Everything You Need to Know about President Biden’s New Gun Executive Order

President Joe Biden rolled out his new executive orders on gun control this week, and they sound exactly how you would expect—meaning they don’t make sense and are full of things that won’t curb gun violence at all.

MRCTV brings the latest update to address the Biden administration’s latest attacks on the Second Amendment. Clearly, cause and effect have no connection to reality in Biden’s gun control plans.

If Democrats get their way, we’ll no longer be able to make certain gun parts (AKA ghost guns) and all the bad guys will obey. I’m sure adding more background checks will definitely cause criminals to lay down their weapons and take a more reasonable route.

We all know that’s not how it works. You don’t stop gun crime by outlawing murder. It’s already a law! You only serve to make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to obtain guns. You stop gun crime by punishing those who commit the crimes.


Just don’t tell that to the criminal-reform heavy left. They’re ready to let out more criminals than ever, arguing our jails are too crowded and of course, racism. It’s always white people are bad with Democrats.

But the nation doesn’t have a gun problem; it has a gun crime problem. Registered gun owners, even ones with semi-automatic rifles aren’t the ones committing the crimes. Illegal gun owners are. The problem goes away when shooters know they’ll get something besides 15 minutes of fame on CNN for their actions. If you want to stop the gun violence, increase punishments for the law-breakers, not the law-abiding gun owners of the nation. See it for yourself from MRCTV today.

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These content links are provided by Content.ad. Both Content.ad and the web site upon which the links are displayed may receive compensation when readers click on these links. Some of the content you are redirected to may be sponsored content. View our privacy policy here.

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49 thoughts on “Everything You Need to Know about President Biden’s New Gun Executive Order”

  1. Enforce the laws already on the books. Quit being a kitty cat. You know what I mean, Joe?
    Cue I. WWG1WGA !!!

    1. Biden needs to be informed about Constitutional law. Any Law or Order that conflicts with the Constitution and it’s Amendments is ILLEGAL and unenforceable.
      No Law or Order may conflict with the Constitution or its Amendments , or it would be illegal upon its writing and would be unenforceable.

      1. Anybody remember when Obama and Biden were campaigning in 2008 and somebody actually had the nerve to ask if he was going to try to cancel the Second Amendment? Later on the same question was proposed to biden and he said quote: ‘Obama’s not getting my Beretta 9mm.

    2. AMEN!! We have lots of laws ***already on the books*** designed to really fight crime and the Democrats don’t want to see or hear about them. Now those people are not stupid; they are vicious and their true goal is to turn our Republic into a communist dictatorship. They plan to use violent criminals as “enforcers” as Stalin and Hitler did in past years.

  2. 100% Of The Problem Too Many Do Not Understand What Illegal Means Or Do Not Care! These People Sure Do Not Care About The United States Or The American Taxpayer’s!

  3. There is one way in which his crazy so-called “gun laws” make sense. Available to everyone on line is the ten “Communist Rules for Revolution” found way back in 1919 by the Allied Forces in Germany.
    #10 reads “Cause the registration of all firearms on some pretext, with a view to confiscating them and leaving the populace helpless.” Number 10 sure fits with all of his socialist agenda. Check it out!

    1. Get a copy of Marx and Engles “The Communist Manifesto” available in good bookstores, and all university bookstores. It tells in great detail how to turn a nation to Communism. First control the Media. Sound familiar? I think Obama, Biden and the Marxist Communist Democrat Dictatorship are using that book as a guideline. You’d certainly think so by their actions.

    2. The dem party continues to lie and deceive Americans in order to get their Marxist agenda passed. Wake up America, PEH has pointed out just one of the dem party’s follow ing the communist orders/way to destroy our Republic.

    3. PEH…. T H A N K Y O U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      We find ourselves today in a country without representation, but with dictators. Executive Orders are special circumstance items that cannot allow the time to debate, not to delete your wish list. I agree with you 100% The only reason Democrats read the Constitution is to find ways around it.
      1. You kill, you DIE.
      2. Make prison like Devils Island, Remove all amenities to make it a place NO ONE would return to.
      3. End Parole. You finish your sentence in a hell hole.
      4. Building and staffing prisons will have an immediate positive impact on our citizenry both in safety and cost
      savings. Insurance rates would go down, the misery these turds cause would be diminished requiring less
      Law Enforcement officers and local assets.
      6. Stimulus Payments to the incarcerated? Are you shitting me?
      7. Restore Law Enforcement the ability and support needed to do their jobs. The very people screaming to
      defund the police are the first to call them when they are victimized.
      Feel free to add to this list.


