Trump Lawyer Calls Out Dominion Software Employees to Speak Out on Fraud

During Rudy Giuliani’s press conference addressing 2020 election voter fraud, legal expert Sidney Powell addressed the disturbing involvement of Dominion Voting Systems. Through software “glitches” and updates, Biden allegedly gained hundreds of thousands of votes flipped his direction on the early morning after election day.

Now Powell is calling out the software maker, Dominion Voting Systems. Challenging individual employees to come forward, she argues their voice as a whistleblower is needed to protect election integrity.

Powell claims one of Dominion’s own employees personally arrived on site in Michigan on election night to monitor votes and control the outcome of the totals. She claims this was why Americans woke up the morning after the election to discover massive spikes in votes in favor of Biden in Michigan and other battleground states.


Much of this manipulation took place after election night when many voters were asleep. According to Powell, some Dominion employees have already stepped forward to share inside information regarding the many voting irregularities that took place during the 2020 election.

She concludes by challenging additional Dominion employees to contact her with the words that these irregularities are being investigated and more fraud will be identified in due time. Though the New York Times and other mainstream outlets refer to these allegations as disinformation and fake news, a growing compilation of evidence points toward unprecedented voter fraud that requires further investigation.

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65 thoughts on “Trump Lawyer Calls Out Dominion Software Employees to Speak Out on Fraud”

  1. This is vital to our Republic! Fight now or lose our freedom! I believe this was already in motion in Obama’s 2nd run for President. Many in my state of New Mexico and those I am in contact with from around the WORLD see the problem snd SUPPORT IN THE FIGHT!

    1. The election fraud here in Washington State has JUST been exposed and many are raging mad at the reality that many previous elections have been rigged here as well!!! That would explain the bizarre number of election problems we have seen here for decades, and the “progressive” wins that few voters can reconcile as honest in any way! The election system in ALL of the US has been corrupted for many decades and some key states are far worse than others because they have been used to corrupt the entire country for many many years now! NOW is the time to demand your freedom and that this oppressive big government that has conducted this UNCONSTITUTIONAL fake flu crime spree of government!

    2. NM is a liberal hell hole.. welfare and medicaid state.. i used to live there but got the hell out after 7 years…

    3. If they don’t come forward and confess now then when the truth comes out they should all be charged and sentenced to prison

        1. I agree with you. Why should the American taxpayers pay to keep these evil Democrats alive with 3
          meals a day and clean sheets. In Calif it costs approximately $74,000 a year to house a criminal for a year. They aren’t worth it! Trump 2020 ??????????

  2. I believe Obama’s 2nd term was in fact, due to election fraud. The GOP needs to urge investigations with the DOJ and the FBI included. I’m sure that won’t happen due to how deep this fraud goes! (CIA)

    1. You are right!
      Obama didn’t honestly win in 2016 AND he didn’t win in 2012 either!
      I am an analyst and I can’t honestly claim ANY of the past elections in the US have been honest for many decades now!

      1. Obama did not win in 2016, DJTrump won in 2016 -careful with facts or they may make you appear foolish. Obama won in 2008 and 2012. I do not support the democrat ideals and therefore do not want the point of your statement to be decried.

  3. This is an outrage that our voting system could be this vulnerable!
    If nothing else for ALL American’s to have any confidence moving forward three things need to happen:
    1. Complete recount of all votes in every state. I think everyone would accept that outcome.
    2. Dominion or any other needs to be completely investigated, machines and people.
    3. Big tech and social media needs more regulations.

    1. RIGHT!
      And much more needs to be investigated AND PROSECUTED!
      Do it now through the legal system, or do it later in the streets!

      1. Hate to be negative, however, who has gone to jail thus far. Corruption runs so deep in Washington that no matter what proven crimes they commit no one pays a price so justice is robbed of punishment for the guilty. Law abiding citizens look on with disappointment. You can’t defeat a double standard!

    2. I agree we need a complete overhaul of our voting machines and this election needs to be redone without using the voting machines. It might take awhile to count, but then some states they say are still counting.

  4. I received multiple ballots in Oregon. There is voter fraud in Oregon. That explains Portland mayor and Governor Kate Brown getting re-elected. There is corruption and dictatorships rather than a representative democracy in Oregon Voter fraud.

