FBI Admits to Having Agents Among January 6th Rioters

As if you weren’t already convinced that the January 6 ‘terrorist attack’ narrative peddled by the Democrats was a complete lie, new court documents confirm the FBI had insiders who more than likely helped to set it up.

It’s widely known that the FBI has become wholly corrupted and acts on behalf of the Democrats, so their admission that they had as many as 8 ‘informants’ planted among J6 rioters raises serious questions about what really went down.

The bureau was forced to admit the presence of their informants as the Justice Department indicted former Proud Boys leaders Enrique Tarrio, Joseph Biggs, Ethan Nordean, Zachary Rehl, and Dominic Pezzola on charges of charged with seditious conspiracy in connection to their involvement in the Capitol Building breach.


But if the FBI insiders knew what was going to happen, why did they do nothing to stop it?

The most likely answer is because the FBI actually helped to set the whole thing up in an effort to frame former President Donald Trump and his supporters as Domestic terrorists.

The FBI has long since lost the trust of the American people who can see right through the corrupt government agency, which is why the insurrectionist narrative never really seemed to gain any traction.

If you want to learn more about what exactly this damming admission by the FBI means, watch the video here.

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139 thoughts on “FBI Admits to Having Agents Among January 6th Rioters”

  1. The whole justice department is corrupt and has been since obama was in office. Obama politicized the IRS, the DOJ and other alphabet agencies against conservatives. Obiden is following in his footsteps although Obiden is more brazen about it with the help of Pelosi and other high ranking democrats. The entire J6 committee should be investigated and shut down and those incarcerated on false pretenses should be released and paid reparations for being illegally incarcerated.

    1. You are exactly right I said from the beginning that it was all set up by the Democrats Pelosi. Everyone was that on it.

      1. No true Patriot ever believed that President Trump was behind Jan 6th, we knew it was demonicrat planned the whole time. Another conspiracy theory that came true!

        When it’s finally announced publicly that it was, in fact, demonicrat-planned all along, don’t get swept away by the tide of water flowing from the melting of the left wing-nut snowflakes!

    2. Sure. Ask why Pelosi declined bringing in the National Guard which Trump authorized. They need to free those people who were arrested and continue to be arrested for just simply being there. Innocent people are being prosecuted in this country and criminals are allowed to go free.

      1. You are absolutely right about all you said. They need to free those people they have held for over a year with no court date, and in solitary confinement. Those poor people will come out of there in a horrid mental stare and I hope they sue Biden for all the government is worth. So sad and the 8 FBI walk around free. Stinks to hight heaven. If we don’t get Biden and his admin out, and soon, we won’t have a country any more. It’s so communist now its horrifying. The illegals are taking over and we are almost doomed. Vote Republican in 2024.

      2. The committee to investigate the riots of 2020 and on Jan. 6th needs to subpoena Pelosi for questioning. They should also include that Pencil-neck Piece of Schiff. Let us see how much they had a hand in the “Insurrection,” and then see how they like to be jailed in solitary confinement. I admit I am vindictive enough that I would love to see that.

        1. Do you really expect them to tell the truth? They can=n perjure themselves ’til the cows come home, and nothing will happen to them, because the DOJ and FBI are in the Demoncrat’s pocket. Remember how they let Hillary off?

        2. Why do you think Pelosi would tell the truth. Just like Wray, Fauci, Garland, and those other department heads that lie their asses off and get away with it or obfuscate their answers because they know if they told the truth the entire Obama/Biden regime would end.

      3. OMG; I remember when Obama did fast an furious an a Border guard was killed.No problem ?But DJT is the problem? They FBI an plosi have Trump derangement syndrome ????

    3. you sir are 1000% correct, might add the fbi that set this up should be in prison and placed in that hell where the j6 are imprisoned and under the same conditions


    5. I would like to know what happened to the law enforcement forces that I grew up with. We need law enforcement forces like those in the Untouchable shows I watched years ago! It is time for the silent majority to stand up and fight and end this corruption and find a way to secure our elections, there were too many late voters that were counted that gave the votes to the idiot that is in the Oval Office now. Our economy, including my retirement account nose-dived after Biden took office, I saw great gains under Trump’s administration, only to be erased by Biden!

