INSANE: Washington Post Blames Systemic Racism for Black Woman Spraying Hair with Gorilla Glue

Have you heard about the woman who put Gorilla Glue in her hair when she ran out of hair spray? If you found that story funny or amusing in any way, the Washington Post says you are racist, and are to blame. This. Is. Not. A. Joke.

The Washington Post backs up their outrageous claims of racism with the fact that the woman who tried the Gorilla Glue hairdo, Tessica Brown, was black, so naturally the cause is systemic racism.

As conservative podcast host Ben Shapiro notes in the video below, Brown is “a perfect example of discrimination on the basis of hair because she used Gorilla Glue in her hair. Again, can’t we just say that some people are idiots and do stupid things? Is that possible?”

No, somehow white people are to blame for this. White supremacy must be the source of the problem. Better form a committee and start a protest. Maybe even impeach someone.


But Ms. Brown shouldn’t be too upset. She did become a viral video star and was offered a free cosmetic procedure by a top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. There may be better ways to become famous in America in 2021, but not much that can spread your image faster than the allegedly-racist act of adding Gorilla Glue to your hair.

71 thoughts on “INSANE: Washington Post Blames Systemic Racism for Black Woman Spraying Hair with Gorilla Glue”

    1. Yes it’s funny and isn’t racist to laugh at someone that stupid says a lot for our school system it’s pathetic. As for the WP I wouldn’t line a bird cage with that communist paper let alone read it.

      1. Young people of any color can and do stupid things , as do a lot of older people . No reason they just do it . At the time it probably sounded like a good idea in her mind or his for that matter .

    2. You CAN’T fix stupid. I normally don’t post but this one I can’t pass up. I guess they quit teaching how to read because just like math it’s “racist” . You know there are warnings on packages along with instructions but it doesn’t do any good if you don’t know how to read. This girl and (skin color or gender) make no difference when it comes to dumb and dumber my final thought is she got what she deserved and maybe now she will learn to read and follow instructions !

    3. How can this even be classified as racism?
      This is just ignorance at its highest level.g
      Articles such as this, just fuel the racism cry.
      Agin the media always has their hands in spreading hate.

      1. Its typical of the democrat’s .anything is racist anymore. . most blacks are stupid an lazy . that s where the burn loot an murder. Comes from its gimme. Whats u got cuz i aint got it !!just look at the damage that was done. Buts thats ok cuz its they hot. An i dont so ill just take it cuz i want it mo need to pay for it.

      2. I guess the whole universe is racist then ! The two most common items in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity.
        I use Gorilla Glue a lot in my woodworking. She may be bald the rest of her life. GG has a way of getting into the smallest openings (like skin pores and hair folicles) and it won’t wash out….very permanent !!!

    4. Racism? The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of the white people in this country spend next to no time worrying about their race or any other race. They are busy raising their families and making a living. White supremacy is a tiny, sad group of people that hate themselves as much as any other. Not a thing. I am tired of being accused of being a racist or hearing that everything is racist. Poor self. Esteem is what is killing the black community. Not me!

      1. Dog, You got one thing a bit wrong. They are killing themselves too. 90% of the murder victims in some cities are black, and 90% of them are killed by fellow blacks (with stolen guns… much for gun control !!!) They are their own worst enemy !!!

    5. I will be turning 65 next month .when i was a young man in my early teens,I remember my grandparents were very racist in some ways .
      It wasn’t until my daughter married a young man
      Who had a lot of friends who were colored. I learned just how wrong They were. I made a point of being
      Against racism. Lately though,it is becoming harder and harder to keep that in mind. As every thing
      Is blamed on racism, it is causing a lot of people
      To push back and turning them back toward this
      There will always be bad people. There will also always be good people. Problem is, when you blame good people for bad things that they have
      Had no control of they will become bitter and push
      Back with a vengeance. We are already seeing this
      Happen and we may get more than we bargained for

    6. Patricia, this sounds just like something these DO NOTHING DEMOCRATS WOULD DO, because of just how stupid, idiotic ,ignorant dumb they are..

  1. Well she did it herself! Nobody force her to show her Stupidity! And Washington Post can use their LIES to whip their backside!

