EXPOSED! Capitol Incident Timeline Doesn’t Add Up

The media has told us since the January 6th Capitol riots that Trump supporters were responsible for multiple deaths of officers. They said that a group of the evil MAGA rioters used a fire extinguisher to violently bash in the head of police officer Brian Sicknick.

Conservative podcast host Steven Crowder highlights the fact that the official timelines of the January 6 U.S. Capitol riots don’t match what up with what the left-wing media reported in the video below.

Democrats in the Senate said during their impeachment arguments that seven people died in the riots, a new number from the original five that had been reported. Two were reported as officer suicides, which happened days after the riot. Though still a tragic situation, these deaths were not a direct part of the events at the U.S. Capitol.

Of the others, one person was trampled to death in a reported “medical emergency.” Two of the other five died of a heart attack and a stroke, with times of death not confirmed as being during the actual riot. One officer died from injuries a day after the riot, though misinformation has been cited and the cause of death has been reported as a stroke on the next day.


Crowder in the video below shows that though still sad, the violence nowhere near compared to the viciousness of many of the BLM protests in 2020 that Democrats have yet to condemn. The timeline doesn’t add up, and neither do the selective ethics of the left.

Get the full details on the lies being spread by Democrats and the left-wing media in the video below.

35 thoughts on “EXPOSED! Capitol Incident Timeline Doesn’t Add Up”

  1. Trump didn’t have anything to do with this yet they’ll try and blame him for everything and anything. That’s what desperate people do. They lie and cheat and try to ruin lives. It’s Bullshit and a waste of our tax dollars again!!!!!!

    1. What’s good for them is good for us schumer is next then Maxine waters for starters their videos don’t have to be altered like the democrats one it’s right there in black and white

      1. Sounds good, I’ve been thinking that there should be an investigation of Chinese/Iranian collusion, since there is evidence that both were allowed to access and meddle with our votes, and stretch it out for the next four years.
        Think that would be expensive, take another look at Xiden/Kamel’s plans. It could actually save trillions.

    2. I concur. We need to know how many tax dollars the democrats have used to attack, harass, and campaign against former President Trump by Pelosi and Schumer.

    3. Why hasn’t pelosi been charged with destroying an official document. The one that trump was reading and she was targeting up behind him. Republicans have no balls. We need to get Republicans who can work for us . McConnell is a dam trader and should be roved as well. Trump made America better for everyone. Biden is bringing this country into poverty.

      1. Congressman Greene from Georgia seems to have “balls”. She is a breath of fresh air!
        This is how our politicians should be looking after it’s citizens. I truly believe no one should be elected
        Like the Squad that hates the United States. Why should the American taxpayers pay the salaries of
        people that hate America and Americans?

      2. it was not an “official” document. it was a copy. that is why nothing was done to her. it was cheap drama from an even cheaper POS.

  2. The family of one of the policemen who died had medical problems. He did not die from a injury at the capitol. He had a blood clod of the brain which led to a stroke which caused his death. Why no one will talk about it or report the truth is so they can blame it on Trump. The democrats and the media all they put out is made up stories and lies. They don’t care about who they are hurting with their lies. Newsmax reported on the truth on this officer months ago and they also reported that the family said his death had nothing to do with what went on at the capitol. This sham of a impeachment is such a waste of tax payer money. But do the democrats care? all they care about is they are making money and that is all that matters to them. You think they care that there are millions of people out of work and have no idea where their next meal is coming from. Then we have this idiot who thinks he is the president destroying everything this country was built on, truth and law and order, course him being a criminal himself and being above the law what does he care. we had a great President and his name was Donald Trump who had the country running on a well oiled track. People were working, kids were in class with their friends , we didn’t have this ugly fence around the capitol. now what do we have from this brain dead biden who has wiped out everything that was good and is in the process of destroying the once great America. When will it all end. The democrat party all need to be in prison for treason against America and it’s people. The biden crime family needs to face a firing squad. they have broken every law of the land. and no one seems to care. The Supreme court gave him the keys to the land and so much as told him to go and destroy us. The voting fraud which the Supreme Court should have listen and looked at all the evidence and saw Biden stole the election. But no they sat on it and denied the truth be heard. they are the most guilty for all the crimes that have happen against America and it’s people. they all need to be tried and found guilty and face the prison cell . to think they are all getting a paycheck for not doing what they were hired to do take care of the American people. No they would rather take care of the illegals give them what we worked for and paid for, and are still paying for. This was America! but is now becoming China, and we the people have to pay the price for the the greedy criminals that call themselves the democrat party that are out to destroy us. I wonder when God is going to step in and put a stop to it all?

    1. Thank you Donna, for those well thought comments, I agree with everything you stated.
      We need people like you to continue putting forward conservative thoughts for the rest of us who rarely do or are able.
      Thank you

    2. You took the thoughts and words right out of my head. I have been saying all those exact words to anyone who will listen. I’ve gotten a lot of backlash from the democrats but the truth is the truth. The entire government all 3 branches have screwed we the people. Time and again assault assault assault. We have no vote, no voice no money and no country. The powers that be give not one damn about you and me. America will be gone sold off to the highest bidder.

    3. Best post I have seen yet !! We have to stand up to these ” GOONS ” , FIGHT FOR OUR COUNTRY !! I might might get arrested for saying fight , but I think we still have free speech ( for how long is the question ) ??


    5. Which policeman was was that because the last I heard about Sicknick(forgive me, I don’t remember how to spell his name) they didn’t find a cause of death before they cremated him. It’s weird if they cremated him before they did find a conclusive cause of death.