    6. Very true. We do agree with you. What a corrupt government we have. All need to be kicked out of office and replaced with honest people. We have to have enough honest people to take the place of all the corrupt in office. Yes the J6 committee needs to be investigated and shut down. What a waste of tax dollars.

  2. This is no surprise. The FBI/DOJ should be held accountable for being there and not doing anything to stop it. The actual people that got overboard sentences because of left judge needs to be exonerated and all the people in jail should be released NOW!

    1. You are so right. It blows my mind that these fbi and doj people have no remorse about destroying the lives of so so many people I do get extremely worked up about this. if I was a Jan 6 prisoner I would get EVEN. Do you remember the us pows from ww2 after they got out some went back and got even with the guards. The Japanese guards were killed

    and by the way the claim that you ID won’t be released is bull crap the corrupted gov get it and what could be worse

    1. The sad part is nothing will be done about these corrupt FBI, DOJ, NSA, CIA and global elites. Those involved in the Jan 6 riots will not be prosecuted or brought to justice. Back to Matt Dillion law, it was fairer than today’s law. Of course, this is my opinion.

      1. Good opinion!….but mostly, what I see; is accordingly corresponds to what the bible has to say about the last times, and it’s going to get even worst! but the tribulation written in the book of revelation is coming on faster then we want to admit, there are some like us called Christians that believe the bible, it’s later then you think.

  4. SO the FBI were part of instigating the whole thing. Where is Ray Epps? We have their MO now. Its the same when they instigated and participated in this whole kid napping of the Gov. of Michigan. You know, the witch dictator. The FBI no longer enforces the law, they are operatives of the democratic socialist party. I wonder how much money they got paid to betray their country.

    1. They all were in on it!! Especially the Republican Deep Staters, Judges, Media, Congress, Unions, Foreign Countries, you could go on and on. Sad what our Country has been led to. The people just keeps voting the same people in for unstoppable corruption within our Government. The Republicans are doubly to blame for they knew as well and went along with it. GREED and POWER brought down Rome and GREED and POWER has brought down many Dictators. Around and around we go until the weeble stops nobody knows, until it is replaced by another dictator. The right History is not taught in our schools.

      1. I’m thinking that people aren’t stupid enough to keep electing these incompetent Democrats into office. The O’Biden, Fetterman and Hobbs “elections” should have taught us that the voters no longer control who gets put into office. It should be quite obvious that these brainless dolts with absolutely no record of accomplishment didn’t win because of their ability to govern. If we don’t clean up the corrupted election systems we will be doomed to be ruled like the peoples of Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela.

        1. I have read all comments and fully agree…but this comment stands out to me as the most critical one….we MUST get these elections cleaned up…not sure how since only few seem to care…but it’s the only (so called) power we have….kudos to Kari Lake for taking it on…I so hope she prevails…the Dems have this voter fraud working like a well oiled machine…they put it in place for the presidency…now all they have to do is say ” do it again”. People are talking about who we should run in the next election…but it’s not going to matter as to who it will be if we don’t get this election fraud under control. And get these crappy RHINO’s out!!!

  5. FBI, DOJ, CIA, AND other laws enforcement that are doing wrong to help democrats politicians need to be ARRESTED AND EXECUTED BY FIRING SQUAD! That not the oath they sworn in under! They raise their right hand and place left on a BIBLE. AGREEMENT TO FOLLOW THE LAWS OF THE LAND! Which is the CONSTITUTION LAWS, WRITTEN BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE! No where does it say it was written by POLITICIANS WHO HAVE MISUNDERSTOOD THE LAWS

    1. Bullets are expensive, lets bring back the Guillotine, only we lay them all face up,they can see the blade coming and have a micro second to reflect on their wrong doings against the American People!

  6. If the Republicans want to prove they stand with the CONSTITUTION LAWS. They would release everyone lock up by these democrats. Then I pray to God they all file a lawsuit against NANCY PELOSI AND THE MAYOR OF DC. NOT TO LEAVE OUT THOSE GUARD FOR THEIR ASSAULT AGAINST THEM.