  5. These laws are stupid.you want to stop crime change the pansy as, judicial system we have.make the criminals to be afraid to go to jail or use the death penalty more.instead of allowing them to have a large number of appeals make it 1 only.make jail a nightmare instead of the country club we have.never been to.Russian jail but I hear it’s terrible or Mexican one.do that and things will change

    1. Great idea! We don’t even have to change or build new prisons – we could make a deal with Russia & Mexico and send criminals to their jails. They’d probably happily take them for 1/2 what we spend on keeping a prisoner locked up is the US. It’s a Win-Win! I can hear the liberals all screaming already! 😉

      1. If Mexico spent more effort stopping entry the US would have much less of a problem at the border.
        Now there seems to be a problem of some kind at the Canadian border?

        1. I totally agree..its all on their side. If they are coming from South America as they say, then they have the entire length of Mexico to turn these people bavk, or employ ahem in Mexico.

        2. Mexico was very much cooperating with Pres Trump and keeping the Dems illegals out. Biden and all his open border unAmericans decided to intentionally cause the mess we have at our border now. Neither old joe nor his ‘revolutionary’ VP, Harris WANT to deal with it. This was their party’s plan. Now they’re putting their illegals in hotels, at taxpayer expense of course, while our VETS were put on cold cement beds to protect their rearends. Same with America’s homeless in the dem controlled states, living in tents ?? or cardboard boxes, while the Dems illegals are given our hc benefits and any other benefits they can get away with giving them, encouraging these illegals to come here.

          Dems prove they have no interest in protecting our citizens either, from the COVID virus ? nor criminals, terrorists, savages pelosi feels compassion for, while ignoring America citizens needs.

  6. Was it Joe Biden standing on the porch with a 12 gauge shotgun during his time as vice president? If he doesn’t recall the photo of him holding the shotgun. Then he need to be impeached! Taking guns away from people who just want to protect themselves and their family is dead wrong! Why not enforce all those gun laws already on the book? Or should the mental health center need to reopen that Bill Clinton shut down for these mental illness liberal and left-wing?

    1. Wyatt. As in all dictator run nations the PTB must disarm the population first. Exactly what Biden and his unAmerica, second amendment violator dem party are trying to do.

  7. What should really have We the People up in arms, isn’t EA’s, but the threat behind “No Amendment is Absolute.” Those are not the words any US President should ever contemplate, let alone utter. Those are the words and promised actions of a Despot. A Tyrant that informed the American people, that his interpretations are the sole guidance for his actions. Not the Constitution. Not Congress. Not the Courts. Definitely Not We the People.

    Either we rise up in Open Rebellion and take our country back now, or we accept the yoke and goad of a Tyrannical Occupier of the White House and his acolytes in Congress, the Media and the miscreants supporting this that live amongst us.

    1. Exactly !!! Biden’s statement indicates that he not only does not intend to uphold and defend the Constitution that he swore to do at his inaugeration, but he intends to continue his attacks on the Constitution. This is reprehensible for the President of the United States. He is a disgrace, an International Criminal along with his son Hunter, and must be impeached as unfit.

  8. Here are some ideas that would limit gun crime. Any crime commited with a weapon is automatic life sentence. Any gun crime with a death is a death sentence.

    1. Michael S. I wouldn’t accept that for people using their guns for self-protection though. Too strict imo. Our guns are for our own protection to be used to do just that. ?

  9. Joe Biden is not a good president. His plan is to destroy this country for good. He never want to help the american people. His agenda illegal alien first. Not america first. We want all the american people to fight for our rights as an american citizen. We wont let him to destroy us or this country. We need to stand firm all together. We need our true president Trump to come back now. We cannot wait for him to come back. Trump need to save us and america.

  10. Saying ‘none of the Amendments is absolute’ should terrify every American. The Constitution is the ultimate law of the land, and the Amendments are part of the Constitution. The first ten Amendments are called the Bill of Rights. They ARE absolute and leftists will NOT change them.

    1. If either political party gains a two-thirds majority of both Houses, then any of the Amendments, including those in the Bill of Rights, can be altered or repealed. This is permitted under Article V of the Constitution, and the closest it comes to limiting the changes only applies to amendments made prior to 1808. I’ve known most of my life that the Constitution is not ‘carved in stone’ and immutable, as I have watched Supreme Court decisions, Executive Orders, and even Congressional Legislation seriously bend the original intent of the document since it was ratified.

  11. Do you think its time to question Joe Biden who is detecting him? And its time to all american citizen to know whose really is running for this country? Why joe biden has not accomplish something good? Its all the bad things. People in America should all come together and fight for what is right for this country. We need to stop him right now. Before he makes more damage to this country.

  12. As much as the Democrats hate it, the Constitution is still the Law of the Land.
    Executive Orders are not!
    When they contravene the Constitution, they must be deemed illegal.

  13. Biden is bad for this great country and should be removed or at least held at bay until he’s out of office.

  14. The democrats think long term strategy. The changes we are seeing now have been brewing for a long time. They want to pass some type of gun control that won’t get to much push back , in fact, I don’t think they want them to work. They can point out that they tried and nothing works but confiscation. This is what they are trying to force on us and their time line is picking up speed.

