Social Credit Systems are HERE: Glenn Back Warns Trump Supporters Watch What You Say Online

Blaze TV’s Glenn Beck says the social credit system he has warned about for years may finally be a reality. He notes an IMF paper that is now out suggesting non-financial data, like a persons social media posts, should be used when financial institutions determine a customer’s credit worthiness for loans.

This means what a person posts on Facebook, Twitter, or other online outlets could be used to determine a person’s ability to borrow money. How would that work? Do Trump supporters get a higher interest rate or face rejection? Will this include searching your browser history to discover what you watch on YouTube or the devices you use?

We are already in a world where former President Donald Trump had his social media shut down, as well as a Shopify website for his campaign, while he was still serving as president. If that is how the president is treated, what’s next? Will anyone who is part of a patriotic group online become the next target of cancel culture or no longer be able to take out a mortgage? Will anyone who questions election results be kept from a car loan? Are they trying to outlaw being a Republican?


What was once unthinkable is now nearing reality as part of the new political environment in Washington. These new powers are looking to attack anyone with views they disapprove of as American-loving citizens face unprecedented fights against their freedoms.

Check out The Blaze’s Glenn Beck’s full comments on just how bad things can get for Trump supporters, Republicans or anyone who doesn’t think exactly like the far left, “woke” crowd if we don’t stop this policy from being  instituted.

72 thoughts on “Social Credit Systems are HERE: Glenn Back Warns Trump Supporters Watch What You Say Online”

  1. I agree wholeheartedly! This country needs to wake up and act. Those good people in positions of power should not be silent or weak; they need to stand tall and strong and stand up for the people.

      1. This article is entirely correct. My Wells Fargo Bank account was abruptly closed a week ago. This was no mere “business decision”. It has everything to do with my being a political and religious dissenter.

      1. I agree with you and hope it happens soon. Job Killer Joe Bite me and his trusty cohort Camel Hairs are determined to destroy the America we love and make this country into a north Venezuela.

      1. The use of social media to determine credit worthiness is unconstitutional as it fails to meet the freedom of speech guaranteed under the first Amendment. A citizens right to express his thoughts on any subject are sacred abd have absolutely no bearing on credit worthiness. If it did then many politicians would loose their credit worthiness as they all too often express thoughts that are not in the best interest of the USA and it’s citizens.

        1. So true and the reason I use m=none of the “anti-social” media…..and the other problem is we don’t have a true justice department anymore.

    1. I think it will be accomplished by the credit reporting agencies – they will be pressured by the government to add this algorithm.

      1. We need to start boycotting the services and goods that advertise on the tech companies that are censoring the Republicans. The Democrats should do this to because if they are doing this to Republicans then what type of brainwashing are they doing to them?

    2. People sit back and think everything will be taken care of automatically. They do not have the stamina to fight to retain our rights as citizens. They take for granted that someone else will take care of the problems. Citizens do not realize the power of the Democratic Party. They need to wake up. If we continue to allow them to do as they are, we will loose all our rights that our forefathers laid before us. STAND UP CITIZENS, SHOW YOUR SUPPORT.

      1. You are so correct. Cannot believe that so many want this country destroyed. They need to think about the corruption that will affect their children and grandchildren. May God save us from this intentional evil.

      2. I’m wondering how many people that are posting here are aware of the new Money Tree Part 3 – $10,000 to children under 17 — those of us without multiple young children, or seniors, are doomed to die, we are no longer of use to the Democrats.

      3. Start with supporting LOCAL COMMUNITY LEGISLATURES! FIND OUT WHEN AND WHERE THEY HAVE THEIR OPEN town hall MEETINGS, (MOST will be during the day when u are at work for ur living) Sign In (you Must give all your personal info, If * You want to ASK QUESTIONS!) Be prepared!

      4. you absolutely right. Democrat’s are actually Nazi party. Republican who do not agree with them end up in concentration camp.

    3. The problem is the dems run the country and their supporters are lame brained” so how do we get it together?? how do we get a republican with backbone. other than President Trump. All i ever see is words as to what will happen but never any solutions. i refuse to give a donation anymore to repubs till they wake up. if we all did tht maybe they would “grow a pair”

      1. My sentiments EXACTLY!!!
        The McConnell, our senate leader, needs to go as well. He’s a comfortable politician welcoming ALL the perks of his political status & telling us “ oh well, we’ll try again another time…” as he’s on his way to the bank…cah-Ching cah-Ching??

    4. The democrats along with their partners in social media are already using an INTERNET SWITCH perfected by the Communist Chinese Despots.

      1. I was just going to post the same thing. The CCP has been doing this for years ( With the assistance of Google / et al ).

    5. Totally agree!!! However since conservative posts are deleted or blocked or accounts just outright cancelled I guess they’ll only be using information to determine libs credit worthiness. (Racist much?)

  2. Secede from the union! That what it going to take. Round up liberal who are living in these state and send them to a blue state. This is not what the founding fathers had in mind. These POLITICAN are COMMUNIST SOCIALISM! Only care about their own power and money! Conservative people can start their own bank and financial institution. . They can do the same to these liberal and leftist wing. Two can play the game! Every state that control by a republican need to stop these New Yorker and other northern from coming into their state. Texas need to stop those california and OREGON and Washington from moving into Texas.

