Utah Governor Praises Jazz NBA Teams for Excluding White Kids from Scholarship Program

We live in a country that has two kinds of Republicans. Members of the GOP are either patriots prepared to fight for the rights of everyday people, or they’re RINOs that push for war and cower in the face of liberal intimidation. In this breaking news report, you will watch Utah Gov. Spencer Cox demonstrate the sheep-like mentality of a RINO.

It appears the NBA’s Utah Jazz organization created a scholarship program that is inherently racist and runs contrary to everything the U.S. Constitution represents. The scholarship program specifically excludes white children from applying. When left-wing extremists such as Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Maxine Waters talk about “institutional racism,” this is precisely what it looks like.

One would expect an elected official who claims to be committed to upholding the principles of the Constitution to take corrective measures as the state’s primary leader. To say the politically correct RINO went in an entirely different direction would be something of an understatement. Not only did Utah Gov. Spencer Cox pretend the NBA’s bigotry was not abhorrent, but he also actually embraced the anti-White program.


If you are tired of listening to double-talking politicians calling themselves Republicans and conservatives and doing the exact opposite, it’s crucial to watch this eye-raising video. When RINO Cox spews political correctness and celebrates anti-White bigotry through his Fauci mask, you’ll have a clear understanding of what the country is up against. Watch this video, so you’ll know the telltale signs a RINO is lying.

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These content links are provided by Content.ad. Both Content.ad and the web site upon which the links are displayed may receive compensation when readers click on these links. Some of the content you are redirected to may be sponsored content. View our privacy policy here.

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123 thoughts on “Utah Governor Praises Jazz NBA Teams for Excluding White Kids from Scholarship Program”

    1. Talk about RACISM ,,, The NBA is now officially a RACIST organization. Will not something I can be part of even as a viewer.

      Abuse of White INNOCENT YOUTH .

      1. No NBA in my house. Won’t support them or any franchise. Well let’s see. No longer watch. Baseball, NFL. NBA or go to any of their games Nasscar is starting to sway that way too. So I’m done with. Them also. I am going to save so much money and have a lot more time spending it with my friends and family

        1. This is no Different than the Black Race being Allowed to have;
          a Black Miss America Contest,
          A Black Entertainment Television Channel
          or for having at One Time an Ebony Magazine.
          Then there is a United Negro College Fund & NACCP or Grading on a Curve adding Extra Points on Civil Service Exams. Now Put White or Caucasian in Front of any one of those and watch the Racist Law Suits & Media Outrage.

          1. My views exactly. Blacks and people who support them can discriminate against white people in any way they want to and our government believes that’s ok. Why is that? Blacks can put white people down with their talk and even abuse them and never get called out for being racist.

          2. That’s right, Noah. Another example of the Democratic mantra: “Good for me, but not for thee.” Amazing that this country has taken such a discriminatory, segregationist turn. I remember when I was a child and was confused that there were “Whites Only” and a “Blacks Only” signs on restrooms, water fountains and even entrances to different establishments. I was always taught that there was only one race, “the human race.” Now, I am hatefully segregated against by those I supported, and I find that totally abhorrent.. Shame on you, NBA; shame on you, MLB; shame on you, NFL, Coca-cola, Delta, et. al. You are traitors to the country and the people that gave you EVERY opportunity to rise up and improve yourself. Now, ironically, you want a society that is “separate, but definitely NOT equal.” Shame on you.

      2. Great so they’re allowed to be racist I understand now as long as you’re not white you can be a racist

      3. As a white person i hear the NBA’s message loud and clear. They don’t want me. And so i will give them what they want. They won’t have me.

        And i will do the same for every business or organization that adopts the same attitude. Said goodbye to several brands and businesses so far and never felt better.

        1. Good point Joey …. I’m just wondering though … “If” there was a different NBA team that decided to give out scholarships that excluded black kids & white kids, (who’s families lived ABOVE the poverty line), how that would go over. What would be the difference? Think about it!

