Fauci Refuses to Answer: Why Require Vaccines for People with Natural Immunity

Dr Anthony Fauci was the most respected and trusted doctor in the world early last year. He blew all of his credibility though when it became obvious he was lying about the origins of COVID, mask-wearing, natural immunity, and getting vaccinated.

We know that Dr. Fauci lied to Congress and the world about funding the Wuhan Institute of Virology that conducted gain-of-function research on coronaviruses in bats that may have unleashed the plague. On this The Jimmy Dore Show exclusive, other reasons for Dr. Fauci misleading the American public are obvious.

Would it surprise you to learn that Big Pharma vaccine corporations are making bank on the shot? Reports indicate that Moderna posted only $60 million in 2019. But after the pandemic hit, the outfit secured $529 million in grant money and another $200 million in early vaccine sales. By the end of 2021, Moderna is expected to increase its revenue to $16 billion and Pfizer will rake in upwards of $46 billion all told.

Much of those earnings are due to Joe Biden and Dr. Fauci insisting that even people who recovered from COVID get the shot and then a booster. If you follow the money — and there’s a lot of it — it’s easy to see why Dr. Fauci and the corrupt Biden Administration are coercing people to take the jab regardless of natural immunities.

Take a moment to listen to guest Max Blumenthal of the Gray Zone lay out COVID-related details the fake news media doesn’t want you to know. After getting the facts on this Jimmy Dore Show report, you’ll know precisely why Dr. Fauci is lying every time his lips move.

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36 thoughts on “Fauci Refuses to Answer: Why Require Vaccines for People with Natural Immunity”

  1. Fauci Isn’t Sure You Can Gather For Xmas, But Is Sure You Must Give Up Your Individual Rights.
    But even worse was a brief statement that ought to raise the hackles of anyone who cares about the liberty our entire system of government was instituted to protect:
    “There comes a time when you do have to give up what you consider your individual right of making your own decision for the greater good of society. “DR. FAUCI ON VACCINE MANDATES:
    This right out of Hitler’s handbook on controlling the people.

    1. Too many people are still asleep. The fact that these companies are bowing to the Golden Calf aka the govt and firing people is disgusting and a sin.

    2. Yes, please people wake up!!! I don’t understand why so many people are wearing masks in stores and even outside!! Not only do they not do any good whatsoever, but as even doctors, even Dr. Fauci say that once you touch your mask it is not doing you any good. I see people walking around just touching, pulling , pushing the
      mask up and down, yet apparently believe this is what is keeping them safe. Please people, stop wearing these cotton masks which are doing no good, even can be bad for you!! This is not for the greater good, but for complete control!!!!

  2. No one cares what this clown has to say. He is a joke, and he is a criminal! His crimes against humanity need to be addressed immediately!

    1. It’s not that people care what he says because I don’t I call him Dr fraud it’s we have to worry because they’ve given him too much power and what he says can’t get people arrested and throw in jail as a domestic terrorist for many many decades this guy’s a little weaselwheel

    2. Dr. Fudge Dick had the COVERT Specimen when Obummer was Pres. & tried to have it Patented in the U.S.! They told him it was considered a GERM WAREFARE AGENT & REFUSED! Fudgy then got OBUMMER to give him 3.5 million dollars to give the Wuhan, China Lab to make it Stronger & more Viral! They did & FUDGY is a Mass Murder Like O’Biden on Forcing Americans’ & other Poorer Countries to Vaccinate. SO Dr. Fudgy is partially RESPONSIBLE for these DEATHS! Don’t take his “Little Prick”/WOKE POKE!

  3. Since Fauci’s words are so full of lies and dribble, let us all act like children and blow raspberries each and every time we see him. Fauci does not follow the science, he follows Big Pharma moneymaking schemes along with his radical DemoRAT Cronies. Follow the money people – follow the money !

  4. I got the shot through the VA, because that’s what I was ordered to do. But, I am convinced that the virus is not nearly as bad as they were saying it was. If it was, then how and why were all the left demorats gathering in huge numbers all through the height of the “pandemic” ?? Seems to me that a smart man (Trump) was right about it all the time.

    1. Thomas – First of all, Thank You for Serving !!! I so agree with you. Is it not amazing that the lunatics working in the White House are not mandated to take the jab (not a true vaccine) ! And, Ms. Nancy “Frantic Fanatic” Pelosi still wears a mask. I seriously doubt that she got the jab because her fear is so great – yet she could go to the hairdresser when no one else was allowed.