    1. ??agree sad people are jealous people who never learn to grow up to a real world that’s why this country will fall apart with the crooked politicians amen

    2. You can’t do what you are describing! You can’t prohibit people from moving about the states as they please. That is just as controlling as some of the measures the communists in our country, you know, the ones who take office unlawfully, the globalists, the satanists, the people supposedly “in power”, their agenda is to remove God from our country by murdering, lieing, stealing, cheating. The war ahead for anyone to the Right is just beginning.

  3. Elect more conservative governors only taker 2/3 of states then call a continental congress ,make new rules by we the people that congress has to follow TAKE AWAY THEIR POWER they can not be trusted

  4. We as Texans need to stop those coming from California, Washington, Oregon, and the Blue Yankee states with force! Maybe one way is to require an entry fee of 98% of their net worth paid in GOLD, not this fiat paper currency. Minimum of not less than 5000 ounces of not less than 97% GOLD purity with the stipulation, if admitted could not hold or control real property for 50 years! Those liberals love to pay STATE TAXES, let Texas get them to pay upfront. Good Idea, HUH?

    Best Bumper Sticker I Have EVER seen: “I wasn’t Born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could” I have lived in Texas for 40 years.

    1. Great idea. Being forced into a One World Governmental and Financial System is the left’s objective and we are seeing the beginnings of that. They refer to it as the New World Order and there is so much similarity between what they are doing and what Nazi Germany did.

    2. I am in a Blue Yankee state (Pennsylvania) and I am likely as conservative and pro-Trump as anyone in Texas. I want Texas to secede as Texas is the only state that will go first so that the other GOP states will follow to create a Red State nation as called for by Col. West there. Don’t hold where someone comes from against them; only what they are.

  5. Our elections will never be the same. The democrats are already planning their next steal in 2022. Other than separating from the Union, I not sure what realistic options there are.

  6. Glen, I miss U on Fox…U have the know how, & your smart as a wip. Why cant you & some friends, or doners. Start a conservitive website without cowing down to twitter, google & facebook. All 3 Anti American!

  7. The Democraps ( not misspelled) are now calling anyone who stands for America “insurrectionists”. They want any form of speech that goes against their un-American ideas silenced. I feel we are in Nazi Germany, Russia, China and any other country that squashes freedom of speech or thought. So count me in as a proud “insurgent”. God Bless America!!!!

  8. time for all true Americans to stand up for the USA and kick these butt holes out of office .wake up you pantywaist. Stop depending on the so called government to care for you .they only want your vote!!! they don’t care about you or me….close the borders now. .Biden is obamas puppett.. .obama 3rd term/

  9. I am 73 years old, lived in Connecticut my whole life, a Navy veteran and an independent thinker and voter. I have 2 children and 2 grandchildren. Connecticut has become a solidly Blue state with more and more that just want to take what our government dishes out to them( including the brainwashing by msm and public schools).
    Scares the crap out of me what we are rapidly becoming.
    PS- I still work full time

    1. Thank you and all vets! for your service. The issue is what will be used for a currency? Any Separation throughout History always needed it’s own currency, with current technology the deck is stacked like Russian roulette. I expect the book of Daniel will play out, it is worth the read. As the founders gave their lives,families and fortunes, with The WARNING of apathy is why we are at the cross roads.

    2. My housemate and I are in our late 60’s/early 70’s and live in Maine. Years ago I traveled through Connecticut on a regular basis between families. On one trip to Pennsylvania my ex-husband and I stopped in Connecticut for an overnight stay on our honeymoon in 1981. The convenience store we stopped at told us where we should park. The next morning we went to a car wash to clean the “Just married” decoration off the rear window. The attendant sprayed what we thought was cleaner on the hood of our vehicle and we proceded through the auto wash. The next morning my ex saw that the paint on the hood of the car had been completely taken off down to the metal! After that I avoided any travel through Connecticut via the NY through way and the Catskills. We are currently moving out of Maine since the state has also turned blue and is overrun with immigrants so you can’t get senior housing or Section 8 and rents are going sky high. Our governor has kept us on continuous COVID emergency restrictions since last March and many businesses have closed. Maine used to be a beautiful state for tourism. What a waste.

  10. I am all for a convention of states and starting our own union of states, run the way the founding fathers intended on God as the foundation. Keep praying, we will get our country back. God bless the United States of America!! God is love 🙂

    1. The democrats don’t care about God. They are trying to eliminate God within our country. People need to quit being steeple and stand up to them. We still need 13 more states to join the convention of states. C’mon people. Contact your state reps and tell them to join the movement.

  11. As Pope John Paul II told the world: “Be Not Afraid.” You see, when you not just believe in Jesus Christ but trust in him in your daily lives, he with his Father in heaven, protect and defend you ALWAYS. Trust, Trust, Trust in Jesus!

