Biden Says He Hopes to Send Billions in Aid to Central America to Reduce Migration

Joe Biden’s 100 days of failure now include a proposal to send billions of borrowed American tax dollars to Central America in a repeat of the failed foreign policy of the past. It’s not necessarily that Biden and Kamala Harris don’t have good intentions, the problem is that they don’t have a clue about the vast corruption that plagues Central American governments.

Consider that President Biden caused an unprecedented humanitarian crisis by announcing the southern border would be wide open during his first 100 days and no one would get deported. He also promised migrants that America would accept thousands of them, all they had to do was show up at our border and apply. Now that his campaign promise has resulted in overwhelmed border patrols, children crammed in cages like sardines, and an outraged public, he wants to roll out another debacle.

As this fact-based report indicates, Central American leaders work hand-in-glove with drug cartels to traffic cocaine into the U.S. What makes sending them billions an even worse foreign policy mistake is they use the money to pay law enforcement to protect drug traffickers. Adding insult to injury, Biden reportedly sent Kamala Harris to negotiate with Central American leaders to stop the corruption.


Biden wants to export $4 billion to countries that have not delivered the economic support necessary for their citizens. We can anticipate foreign diplomats will say the right things and issue press releases designed to get your hard-earned money. As a taxpayer, you will be paying this national debt money back with interest. Watch this video and get the facts about what an effective foreign policy should look like.

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53 thoughts on “Biden Says He Hopes to Send Billions in Aid to Central America to Reduce Migration”

  1. Biden Says He Hopes to Send Billions in Aid to Central America to Reduce Migration.

    1. Someone tell this dumbass we already pay these countries. Maybe it’s time we take over some of these nations who continually feed us their populations.

    2. Just who is transporting or paying to transport black africans from some of the worst lawless countries to the southern border of the US? Seems like even more off them showing up since Biden too office as OBAMA’s puppet!

  2. They don’t care about illegals either. They just love the power and money they amass while they cluelessly screw up America.

  3. We are living in the midst of the highest level of stupidity in Washington. Money sent to Central American countries does not go to the people. It goes to the corrupt dictators in power to give them even more power to further corrupt their countries.

  4. I’m all for this, if done the right way. The problems in these Central American countries from which these desperate immigrants come are due to either drug cartels taking over, or corrupt governments, or both. So, let’s send the billions of dollars down to them to aid, but do it in the form of troops and equipment. We can then kick out the cartels and the corrupt governments, put in our own leaders, and take over the troubled nations. If necessary, we can teach them English, and make them states of the United States of America. The United Nations has done virtually nothing for these nations for decades, and it is unlikely they ever will. If we don’t make these third-rate nations members of our nation, we should at least drop out of the UN and create a Coalition of Americas, and band together with Central and South America to create a trade union. Then we can ignore China completely.

    1. Advocating getting out of the U.N. was a Donald Trump objective. They do not listen to anything the U.S. suggests and only want the funding provided by us.

      1. All they have to do is get some real guards down there to turn the invaders around and head back to where they came. Let them know no one invited them to the party.

    2. Obama Biden Hunter were in bed with China and looks like China has bought up lots of property in south America countries. Why is a Chinese owned packing plant in USA buying meat from South American. FDA. found contaminated frozen dinners. Now on recall
      Democrats are going to continue to sell us out to China..
      God Bless America

      1. Pelosi sets everything up to steal tax dollars. Gives to her buddies and Newsom. We have no idea how many illegals in USA.

  5. Yes let’s just invade their countries turn them into democracies. Democraps want more states well there you go. Take everything from meheeco to taking back paneemaa. That would be great so all the mygrants will stay put. And just try taxing them haha good luck. Squeezeing blood from turnips right.

  6. At this point and time we as Americans need to get our country back under control before jumping into a kettle of hot water, stop the democraps from ruining our beloved country. Work on making America great again means more know then before we as patriots need to push for IMPEACHment as hard as the democraps did but what will be in our favor is there is no lies for the impeachments. Yes multiple impeachments.

  7. The road to hell is paved with good intentions and Democrats are good at one thing, leading the way. If it were their money and they had to pay it back they wouldn’t be so eager to throw it away.

    1. Plenty of democrats in hell are on the paved road back here coming in thru the border. To them, a crisis at the border means not having enough voter registration tables set up.

    1. Brain dead is sure right. I say, hell no, send them all back across the border with nothing….zilch. The Ametican people cannot afford to take care of these people. Some people sure marked the wrong name on their voter ballot….oops. could it have been a little or whole lot if voter fraud ?

