Joe Biden’s Call for Unity is Really a Call for Submission

Joe Biden has promised to be a unifier for the country. He has repeatedly called for “unity” since the media declared him the winner of the election arbitrarily last Saturday.

CNN’s Jake Tapper, The View’s Whoopi Goldberg and the rest of the lamestream media have suggested its time for Trump supporters to acquiesce to this call from Biden.

Jake Tapper sent out a tweet suggesting that if Trump supporters don’t acknowledge Joe Biden is our nation’s next president their ability to get future jobs could be impacted. Huh?

Whoopi angrily shouted from her roundtable filled with other old, liberal ladies past their prime that Trump supporters shouldn’t be questioning the election results and we need to move on. Riiiiight…guess Whoopi forgot that Democrats spent the last four years questioning the results of the 2016 election and holding “Not My President” signs.

In reality, Joe Biden’s calls for “unity” are a smoke show for what he and the media want from us: total submission.

Biden doesn’t give a crap about what Trump supporters want. He will not unify us with his policies or his progressive agenda. He just wants us to accept him so he can get into the White House unopposed. He is extremely uncomfortable with how deep the Trump campaign is looking into election fraud in multiple states.

For a deeper dive on this issue, listen to Mark Levin. He’s got a great take on Joe Biden’s fake calls for “unity.” Enjoy!

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114 thoughts on “Joe Biden’s Call for Unity is Really a Call for Submission”

  1. I will not listen to any calls for unity from these people. They didn’t call for unity 1 time in he last 4 years. They attempted to remove Trump. There is more evidence to remove Biden if he is inaugurated than there ever was to remove Trump.

      1. Me either, all talk and no action. The evidence is overwhelming and as usual demorats get a pass and the real Americans pay dearly. No unity for me, just thinking of moving to a real state that allows us to live our lives.

        1. Only because we Republicans aren’t petty like the socialists, but we get loud and vocal. Even boycott their advertisers like they do and harrass them daily. If we want it to stop we must quit playing by rules and use their playbook! Except better. Once theybtaste it and were its a double edge sword they will cry foul butvwho cares

        2. politicians NEVER get in anykid f trouble for all of the crap they do. both parties. its always tal, talk talk. trump did it too with hillary and look where that went!

    1. I agree I will not recognize your Biden that’s present United States his a video and audio lied to this nation but we have Patriots must understand that The Art of War is patience

          1. John: I agree completely with your reply to Terry. That lowers us to their pathetic level & also plays right into their hands…BIG TIME!…with the whole “martyr” thing.
            It would be best to not even publish such an idea; for they could even jump on that & use it to their advantage.

        1. hey Terry, I have secretly thought the same. glad to know I’m not the only one! only my list is a lot longer than yours……

        2. lol Terry bell- you have many who, sad to say, would whole heartedly agree with you- or maybe just some small island, way far away. animal farm

    2. Lmao! He wants unity? Where was the unity with Trump. OH! But now we are supposed to just forget everything they have done for the past 4years. Good luck with THAT, you brain dead perv. And that perv hasn’t done a …. thing for this country in its 47YEARS in politics, but that perv is going to save us now??? Hahahahahahaha! What a JOKE!

      1. Joek (is) Buying (the election), is my name for him. Also, Joek Obiden.

        Joek probably was bragging to China about the democrat’s “most efficient system of voter fraud”. That’s why China would give him a billion dollars- to finance the cost of the voter fraud election. That would be cheap for China- to get control of our country for a billion and no Chinese lives lost. Joek would sell out our country…just like HiLIARy would sell her mama for a dollar !

    3. This is another HOAX spread by people who have NO character! Please folks DO NOT TRUST THEM! Publish their crooked deals while they were members of the SWAMP!

    4. Every Republican, conservative, or any others opposed to Biden should get signs saying not my president and cement them in the ground.