    6. One silver lining to it all, Donna. They are mainly hurting their own party. The more they push this insanity, the more voters leave them. And Xiden, in the short time he’s been in office, has already been such a disaster that his own party is turning on him. If we can hang in there for the next two years, and figure out how to keep the next election legit, Xiden should be a lame duck. In four, hopefully, but again, it would be a mistake to underestimate human stupidity.

  3. We know the media lies, the democrats lie and the whole thing has been one big lie. What comes out now is showing the Officers that died several had medical problems two committed suicide and others from injuries.

  4. We’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy! We the people need to start taking our power back. These people have totally forgotten who they work for and are turning this country into China in hyperspeed. Check out Patrick Wood on how to stop wearing your masks. We need a national mask burning day! Educate yourself on the truth behind the virus and the vaccine. Check out Bill Gates speaking at a Eugenics Conference (yes, I said Eugenics!) where he cites vaccination as a method of population control! There is pure evil behind all this stuff and we need to wake up and challenge what is going on. Dr. Lee Merritt is a great source for information on the truth about all this.

  5. What I want is to Subpoena all Democrats in congress, upper and lower houses and the White House For all communications, voice mail, text massages, conversations and other communications with all left wing militant groups, starting one week before to one week after the Jan 6 2021 protests in Washington D.C.. Left wing to include but not limited to Antifa, BLM and others. The purpose of this investigation is to determine who in congress in the DNC was trying to setup the peaceful protesters, that were trying to make their voices heard. Also people in law enforcement that aided the militant groups by opening up the capital building and allowing the militants to enter the building, and who told them to do so, and directing them where to go, and allowing them to do property damage, and kill peaceful protesters. Yes I am accusing Antifa and BLM of murder, and others that are complicit with them. Please share if you want the more the better.

  6. The left would complain on everything. They would say if trump blew up half the world , that he did a half ass job. Can’t please them.

  7. Cuomo’s lies:
    The media has nothing to do with legal decisions, and need not be considered when deciding whether to prosecute or not. It is evident that Cuomo lied to everyone, and should pay for the intentional murder of the senior citizens in the nursing homes. He was advised not to do this by a number of doctors and others, yet he chose to do it anyway. He knew what he was doing, now he must pay, there are no excuses, only more lies.

  8. Has anyone wondered what the dumacrats are doing while this farce of a trial is going on>? What is really going on?


  10. None of the accusations the left is pushing is any different than what they have been lying about since Trump won the Election of 2016. The Democrats are morally bankrupt. They have no legal standing for any of their accusations so they keep telling the same old tired lies. They have become the party of insurrection, why else will they not condemn the BLM and Antifa riots?

  11. I have a question about this “Equity Bulls***”. Does that mean we will see more white,native american,hindi, etc. (in otherwords other than Black) playing NBA Basketball, Baseball, Football???? The hiring and firing will not be based on your talents and abilities, but on skin color. Have the Demorats thought about this …Really!
    As far as the comments above about the Riot, where is the outrage about BLM the Saturday after, and they were shouting “Burn It Down”, referencing all of D.C.? They’ve already torched that old church in Washington D.C., and no outrage from the Demorats about any of this. What horrible , horrible people, are leading this
    cancer-infested political party.

  12. You haven’t watched the view lately, if you want to see a bunch of FUGLY old hags, this is the place to go. They are so busy trying to get a pound of flesh, they don’t understand that they can’t lose any while they are shoving more down their throats. They can’t lose any flesh, cause they can’t flap their jaws fast enough to lose any calories.???

  13. I am a conservative and a Trump supporter. When Obama was elected in 2008 I knew it would not be good. When he was re-elected in 2012 I knew it would be worse but didn’t realize how much worse. Donald Trump was a breath of fresh air and when Biden stole to 2020 election my heart sank. But I know that God is in control and try to keep that in mind. I got to thinking that if Hillary had won we never would have known the extent of the corruption and if Trump had prevailed in 2020 there are things that we would still not know. Trump won for a reason and sadly there is a reason he’s not in the WH. Trump is not going away and I’m looking forward to seeing what he’ll do next.

  14. Did anyone ever consider the question of whether Clinton, Obama, Biden, and the Democrats along with the “DeepState” conspired with China to intentionally spread the Virus to make President Donald Trump look bad??? Then push for mail-in votes in order to undermine his chances of re-election by cheating???. THINK ABOUT IT!!!!! SPREAD THESE WORDS… The Democrats could be responsible for all the deaths!!!!

    “And then they set him up for the kill with Antifa and BLM at the Capital on Jan 6th.”


    PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP is a once in a lifetime opportunity. He is trying his best to help and protect America, and All of the people in it. He stands for the truth and wants to give more power and a voice back to the people in this country, which the Liberals and Democrats in government do not want.
    What he stands for is long overdue, and the establishment is afraid of him, so he is being discredited because of their fear of the people having a voice, and losing control over them. The establishment and Democrats will do anything to prevent his success because they fear that “HE WILL BE ELECTED AGAIN”
    We need ALL of the people to understand this so they will stand behind HIM to help take advantage of the chance we have, and “THE MAN” who is trying to stand up for all of us. We don’t know if anyone else will ever have the “COURAGE” that DONALD TRUMP has to do this again!



  15. It is not about Eugenics; it is about installing Word Government with next step Population Control-read extermination, to remain only 500 millions just enough to serve the Elites.

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