanic people is their Hispanicness.

      these sound really racist don;t they? the Washington state library system has been running a class for years that is titled ” The problem with america is white people and the problem with white people is their whiteness.”

      Oregon and California are now running the class too.

      does it still sound racist?

  2. they need to send in the military to clean the streets of ALL of these DEMONCRAPIC cities , if you notice almost every city with mass murders on the weekends are run and ruined by democrat controlled politicians ,wake up inner cities ,wake up !!!!!

  3. Of course the Media ignores these mass shootings. They are closer racists, Reporting that niggers are the ones out of control, and causing mayhem in the inner cities goes against their narrative of being ass kissers. It’s also why the media won’t talk about crime stats in America too. There is a difference between black people that are working hard. Trying to raise families. Living their lives. Then there are the Niggers. Free loading, shirtless causing the crime in the inner city. Why do you think Barack Obama won’t live there, or any of these other so called elitist blacks. They don’t want to deal with the reality they know it is. They want you, and I To deal with it. If you don’t? They get the ass kissing Media to call you racist.

  4. Media refuse to tell the truth! Black around the country deserves to know what is happening in other city. JUST as ALL AMERICANS HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW! But the media narrative is that ONLY WHEN A WHITE PERSON ATTACK A BLACK PERSON! BECAUSE it stir up RACIST AND HATE! But it NOTHING WHEN A BLACK PERSON ATTACK A WHITE PERSON OR POLICE OFFICER! These boss of these paper are so bent on LIES! HONESTLY IS NOT THEIR FAVORITE WORDS!

  5. Mass shootings in Chicago is like reporting on a train schedule. Besides, it wouldn’t reflect well on black people who, according to the narrative, are only victimized by whites.

  6. Last year Chicago had 4,142 people shot. Only 83 percent of those involved were “Blacks”. Latinos accounted for 15% of those shootings. Whites were involved in a handful of those shootings. Yet the “Lame Stream Media” is only promoting what fits the “Propaganda” that the liberals want published. There were over 1,500 “Carjackings” in Chicago last year. Yet you NEVER read or hear about that. The Mafia, Unions, and Democrats are all in on the “Open Society” dreams of “No Governments, Borders, or Religions”. Don’t believe that Soros “Owns” the Clintons? Well, tell me who Chelsea married? Where was the wedding? Where were Bill and Hillary that weekend? I looked that up, and she married George Soros nephew, a Democrat. The wedding was in Soro’s New York home. Where Bill and Hillary spent that weekend. Nope, no connection there! Cause the media didn’t report on that.
    Look it up yourself, IF the liberal media hasn’t “Scrubbed” it yet?

  7. Be sure to logon to a website called ‘Hey’. It provides an up-to-date compilation of violence in Chicago. As a dark twist to ameliorate the ongoing mayhem, they do it was a touch of humor. Favorite is the ‘Car Jack O Rahma’ segment. Highly unlikely POTUS Barry and Moochie will spend much time at their other home there.

  8. Because the MSM know full well that the blacks and islamics would kick off with their racist tactic of extreme violence and protests such as wrecking white businesses and homes claiming persecution. Musn’t upset these minorities, let ’em get away with anything. Forget that they might be drug addled career criminals, they’re all God’s innocent children.

  9. IF that’s IF they had gun control in the Democrat run cities we would not be having this discussion. The Democrats have been FAILING at this for a long damned time. Now we have a demented old fart in the White House ranting about gun control even bragging about his past gun control; efforts (yes we see the results of that work) – AND to make it so much more HYOCRITICAL – the moron’s son carries an ILLEGAL GUN – and – Biden knew all about it – they even had the Secret Service step in to try to cover that up. Lastly, how in the hell does this dipstick plan to control anything with unrestriceted open borders? In thier desperate efforts to get kids for the pedophiles in Hollywood, NYC, the left forgot that – they have left the door wide open for ILLEGAL – untraceable – uh the BANNED “Ghost Guns” flow freely across that border – not just guns weapons much worse than the gun will ever be – like biological weapons. COVID has esposed to a lot of people who were unaware – that there are evil geniuses around the world – in the laboritories – developing this crap right now. Even worse – globalist like Soros – Gates and Obama have been funding them.

  10. We all know that The MSM ignores – dismisses and covers up these stories because all of these cities are Democrat controlled and expose continuing Democrat failures. The people in these inner cities notoriously and historically vote Democrat. As Einstein said – The definition of insanity is ” doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. If these people really want “HOPE” & “CHANGE” – perhaps they should try voting differently.

  11. Even when living in a South-western Chicago suburb for 20 years it was difficult to understand how (and why) violent events resulting in murder were not broadcast nationally. Of course, 8 of those years included the Rahm-Obama Consortium and, thus, could not be publicized to due to being (obviously) racist.

    Now there is a black/female/lesbian Mayor who has been shown to be willing to protect her own home with citizen-provided Security (i.e. Police Force) while denying this right to other residents of the Greater Chicago-land Area. As long as such incongruities are ignored (or more importantly, buried) by the Approved National Main Stream Media (read as any historical, tyrannical, state-controlled broadcasting: KGB, Pravda, Tokyo Rose, etc.), there will be no true understanding of the problems underlying our society and of the need of honest scrutiny and evaluation of said problems – – without rhetoric, partisanship and the convenient political approach that currently describes both the Media and the allegedly legitimately-elected administration that is now making choices ‘for’ the People as opposed to being a government run by, and answerable to, ‘the People’.
    Also, please note that your verification process needs to provide larger snapshots for those of us who have difficulty with visually identify smaller objects in a photo.

  12. There’s a reason why most big cities vote Democrat,
    It’s what the young are being taught in union controlled education system,
    Most all big college towns are liberal & that’s who are screwing with the young peoples minds.
    They start their indoctrination in preschool. I mean are you kidding me, drag queens entertaining young school children, anti police theories being taught, being a white person is now a bad thing, etc… all this & more can be laid at the feet of the Democrats.

  13. For the last twelve months we have had thousands of people all screaming “black lives matter”. But isn’t it hypocritical that cities like Chicago have hundreds of blacks being killed every year and where are the BLM and all the protesters? Seems that the only black lives that matter are the ones shot and/or killed by white police officers.
    Wake up and realize that BLM only wants Marxism.

  14. Just like Communist Russia who control TV. The next thing you know they will start controlling the internet, oh they are now. Well then they will start controlling voting, omg they are.
    We are going to become another Russia, watch the future unfold.

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