Adorable: BLM Marxists Get a Harsh Lesson in Real Marxism

The Black Lives Matter Global Network (BLMGN) is the umbrella organization that was set up as a nonprofit to rake in all that sweet, sweet corporate blackmail cash. Local BLM chapters are supposed to be under the authority of the BLMGN, and in turn, the BLMGN is supposed to have the bigwigs who do all of the planning, campaigning, and shaking down of corporations.

Since it was first formed during Barack Obama’s time in office, BLMGN has really been a small-potatoes organization. It was only taking in cash in the low millions range for its first few years. But not this year! Ever since George Floyd death, BLMGN has raked in somewhere close to $2 billion from virtue signaling corporations.

But now all of the local BLM chapters across the country are a bit miffed. They want to know where all that sweet corporate cash went to, and why they haven’t seen any of it. The three women who founded BLMGN are not answering any of those questions.


That is soooo CUTE! Of course, most of us who know what actual Marxism is like understand exactly where the money went. The three ladies who founded BLMGN are living their best Oprah lives now. Probably on private yachts somewhere.


But for the local BLM chapters, this is obviously their first brush with true Marxism. If they had ever bothered to read “Animal Farm” by George Orwell, they’d know that the pigs get to eat all of the good food and sleep in fluffy beds inside the house, while the worker animals have to stay outside the house.

Sure, the local BLM chapters across the country did all the hard work. They went out and rioted and looted and burned down stores and wrecked statues and people’s lives. But that was only possible because of all the hard work and thinking that the boss pigs inside the house did. See? All black lives are equal, but some black lives are more equal than others.

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84 thoughts on “Adorable: BLM Marxists Get a Harsh Lesson in Real Marxism”

    1. The Hispanic People Learned Real Quick What The Democrat Party Is Really All About. Now, After Almost 50 Years, The Black People For The Most Part Are Going To The Hen House For Free Eggs. Only Forgetting That The Fox Killed And Ate All The Chickens 4 Years Ago. Will They Ever Learn?

    2. I saw “Black Lives Matter” painted on a wall and some deep thinker painted an “O” in front of lives. It now reads “Black Olives Matter”

      1. BLMGN sould be re-named BCLMGN since they only represent the black criminal element. George Flyod was caught on the same drug-run he was arrested for in 2019. Difference in 2019. was after George swallowed all the Fentenal and Meth he was running, the officials got his stomach pumped before the drug bags broke (see official autopsy findings). If the BCLM was legitimate, the group should be attacking Planed Parenthood for the million plus black babies destroyed or the massive innocent black citizens killed in the Chicago drive-bys every weekend while Lori Lightfoot takes credit for lowering Chicago’s crime rate. Funny how the BCLMGN funding is similiar to California’s ‘Me Too’ movement (all funds going to board member’s salaries).

        The knee-on-neck has been used by Iseral Defence Forces (IDF) on terrorist for over a century and is accepted as proper/legal tactic to subdue criminals/terrorists. I guess they will never learn the tactics employed by the Democrap party or non-profit BCLMGN.

        1. Black COMMUNIST element is more accurate, but what is the difference between criminals and communists? Both use money they did not earn.

        2. Knee on the neck has never been an acceptable law enforcement tactic.
          Once someone is handcuffed lifting upwards is all you need to control a persons movement.
          Fact is to many law enforcement individuals go outside of acceptable restraints.

    3. This is always the way that socialism, marxism, communism, nazism, maoism works, but you can’t tell the little pigs on the bottom, that the fat pigs on the top will eat the best slop, while the little pigs on the bottom get to eat the fat pigs sh_t. Works ever time. That is why socialism will never work, to many fat pigs.

      1. Yes indeed: I knew months ago that 71% of all the millions received from corporations etc. in donations to BLM WENT STRAIGHT TO THE THREE WOMEN AT THE TOP!!! They are indeed off on their yachts laughing their heads off. Just scroll down the list of corporate donations who ALSO were not smart enough to realize where their donations were ending up. LOL.

