They Lied to Us! mRNA Found in Patient’s Blood a Month After Injection

Virtually EVERYTHING they’ve told us about mRNA injections has been a complete lie!

At first, they told us that the mRNA vaccines only stayed in the blood for a very brief time – and it turns out that’s complete B.S.!

While the countries where the vaccines are made continue to turn a blind eye to the Big Pharma lies, smaller countries like Denmark have been doing some research and the findings are truly disturbing.

According to one study out of Denmark, just under 10% of those injected with the jab still have the mRNA in their bloodstream a full month later!

This is so contradictory to what the Big Pharma sponsored studies have been claiming that it even caught the Denmark researchers completely off guard.


The prolonged presence of mRNA in the bodies is particularly concerning because it what produces the spike proteins which scientists now believe can lead to the accelerated degradation the human body by attacking our cells – thus decreasing the average life span for those who have received the injection.

Yes you read that correctly – the vaccines are REDUCING the average life span, and the fact that mRNA is sticking around in the blood suggests that process could be even MORE aggressive than people thought!

The CDC, meanwhile, refuses to admit ANY of this and they continue to stake the claim that mRNA is degraded quickly and does not linger in the blood.

They’re either lying or completely incompetent – either way it’s a TREMENDOUS cause for concern!

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32 thoughts on “They Lied to Us! mRNA Found in Patient’s Blood a Month After Injection”

  1. The FDA, CDC, WHO are all controlled by Globalists and Globalists are evil incarnate.

    The goal of Globalists has always been to weaken the human race mentally which makes it easy to fall victim to their lies about the origins of pandemics which leads to submission of the weak minded in abiding by their rules pertaining to prevention and treatment of those deadly viruses.

    1. Arrest every Doctor, Nurse, Research technician, College and University Medical Professor, Every Pharmaceutical V.P President, President, CEO, CFO…Production manager and Local Pharmacist one by one for treason. Indict each one…one at a time and give hem a choice a cell for life in the most sexual deprived gang cell block that loves sexual penistration as its Number one exercise activity! That should get then to spill the entire pot of foul beans and who exactly did this to the world population! WHAT THEY DID IS NO DIFFERENT THAN WHAT HITLER’S GANG OF BANGERS DID TO THE WORLD’S POPULATION! The lawyers who protected and paid off each of the world’s governmental officials are of no better than the afore mentioned perpetrators of the planned and executed Genocide of the world’s citizenry for financial greed, political power and the desire to rule the masses no matter what the cost in human life. These are the same hidden Self-appointed Elitists who have jury-rigged world wide elections, brought back the once dead Ideology of the Nazi brown Shirt Police state but in the form of anti-social Antifa Degenerates; the worldly Woke transexual/transgender and homosexual movement, where the homosexual populations has been encouraged to escape from their closets and den of inequities in order to poison the World’s Youth and contaminate societies throughout the world with their intellectually and psychologically deprived way of life!
      The Pope has also embraced this degradation of his Religion and of all societies and cultures for the same purpose of being included into the New World Order of Totalitarian control! The United Nations of Degredation!
      The Pope has bowed to Satin as have nearly every Politician, Public Official, Court Justice and Educator on this Planet! Doctors, teachers, Professors and corporate captains are leading the way to totalitarianism and certain obsolescence and for the liquidation of certain parts and sectors of all societies!
      Librarians will be the first to go into the melting pots for they are the individuals who have destroyed mankind’s literature; formal sources of knowledge and reduced the worldly intelligentsia forever by committing intellectual genocide! Shame on your profession and the persons once known as.. A Teacher/ Professor/ Educator/ Religious Leader/ Captain of Industry and the once cherished person known as Mother and Father!
      For reference one should intellectually listen and spoken first hand by a survivor of the Holocaust…They remember everything and especially how it all began…The Who it was, Where it played out in one’s life, When and how long did the torture last, and the How! and by name of those who suffered deaths beyond description!
      Please help to save our History, Literature, and all which has been by the pen, the press and the brush before we the living no longer have the choice of learning to lead, only now to be led. Once our history has been cast into the abyss of the forgotten, it will be forever, as if it never had existed…only the rewritten ideologies of the New World Order will henceforth prevail as the Purveyor of all and for all…forever!
      Just a very old man’s living dream of horror one night, and how it is soon to be way of life for my Sons and my Grandchildren. God Help Us We need a little bit about now!

  2. between this and the commie democrat marxist fascist racist woke pedophiles grooming our children to transgender, which also is mass sterilization of the masses, we will become extinct! rid the world of these commie globalists.

