Foreign Leaders Say Vote Hacking Happened in their Elections Too

Ok. The left spent four years telling us that the 2016 election was stolen by the Russians and illegitimate. They spent all of 2020 telling us that voting isn’t secure and that the Russians would hack it and steal it for President Trump. They also told us that President Trump was making the election insecure by defunding the post office and removing polling machines.

After years of telling us this, they’re now saying that everything was 100 percent above board. There’s nothing to see here. If Joe Biden won, then obviously the election was fair and no cheating occurred. They also fail to see any cognitive dissonance in any of this.

For those of you who aren’t sycophants and care about truth, there was a lot wrong with this election. We’ve seen countless instances of voter fraud, failing voting machines and dirty play in general. It turns out that the U.S. isn’t the only country with these problems.


Voter hacking is rampant across the world and is one of the leading forms of espionage in the modern era. Many countries are pointing out that they have had problems very similar to what we saw this November.

This video will cover the most important stories. You’ll see that you aren’t crazy for feeling like this election was shady. The evidence is mounting by the day, and it’s still too soon to say that this is entirely over.

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34 thoughts on “Foreign Leaders Say Vote Hacking Happened in their Elections Too”

    1. in bidders pocket… soros, Clinton, et al have spread mega millions around to get President Trump out of office. he dried up their gravy train for 4 long years. the cabal is needing a cash infusion from the taxpayers of the USA. that is why Biden warned of the massive tax raises. and if you believe it is only on the rich, you deserve what you voted for…. (not you personally). I can’t wait to hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth and all the but but you said….. remarks coming from the brain dead people who voted to lose their life savings via the Dodd-Frank law that Obama championed. read it. your money can be confiscated from the banks legally under this law….. you can kiss off your IRA, etc. also your guns…. we are becoming a one-party country, and it will not be the USA that we grew up in. changing the Star Spangled Banner is the first step on the road to a dictatorship. what in the hell are we going to do with $20.00 gasoline for our luxury cars and trucks? what are the oil and gasoline industries going to do for work? no fracking. as Numb Nuts Biden said, you can learn to code. big joke….. I have a relative who has over 30 years in I.T. who says it is a flooded market now. can you imagine if everyone learns a trade like coding, then can’t find a job? maybe N.N, Biden will let them join Drughunters many companies????? what a joke. and what in the hell are we going to do in the winter? the windmills won’t turn with ten tons of snow on them. ditto with solar power. we tried that with Solyndra. this country will starve and freeze to death under the maniacal presidency of Harris- if N,N, Biden breaks his foot playing with a dog, just how hale and hearty will he be trying to run the country? they already are planning to bail out the blue states who couldn’t manage their own finances under the guise of “Covid” expenses. right. try mobs ruining the business’s, and mass looting… pensions that were ridiculous to pay, etc. no, this country will borrow from Joe’s good friend, China, and our ancestors won’t ever be able to get out from under that. what Joe should have said during his debates was better learn to speak Mandarin. it is going to replace English soon….

        1. Hey southern proud,
          Your statement was so darn good, I didn’t see any mistake!
          Thank you for taking the the time and caring enough to share your good southern thoughts with us!!!

      1. Do you think freedom loving patriots will stand idly by and let it happen.
        Can you imagine what fanatical groups on the right and left are planning now,?

        1. We will not stand for and cheating Donald Trump is and will be our President, to Hell with the Demon-Crats and those traitor judges, if they won’t stand for freedom they can go to hell as well.
          Be at DC the 6th of Jan….

      2. Well hopefully they will GET THAT COMMUNIST CHINA JOEY OUT OF THERE AND we won’t have that problem. Even Mark Zuckerburg put more money in the DAMOCRAPS ELECTION funds than the government gave to all the state’s.. Zucker gave like 419,000,000 and paid for the voting machines.

      3. I feel that we the people of the united states will have to set aside our difference cause by our corrupt government officials whom have kept us pitted against one another using race religion gender young and old and not only here in the Divided states but globally we the people may have to resort another tactic in removing those elected officials because voting them out is not solving our liberty and equality as citizens

    2. This is what’s totally corrupted:
      Supreme Court Chief John Roberts,FBI director Wray and all agents, CIA director and her agents, DOJ Barr and all his worthless lawyers. Most dangerous people in Washington DC Mitch McConnell, Cornyn,Linsey Graham and all GOP leadership & Rhinos all working for National Chamber of Commerce and China money Globalist.


