Shutting Down the Dakota Pipeline Would Cause Food Prices to Rise Sharply

We’ve seen the devastating effects green energy has had on the state of Texas this week. People are freezing to death in their homes, no access to food or water, frozen pipes are bursting and flooding people’s homes. President Biden wants to switch the U.S. from being a country that relies on oil and fossil fuels to green energy, like that proposed in the Green New Deal.

This is especially terrifying as liberals call on President Biden to cut off the Dakota Access Pipeline that transports oil across the country.  If he follows the calls coming from his party, his callous decision will produce a multitude of unexpected consequences not related to oil.

One of those unexpected consequences will be on food prices. Mid-Western farmers will be hit HARD, driving up food prices across the country. Not to mention the crippling move will kill thousands of jobs as well, just like what happened when he shut down the Keystone Pipeline.

The Dakota pipeline funnels crude oil from Canadian fields to processing facilities in the U.S. Considered an essential infrastructure project, the free-flow of oil results in lower heating oil costs, inexpensive petroleum-based products, as well as cheap gas and diesel at the pumps.


Without the pipeline, gas and diesel prices could skyrocket back to the more than $4 per gallon people suffered under the Obama-Biden administration. Corn-belt farmers alone are expected to suffer more than $1 billion annually in increased production costs. The trucking industry will also be forced to charge more for transportation, and everyday consumers will have to pony up at the grocery store.

Arkansas Rep. Rick Crawford, who sits on the House Agriculture, confirmed the prognosis that Biden’s wrong-headed decision will hurt working families. In a telling move, House Democrats are pushing through increases to welfare as they prepare to make America poor again. Rep. Crawford’s candid disclosure on this video and the facts about the Biden administration are cause for alarm.

37 thoughts on “Shutting Down the Dakota Pipeline Would Cause Food Prices to Rise Sharply”

  1. biden is an idiot! Another possible EO to screw over the American people. When will he stop being a puppet and stand up and be a man?

    1. You are assuming that JB has the ability to do that. His frailty both mental and physical shows more each day. Apparently you do not understand what a stalking horse is and does. It misleads people as to the reality of the political party or groups real intentions ot ideals and JB was supposed to put the face of
      moderation onto the Dem platform. However the stalking horse is not expected to have original thought or action but merely to act as instructed by the various eminence gris holding the strings.

    2. Never. Biden has always been an idiot. He lies constantly and foolish people believe him. He is a racist. Just the other day he made statements where he said that black people and Hispanics did not know how to use the internet. I am not sure about the number of Hispanic voters for Biden but the people that are black that voted for Biden does he meet your expectations? Do you believe he cares for you other than your vote? What has he done for you? Please speak up.

      1. How cab Americans enjoy UNITY and FREEDOM? When OUR U.S. President BIDEN is acting as a President to make outside World benefits from his REIGN and crippling United States Economy.
        Mr.BIDEN acting as Poppet on a String. Right now Mr. Biden cannot satisfy American Voters? NO STIMULUS; NO jobs in the oil-field. We are now returning to the Obama’s Reigned.

    3. It isn’t “Big Guy Joey Biden” making these decisions, It’s a combination of “Obummer , AOC, Pelosi ” and the rest of the “Socialists”, that want a two class society : “The Elite Class and the Poor Class” , no more “Middle Class” !

    4. He is not going to stop acting as a puppet. His faculties are not sufficient for that. Secondly, he must insure his actions receive approval from Beijing by moving us one step closer to subservience. Why else would the demented old coot consider an EO on gun control?

    5. He can’t stand up and be a man, his brain, what there was of it is gone. When a politician is in the White House it is game over. They are mostly lawyers and you can’t trust lawyers or for that matter most judges. We need to replace all the DC reps. Senate, and supreme court members. In other words all the swamp monsters

  2. We have already seen prices on everything to go up.. Gasoline has gone up here 54 cents a gallon in the past 3 weeks. everything is going up. When fuel prices go up, everything the truckers haul have to go up to help pay for the extra costs. I used to be an over the road trucker. When fuel went up, I had to have more money to haul the products. Someone has to pay for the difference, and it’s the consumer that eventually pays the price. That’s what is happening now.