    1. Gracey…you are100% correct. I have been a lifelong 76 year old avoider of vaccination. I had the Sars CoV2 china viral warfare bug and survived with the help of monoclonal antibodies (before Xiden banned it) and was well in a week. I had read Dr. Robert Malone’s article on the dangers of the jab and strongly advised against it. Then I had the Delta variant which was just a bad flu and over it in a week…this was followed with the Omicron variant which was just a head cold. Natural immunity is what worked after the first infection. There have been indications of sterilization in young women, heart problems in young men and this is likely part of their plan to de-populate the Earth. Early in the pandemic I heard Bill Gates state that the population needed to be reduced to 500,000…he paid for the development of the nonvaccine. We are at war with those that want us dead. It is time to defend ourselves. Oh, and fuck woke.

  3. Don’t get me started! Sounding like; One of the most famous or infamous “serious comedienne’s”
    Begin by getting ahold of Prime Minister of Germany, & track down the stats of all the W.W. Records into War Criminals, war crimes, war atrocities on the Ones still alive; that have been raping and still producing wealth on other human beings’ WOES, & have Germany gather some assistance upon bringing these “criminal persons” to court for their part in the ” Mass Slaughtering of innocent humans without a care in the world” participants that were willing to do anything, simply for these poor defenseless peoples’ gold teeth & properties and belongings.! Put these evil incarnates on trial…throw them in the clinker & take back that wealth they stole, & see how they enjoy being penniless, & live in cardboard boxes! That’s the only way Justice is served, if they aren’t afraid of these evil creatures! That’s where true courage comes in at! If they have the Authority behind them; to proceed in calling on Karma as the Host! No need in being offended, this has been told from true life experiences, & tis only my opinion, so thank your local history books that haven’t been burnt yet!

      1. Treason? you bet your ass he’s a traitor! Sentence him with/out trial to the worst gang prison hangout where sexual perversion is the cell block main form of entertainment! Pull his teeth out first!

  4. I understand the goal for the mass Covid “Vaccination”, is to reduce the Worldwide population to a controllable, 500 Million. Birth rates are down, miscarriages are up, those who are recipients of the Jab and Boosters, may be permanently sterilized. Children are being targeted for the Covid Vax with deaths being reported.

  5. COVID VAX more commenly known now as the DEATH JAB. It is becoming a true fact as young heathly men and women are suddenly falling DEAD in their own tracks

      1. Bill Gates is another stain on humanity. He is attacking our food chain using the “green propaganda machine “. Because cows fart he’s advocating let Them eat bugs! Just another crazy Marxist. The really bad scandal is Fauci who is responsible for millions of deaths with his involvement with the Covid pandemic . He should be prosecuted along with Biden and other Commie Democrats.

        1. They should all be stabbed, shot and then hanged by the neck until dead, I’m OK with that.

        2. It will never happen. These criminal bastards are laughing everyday when the Media ignores the truth and continues the Lies. We have been taken over by the Communist since the assassination of John F Kennedy.
          It is too late for this generation to comprehend the truth!! This has been a military coup takeover since WWII.
          The only way the Republic to be saved is through Civil War and the protection of our friends and family. The criminals in charge will never stop their Tyranny . The Republicans are also going along with this genocide because it benefits them. Our children and grandchildren will have to continue the struggle of overcoming the American Ruling Class !! Lots of Luck !!

  6. Anyone who trusts Governments anywhere or big corporations is a Fool.
    Western Medicine & the Doctors who prescribe to it, are controlled by & dictated to, by big pharma. That is how their Educations are paid for & the University medical schools are funded. Medical malpractice & injuries caused by pharmaceuticals are higher globally than most other causes of death & injury. To these scumbags it is all about big bucks, NOT patient care or disease eradication.

    1. When you cannot sue Big Pharma for a Jab that has caused death and injury, you should know not to take that JAB. Globalist Elitists don’t give a damn about you and me … they only selfishly care about how much money they can rake in for themselves and the current political establishment.

      1. One cannot sue for a vax injury……that’s yhe beauty of it……ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY! A REVISED NAZI GERMANY…. NO BULLETS OR GAS CHAMBERS…….JUST A LITTLE JAB.

        1. I agree the Corporations are also involved in the Communist takeover. This is the true definition of Fascism .We are living under Fascism and the UN which is Totalitarianism.

      2. That is all due to the revolving door between big pharma and the upper levels of the government agencies. Follow the money.

  7. It is time that the FDA be cleansed of all its Pharma Representation and only independent researchers, with sever restrictions on any pre and post connections to Pharmaceutical companies. Their representation on the FDC is a direct conflict. Keep “Big Pharma” OUT OF THE FDA!

  8. Government under Biden-Harris Administration continues to lie. This is Globalized Depopulization where only the Elitists will be “allowed” to survive !!! Sleepy Joe Biden has stated that COVID is over, yet commercials still are pushing the JAB (Never A Vaccine) ! Big Pharma, Biden-Harris Administration, and Flip Flop Fauci have all got their hands in the money making process of Big Pharma ! NO MORE JABS / THE FUTURE OF HUMANKIND IS AT STAKE and those who have done evil will get theirs in the end !!!

