Biden Says No White Farmers Allowed to Receive Benefits from his Rescue Plan

In Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, Blaze TV’s Glenn Beck notes FOUR BILLION dollars have been allocated to loan forgiveness for farmers. The only qualification? You can’t be white.

Adam Faust, a white dairy farmer, and his attorney, Dan Lennington, joined Glenn to discuss this blatant act of racism from the Biden administration.

They—along with four other farmers—are suing the federal government and fighting back against this racial discrimination that has serious consequences for the future of our nation.

After all, as Lennington warns: there’s more to come just like this from our federal government.

The law’s definition of socially disadvantaged explicitly includes farmers and ranchers must be African American, Native American, Alaskan Indian, Hispanic or other minority groups. White Americans are specifically excluded.


If you’re not a farmer, you might not think it’s a big deal, but it is. What happens when the same thing happens in banking or insurance or education? In allegedly standing against racism, the Biden administration’s policies are legalizing racism under different terms.

Check out Glenn’s latest video for the interview you won’t want to miss. This topic is too important to overlook as we enter a new era of cultural warfare.

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94 thoughts on “Biden Says No White Farmers Allowed to Receive Benefits from his Rescue Plan”

  1. He has to b stop.Obama days are over.wake up take action NOW ! it Time !! …….. …. …. ….. ……. !


      1. Absolutely totally agree with you! Civil suits have to start pretty soon or US CITIZENS will los Bombarde everything and we are being discriminated against especially whites just to pit whites against blacks and browns.. That whole Biden administration is so F up along with Congress and the senate. Wonder how the low life’s that voted for freebies feels now.

      2. I agree, we all need to stand up and say F*ck You and take back the country. We need to start in the heartland and pinch in toward the capital. I am sick of seeing Barry II. He is the puppeteer actually running the Country.

      3. Since none of our constitutional rights are not guaranteed, then may I re.ind pedophile joe that, the same argument can be said for taxes dollars. If he wants to play favorite, we can to.

    2. Biden, tge democrats, and liberals are such bigots. It is sD how bigoted and racist the democrats and biden are.

  2. Discrimination at the highest level! This is Insane! The color of one’s skin does not determine the person’s Character, therefore if the definition of a bill excluding “White People” because of “Lack of skin pigmentation” is as bad and discriminatory as saying “People of Color” shall not be allowed or included.
    This “Pretender” is not only “Weak” but Severely challenged mentally claiming to “UNIFY’ all Americans and then pulling a 180 degree and extolling divisiveness as the path to Building America Better??????
    Common Sense has disappeared from this administration

      1. Biden and his crew of nazi’s need to be impeached. What happened to his “Unite the country, all they are doing is dividing it more. What that bill is, is a racist bill. He keeps saying there is racism in America and it has to be eradicated, however he is the biggest racist of all. If this doesn’t get resolved by the courts, then they all are in it, because only stupid people would not think this is racist.

        1. Exactly. The Marxist Democrats use the Race card to further their agenda to destroy our Republic. They have been brainwashing our children for years with the Critical Race theory classes being taught in schools all over the country. They use Marxist BLM and ANTIFA terrorist to loot, burn buildings, intimidate citizens and attack police. Just what Hitler did using the Brown Shirts to cause divide and social unrest. They attack our Freedom of religion and speech along with our Second amendment rights (Constitutional right so citizens can protect themselves against a tyrannical government). They only enforce the laws that benefit them. They lie, cheat and steal to stay in power as they are only interested in Power and money for themselves. Biden and Harris need to be impeached immediately and the other Marxist Democrats need to be recalled, AOC and members of the squad need to be arrested for treason.!

        2. Now I get it…….Biden is not the person making these decisions, it is the people behind him and they are probably ALL NOT WHITE SKINNED. Sorry but that must be the case.

      2. But this isn’t stupid. It’s evil to the core. And has to be stopped or there will be NO AMERICA. And it won’t take long for that to happen.

    1. Hi.. if minority farmers are receiving money but not white farmers, this is discrimination! White farmers pay taxes too and after all this money is coming from US taxpayers! My question is who is thinking this crap up? I do not Biden has the sense to do it.

      1. Just look at the squad everyone of them hate whites and Jews and they’re the ones who are the racists. Demcraps are the the leaders of hipocracy and double standards. Now that Fauci has been found to have been heavily involved with Wuhan it’s time to also include Pelosi as she was seen in Wuhan prior to the COVID outbreak concocting the only way other than the ballot box fiasco.