    1. The Washington Compost have made her look even stupider by splashing it all over the paper. Their is nothing racist about stupidity it comes in all colors. We have several in Washington and alot of other places according to the news. Some should try it in their mouths. The stupidest thing was starting a GoFundMe and more stupid people people donating to it. With all the people that are barely getting by because of this virus. Wonder if they would have done it for a white girl? Will ruin that fund for people that really need it.

      1. I’m of the opinion that people are getting more stupid. We need to remove all warning labels, and let nature take its course. Survival of the fittest.

    1. I’m in!
      Whoever wrote the article needs a very, very, very looooooooong vacation. I suggest someplace like maybe a rehab center??
      Surely this individual had a few before writing it, and the editor needs a huge reduction in pay for even allowing it through.
      Whatever happened to common sense,
      Good judgent, and moral awareness?

  2. Did the Post say that RACISM SYSTEMIC WAS CREATED BY THE DEMOCRAT PARTY? For once they can check when it was started! 1968!

  3. Jeff Bezo’s Washington Post is the center of “The Cancel Culture”. Every day this paper is attacking the “White Race and continues to push for more racism against white people. The billionaire snakes like the Bloombergs and the Weinsteins and the Soros and the Zucherburgs and ADL have finally reached the point to help tip the white race on to the trash heap of Western Civilization and build their New World Order

    1. I’ve been saying for years that the DemoRATs and the rest of the left wing radicals are racists who hate whites and want to see us wiped off the face of the planet. It’s getting more and more obvious. However, those whites who are traitors to their own race and are DemoRATs are getting just what they deserve. The rest of us need to fight against the left wing racists, tooth and nail.

      1. So true Robert. Surprised they don’t sue Gorilla Glue for not writing DO NOT USE ON YOUR HAIR
        Guess they will have to now. We pay more for everything cause of pages of warning.
        You just know when they wrote DO NOT USE IN THE .SHOWER on hair dryers is cause some idiot tried it

    2. Very true but remember you are 80% of the USA. so stop taking this crap. Vote against this post against this and never ever feel bad about building a wonderful free country .Stop buying Coke. Make sure you know what is going on in your schools. If you can self educate your kids about the real America. More and more places to voice the truth about the commie invasion are out there. The elite only know how to make you feel bad. Speak up loud and clear as the minorities are the racist.

  4. Until this stupid story from the WP came out I didn’t even know the woman was black. I don’t do twitter or facebook and likely wouldn’t have looked her post up anyway. Stupid is as stupid does and it comes in all colors of the rainbow. Racism has nothing to do with it. She’s the one who drew attention to herself by sharing her action. No one forced her to divulge it. Frankly I can’t believe she did that. Any reasonable person would never tell anyone that they had done something like this. Which further reinforces her poor judgment. Did she think by posting it she was doing a public service announcement? Wow! How many people did she think might put Gorilla glue in their hair? I suppose now Gorilla glue will have to put a label on the package warning not to put it in your hair.
    This story just gets dumber the more you think about it.

  5. When we were kids, we were freaking out to get gum in our hair. We knew already at young age not to put sticky stuff in your hair.
    I guess this woman will be bold for awhile. That is new fashion for women anyway! Oops, sorry, now I am talking chauvinistic!
    Cannot win these days! ( by the way, I am a woman!?)

  6. I’m fed up with this shit do they actually think they are making things better I’m not racist but I’m getting tired as hell of listening to the same old shit I love people black or white but I’m also a believer if you tread on me or my rights or my brothers rights I will fight you God’s Blessings he is the only cure for this sick society either you think it’s right for a guy sticking another guy or murdering baby’s your not normal got to say goodbye and amen

  7. She has a Go Fund Me page and I will not be surprised if she eventually runs for either Congress or the Senate in two years (some morons will vote for her) she would join brain-dead AOC and her nit-wit sheeple pushing the idea that America is systematically racist.
    This title “systemic racism”, was spouted by the Democrats in about 1968. If America was or is actually systematically racist, why didn’t Obama (a true racist) address the issue during his 8 year illegal occupation of the White House? Since he didn’t address that issue though he promised to systematically change America, it must not exist, it is a pure figment of the imagination!
    As the saying goes, “Stupid is as Stupid does”, a great saying and whoever came up with it should receive a national freedom medal!!!