        2. I haven’t watched any Sports of any kind, in over 20 years, and I don’t miss it at all. I don’t drink soda, so there is no point in saying that I will boycott Coca Cola, even though everyone else should. I don’t read Newspapers, because I don’t like Communist propaganda forced on me, while I pay for it, and I don’t watch Television, watch their pathetic excuses for Movies, or listen to the crap that they put on the radio. I never had a Sh!tbook Account, and never had an EZ Pass, either. I don’t go for all the electronic crap that the rest of the world can’t seem to live without. While I have a computer, its use is limited, and I use it to look at Real News posted by real people who live in the area where the events take place, so I don’t get the facts filtered by the Control Censors. If you need to watch a Baseball game, then go to your kid’s Little League game, and watch how the game was meant to be played.

      4. Blacks in general cry so loudly about Racism , and yet , here the perform an open, unapologetic act of Racism toward White Youths and in essence, All White People, and feel it acceptable ??? What The Hell ?
        They have finally lost what little bit of common sense they had. This id Insanity !
        They Must Be Boycotted Immediately, Put Out Of Business, For Good, And In Addition, SUED !!!!

    2. Have you noticed how this idiot can’t even look into the cam? He’s constantly turning his eyes away.

      1. So do we need to commence white American only sports ? Those unwilling to honor our flag, the Pledge of Allegiance and traditional values may not attend. Not much doubt we’ll have racial wars similar to third world countries.

        1. You know what will happen if we did that don’t you. The government would be all over it and shutting it down PDQ. You can’t ban blacks from anything but its ok to ban whites from everything now and receive praise from our government for doing it. What a crock of crap.

    3. The NBA is becoming a racist institution just like the NFL. This is just another example of where the hateful race dividing athletes and politicians are fueling the fire of racism. Not excluding BLM.

    4. The NBA is about a racist as it comes. First off while claiming their is oppression of blacks the NBA is dominated by rich black people. So explain how they know about oppression.

      We have all seen it in our own life’s. as soon as a kid shows really talent in foot ball or basketball they are treated special.

      In college they are god like. I had to tutor a dumb black guy n math in college so he could pass basic math problems in basic courses. He was a basketball player so somehow he magically got B’s in all his classes despite being dumb as heck.

      that special treatment extends to giving free housing, free tuition, magically appearing free cars, free phones, free food, personal trainers, and complete amnesty from prosecution for all their drugs alcohol sexual abuse and ridiculous actions.

      Yet somehow magically these same black people believe they know their is oppression of blacks. well not in their lives there isn’t and has not been for a long long time.

      Any member of the NBA who believes excluding white people for anything is ok is a racist. a complete and radical racist.

      They should be put in prison.

      1. They are the only group of people that have everything handed to them, and yet they still aren’t happy. Contrast them with people from Laos, or Vietnam, who come here on rafts, escaping their Countries, and within one generation, their children speak excellent English, and are going to attend College, and where the Immigrant parents own a Business, like a Restaurant, Produce Store, even a 7-11 Franchise. How is it that they can do it, while blacks who have been in American for 400 years, cannot?

    5. The Entire Professional Sports Organizations are ‘RACIST”. Color of any kind being discriminated is wrong. You can’t take sides. I truly think every sport should have 50% Black and 50% White or others be actually playing on the “Basketball Court, Football Field or other Locations” to me “FAIR”. Now this would piss off the Best Players who have to sit. If you want “Equality” that’s Equality, to those Racist Teams. Boycott ALL UNFAIR ORGANIZATIONS…IF… they want to be Racist towards “Whites”.

  1. Just more racism, only this time it’s against Whites. Congratulations NBA, you’ve managed to make your hypocrisy blatant and reinforced my decision to never support the game, ever again.

    1. Biting the hand that feeds them! Who knows how far these imbeciles will
      Push the pendulum.. but it will come back.