      2. Think about this, how many Farmers/ranchers do think are “minorities” people of Color, whatever! No, truth is 80-90 % of those farmers/ranchers are white! This is MUCH MORE SINISTER than being prejudiced, or racist. although, it is that! THIS is designed to BRING down AMERICA’S food supply! WAKE UP! Most “minority” farmers/ranchers have only a few acres land, & really not much livestock. But. yet. they will get Billions of $$ NO WAY, THIS goes far beyond racism! it’s an ALL out ATTACK on our Country!

  3. Farmers of every color are providing food for the American people of every color. Should they stop providing food for us? If you didn’t provide relief for black farmers people would be up in arms. Discrimination is wrong, It is shameful what this administration is doing!

  4. The racial divide is sickening. Look at Biden’s administration. Not one person including himself and cackles is experienced enough to take care of our country. The worse part is the safety that most of us fear. I do not want to sound negative but Biden and his assholes are looking for WW#3

  5. Biden Says No White Farmers Allowed to Receive Benefits from his Rescue Plan

    1. It is not going to stop until we the people exercise our rights under the constitution to remove this government and replace it with a new one,one we vote for under strict rules and regulations one person one vote and in person at the polls

  6. Pure reverse racism. It is time for the white people to help their own. Will this happen are will we go quietly in the night?

    1. This is not the only program that Biden and company have excluded whites from. Another one is the PPP program for small businesses. Not enforcing our immigration laws and these programs are only a bribe to these people to get votes for the Marxist Democrats so they can stay in Power. They don’t care about citizens here they only want Power and money for themselves and to rule over the people .

  7. Flick joe Biden and his crew. He won’t be around long and if he makes it we have to deal with Kamala. He is screwing this country royally.

  8. This is pure discrimination! Nothing more/nothing less. It is despicable!
    May God help us-he is a demented empty suit used as a puppet!
    I sincerely hope the white farmers protest this and take it to court.

  9. America is a White culture. If you can’t assimilate into this White society, time for you to move on. That is what made America the greatest country in the world. Now the commie democrats are trying to tear it down and make it a third world black country. It won’t be pretty. Wake up America, it is time to take your country back from these idiot socialist freaks. Socialism/communism does not work for the benefit of all. It is a dictatorship wrapped in phony words.

  10. Wow! Flipping racism to punish white farmers? I seem to remember farmers of all colors dumping their milk to achieve better prices and it worked! Our farmers, of all colors, have fed nations even though some crops were priced unfairly. These are men and women that have kept food on the tables of ALL Americans and now our government throws the race card on the white farmers specifically? How many white farmers do you thing there are in America? I have a feeling you are going to find out…

  11. The Demon-Craps are always yelling racest on the whites. Well here you go..A WHITE SO CALLED PRESIDENT, “Not My President ” and his demon friends are the most hated thing against whites. They are the Race baiters number 1 !! Wake up White ones…
    M A G A…..

  12. Ummm, excuse me but isn’t that what the left preach on a daily basis? RACISM! to the core!

  13. Really, is anyone surprised? This little man is set to destroy this country, one white person at a time, unless we stand 2gether! He’s a demented pedo. His wife knows he’s not all there, but she proudly stands by and let’s his handlers control him. Both are shameless crooks, and this is what we have running our country! God help us all!

  14. If it weren’t for WHITE farmers we wouldn’t have enough food to go around. Wake up you blacks and see that they are only pandering to you for your vote. They don’t care about you otherwise. Come over to the red side, WE CARE. This is truly disgusting. Does Biden not know that he is white?????

  15. I’ve known for decades that the DemoRATs hate white people. They’re proving it more and more these days. They and the rest of the left are the enemy. There’s no denying it and it’s going to take a full fledged revolt to turn things around in this country.

  16. And a lot of stupid farmers voted for Biden , Colorado has more idiots than most cattle ranchers voted for Biden , shit for brains , is no excuse ! It’s a insurrection on “we the people” , only 350,000,000 more people than in the congress . Democrates have stolen Americans and are replacing them with anybody who votes for there insanities .

  17. Obama Has To Be Taking Out Of The USA President Office , Obama Is Running The USA Joe Biden Is Just A front Man – Obama Is Bring Destruction To The USA And The People . Obama New Know One Would Ever Vote For Him So He Place Joe Biden As His Front Man While Obama Is Being President . It Is Time To Get Obama Out Of Office Lock Him Up For Being A Terrorist To the USA Joe Biden Kamala Harris Needs To Be Put Out Of Office And Freeze Their Bank Accounts And Their Credit Cards Unto The USA IS BACK … This Should Of Never Ever Happen In The USA To Have Terrorist People Run The USA OF AMERICA President …. Where Is The Federal Government At Where Is The USA Military At Why Is This Terrorist Obama Being Aloud To Destroy The USA Of America … Americans Need To Take Back The USA From These Terrorist People

  18. OH, by the WAY, “Beijing BIDEN” . . . THAT is RACIST! with a CAPITAL “R”. You need to be IMPEACHED – ASAP! One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  19. Biden — The Most Racist / The Most Un-American / The Socialist / The Un-Fittest Both in Mind & Body and he is and never will be a president in the true terms. A true American President is FOR the American people and where America comes first in everything.