    5. Thank you, I can’t believe these people, Biden will never be able to control republicans and it’s terrible what they are doing.

  2. Biden just needs to confess and get on with his retirement. Most of the votes he got doesn’t appear to be his votes and because of this he will probably not receive the respect a President needs to be a leader of United States. First of all we all need the Lord in our life Next we need a strong Leader. A leader that we can trust and Joe Biden is not that Leader and people will not follow. I believe this with all my heart and I ask myself “does he love us and does he want the best for us”? Right now America needs reassurance. All of us have been going through so much and we don’t need Biden to make it worse. God please bless America.

    1. Biden is the one trying to steal the election. Trump supporters knew NO WAY IN HELL was this the truth. He knew he couldn’t win fair and square.

      1. God will we can stand on his word. He has never failed us, but he will do it in his own time. God bless

        1. Psalms 89: 21-23
          My hand will sustain him: surely my arm will strengthen him.
          The enemy will not get the better of him; and the wicked will not oppress him. I will crush his foes before him and strike down his adversaries.

          1. AMEN! I’m going to proclaim & decree that Scripture Promise daily for Right & Truth to prevail once again in this very sad Nation.

    2. Biden is nothing more than a figurehead for the Democratic communist party, I believe he will not serve his full term the radicals will push him out so they can implement their agenda of tearing down this great country,start stock piling what you can and keep your powder dry!!

    3. Amen Annie GOD is in control we as Christians must start to stand up and say no more no more laws of abortion put the Ten Commandments back up where they belong don’t be afraid to say the name of Jesus for our Constitution was based on biblical standards

      1. There’s a line in the song that says and I quote “hear the voice of Jesus Calling us out of the cave like Lazarus rise up”
        God is calling us 2nd Chronicles 7:14

      2. Just a question. So if I am not Christian, does that mean that I too do not count even though I am a Trump supporter and hold some of the same values that Christians claim to hold?

    4. My only problem with your statement is the fact that Kamal Harris will then be President. That scares the hell out of me

    5. Amen, to this! I do believe that Satan is having his way with the World at the present time as the Bible tells us that this will take place before the second coming. Satan is much more prevalent with visual perception today than what we saw even 1 yr. ago.
      Good will prevail in the END snd GOD will have His Revenge upon Satan & the followers of Satan! Patience is exactly what the Lord told us to exert in the End of Times!

    6. Annie, I have a question for you. why should we care what respect he gets?? I will show him and his California ho the same respect they showed my President. Nada>. Joe Biden has never been anything close to a leader. all he does is plagiarize greater men and women. he also is not a devout Catholic like he and Pelosi claim. he and his current wife were playing house while she was still married to her first husband. this is not idle gossip, as it came straight from her ex. they helped him get elected in Delaware to the city, and when his first wife died, Jill jumped in and babysat Hunter and Beau for him. Proven fact. the old adage the husband is the last to know was true in this instance. they hit a man with her corvette, Joe driving, and when they didn’t pay for the mans damage, he went to the bar that her husband owned and asked for payment. that is when the Schiff hit the fan. he asked her she didn’t deny, and left their home that day. the b-s of their “meeting” is just another Biden lie. but that’s who the “people” elected. another liar in the long demon rat tradition…. the truckers are going on strike against Biden soon. be stocked up on necessities. P.S. some Catholic Churches have refused him communion for his actions.

  3. Any loyal patriot will never bow to the left we will unite as one and stand for our flag and whatever may be left of our fragile democracy!!!

  4. Thankyou Mr. Levine, and Hannity, Tucker and Laura Ingram, Judicial Watch, Focus on the Family and the Thomas Moore foundation, also Dennis Prager for standing up to defend America, our culture, our values, our constitution and I am sure many more Americans, that I am sure are rising stars for Real news platforms, because you are working hard to preserve this great country. God bless you! Continuos prayers and love!
    PS:”Without a vision, the people perish”! Some day
    I would love to see a conservative news channel,
    IE:”EAGLE NEWS”! I pray that it will bring news always with truth, no matter what, with respect, and fair to all, and that it will keep goals to encourage, to unite, and respect the privacy of our
    Leaders so that they can serve us and not waste so much time fighting hatred and malicious accusations.A dream to see our citizens focus on policies in our government and their effect and not on destroying each other.God bless America!

