Deceiving America: The News Stories the Media COVERED UP for Democrats

Old school newspaper workers used to laugh about two insider sayings. Daily newsprint either included “all the news that was fit to print” or “all the news that fits.” In both of those scenarios, hard-nosed reporters and editors worked tirelessly to uncover evidence and report facts that impacted everyday people’s lives.

As this video demonstrates, the establishment media now picks its preferred targets, and none of them are Democrats or aligned with the left-leaning party.

This insightful political report points out national news stories that should be widely reported on right now. When looking at horrific murders such as the Capitol Police officer run down by a crazed driver and the grocery story shooting that resulted in 10 killings, the dishonest media checks the political winds before investing in coverage.


One would anticipate the Capitol murder is highly newsworthy and deserves coverage. And when a madman walks into a supermarket and guns Americans down in cold blood, that too meets the newsworthy standard. Why doesn’t the fake news media give these fatal crimes coverage?

The answer goes to the heart of a strategy used by large and left-wing media outlets to suppress valuable information from the public. You see, the perpetrators charged in those two attacks were not conservatives. They are radicalized Muslims, and that element challenges the fake news narrative that conservatives are evil. If you want to know about items that are truly “fit to print,” but get covered up, watch this video.

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22 thoughts on “Deceiving America: The News Stories the Media COVERED UP for Democrats”

  1. The 1st step into making a country into a socialist, communist, dictatorship is censorship. I believe the fake news media thinks by omitting facts is not lying. What has been accomplished is to make once respected reporters/journalists into lying and untrustworthy individuals with no self integrity. I understand they are being dictated to by the corporate leaders (such as Disney who owns ABC) that own the networks and are only doing what they are told to protect their multi-million dollar jobs, but they are “selling themselves out” to a bunch of basically treasons to the Constitution. You can tell when a Democrat is lying, by simply seeing their mouth is open.

    1. One of the biggest lies is the Jan6, deal. I watched on TV and saw many of the patriots behaving correctly. they walked into the capitol because they were invited. IF they were not invited directly they passed capitol police and they were not told to get OUt. I am sure if the capitol polce would have told them they have no business there they would have turned around and walked out. But they were not told that. Instead they walked into a set up, more properly a trap. Yesterday I read where a pastor and his son visited DC that day and did walk into the capitol. The dad a pastor has brought many youth on Field trips there to see the capitol and other sites so he felt very comfortable in the very building that in the past people were allowed to enter. The picture they arrested him with ( FBI) shows him standing in a spot on the floor talking to capitol police having a nice conversation. I am sure he and his son who was arrested too according to the article were both surprised at this revelation.

  2. Boycott all communist controlled media and remove all communist controlled democrats from office! period.

  3. MC, look a little deeper. It is not the corporations that are dictating: It is the corporation OWNERS who are dictating. Look at the majority shareholders/owners/Bds of Directors/Execs. What you’ll discover is that there is a very common thread — a cunning tribe — holding it all together and using their influence to get everything they want, dating back to Biblical times.

    1. DemocRats are Liars!!!! DemocRats rigged the 2020 Election, and we have to put up with an Old, Senile, Socialist Fool as our President — A Woke Idiot!!!!! These fools push the critical race theory, and cancel culture — This is Marxism in the purist sense —- We need to Cancel the mainstream media — And maybe we will get lucky — Biden could Croak during his first year in office))))))))

  4. Control the news, you control people. This is out of the communist playbook. Stalin, Mao, Xi, showed the way and now the demoncreep party and their minions MSM are lying to us every day in every way possible. Unless Americans wake up and vote them out, we are doomed. We must stand together for freedom for all if we are going to succeed…

    1. I suspect they have a plan for that too. Voting them out. NO will not happen. I can see it now. Obama stated that he wants them to forge ahead with HR! or a similar bill pronto before the next two elections. I think I know where this is going for 24 and if this is passed we will lose either way. there will be no red states voting. I think I know their plan for that. I am talking Presidental race.

  5. Biden is sick, where is the report he is fit to serve? impeachment time, his actions are not reflective of American values, he is trying to ruin our Country, and hope all of his actions take away from the fact, his family [son] got 200 million from communist China. Defunding police return us to days of vigilante justice, radical democrats, this will open a Pandora’s box of righteous justice extremist, seeking their ideal of justice, instead of established law, provided by our courts and society. If law and order is not allowed to continue, the radical left “under Biden” will destroy out country from within. these deceivers attained a political voice, positions of authority. must be removed and voted out of office, they are not true Americans, and don’t abide by American values, or our American Justice system. Democrats in office now, lack any ability to govern, tax spend policy does not solve problems, without police force to serve, we will have total chaos in society.