  2. Who cares about NBA? NOT ME. There are lots of people that love it , but I personally think it’s a waste of Prime Time TV in March, but TV has turned into a slop job too.

    1. Thank GOD for Classic T.V. Show re-runs, and good DVD collections. Their no-talent hacks don’t deserve an Audience.

  3. The racism is getting worse daily. They quit giving covid shots to white people only blacks in Washington and Oregon..
    The end is near. You have the heads of Russia China and Iran watching all of this with a big ass smiles on their faces. They will take over without firing a shot and the left will cheer them on. Professional sports is gone forever in my book. Fug em all

    1. They the dems have already taken over the USA without a shot ( except the police and patriots that are rotting in prison with out due process) while criminals in BLM Antifa and congress get a pass, We allowed our rights to be taken away with this mask fraudemic. COVID was there new Global Warming. When that didn’t work they started this back in 2015 with dr. Fraudci giving money to CCP for research on what? You guessed it the COVID virus,!Which stats back me up if you do the math and dig is no more dangerous than the flu.
      Now what? Hold them accountable!!!!! Isn’t that the New Democratic word? YES HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE!

    2. Yup,China and Russia are smacking their lips.Labron James bought 1/ 4 interest in the Red Sox,but we will watch ‘cuz of the mostly Spanish players and this year they’re doing well.

    3. well whites are going to have to wake up and start fighting back. Any white person who believes there is black oppression should be beat until they stop saying it.

      There is Asian oppression and there is white oppression. there is no black or Hispanic oppression in america.

      Blacks and Hispanics in america are the most racist people on earth.

      1. Be glad they are not giving shots to the white people, because, the shot is only creating government zombies & takes control of ones mind.

        Let those blacks follow like sheep while the whites keep their intelligence. This, too, will change when they see that it’s the whites that are creating industry in this country.

        When something is given to someone, with no fair exchange, watch what happens. The receiver shit….s on it & stomps it, with no respect. This is what we’ve seen the blacks doing for years. The mess with BLM cannot continue… If it does, there will be nothing left of this country. People could read the King James Version of the Bible & see when blacks were created. Cain killed Able, just to steal the glory & deceive Adam. Deception has always been the key for the blacks to get anything. They wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them in the face.

    1. don’t watch, don’t buy, don\t talk about it. It is just a black thing so that the 13% of the population that is black support the NBA.

      Negative Black Association (NBA)

  4. I love watching basketball but they have destroyed any enjoyment we find. No more sports for me. No sports, no scholarships what will they do then .no audience no money-lender bye bye to all the sports millionaires. Only then will anything be done.

    1. the solution:

      don’t vote democrat.

      don’t vote for schools.

      vote for school votes.

      vote to eliminate affirmative action.

      vote to eliminate give away programs.

      vote to eliminate foreign aid.

    2. They will keep going and going until they are like a dog chasing and snapping at its own tail because there is nothing left to go after. They will devour and destroy everything, including their own, until all is dead. They are not thinking people. They are robots and pawns of causes they know nothing about. In the end they suffer along with everyone else (like censorship in big tech, it affects everyone) but they are too stupid and brainwashed to realize. They will build the Soviet Union with censorship, silenced opinions, govt oppression and secret police right before your eyes. People need to wake up and to reject all of it wherever they see it. Write letters, call governors, whatever it takes. And don’t give a dime to any organization that plays the idiotic, social justice, race game.

    3. Exactly what we need to do. white needs to stop going to sports games. Stop paying for the tickets. We pay their salary and if we stop maybe they will Wake up. But I really doubt it. Let’s see how many black people are actually able to afford the high price of the tickets. And watch them fail and go bankrupt.

  5. I said when they started pulling down statues this would happen. I knew if they were allowed to do that, they’d demand more. And they did. The left wants to tell you what to think, say, do, eat, wear, watch, read, etc. People have been letting them do this ever since the statues came down. When are Americans going to stand up and say ‘no’? When are Americans going to stand up for their rights? Democrats don’t care about YOU, they care about themselves. They hate Trump because they weren’t getting richer while he was in office. Even now they’ll let America burn as long as they line their pockets. People need to realize that you have to protect your own before you have no rights left.