    Nuff Said!!!!

    In Christ Jesus

  8. The total wall of silence from the AA female leadership cabal speaks volumes. Nothing from the likes of Oprah, Michele O, Joyless Joy, Bey or Maxine. Imagine this being discussed on The View?
    Yikes! We’ll also hear zip from any AA male. They know from first hand experience that comments pertaining to hairy, nails, make up or weight are strictly taboo.

  9. They will use the same old excuse they use for everything else. “SHE GREW UP IN A ONE PARENT HOME” COULDN’T GO TO SCHOOL CAUSE SHE HAD TO STAY HOME TO TAKE CARE OF ALL HER BROTHERS AND SISTERS. HAD TO BE A FATHER OR FATHERS SOMEWHERE. Single people are adopting children now and don’t/can’t use that for an excuse but has worked for them and alot of whites for a long time even though many of us have brought up a child alone. The key is stop at one if you can’t afford them. Its called common sense or stupidity something else?????

  10. just amazing how ignorance is propped up from the lowly politicians to the ignorance of this girl!!! STOP IT with that systemic racism!!! did a white person make her put that in her hair!! bezos you need to give your racist paper a rest!!!!!

  11. So is the “top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon” white? He’s a racist. Is her viral popularity earning her any money/endorsements? If so, it’s due to systrmic racism; she should give it all away and delete her account because the money is “tainted,” and she is just perpetuating “systemic racism” and “white supremacy…” – OR, she’s just stupid.

  12. So, if no one made a comment about this stupendous act of stupidity, would we have been racially insensitive for not expressing our sympathies?

  13. We are taking back our country. Enough is enough. Liberals are destroying our country and our freedom, and we will not allow that to happen. The time has come and gone for conservatives to stand firm and tell liberals and let it be known that they will no longer rule our way of life with dishonesty and a lack of common sense. We will push back and resist so greatly that liberals’ heads will spin.

  14. I am amazed at the fact that every stupid act that people do is blamed on racism. The democraps are determined to divide this country totally and bring it to communism. I hope everyone that was stupid enough to vote for lying Biden and hells up Harris get the full brunt of hardship

  15. It’s always someone else’s fault for making a bad decision. Just like suing McDonalds because eating there every day for every meal made one fat.

  16. Of course it’s racist. What isn’t anymore. They scream Racist when they are the ones doing the crap. Get over it. You are so hurting the really good blacks in this country that don’t use an excuse like RACISIM for everything. I know I have been turned off by the BLM corrupt group, and Antifa. They don’t make the blacks look good.

  17. How in the blazes did the media get this story? Same thing how did they get the story about Ted Cruz? Facts are not found any where these days. Just people calling themselves journalist that have no clue as to the real world.
    This is nothing but a proposed take over by the communist democrats. Everything said is racist. Even having a home is racist.

  18. Yeah, well I heard that if you wipe your butt with Gorilla Glue, it really makes your teeth sparkle. You don’t need to brush, the glue does it all.

  19. Maybe she should get a STUPID Emmy, for her YouTube video, oh wait too late Andrew Cuomo all ready scoffed that one up, but she will definitely be in the running for one of those Darwin awards!