  20. This CANCER needs to be IMPEACHED and IMPRISONED
    for the rest of his LIFE. ???? Biden. And this WHITE BOY needs to have ALL of his Benefits Resolved.

  21. Didn’t i read before the election that white farmer were BIDEN SUPPORTERS? So guess what? You were a SUCKER!

    1. Stupid democratic voters!!! Remeber the phrase “Be careful what you ask for. You just might get it.” Well There are no white democrat farmers???!!! Right!!!

  22. Don’t allow any politician (state, local, or federal) to buy any food grown, processed, transported, distributed, cooked, etc. by any white person. If they are caught violating this, lock them up for life.

    Biden is a complete idiot. I hope he starves to death!!!

  23. The entire administration needs to be removed ! His cabinet members and his shadow staff included. He took an oath, the VP took an oath. What they are doing goes against the oath they took and America and Americans are the victims of their actions. They are actually pitting Americans against each other with this type of “plan” as well as other “plans”. It is sickening!!

  24. The Puppet of the US, his camel, Piglosi, Horseface, Cryin’ Chuck, and all of the puppet’s other supposed administration are ALL racists and intolerant if Christians and Jews…..and now Caucasian farmers are being discriminated against…..Don’t blame me, I voted for a real President, Donald J Trump!!!!

  25. Biden is the biggest racist out there. He was proud of his fight to lock up those single mother black kids that would become our problem when 15 years old. He would love em up for jaywalking were some of his words. Now it’s to hell with white people if they are not in his camp. So many stupid people who don’t do their own research but vote blind.

  26. Biden is a fool that does not deserve the office. He discriminates and the Supreme Court needs to stop this boob.

  27. At this point in the USA, how has history, since 1920, shown us that Hitler was wrong about anything? “Race is Culture is Nation!”
    The Marxists can turn Sweden into The Congo-but, you can never turn The Congo into Sweden!! (Different wavelengths of the Soul Light of individual character.)
    The Annunaki who created us were also white according to the Sumerian VA-284.

  28. Another example of dumoctats trying to buy votes. How long before they try and introduce a bill in congress to allow illegal aliens to vote in U.S. elections. Hold on to your wallets if you are a sane person.

  29. Where does this Biden plan come from. Is biden putting his own funds into this rescue plan? We, all know better> The funds do not belong to Biden, nor the DAD’s and it is wrong that dumb ass Biden should be trying to dictate how and to whom the funds go. His no whites is discrimination and another count of Biden going against the law and our Constitution. We have a Supreme Court which is supposed to hear and rule on the articles of our Constitution and they too have been bought off and refuse to do the job they were put into office to do. We the People Need leadership which is by the People, For the People, and not through fraudulant theft and cover-up by the greedy socialist left who is trying to overthrow our governmeny.

  30. Just where does this administration get their ideas from? Depriving white farmers from participating in financial relief is pure racist without a doubt. If Biden bends backwards for brown/black, Hispanic, Asian American etc., why does he put white farmers in a separate category? White farmers work just as hard as other farmers and they are all one bracket working to keep America fed. To exclude them is unthinkable. I certainly do not want my tax dollars to be “racist” and the opportunity should be across the board for ALL FARMERS!

  31. So, I suppose” white farmers” (though i have to say I have never see a ‘white’ farmer…) didn’t contribute to the food chain, they didn’t lose money during the ‘lockdowns’ by the government that now won’t help them. Hummmm… I’m thinking ever “white” farmer should sue biden for doing this. EVERY ONE OF THEM! Then we’ll see how he feels about discrimination. But the man is so out of it, he prob wouldn’t know what to do anyway.

    The biggest problem we have right now is that there are no different races. We are all one race, we just have different amounts of melatonin in our skin and we come from different ethnicities.
    We are all one people (unless you happen to come from another planet, then yes, you might be another race)

    So now politically correct people and woke people are pitting man against man, woman against woman and child against child to attain what? This is working for unity? Equality? Um… I think not.

