Arizona and Wisconsin are Still Up for Grabs in this Election

Joe Biden headed up the most complex and massive fraud ever perpetrated on the American electorate. Astonishing in its scope and well-executed in its targeting of the swing states they had to pry out of Trump’s winning column, Arizona was targeted by electronic voting machine hackers, and Wisconsin simply broke its own election rules to allow illegal absentee balloting.

Yes, it’s all over, but not the shouting. State electors have voted, and Joe Biden won—but not fair and square.

Senate Republicans want to shine a spotlight on the after-midnight shenanigans of counting suitcases of votes beneath a table. Equally loud are the mainstream press and their Democrat allies: “Nothing to see here folks. Courts everywhere have said this election was fair and legal.”

Only, it wasn’t. Courts don’t validate elections. State legislatures have the final say. Except in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, that is. Critical decisions on procedure and what votes to accept or reject were by voting officials, and in the case of Pennsylvania, the Secretary of State, who allowed a late surge of Democrat votes to defeat President Trump.


The good news is that Republicans have achieved near parity in the House, where Democrats previously had a comfortable margin. Republicans need only to win one of the Georgia Senate seats to hold on to their majority. About the only thing worse than Joe Biden as Chief Executive would be demented “Chucky” Schumer as Senate Majority Leader.

So, Arizona and Wisconsin are likely not up for grabs. However, the future integrity of our national voting could be at stake.

Listen to this commentator’s take on the Arizona and Wisconsin investigations:

43 thoughts on “Arizona and Wisconsin are Still Up for Grabs in this Election”

    1. Donald trump won this election it’s time to prosecute these democrats and hold the responsible for all their lies and nonsense at the cost of the Americans. They seem to think we work for them. WRONG!

      1. Unfortunately, in this Banana Republic Democrats are not being held accountable for anything. The Russian Collusion Delusion, where are the arrests? The attempted Coup on the presidency hidden in an impeachment attempt, where are the arrests? False claims of sexual abuse by a Supreme Court Judge nominee, where is the slander and liable charges? Adam Schiff and his hidden source, Hillary and her personal servers (by the way if they had a chance to look at those servers they would have found they were set up to rig the 2016 election just as the dominion machines rigged the 2020 election. That is why they moved the servers over seas this time. Democrats simply are not held accountable, period. Hang on to your guns and your ammo, the second amendment is for the people to defend themselves from a tyrannical government. I personally stopped listening to the media, the pundits and the politicians, they all lie for a living. The Lord Jesus Christ spent 4 years speaking through His prophets and ALL of them proclaimed a win in the election for Donald J. Trump. Our God is not going to let all of His prophets be proven wrong. We have a God of the impossible, He will get the glory of correcting this wrong. When all hope is lost and things couldn’t look worse, God will keep His word so that it is clear that He has intervened and made things right. You may give up hope on man, but keep the faith and watch what God is going to do through those that have not lost their faith in Him. There will be a day of reckoning.

    2. With Inauguration Day rapidly approaching, Joe Biden has recently said this his Inauguration is going to be small compared to past held events, and it sounds like a big Joe knows nobody is coming to his big day, everybody will need to stand 6 feet apart and everybody needs to ware a mask, well if I want to his Inauguration , I would not want to be seen so yea I would ware a mask maybe even dress like a mummy’s as a joke , and I am sure to be seen on TV because I would be by my self joe has no supporters or voters nobody voted for Joe Biden and he know it, he claims nobody is coming because of the china virus that’s not true its because everybody knows Joe is not really the real president he is just self proclaimed, President Donald Trump is going to have a peaceful protest rally and everybody is coming there will be more people at Trumps event than at Biden’s Inauguration and If where lucky Donald Trump is going to do the Trump Dance, because he is loved and supported by Trillions of Trumpeters so load your guns and come on out.

    3. The bad people have done their bad deeds at the voting system. Time for the good people do THEIR deeds at the court systems. We the people of the United States demand law and order. That’s the facts your honor. We the people are watching and wo unto my little ones you in High Places. Bad people have to do bad things so they can burn this is God Almights Law.

