AOC’s Latest Reaction to the Border Crisis is Absolutely Shameful

So now Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t like the use of the term “surge” related to illegal immigration along the nation’s southern border. It sounds a bit too militaristic for the millennial squad member.

**Insert eye roll**

The Congresswoman made her comments during an Instagram live video this week. She said, “This is not a surge. These are children and they are not insurgents and we are not being invaded which by the way is a white supremacist idea, philosophy, the idea that if another is coming in the population that, is like, an invasion of who we are.”

AOC apparently can’t handle that an English word can have more than one meaning. Plus, a surge is not the same as an insurgent. No one is calling kids crossing the border insurgents. They are illegal aliens, and the numbers are surging. If you don’t want to call it a crisis, let’s just call it a Biden failure.


The actual immigration numbers are far more important than arguing over what it’s called. We’re talking about more than 100,000 illegal immigrants in February, and AOC is concerned about using one word that she doesn’t like? Come on! We’ve got a border to protect here. She’s just another Democrat trying to distract us from this crisis by calling us all racist and white supremacists.

Biden opened the door wide open, and now we have a growing refugee crisis. Hey AOC, how do you like that term? It’s not too militaristic, and it definitely describes the growing problem of illegal immigration under Biden’s failed policies.

Who cares what you call them. They are migrants who we will have to support with our tax dollars. It’s one of the reasons Biden wants to raise taxes is because we need more money to feed and house these people. Illegal immigration drives up rent prices and depresses wages, both of which hurts the poor.

But don’t trust us. Watch her describe the situation herself. Watch it now and see why the Next News Network calls AOC’s latest reaction absolutely shameful.

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57 thoughts on “AOC’s Latest Reaction to the Border Crisis is Absolutely Shameful”

  1. So, before aoc uses her vocabulary, she needs to know the definition of her vocabulary and understand the use of it in a sentence structure. I would recommend that she return to a public school to further her education.

    1. I read that Harris doesn’t like her 7700 square foot home. But just think how many homeless children she could house!!!
      And I believe hauling busloads of those illegals to Pelosi, Biden, AOC, neighborhoods would be a great idea.

      1. AMEN!!! AND let them pay for them out of their OWN pockets… I’m so fed up with these illegal aliens flooding our country ON OUR BACKS… WE ARE FOOTING THE BILLS FOR THIS INVASION…

      2. You bet. I agree. These rich socialists should be willing to provide home, education and language skills to the folks that they wish to come into our country. Instead they wish to lower the standard of living which some American USA Citizens enjoy and many others have to struggle to survive every day and more so due to their policies which will enslave them.

      3. I agree, Cheryl, but you forgot someone. You forgot Schumer and of course Jackson and Farrakhan. When you do tell those busloads that the owners of those homes will be taking care of them by providing them room and board. This will be only if they stay on the owners property.

    2. She’s evidently a product of the NY City public schools and the thinking in that city so yes, send her back there to stay. Maybe she van get her old bar job back.

    3. AOC doesn’t need to go to school, she needs to go back to whatever sewer she came from. And even more, she’s a total moron typicay Demoncrap. Because of her, NY lost many jobs for the area by her actions regarding AMAZON.

    4. I’m not sure sending her back to school would help. I think she has reached the end of her educational limit.

    5. Doubt that would help, remember her ‘public school system’ is run by liberals, complete with their lack of reasoning ability and lack of 8th grade reading comprehension.

    6. Radicalism has zero definitions when it comes to this bozo. Who died and made her the spokeperson for everyone. She reminds me of a person who shoots her mouth off before she thinks. Open mouth her head disappears. Wonder if her vocabulary includes a definition for idiot?

  2. This woman has a degree in stupidity, instead of talking they should force her to spell the words that she uses like imperialism
    I’d be happy if she could spell it never mind find the meaning of it

    1. While I agree, you are thinking of Ilhan Omar, not AOC. Sadly, she was born and educated (?) here.
      And, SHE, herself, is SHAMELESS. Why would anyone expect anything else from this Peabrain Twit.

  3. Why does this nuthead call everything WHITE SUPREMACY??? Is she that RACIST? Why is her boyfriend a WHITE GUY? Does anyone really understand what is happening? I don’t think any politician cares about you! Black , white, yellow, red, brown make up this FREE COUNTRY! NOT THESE POLITICIANS! Constitution laws first three words is —-WE THE PEOPLE ! Nowhere does it say what color you had to be! So get your head out of these politicians backside! IT ALL ABOUT THEM NOT YOU! WEALTHY STEALING FROM YOU, FROM YOUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN. TRUMP WAS RIGHT! DEMOCRAT ARE CORRUPT!

    1. AMEN!!! I’m so sick of these lunatics like AOC… and this nightmare we have in the white house… Wonder how many people realize that their FAKE Covid bill racially divides our farmers… minority farmers get 120% of their debt paid and the white farmers get nothing….
      these democRATS are destroying our country and stealing our freedoms.. They have taken away the sovereignty of our nation with their open borders… they are coming from around the world now… mostly the southern countries, but others are coming also… WHAT are they going to do when the entire country of Honduras is in OUR country… They are going to drive our country to collapse… God help us all as our country goes down

  4. The New York Schools could not repair the damage they have already done to here you cant fix stupid. She is a product of New York education and that can’t be reversed.