  8. YEP— Here he goes again, Joe, Obama sent billions to Iran to stop them making uranium for weapons, how did that work out for you idiots??? Don’t spend money that’s NOT yours ! You started this , YOU fix it!! Don’t send Harris to do a job she doesn’t like, DO IT YOURSELF!! THIS ISN’T HER FAULT ,IT’S YOURS !!! How’s all that 50 years of training you have working out for you??

    1. Kemela horeass is up there with, illhan omar, aoc,hillary, obama,biden, pelosi, schumer, as being a threat to america, American way of life, they are all the worst enemy of americans, period…they all should be hung along with trans-sexual pedophiles and anyone who wants their existence, democrats, especially. I wish we could have a 5- million man march, and March until they are expelled from not just office, but from living on the same soil as the families of the heroes that have fought& died for this nation, get out or die democrats either one is OK with this nation of mostly decent people, and anyone who don’t want to live in this country with both laws and the constitution, go with them. The silent majority will fix it if you don’t go you will be fixed also.

  9. The Republican wave coming in Nov 2022 may be too late to save us from the ByDone-KaMaLa damage. The democrats are power mad for new votes from the illegals. The Republicans have to become more vocal about all this. Where is the common sense in America to oppose this? Maybe these are the End Times. If so, Biden is the Anti-Christ and the Four Horsemen of the Appocolipse are Sanders, Cuomo, Schumer, and Newsome. Following with brooms to clean up after them are Warren, AOC, Omar and Abrams. Pelosi is the Whore of Babalon (but who would want her?) Maybe the Second Coming will be in November 2022 when the Great Republican Army of God will restore peace, prosperity and hope to the land. Trump will again rule from his throne above all.

    1. I really feel like we need a stronger man than trump, just look back, trump started out good ,removing illegal immigrants from America for a little while, then just stopped, but he didn’t even mess with ms13, just regular working people, he talked big talk with that little rocket man b.s., then they met up and trump looked like he was cowled down all the sudden, he did the same thing with putin. We need younger, stronger, Republican leadership. A man, that will protect americans FIRST. THERE IS SUCH A MAN SOMEWHERE, BUT IT IS NOT TRUMP, IF DONALD TRUMP IS NOMINATED FOR THE REPUBLICAN PARTY PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE, WE WILL AGAIN LOSE ANOTHER 4 YEARS TO THE BABY RAPPING DEMOCRATS. THEY WILL RIG ANOTHER ELECTION just as they did in 2020. THEN THERE WILL BE A CIVIL WAR IN THIS COUNTRY ,AND ANY BODY OUT THERE CAN TAKE OVER THIS COUNTRY, BUT IF IT COMES TO THAT THIS LAND WON’T BE ANY WORSE THEN THAN IT IS RIGHT NOW! !!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Old Joe gets his standard 10% reconverted in pesos which are probably worth more than the US dollar by now.

  10. in my life time i have never seen any administration so screwed up and incompetent. biden sent harris to the border to correct the screw up he caused in texas and california and she doesn’t have sense enough to figure out how to get there. soon these dumb dems will order you out of your home to put these illegals in them. when they get enough power nothing is off the table.

  11. I hope that people don’t just dismiss some of the comments on here as wacky or that would never happen.
    Such as they will put you out of your home and put “Invaders” in. It happened in Europe (France & Germany)
    if It still available you can google the woman’s press release from Calais France ?? circa 2012-13. Her Husband had fallen ill and they were having a hard time with obligations. the government had a solution. They took their house of 30 yrs and gave it to Muslim invaders. Who also were getting 500 euros a month for being “Invaders” Sound familiar. They put them in a small flat as they say & when her son was crossing back across town he was assaulted by?? you got it Muslim Invaders. bloodied -hospitalized and when they tried to make a case were told you are promoting hate speech and !!!YOU!!! will be prosecuted. Sound familiar??

  12. The current population of Central America is 181,230,233 as of Saturday, April 3, 2021, based on the latest United Nations estimates. Biden is sending 4 billion (each billion is 1000 million) to the Central American countries. That equals 22.0713726059 or just over 22 million per person. I expected if you asked each person from Central America if they would be happy to return home for 22 million each the answer would be yes. I’d be happy to go there for far less. Before you write me back – I know that we’ve done this before and never, never will the citizens get the money.