    1. Bang on. The tearing down of statues is the removal of history. It is a dummy’s game to do this. These people are too stupid to realize what they have and what things mean. They are brainwashed robots thay are told to riot and be angry so they do. Expect nothing more from them. Reject media who causes this and demand more from useless politicians. And teach your kids right from wrong. Because the corrupt fools are coming for them too.

  6. FUC* the NBA & it’s players. Bunch of over paid, unpatriotic scumbags, who think they are something special.
    These scumbags are nothing more than entertainers who are making millions off the backs of our Fallen Hero’s who provide them the freedom to do so. Boycott the NBA, it’s players & sponsors.

  7. “Systemic Racism” um, I have been saying that it does not exist in today’s America as it is being defined, talked about on campus and propagandized by news outlets and I would be correct in that statement. However, a 180 degree turn has now occurred as to who is the victim of “Systemic Racism” and it is most assuredly our “WHITE” population. “Point in Fact” the NBA’s exclusion of “white kids” from their scholarship programs. There are many, many, more examples of this paradigm, shift from “black to white” disparity and “systemic racism”.

    Open your eyes and see for yourselves, open your ears and listen to the tired, skewed and false rhetoric (propaganda) from those that want to continue the lie/s and then do your due diligence to locate those that are speaking an entirely different narrative which they can backup with factual data, “Systemic Racism” against the black population no longer exists in this Nation, period! However, the same is not true for young whites.

    The NBA, the NFL and Division I college athletics (track, football, basketball) are dominated by black athletes and more disparity is on its way.

    I am not going into a long dissertation here, all that you need to do to adjust your opinion and viewpoint as to what is fact and what’s not is as I have stated, “do your due diligence, shed your preconceived notions and do the look, see, hear research and you will probably be surprised as to the outcome”.

  8. List the sponsors of the NBA teams, products that the players sponsor, and any company associated with the NBA so that we “deplorables” can “properly” help out!!

  9. We Americans must boycott MLB, Coke,NBA, and other organizations that support Woke. We Americans will make there Lives unbearable.

  10. The NBA is comprised of some of the biggest racists that are out there along with most liberals,I personally will never watch another basketball game again and I wouldn’t care if the NBA folded

  11. If they had commented that they’re excluding black people from scholarships there would be rioting and looting and the league would be shut down

  12. reverse racism; and they said it couldn’t be helped, but that’s all it is – reverse racism….how absurd; you who never experienced except in your families stories which made you weak and dependent upon a culture that has been evolving for years before your birth….and this is equality?
    i am sick and tired for all this that supposedly passes for justice today. this wouldn’t be allowed under GOAT POTUS, Donald Trump, and it is just wrong!

  13. The NBA is a perfectly racist and officially money-grubbing opportunistic organization “led” by a white suckup in bed with China for one reason: money. Their biggest “stars” won’t criticize Chinese leaders for killing dissenters but they don’t mind attacking their fellow citizens. Or their fellow cowardly players keep their mouths shut so as not to rock the boat. And everyone paying attention knows exactly what is meant in this comment.

  14. Just another attempt to divide our country and support racism. At the same time allowing a bunch of low IQ clowns to promote low IQ clowns. Go ahead nba, support everyone except the white population that made you rich, and allowed you to bite the hand that fed you. I never did support the nba or any world sports. They are all a bunch of overpaid crybabies. When America wakes up and rids it’s self of the need to be entertained by crybabies, then maybe America will turn to God and repent of their addiction to such trash.

  15. I don’t embrace the NBA anymore. I hope you lose SO MUCH money you will get your head out of your ass and see what you are doing. Quit pandering to these people. Let them make it on their own or nor make it all . You are what is wrong with this country and the division we have. Hope you have a crappy season.

