The Taliban Hit the Gym, Show Off American Military Equipment They Seized in Their Take Over

The failed drawdown of American soldiers in Afghanistan resulted in the complete collapse of the legitimate government. Despite wide-reaching intelligence that the Taliban were running roughshod across the country, Joe Biden’s handlers instructed the Democrat to remove the basic safety elements necessary for U.S. citizens to evacuate before getting trapped by the insurgents. On this The DC Shorts exclusive, people in the free world get a frightening glimpse of what the Islamic extremists now possess.

It’s no secret that when Taliban fighters are not gratuitously beating women and children with chains in the streets, they are celebrating. Fighters are actually frolicking through the presidential palace horsing around with fitness equipment. It’s abundantly clear none of them have ever worked out in their lives because they don’t seem to understand how the equipment works. That appears to be of no consequence for the Taliban insurgents as they laugh and take selfies of the ongoing tomfoolery. But what isn’t quite so amusing to everyday people are the caches of weaponry, armored tanks, helicopters and military equipment the Taliban army now possesses.


This behind-the-scenes look at the military hardware they grabbed after Joe Biden ordered what amounts to a retreat, strikes fear into people around the world. Thanks to the bungled withdrawal after the Taliban broke a deal with the U.S., they have the firepower to hold the Afghan people under their boot heels. Fully-auto rifles are one thing, but you won’t believe what the Taliban took from the U.S. military on this video.

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41 thoughts on “The Taliban Hit the Gym, Show Off American Military Equipment They Seized in Their Take Over”

  1. Joe Biden or any other leader of the democrats would pretend to have a Fred Sanford type heart attack, remember those, and suffer all kinds of fits if they found out that just 1 fully automatic rifle such as an M16 or AK47(the real assault weapons) was loose in the hands of a U.S. citizen on the streets of an American city. Heck, they are doing all in their power and much not in their power to strip us of our God given Rights here if the land of the free! But fix up our mortal enemies with truch loads of first line American military firearms so they can hurt whoever they please is just fine and dandy. Old king Joe screwed the pooch on this and you can bet your life savings a boat load of innocent kids and women are going to pay the price for King Bidens Brain Fart! History is going to remember the 46th president of America as Butcher Biden, the only thing he does right is arm maniacs with military weapons so they can slaughter whoever they please. He is very good at that.

    1. Impeach-Impeach-Impeach

      Remove this Democrat from office and his little Do-Nothing Side-Kick (K. Harris) too.

      They have totally embarrassed our country in the eyes of the World.
      The Biden administration is destroying our countries future and trying to erase it’s history from all future generations.

      We, ‘The People’, must not allow this to happen. This is an illegitimate Presidency, put in place by our enemies to do one thing; To Destroy America & make China the World Leaders.

      So far, I’d say, their succeeding to do just that…

      1. You are right. Unfortunately the Democrats are all crooks and liars and will make all, and any voting to be in their favor. The don’t want to represent the American people, they want to rule like a Marxist Country will. We need to wake the people up who vote for these people. Maybe we can start a revolution to remove these sorry human beings from our society.

    2. So totally agree. Yet, lets not forget the 545 elected members in WDC as they also have an instrumental part in the demise of America…..they don’t care about America just their backsides and the gov’t check paid for by the voters. Look at what they’ve DONE not said, but DONE which will tell you the facts of their inability to lead or preserve the Constitution, Bill of Rights and morality of America …. and all for a buck (why is 330 millionaires in Congress when they started below this line) and sell out the children while they send theirs to private schools. Ya, think about it and look to HISTORY for the results of the same action. Hitler is a starting point for supression and Genocide. Don’t look to educators as they keep selling you a PIG IN POKE.

    3. YOU are exactly right C.Meredith! He has now proven to the entire world that he is totally incapable 0f remaining POTUS! He has got to go! We will then deal with his equally incapable VP, and what does that leave? Oh my God, it’s The Speaker of the House! We loose all the way around!!

  2. And your pushing all of us to give up our guns , with our borders wide open..where these guys could come in at any time…. YEAH , OK. That’s gonna happen…. so we can’t protect ourselves, we are not as Stupid as you think we are.

