Rachel Maddow, Lincoln Project CAUGHT being ‘Useful Idiots’ for Iranian Propaganda Scheme

The FBI uncovered an Iranian propaganda trick designed to scare and intimidate voters. The FBI revealed that Iran had concocted an email allegedly from the male conservative group, Proud Boys, in which they reportedly threatened Democratic voters that they better vote Trump or else. The wording of the email was so over the top it was obviously fake. Even so, the anti-Trump Republican organization, the Lincoln Project, and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow fell right into Iran’s plans, tweeting the false narrative to their followers.

USA Today tweeted that voters reported personalized emails pressuring them to vote for President Trump. The far-left media outlet tried to look fair, by adding, “The Proud Boys, a far-right group with a history of violent confrontations, denied responsibility and condemned the emails: “It wasn’t us.”

Though the FBI had already linked Iran to this bogus information, what followed was an avalanche of anti-Trump news sources joining in condemning the Proud Boys rather than Iran.

The Lincoln Project tweeted, “This is punishable by up to a year in jail and a blatant attempt to prevent people from voting.”

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough said on his Morning With Joe program, “Put them [Proud Boys] in jail.”


Rachel Maddow seemed confused by the story saying, “Why would you look at those ‘vote Trump or else’ emails and describe them as an effort to ‘damage President Trump?’”

Our Joe Biden response is, “Come on, Rachel. Don’t fall for Iran’s malarky.”

Maddow and all of her cronies at MSNBC couldn’t wait to repeat anything that cast a bad light on Trump, but in doing so they made themselves out to be “useful idiots” for Iran.

Watch the video as Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti of The Hill reveals the rest of the story.

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These content links are provided by Content.ad. Both Content.ad and the web site upon which the links are displayed may receive compensation when readers click on these links. Some of the content you are redirected to may be sponsored content. View our privacy policy here.

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59 thoughts on “Rachel Maddow, Lincoln Project CAUGHT being ‘Useful Idiots’ for Iranian Propaganda Scheme”

    1. Mr.Baker;
      What you refer to as the “Democrat” Party has NO relationship with the Democrat Party of President Kennedy. That Party held to our values. The Democratic Party is founded on Marxist Political Ideas.
      They are Socialist in thought, word and deed, anti freedom(except for themselves and their sheep). They are
      not interested in destroying as much as transforming from a Free Republic to something like China or North Korea.

      1. John and his brother Robert were both assassinated because they didn’t want to become crap. Now the real roots of the party are revealed more each day.

        1. I read a very sad article, that one day Bobby and jack Kennedy said to each other, “We are on our own”! They realized the deep state were evil and if they didn’t play their game, and stop investigating, they would die and it was proved to be true. DemonicRATS are the party of the slaves, KKK and communism. Over 50 thousand Nazis made their way to America after the War with new ID Documents. wiped thier records clean of the Nazi activities. De Blasi (not his real name) is a hardened communist Antifa supporter and BLM. Bush Senior was German and his real name was something like Sersch? He was the first one to mention the words “One World Government”9/11 was his baby . They ah records they wanted destroyed in the Pentagon too. And his interests in teh Saudi Arabia Oil Fields. Evil people.

      2. and the unsuspecting public has bought into the Democrats propaganda and look who they voted into office all over the country..the likes of Bernie SAnders, AOC and her gang of bandits, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, that deadbeat liar Schiff and his notorious buddy Chucky Schumer (the guy who thinks he runs the country..idiot)
        and the list goes on, they collectively have transformed the Democrat Party to a left wing socialist group who want “we the people” to conform to their way or else..or else what??? Give me a break if “we the people” are smart (and let’s hope so) we will vote these antagonistic creeps out of office (time for term limits vote) and let’s try boycotting CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and see how they like it…paybacks are hell!