  16. Using Racism to show the WOKE crowd that you’re not racist indicates that you’re brain washed and the propagandists are living rent free in your head. Are there some underserved communities of white people in your state of Utah? Are there some poor tax paying white folk living in the state of Utah? By being racist against any color of human being is that furthering the vulcanization of humanity or are these the reparations promised but not delivered? Are you, Cox, single-handedly fomenting racism in your WOKE mind and message delivered? Or is this Beijing pushing America’s Achilles’ heel agenda and you’re too deaf, dumb and blind to recognize it? Cox, resign from your job give it to a black person, and yes, any black person will do as long as they have more melanin than you. The internship program that you foster and promote should be assigned to only black people. Only black people should be allowed to serve in that position too. Lead by example of how a WOKE RINO should operate, you’re off to a good racist beginning. What other water are you carrying ?

  17. I could be wrong but I thought we had laws against discrimination. The Utah governor should be ashamed of himself, what a disgusting racist bet he’ll be in church on Sunday.

  18. I suspect that the judas governor cox will not find re-election a very possible outcome next time. Rats like this need extermination.

  19. Cox is a coward. I stopped the NBA with the BLM support – let China and minorities support their outrageous salaries.

  20. Mr. Gov: remove the American Flag from the lapel of your jacket. You are a disgrace. Using racist policies today is not going to correct the gross errors of yesterday. Hopefully the voters of Utah are smarter than this loon and will vote him out of office.

  21. The NBA is so racist that they stink. No one with a half a brain should watch any of their sports. If they can’t stand fir our flag and the are taking away things like scholarships from white kids well that is as racist as it comes. Bane the NBA

  22. Classic symbolism over substance. Like filling a bathtub with a thimble. Sadly, those that manage to escape the lower, left hand side of the socio-economic Bell Curve rarely bother to ‘play it forward’’, choosing instead, like that BLM leader, to live with the ‘oppressor’ instead. This current movement will fizzle out, joining Ebonics, Kwanza and Rap.

  23. The one solution to our problem is the solution the Patriots used in 1776: shoot them. A lot. Dead enemies can no longer cause us problems. Or expel CO2. Bingo! Man-made climate change: fixed. Racism: fixed. Plandemic and BillGatesKlausSwabChiFlu: fixed. Global Reset: fixed. Cheating Democrats/Stolen Elections: fixed. Homosexual Agenda/Destruction of Western Civilization: fixed. Freaking Fauci: fixed. Pedophilia Joe/Kamelhoe: fixed. Hussein Nobama/Big Mike: fixed. Bitch Nancy/Chuck Fucker: fixed. Big Government: fixed. Bureaucrats: fixed. Wokism: freaking annihilated. All Pro Sports Leagues: shipped to China. RINOs/never-trumpers/swamp rats Repubs: fixed. Democrat Party: eliminated. GOP: made perpetual losers after Trump Party forms. Libs/Progs/Leftists/DemocratVoters: traded for Conservative legal immigrants.

  24. So I guess that if a private business refuses to do anything for religious beliefs they should be able to do so without being sued for discrimination ?

  25. After watching video I realized that the govenor of Utah is eneducated, uninformed and probably a communist! What a idiot!! I haven’t watched any professional sport or college for 1 year. You want to be WOKE? GO BROKE!

  26. This is no Different than the Black Race being Allowed to have;
    a Black Miss America Contest,
    A Black Entertainment Television Channel
    or for having at One Time an Ebony Magazine.
    Then there is a United Negro College Fund & NACCP or Grading on a Curve adding Extra Points on Civil Service Exams. Now Put White or Caucasian in Front of any one of those and watch the Racist Law Suits & Media Outrage.

  27. What is wrong with you Utah? How can you elect politicians like this gov and romney. Has the cold weather froze your damn brains? SHEESH!!!!!!!!!