    4. Do you mean, like the liberalists and democrats, ANTIFA, atheists, and ALL those that hate GOD (YHVH), ALL the STUPID, brainwashed, brain-dead socialist/communist fools? Remember, it’s not a sin to be ignorant, but it is a sin to remain ignorant. However, as you point out. The lemmings will follow stupidly right to death.

    5. That is why they need to erase our history or stop teaching the truth for the last couple of generations so they can’t look back and see the truth.

    1. Linda, if you find that out, please let us know. We would all like a deal like they get. Scum that they are. The big corps that give to these horrid people should be hung out to dry. Stop shopping the Big corps and stores, then they won’t have all that extra money to give to SCUM.

    2. They are listed as a non-profit for the same reason Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, The Sothern Poverty Law Center, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and many others are non-profit! They are almost all Communist or left leaning organizations and, they do not have to pay taxes! All those large corporations and lemmings donate both $$, this amounts to millions of $$ that is not taxed! My Social Security, my fixed income is taxed yet, the $$ given to the so-called non-prophet organizations is not taxed, they claim all the millions give to non-profits as a tax write-off!.

      Communism and its runups called Socialism and Marxism are utter failures, just look at the countries still under the control of such governments! South Africa, Zimbabwe (both were once up and coming prosperous first world countries and now, they are basket cases under Communist rule thanks to our government especially the State Department), Cuba, North Korea, China (except for the $$ China get from the U.S., it would also be a basket case). Karl Marx said something about Socialism what he meant was, Socialism (and Marxism) is just a stepping stone on the way to full blown Communism! Another thing is, our Country gives billions of $$ to our sworn enemies! These new Socialists and Marxists claim they can do better because the Communists made mistakes and they will avoid those same mistakes!

      Nuff Said for now!!!!

      In Christ Jesus

      1. I wouldn’t call a movement that rakes in $Billions “a loser movement.” They need to be dealt with – no more pepper spray and rubber bullets. BLM is a domestic terrorist organization and their leaders should be thrown in jail for the huge $$ losses to innocent people’s (many Blacks) at the hands of the looters and arsonists. Trump will deal with them harshly in his second term.

        1. That swamp draining is yet to produce any swamp things that have been held accountable for their actions!

          I know the dip shit Democrats have kept him tied up dealing with constant projecting of their own criminal activity !

          And now he is pushing the most F***ed up thing, the VACCINE!

          As if he is IGNORANT to that reality, or is he leading the least likely bunch to the poison punch?

          Personally I seriously question his motive, since that crap will be killing more than the VIRUS itself !

          The entire situation feels more manipulated than random!

          1. Excellent comment!
            Yes, President Trump is playing along with this fake virus false flag attack, and he has co-opted it to take The Illuminati down with their legions of filthy criminals! The world is not what it first appears 🙂

      1. The criminals of humanity never betray America for free!
        When the money runs out, the “useful idiots” disappear back under the rocks only to re-emerge when they think that there is something in it for them. Like the worst of humonkey vermin, the criminals of humanity only care about themselves, so their “fake rage excuses” are even meaningless to them when there is no money in it… Besides, word has probably filtered down to the useful idiot scum that there is a problem in their twisted suicidal fake world of utter destruction! Some of their most powerful masters are currently missing and are reported as “caught”! Military tribunals are the bitch to their bastard “paradise”~! We will be finding and exterminating these “exterminators of humanity” one by one for as long as it takes! They should be thankful, because when the general public finally wakes up to what has and is really going on right in front of their eyes, that millions of misguided Americans have voted for and endorsed, these criminals of humanity won’t have a single place on Earth to hide (except in a very dark hole prison).

        1. Most prominent example is Al Sharpton comes out for the tv spotlights and greenbacks, then vanishes like a ghost.

  1. What else is new, the only ones that profit are those at the top. Whether in government, business or day to day people are going to look after them first. This is what is going to happen to our country. The elites running the show commanding the peons to do their bidding. Like Marie Antoinette said, let them eat cake, big difference with Americans is when the shit hits the fan, they will be eating a lot of lead, or so I hear.