        1. Excellent comment Judy!
          I have been a dedicated analyst and American Constitutionalist for many decades now and The Constitution should be the “measuring stick” that ALL Americans use to determine the true intent of ALL government/politicians laws, rules, regulations, and so called “guidelines” are in keeping with the law of the land. or if they are designed to destroy it. Please do not assume that Americans have actually voted for these criminals of humanity that plague our great country, because the darkest forces have been constantly working to undermine and control elections since elections were first introduced/allowed the average citizen! This is VERY important to remember because a great many good Americans have been tortured and abused by a great many fraudulent & “fixed” elections in America over the years. It is a serious crime against humanity and The Constitution to blame American citizens who were in truth victims of there domestic terrorist crimes! Many in other places in America are unfairly and cruelly foolishly assuming that because these domestic terrorists & traitors (many politicians and government employees) were installed & infiltrated into our government, that it was the free will of the American citizens (when that is completely untrue). The vast majority of Americans would NEVER vote for the scum and villainy that currently plagues America if you take the time to think about it… Americans MUST start to realize and understand that a great many local and state elections (and even federal elections) have been corrupted in a great many ways and for a great many decades now, if we are to become ONE against those who dare to control and destroy us! WWG1WGA~!

          1. Very important that we get this information to the average citizen!

            Do you also believe that the Catholic Church has been integrated by Marxists too! Some have been questioning Pope Francis motives!

          2. Gerry:
            WHO (or WHAT) do you think that “The Great and Abominable Church of the Devil” referred to in the Scriptures is, if it is NOT the Roman Catholic Church??????


        2. I believe that so much of what you posted it truly correct. The only problem anymore is to identify who the Nazis type Democrats are. They do not wear a label and about the only way to I.D. them is listen to them speak, they sorta self identify but, even then, what do you do? They have sweet talked themselves into a political office and continue their sweet talk and for the general public who vote the sweet talk, they never do their research and see how they vote. There are those Democrats who truly care about America but, here again they and “the other side of the isle” keep eating the B.S. and oft times say, “I don’t care, I vote ‘party'”. The “party” has left them and has become “Socialistic”, we just have to pay attention and vote for the “person” and not the “party”.

          1. Vet:
            If they have a “D” after their name, they are the PROBLEM! Either a Democrat is a LEADER of the problem, or a “Low-Information Voter” (basically a LEMMING) who is SO.o.o.o.o.o DUMB that they ARE the Problem!

        3. Boy, you are spot on and i couldn’t agree more with you Judy. There is one thing though, whatever the out come, conservatives better be prepared for anything be4cause the dems. are not going to except anything but a win which we have witnessed for just the last 4 years. Lock and loaded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. They are still the only democrat party in u s a nothing but a bunch of nuts this so called reporter is a crazy part of them this article is why they need to fact-check before they show how stupid they are and report garabage


    2. Rachel MADDOW is the dumbest idiot along with the other idiots on MSNBC. They actually fell for Iranian propaganda. How intelligent are these morons?

      1. If it is something anti Trump they feel free to air/publish it without doing all the normal fact/source checking that all responsible journalists have done for many years. Since there are no consequences for false journalism they continue to do it. It is a shame because for a long time in news broadcasting history, the major networks took it as a point of pride to have their news organizations be recognized as fair and accurate. Now, they don’t know the meaning of the words…and don’t care.

        1. Journalism is no longer a profession. They do not report the news, vetted for accuracy, but distort the news according to their political view . How sad . The only solution is do not watch.

    3. Exactly, Greg, the democrats are “hell-bent” on destroying Pres. Trump any way they can. He is Pro-America, they, the Dems. are all in on doing anything by hook or crook, to destroy this great American, who wants or asks for nothing less or more than to accept him as the POTUS who tried with all his might, doing two & three rallies an evening to muster every single vote he can to SAVE this country from a marxist/socialist/communist take-over, to force their stupid communist agenda on the good, true, Americans who love & support this country. No, we aren’t perfect, but we strive for a more perfect Union. Stupid, ignoramuses think they have “discovered” the “formula” for creating “utopia” in the land of the free, & because of the brave. It has been tried, & tested, what makes them think they are so much smarter than all these other “gurus” who have tried & failed. They should be trying to help us improve on what we already have instead of chasing after some dream of theirs in some far-away la,la land. They are like Dorthy from the “and of Oz” who was searching for happiness, in some thing just over the horizon, but she found it right in her own back yard. I would just like to say to my Dem. friends, lets work at improving what we already have.