  28. Talk about being racist, all people have to do is look at the NBA. I for one will not waste my time watching a bunch of racist hypocrites. Their true selves are now there out in the open. Why would anyone want to spend their hard earned money watching these racist play ball and laugh at you at the same time.

  29. I stopped following the nigger basketball association a long time ago. Same now for the NFL and MLB. These organizations are all bigoted and racist against white people. As for that neocon phony RINO in the governor’s mansion in Utah, he’s just another gutless white coward who refuses to stand up to those who are attacking his race. Politicians like this are worthless scum. If I were a cop assigned to protect one of these despicable pieces of trash, I wouldn’t lift a finger if an attacker went after them. Just laugh and walk off.

  30. All sports have gone RACIST and should be DEFUNDED. All white people should boycott all sports and just enjoy fishing. The black people are the ones that keep racist’s going.. If you don’t like this country no one is keeping your stupid ass here. IN MY OPINION, and take china biden with you and giggle harris.

  31. The NBA stands for Niggah Basketball Association, Whites don’t belong in that. It is as simple as that.

  32. That’s racist, people should be judged based on merit not skin color. Excluding whites is wrong and they know this but don’t care.

  33. Just move management, players, and games to China – NBA, MLB, and NFL. They all love China so let them all enjoy Chinese living conditions, freedom, and equity…

  34. The NBA sucks. Their ratings suck and their stars suck. They teach the worst values/morals of any sport. Team work is a joke , the team is led by a dictator and there is absolutely No Loyalty. It’s all business. Then they act as if Basketball is their podium. Sorry maybe 15yrs ago but now you have social media which means if your fans want to hear what you have to say (why ? Nobody watches for your comments) they can. That doesn’t seem to be good enough. All of you guys talk about things you have little knowledge an little education to talk about. These reasons alone are why the NBA is just terrible at the moment. The whole game has evolved into something that doesn’t resemble 90’s Basketball at all. Sports are sports, leave it at that, say whatever you want on your social media accounts, your not a politician or activist , and if you are they are full time jobs an that’s why you suck at all of them.

  35. Your next!!! The NBA, NFL, college sports, who cares, they threaten our lives, destroy our businesses or properties, and get preferential treatment for what? The color of their skin! Who’s the real racist now!

    Fuck Apple utilize any product from South Korea because they support Americans more than corporate America does!
    We have choices and we will make them to exclude all Black businesses from any dirty white racist monies!
    Good luck on your own!!!!!

    Goodbye forever!!!!

    Unless we meet again on the avenue and get tangled up in blues!!!!

  36. JoAnne precisely. Portland and Seattle officials just sit there and do nothing whilst their city is ravaged time and time again. Dear Lord I remember the Second World War sitting as as a four year old on my Mother’s lap listening to Winston Churchill on the radio and Mother cheering when he had finished. He toughened us up. We fought those bastards and won. The lack of discipline in early years is now upon us.
    Also why is this moron Governor wearing a mask when obviously there is no-one around? That in itself shows how
    stupid he is.

  37. First of all you can immediately see what kind of thinker Cox is by the mere sight of him sitting in what looks to be his house by himself wearing a mask. It is obviously for show regardless of who was videotaping him. The mask was not protecting anyone and merely a political prop. As for his position on the Jazz scholarship he is totally wrong and racist for endorsing it. He is pandering to the Jazz for political leverage. Who or what is that masked man? Maybe the lone GOP governor?

  38. Interesting how these privileged black athletes all live in white communities. For decades they eschewed segregation and now they demand segregation. They will never be satisfied until they have it all by earning none of it. That is why they gravitate toward socialism/communism. They are political pawns. Hitler said: use democracy to gain power. Once you have the power destroy democracy. BLM? Corporate marxism? How fast can these people throw freedom away? Never has one man destroyed so much in 90 days than Joe Biden. Shame

  39. What is wrong with the people of Utah? First, they elect Mitt Romney, who is a total disgrace. They also have elected this idiot as their governor. Are the people of Utah brain dead or something? What an embarrassment these guys are.