    1. We have no fighters or honorable people in all of congress. They should wear jackets with their sponsors on them. My advice to anyone after this latest piggy piggy piggy here piggy bill they passed with the help of McConnell the leader of the pack is to stop all monty donations etc to RNC, GOP and Republicans. And none to Commie Dems they have Soros and billionaires funding them. We are helping Republicans help the Communist Dems destroy our country

  7. Time to start shooting Zany government agent they are now the enemies of America and must be eradicated.

    1. What do you expect? Two nations turned down the statue of Astar, the Babylon Whore…Egypt and the Canal Zone, and this nation excepted and put her up in New York Harbor. Isaiah 18th chapter tells us about a nation covered by the eagles wing that has no land route and has to send ambassadors by sea and is beyond the rivers of Ethiopia ( which was the fringe of civilization in Isaiah’s time ) and with a people tall and smooth skinned ( very few beards on faces ) it also tells us of the decline of this nation, it also is the greatest land of Porn in all the world, what God is going to do to this nation is starting to come about. God uses the word WOE on to this nation spoken about. Check it out yourself.

  8. I am still waiting for Ray Epps and Pelosi to be sworn in to tell the truth and take the hot seat, concerning January 6th riot. They know each other but why 5 calls back and forth between them just prior to January 6th and then suddenly Ray is there screaming at everyone to BREAK THE LAW and ENTER THE CAPITOL HOUSE??? Tell me why a DEMOCRAT PELOSI WOULD HAVE A FRIEND AT A RIOT SCREAMING AT THE REPUBLICANS TO COMMIT A FELONY??? Talk about the DEMOCRATS SETTING THE RIOTS UP AND BLAMING TRUMP. WHY DID PELOSI RUN FROM SENATE ROOM FIRST BEFORE RIOTS STARTED FOLLOWED BY ALL THE DEMOCRATS???? We all know for a fact the dems MO is create chaos and as a distraction don’t listen to objections about the election fraud that happened. Then when things settle slightly push through the vote WITHOUT LISTENING TO THE OBJECTION WHICH IS ILLEGAL AND PELOSI DID IT ANYWAY. CAN WE SAY TREASON!!! I sure as hell can, it was TREASON!!

  9. Only a complete moron would have believed that those so-called insurrectionist on January 6 that we’re wearing backwards, baseball cabs and all black clothing and we’re actually Trump supporters.

      1. Do the people really approve of O’Biden or are they PAID to say they do? So many forums (like Quora) have posts that drool over O’Biden and spew hatred towards Trump. After the many positive things Trump did for America (and the world) and all the blatantly negative things O’Biden has done, how can people possibly be so stupid? I’m betting they’re just paid shills.

  10. Our tax dollars at work paying for these corrupt investigations. Pelosi and Mitch were responsible for turning down President Trumps request for added security weeks before J 6. All they needed to do was close and lock the doors and why did this simple security system not happen? Go Figure Blatant Idiots.

  11. “The FBI has long since lost the trust of the American people”
    The Democrat party has caused this by using government agencies (in this case, the FBI) as a weapon against their political adversaries. This is not good for our country and it adds to a growing list of things the Democrat party has done or advocated for during the last 30 years. Most people (85% according to the last poll) believe the country is headed in the wrong direction and a significant number of those believe it is intentional.

  12. SUPPORT THE CARPENTERS UNION, and have them build a set of GALLOWS for the FBI, DOJ, and the Leftist Demo?’s to break them in. This is an EXAMPLE OF WHAT, our Founding Fathers warned us about when they wrote the CONSTITUTION!!! BESIDES THE NEW GALLOWS would add a sense of HOME ? Effect to the Capital!

  13. What’s sad is that the Demonrats will do whatever they can to stop trump!! That’s all they are focused on. Whatever it takes whatever narrative they need to spin and whatever lies need to be told!!!! Stop trump that’s it. Don’t worry about prices skyrocketing or worry about being invade on our southern border or worry about all the drugs/ terrorist coming across!!!! Tunnel vision to stop trump even if it destroys Americans and America in the process!!!!

  14. Democratic party has been going to hell every since JFK was killed. Oswald was silenced. They should be renamed the Socialist Party. A socialist Government is a Government with too much power. Our founding fathers tried to warn us about this in the Constitution. One thing they missed was term limits.