  1. If it looks like fraud and tampering too and the dominion software is completely corrupted and they have received 400 million from a company owned by the Chinese and Soros that smells like corruption the Presidential election sure must be RIGGED?
    The board of Elections in the swing states that are being govern by liberal Democratic with overwhelming escalating evidence of mail in ballots tampering fraudulent ballots and ballots disappearing or never being delivered Then There’s the closer for three hours and then there’s the Magical appearance of over 100,000 votes without a single vote shown for Trump there are too many inconsistencies in this presidential version to be ignored or sweep under the table. This a clear case of Espionage and attempted coup by democratic party and outside nations tampering yes it is a duck

    1. Right 0n Mario. This Country and all that it stands for (like Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness) are headed down the DRAIN when Dizzy Biden and Corrupt Kamala take over – and push their Demonratic party ideas against us. They Stole the election, now they’re gonna steal our Democracy. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then…………..!!!

  2. the only way to stop this crap is to make it mandatory to vote in person, no exceptions except for military. those ballots must be taken and delivered under military guard. the vote in person must require a thumb print as well as picture i.d., and social security card. no mail outs of any kind are allowed. the USPS is not allowed to transport ballots, these must be under National Guard delivery to counting houses. no off the street volunteers to handle any ballots. they must be printed and bonded to do this, like what is required to get your concealed gun permit. it is common knowledge that the BLM movement as well as ANTIFA had their goons in every polling place, counting area, etc. they advised these “followers” to volunteer, per the document I warned over and over about during the fall. it was on the internet and the title was “THE COUP”. I urged people to read it for themselves. that the election was rigged is a no-brainer. both physically and mathematically. the forensic mathematicians have proven there was an algorithm in place to switch votes. and where are the USB drives, all 43 or so of them that are MISSING? our good President Trump got so many votes it broke their pre-fixed outcome, so they shut down the machines to add votes for Numb Nuts Biden. Trump should require the people who ordered the shut downs to appear under oath, and with a poly, to explain why it was done. so far, it looks like the demon rats will get away with the biggest theft of an election in a free country the world has ever seen. when people in other countries protest our elections, you know the world is aware of that theft. Barr and all of the DOJ should be fired. that myopic fat useless blob can’t see any fraud???? open your eyes. I thought he was a man of integrity, but I was sure wrong. and the other moron, shuffled along to take out the clock. we will never see the bad actors held accountable for their misdeeds. N.N. Biden will sweep it under the rug, along with his miscreant sons deeds. I only hope that somehow President Trump can prevail at SCOTUS, or the House. with 26 republican votes, and 22 democrat votes, there is a slight chance that the House will pronounce President Trump the rightful winner of the 2020 fiasco. here’s hoping.

    1. I agree with so much of what you’re saying & proposing. I’d be a little lighter on absentee ballots to include those that are hospitalized, incapacitated, business people living abroad, but that they would ALL somehow need to confirm the voting, one of which is simply ballot out – ballot in. No mass mailings and strict count & paper trail.

    2. There is one small problem (and it don’t help conservatives)
      There are 3 BIG groups who (by necessity) vote absentee.
      I’m sure you would see why.

      Active Duty military, state department embassy staff around the world, and interstate truckers.
      ALL THREE groups are well known for their conservative voting…

      With the active duty military…
      if I had to tell you why THEY vote conservative, you have been living under a nice, HUGE rock.

      State department embassy staff…
      These are the people who deal with other nations on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis.
      They know how liberal policies affect (or infect) how other countries react to the USA.

      Interstate truckers…
      These guys go to EVERY city, town, or hamlet in the country.
      They get to experience and compare (at street level) the liberal and conservation policies all over the country.
      They see the results in EVERY city and town they go to.
      It is NOT a surprise they have to vote absentee (they’re rarely home) and it’s not a surprise these ten MILLION voters tend to vote conservative