  40. And the so called do gooders will still support the racist nba and obviously the players for not denouncing this Racist organization and their sponsors

  41. This cases need to be prosecuted and go all the way to the Supreme Court. Discrimination based on race is expressly forbidden in law and it applies to ALL races, not just blacks or hispanics.

  42. What is wrong with you people in Utah? Do just love RINOs and the shafting you keep getting? First you elect Nitwt Romney the village dufus. Then you elected this clown for governor! How ridiculous can you get when this jackwads openly praises discrimination and supports the Nothing But Analcavities for even doing this. The right thing would be to file a discrimination lawsuit against them. And who truly is the divisive entities on this nation? So much for the great unifier Groper Joe Bribedem and the Frisco Ho.

  43. If they can’t be fair to all then it is racist. Enough of this woke, cancel culture, systemic ray-cist BS. Done. I do not consider myself racist and plan to continue living my life as a fair person, but I understand how these types of behaviors and actions can cause people to go the other way. All I can say is, “What goes around, comes around.” Shame on the NBA and shame on this idiot, suck up for votes governor for his ideology.

  44. I believe it’s time to have black sports and white sports and not pitted against one another other. Let’s see how that goes. Hell you can have your own transportation. That is how stupid all this shit is. you put your race card up your ass.

  45. We as consumers have created our own demise.
    Turn off your tv. Grow a garden shoot some deer raise a cow and help us put a dent as a collective into the fascism surrounding us. Then create community militias with those willing to come to the aid of neighbors being attacked by jack booted Gestapo/SS/FBI/ATF/DHS. War is looming.

  46. people of all colors are racists color has nothing to do with it those who rant and call you a racist are the biggest racists of all and are subhuman how come George Jefferson got away with calling his pale neighbor a honky but his neighbor could not even call him anything derogatory no one ever called. Old George a racist what a bunch of hypocrites all peoples are racists drop the word because it is racist every idiot wants attention and will hate if they do not get it

  47. ok, this is the dumbest thing i have ever heard of… well almost as dumb as some gov thinks that shooting white people is going to ‘even things out’.
    any sport, business position, school scholarship or what ever should be based on merit. nothing else.
    if you can do the job or the work, then you should get the position. if you can’t. then you get a dif job or position or school.
    I’ve always wondered why on applications the question of ‘race’ and I use that word lightly… is asked.
    why should it matter.
    if you qualify, then you are in, if you don’t, either work harder to get there or try someplace else.
    its what people have done for a long time.
    people and business and politicians have lost it totally.

  48. No one needs the NBA. Only the Kardashians want the NBA. They’re overpaid, whiny, racists who are primarily just blacks that have no useful skills. Playing with balls is not beneficial to humanity or survival.

  49. To all the moron WHITE people that are this stupid to go along these sports teams and there crap, I just wish you would TAKE ALL YOUR AND GO LIVE IN CHINA I AM SURE THEY WOULD LOVE YOU, JUST DO NOT MAKE A MISTAKE, LIKE PROTEST, THEY WILL LINE YOU UP AND BLOW YOUR ASS AWAY…..

  50. The only way to kill this desease is to boycott any pro sport. Don’t even support any pro sport or anything they promote. I haven’t watched any sport for two years now and I got all my house chores completed. My wife loves me again and my children know who their father is. And I also found out that I have four grand children and that my son and daughter are successful citizens. My wife did a great job to show them responsabilty. So thank you and from now on I will be a part of the family. Forget pro sports LOVE YOU ALL, Dad

  51. I AM WHITE. LOVE WHATCHING HODGE TWINS, OFFICER TATUM, CONSERVITIVE PERSPECTIVE,SALTY CRACKER, MARK DICE AND MORE.When I say go live China, if you do not like this country and take all the garbage sports teams with you, but I would like to see you suck it up and stop watching MOVIES and SPORTS, go fishing with the kids…

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