Biden RIGS Democrat Primary for Himself, Kamala

President Joe Biden is making it clear that he intends to run again in 2024, and these shady efforts to rig the DNC primary in his favor suggest he’ll do anything to maintain power.

Biden and his team have been pushing to change up the order of the Democratic primary states, looking to craft a path which will guarantee him and other future establishment candidates a near automatic victory.

To do this they have replaced the state of Iowa, which Biden performed terribly in during the last primary, with South Carolina, a state in which Biden seems to have massive support.

After that, a number of other Biden-friendly states would come in rapid succession which would theoretically give the power-hungry president a major lead over any potential challengers.

Even beyond Biden, this path would keep establishment Dems in power indefinitely given that South Carolina Democrats have proven they worship whoever the hot establishment candidate is.

This change would also majorly benefit Kamala Harris who is perceived as being next in line behind Joe Biden despite her rather embarrassing performance as Vice President.

Moreover, the Biden-led rigging effort would also essentially eliminate the ability for any candidate who doesn’t have a massive war-chest to compete.

The changes make it clear that the elites within the Democratic party don’t want to risk an outsider coming in and slowing their efforts to destroy America.

To get a better understanding of all the proposed Biden primary changes and what it means for the party’s lust for power, watch the video here.

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42 thoughts on “Biden RIGS Democrat Primary for Himself, Kamala”

    1. I agree. My question: are you the person I knew so well in past years when I resided in Taylor, Navajo County, AZ.? II so, my hearty greetings to you and Wishes for you and your family to have a most Merry Christmas and a most Happy New Year. I’d like to have a contact information by which to communicate with you. From Benson, AZ.

    2. I totally agree Mr Peck! Not only did they rig the 2020 election so that By-Dung, the puppet, would get illegitimately elected, but they are letting millions of ignorant people in that they can influence to vote democrat to assure that only Democrats can be elected, and make this an autocratic society!

    3. You got that right, vote for some old fool that doesn’t care about America, or it’s people. Joe is a pos.

  1. Vote for your Chinese plantation overseer! When you feel like a slave…….it’s because you are!!!!

    1. They keep on accusing conservatives of being Nazis and that they are going to manipulate us and take away our freedom. Well I’ve got news for you. I have never felt so manipulated and an uneasiness as now, because everything that this person in the WH is doing is just for his own personal benefit and that of his cronies even though 98% of Americans aren’t in favor of it. Do you really think he would continue letting hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens flood into our country along with record numbers of drugs while our tax payer money is helping other nations protect their borders but not care about citizens of the US. Even if you are a brainwashed leftist you cannot defend his stupid policies that are destroying our economy and country. It’s just a matter of time before we are taken over by China. We can’t go on throwing away our tax money and keep on raising our taxes in order to support other nations so that they can be prosperous while we go bankrupt.

      1. I feel the same as you in though about what is going on, I am 90 years old and can only pray for this nation of good people, and this nation will never heal until those that are now in a tyranny power over us, are judged, sentenced, and (and far as I am concerned; hung for treason) That is one side of the coin. the other side is not very good! We are a un-biblical stupid nation running from God, we are a nation that excepted the giant statue of Ishtar that two other nations turned down with a flat no, this nation is the nation of 95% of the porn made in the world, and now only 1 in 20 households are church goers, we live in a nation that in the last times will not escape God’s judgment, and it’s coming towards this nation like a Mack Truck without brakes doing 300 MPH

  2. Yes, the “ignorant Democrat socialists” will continue to vote for morons like O’Biden, but it was the massive cheating that got him & Kamala into the White House. The number one priority for Republicans when they take over the house should be to implement plans to crack down on election fraud.

