Vaccinated People Now Make Up a MAJORITY of the COVID Deaths

While the Biden administration is still desperately trying to shove the COVID vaccines down our throat, even left-wing media outlets are finally admitting it may not be the best idea to get vaccinated.

The Washington Post reported that vaccinated people now make up a MAJORITY of new COVID deaths, with 58% of related deaths being from “people who were vaccinated or boosted.”

The left-wing outlet – having done its fair share of fear-mongering about how the unvaccinated were all going to die – admits that the share of deaths of people who were vaccinated have been steadily rising for the past year.

Biden and his regime have warned numerous times that the unvaccinated are the problem, claiming they will likely get themselves and others around them killed, but as the Washington Post states, “We can no longer say this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.”


The White House has ignored this fact and instead continued pressing on with a renewed push insisting that people get jabbed.

Fauci recently said, “please, for your own safety, for that of your family, get your updated Covid-19 shot as soon as you’re eligible to protect yourself, your family and your community.”

“I feel very confident that if people continue to get vaccinated at good numbers, if people get boosted, we can absolutely have a very safe and healthy holiday season,” Ashish Jha, White House coronavirus czar, said.

Why is the Biden administration still trying to force the masses to accept this failed experimental vaccine? Watch the video to find out.

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42 thoughts on “Vaccinated People Now Make Up a MAJORITY of the COVID Deaths”

  1. Another reason if obiden and the democrats cared about this country and her people they wouldn’t be pushing the killer jab on people. They continued their BS line of follow the science when in fact they weren’t. They censored the true science so they could have control over the populace. Maybe a few wrongfully death law suits against obiden, fauci, the CDC, and the FDA would tone down the rhetoric of getting the jab. Since the government said the big pharmacy companies can’t be sued.. It’s all about power and money.

    1. Willie: it is truly unfortunate; we can not sue either the manufacturers nor government for any sickness or deaths that are attributed to these vaccines. “Our LAWMAKERS” have done a Superb job in the “CYA department”. While we bowled, bingoed, sit commed and immersed ourselves in “Fun”, they astutely rewrote the laws to protect themselves. Betcha can’t tell the difference between a biological weapon and a vaccinatio . I tried over and over to e mail this all over: But no, I was labeled a screwball, conspiracy theorist.

    2. Anyone pushing the vaccine at this point should be sued, it doesn’t work, doesn’t stopnyou from getting it, doesn’t stop you from spreading it and has severe side effects to include death. Sad part is they all knew it and know but keep lying about it!

  2. They are pushing the jab because it is MEANT to harm you. Nowadays, there are two types of people; those who trust the government implicitly abs believe the government truly wants to live up to our founding principles and those who believe the government is evil and working to create an anti-humanist dystopia. The latter are smarter.

  3. Sooo, if they finally admitted these shots are harmful and DO cause heart problems, among other health issues, EXACTLY WHAT DID THEY GIVE BIDEN, FAUCI AND MEMBERS OF CONGRESS? I have felt all along they were NOT inoculated with ‘vaccine’.. .just a personal opinion. They are not patriotic enough, not fool enough, to have something injected into their body that was going to adversely affect their well being. It’s all about power and money.

    1. I have absolutely thought this very same thing. biden isnt even the legitimate president, yet there he is , and the patriots who went to the capitol to try and save this country are being treated just terribly, and unfairly. People need to wake up and begin critical thinking like this subject we are discussing right now. Thank You for your great comment.

    2. I don’t believe they got it, after all they knew what the agenda was to take down the population Numbers these people are wicked and evil

    3. I thought the same thing from the very beginning. They probably got injected with a saline solution. There’s NO WAY they got the “real deal.” Same goes for Gates. He said we need more immunizations to “thin the herd.” He didn’t say it exactly like that, but that was the implication. There’s an actual video of him saying what will work to lower the birth rate or something to that affect.

    4. I watched a video of a German Doctor saying he tested vaccines to see what exactly was in them. So, to make it less conspicuous, Pfizer had saline solution in 2 out of 3 vials. It was every 3rd vial which contained the REAL poison jab. If they put it in ALL vials, the death count would be so immense that it would have been pulled immediately. They wanted to be able to hide the true results for as long as they could. The goal: depopulation.

    5. How bad does it have to get before the American people really rebel and go after those in charge and drag them out of office? When is the second amendment going to come into effect? Tyranny by show, is just around the corner! this is my opinion…….

  4. Shouldn’t they be classified as victims of the genocide vaccine shot and not covid?
    Oh yeah if the truth got out nobody would get no more of these suicidal jabs of genocidal proportions! Sick what this Obama regime is doing to its own people
    Rot in Hell Obama Biden

  5. They made this “vaccine” to kill the people receiving it, I don’t think it worked as well or as fast as they thought it would and that’s a problem for the Biden regime. They want us dropping like flies so they can give what’s left of American to China. NEVER get the jab and NEVER trust this demtard government!
    And never fear, they will come up with some other way to rid themselves of us lowly Americans. They are not done f*cking up our lives and killing us.