      1. Does anyone else think the Democrats & Soros , & big tech, & the deep state & the media have paid off Democrats judges in swing states!!! Now for the big question how did the Democrats get to the Supreme Courts (John Roberts) bribery or he could do Democrats favors. Really disappointed in Supreme Court !!!! It seems to me it Roberts way or no way!!! Come on people we all know theres only one president who can get this mess straighten out president Trump & we all know it. If not probably going to have a civil war

        1. Mark, I am with you all the way on this. Yes, there is no way a person sits in his basement (because he knew the fix was in for him to win) and only goes out on the campaign trail a few days before the election. President Trump campaigns in 3 different states on the same day and draws a minimum of 25,000 people. He also campaigns in 2 states 2 times that day day and drew upwards of 60,000 people each. He goes to bed on election night winning by 600,000 in one state just to wake up the next morning and loses that state. I say Rubbish! Dominion software changed votes from Trump and gave them to Biden. Yet, the Democrat press (of course) claims there is no evidence of voter fraud. Come on Man! Then you have the Roberts’ supreme court refusing to take a lawful suit outlining many violations of voter laws and the Roberts’ court votes 7 to 2 not to take the case because they have no standing. This is in spite of President Trump being one of the people listed on the lawsuit. If the president does not have standing, then no law ever presented to the court has standing. Come on Man! There are so many irregularities but not enough room here to site them all (one of the President’s people listed all the irregularities and it took 36 pages to do). We Trump supporters are very disappointed in the 3 people President Trump nominated for the supreme court because they have no credulity and instead cowardly voted with Roberts to not hear the lawsuit.

          1. Actually, things are even worse than you think. The Supreme Court by its action has voided the Republic, the Constitution, and our Federal Governement since there isn’t anyone who has standing before the Court. Now, there is no appeal against lawlessness.

  1. Wake up Republicans that were pit in office bu the people! Stand with our President, we voted you into office and we will vote you out! We don’t need wimp’s to stand for us! We need strong leadership, take note from your President! You are looking more like timid pushovers! God calls on bis people to fight and stand tall!

    1. no Joe didn’t set this up, he is to Stupid, but he’s the push over for the Dem/Communist party NWO that is out to destroy America.

    2. Creepy pedo joe may not be the one orchestrating it, but he is definitely involved in the execution of it. He is a willing participant, and therefore guilty of treason. Just like the rest.
      He should be the second one to hang for this. obuma first.

      1. Robert, Mitch McConnell is telling everyone to not contest the election outcome. He stabbed the president in the back by congratulating him and the HO even though he knew President Trump was still contesting the election because of voter fraud. That is the problem with Republicans. They will do anything to appease the Democrats, even though they know the Democrats would never do this to them. Too many RINOs in the senate; starting with Mitch McConnell. The election in Georgia will mean nothing, even if the two Republicans hold their seats, because there are too many RINOs in the Senate. We will never be able to trust Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Rob Portman, Roy Blunt, Pat Toomey, and Roger Wicker, to vote with the other Republicans because they have voted with the Democrats on many occasions.

  2. Good bye sleepy joe liar cheater crook corrupt felon thief you are going to the big house prison not the White House you don’t deserve it only honest people live in the White House not liars

  3. Joe Biden may think he won ,but in GODS eyes he didn’t ,he doesn’t know the power of our lord Jesus Christ ……GOD is using our PRESIDENT as a vessel to him ,that’s why he is going to prevail …..GOD chose him to lead this country for the glory of our lord Jesus Christ

    1. I’m praying that this is so. I can’t bear a Biden presidency.. he and his family is so corrupt! It is time we Stand Up and take our great country back.

  4. My fellow citizens of this great nation. How can the politicians be so naive and allow such criminal behavior take down our President Trump in this manner. The People of this great nation believes in President Trump and what he stands for and have done these past 4 years as our Commander in Chief. Our state Legislatures must correct this plot to steal the Presidency from President Donald Trump. This must be!