  5. AOC needs to sit down and shut up. She keeps trying to stir up racism. Aoc you are ignorant incest POS. How the hell you got in office for anything is beyond me. She needs to be removed ASAP.

  6. AOC is a total dumbass she hates AMERICA and should be kicked out of office and charged whit treaso plus stripped of her citizenship and deported toa socialiest country

  7. I’ve always been told that you may be stupid but never open your mouth and prove it. AOC really needs to shut her mouth, she has given us more than enough proof already.

  8. she needs to get out the dictionary and look up the definition of surge.. both noun and verb … IT DEFINITELY IS A SURGE OF PEOPLE AT THE BORDER.. I don’t care if it is kids or adults.. IT IS A SURGE ..
    I CALL IT AN INVASION… OVER 171,000 ENTERED IN MARCH… and this is not stopping..
    WHAT happens when the entire country of Honduras is in OUR country!!! or one of the other countries.. THIS IS INSANE AND IT IS WRONG.. NO ONE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO ENTER ILLEGALLY.. PERIOD.. These illegal aliens are coming in on the backs of the American tax payers… NOT FAIR TO THE AMERICANS WHO ARE STRUGGLING TOO… OUR nightmare in the white house don’t seem to care about the American people… they cater to and coddle the illegal aliens and hold them above our laws and above the citizens… GOD HELP US ALL AS OUR COUNTRY IS DESTROYED..

  9. This person is worthless. Never makes any problem better only worst. Complaining is all she is good at. Lets make it better by doing nothing but run your mouth and get a plug on instagram.. why is she not banned for puttung out lies….

  10. Good Morning well whos the fools we are because we’re letting them creeps get away with everything and the people that go to washington that we elect know that the people won’t do anything so let’s start Standing Up and Elect those that live up to there promises like President Donald J Trump remember what happened with England when patriots got tried of all the taxes

  11. Typical of all politicians. They first create a problem then they campaign and announce to us how they are fighting for us to fix it.


  13. How many guys or women did she spread her legs for to get where she is because the woman is an illiterate

  14. She said she supports unions, but now the IBEW Is at odds with her possibly outlawing the use of the word surge. No longer will electricians be able to publicly say we just observed a power surge, implying insurgents are making trouble for our well-being. No longer will be able to advertise surge protectors for our electronics. Anyone that would imply that insurgents are trying to mess with our equipment and scaring the public will be subject to fines and imprisonment. My prayers are for all the electrician’s worldwide, don’t get caught using the word Surge

  15. AOC couldn’t find her a** with both her hands, how in the he** did she get into politics and WHO the in he** is keeping her in? She needs to be “removed”

  16. And this is a perfect example of how & why what’s left of America is turning into a third world shithole.
    Politicians like the squad & most other Democrats that don’t care about nothing but running real Americans into the ground.
    This is what happens when the school system stops teaching American values and history & replaces it with B S , like safe spaces, crying rooms , & you hurt my feeeeellllings group hugging, ??Oh ya, don’t forget that all your problems are because of WHITEY. Can’t forget that one, I’d be a RACIST if I did.


    1. That’s the funny thing I really don’t think she understands when she post’s things they are records of history that we will be able to look at over and over again in the future. There will be no denying her stupidity……

  18. Why would anyone care what the most stupid bartender that ever lived cares about any topic. She is equally inept on the border CRISIS, PUBLIC EDUCATION. THE CLIMATE HOAX or any other Lib cause. The only ones dumber than her are Waters, Schiff, Shumer and BViden. If you want to hear a jackass bray just wait until Harris tries to laugh off another crisis.

  19. If you live in New York you should be embarrassed. This is the dumbest person we have ever seen in politics. THE DUMBEST!
    She has no business in that position. This is what you get when you hire a bartender w/absolutely no idea what she is doing or saying. She has been scolded more than any politician in history.
    The sad part is NY voted her in not once but twice. I’m not kidding if I had to drive through NY I wouldn’t stop to take a piss.

  20. Aoc living proof that elections are stolen. Aren’t these kids drinking from the same ‘toilets’ you said were being used from 1.20.17 to 1.20.21? Yep, i know so. You are living proof of something else too ma’m; proof that the American Indian had sexual encounters with the American Bison. Please go back to the island and stay there.

  21. Kotex Cortez the Gutter Tramp, Bar Fly Skank is not qualified to hold any Public Office. The sleazy Skank needs to Crawl back into the shit hole she came from. She is a complete Disgrace & Embarrassment to the USA & Humanity.

  22. Does anyone expect intellectual exchange with a bartender? I apologize to all legitimate bartenders, some of whom I know are extremely well versed and intelligent. But this Cortez woman is not legitimate. She is nothing more than a BIG MOUTH. If you don’t think so, look at 10 different photos of her. In each, she’ll look like she’s waiting for the GAG to be inserted.

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