      1. Amen! to the offensive Idea…..but…..I do believe God will deal with them at the Throne of Judgment ….which seems to be speeding our way at a more rapid pace, My advise is seek the Lord while He may be found, so that you escape that judgment. This message is too all….

  6. Be careful. They are working on putting the MRNA into the flu shots and who knows what else. Never got the clot shot and will never trust any of them again. Lost three good friends, several got cancer and my son had a blood clot near his heart. Pretty sure he had a stroke also since he at times seems to be confused. These people cannot be allowed to get away with it. Once the emergency use is lifted there will no doubt be many lawsuits.

  7. The jab was to financially boost big pharma, one part of the global elite. This is why the government lied about invectermin. Anyone with a clue to what the dems are doing also knows that the war in Ukraine is part 2 of the dem’s plan , to boost the arms industry profits, the other part of the global elite.philip

  8. Is it because a majority of people are vaccinated? Just a question. I do not plan on getting any more shots, as I do not trust the vaccine. But my question still stands. We have to be careful how we interpret little snippets of information. I’m so tired of feeling like I have very little truthful information with which to make important health decisions, because the info on both sides is slanted. Just want facts. No BS.

    1. So, you realize now that the vax is a scam and won’t take any more shots? Does this mean that you now feel safe from the other njections you took?

  9. Now what can we do as they are making it a required vaccination for babies . You have to have these shots to go to school. Including the covid-19 even though they say kids are not in any trouble to get the virus. But look at all the profits the drug companies will get if they force all our kids to gets these shot.

    1. Home school. Look around, there are parent groups that can help share the cost and education. All my grandkids are being home schooled. They are getting a far better education. Another avenue is a Catholic school or a private school. If you’re in California, you probably don’t want to send your kids to public school anyway. Public schools are not what they were. Hope this helps.

    2. If you can remotely, possibly, homeschool your children. If you simply cannot, get together with like-minded parents and figure out how to school your kids and avoid many wicked policies of our current government. I would suggest parents co-sharing schooling their children, and working four 20 hour days at work, and sharing schooling their children .with other parents. One parent may have special skills in one area of academics, and another in another. Even if it only involves reading stories…
      If my ideas don’t fit your family’s needs, brainstorm your ideas with other parents. There has to be ways to get around government edicts that harm our children. The covid shots are just one reason to avoid public schools. Heads up, parent: You and yours are in my prayers. Have been for awhile…And hopefully many of us are doing diligence for you in this regard!

    3. Start home schooling is a choice, I would even hide my children from them if I had any, My children are all raised up so my thoughts go toward prayer for those who have younger children.

  10. Seems as if the Founding Fathers never could imagine an antiAmerica n, traitor and Devils apprentice being “elected” as Commande In Chief. …But what was that Oath all about when we enlisted in the military?’___?

      1. Title 5 USC section 7311 and 1333 is the penalty for breach of oath of office, why do they keep breaking the laws of the land ?
        Who will arrest them ? Is a bigger question !

    1. In these last times, the book of Revelation reads like up to date news and a whole lot of Christianity now believe that the taking of the church is at hand, the sitting of the greatest tribulation is now on stage waiting for the anti Christ, who may be on stage already, Who knows! but we do know that the US government has gone amuck and we are basically all just sitting ducks for these in power, I for one am 90 years old and pray for the American people to stand up and charge for their safety and families against this evil power. I am a (MAGA) person and will vote for President Trump or anyone that is against this evil democrat party led by Satan himself, I am a free speech American and say what I want to say, I just did.

  11. Fauci is a mass murderer and should be tried for crimes against “We the People!” Look at how he murdered children during the aids epidemic! Its all about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and control to bring death on 90% of world’s population. Someone has to be held accountable! This is treason against “We the People!” Fauci is the biggest serial killer in the history of our planet!

    1. The bad guys win , by keeping “The People” divided, by race and political party hating ETC, that’s how there winning the fight against We The People, wise up !

  12. Yes, I was right all the way… I did not want the shot had to get it anyway. Bad decision. At least I refused to get the booster shots.

    1. I am one of those who did not get the shot, but I did go to the hospital in the middle of the night with covid and came home and rebuild my body up after losing 30 lbs while sick…I still praise God I didn’t get the vaccine and now I have my own body protecting me against any more covid. I do believe that the vaccine was not against the covid but for something to lower the population, and many, many doctors who knew, were trying to put out the true information on the vaccine and were shut down, some of my grown children were forced to take that first shot due to their work and they are in my prayers along with everyone that was forced to take it. we need to fight this satanic government with the help of the Lord behind us and before us…There are a few good men and women in our government and they will always be on the side of the people, You can count them on your ten fingers, all the rest are do nothing to spoil them income people or out right Satan helpers

      1. Warren, the problem with your thinking is the politicians that are pushing this agenda are not the ones getting the shot. Sorry that I distrust the Gov. ,but believe the syringe giving , Biden a shot could contain saline solution for all I know .

  13. As stated that the majority of deaths are the elderly and the MOST expensive age group on the Gov. is the same group,so who do you remove to save . The Medicare,Medicaide and Social Security expenses is save with the removal of and more funding to be distributed to the ELECTED. The Gov. phylosophy ” What is good for me is not for thee”.

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