    4. I thought Rachel Madcow was institutionalized after her mental break in 2016; She was unsure about her gender and stated that the Trump win was the “end of her world”. Her ratings plummeted, she cried a lot, then got out of ‘rehab’.

    5. Can Rachel Maddow actually think that this ugly statement was anything other than an attempt to villify Press. Trump and scare his cohort into not voting for him!

  1. The dems and their supporters are all crazy. Rachael almost had another Trump gotcha story that proved out to be nothing, just like she is, PEOPLE LIKE HERSELF WHO IS WILLING TO THROUGH OUT A STORY WITH OUT CHECKING TO SEE IF IT IS LEGIT, SHOULD BE BANNED FROM TELEVISION

    1. I agree 120%. If she was just 1/3 as smart as she thinks she is she could run for POTUS, & possibly win. I am sick & tired of all these “Monday morning quarter-backs ” who thinks their chit smells good. I guess Rachel is just “disturbed” that anyone would dare to doubt anything she has to say concerning Mr. Trump. A lot of “democrats” think if you don’t agree with everything they say, you are stupid & narrow-minded. They have been enlightened by Maxine Waters or Al Sharpton, therefore, they “should not be questioned”.

  2. Their hatred blinds them to everything – even the obvious. MSNBC has made themselves a inaccurate clown show, with bias not journalism as their baseline. The Lincoln Project is full of fake intellectuals who have been exposed. They are the swamp; people who hide in the shadows to enrich themselves, rub elbows with others who have influence and are deceitful in their intentions.

    1. Yes! Couldn’t have said better myself. I will add TERM LIMITS to help rid us of career politicians to rub elbows with. Day TL passed auto reduction of PAY & ALL budgets & benefits by 1/3-1/2, & “”no family jobs, contracts, free college, etc., using taxpayer $”” & lastly; ALL LAWS written apply to them so no exemptions (this will save majority of wasted time on never go anywhere & take forever investigations {this alone would save billions taxpayer $ which can be paid on debt)}. Then over 1/2 won’t even run for re-election!
      Cut off $ & law protection they set up for themselves & see what happens! They may even leave the USA!!!
      As u can tell; I sick n fed up with them b/c they have long forgotten they work for us (we the people) vs us for them.

  3. Rachel, Rachel, Rachel…..Maybe if you stop licking, your girlfriends pussy, you might get yout stories right. In China, lesbeians are called TWO CAN CHEW!

    1. ???????????????????????????????two can chew love that one bro I’m going to be using your slogan TWO CAN CHEW. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. How much money does msnbc pay for stupid? Maddow is a jokecwho believes anything that harms real Americans. She should get a real job, as a dog walker.

  5. Madcow should not be associated with the bovine industry any longer. Most cows know when milking time is due.

  6. Anything to hurt or harm the best President this country has had in my lifetime these so called journalist will show. When it comes to real news say like the Biden family and ALL OF THEIR CORRUPTION they don’t say, print, or even a peep from any of these so called journalist. Karma is a real Bitch and I hope I can see the day Karma comes around and bites each and every one of you low life non journalists in the ass. Personally I would sue each and every one of them for slander and a host of other issues that they have said about me (Melania, Don Jr. Baron, Eric, Ivankia, Tiffany, etc…) not to mention the President himself.

    1. You are absolutely right I say that to myself every day karma is going to get them. You are right melodi. I like that name melodi !!

  7. I suppose this was MADDOW’s attempt at being a “troubleshooting investigative journalist” …. Let me tell you something GIRL … we are sick and tired of your rants and raves — for the life of me, I can’t decide who I detest more … “YOU”, or that comedian LEMON. Both of you disgrace a network that needed no help from you at all. CNN is a joke these days, so overbearing in it’s promotion of that LAME STUPID HACK BIDEN, that it can give NO CREDIT to the most productive PRESIDENT the USA has had in the past 60 years.

    Sincerely hope that in your lousy, tainted coverage of the events of Nov 3&4, you end up with EGG on YOUR FACE. And I am putting that thought very politely. TRUMP IN 2020 !