  13. If Wishes were Fishes and we were Wealthy in Riches and Dr.Seuss wasn’t canceled by Democrat “Beep”
    It wouldn’t be funny if printing Money, wasn’t as easy, as dipping crackers in Honey,
    Clouds would be gone, It would always be Sunny, Spending Curtailed, we could Laugh at what’s Funny,
    Infrastructure’s nice but not at that Price, Cancelling Highways already finished, at one person’s whims,
    Leaves all person’s dreams quickly diminished, Fixing what’s broken really sounds Great, Everyone hopes it isn’t too late, Biden /Harris stuck at the Gate, the race has started they are a bit late!

  14. BUT! The two crooks in fraud, as well as the dnc and their rino putty birds, all know full well the crookedness and corruption in these nations, as well as our own; these two, biden and harris, are connected, linked, and get a take from the cartels. AND, GOD knows too. All the crooks in dc, the nations, are soon to be dealt with.


    WE THE PEOPLE (aka SILENT MAJORITY) had countless opportunities to have stopped this nightmare, but we chose to give the DEMOCRATS what they expected of us, to REMAIN SILENT! Thus, making us equally complicit in the fraud perpetrated against United States Americans!

    Isn’t it time you actually did something, took action? How much more damage needs to be done?

    I urge everyone who reads this to PICK UP THE PHONE and call your REP AND SENATORS in DC and DEMAND IMMEDIATE IMPEACHMENT OF BIDEN AND HARRIS.


    Can you continue to tolerate gasoline prices, product prices all going up, the WH being run by Harris, Pelosi and Schumer? Literally destroying our country, allowing thousands upon thousands of illegals into our country bringing in God knows what diseases?

    Then copy and paste this information into an E-Mail and send to friends and family asking them to make the calls, then forward on to their friends asking them to make the calls and forward on! WE NEED TO MAKE THIS GO VIRAL!

    Members of the House

    Members of the Senate


    Keep in mind: SILENCE = ACCEPTANCE

  16. I thought that the DONALD slowed the flow of illegals by cutting back on air to central and south american countries. I was never a big fan of Trump but I miss him already!

  17. This Biden administration is a joke. The wall was build to keep our country safe. Why was Biden allowed to stop the construction? What the hell is wrong with the Republicans? They are caving . We ate in a pandemic and these migrants are sneaking, in our country and got only knows who and what is coming in. Yes many are being detained, but more are sneaking through. The border patrol ca has keep up with the surge. BIDEN NEEDS TO BE IMPEACHED . BUSINESS OWNERS RHAT HIRE ILLEGALS TO PAY CHEAP AND UNDER THE TABLE, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

  18. Thank you Jim for the information!!!
    Biden – Harris Administration needs to be removed from office!! This current administration are tearing this Country apart this Country from within!! The United States Citizens ARE NOT responsible to SUPPORT any other Country!!! This Country belongs to US, Natural Born USA CITIZENS!

  19. Bidens fix to all problems is throw large sums of money at the problem and it will go away!!!!! Money that we don’t have to start with ..This dumb A$$ is playing with our children and grand children and beyond. .Biden is not running the country ,maybe OBAMAS THIRD TERM?????? is running it. he so hates the USA want to become the dictator here ..Time to take back the government from these cheating fools..

  20. Americans… we are so screwed!!!!!! We will never come back from this stupidity!!!!! Biden has destroyed all the hard work that took President Trump four hard years to correct, from multiple years prior of neglect!!!!! I am saddened by the people who are so ignorant to have voted for this moron, they have destroyed America forever!!

  21. Standard Liberal Democrat response: Send Money. Right. Because that has solved all our problems in the past. Maybe they do that because they are incapable of critical thinking required to devise alternative solutions. How can anyone with a functional brain ever vote Democrat??

  22. Isn’t it great to be in charge of the greatest COUNTRY. You can make a stupid move that costs lives, misery, pain. and BILLIONS of TAX dollars than come up with a FIX. SPEND more millions of tax dollars. hoping it will stop the MESS from getting WORSE. What did AMERICAN GAIN.A lot of TROUBLE and HIGHER TAXES, PLUS to pay for an IDIOTS MISTAKE. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Creepy Joe is a morally corrupt, imbecile who wants nothing good for America. He should be charged with treason, sexual assault and incest. First impeach him!!

  24. Hey Biden why don`t you leave the illegals alone and close down the borders you ignorant moron. better yet keep your hands off of our tax dollars.

    1. Let the half wit that opened the borders pay for it. You can use some of your China profits. This is what you get when Democrats are in power. The only thing they really know how to do is lie & steal.

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