    1. You nailed it Mary Robinson. I have mine where they will never be found ! FUCK THIS GOVT.

    2. OK…military leaders is it not time to take out OUR enemies from D.C. by force…the left has shown themselves to be treasonous to OUR country…not just Marxists but full blown communists and sympathizers…all branches of OUR military show liberals what a real coup looks like AND TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!!!!

      1. IAMBF, very well said. I am in disbelief that this USA “government” has become so slack in it’s protection of it’s fellow Americans as to let the Taliban so quickly take over the Afghan country…not just a city of Afghan, but all of Afghan…after 20 years of American Troops being killed and maimed. Biden truly does need to be impeached for his stupidity and lack of governmental knowledge (oh, wait, he IS just a puppet doing what the idiots in the Whitehouse TELL HIM TO DO). And he has the “balls” to run out after his worthless address to our Nation, hop on a plane and go to Camp David to “complete his vacation”? And the “always giggling” useless VP does her own disappearing act as well. OMG, all you demoncrats should be feeling really proud now. Here in Colorado, our “governor” is shown, wearing casual clothes, with a “shit-eating grin” stocking kitchen cupboards with dishes (for ONE Afghan refugee family.. seriously? WTF

        1. Let’s call it like it is: The “pitiful” Democratic Party is responsible for the world wide recognition that the USA is a lying, disloyal, sorry-ass country!! I seriously doubt if even President Trump could save our reputation at this point? Guess we’ll have to fight the Terrorists on OUR soil, with NO help from anyone!!
          Thanks, Joe

      2. Damn right. Maybe even retired veterans like me can show there’s plenty of fight and courage left to take back our freedoms, rights and morals. MM in Maine.

      3. Unfortunately the top brass in the military right now are a bunch of “NEVER BEEN IN COMBAT LEFTISTS PROGRESSIVE SCUMBAGS” actually never earning their rank, having it given to them by corrupt leftists progressive democrat scumbags so that the military would have those idiots back who put them into power!
        The one thing that we the people must understand is that there is ABSOLUTELY NO SUCH THING AS AN HONEST, HONORABLE, and TRUSTWORTHY LEFTISTS PROGRESSIVE DEMON:RAT!!!!!
        The other thing that “WE THE PEOPLE”
        Better get straight in our minds FAST, IS In the eyes of the DUMBOCRATS, there has,
        That is why the IDIOTS ON THE LEFT are giving MURDERERS and RAPIST, PROBATION, in every place they are running like Chicago and Detroit, while also trying to get rid of ALL POLICE FORCES while they are trying to disarm all the honest law abiding citizens!!!
        When was there EVER a time you actually heard a Demon:Rat say anything about disarming the criminals?
        I rest my case, they don’t want to do that. At least as long as it is not THEIR HOMES OR FAMILIES that are the victims, yeah, their family are the only ones you will see them get mad about and truly try and punish the criminal for their crime, but Your Family and Mine? LOL, we are the REAL Criminals, and those who attacked us are the true victims, according to the LPDrS (Leftists Progressive Demon:Rat Scumbags)

  3. The people that are Democrats are the ones that voted China Joe in now his plans are being put in place take all the guns from the American citizens and ship them over to the Middle East so the terrorists can have them all the weapons they need in the same process he plans on bringing at least before the end of the year 100,000 of them to the United States and housing on military bases then scatter them throughout the country does that sound like he’s willingly putting sleeper cells throughout the entire country and he’s giving American guns and ammunition and explosives to carry out their terror attacks against the American people in the United States of America they ought to be able to figure out that China Joe is a part of the Taliban along with the rest of the Democrats have been elected in office he couldn’t take her whole United States population to Afghanistan to be killed so he’ll bring Afghanistan to the United States to kill everybody and all the Democrats are saying what a good job he’s doing this is another reason there should be no Democrats in this country they are a parasite that are hell bent on destroying the United States

    1. He is allready scattering the border illegals all over and Laugfhlin Air Force Base in Texas is the main distribution location. Base personnel are prohibited from any picture taking and from social media about this. Communism is here now, folks.