    1. Darwin awardees are generally dead [i.e. – “voluntarily remove themselves from the gene pool.” so … not yet.

  20. How can this be racist. Does this person not know how to read, if she can’t read she could ask questions of how to use item. If i were to do something this stupid i sure wouldn’t want to advertise it or post it on line. I would be embarrassed. I am so tired of everything becoming a racist issue: GOD CREATED ALL MANKIND (WOMEN TOO) IN HIS IMANGE. GOD DOESN’T SEE COLOR HE LOOKS AT OUR BEHAVIOR, (MORALS AND STANDARDS) IF WE LIVE FOR SELF, OR OTHERS, DO WE LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS OUR SELF AS HE LOVES US. Have we repented of our SINS and follow HIM, or the corruption of evil basically selling our soul to the devil. ALL PEOPLE CAN LEARN even even those with a specific type of mental deficiency, associated with the genetic disorder now known as Down syndrome.. autism, deaf, blind. GOD loves all. If people choose not to learn by applying themselves then they most likely will not do much with their life except blame others for their lack of education. These kinds of people are pulled into all kinds of groups where they want a feeling of belonging, and when they see the corruption, it is hard for them to get out of the group, as they fear of being alone. There are groups out there to grab these people and mislead them. As for parents they should be their trying to keep their children from the hands of these people, but often are too tired after working all day, coming home and tending to family needs, meals, laundry, cleaning….when in reality all should be helping out. Less time on the cell phones, games, computer and doing things together helping one another, learning to pull your own weight. When children refuse then you get stupidity. OH i can’t be the geek that helps at home, i will be bullied and mocked. dah…rather be a smart geek then a stupid person that can’t read directions and follow them. When i read directions and don’t understand something written I ASK for help. This world has become a place of I am more important than my neighbor, THIS IS NOT SCRIPTUAL, LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR OR ONE ANOTHER AS YOU WANT TO BE LOVED. it IS VERY HARD TO LOVE SOMEONE WITH GOD’S LOVE IN YOU, your liking, or love for that person is a put on, not genuine love. If we want to get everything political correct and say yes means no and no means yes what are we teaching our kids…WRONG INFORAMTION. STOP THE PROPAGANDA!!!! TEACHERS years ago gave marriott for the work done and not push a child through the system. If a child had a problem with a subject they received a tutor, or a student helper that understood the subject; or they had study partners., and that doesn’t mean that the smart one did the work for the lesser educated person. We studied English Literature to learn from it discussed Shakespeare, all sides of it not just one side. Have we not learned from the errors of the past, and moved forward and avoid to repeat them. Apparently not Biden wants to segregate the races, political parties from one another. God forbid people that think different then them and disagree with what they say. The politicians have been in office way to long and stolen from the American Tax payers for to many years and doing nothing for the people of all races. We have poor whites, blacks, olive skin. We don’t like anything that doesn’t look or think as we do. SAD!!! What do you really believe—it is right to destroy other peoples belongings and lives because you don’t have what they have? THOU SHALL NOT COVERT OVER PEOPLES GOODS. You want them, then save, and purchase them, don’t steal, destroy what isn’t yours.
    Everyday as i lived in my fathers and step mothers home, my step mother told me she would never love me and i was stupid. HUM! Praise the LORD i did not believe her, as i felt God doesn’t make stupid or dumb people it is man who wants to destroy that person. Praise the Lord i didn’t believe her. Ii waited 20 yrs before going to college due to income then attended College thou she said i was to stupid to go, might add i graduated on the deans list and a scholarship to continue college PTL as a dyslectic person i didn’t listen to her but forced myself to learn—books on tape and read along with them; read aloud this way had to say and hear the words. 66 yrs later i am still learning things something new each day. I read something everyday, i pray a lot for GOD to direct my path and help me to learn, and i can reach out and encourage others, or help others. i have friends in 48 states we write, see each other when able, and we pray for each other. if this women can’t read, then she needs to take and get help, if she can read and chose not to read directions than she got what she did through her stupidity…is she stupid? I don’t know and can’t judge her? Did she learn anything from this? Yes be stupid people give you free product…..this is wrong….they should have offered to pay for a tutor to teach her to read. Most people use common sense when doing things.

  21. No, t his was due to the tremendous weight causing the head to go off balance and nearly “fall off”-the weight of that wig has to be about 50 lbs–BLM cant save her either-I am wondering if the surgeon had to remove the small balance of “grey matter” as well, as she was shortchanged to begin with

  22. Any time a black does something so monumentally stupid, it is blamed of racism. They are eager to soak up the accolades and atta-boys given So people won’t get sued, and are ready to take credit for things they had no hand it, like Obama and his bull shit Nobel peace Prize, or all the unearned medals he pinned on his and Biden’s chests. This idiot plans to sue the makers of Gorilla Glue for no warning saying, “GORILLA GLUE IS NOT A HAIRSPRAY” Hey Moron, try Gorilla Glue as a feminine hygiene product, or a treatment for hemorrhoids. Good luck, and have fun

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