  5. If they want to cheat and lie. We can do better we can keep fighting for one , for two we can make sure we keep the Senate by not allowing them to cheat and take Georgia and three in two years when “B” MOUTH Nancy Polosi is up for re-election in two years . Vote her and the rest of the so called “B” MOUTH’s The Squad out of office and end the socialist communistic era out of our Republicans nation. Come on everyone talk to your friends especially the dumb democrat ones and show them the truth . Let’s sway them back to vote properly and take back the integrity of the moral standards of life we have strived to build and make our country “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA “ great again. GO DONALD J. TRUMP

  6. I can’t believe this , Trump please induce the Limited Marshall Law, and let the military justice courts put the Criminals in jail, something Congress cannot accomplish. The military justice system doesn’t need too ask Congress. If Trumps Team has the honest proof of fraud, then do it.

    1. If President Trump’s team does possess the indisputable proof of criminal interference in the past election, which I believe that they definitely do, then you may actually witness the true extent of power that The President in fact possesses in the case of a hostile takeover/insurrection BEFORE Biden has the chance to be fraudulently sworn in. If the entire legal/justice/court system has been so completely corrupted as to fail America, Americans, and The Constitution, then you/we will see a martial law event in the US occur either before OR after President Trump is sworn into office for his 2nd term, and there is almost zero chance to avoid it at this point anyway. The martial law event that is coming at the direction of President Trump must occur either way, because the arrests that have been quietly executed thus far will become so obvious and numerous to the general public that riots will threaten millions of innocent Americans. It really makes no difference what actually unfolds and when, because one way or another ALL Americans absolutely MUST do everything to prepare the best that they can for the difficulties ahead for America which will unfold because of the deep corruption and stranglehold that these highly organized terrorist criminals have upon the US! Be vigilant and be prepared~!

  7. Because Biden is a security threat, how can he win the electoral votes on Jan.6. Trump needs to call a constitutional crises before it’s too late!

  8. The Alinski wing of the Dem. party seems to have taken over. Lie, cheat, steal has become their M/O.
    That also have taken a chapter from The Chinese
    Book of Warfare…, Preparing the Battlefield.
    The promoted riots on Dem. controlled cities throughout the country and it seems to have born fruit. In refusing to hear a case brought to the Supreme Court the Justices , it is suggested, were more concerned about riots than the Constitution they Swore to uphold. Seems the Battlefield was
    Adequately prepared for this timeframe.
    With all the speculation about who has been compromised, one might add Justice Roberts to the list.

  9. Thank God this must be corrected. Stand for our President. Promises made and promises kept says a lot about this man. God Bless

  10. Obama admitted on the Colbert show that HE is controlling Biden! This has been the plan all along, since before the 2016 election. Why do you think Obama is the only president to stay in d.c. after he left office? This planned takeover is to get Biden in, then Biden steps down and Harris takes over, naming Obama her Vice President, then “ something” will happen to her so Obama can step back in as president! Does anyone see this? That is one reason Obama is on every tv show he can get on, “ supposedly” touting his new book of lies, testing the waters to see how much resistance there would be to this happening. Wise up people, fight to keep President Trump in office!

  11. You are right Sleepy Joe didn’t promote this. It was the other high ranking Dems. Do you guys remember when Pelosi was going to go for another impeachment then dropped it. She stated that they had other arrows in her quiver, well this was the start when all the Democrat governors got together and decided that they would evoke the mail in ballots due to the co-vide virus. This was the start of their arrow in the quiver. Joe and Kamala just sat back and didn’t even go out campaigning because they knew this was in the works to set up the dominion machines and all the other irregularities and fake ballots and voters also the dumps that occurred. Including all the ballot supervisors started blocking all Reps. being kept out of the counting rooms so they couldn’t watch all the illegal activity going on. Also why would thousands of ballots being sent out of New York to be dropped in Pennsylvania. People have to use common sense on these matters.