    1. All these ‘free-thinking’ liberal boneheads need to get some combat experience protecting the rights they so easily take from Americans. A 7.62 breakfast would cure a lot of this nonsense!

  2. Socialism at its finest. The people do all the work and the select few have all power and wealth. Its for the common good, don’t you know. This is the sort of thing that Demo idiots cheated and signed up for. Does any honest person think Joe Biden really won the election? BLM is irrelevant and do not care about people of color. They never have. Its was never about the poor black, it was about marxism.

    1. BLM the Burn, Loot, and Murder little children squad, are just a bunch of black supremist running around in white face, destroying their own neighborhoods and blaming it on white people. If black people were smart they would go home when BLM ( or Antifuka ) shows up. Then the police would come in shoot all the BLM terrorists, and that would put an end to that.

  3. In more ways than not in history repeats itself. Maybe this is why they want all the history books removed. The same reason they don’t want the Constitution or anything about America taught in schools anymore. They’re trying to replace our identity with Communists Marxism. But they have underestimated all Americans and soon they will reap what they sow.

    1. You are 100% right James!
      The only thing is that the criminals of humanity have actually already been getting picked off by The White Hats for over 2 years now 🙂 There are hundreds of thousands of these criminals of humanity to exterminate, so patience is “Devine”! The Reap-ing has begun 🙂

  4. So once again the have shown their ignorance. They have nothing but memories of their rioting but no one really cares how they survive. Their leaders are living it up for them.

    1. Socialism is just an old word for slavery, The socialist upper class lives it up while socialist lower class does all the dirty work, and pays the piper. Such is the life of the pissed on. Oh! pee-ons.

    2. Hi Greta!
      Make no mistake, there are those who DEEPLY care what happens to ALL of these criminals of humanity! We will be hunting them for the rest of their lives, and we will find and exterminate every single last one of them one by one! Betray America and The Constitution, commit crimes against humanity, and you die~!
      “Tarleton’s Quarter”~!!!
      Happy New Year~!

  5. You have that right. But the Marxist Democrats have been trying to tear this country down for decades . They are brainwashing our young children, trying to destroy our history (tearing down our statues), attacking our constitution. Don’t protect our citizens. Try to destroy our police, pack the governor’s and AG offices with radical Marxist. Use ANTIFA and BLM like Hitler used the Brown Shirts to loot, burn, kill and assault citizens, all under the guise of Social Injustice. We need to vote them all out of office, especially the squad, Nancy and Chuck along with Newsom.

      1. Please don’t call them weapons.
        They are our firearms.
        They only become weapons when he have to use our firearms to be rid of the Marxist scum that is trying to destroy our Country.

    1. Don’t vote them out, just shoot the sorry bastards where they stand and be done with it. If you vote them out they are still loving and breathing and waiting to make there next move and fuck things up worse than what it is already. The only way I kill a snake is to cut its head off.

    2. The vote is no longer an option Preston!
      Americans always need to vote their will regardless, however approximately 1,000,000 children go missing in the US every year, so “we” are no longer playing the criminals of humanity’s game any longer! Be prepared for The Great Awakening 2021~! 😉
      Happy New Year!

  6. BLM was actually founded so that the Democrats can funnel illegal campaign contributions from foreign contributors from overseas. Maybe they should be asking Sleepy Obiden where all the money went. Since he damn sure never used it to campaign. Hiding in the basement wasnt costing that much.

    1. I don’t know, it takes a lot of money to run a teleprompter 24/7. when Jill ask him if he wanted a cup of coffee he looked at the prompter and said after I nuke Tehran.

    2. I expect that the money the Biden campaign saved by hiding Biden in the basement was more than offset by the money spent on harvesting and filling out and voting the mail out ballots. Where did the extra money come from? Ask George Soros and the many “progressive” organizations he contributes to.