    1. The actions of the Democrats are exactly what the Communist leader told Roosevelt would happen . He stated that our Country would be taken over from within. The Democrats are the Communist Party in America. They use the liberal news media to spread their lies and propaganda. The mainstream media is no longer real news.


  7. I and any person who values correct grammar, are daily assaulted with the incorrect usage of “impact” to mean “affect”. These words are NOT interchangeable and have different meanings. If the ubiquitous users of such incorrect terminology had paid attention in grade and high school (let alone college) they would know better. Our public schools are producing grammatical MORONS! I wish that this were the only thing that I object to, but the list of grammatical errors is abundant and should be inexcusable. The public schools should go back to teaching basics instead of calamitous political nonsense.

    1. I could not agree with you more!!!!!!! Thank you for those words. You have expressed thoughts which have been in my mind and heart for years. I applaud you.

  8. Those large corporations are being ran by the people who were educated by the socialist demorats in colleges hence we are products of the leftist trained kids. Sam Walton would turn in his grave to see what he’ll his heirs are promoting.

  9. I believe there is something going on that’s worse than we imagine. Humanity has overpopulated itself and when the projected results didicate an horrific end is in sight. Something desparate is needed to control human population to prevent Armageddon. Unfortunately that could be a “Death Sentence” and for a substantial action required to take-out one to four billion people on earth. With technology making is possible to “Rape” the earth’s resources even faster. Things will get very awful before we know it. This is what happens when people believe that having many children is a sign of a couple’s sexual ability. In reality, it’s sign of not thinking!

  10. Well let’s see Slick Willie:affair gate, Hillary emails and Bengazhi, Obama Shovel ready jobs, Fast and Furious, ObamaCare, Harry Reid, on everything,Nancy everything she says, same with Chuckie, and now Joey, I always used to say about Obama if his lips are moving he is lying, with Joey he doesn’t even have to move his lips, because you know when he opens his mouth nothing is going to be factual or true. Lets not forget Eric Swallow, living with a spy having sex with a spy and allowing that spy in on government secrets, and how about the medias coverage or non coverage on the chip off of the old block:Hunter that dude has committed more felonies in his lifetime, and is still walking the streets, but you never hear about anything on him

  11. It’s time to attack the media and their families. They are 100% the absolute enemy of everyday Americans. Go to there place of work and when they come off the air and go home attack them unmerciful. The media fuels all the hate and phony racism .A couple of them get physically punished and put in hospital with head injuries they’ll get the message quickly. They have no bodyguards or protection its time to slaughter them and their scumbag family. The media needs to feel the pain everyday Americans go through. Turn the hate on these corrupt evil cowards who sold their souls like the gutless scum they are.

  12. Is anyone really surprised? FAKE NEWS has been covering for DemonRats for a very long time.
    WAKE UP AMERICA before it’s too late