  15. I don’t think this has anything to do with gun violence at all I think it has to do with them being afraid when they tried to go full communist in this country that people will be able to fight back they want to take away our way to protect it and fight for our freedom

  16. Start by enforcing laws long before anyone shoots any one. Seems a great percentage of gun crime is committed by someone know to local authorities. Admit that mental health is a priority and follow through with actually getting people help. There is no magic fix but there is a multitude of symptoms. When a disease is too rooted to cure its common to treat symptoms in an effort to gain relief. We would do well to instill a sense of community and respect for one another.

  17. The fact is that a gun has killed very few persons, it is the person pulling the trigger that is responsible for the killing. Now in other countries where there is major gun control, the murder rate is very similar to that of the USA. The fact being that Guns do not protect anyone, that someone wants to kill. There is actually knives, poison, automobiles and many other ways of killing someone, actually when you get the guns out of the hands of the majority, knives become the weapon of choice.
    Those that think guns protect them are in for a huge surprise if someone wants them dead, walking up behind a person on the street and shoving a knife into their back or quickly cutting their throat, or setting them on fire with an accelerant that is sprayed on you lightly without your knowledge, murdering someone is so easy if you are in the mental capacity to do so, guns just make it much easier, Gun control will come as it has in nearly every Country in the Free World, guns in most cases are the mental safety net for those who are not very intelligent, and think guns actually protect them, in nearly any instance an educated person could be in your home have a gun pointed at your head before you would even know they are there.

    1. No gun will ever protect me until I build the artificial intelligence to control it. Other than that, a gun is a tool that would allow me to protect myself and my household. A knife or a cast iron skillet could also be such a tool. While I have been well-trained in the use of firearms, I’ve never purchased one. I am quite skilled with both blades and cast iron skillets, and prefer those methods of home protection. While you think an intelligent person could enter my home and point a gun at my head without my knowledge, I know that is not the case. My security system alerts me when anyone approaches my house, and my dogs let me know as well. It is very unlikely that a person could gain entrance to my home without my knowledge.

  18. BIDEN…..Is So Stupid…..He Pisses into the Wind and is Really Pissing on us…..We the People of this Country.
    He is a True “Piss-Ant”…..Miserable President – Along with ALL of His Croney Democratic Mis-Fits.!!! So Pathetic that we the Good, True, and Faithful Americans have to just sit and Watch All of this – While Our Law System just sits on their Assess, also.!! When, or Is, Will.??…Anyone do anything about All this Corruptness within what we have to call our Government.??? HEY….Judicial People Out There “HELLO”..!!!!

  19. A simple fix that should put a dent in the gun issues. First you are not going to stop gun crimes by making it difficult for the average citizen. Put a 10 year mandatory sentence in addition to any time for a crime committed using a weapon, this means anything used as a weapon. Any prosecutor or judge that agrees to a lessor time must serve ten years as well. No exceptions. This goes for Democrats and the wealthy. Make it hurt and this crap will come to an end.

  20. Please people, at least check your spelling. they already think we are a bunch of dumbasses, don’t prove it .
    They don’t care about the law, they don’t care about sense. They are distracting us with all these petty little arguments. They want us GONE, DEAD, converted, call it what you like. they are exactly like muslims, they don’t want what’s right, what’s logical etc.. they want absolute power and control. Don’t think for a minute that they are stupid, even joe. They are very cunning evil people being controlled by the evil one, read the bible you’ll plainly see that. It’s their voter base that is hopelessly stupid, and that’s the way they like it. They suppress them, lie to them every bad thing you can think of and tell them its us doing it and that they are the ones trying to help, and these poor brainwashed non thinking sheeple go out and blindly vote for them, over and over, its insane…


  21. They know very well that is the truth,but it’s not convenient for them. They want to take away the threat of legitimate gun owners to overthrow them!
    That’s what they fear, because they know how close they are to civil war #2

  22. Our present leaders have learned well from the wolves. Though 60% of the firearm deaths in the U.S. are suicides, according to our government, there is no real political ambition to help prevent these deaths. Most of the homicides by gun in this nation are committed by illegal handguns, but there is no obvious political ambition to go after the gang members and drug cartels that own them. Instead, our government has decided to go after the outliers, the small percentage of gun owners that have or want ‘assault weapons’, or braces, or high-capacity magazines. This is what wolves do. As long as the pack only goes after the few that have strayed from the herd, they know the herd won’t respond. If our government decides to go after only those that use the guns to commit crimes, and do it with vigor, that would be akin to the wolves attacking the main herd. The wolves are too smart for that.

  23. Exactly what does the XO say? I want to see, with my own eyes, just how ignorant this pathetic old man happens to be!

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