  5. we all know that the democrats tried to rig the whole election, thus the supreme court needs to over rule the whole election and give all GOP members the win in order to punish the law breakers democrats. this might slow their crooked ways down.. but very doubtful. Time for term or age limits now!! Sorry but Biden is a liar and a puppet for Obama.

    1. Hi Wilber!
      Biden and Obama are the “dull tools” of far greater powerful criminals of humanity than is currently well understood, but be of good cheer because The Great Awakening “The Enlightenment” is once again advancing after a great many years! True learning often requires pain & suffering. Keep in mind that NONE of the states have officially certified the last election results and the mainstream media is lying and deceiving the gullible as they always do, President Trump is your President, he was elected for a 2nd term, and he will in fact have his second term that he was overwhelmingly voted for by legitimate votes 😉 One way or another there is a terrible Storm coming for those who have betrayed America and The Constitution!!!

    2. all other countries had the fake results of our USA election 2 days before us, then our news show us what the democrats show the world brainwashing people ,herding people like sheep,follow do not think, do as your told .
      the rich is evil and politicians kiss the asses of the rich so they can get table scraps from the rich, the rich like Bill GATES give biden millions in donations so ha can make billions in government contracts, he still does not fell rich enough so he pays for election fraud and makes the program to flip votes , this is the key, the rich control you

  6. I respect unity…I’m in told unity with my fellow Americans when I say Sleepy Joe Biden and is fraud election running democrats can kiss my American loving ass….Trump is the leader this country needs and voted for not the power loving democrats that could care less about the American way of life.

    1. Through great adversity Americans of honor have already united and we shall never be in league with the dark and deadly forces of oppression and dictatorship! Have a Merry Christmas and be of good cheer, because America will be greater come 01/20/2021 of the New Year! 😉

  7. “Unity” to the left means automatic compliance with their mandates (grab your ankles) without question or push-back. Four years under a Biteme/Harris administration and their syncophant media colleagues would be like being forced to buy a used car every day from a tertiary used car lot. “Which of these liars will damage me the least?” The left has used the FBI as their Gestapo, and the poll workers as their storm troopers and expect us to accept it. Elections MUST be free and fair or it becomes another step toward anarchy. COUNT (and record) EVERY LEGAL VOTE! If it flips the result it will be a lesson to all Americans that we still believe in fairness, if it does not change the result it at least makes the 2020 election look legitimate to “We the people” and the rest of the world.


  8. Wide scale voter fraud by the democrats…send to the courts to punish them. Take all their wins away from them and give to the GOP as punishment, for their deeds have been uncovered. They MUST NOT BE ABLE TO GET AWAY WITH THIS .Do the crime and expect to do the time. .All involved should be brought to justice and be made to pay for their treason against the American people .Biden already ready to turn our country back over to China ,raise every ones taxes and make a joke out of the medical industry, as well for his plans for our energy companies. .Wreck our entire countries economy to play their games and they will sell us out to the highest bidder. If a GOP member had been involved with the crooked deals like Biden’s son they would have been run out the country. What happened to all the sex related charged that were brought against Biden???Swept under the rug????

    1. Treason can easily carry the punishment of execution in America, so I hope that you are prepared for the coming Storm and the true Justice that it will bring! Some criminals of humanity can NOT be allowed to live, for it is they who would destroy all that is good and decent in humanity itself! President Trump will have the second term that he was so overwhelmingly voted for by legal and legitimate votes!

  9. its time for a revolution. take weapons from army bases andcleanup DC! its looking like the only way were going yo keep america.

