What the Mainstream Media Won’t Say about the Election

A new poll out this week shows that 52 percent of Americans believe that massive fraud played a role in the election and that it tipped the balance in favor of Joe Biden. Since we know that all polls are fake and that a huge number of Trump supporters don’t participate in polls, what do you suppose the real number is?

How many Americans have no faith in the “results” of the 2020 election? 70 percent? 80 percent?

If Joe Biden ends up being certified as the winner, it will be a catastrophe that everyone should be worried about. Not because of Joe Biden’s policies, which are scary enough on their own. We should be worried because the last tiny, non-violent bit of power that most Americans have is our sacred vote.


When the elites steal our votes right out from under us, the country will only be able to survive as an intact nation for so long. If we throw democracy out the window for fraud, and violence is the only remaining way for the vast majority of Americans to express their political will, what do you suppose happens next? (Spoiler: It won’t matter if you’re a Republican or a Democrat if that day arrives.)

Since we no longer have any semblance of a free press in this country, you have to read between the lines and figure out what the MSM is not telling you, in order to reach the truth. Check out this excellent analysis of the things the media refuses to say about the 2020 election…

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These content links are provided by Content.ad. Both Content.ad and the web site upon which the links are displayed may receive compensation when readers click on these links. Some of the content you are redirected to may be sponsored content. View our privacy policy here.

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37 thoughts on “What the Mainstream Media Won’t Say about the Election”

    1. Americans who are bound by their scared oaths have NO choice but to defend The Constitution and America from ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic~! 😉 This will be done by any and ALL means necessary, and the criminals of humanity everywhere will be targeted for extermination~!
      Have a nice day~

    2. We need to insist on a runoff for President in the battle ground states – in person voting- or let the election results tally as of November 3rd at 8pm stand. I can’t believe that Judges do not rule by the constitution. Many are a mockery and they think that Americans or totally stupid.

      1. The Judges don’t think Americans are stupid, they just don’t think we will be able to do anything about it. As a character in Enter The Dragon said “We know everything but can prove nothing.” Actually we can prove alot of this but will it be enough? If the Democrats get away with this on this occasion they will do it every time from now on. If that happens who will bother to vote anymore? I wonder if China made this virus at the request of the Democrats to stop Trump. They were not happy when the President stopped the flights from China coming in!

        1. Robert,
          Hmm, me thinketh these judges operate in ignorance and defiance of Truth to allow a “Catch 22” outcome / storm to wreck havoc on our lives, and is parallel to the suspicious spread of virus as tools /weapons of evildoers to us shut down.
          Crazy foolish dems!!!

    3. The way things been going for decades to where we are today , it is this two sided party system we have running the government , and it is getting to the point to where one party needs to be gotten rid of , and most all people working for a living know which party it is that needs to go , and if we did get rid of that lying ,scheming , corrupted , disgraceful , evil minded people within the government alone , we would be getting rid of 99 % of all or most of this evil crap that been taking over our lives one bit at a time ,going back to even before John F. Kennedy was killed , and look to how we live today , not knowing what is going to take place tomorrow , and that is what those types of evil minded people within the government thrive on , and the news media gives us their news , like we are bind or stupid , and they still think or fell they can keep us that way , But with this cooked voting we just had , and going through , told us one thing , one knows who are those who live in the those battle ground state , marked in blue on our state map , and those types of people are those that make up the money trail , and where it begins , and ends up in the white house , by those on the left side alone , and those are the types we need to get rid of , as those are those that are our real and true enemies within our country ,just as they are in all the countries of Europe and Asia , as those are the types of people we kill one another in wars to protect , and we are to believe we are protecting our love ones on the home front , and we seeing and hearing of the types of people that been destroying our lives in many ways , and do it with our own money we all work for , and those are the types of people that gotten filthy rich off of our money and live in their huge mansions , that been pilling up for over 75 years and counting , And we where those types of people live , and who they are , and it may have to take we the people to rid those types of people , as I for one do not believe our laws that are so screwed up , will do it for us , as we have all seen and heard of what Hillary R. Clinton had done ,and still roams free , which is proof enough , for such types of people who run our country , and given such power , and if Joe Biden was to run our lives by becoming the president , it would be like throwing our lives into a pack of hungry wolfs , and we must be ready before that takes place , are wait to see if Trump remains in power for the next four years , as it may have take only he that can save their evil butts , as this old person for one sees all hell breaking loss , If Donald J. Trump dose not remain in power of lives and our country for the next four years.

    1. The Constitution is a VERY clear warning to Americans to NEVER trust government!
      All Americans who have so foolishly trusted government have betrayed their country and their sacred responsibility as Americans, but a new day has begun~!