    It does not matter how much melatonin is in your skin or where you come from. If someone is hurting you I will try to help you, If someone is telling you, you are nothing, I will stand up for you.
    If we get cut, we all bleed the same color blood. Our hearts hurt when something bad happens, We all rejoice when something good happens. So, tell me, why should anyone be excluded from being helped (aka the farmers) just because of the lack of melatonin in their skin?

    If those who are in power or even those that are out there on the streets doing their ‘peaceful’ rioting can’t see that, then it is they who should be locked up and cut off. Because they are causing more of a problem, more disruption, more hate towards others than anyone.

  32. Biden is a puppet, his strings are bring pulled by others, who still have a brain. Biden needs to be removed from office for violating his oath of office to enforce the laws of this nation, to include, immigration, discrimination (of whites, ) et al!

  33. This criminal! The Biden Administration is full of sick people! This Blatant Racism. How can anyone still be a proud American? We have voted in a regime that is going to destroy our Country!

  34. If you can find a black farmer that will work, he wont need any help. This is Biden’s way helping where it’s not needed.

  35. When are we going to get rid of these idiots in government they are all anti American and should be thrown out of the government immediately and permanently!

  36. Dr. Jill should be ashamed for allowing Slow Joe to embarass himself on a daily basis. But she isn’t smart enough to be embarassed! All these crazy libs need to be removed now! To quote Dr. Jill, say it with me, “Si Se Pwaydway!!” Moron!

  37. This stupid son of a bitch has absolutely no idea what he is doing. He follows the reading on the cards he is given and then he smiles. Biden wasn’t worth a shit when he was a Senator, he learned how to be worse from Obama, and now he shows his true character the bottom of a cess pool. These idiotic rules and decisions people think Biden imposes or says is simply the orders from Obama and the Democratic Party assholes. There is not one single person in the Biden Administration that is honest or worth a damn. Obama didn’t do enough damage to the USA, but now he still is the top dog in the government – through Biden. Obama and the Democratic Party is doing their damnedest to create a civil war, but they will be the ones who suffer most. They will have to run like hell to save their rotten asses. We veterans and about one and one-half million citizens who have never fought in a war will destroy those communist Democrats that are protected by the news media. A civil war will undoubtedly rid the USA of the scum that now calls the shots.

    1. Hi Robert: You got my vote on ALL accounts! I’m also a Veteran and I’ve literally gotten ill over whats happening to this country! I’ve been saying right from the get-go that it’s going to have to reach a point when us true AMERICANS realize that a civil war is what it’s going to take. We CANNOT wait until 2022 elections to rid this country from the cesspool scum!!!

  38. NOW you know why Biden & the other idiotic Dems want to ban high powered assault weapons & large magazines (if the 1st shot misses). Talk about “cancel culture”….HE needs to be “cancelled”!! Why do you think Washington is fenced-off and protected by the Nat’l Guard??? The Dems are “messing in their pants”!!

    1. I am not a veteran but I will stand with them and be by their side to uphold the constitution so help me God

  39. and you wonder about the big divide in this country..well look no further the senile old b…..d did his thing and now we have blacks only on the agenda……..well white farmers feed this nation wake up everyone they need a break to continue their admirable job and i hope the senile idiot rots in hell. that i think may be too good for him. come on man get behind the farmer. eating is a god given right as well as a necessity.

  40. I guess the next thing will be “Uncle Joe ” will show up in Blackface to support the anti-white farmers? All THEY talk about RACIST. Do they know what the word means??

  41. I swear to GOD, if this effected me, I would go to court and claim that I identify as a black person in a white person’s body. These POS want to play this BS game of identity politics. People can now, in Sleepy’s socialist America claim to be anything they want, and anyone who disagrees is RACIST. Racial discrimination is against the law, yet Sleepy the moron, and his little minion sociopaths think this is justified.

  42. These days, the color of a person’s skin has zero – absolutely zero – influence over his economic status. Sure, many African Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans are poor, but so are many white Americans. And Biden doesn’t have to look far to see many African Americans, in particular, who are extremely wealthy. He spent four years as vice president working with just such a family.
    There seems to be a real problem today, in our newly “woke” society, understanding that racism works the other way too. It is RACIST to define ANY member of society by the color of his or her skin, yes, even when that color is white.

  43. I believe Dr. Jill is not a medical doc….a PHD….who taught children. Wonder what she taught them.
    Biden and his marksist crew are thieves and closet terrorists who not only should be removed from office but sentenced to death like the traitors they all are.

  44. For all of those who have thrown the word “racism” around for the past few years without knowing what the word meant, you are now seeing the true definition of RACISM in action. (Are you listening Mr. Sharpton?)