    1. This underhanded and dastardly war from within has been ongoing for longer than the majority of sleepy & groggy Americans currently understand, so you should know that many American Patriots have also been fighting this (cold) war from within and preparing for it to go “Hot” for many decades! Within the military are also American patriots who have been defending America as is their solemn duty 🙂 There are currently more guns in the hands of American citizens, than there are American citizens, and American Patriots are more prepared for war today than ever before in the history of the US. Be of good cheer and patient, because soon President Trump will be starting his second term as he was duly elected to do by legal votes. The last election was actually a landslide much as in the 2016 whipping Hillary received! Americans have rejected the oppressive big government criminals of humanity and now always will!

  10. this is funny the party that’s been burning down our cities and mass riots on the day President trump won the many hoaxes and spying and the money bidien himself has gotten from the chainesses and the hidden the lack of question real questions like where did the money go your son your brother got go ? and fly your family around doing business on air force 2 this quid pro quo which you clam President Trump did you yourself did on TV your a liar and a thief and a bigot still feel blacks do not belong going to school with your kids by the way bang up job you did with them a drug addict a pedfile and crimal interprise which i beleave you are the “BIG GUY “

  11. I am a Trump supporter 1000% Joe will get along quite well as long as he follows Kamila with her socialist agenda the only ones that it will not bode well for is the Republicans and Democrats.

  12. Due to all teh choas teh demo-evil-carpts have caused these past 4 yrs, Trump our President should be allowed to serve another 8 years. Arrest each of them, and give them the punishment for treason and that is being shot, it is on the books so do it stop wasting our tax payers money on the crooked demo-evil-craps that are trying to turn our nation into a socialist nation.

  13. If you don’t RECALL how DEMOCRAT was trying to fill the lower Court with liberal judge. Then you miss the set up by the democrat party! During Clinton term and Obama term they were NOT INTERESTED IN THE SUPREME COURT! Because if they could fill the lower Court with their type of judge. They knew there was NO WAY ANYTHING LAWSUIT WILL MOVE FORWARD! And this is what happened NOW! So next thing is band together if you are a conservative patriots AMERICANS CITIZEN. Because the civil war is looking more in the picture! Don’t be a dumbass and think you can handle them alone!

  14. Unity? Please. In four years did they the Ds EVER seek unity? RESIST, RESIST, RESIST. Then when Mueller’s probe that wasted how many millions and three years showing nothing. They tried impeach which went nowhere. Try a real crime next time. Will I unite er submit to them? Trump is a friend so I gave him no trouble. Biden or Heels Up? I don’t know them and have a deep-seated hate of commies, so… No way in hell III%
    SEMPER FI to my brothers and sisters

    1. Lt . Rob Polans
      Yes Sir!!!
      Strangers, rebellious to God,
      Truth, and Light can NEVER be
      united with brothers, sisters, friends, and families who are
      FOREVER united with the sovereign, loving Hand of God upon their lives!!!

  15. Now they want unity , my ass . Lest we forget the last four years. Go President Trump we are behind you 110% you are our president please don’t give up.

  16. I am a Trump supporter 1000%, there is no way dementia Biden won the election. Anyone with even half a brain could tell Trump was a far superior candidate to run the Country. Biden’s steals all Trump ideas as his own. The democrats and media are out of control, they probably even stole the election from other democratic candidates. There is no way we are going to submit to their UNITY submissiveness. I hope the attorney’s can prove the widespread cheating and all involved in TREASON get the fate they deserve. Prosecute them all. Kamala Harris is nothing but a pushy, aggressive racist she came from parents who overstayed their visa’s and would not go home. The media has no right to dictate what to show based on their preferences. The public should hear and see all and make up their own minds. I will not quarantine again. Try to enforce it.