    2. why were you ordered to do this? active military? my relatives served and when they saw what was happening, they both got out. before the madness began. this whole charade is masterminded by gates and fauci. now we know it is correct. there is a psychiatrist by the name of Demmings I think. you should listen to what he has to say about this. very insightful. very spot on. we are being manipulated. we need to stop following like obedient animals. I will never take the clot shot. see Dr. Ryan Cole, a pathologist. he autopsies the dead from the shot. he can show you exactly what it does to your body. this is something out of frankensteins lab. the totally vexed account for 82% of all hospitalizations in Europe, per their reports. they are the super spreaders, not the unvaxxed. the virus is mutating inside their bodies, and they are spreading it. look at the reports of what the big Pharma companies have earned since this virus came out. it is all for the money, not health. these people are. becoming multi-billionaires because of this so called pandemic. it is really a scamdemic. it stole the election. it has killed over 500,000 JUST FROM THE DAMN SHOT. you won’t hear anything reported in this country. look to the European stats. they are most truthful. they aren’t in it for the control or the money. they are in it to save lives. fauci is evil incarnate.

    1. Politicians are not the only ones seeing an increase in their pharma stocks. At one point prior pandemic I invested $10,000 in J&J stock as well as Pfizer. I have seen that initial investment increase from $20,000 to approximately $96,000. I wish now I had bought Moderna as well, but who knew!

      1. Perfectly fine idea. My question that we should all ask our Senators is to find out if Fauci bought shares in those companies after virus came here but before contracts were awarded. I’m not a lawyer; but a retired money manager; and I can tell you that if he did he is a felon. Then we can get rid of him. Check Biden’s account too.

  5. Before I give up my giving rights, that the founding father pass in the CONSTITUTION LAWS. I go down fighting! These media need to stop printing lies, before it causes them their lives! Dr. FAUCI is a LIAR AND A DICTATOR FOR BIDEN AND THE DEMOCRAT PARTY! He couldn’t tell the TRUTH IN 2009! He even DENIED HE WAS USING TAXPAYERS MONEY TO FUNDS HIS DEADLY DISEASE! Would love to see other country send their hit man to take him out! Man nothing but a puppets for the democrats party and HILLARY CLINTON!

  6. Hey Ole Sleepy Joe,
    I bet big money that the Pelosi family is making out like the proverbial bandit on this charade. The twisted witch of the west has her fingers in more illegal ventures than one can shake a stick at. She and her husband Paul have reaped millions upon millions with the inside knowledge of what goes on in the finance world.
    And of course, the good doctor
    This man says to the masses everything that his handlers tell him to.
    And Hillary calls US deplorable.
    Better deplorable than dispicible I guess!
    How these criminals can lie every time their mouth opens is beyond my realm of thought. Nothing that comes from these clowns is truth. Nothing. Just look at the rhetoric being pushed forth by Schumer and gang on this 3 1/2 trillion dollar debacle! He keeps saying
    “Republicans get out of the way”. These two bills they’re trying to put forth will be the nail in our countries coffin. They’ve started the complete ruination of America. If these bills get passed that’ll solidify their agenda by finishing the job this way.
    Democrats are evil scum who DONT CARE ABOUT AMERICA in any respect.
    I know, this rant is about Fauci, I’m getting off track.
    That little lying asshole can go straight to hell

  7. Fauci is/was? a Rat. he was behind many diseases and quite frankly is a disease himself As General Flynn stated Nothing adds up! Just leave us alone, we can think for ourselves, and Christmas is important to us so he can go pound sand in Gitmo

  8. All these companies are in the back pocket of the democrats party! They are the reason why Dr FAUCI keep changing his mind on the vaccine! Everything is being push that SOCIALISM CONTTOL! If you know how to use your brain you would do research. Once they got America into SOCIALIST you will see them DECIDED WHO LIVE OR WHO DIED! Just as it in country that are already control by SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT!

  9. Something that should be lost on no one: in 2015 the Obama administration BANNED Gain of Function research in the U.S.. Then Fauci – Obama – Gates and Soros snuck over and collaborated with the Chinese government conducting and funding the Gaiiin of Function research that led to COVID being released on the world. Faucii has even been caught red handed LYIING about it. WHY is anyone listening to this criiminal?, WHEN will they be held accountable?