  7. What is the true definition of insanity? Banging your head on a brick wall and expecting different results. When will America really wake before its too late, like when all their Constitutional rights have been taken away. Unless your ok with being told how to run your life, not even allowed to express your dissatisfaction.

    1. The average American has a long way to go to catch up to reality, however “The Watchers” never sleep 🙂
      No one tells “Constitutionalists” what to do or dictates their freedoms for them, EVER!
      Happy New Year~!

  8. The Left and Socialist members of society just like to keep things going, even if it destroys our country. They have not learned from history that Solcialism does not work for the little man it only makes the leaders rich and powerful, Check out Cuba and Zenezula. See how their lives are now

    1. The smart people on the left think that only the people on the right will pay, they are so smart that they will be slaves before the people on the right. They became slaves when they started working for the socialist plantation owners.

  9. If a Hispanic, Asian, Indigenous or White is killed by law enforcement no riots burning etc. Apparently ONLY Black Lives Matter. Glad to see the local chapters got kicked in the ass.

    1. BLM ( Antifuka ) are black supremist that dress up in white face, so that they can burn loot and murder then blame it on white people. They want black supremacy ( black privilege ). Slavery for all else, so they can live at the top of the heap.

  10. Take careful note, Democrats are shrewd in their criminal behavior! They will always be criminal in all of their activities. Seeding the Republican party with scum Democrats is evermore important to their criminality. There are a number of Democrat plants in the Republican party, and are told what their interest are so that their disruption can bring about a negative response or outcome! When the crime leaders, Pelosi, Nadler, Shiff and the other Democrat Congress go home to be with their lacky constituents, they should be served up an extended hospital stay!!!

      1. The vast majority of the criminals of humanity and betrayers of The Constitution are NOT afforded a trip to the “morgue” or any traditional burial! The worst of humanity are incinerated and cast into the wind without any right to ceremony or marked grave! The morgues are NOT busy anymore than normal, however there are thousands of criminals of humanity currently missing! There will be many more 😉

        Can you identify some notably missing high profile people today???
        Hint = Look VERY carefully at the stories regarding numerous high profile bad actors to see if you think they are who they are being portrayed to be~! Where are ALL of the high profile people, especially notorious democrats, that would normally be VERY openly celebrating this past fraudulent election??? Hummmmmmm???
        Happy New Year~!

  11. Obama admitted in an interview he was proud of his two brat daughters for organizing and participating with masks on so they would not be recognized BLM riots

    1. answierd, if you check the internet , you will find that Obama and Michael adopted those girls. there is no record of an American birth for either. . look for medical records around 1984.

    2. He admitted that he was proud that they were complicit, in destroying black neighborhoods, and businesses, and the lives, of the people owned them, and the people that work there. That just shows how Obama really feels about the black people who’s lives were destroyed by his daughters and BLM. Way to go little O. He got to be president then he got rich, and then he left his people behind.

  12. Like you don’t know, like all of us know, where the $$$$ went. So much for BLM and its defense of Blacks. They put it in their pocket and into the bank…Get their bank recorfds. I bet you find out where the money went…like we all didn’t know to begin with. Nice world we live in, huh?

    1. This has all been done very quietly behind the closed doors of government! 🙂
      Now, the American public is just catching up to reality, which will take quite a bit of time… Behold, “we” already have a far better world, but the sheep just don’t yet understand it yet~! The reality of our world is utterly shocking beyond what most could believe or tolerate, so you will be seeing a very slow release of information for years to help the ignorant awake to the previous problems before “we” can have the future that ALL Americans are owed. Happy New Year~!

  13. The time has come for American Patriots to deal with the problems of America, as is their #1 sworn duty!
    The terrorist bullies prey upon the defenseless sheep within the cities, but they do NOT venture into the country where a great many millions of very angry Americans do actually protect their neighborhoods! While the police in the country areas of America are well supported by Americans in those areas away from the festering garbage of the cities, they also know that if they protect and support rioters and trouble makers that they will be eliminated along with those who come into the country to cause trouble! If the bullies and terrorists ever venture out into the great America countryside away from the scum and villainy of the cities, they can definitely expect that there won’t be any law enforcement protection and that they will unlikely ever be seen or heard from again~!