  17. Joe is NOT the President elect and should go to FEDERAL PRISON for SEDITION and TREASON. He is ONLY a “unifier” of the Left Wing COMMUNIST Party. One THOROUGHLY Enlightened And ENRAGED Patriot. Team Trump and his Allies 2020.

  18. Lost Biden
    “is extremely uncomfortable”
    and confused, needing more fools to unite with him in bondage.

    Found Trump
    is absolutely comfortable
    and clear, inviting the more wise, to unite with him, in freedom under the sovereignty of God!!!

  19. “Unity”, Biden? Should’a thought of that before you Ran, literally.
    As for me, I will be giving free hot BJs on the corner of River Road & Main Street every day at Noon in Boerne, Texas before I ever accept or even acknowledge either Joe Biden or Kamala Harris as My President.
    May both of you and all of your Leftist Commie supporters have a Very Merry COVID Christmas. See You in Hell.

  20. Trump all the way, you know you stilled this election, democrats in knew it.this election was rigged from day one that’s why you stayed home you didn’t do many rallies why you knew you was going to win.give it up there will never be unity with you.nobody supports you but democrats .you got dementia give it up.

  21. I have a good question for all. If and I say if! Biden and Harris gets into office. Will there be any elections in the future? I wouldn’t put it pass the demarates to stop all elections like they do in other communist countries. And, if they do get in. The letters will not be; Welcome to the USA. It will be; Welcome to the UCSA, “The United Communist States of America.

    1. To RDB: President Trump will be the last Republican President. Yes, we can ‘vote’ in the future but the ‘voting machine’ will just be a fancy lid for a garbage can. I don’t know; from what I’ve been reading, the DEMONocrats want all conservatives dead. If the demons manage to get full control of our country, they will let the Chinese take over and we will live in FEMA camps as slaves. The SURVIVORS will live at FEMA.

  22. Their mantra for four years was “Orange Man Bad” I would like to offer for submission as OUR new mantra
    “JOE and the HO gotta GO” kind of catchy isn’t it LOL sorta

  23. Please President Trump do not concede! We can and will win this battle! It may not be the way we wanted at first but we will prevale. So please don’t quit on us we need you back in the Whitehouse four more years. We must find a way to defeat the Democrats for one last time forever!

  24. God Bless President Trump and his family thru all this, guide him, and tell him what you want for this country, we will continue to work to bring your people back to you!

  25. Biden equals Bullshit!!!!! Biden is Not Our President and Never will be. The Dem Libs May have won this Battle but the War is Far from over. Extinguish the the clintons along with the obumas. then let the bush’s understand that We The People will Not have Our thoughts twisted into their Pee Brain schemes!!!!! Down with Our Government for now. Can it come back? Hopefully, or Death to All !!!!!

  26. I cannot unify with a man who calls the murder of unborn children ‘women’s healthcare,’ and opposes religious freedom. He will destroy this country. Get ready to welcome the George Soros ‘One World Government.’

  27. Unity? From a racist, sexist, totally demented (yes there is climate change, has or will it harm us no) that’s just a deflection, Obama as a SCOTUS? He doesn’t want unity at all, just go on with his money and power grabs. Nevermind that President Trump is beating him in electoral votes. Funny how they didn’t mention ACB. They tried to stop her certification. So that makes Justices Thomas, Kavanaugh and Barret who may be hostile.

  28. QTE
    In reality, Joe Biden’s calls for “unity” are a smoke show for what he and the media want from us: total submission.
    Biden doesn’t give a crap about what Trump supporters want. He will not unify us with his policies or his progressive agenda. He just wants us to accept him so he can get into the White House unopposed. He is extremely uncomfortable with how deep the Trump campaign is looking into election fraud in multiple states.
    dr 08nov20 **************

    1. I wholeheartedly agree with you. I call upon our true President Donald J Trump to stay strong no matter what and to never give up the fight against Injustice, Communism, and Submission to the Democrats no matter what.
      If the Supreme Court fails, it must come to a Re-Vote or a Revolution. Trump supporters are a minimum of 73 million strong. Many of the countries on planet Earth do not support an army near that number.