  3. Biden is the devil. He wanted the white house so he could make up for the fifty years when he did nothing. But instead of doing good he did all he could to destroy all the good Trump did. Biden only knows how to lie and steal everyone elses ideas. the puppet pulling his strings Obama the lying cheating good for nothing. The two of them need to be strung up dumped in a hole together so they can rot together all that they deserve.

  4. Biden is worse than an idiot. If any surgeons out there would they offer to surgically remove Biden’s head from his ass so he can see the American people that are truly suffering..

  5. China Joe will end up blaming everything on Trump. The democrats always blame the other side to cover for their screw ups so they will look better at the polls come election. Dem trick, mass disinformation, akin to hitler regime.

    1. Trump is gone,the republicans are a bunch of weenies who will give the dems whatever they want!! Bidumb doesnt care what happens to Americans,he’s having a good time with his pen, ruling like a dictator.Fortunately dictators get overthrown!!!!!

      1. The Supreme Court has caved in the face of Beijing Joe’s threat to pack the court. A little lesson in history: the same thing happened when Franklin D. Roosevelt was president. The court ruled against several of his New Deal programs, so he threatened to pack the court. Guess what, they got right in line and the packing never happened. Justices are spineless when the chips are down.

  6. Thank you to all of the sheep that voted for a failed 47 year career swamp creature. I wonder what you are going to do when hyperinflation doubles and triples prices overnight here. That happened in 1973. If you dimocrats think your having a hard time making ends meet now just wait. Your about to get what you voted for and much more. When it happens please put blame where blame belongs and that would be on the failed social programs and propaganda of the left. “GOOD NIGHT AND GOODBYE AMERICA. IT WAS FUN WHILE IT LASTED.”

  7. biden doesn’t care,he got the white house thats all he cared about,and its only a matter of time before he;s removed and the commie harris takes over,you haven’t seen anything yet its all down hill from here,

  8. I hate to say it but anyone who voted for this moron is a bigger idiot!! Everyone knew what he was going to do as soon as he got in, and his crooked crowd saw to it that he did get in!!

  9. Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer are idiots, they want a Socialist Country so they can rule the people & take everything away from the working Americans. 4 years of these 4 plus the Democrats we won’t even have a home to live in, car to drive or a job. This is suppose to be the Best Country, instead it is devastation. we Need President Trump back in Office , he had Americans working, Our lives were great & in 2 days that Biden was in Office he KILLED the American Dream & Our Way Of Living. In less than a week he killed more jobs with a pen, I would like to take that pen jam it somewhere. What is he afraid of that he has to build a wall around the W.H. He doesn’t like the Military or Police but wants 24 hour protection. But yet he wants to tear down the Wall, & doesn’t give a damn about Our Safety. I’d stick him in a dungeon where he could rot. I thought Obama was bad but Biden tops the cake. He is a disgrace. Send illegals back to their own Country. They don’t belong here. I am tired of supporting females who are having babies like Gerbils & want the working Americans to take care of them. You laid, you had them, you take care of them. Their are plenty of Birth Control methods out there ” use them”. THE GREEN DEAL IS A HOAX, COULD YOU IMAGINE IF ALL THE STATES HAD TO GO THROUGH WHAT TEXAS WENT THROUGH? Biden wanted to send gas generators to Texas, with no Electricity how would you get gas to start them up. Pumps need Electricity to pump gas. You need Electricity for Electric hot water heaters, You need Electricity or Gas for Stoves to cook on. My Prayers go out to everyone that is in this situation. God Bless America, American Citizens, Law Enforcement, Military, Doctors, Nurses, & Care Givers.

  10. All of these shutdowns and new green deal crap are only to make the working people the “new slaves” of the world.

    1. That is what the Democrats want. The are all very stupid and don’t understand that the middle class are the only ones that make it possible for this great country of ours to survive. Without the middle class the United States can not survive. We will become a third world country, and more people will starve.