    1. Your number one priority for the Republicans is a (right) priority…..but…. if you haven’t figured it out by now about the republican party, then let me help you…….They in their fight against the democrats….they always take a knife to a gun fight, over half of the republicans in the senate are do nothing, just waiting for their big pay check each month, put it away, and live off the government bennies that they get, they get allowances for most every thing, and is six years they can be a millionaires. Without naming them I will say that the whole government of people are nothing more then Toilet Crap except for about seven people, (1) democrat and (6) republicans are righteous in their hearts…..I am also proud of the young woman who was able to get the veil off her brain and leave the democrat party, and I wish President Trump would take her as VP.

  3. How much longer will the American people tolerate the transparently blatant hypocrisy of the Biden-Harris regime? BOTH need to be removed from office by whatever legal and legitimate means most expeditious and effective! IF and WHEN this country EVER recovers from the damage and destruction these two have wrought, the recovery will be extremely lengthy in duration and exceedingly arduous in terms of effort involved!

    1. That’s a exactly right Michael! That’s what the house needs to work towards, and Trump is just the man that can turn this country around and restore it, at least, to what it was when he was our great president who actually worked for the people! If not actually make our country greater!

    2. This is why Texas must ship as many illegal aliens as they can to democRAT stronhold areas so the government shipments to Republican districts (~80%) are neutral;ized.

    3. Some things can never be healed, this nation will go through a bankrupt condition and have to start over in some degrees, for it is impossible to pay off the 31 trillion debt, that is 250,000.00 per person and as a nation, we don’t have the 30 years remaining, and we can never heal as a nation while the people that put us in this condition is walking among us, those who did this to us have to be punished, if it was in the biblical days, they would be stoned to death.
      I am so glad and sad, glad that I was raised up in the 30s, 40s, when America only had 95 million people…..and sad because their seems to be no more hope for our grand-children to enjoy life as I did, being 90 years old, I remember it all, I served this nation for 20 years in the military, and saw the greatness of this nation, and now see the fiddler in DC as the nation burns. O’biden is the fiddler

    4. We never thought that an old man like Joe Biden could create so much discord in our country. We thought he was frail and weak and had no clout to change anything in the US. What we failed to know is that all the dems were pulling for him to ruin our beloved nation. The dems used Joe to do their dirty work and they have accomplished enough crises to keep Republicans busy for years to come. We have to undo all the wrong Joe has perpetrated on our country.
      Dems ultimately want Socialism and chaos in America and they chose the perfect sheep to carry out their plan.
      The sooner Joe and his cohort are out of office the better. Two more years of misguided leaders could spell doom for America! Let’s not allow liberals to take away our liberties and the justice we have for All!
      God bless America! ??????

  4. Who is Biden to decide when which state should have its primary? This is simply another ominous prelude to dictatorship.

    1. I agree it’s sad that so many don’t understand how America is ruled it’s certainly being taken over by the wrong ones
      America is the country of the people by the people and for the people
      This is our country
      Yet no one says the truth
      Government works for us the people not the government the government is to serve the people yet there is a push for a tack over of all people in all countries the queer Obama in his last statement in the United Nations said he would be back
      He never left his goal will be stopped once our free people remind the people of the truth this is our country no one else can change that with out a fight
      Example after the CIVIL war our president
      Brought the country together and in our first
      Reparations for the bravery of our soldiers fighting side by side they where all granted thirty acres of land and
      There new futures
      Yet the Democrats the demons of America
      Had Lincoln killed and stole what was given as repetitions to our brave Americans
      The Democrats party is always been an evil party with only power on there mind all you have to do is look at the so called politicians in the party of no truth but only destruction of everything they touch especially human life the party of hate and destruction is still at it on all front look at the immoral cons
      That they put forward and use in there own life’s from our current president to Hillary Clinton Obama chuck schumer so many more both parties are flawed over there conquest for power over the people the only people in this hole world with our freedoms be Example look at how many innocent life’s lost in the open border politics
      Armed Mexican cartel members on our soil yet no action
      The Democrats would love for us to be silent
      Stand up think before you vote America is being stolen from you from me and our children’s future
      God blessed us with this opertunity don’t give it away to anyone this is our land home of the brave land of the free
      We need to clean our country of all the haters
      This is America and it’s ours

      1. I’m with you there Johnallen, And I believe you’re right about Obama wanting to make this country an Obamanation! I’ve always thought that from the moment he was wrongfill elected mainly through the lies of the leftist perverts!