  13. The facts that have come out about many scandals involving democrats are immediately buried. We have the FACT that Hillary Clinton invented the whole Russian collusion to remove the heat on herself regarding bengazi and her private email server to send classified information. And when caught she started smashing hard drives with a hammer. And deleting incriminating emails that proved what she did was illegal. And her husband meeting with Loretta lynch on the tarmac just before Comey testified to the oversite committee that no charges would be brought against Hillary. Regardless of evidence proving otherwise. We have Joe Biden on tape bragging about how he had the prosecutor looking into Hunter Bidens illegal business dealings fired while withholding American monetary support until the man was fired. And amazingly enough with the help of Adam Shiff blamed Trump for that exact crime and tried to impeach him. Trump released transcript of his phone call to Ukrainian President before Adam Shiff went before the oversite committee and completely made up a false narrative regarding that very phone call after Trump offered up actual transcript. Or Hunter Biden falsifying information on a federal background check with the FBI…and they look the other way,because his dad ol Joe is promising that he will come after you for that very crime. It has been proven that Obama was behind the whole Russian collusion story with Hillary Clinton. And that he was actively spying on the Trump campaign even before the campaigning began. How about the FACTS that not only is Obama not an American citizen…a requirement to be the United States President and that his wife…is a man. Born Michael. Both daughters were adopted. Both Barrack and Michelle…devout Muslims. He sold us out to Iran and pd ransom via pallet loads of cash and known terrorists released in exchange for a traitor that was Court marshaled anyway as a deserter. Bill Bar,Mike Pence, both claimed to be Trump allies until it came time to prove it and they both flipped. We now know about major election fraud in most key battlestates. Including ballot harvesting of dead people,their pets,Pete that don’t live in those states,on election night with Trump clearly in the lead by a landslide…when suddenly the counting comes to a screeching halt…Republicans are sent home…not allowed to witness anything and truckloads of ballets get counted in the middle of the night and ya know the funny thi g was all the votes counted overnight were supposedly for Biden . Who didn’t hardly campaign at all…openly admitted that they had the best voter fraud team there was. The man is an embarrassing imbesil that can’t remember where he is,who his wife is,kept saying he was running for senate instead of the President of the USA. Just embarrassed himself on the global stage with Putin. Aimlessly rambles on incoherently in front of cameras. His press secretary admitted having to constantly remind him to not take certain reporters questions. He is constantly saying that he will get in trouble for taking questions from the press. The President of the United States is afraid of getting in trouble….with who exactly? The man is a pedophile his son is a thief and a drug addict. His whole family has benefitted and got rich with his shady deals with China. He quietly stopped investigation into origin of the China Flu. He has taken credit for Trumps accomplishments and even worse…trying to completely erase Trumps Presidentcy has single handedly brought this Great Country to its knees. And ya know what… he’s not done. All of these executive orders that have been pushed…he was caught on mic saying he didn’t even know what he was signing as they pushed executive orders in front of him. Now he is so far gone that Jill and Kamala are being sent out to do his job for him. And Kamala Harris who used to be a hooker before she was a lousy prosecuter is in no way qualified to do anything. I think she proved that on her trip to Guatemala. Even that President told her that it was the Biden administrations fault in regards to the border crisis. Antifa and BLM rioters that were bailed out by an organization backed by Kamala Harris who burned cities to the ground over the death of a drug riddled criminal trying to pass counterfeit money and tried to resist arrest died during that arrest. They have killed,attacked police officers,threatened all of society if they don’t get what they want. The majority of their charges were dropped yet people that have been arrested and held without being charged just because they were at the capital on Jan 6. They claim a cop was killed that day…it was proven that he died as the result of a stroke tha following day. Biden is still telling that lie. There has been no investigation into the veteran that was shot and killed while unarmed that day. Jan 6th was a pre-planned politically motivated and coordinated attack and Trump had no part in it. The bottom line is…when are these criminal politicians,the FBI,CIA and the DOJ going to be held responsible? How long are we going to continue to allow the MSM to report only what supports their narrative and not the proven truth that so much has been proven to be true? How many more rigged elections do you think this Country can possibly survive before we end up just like Russia or Venezuela. We are the only LAND OF THE FREE because of our constitution,Bill of rights and freedom. Of religion. This Pandemic that has almost ruined this Country over a virus that has a 99% survival rate was no more than a trial run to see just how easily the people can be controlled so that our enormous Government and the richest of big tech can merely become richer. Social media only controls conservative content while pushing lies to meet democratic narrative. Zuckerberg alone bought and paid for the 2020 election. But there is a shimmer of light…more evidence has been proven and more is coming. So far election rigging has been proven and even some democrats are starting to admit to the undeniable ,evidence,but claiming that it wouldn’t change the outcome of the election because we have no Governmental guidance or legal outline to deal with that scenario….HELLOOOOOO That is because it has never so blatantly been done before. Simply means that we need to write legislation and create laws to contend with this scenario. As radical as it is this needs to be dealt with. The real criminals need to be brought to justice regardless of their political positions. And the innocent that have been prosecuted need to be released and have their own life returned to what it was before all of this shit started. Our President should and rightly so be reinstated. He won fair and square. The entire justice system needs to be overhauled yes,but not defunded or obolished. Lawlessness only results in violent criminals calling the shots…funny but isn’t that what congress already does … lie steal and cheat ordinary citizens out of their constitutional rights.

  14. The power for change STILL lies within the state(s). Vote out the Dummycrats at the next election. They will all be gone within 8 years, BUT YOU MUST VOTE THEM OUT. DRAIN THE DC SWAMP AND DUMP THE CAREER POLITICIANS.


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