    1. we all had to register to vote and had to live where we vote for a year or so. now how can pelosi say to 200,000 illegals go sign up[ and vote in california. who in the government needs removed from their political job.good guess nancy pelosi. she is distroying the constitution and can only blame trump because she is big part of the swamp trump is draining.

    2. Only the Supreme Court could make a mandate like that but they might prefer doing it that way as opposed to making a determination themselves as to who is President. How can we get this ball rolling?

  2. Yes if Joe Biden is declared the winner this president race I will no longer the voting for anyone at anytime I will never put trust in the voting system again

  3. Remember liars cheat, and cheaters lie! Why do the
    Demon-crats need to share their method of madness!
    They continue to improve on their method of ballot stealing or harvesting with each election! The demon-crags sold their souls to the company store, longtime

  4. I am confident there was fraud in a variety of states. Some areas only had a 1% difference and other areas 5%. Why not just and a few more votes to the democratic column to look they won.
    I have read many non-mainstream media outlets and they have convincing and specific details of various types of fraud. We are at a critical point that Trump’s team needs to show their evidence!

    1. There was IN FACT rampant fraud committed in this last “election” and on a scale that will be remembered for 1,000 years! Defrauding the American election MUST carry a death sentence, because that is without any doubt murder for many innocent Americans when the criminals of humanity intentionally and with planning destroy America and The Constitution~! If President Trump is deprived of the overwhelming win that he obviously had and IMMEDIATE legal prosecutions are not instigated AND these criminals of humanity are not EXECUTED, then it will be the job of every American to do their sacred duty~! We have been more than patient for decades, the government has completely ignored our cry’s for freedom, so now we shall TAKE our freedoms and destroy anyone and everyone who does not enforce The Constitution and respect the rights and freedoms of ALL Americans!

  5. Bring in the old voting curtained booth and void all mail in ballots. We just evolved into a third world country. God help us.

    1. Help is here 🙂
      ALL Americans should prepare for a very difficult time, as The American Patriots correct the path of America and purge America of these criminals of humanity! ALL Americans will have to suffer and pay their price, but there will be a day of reckoning coming soon~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. And if any authority questions the Democrat stated results they and their families are physically threatened and the MSM drives the attack. This was done in Detroit!!

  7. I have voted FREELY in every election since I turned 18! I am now 55. Never in my Voting years have I felt so violated, cheated, bullied @ polls & in the general public with such intimidation as this Nov 3 2020 Election.
    It has been violently intimidating and disgusting to see my America self implode.
    I do not believe for 1 nanosecond Trump didn’t win re-election by a gross margin! I can tell you the only way theDemocrats get into the WH on Jan 20, 2021- is by the filthy SWAMP forcing the Democrats in & it will be the last straw. You will not see America survive the next 4 horrible years of that dysfunctional swamp non-supporting America. Quite the opposite. China will get away with ALL their CRIMES AGAINST THE WORLD, including AMERICA! This insanity, anarchy must stop within our Nation. The people spoke loud & clear ELECTION NIGHT! Trump won and needs to be Inaugurated for the next 4 years.
    You should not be permitted to COMMIT CRIMES & VIOLENCE & FRAUD to force a unwanted COUP upon the American people like the DEMOCRATS are attempting to continue to do. We have Laws in place, and all laws (in place during the last 4 yrs) are the REAL LAWS that should be enforced. Changing your state Election laws “ AFTER” this election fine- not during it! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! That’s like seeing you’re losing the 50yd dash – changing it to a 100 yd dash & NOT telling your opponent you did it-until after you sneakily steal the winners cup! Hmmmm what the DEMOCRATS have created now will take years to repair the damage to America’s Integrity in her Election process. Cheaters should NEVER win. Not in AMERICA. More of our Freedoms & Civil Liberties were destroyed that night & the following weeks than ever before in our Nations History. The vote was foiled, run amuck, unethically & unlawfully tampered with since early June! The interference in the Elections was not outside -but right on her own soil by shameful thugs-swamp-feeders! Shame on the Losers you need to accept you lost! Try to run a better campaign next time around. Be transparent, honest, and truthful as lessons you really need to learn from losing this election on so many fronts! Don’t degrade America’s Election processes by Cheating! Try running on a platform! You had no platform! You have a scattered bit of silly threats that hurt America and HELP CHINA! Really! After the murders CHINA caused in this World! You owe the American people a major apology for your Anti-American rhetoric the last year! The only thing left for the DEMOCRATIC PARTY to do right now is ( bow out gracefully) and concede the election was RIGHTFULLY won by DONALD J TRUMP. Let our Great Nation begin the healing process. Your party has done enough internal damage – you owe it to America to stop the
    CHAOS you’ve created. It’s not right. What you have done against this Country, her people is simply wrong. You need to admit your faults, own your part in all the destruction you have caused & make amends to our Country. America is a great nation of all ethnic human-beings. A few bad examples cannot violently force us to implode and wither way in a span of 11 months! No! We won’t allow it. Strength in numbers and braun in mental power will prevail here. If not, my GOD HELP every one of you that has blood on your hands to destroy America. May GOD protect our President, America’s Presidency, and ALL AMERICANS rights, freedoms, liberty and justice! Godspeed!
    Mrs Seebz