  5. Only fool who live their life as liar support another liar! Democrats and Republicans both has been explored by TRUMP! Now it up to the American people to make it right. We are the one who getting USE BY THESE POLITICIANS. All the while YOU LOSE MONEY, AND YOUR FREEDOM! None of these so call phony lawyer are following the CONSTITUTION LAWS. So why do you believe anything out of their mouth or the media post? It not hard to see who getting WEALTHY from being a politician and a SUPPORTER OF THESE BIG TECH AND PHARMA. Think about it! The history book back in the 70’s and 80’s told you that these people are the reason WHY THE CONSTITUTION WAS WRITTEN. So they could NOT TAKE AWAY YOUR FREEDOM AND LIBERTY! Do not believe anything you hear about SOCIALISM! If it was truth why are these that support it STILL IN AMERICA?

  6. That’s not true about South Carolina loving Biden! We despise him and his minions!!! I know a lot of people and I only know a few Biden lovers and they are not welcome around!!

    1. Debra, you are so correct! My wife and I moved to South Carolina years ago from NJ because there are more residents here in South Carolina who vote Republican. But then you have dementia Jo and his minions with the Fake News Networks telling more lies such as this State is more for Democrats. Total BS

    2. Debra, I sure hope you are right. Have some relatives from Missouri living in Charleston. Hope you are working to make zombiesque Bidenites into an endangered feces and then flush them down the drain.
      If you have contacts within the media there be sure they keep them busy with a barrage of phone calls about what kind of PRO Biden BS they deliver. As a former media person, this kind of activity does matter!

    1. one big problem….that leaves braindead Kamala….Lesser of 2 evils….impeach both for stupidity and insanity…3rd option much better….speaker of the House..

  7. Why doesn’t someone tell him he is the worse president this country has ever had and that he is destroying our country. He needs to go and soon before he ruins anything else. Tell him the people hate him and we are all suffering because of his self appointed dictatorship.

  8. Pretty ironic as far off the decorum scale as President Trump was The democrats have shown everyone how corrupt the establishment autocrats are including establishment Republicans …’s mind numbing to watch this nonsense ? yet here we are….not to mention the utter incompetence of these people ?

  9. slowjoe isn’t even going to make it to 2024…..what’s everybody worried about ? He will be sitting in a chair drooling all over himself within the next year in a rehab somewhere..if he is lucky. But that doesn’t stop the left cheat machine…1 word….FETTERMAN….any questions???? Do we need more proof of just how moronic the left is?? GOP needs to change direction…SCREW MORALITY..lets become better Cheaters. We will be better at it than lefties. PAYBACK IS A BITCH.

  10. All good comments about Socialist, Marxist, Authoritarian, policies. Trumps name just keeps on going. But in a string of truth. He has not been charged with any crimes. January 6 committee dropped all charges, tax returns are good, Russia collusion and Impeachment 1&2 were never anything. In fact, Pelosi, Capitol Police, and FBI had information way before January 6, through intelligence, there could be violence. Although, anyone with common sense could figure that. Will these Marxists ever admit it was one big lie? No. Because they are self-centered, overpaid, un American. Look at all the policies, overspending, lockdowns, abuse of power. What other conclusion is there?

  11. I never dreamed days like this was coming, I feel sorry for the Children & Grand Children & Great Great Grand Children that will never know how sweet & easy life in this world was. Freedom has a price Liberty & the precut of happiness, If you think Socialism is not in this Country look again, Biden & his Cronies will not tell us He will have a Communist country there will be no more UNITED STSTES OF AMERICA,

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