  29. I can’t believe the Democrats would even considered blaming voting fraud on Trump . They knew from the beginning that they could cheat with mail-in voting and using those machines that can add or delete votes that they used on the election night when most of Trumps votes disappeared . These Democrats will do any thing to win . What bad they get away with it. Look at Hillary she tried to impeach President Trump then we find out it was the FBI and Hillary working with Russia and Obama and Biden knew about it . Bill Clinton was a pedophile with younger girls on the Island . Then we have Joe and Hunter Biden money Laundering with Russia , China and Ukraine still not getting in trouble . What are they waiting for .

    1. “What are they waiting for?” The Second Coming of Christ, apparently.
      It would take Jesus to return before a one of these innumerable Leftist criminal career-politicians ever serves a day of incarceration. Sorry, but I think that we will all see that is true. Crime & Politics go hand-in-hand.

  30. I agree with all the above I WILL NEVER ACKNOWLEDGE BASEMENT JOE!!! TRUMP IS OUR PRESDIENT!! Continue to pray for the Trump family & OUR President. Justice will prevail in the end!. God Bless America! Never give up. Keep your Trump signs & banners up! This Election is NOT OVER!! Be aware and stay active in your Support!
    Join in ralles, Marches & Car Caravans . Let our President know that you care. Sent cards, notes messages to the WHite house!

  31. Biden is a commie ass hole and I hope he catches the Chinese flu that his butt buddies spread around the world and dies a horrible death along with K. Harris and PISSalocie !

  32. I say if Biden is inaugurated president file impeachment proceedings the next day over his past VP office abuse over Ukraine and his
    Holding funds as blackmail, not to mention other crimes related to his conspiring with his son Hunter head a crook.

  33. Who has been causing choas in teh USA and around the nation? Who has been burning down our cities and destroying lives and businesses? It IT NOT THE REPUBLICIANS. IT IS TIME TO TAKE A STAND AGAINST CORRUPTION, AND LAWLESSNESS IN THE USA. IT IS TIME TO ENFORCE JUSTICE, CRIMALS DO NOT GO FREE THEY DID THE CRIME, THEY PAY THE TIME. BIDEN, his son Hunter, Obama, Clintons, Nancy, Adam, Soros, Bloomberg, Gates and hundreds of others that have hurt America need to be arrested and lined up for their treason and ONE BY ONE AIM AND FIRE….MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON THEIR EVIL WAYS. It is time that Biden who has said he had the largest voter fraud committee to confess it again, and be forced to step down, notice Harris hasn’t left teh senate, I don’t believe she even believes she is going to be VP and then step into the Presidency position. Harris should also be fired. If you go from one position in government to take on another and then lose you should not be able to go back to the job you were leaving to pursue another venture. If we left for a better job and it didn’t work out would our boss hire us back? NO, so why should we allow her to return to her old position. They need to all confess, give up their billions of dollars and rebuild America that their friends destroyed, rebuild the business, pay families for the loses of members, business, homes,
    Most of the votes he got doesn’t appear to be his votes and because of this he will probably not receive the respect a President needs to be a leader of United States. WE as AMERICANS NEED TO REPENT of our evilness and lack of speaking out sooner against the laws that have gone Against God’s Way, We need a Strong leadership in America who is not willing to be bought, and allow the crimes to continue. That person is President Donald Trump, He is not a political, he has gotten more done in 4 years than and of the Democrats have done in the past 40 years, and he didn’t accept pay to do the job, his income was donated to organizations. He wasn’t allowed outside business to remain in his care. Yet Obama, Clintons, other Presidents had foundations whos paid themselves lots of money, plus our tax payers money paying them, and still paying them . Once they leave office, they should not continue to get millions of dollars from tax payers for income nor perks, they are done. Do we still get pay when we leave a job? NO, maybe our SS, or retirement fund that we paid into, but this doesn’t go on and on, nor do we continue to get perks from our boss.
    leader that we can trust and is President Trump who keeps his word. Joe Biden is obamas and shawdow government and swamps puppet HE IS NOT A LEADER for the people. He will not follow those that are leading him on a mission to destroy America and take control of US, our Nation to make it a socialist/communist/Muslim, murderess nation killing those that do not comply to their demands. There will not be peace of any kind if he is a leader. I believe this with all my heart and I ask myself “does Biden love us and care about Americans, and the answer is the same NO. He cares only for what he can gain for himself, and for his family. He doesn’t want the best for us. Right now American’s need to REPENT and PRAY that we remain safe, and Believe True Justice is coming and the courts reviewing teh evidence of all the voters fraud that has gone on this year will seek justice and do what is right, Give the election to the Honest candidate, President Trump. Then arrest all those involved in the fraud including voters who voted illegeally, No illegeals , criminal who was released due to C-19, under aged voters, and ballots not made out correctly should be THROWN OUT.
    The Fraud Voting Machines should all be DESTORYED. We need to be reassured this never happens again, and that those involved be charged and punished. Everything that the democrat’s claimed President has done, has really need doing it themselves, trying to cover up their crimes. Clean the SWAMP, House, Senate, and each department in government in DC and in each state. PTL that HE is in Control not us, and God will see Justice pervail over all the evil that is being done, to bad the criminals sold their soul to a life of crimes and follow their leader satan rather then follow GOD and HIS WORD. May God have Mercy of America and Her Saints.