    I don’t know the percentages of farmers broken down by race, but I’m pretty sure that WHITES are the lion’s share. It is they who mostly keep America fed. ALL farmers have suffered the same hardships through Covid-19 & before that. To discriminate against them now will mean America will starve. We will be waiting in lines for a crumb of bread like all the other 3rd World Socialist /Communist countries. That’s what this Communist Regime of Biden’s wants, because a nation on its knees from starvation will do anything for a scrap of food. This is & always has been the plan. Next Biden will say only non-whites can own farms. Farms will be stripped from whites & given to non – whites. This exact scenario has been going on in South Africa for the past few years. It’s been a violent & bloody scene.

    What will follow… No medical insurance, no home – ownership, no civil rights, etc… for whites?!! Yup! Biden & his Comrades are already trying to take our 2nd Amendment rights away, which was added to the U. S. Constitution to ensure We The People’s ability to fight tyranny, not by each other, but by our Government. Now you see why the Dems are so hell-bent on taking away our ability to defend ourselves… Against THEM!

    Mr. Biden, here are MY RULES:
    1) My WHITE tax dollars are only to be used to help WHITE FARMERS.
    2) My tax dollars are NOT too be used to fund Planned Parenthood.
    3) My tax dollars are not to be used to help illegal aliens, but only to help our own veterans & citizens who are in need (of which there are so many) first & foremost.
    4) My tax dollars are not to be used to pay for college loans. Let this “give me everything” generation get a couple of jobs to pay their own debts back. (There are jobs galore, but because of your ridiculous unemployment handouts during Covid-19, nobody wants to go back to work now).

    This is my “starter list” for our current Regime. Get started on this list & I will have more for you. You’re welcome, Mr. Biden!

    For those of you who voted for Biden:
    SHAME ON YOU! Votes matter! Think BEFORE you vote!

  45. Completely illegal. All the ‘white’ farmers should let the government know they are ‘identifying’ as African-American, Native American, Alaskan Indian, Hispanic, etc., etc. Change their ‘identity’ as required. If the VP can ‘identify’ as ‘African-American’, why can’t everyone else?? Play the game. See how they like it when you turn their own ‘rules’ against them.

  46. Since he and the dems seem hell bent on discriminating against whites maybe we should go back to discriminating against all black and brown people.

  47. Well no wonder Democrats are such hypocrites – it’s really ignorance – they can’t even begin to comprehend what racism is.

  48. Biden and his brain dead democratic ilk are nothing but a plague that needs to be extinguished from this planet before they do anymore damage to this country..I know quite a few farmers and trust me it will not go unanswered..An awful lot of the democratic congress are white I’m sure so where does that put them in the race game..Calling racists against your own colored people is nothing more or less than calling the kettle black..Man is capable of nothing but destruction, it’s because of human greed, human folly, human lust for power will destroy this civilization in a cataclysmic way, but as soon as the democrats are eradicated, the better!!

  49. All you dumb ass white people need to get there white ass’s out there and vote to turn this RASIST bull ? around. All you older voters need to get our younger voters to get out there and vote in2022 and in 2024.
    We need to get America back to where it once was

  50. All you dumb ass white people need to get there white ass’s out there and vote to turn this RASIST bull ? around. All you older voters need to get our younger voters to get out there and vote in2022 and in 2024.
    We need to get America back to where it once was

  51. Racism is racism. Racism is a behavioral mental disorder. Who it’s exerted against and who exerts it is irrelevant. Racism is bad.

    1. We actually are all ONE race. Humans… we have different ethnic backgrounds though.
      The problem is not ‘racism’, the problem is that a lot of people think they should have what they want when
      they want it and have it their way, no matter who it hurts along the way. And then there are those who just treat others as trash,(such as blm people, antifa, kkk, and so on) no matter how much or little melatonin they have in their skin. I look at it more like : what we are seeing more and more of (and is being allowed more and more) is for people to demonstrate how low they can go and how much they can hate they can spew. It is a very sad world we live in.
      As far as what the government is doing… well, they are just perpetuating that by doing what they are doing.
      Such as in this article. They are perpetuating hate towards some people because of who they are and how much melatonin they have in their skin. Instead of treating everyone like hard-working individuals trying to do their job as farmers and making a living they ‘subdivide’ because of the melatonin. People have stopped thinking and are all just trying to be politically correct according to a few ideots that care nothing for their fellow human being.

  52. White farmers could starve the world and finish what covid didn’t do.. then control would be where it needs to be !!! IN THE BREAD BASKET OF THE WORLD —-.
    30—–60 days population would be only 20% of present day,,
    10 days more, who knows???

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