  11. My wife I’m sorry to say voted for this creep who sits in the W.H. I asked her why she voted for him and her reply was he looks like such a nice man.I believe this why the uninformed also took him under their wings. These people are politically ignorant because they listen to the mainstream media outlets who do not give out the news only propaganda of the democrats.

    1. Bob R, yes, but it wasn’t the fools who actually voted for Biden that got him elected. It was the millions of fake votes that magically appeared after the official counting stopped.

  12. Biden and Harris really need to impeached right away. Biden has dementia how could anyone in there right mind would even let Biden in the white house. We really need Trump back in office. To all of the people that voted for a ass holes. Them people are really stupid All binden thinks about his àny body that is not American.

  13. well said, Barbara. This is what the communists wanted all the time. some how, by infiltrating the halls of commerce, justice…everywhere … they got their evil ideas into the heads of democrats and the democrats, once our fellow Americans. , have turned violently against us and anyone who can reveal truth to their infected minds. we must resist. Trump is still helping us. watch him

  14. A friend of mine once told me she would vote for Obummer because he is so handsome.LOL I told her you must be nuts, he will ruin this country. Now someone votes for binnuts because he looks like a nice man. This is what happens when people don’t get informed about jerks running for office. People dont believe all that you hear and read from cnn, abc, nbc. and the liberal news, do your own research. Hope all you who voted for hiden diben are happy. get your wallet out and start paying for the illegals and higher taxes and gasoline etc. watch out for commie Joe and his crew. and don’t forget soros the sore ass.

  15. Joe Biden’s first few weeks in office have been disgusting! His edicts are akin to Cuomo’s order requiring nursing homes to house COVID-19 patients amongst their vulnerable populations. Banning the Dakota pipeline will drive up the price of food to consumers, as well as the cost of transportation, and heating, not to mention other downstream effects like eroding U. S. energy independence. Then there’s the immigration crisis, not only at the border, but also in the interior, that’s being exacerbated by Biden’s edicts. Joe Biden is inciting lawlessness, and driving up crime, including human trafficking, by his political rhetoric, and decisions, liking shutting down Operation Talon. Perhaps, he should be considered a more worthy candidate for impeachment than Trump’s alleged “incitement of an insurrection”, in the face of all those videos clearly showing the Capitol Police ALLOWING crowds to enter the Capitol, and the evidence of Pelosi’s advance knowledge of an impending general protest. By the way, why was Ashli Babitt killed? And who killed her?
    It looks like a Capitol Police officer in the video. After almost 2 months, still no word!
    Very telling…
    And why is it taking so long to open up public schools? Does the Teachers’ Union have that much sway over science to Joe Biden? Who’s really behind allowing self-proclaimed girls of the male sex to compete in women’s sports? And when are the public schools in the inner cities going to be held accountable for the math and reading proficiency levels that are so dismally below grade standard, creating huge social and economic obstacles in the future lives of so many young people all across this county?

  16. It is not so much Biden and Harris that we need to be worried about, as much as those that are controlling them from behind the scenes, unseen by the American people. If you research how free countries became socialist ones, you will see America paralleling these same roads to destruction! We must stand up for freedom!

  17. Beijing Biden is a communist traitor & should be tried for treason as should his entire administration. These criminal scumbags are hell bent on destroying America. Their agenda is out of a Chinese play book.

  18. Democrats do not care about American citizens. They now have power and are going to weld it as they see fit. If they destroy the country in the mean time tough luck to citizens.

  19. Nearly all products in existence either incorporate plastics or are packaged in plastic. Plastic is a byproduct of oil. I have yet to see a wind turbine producing anything that can be fashioned into a shrink wrap package. Although this arctic experience in Texas was a “one in a century” event, it should serve as a wake up call to people like Pelosi, Shumer, and whomever is making decisions for Beijing Joe. Beside being costly to build and maintain, wind turbines cannot be counted on when it counts. One further thought, we will still need the oil whether we have an always safe pipeline to transport it in or we use trains and trucks that are mostly safe until they aren’t.

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