  12. All I can really say for fact is that three of the 4 boxes have been opened and nothing good has come of it as of yet.
    1: The soap box. Campaigns have been run. The factions have had their say.
    2: the ballot box. We voted, they cheated. We have all seen the videos, heard the testimony.
    3: The jury box. The courts have cowardly not even tried to hear the evidence. They hide from the truth.
    4: The ammo box. If necessary, We the People must take up arms and defend Our constitution. The military will handle the big stuff, but We must be willing to work cleanup in our own neighborhoods and areas. I am not happy that Our allegedly elected officials and appointees have put Us in this position. Not in the least. However, this is where we find ourselves, and we have no other rational choice but to rise up and make this happen.
    If President Trump does take the nuclear option, and introduce articles of war and at least partial martial law, then we have the duty, the obligation, to stand with him and take our country back by force if necessary.
    We need military tribunals and executions for treason.
    We will never allow communism, socialism, marxism, fascism, or any other ism to take control of Our government. That includes globalism.
    This is OUR fucking country, and if it becomes necessary, I will die to defend it from adversaries both foreign and domestic….. especially domestic.
    Treasonous cowards must hang

  13. The corruption from those who have become billionaires with our free enterprise system, using their money and ego to control is disgusting! The world is watching, as said by an Italian college student, “I am studying your country and the USA has become more corrupt than we are! You are no longer a free democracy with who is controlling your government.” People need to travel, meet citizens in Viet Nam, Venezuela, Cuba who are trying to survive in what they are planning for the USA. A democrat would vote for a four-legged jack ass for greed! If you vote democrat it is impossible to be a Christian, bottom line…

  14. We the strong have voted for people to make decisions based on what we the people want, only to see the lack of spine and balls that it takes to do the right thing. Everyone knows what happened. We must not take into consideration the what ifs and what might happen if we do the right thing. You swore an oath to protect the constitution now do it or remove yourself and let some flag loving citizen take your place.

  15. I’m sick of the democrats, they put President Trump through hell . we elected him and you just couldn’t believe we didn’t vote for Hillary.. Simple she sucked we didn’t like what she wanted to do for America. She was wrong she lost her own election. Get over it.
    Now we have to go through this with Biden he cheated the election and I was cheated of my vote this is not right with me. period!

  16. We also have a problem with a herd of rhinos on the Republican side !!! That don’t like TRUMP. AND also Hillary Obama and Biden wants to cover up some shit. Like Billy Clinton and and having his gun with a 13 year old girl and Obama HILLARY and BIDEN are involved in human trafficking BIDEN himself and more than likely Obama like children a little to much in the wrong way as well !!! COMMUNIST CHINA JOE receiveing money from Ukraine Hunter with under age girls runs in their family I guess and his his crack addiction and many more issues. AND KAMALA HAIRYASS is a total communist SYMPATHIZER that helps communist China JOE. In many ways . she damn sure no angel. I believe with these DAMOCRAPS cheating lying stealing and the rest of their corrupt shit the election should just be handed to PRESIDENT TRUMP. AND Congress knows damn good and well CHINA JOE is involved with communist China and selling us out. AND I bet ALOT OF THOSE rhinos on the Republican side are being paid off !!! And the only way they can prove themselves and a real American is to give this election back to TRUMP. AND a lot of people don’t understand if and when BIDEN get in the WHITEHOUSE he may take this a little slow but. His commie butt buddies will show up in our country. AND then all HELL will break lose. AND them BASTARDS will ruin our country . AND now these STINKING DAMOCRAPS are wanting to take your guns away . because they don’t want you to be able to defend yourself against China Joe’s butt buddies. Damocrap’s are blaming the reason for taking guns is because of the killings in these last several months . guy’s gal’s if you don’t have a gun you better get a dozen or so of them and plenty of ammo if you have anyone you love or anything you care about. Anyone comes for your guns will be working under a BIDEN ADMINISTRATION and will be considered a communist as well do not open the door when they come if they kick the door open then you better make the first game shot . or your children lives and yours will be theirs to do what ever they want with your children and you know BIDEN and a lot of Those DAMOCRAPS thugs swamp rats don’t mind molesting children. It will be up to you to defend RHEM the best way possible.

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