    1. Well said!
      The criminals of humanity who have so intentionally corrupted America and inflicted such enormous pain, suffering, and death are actually fighting for their lives because they are “marked” for execution! There is no scientific study that isolates this supposed Chinese flu, and therefore it does NOT even exist! Where is the scientific lab study that proves this Chinese flu even exists? A vaccine can NOT be developed for a flu strain that has NOT been proven to exist~! All Americans have every Constitutional, moral, and legal right to take to the streets fully armed at this point! If the legal system, The SCOTUS, and The Electoral College does not back the will of the American people up 100% right now, and declare President Trump the “President Elect”, then the scared duty of protecting and defending America and The Constitution will be for ALL Americans to enforce by any means necessary! Prosecute and EXECUTE ALL criminals of humanity within America and beyond the US boarders, who have played any role in the destruction of America!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      The time for justice is more than 100 years overdue!

  8. I believe that you share most of our feeling’s How can we ask our president to keep fighting if we don’t stand up to what we believe in ?? America first and make our votes be counted . if someone brakes the law ? no matter who and how important they think ? they are . they must be brought to ? justice no one it above the law ”’; The fake news is destroying there credibility ; the ones who lies and knows it should be held accountable ; and should be asked to prove there lies in public in front of there piers . that’s us; the American public .

    1. Right John!
      If the lies and deceptions of the media can not be proven, then that should carry the death penalty when it is proven to be intentional~! Death to ALL Tyrants and freedom for ALL Americans!

  9. What i cant understand is if Trump has their servers showing all the vote switching and BS and where it all leads back to Obummer is he putting up with all this recount and filing lawsuits in the corrupt courts. If the evidence is there bring it out and have the Special Forces and US Marshalls round these idiots up and send them to Gitmo for Military Tribunals instead of the corrupt courts and lets move on from this crap. Only reason i can think of is maybe he is waiting to see who all is involved. If he has all this info its time to drain the swamp once and for all

    1. That’s why the left wants too destroy the President. He is draining the swamp, but it’s getting too close to many powerful people. The swamp reaches very far. Biden, Obama, Nancy and so on, the list is to long. Don’t forget, they are all on Soros payroll. If they are so unhappy why don’t they leave our country. I’m sure we patriots would be happy too collect money for there air fare.

  10. It appears that with Joe Biden in the president’s chair, Barack Hussein Obama will get a third term! On Biden’s right is the Chief of staff he had as Obama’s Vice President. On Biden’s left is Valerie Jarrett, who was Obama’s right hand. Look at the staff Biden has chosen so far, left overs from the Obama regime.
    Our country is being rolled back to the eight years before President Trump took over.
    The democrats supposedly received the most votes because the country was flooded with unrequested ballots that when returned were not verified by voter registrars because of the volume received vs the amount of time needed to check them against the legal registered voters list. When the people opened that second envelope with the name and signature on it, the ballot was separated from the last piece of evidence showing if the voter was legal or fraudulent. Finally, where are those envelopes now? They should have been saved, separately from the ballots, and checked against legal voter records.

  11. am almot90 years old and it amazes me to see how we have become a bunch of Wimps when it comes to protecting our Country…I ave NEVER seen a DEMOCRAT I would vote for and never have an d I have been voting ever since I became of legal age!
    My days are pretty ell numbered but I will use every bit of life I have left to try and tell the people of Amereica “Look around at what history tells you about the h-nations that have tried Socialism, Fascism and Being ruled by a DICTATOR…which is the way we have gone lately.REadthe news and see what your states that have Democrats governing them and you ill see what is happening! Wajke up AMERICA, get up, rise up and do your part to Save yourselves from this DOWNFALL of our ay of life that has been that envyn of the WORLD for all of the 9 decades that I have been here.!

    1. Yeah, here in North Carolina Roy Cooper has twice now won being Governor despite the Republicans winning most of the states Senators,Representatives and local officials. Everyone complains about him yet he keeps on “winning” here. I wonder if he showed Biden how it was done?

  12. Best comment yet. “We the People”. Be a Patriot..America
    You don’t get Something for Nothing.. God guide us now. Amen

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