  5. Then get on with the proof. The clock is ticking. The Democrats are running away with it and so far all I have heard from Sidney Powell, as good as she is, has been nothing but all talk. No action! The election is finished!

  6. If you need more type “is Kraken a government agency?” into your search. Among the many things you’ll find; agency no, Kraken is a CIA program for stealing elections as it has in Venezuela and here. So was there voter fraud? You betcha! And this one is too important to stand. Like A S K a couple of mail-in ballots were sent to me unsolicited so I burned them. I think Sydney is up against powers greater than herself, however, if WE THE PEOPLE help her out, she has a very good chance.

  7. these are NOT “glitches”, these are VOTER FRAUD set up by GLOBAL ELITES, giving INSTRUCTION to the DEEP STATE, and these individuals must be sent to FEDERAL PRISON for SEDITION And TREASON as per the U.S. Constitution . . . PERMANENTLY. GITMO or LEAVENWORTH will do FINE. One THOROUGHLY Enlightened Patriot sounding THE Alarm. Team Trump And His Allies 2020.

    1. Yes everyone involved should be sent to prison for life, no excuses, even the little guy. The little guy could have said no I won’t. I didn’t realize so much corruption of voting was out there, this has opened the eyes of voters.

      I also don’t believe that walz in Minnesota is the official demorat governor after hearing about this fraudulent activity. Maybe Minnesota can recall Walznut.

  8. Go for it, Sid!
    If you can get these witnesses, the SCOTUS cannot reject the claim, and the Election can be won!

    1. Dr. Jorn,

      I believe its going to have to go to SCOTUS, thank the Lord Justice Barrett came in just in time.
      Trump saw this coming! Its too bad some of the republicans wont stand up to the deep state.

      1. I heard before in some elections that a republican would be ahead and then later on all of a sudden there’s more votes for a Demorat, the Republican would concede then, the Republican wouldn’t say, hey wait a minute here and not apparently not question it further and disagree with the results and let the Demorat just take the win.

    2. I just wish i was rich, I could help more!! I Know money talks and BS walks.
      If Ms. Powell can pull this off legally, she will be one of the greats that saved a Nation. Her and PRESIDENT make a awesome team!!! …..rwa

  9. The punishment for treason is death and honestly I am really good with that. It’s time this country took out the trash!

  10. Excellent ,We have the same problems in Canada with the Fidel Turdeau. He is part of the reset along with Biden,Gates ,Soros,Zucker,Dorsey Pichia. All commited treason,anti trust laws. If biden and his crooked demorats are allowed to move forward you can kiss USA then Canada good bye.

    1. Lois,

      Don’t lose heart. God is moving, and this is His battle! Watch him work, they think it’s a done deal!
      God laughs at the wicked every day!

    2. According to Powell this has been happening all around the world for sometime. Maybe that was why Jimmy Carter was going to these foreign countries to make sure it went for the corruption party, instead of checking to make sure they were not cheating.

  11. I agree with all the comments. I am wondering what happens if no one can get all the things our President has on the illegal DemonCrats to who ever needs to see it. I agree *** proof has to be put in the right hands but surely there has to be some republicans who should be helping out. We as voters can only do so much,and I think we have done good. I only hope time doesn’t run out. We all know what will happen then. Also we better be keeping a sharp eye on Georgia or the swamp slime will steal it,too

    1. I agree, they can count by hand. Then after the re-voting, then for next elections get rid of every crooked machine out there for good and don’t let a Demorat near the voting areas

  12. The real steal is with the Dominion voting machines where they took Trumps votes and switched them to Biden, I am 100% sure that is where the biggest fraud took place!!!

  13. Would love to see a revote in person in every state. But time is slipping away and the democrats know that. This election was rigged. The democrats started working on their scheme 4 years ago. This is sickening what the democrats have done! Trump has been a great President and we need him for four more years. Lord we need a miracle!

    1. We should demand a new vote. Start in the state of Georgia have them vote for the president at the same time they vote for senators. See if anything changes I wish I could get it done Who can make this happen

    2. If nothing else, we have to take the House in 2022. Then we can threaten the Democrats with endless impeachment hearings, like they put us through. Right now we have to win the two Senate recall elections in Georgia on Jan. 5. That will keep the Demoncrats from controlling the Senate (with VP Harris as the tie-breaker). The Senate can then knock down any of the nonsense the Dems try to pull. Of course there will be riots in the streets on Jan. 6, but what the heck.