  12. Lets not forget that God is our Lord & Savior; We must 1st seek him and pray. Let him do the fighting of this evil, for He is so much better at it than we are. All we have to do is stand together and stand against evil & corruption. We are fighting against invisible forces, but Jesus is above all of that and has crushed Satan’s head, when He was resurrected. We are his body and Jesus is the head. We have been given authority over all dominions, powers, principalities and wickedness in high places.

  13. There can be no doubt that the First American Republic is as dead as the Rome of Cicero and Cato or the French Republic under Laval and Petain. The only question now is how bloody the revolution will have to be and how long the civil war will have to last in order to restore our independence and sovereignty. The confiscation of lawful weapons from law-abiding citizens, the mandatory funding by taxpayers of universal term and post-birth abortion and the systematic denial of financial services to politically disfavored citizens represent points at which resistance is going to be necessary. Down with the dictatorship! Biden delendum est!

  14. This is a prelude of what’s coming in that look at Socialism it take away all privileges from citizen’s as to free speech.The Democrat’s in Washington are taking this Country down a path we as a Country never saw, look at what Biden done with his Executive Order’s how can he justify these move’s within this period undoing what was working.

  15. All the comments in the world isn’t going to stop this communists play book and our country going down sheep hole.
    Wake up or else. This is never going to stop. The fear mongering and race baiting, attacking everyone else.
    Complacent Americans don’t appreciate their freedom’s. Why is that.

  16. That should be classed as prejudiced & racist … I’ve never seen such a vile bunch of backstabbing traitorous ignorant cretins, in all my 66yrs … I thought our lot were bad in the UK, but those Dumocraps really take the biscuit … And the cake, your money, your rights, your freedom, your everything really … Disgusting

  17. Wouldn’t they have to kill the equal opportunity lending laws to be able to do that? I don’t think that can be done with an executive order.

    1. LMAO They have done killed does laws 8 years ago. The Demo-Rats started working on there Social Credit plans I would say 9 years ago. In 2015 I was telling that no good Socialist Party where they could put there Comments ideas on Gmail and Facebook. Well I had a credit score of 720 one day and then less then a week later when I was trying to buy a house it was 450 by October 2015 it was 0. They been working on Social Credit for years.

  18. Except, Glen, there is only one problem.

    After the Berlin Wall went down, and the US Govt got the “Venona Files” from Stasi HQ in East Berlin, we found out: McCarthy was totally right on target with all his accusations.

    that the senate had already been infiltrated with communist sympathizers – and weak sisters – became evident when the Senate voted nearly unanimously to censure him, and after that, no one would talk to him, and he died in a couple years, a broken alcoholic.

    but the damage done to him was nothing compared to the damage caused the US Government by all the communists infiltrated and deep-staters still in place today.

    At the time, I was in New Jersey for training in the US Army, and it was a loosely held ‘secret’ (actually no secret at all) that communists were working at Bell Labs in New Jersey and had survived McCarthy’s charges because the corruption goes to the top levels in our government.

  19. McCarthy was trying to find communists. The people pushing the agenda forward are communists and other subversives. It’s obvious that both Democrats and Republicans conspired to get Trump out of office and now there is a video on Bitchute that says the capital shooting was a crisis actor event. Which if true would mean that Trump is in on the con and was just buying time and acting like he is fighting instead of taking a dive . Which would mean that the second impeachment trial is just a distraction to keep the nations attention on the trial instead of whatever the puppet masters are doing behind the scenes while pulling strings. So one has to ask what could be so horrible that the puppet masters want the nations attention on this trial instead of what is going on behind the scenes because I doubt that it would be good for society.

  20. I use to donate to the Republican Party. No more until they purge the RINOs out of the party. Seems like they (democrats) are capable of the purge because none of them jumped ship in the sham impeachment trial.
    I know there are tons of republicans feeling just like I do.





    1. O.K. Dialogue is great. Criticism falls on deaf ears. Glen is right.
      IT IS TIME TO REALLY BECOME ENRAGED! Your country is being devastated before your eyes. Read, learn and ACT! The American “good life” will come to a screeching halt. Please for the sake of the free world become informed and I quote, “I’m mad as hell and I am not taking it any more.” This is not incitement to violence. But if this is allowed to continue, who knows what a correction would look like. Forget counting on the upcoming elections. Based on the results of the previous election, the fix is permanently in. I truly believe that this “fix” has become an integral part of any election process. Free elections? I don’t think so. Time is short. Get engaged. “If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem.”

  22. to fight the IMF is a several step endeavor 1. in the smaller Communities say like in idaho we are learning that entrepreneurship is a necessity 2, as the IMF is being destroyed most now believe that Cryto’s are the future of decentralized money backed by Gold.( and there is sufficient gold in the US ). 3. silver is now known wo be a lessor quantity metal than gold itself. Credit unions can and do accept cryptos ; all that needs be done is to train people on how to use it. This is simple as there are good education’s out there to be learned. 4. good economics are doable in smaller communities.

  23. IN 1979 I was on a trip in Greece riding in a taxi and talking to the taxi driver and he said to me {talking about politics) “the trouble with you Americans is that we here in Europe know more about what is going on in America than you Americans know. Coming from a Greek taxi driver did’nt make me feel so proud.

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