    1. Now you are getting close! Roger the bullet that killed Kennedy came from behind him, not from the book store! (two shooters, one to take and be the fall guy and the other to finish LBJs order and then the sick guy dying in about two weeks (paid well) and ordered to kill Oswald to keep him from talking about his higher up help and etc. There was once a program called, “Now you know the rest of the story”.(my opinion)

  15. It’s a setup to get Trump out of their corrupt evil way because as long as Trump is there they can’t maintain their power and be able to steal all our money and get paid by the CCP to overthrow the country and turn it into a Communist Hell Hole. Jan 6th is just another one of the lefts hatecrime hoaxes that they’ve pulled off continuously to paint their political opponents as some kind of evil entity. Truth is whatever they claim of Republicans is exactly what they are and what they are doing!! This democratic party is made up entirely of Pathological Liars and Psychopaths in Love With Power and Money!! In other words Satan’s Spawn

    1. I am very happy to know that someone else knows that Satan is in control of the democrat party, he is out in the open now because by all signs given in the bible, tells us we are living in the last times.

    1. Debra, you are right. The Democrats claim that they Impeached President Trump Twice. Well, I want to set the record straight. No President Trump was not Impeached twice. They tried too but failed both times, as President Trump was equated with all charges both times. Cause he had done nothing wrong. Just as President Trump did nothing wrong on January 6th. President Trump was and is the best President this country has ever had.

  16. All of us it seems are experts at identifying the problems, and we all know very well the head of this J6 snake belongs to Nancy Pelosi. Talk till the cows come home, and yet nothing….nada….ziipo…nothing is ever done about it. Mly take on this mess is that to fix this debacle and to get all DC Gitmo prisoners released and their charges (if any) expunged is for Trump to be in office, and he calling out the Military, to clean out Congress, the White House, and raid the DC Gitmo and release all prisoners. Radical….you but, the American people will rally about Trump to do this….without any doubt. Democrats happy campers…..zero, as they all will be rounded up and but in mental institutions. One fell swoop, and problem solved. No if’s – and’s – or but’s.

    1. Nah…Pelosi is just like all the other Dumbocrats: dumb as a box of rocks. She has no intelligence and no capability to make decisions. She just ranks high in the chain of command of the puppet brigade. There is a much more sinister organization that directs her and the likes of O’Biden, Schiff, Schumer, AOC, Waters, Lightfoot, Adams, Wheeler, Nadler, Bottoms, Abrams, Breed, Newsom, etc. All those people (and more) have near zero intelligence and somehow become filthy rich. It doesn’t take a lot to put two and two together to understand that they’re really all just puppets. When you see how everything they do results in the degradation of our country, you start to understand that it’s not by accident…it’s purposeful destruction by those who want a “one world” government and can only achieve that by reducing America to rubble.

  17. Every false flag operation has the fbi written all over it. What happened in Vegas????? We’re still waiting to hear what happened!!!!!

  18. Don’t forget about Nasty Nancy turning down the National Guard offered by Trump. These people are pure evil.

  19. I would suggest calling January 6 the day of war hero Ashley Babbitt, who was villainously murdered by the dastardly Washington Capitol police.

    1. Yes; we must never forget what the corrupt Democrats done to an unarmed American veteran and her family

      May she rest in peace!

    2. …and don’t forget Rosalyn Boyland…she was also murdered that day. And contrary to what the Dumbocrats state, NO Capitol Police died on January 6th.

  20. At long last, “America” seems to be beginning to actually understand the true nature of the Demonrat Party.
    It has taken a long time – plenty time in fact for the Demonrats to virtually destroy the country – not quite 100% yet, but getting closer by the HOUR.
    There is literally NOTHING the Demonrat Pary will NOT do to further their ends – a COMMUNIST Administration – like the present one, but 100% in the open and not bothering to hide from view.
    America can thank Biden & Harris for the present unholy mess of our finances and international standing, but let’s not forget who kicked off this stinking mess – Barry Obama – who still holds many of Bidens’ strings.
    Time for a NEW administration ? That will be the ONLY sensible idea so far this YEAR, in fact since the election STEAL of 2020 went down.
    Have as Happy a Christmas as you can – if this shower manage to stay in power it may well be THE LAST CHRISTMAS for a DEMONRAT USA !

  21. Just political trash being just that and colluding with the Demonrats to steal the 2020 election. The phony FBI need to be gone…..and not just the leadership.

  22. The only time pays is in Politics ,and the reason H. Clinton or Bill have never been accused or prosecuted for any violation is the secrets she or they hold against their friends. JEdgar Hoover held the same level of secrecy over most in Gov. Don’t poke the beast the consequences could be accidental suicide

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