  34. Guess Whoopi forgot that Democrats spent the last four years questioning the results of the 2016 election and holding “Not My President” signs.

    But now states the people must comply to the Communist socialistic demo bull crap. Sorry Whoopi but you are full of CRAP. BIDEN IS NOT OUR PRESIDENT BUT A COMMUNIST PILE OF ROTTED MANURE LIKE THE REST OS HIS STAFF AND MEMBERS IN CONGRESS.

  35. America should be real proud to have elected (stolen) a man who is a “Crook”, Anti-America, Anti-Christian, Anti-Israel, Lawless (de-fund police), In agreement with BLM (Anitfa), Abortionist, a man for all things wrong!
    We ought to be proud of such a man and continue to give him the support the stolen votes gave him. My God America – WAKE UP!

  36. This duffus-ass Lie-beral DEMONocrat, who does not even know if he’s coming or going; does not know what ‘unity’ means. To him, it’s just a political word, meant to impress somebody/ anybody. If he was really concerned about unity, he wouldn’t be a DEMONocrat.


    1. His name is Joke Biden not Joe Biden because that’s just what he is,a joke .To think this man can run the country,he couldn’t even run a lemonade stand .
      How can anyone in the right mind even think that this was an even and fair election is beyond me . Joke Biden does very little campaigning ,hiding most of the time
      from press.Never getting any questions on his policies moving forward. The level of love for the country that President Trump and his supporters have is a amazing.
      Thoundands at a Trump rally and to think Joke Biden can hardly get a handful a people at a rally if you could even call it one .There is no doubt is was a rigged fraud election,no doubt .Hell yes take it to the USSC.Blow the lid off this corruption once and for all.


  38. Has anybody noticed that NO MATTER WHAT the DEMONocrats do, it’s not positive, but negative?! Lie-beral DEMONocrats destroy everything they put their hands to. Their political syndicate should be done away with; abolished for THE SAKE OF OUR COUNTRY. Their modus operandi/ forte’ is: fake, hate, negate, ingrate, denegrate, degenerate, instigate, agitate, segregate, separate, isolate, desecrate (Bible burning), depopulate (abortions), and D O M I N A T E! All the character traits of SATAN. See them for who they are and what they represent.

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