    1. the joey moron is too stupid to know he is incompetent, so it doesn’t bother him at all. just give him his teddy bear and wittle banky, piglosi her ice cream, and willysho can laugh at them all. We As A Country Are Screwed. Zero leadership and a military with no balls. what a combination. and stupid f___ joey says our image as a nation has not suffered at all. how can this once-great-nation become such a cesspool? 538 moron “congressmen” and a worthless supreme court, all incompetents. time for 1776 take 2.

  4. The comments that I read here are from smart people who see the dangerous situation we have in this country, with the idiot, Biden, in the White House, and the evil Democrats running the show! I liken the Democrats of today, in this country, to the Taliban in Afghanistan, as they both have a lot in common! What I wonder is if the American people will be smart enough to see what is going on, and as Trump said recently, quit voting for Democrats! Unless this country gets rid of a whole lot of the Taliban Democrats in this country, there is no hope for our future!

  5. Who is ultimately responible for walking away and leaving a massive armory unprotected for the terrorists to take? Orders came down the chain of command to leave the country. Did that order include the “lay down your arms and leave them there” statement? This is gross negligence, and screw the investigation process! Every person in a leadership role starting with Biden on down the chain needs to be removed and prosecuted immediately!

  6. And Ilhan Omar is overjoyed and dancing with pleasure over the Taliban’s victory over the hated Americans. And there seems to be nothing we can do about her being in our country and continuing her subversive activities.

  7. It isn’t the Presidents control over his mental decline, it can happen to any of our elderly. Knowing that, he should submit himself to be tested by a competent panel of doctors, that can determine whether he has Mild Cognitive Impairment or is progressing towards Alzheimer’s or dementia. Happily, he plus Dr. Biden might seek an appointment at Johns Hopkins University, Bayview Memory Assessment Clinic in Baltimore. Many such patients don’t realize they might have these potentialities. If he had signs of other ailments wouldn’t he seek help?

  8. If, following such mental tests he is cleared of mental decline, i would guess that most of his decisions since January show his hatred towards anything our previous guy, Donald, accomplished……so many of his edicts have not moved our country forward. Donald, stay healthy!!

  9. Yes Donald please stay healthy we need you desperately. Our country is going to hell in a hand basket. I hope all of you Biden lovers are happy with your leader, what a fine job he has done so far can’t wait to see what is next

    1. Yes to John & Kathy Donald J. Trump you must stay healthy so you can come back & lead our Country God be with Donald Trump.

    2. What gets me is we all see how that country fell into the hands of terrorists and the left wing supporters think that cannot happen here. That whole ordeal was planned and that’s just the beginning.

  10. what a bunch of idiots in the white house they created this disaster & then take off. As the commander of the military for England said this is actions requiring court marshal. Stop completing the southern border wall leave all our plans etc guns so now just come across the border & take over the USA. I worry about 911 approaching. God help us.

  11. Can you believe ByeDone actually still has a 46% approval rating? I wonder how much stimulus money he is planning for the Taliban to be nice. The State Dept just issued an alert, as just read here: If you oppose Biden’s Covid mask mandate, Critical Race Theory, believe the 2020 election was stolen, you may be classified as a domestic terrorist. Think it’s bad now – wait until Harris takes over. Maybe she’ll find a place at the national level for crooked creep Cuomo of NY, which is probably why he resigned now. We are in very deep trouble until Jan ’23 after the elections. The democrats will do as much damage as they can get away with.


  13. I truly believe that the Democratic party’s plan was to make a horrific demonstration , to put everyone’s life at stake , and blame President Donald Trump for it . What has the democrates done for any Americans . They’ve become the destroyer’s , thanks to all the un-American politician’s . Democrates decide , are you for America or against . So far it’s very clear , you can make the difference .

  14. WE trained the wrong people we should have trained the women to fight they have the most to lose and would love to kill their worthless men.

  15. The Taliban didn’t SEIZE SHIT!!! Our asshole antiAmerican fake President GAVE Our military equipment to the Taliban!!! “WE” demand YOU GET IT BACK!! Then NUKE THE BASTARDS OFF THE FACE IF OUR PLANET!!

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