This is What’s at Stake This Election

Every four years, lots of people run around claiming that the current presidential election is the most important election in the history of forever and ever and ever. That’s usually not true. How could it possibly be true when one of the nominees is someone like John McCain or Mitt Romney? If an election was that important, the GOP would nominate a serious candidate who cared about America.

But 2020 does feel very different in terms of importance. Fortunately, Americans have an adult in the race who is serious about helping America be a better place to live — a more peaceful and prosperous place. (You might even think that candidate wants to “make America great again!”)

Plus, the Democrat Party now supports policies that are literally insane and that are contrary to the Constitution, individual rights and family rights. Reparations for slavery used to be an insane fringe position, but now it’s on the table in 2020. Unrestricted abortion until the moment of birth? Check. A Democrat-run DOJ policing your speech? Check. Federal “protection” of prepubescent children who think they’re transgender? Check. A packed Supreme Court? Check.


A Biden/Harris administration will do everything it can to roll back your right to speak and think, and to own a firearm. Anyone who objects will receive a special home visit from Antifa. Biden and Harris are saying this out loud. Kamala Harris — the actual nominee — says the “protests” must continue after the election.

We know all this, but what’s at stake if Donald Trump wins? Now… there’s an even more interesting question. Check out this video where Dinesh D’Souza explores what could happen in America after Trump wins his landslide reelection.

8 thoughts on “This is What’s at Stake This Election”

    1. Our biggest problem in this country today is that we have kicked God out. We need Him back more than ever. If we fall on our own abilities to fix everything, then we are set up to fail. It is time for this country to ask God for forgiveness and ask Him to heal our land, He will. We must turn from our wicked ways, or it will be hopeless. At least I know that when it is my time to go, I know where I will be going. If I didn’t have that assurance, then it would be a very bleak life. They say there are many mansions in heaven waiting for us, but all I want is to be in Heaven, I don’t care about the mansions.

  1. The ‘democratic’ policies this reporter are talking about are NOT insane, the are Communist policies! The DNC/communist party (yeah, I said it!) is trying to win so they can implement the UN’s New World Order and turn America in to another Welfare State of Communist China!
    Every ‘democrat’ screaming to ‘defund the police’ has been bought by George Soros and Big Tech money to sell us out to the UN!
    It’s NOT about dem vs rep, but freedom vs communism and GOOD vs EVIL! The evil by the deep state and it’s sick trafficking of children! WAKE UP, AMERICA! VOTE TRUMP2020!

  2. Folks you better get your butts out and vote for Donald Trump unless you want this country completely destroyed by the communists and insane nuts. Also you need to vote Republican on the Senate and Republican House candidates too. This will put a stop to the madness

  3. You are absolutely correct. This is what Soros wants for America and what Obama, tried to give him. Now Pelosi and her henchman are trying to follow through with their plan to hand US control over to the UN, to make America part of the one world Government . Obama is waiting to become Secretary of the UN, to run the New World Government. If liberals win, Soros wins and we will never see America free again. As fond of Antifa, as the Democrats are, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them take the place of our Police, if the defunding isn’t stopped. Marxism, Socialism and Communism are pretty much the same and all are detrimental to America. VOTE TRUMP! He is our only hope.

  4. Our Republic has been slowly destroyed from within by career bureaucrats and not just their Democrat politician enablers, but many Republicans too. They have sold themselves to others, and now we have been sold to places like China and the Ukraine since corporate entities have colluded with the entire political class. Washington D.C. has become not just slimy swamp of deep staters; it is a hell hole of traitors. Institutions that were reliably honest like the FBI and DOJ have been sullied by dishonor and corruption. Institutions like the media, academia, big tech, Hollywood, et. al. are promoting the eradication of not only our constitutional liberties, but common decency as well. If Trump wins, he must fulfill his most important campaign promise-drain the swamp and restore some semblance of institutional integrity and hold the quislings to account.

  5. Vote for the Democrates and we will be run by those who pull their strings. China will be back in the mix, supporting Biden and h is son just as they have done in the past. Your wallet will be empty supporting illega;s with free Aniyithing they want. Why the Bidens aren’t being investigated is beyons me. I want my America back and we will have it with Trump and Pense.

  6. Go to the light, choose life, and you’ll be RIGHT.
    Go to the LEFT, and you’ll be bereft !
    The DEMONocrat mascot should be changed from a jackass to a goat; the symbol of satan! OR, for the gender-challenged people; you can call it ; the GOAT ASS !

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