  10. I am very concerned that groups are being decimated in the US by using non-scientific data, to the point of making America less healthy and safe than this Admin already had. All the people being fired because they didn’t have two vaccine series? Tell me what the ANTIBODY LEVELS are in everyone being fired or retained or hired. It is possible that the people with higher antibody levels are being let go. Natural antibodies created by having had the virus have been shown to be up to 27% higher than vaccine created antibodies. And by history, naturally created antibodies are longer lasting than vaccine created ones; vaccine manufacturers state the antibodies have been found to already be “fading” and are recommending getting their booster shot. TEST ANTIBODY LEVELS BEFORE LETTING Navy Seals and other military go (with DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE, PER BIDEN!), Border Control, Doctors, nurses, and other heathcare employees, police, firemen, teachers, etc. The government, etc., may be relying on having had vaccine injections for employment, when their antibodies may have faded to ineffective level, requiring booster. And the ones they fired may have EXCELLENT ANTIBODY LEVELS! THEY ARE DOING THIS ALL BACKWARDS. And Fauci is not talking about that, and it’s criminal he’s not.

    The 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic killed millions worldwide. However, the ones who survived even mild cases of it of course developed antibodies against it, and they found 60-80 yrs later testing proved they had STILL had adequate antibodies against it! Which groups here have had the most exposure to Covid infections, EVEN BEING TOLD TO COME TO WORK IF POSITIVE BUT FELT OK? The military, polIce and firemen, Border Control agents, Healthcare workers, THE GROUPS BEING TERMINATED while vaccinated ones with possible depleated antibodies are being retained or hired WITHOUT EVEN CHECKING ANTIBODIES.

    It’s being done backwards, folks, and these EX- employees are being greatly harmed. For instance, Biden mandated the miIitary people who refuse the vaccine, WITHOUT CHECKING THEM FOR ANTIBODIES, will be DISHONORABLY DISCHARGED. That means NO pension, NO health benefits, NO GI Bill benefits, NO right to own firearms, NO right to vote in local, state, or Federal elections! Harder to find jobs, could be court martialed.

    Healthcare workers with 30 yrs employment at a facility.. fired.

    This is criminal, resulting from lack of knowledge distribution and testing, like Fauci, unfortunately. He needs to resign AND stop going on MSM news shows spreading misinformation 7 days a week! Who is profiting.

    1. Jan. 2020 is when they regained control, but they have been taking over for decades. It’s just obvious what they’re doing now.

  11. Fauci needs to be investigated by the international community for his role in the funding of China’s gain of function that resulted in millions of deaths worldwide. He and his master pedojoe both have blood on their hands.

  12. I am a very youthful 65 yrs young lady. I am on no medication. My Primary Care Doctor told me it was very unusual for someone my age to be on no medication and to be so healthy! I am not vaccinated and I don’t even get the flu vaccine. I take care of myself and believe in God given Natural Immunity. I came down with a cold recently with the works and I felt miserable! I went into “fight back” mode, I made Chicken Soup with fresh garlic, Jalapeno peppers, egg noodles, carrots, squash, anything I could find in my refrigerator to put in the pot. I drank the juice from Wickles pickles. I gargled with warm water mixed with salt, honey and baking soda. I used Similasan Earache Relief and Pink Eye Relief (it is Homeopathic). I did go to my PC Dr and was tested for Covid and it came back Negative. Did you know that Cancer is a fungus? That Olive Branch Extract kills fungus? After the flood, when Noah sent the Dove out it came back with an Olive Branch in it’s mouth! Don’t you think that was a sign? Natural Remedies are good for so many illnessess. These Pharmaceutical companies have made millions and billions from this Pandemic! Not to mention all the animals they torture and hurt!! We are the guardians of our Father God’s creation. Stay prayerful and stay strong! For God and Country!

  13. The common people should have had access to the Rife Generator years back. Only the elite here get well pronto from it (covers 300 diseases). Today a young mother of two died after being forced to take the vaccine. Such a travesty on justice.

    1. No thinking person would believe a word either Fauci or Biden says. And we would not willingly wear the dreaded facemasks …… but in order to be allowed in certain stores, banks, social events we are mandated to do so or stay out. I personally need to eat so have to go to the store. I yank it off as soon as I am outside. Why, since we all know about Fauci and his illegal activities has he not been brought up on charges? But again, why does Pelosi, Biden, Waters, Neusom, the Clintons, Joe;s son etc. keep getting away with all of their illegal activities? When will they be tried and put in jail where they belong?

  14. I’ve got a question that’s burning me … if it’s so doggone important that we ALL get the vaccines, please tell me, WHY are we letting people cross into our borders WITHOUT getting the vaccines??? Don’t get me started on giving them thousands of dollars to start their lives, here in America … when we can’t take care of own!!

  15. the booster is only recommended, and not insisted upon, people who are 65 + and those with pre-existing conditions. just so ya know

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