  3. Get rid of the SWAMP. Biden, Pelosi, Chuck Shimmer, all of the corrupt politicians in office. They are nothing but liars and thieves. TRUMP 4 MORE YEARS. THAT’S WHAT THIS SOUTHERN VOTER WANTS. TELL THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Amen Brother !!! TRUMP 2020 ?? ?? ?? KILL THE COMMUNIST BIDEN AND HIS HORSE KAMALA HAIRYASS WITH HILLARY OBBAMA PELOSI SCHUMER THE CEOOKED FBI AND CIA AND AG AND DO A LITTLE RHINO HUNTING !!! I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL THAY FIND THAT Hillary Obama and BIDEN are all involved in human TRAFFICKING. I was putting that on these comment boxes on news sites 3to 4 months ago while the news FAKE NEWS WAS COVERING it up. And the FBI and CIA were all covering. Like HILLARY COVERING up Billy Clinton’s affair with a 13 year old girl Obama likes little boys or girls. Hillary was make yeeee haaa with JEFFERY EPSTEINS MISTRESS so we know what she likes I’m sure Billy did not mind as long as HILLARY would bring him another 13 year old

    2. I would rather see them impeached damien, and we need to include the C..t maxine waters the democratic in disguise the sorry worthless RINO ROMNEY. If they are impeached they loose any possibility of retirement funds from taxpayer money.

    1. Hello ZEP ZIP, LAST I heard about SOROS he was in some forgien country about 2 weeks ago . that fella deserves to be shot as well!!!

  4. This election might look pretty fair compared to the next election . If we cant turn this election around you might as well kiss this democratic republic country good by .

  5. I believe it’s time for the deplorables and others who love this country to take a stand and show all of the elites your time is over. We all know Hilliary Clinton’s hit man will get rid of Joe Biden and horseface Kamala will take over and she will make hilliary the vp. Then God help us all.

    1. I am a deplorable too I ready let’s go swamp creature hunting and COMMUNIST shooting practice !!! Hillary and KAMALA HAIRYASS will be like JEFFERY EPSTEINS MISTRESS and Hillary they both eat at the Y

  6. The Supreme Court should have taken this case. A fair way to reassure voters we can have a safe election would be to revote in all the swing states. This time NO mail in ballots except for military and elderly. The Democrats won’t like this remedy for obvious reasons. This process would restore election integrity and the voters could use paper ballots with hand count tallies. This would prevent a Civil War and restore fairness in our elections. A lot has been said about Dec. 14, and Jan. 6, deadlines but our election is way more important than those deadlines. We know Trump would win easy if these rules were followed. It would be a HUGE mistake for anyone to think Republicans are too afraid to fight back!

  7. I believe 100% that President Donald Trump won this election. Unfortunately, I also believe that every single judge doj, FBI etc etc. we’re bought and paid for by soros and the deep state. I don’t think that there is anything wheresoever that we the people can do, short of some kind of overthrow or civil war to change the outcome of the 2020 hoax of an election. I personally don’t want to see it come to this but if you’re thinking that by some miracle President Trump is reinstated to the Presidency, then you’re only fooling yourself. I Love America and I have enjoyed living in our country for the 61 years that I’ve been alive but I truly believe that outside of taking matters into our “we the people,” hands it’s over and done with. They cheated and they lied. Better get used to that and worse. This is your new normal? As they say? Jesus Christ just may be coming back sooner than people may think…

  8. Tony I think your right.,between covid and now this it is time to make yourself right with God. I don’t really want to live through this horror show anyway.

    1. We still may have a problem !!! Yesterday I was reading and seen where CHINA had a warship less than 100 miles away from Florida’s coast. !!! That would have to be COMMUNIST CHINA joey’s buddies .

  9. We, the American people, need to get rid of the phony politicians in our Congress and State Houses. Pretending to care about the people, and then treating them like servants once they are in Office. Little despots.

  10. when the democrats start to change election rules and regulation in early 2020 before the election that the time they will commit voter fraud and they will cheat to the core and they will not admit that the commit election
    fraud because that the only way to win an election and nothing else because they know if the election is fair and
    square they know they will loss the election fair and square so they have to cheat to be able to win the election
    and nothing else is matter to them they must win so that they can grab the power and control and if they loss
    they have nothing. the democrats will pay big for what they did the election in 2020 and they will loss the lower
    upper house and whitehouse in 2024 election.

  11. If the case of the Stolen Election goes to the SCOTUS and they do not see what has happened we the people need to make sure they will also have term limits. I hate liars and I believe they lie to get a seat and then they show their true colors. They should be impeached. Any one with half a brain knows the voting machines were rigged to elect Bidden. Too many witnesses put their life in danger to come forward with evidence of a stolen election and if the Supreme Court does not stand up to guard our laws and The Constitution, then they have been bought or too scared to hold office. The American people will need to protect our country at all cost. Keep praying for President and our country. We cannot stop supporting our President. Biden will never be my president. He and his party are theives and need to be held accountable.

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