  8. Rachel Madcow is a “Useless Idiot” not a useful one. She is so full of hate that she jumps at everything she thinks will make Trump look bad – fortunately for the sane people it always blows up in Madcow’s face. Meanwhile Madcow totally ignores ALL of Biden and Harris’ corruption and the fact that BOTH Biden and Harris have been revealed as direct descendants of actual slave owners – they CANNOT say that about Trump. Madcow was such an Obama lover because of Obama’s gay agenda – that is all this dyke cares about. Consider the source and ignore it.

  9. I am a veteran an old man that has been around for a long time and have seen a lot. It seems to me that the Democrat party is mostly made up of three kinds of people. On the take, on the dole, or just plane stupid and uninformed. I should include the prison population is also made up of Democrats. If that was not true why are the Dems always trying to get voting rights reinstated for convicted felons? The Democrat way of processing thought is where the crime is born in this country. They always take credit for something that they think is good but, QUICK to blame someone else for something that goes wrong. Most wealth that upper class Dems. have comes from some illegal or unethical means. Think, How do these Dem politicians become multimillionaires on there wages or salary. Look at the MSM, They have an agenda to support the crooked left. On the take from Soros or Gates. How dose BLM or ANTIFA make life better for the working people who just want to work and support their family and have a nice place to live? WE need a safe place to live and raise our children as citizens, not subjects. Freedom is not free. A lot of GOOD people have given their life for this country and it’s free way of life. DO NOT be fooled by Democrat lies. President Trump is the only salvation for this country at this time. Even if President Trump dose not suite you completely he beats the opposition hands down. TRUMP 2020

  10. Call them what they REALLY ARE: THE DNC/COMMUNIST PARTY! Bought and paid for by the CCP, George Soros and the UN! “END THE DEMS!” should be the next American motto!
    And FYI, this Iranian TRICK, blaming the ‘Proud Boys” is to COVER UP what the DNC/Communist party is doing. THEY are sending out letters to conservative Trump Supporters threatening to BURN PEOPLE’S HOMEs DOWN! And that is NOT a joke or a trick! Read the words of Kamala Harris (Maya Harrison is her real name), words spoken at a event on June 18th of this year, and I quote here,
    “And when Trump is gone and we have regained our rightful place in the White House, look out if you supported Trump and endorsed his actions, for we’ll be coming for you next! You will feel the vengeance of a nation. No stone will be left unturned as we seek you out in every corner of this great nation, for it is you that have betrayed us!”
    Oh yes, she said that IN JUNE! And now that the DNC/Communist party is losing their rear ends in this election, she NOT WAITING to SEEK out Trump supporters! She’s going after them right now, using her army of Antifa ‘operatives’, to carry out terrorizing American citizens, for exercising their right to vote and support who they choose! A TRUE COMMUNIST, NOT AN AMERICAN! This female dog should be hung at GITMO! TRUMP2020!

    1. That quote is from bustatroll.com, a parody website. Kamala is bad enough on her own, don’t diminish that with blindly repeating everything you read. It makes you no better than Maddow and gives all of us who support conservatism a bad name.

  11. Maddow and CNN are probably in bed with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, in their suppression of all individual rights and liberties. They somehow think Soviet style communism is going to be good for them. The stupidity of liberals is unfathomable.

  12. Rachael Maddow has got to be the Worst newscaster to ever work for the Fake News. If she had any brains at all she should have smelled a rat, but on no the fool jumps right in and terrorizes her listeners; the unstable Democrat voters. And thereby contributes to the rabid unbalanced leftists especially ANTIFA & BLM. That’s right inciting dangerous Demented Unstable Criminals to go out and kill Trump Supporters. Is her brain so tiny she cannot even grasp this? I really wish they would fire this fool. You know I sometimes watch the rest of the Dem news shows IF they are spreading lies about someone I support. But I refuse to watch this raving lunatic even if you paid me. Her only ability is how to lose her temper and let vitriol spill out of her big mouth. My god she is even worse than Joy Behar and that is really saying something. The only time I find out what she has said is when I get emails about her latest STUNT! That’s right whenever she Steps In It AGAIN. It is her ONLY Talent and she pretty much does that every time she opens her big mouth.

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