  14. Think of the FRAUD as a means to disenfranchise Trump voters.

    Each and every Fraudulent vote in the tally disenfranchises one Trump Voter and it’s probably you ….. or me!

  15. Does anyone know how and or who do we contact to get a new vote set up for everyone. That should make everyone happy. And maybe it will stop the people from being divided. United we stand

    1. Wouldn’t that be the Senate, I don’t really know, but it doesn’t sound like too many of the Republicans are standing behind President Trump right now, they are afraid of losing their job.

    2. At this point I’m guessing getting a new election would require action by the Supreme Court. I don’t believe that the Inauguration being set for Jan. 20 would keep that from happening. But I doubt it WILL happen.

  16. My wife and I went to vote in the primaries some time back and we both were informed we had voted absentee which of course we hadn’t, the lady immediately crossed of the absentee vote check mark and we voted. This tells me had we not got in to vote like so many don’t, someone was voting for us?
    I grew up in a Chicagoland area suburb, at that time they kept track on your voting democrat or republican. My dad would never vote democrat yet after he died in 1973 he switched to democrat?
    Seems cheating at the polls has been going on for many decades, at least in Chicagoland (cook county)
    Now its nation wide.
    All ballots need to be printed on same paper as money with same amount of safeguards impregnated in the paper, each ballot given a number and when used to vote that number be cataloged along side the citizens name and placed on the voting machine when voting.
    Safeguards from being cheated, a total paper trail, if we ever get to vote again.

  17. There was talk of voter fraud, dead people in Texas voting for John F Kennedy put him into office. The DEMORATS have sixty years of experience in election cheating. They get bolder ever election because no one ever calls them out on it.

  18. Dominion has their servers overseas where they can’t be subpoenaed. This was set up a long time ago! Obama told us years ago that our system of voting was so decentralized and not connected to the internet that it could not be hacked! WRONG-Liar in Chief at the time! The data is out of our reach.
    How about that, American election results sent across the pond for counting.
    We are in a civil war now without guns!


  19. The world is watching and there are a lot of good people in this world by exposing democrats for what they are doing , pure evil, pure deceit, pure scum will change the political systems around the world and our president trump was the catalyst that exposed them for who they are. Before the democrats did it behind the scenes but Trump has forced them to show there true colors and the dirt they are and really don’t realize that trump has out smarted them into exposing themselves to not only the American people but the world and then they blame him for what they caused in the first place. Remember you have to stand for something or you will fall for anything. Mr. Trump like a lot of people from the past is not perfect but with the help of GOD will be directed in the right direction by GOD. He has run up against such a resounding evil (the deep swap scum) . People have forgotten service before self. Good People have forgotten that we can’t just let this happen. If you can donate to the GA senate please do it because if we don’t and the senate goes to the democrats and we will go away as ruled citizens of the evil leftists. My father was a WW2 decorated war veteran and spent his whole like putting himself in the way of harm to save others. A few times he was put in the hospital because of this but he always reassured me that because of these beliefs he did not fear death. I am this same way in my way of thinking. Feel upset, feel strong feelings about the evil that is going on but pray for the ignorance of others to stop doing the wrong things and come to the light and do the right thing. Remember GOD doesn’t let this happen and satin is the prince of this world but GOD has granted us the will of choice so it is up to us to band together and changed this as a team of TRUMP evil for good. No one is purfect. Remember Trumps IQ is 150 which puts him as the smartest presidents this country has ever known. Obummer was 130 and I believe it is lower then that. Einstein was 136.1 He has stood up for US, GOD and the American way so it is now our time to stand up for him and Life, Liberty and Levin on FOX on Sunday night. God Bliss us all. And share the love.

  20. We have two Billionaires that are working on opposite sides for America’s Future ! One wants America to stand and be the Most Freedom Loved Country in the World! The other billionaire is a Power Hungry Greedy son of Perdition! Who wants the World Controlled by One World Order ! In some ways it’s Funny as Well as Sad.Merits and Integrity use to be one of the main requirements for positions of Leadership ! That’s when we built America with “Statesmen”, instead Politicians !
    I’m nearly 81 years of age! An I was raised to Love God,Country and Family !To Watch it all changed in these years Gone By, Breaks a Man’s Heart to see it Go To Hell. May God have Mercy and Bless America Once Again.

    William D. Jackson,USN Ret.

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