    1. The worst part of the covid jab commercials (lies) is that all of us fund them (listen to the statement at the end).

  9. Just like those radical women who say keep your hands off my uterus, I say keep your hands off my body. I will not take the death jab. I never had covid so I obviously do what’s right for my immune system.

  10. this whole lie was brought to America by the commie democrat marxist fascist racist lying pedophile cult party to destroy America for the money they get from china follow the china money. period.

  11. The leftist government is nothing but liars anymore just like they’re lying about Trump now so they might have a chance to keep control and run it farther down.

  12. I totally agree with you…all of the above responses! This was a master plan to reduce the size of the world’s population in several ways, as described in the responses. It’s really a shame that some people frown on the study of history, but that is why we are in this awful predicament. And, it’s amazing how people do not trust each other, but they give their ultimate trust to the government and its purported health and welfare departments. Instead of fighting about the color of our skin, our religious beliefs, and what to do if the neighbor’s trees drop leaves in YOUR yard, everyone should be concentrating on helping each other to make a better world. Since the beginning of Covid, people have been more stressed out trying to stay away from each other so that they don’t get Covid, masking, staying indoors, and putting limits on their activities that we are dying from stress alone. Then, getting the “jab” to make their immune systems stronger. I am flabbergasted by the number of ignorant and misled people in the world. Wake up and do the research yourself and make your own decisions about your health and well-being. It’s the companies and individuals that are pushing this “jab” on you that don’t give a flying fock if you survive. In fact, they are overjoyed to hear that so many people are still dying from the “jab”. There is one era in history that absolutely correlates to the present: When Hitler took power in Germany and Poland and how the people were unaware of what he was doing to them until it was too late…and some of the people NEVER knew what was being done to them because they didn’t have the communications that we enjoy today. I knew a nurse who was in a concentration camp in Poland and escaped to finally make it to New York years later. I asked her why she never talked about her experiences in the camp. Her answer was: “No one believes me!” It wasn’t until after the year 2000 that she fist started to talk about it to others. …55 years after the war ended! If you have children, grandchildren and other loved ones, you owe it to them to learn how we are being manipulated today. God Bless America!

  13. This lying from the Democrats goes all the way back to the Vietnam war, We know damn well that Johnson was doing it as it has already been proved. The worse part of it is we lose lives of people who should never died. Their lies have caused them every time.
    Plus the fact that they are never called on them. It’s gotten so bad that every time Biden opens his mouth he tells them, and he knows damn well he is doing it. And then his admin try to cover them up. The truth is he should have been impeached from the start.
    And when they can’t cover them up they blame them on President Trump. The worse part of that is there voters are not even smart enough to see what they are doing. This is not your parents Democratic Party . They even lie to their own party say they are going to do something to help them and never do. People dont seem to be able to see every time they add new taxes no matter what they say its the middle class who gets stuck paying for it. I never got the shots because I could not trust they were telling the truth. At least 5 of my friends died very fast after receiving the shot. Everyone from some to do with their heart.Look at how many Sports people have died at very young ages. Without having any health problems until after the shot. I had Covid-19 that lasted for 3 weeks. And since then I and my wife have been around it at least 5 times or more. We have never had it again. We sat in the same room without masks when my youngest daughter and her husband had it. We never got it from them. I never leave her house without giving her a kiss on her cheek.
    I have known for a long time they were lying about these shots. But the truth is they cant do anything without lying about it. Or blaming it on the other party. Yes the cheated on the elections and they will keep it up until they go to jail. They learned from Clinton and Obama never admit the truth just keep lying.

    1. Sorry to hear about your losses. I too have lost friends due to Cvd. One was in a nursing home in PA when the Cvd hit. They put Cvd patients in with them and did not allow any family members in to see them. It was very sad for the family members who never got to say goodbye to them. You are very accurate on the points made concerning the weasels who are supposed to be putting the good of the people first and are not. We need to fire them and start fresh….after all, we are their employers and if they fail to do their job, they need to be gone!! I say this: MAGA!!! Anyone not wanting to make America great again should not be working in government. After all, that is what they are there for.

  14. Ask the undertakers how many extra urns and coffins they have had to buy. Ask them what they have found in trying to drain the deceased’s (those vaxxed) blood before embalming. Ask….unless they are being paid to shut up, they will tell you the truth. If being paid off to be silent about it (which I wouldn’t doubt) watch for the brand new hearses and remodeling in the funeral homes. That will tell you plenty. The globalists doing this to the people need to be punished and punished well. Dr. Jane Ruby has a great show and has a video of an interview with an embalmer/funeral director that she did back in 2021. It is eye opening!

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