    1. Your thoughts and words are shared by many people across the country. However, remember what happened in Russia, when the farmers attempted the same thing. Those in power, first took away the guns, swords and anything that could be used to defend themselves. Then they took their animals and grain. Later on they sent massive military in to round up the people who dared to resist. Best to study what the elected officials have actually done, not what they say they have done. Their voting records are public and can be seen, if you research them. Better to do it with ballots than bullets. Your chances for survival are greater.

      1. Those are well meant words. But it appears the ballots haven’t worked this year so far. We need to get out and support our President.

  14. This is the way that socialism, marxism, communism, nazism, maoism works, but you can’t tell the little piggies on the bottom, that the fat pigs on the top will eat the best slop, while the little pigs on the bottom get to eat the fat pigs sh_t. Works ever time. That is why socialism does not work, to many fat pigs.

  15. The reply”s really hit home–so true! BLM is truly a Communist arm now, and the unknowing college students have been suckered in believeing all the BS! Villinova being one of them, sadly- I have a relative that got caught uo in the drama! Down with BLM! Al Marvell, Scotia, NY, 12302

  16. Black Lives Dont Matter any more than ALL LIVES. If Black Lives Mattered then the fake Black leaders would be condemning and working to reduce Black on Black Crime. The few Blacks killed by cops each year pale in comparison to the number of blacks killed by blacks.

    1. The stupid Democrats have stood by and watched the destruction of cities all over the US. They impower BLM by watching and saying that’s Ok, they are allowed to do WHATEVER THEY WANT WITH NO CONSEQUENCES! I’m from Minnesota where George Floyd died. The famous line of ” I can’t breathe” spread the country. The cops didn’t kill him, he was being arrested for passing counterfeit money and they were holding him down to subdue him because he was trying to resist arrest. He had a long list of criminal history and always resisting arrest. Then there was the fact that he was high on meth and fentynol and before they took him down he injested more fentynol so they wouldn’t find it on him. He also tested positive for covid. According to the CDC everyone testing positive for covid is a covid death. People that were killed in car accidents and had covid were listed as covid deaths. Our Democrat Governor let the BLM Burn, Loot and cause Mayham all through Minneapolis. He allowed them to shut down the Freeway on many occasions causing people to sitting on the freeway for hours. Trying to get to work or home from work, emergency vehicles unable to get through. They actually went out to shutdown the freeway and in closing off entry ramps didn’t know they missed a SEMI getting through that barely stopped his truck in time not to hit them. They wanted to charge the driver for speeding. I think the driver should sue Governor “NO BALLS WALZ”, THE STATE OF MINNESOTA, and the MN DOT for what they did so poorly it could have been a disaster! We had another shooting of a black man last week, it doesn’t matter that all the video shows him shooting at the cops and then the cops returning fire and killing him. Minneapolis doesn’t need to Defund the Police because they are retiring, transferring and quitting, and doing it for them. Then we have our Samalian member of “THE SQUAD” Ilhan Omar that says the police are murdering our black people. It doesn’t matter if they shoot at you, you can’t shoot back!
      I SAY ” HELL NO”!

  17. As a person that was born in a communist country (Cuba) and witness the regime that supposedly stood for equality (Castro), people just don’t learn that there are always those that paint a false narrative to create up rise for their own benefit and eventually taking the entire pie for themselves. People don’t understand that that this BLM like ANTIFA is nothing more than a tool for a select group to get rich on the ignorance of many.

  18. That’s the kind of stupid that can’t be fixed and it’s deserved. All they’ve done is trust crooks and are reaping what they’ve sown. No sympathy.

  19. It is not do thay want histoy books changed, There has bee no history in a school book for at least 30 years no a a history teacher willing to teach it, Our children have been brain washed by brain washed teachers who were braaind washed by brain dead dDProfs,

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