Pushing Back on the Media’s Claim about Joe Biden

No credible examples of election voter fraud? This is the phrase echoed by the mainstream mafia. With more than 80 million votes from the basement campaign of his home, Biden has ascended to the White House as the left’s progressive savior.

But if there was no election fraud, why the pushback on anyone making the allegation? Twitter decided to delete any use of the #stopthesteal hashtag, while Facebook shut down any content related to questioning election results.

We too have had to stop using these phrases and tone down our reporting because Google controls most email addresses and won’t deliver our content to readers.

And if you are a President arguing voter fraud? You don’t even get to be on the internet. Twitter, gone. Facebook, bye bye. Instagram, see you later.


But that’s just the President, right? Surely everyday Americans would never be censored from their free speech rights, would they?

Just ask Parler and its millions of users, the direct competitor of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram was shut down just days after the January 6 U.S. Capitol protests.

Or how about the 70,000-plus accounts Twitter claimed to shut down in January?

Conservative voices, including several political leaders, were not only dropped from social media outlets but were arrested. Many called it the Purge, shifting social media from a wild west landscape to the same left-right media channels seen in radio and television.

So just to review, Biden won, and don’t ask questions. Next topic.

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These content links are provided by Content.ad. Both Content.ad and the web site upon which the links are displayed may receive compensation when readers click on these links. Some of the content you are redirected to may be sponsored content. View our privacy policy here.

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25 thoughts on “Pushing Back on the Media’s Claim about Joe Biden”

  1. BIGGEST VOTER FRAUD I have ever witnessed and I’m a CANADIAN . It scares me to see the direction that party wants the US to go , they are horrible , they must be stopped… They will take Canada with them , no turning back . CHINA is a great threat, please pay attention HOW can that old Bidden sit in that chair knowing he cheated to get there , THE PRESEDENT PUPPETTTT, MY GOD,,,

    1. DaLe! Yr question…How can that creature sit there, knowing fully well, that he is the PRODUCT OF FRAUD?
      is easily answered…..My Friend……
      He is SO DEMENTED….that he still thinks, he is sitting in his basement…..
      If not? How can a DRAWING MASTER, BE THE PM? GO FIGURE……


      1. Another FOOD FOR THOUGHT!

        Why are all these (non-scientific) politician animals, making such A FUSS about this (so-called) pandemic, when statistics prove, THAT MORE PEOPLE HAVE DIED WITH THE FLU? Just allow life to go on NORMALLY……. Yes, maybe wear MASKS, but let the HERD IMMUNITY PREVAIL…. Go Figure…… or! Is this how CONTROL IS IMPOSED, ON “WE THE PEOPLE”…….?

  2. You have to question the fact that Biden got 81 million votes and Trump got over 70 million votes there’s only 300 million people in America including children
    the greatest turn out ever when there is a pandemic seems quite odd
    You also had governors changing the rules for voting as they saw fit whether it was constitutional or not
    People in powerful positions bragging about Trump will never win I guarantee it scares the hell out of me

    1. Greg,
      The problem is, it’s done, quit your whining and get over it.
      You can not change Anything with those mealy mouth RINO’S and Republicans Politicians that serve themselves in Washington…
      You like numbers…
      Over 300+ million guns in the US.
      Over 175+ million owned by Patriots.
      Over 20 million Veterans with over
      12 million, combat veterans…
      Apparently not Democrats because
      they are still alive…
      Under 5 million Military, ( active and
      reserve ) and Law Enforcement
      Agencies ( Nation wide )
      The Resistance of old, did it without
      MSM, Social media or Cell phones
      Quit your whining and do something.

  3. Biden will never be my president neither will camel hump they both should be in jail along with the whole Obama administration as well as a whole lot of democrats!!

    1. Joe I agree. I will only ever refer to the pretenders as “the senile old pervert” and “Willie Brown’s wh*re.”

      1. Cranky, think just for a second. When “Dementia Joe” can’t function any longer we will then have Ms. Harris as America’s first “Hooker-in-Chief!” That woman is the ultimate definition of the “Anti-Christ!”

  4. February 1st and I thank God for giving me another day in this wonderful world of his. As I ask myself why we have a bunch of dummies running the country to the ground? The answer is very simple WE the people elected them without thinking about the consequences plus a lot of you are listening to the comments being made by the so call media(fake news). Please people read a book do something worth while avoid the media and the Hollywood dummies (money ) and the sports people. Life is about you remember all these people with $$$$ and power when the time comes you are worth as much as someone who had none of those.

    1. Rene, who’s this “we the people” you’re talking about? Massive voter fraud (denied by the perpetrators and the lamestream media) “elected” the dummies. NOT the American people.

    2. Rene…obviously you are a DEm voter. “WE” did not elect asshole Biden, but with you comment, YOU voted for the downfall of this Democracy and unfortunately, the rest of us TRUE Democracy believers have to go along for the ride down into the “Communistic abyss”, thanks to gullible people like you!

  5. They talk about a Trump cult. One that does not exist, but, have any of you heard about the “Cult” the Democrats belong to? It is an underworld cult of child sex trafficking, orgies, rape of the babies and kids, terrorizing them all for the adrenochrome they use to keep themselves “young” and the hundreds of thousands of children imprisoned in tunnels under our own feet that Trump was stopping before they illegally took out Trump’s presidency. I really fear for our future with the evil Democrats knocking on China’s door and with a pedophile president in charge (Susan Rice is running Biden). I would call that a cult, not any cult under Trump. And I really resent having to prove I am not a robot. That is rediculous and demeaning.

  6. He has dementia. They told him he won. I’m embarrassed by the government. I’m embarrassed by my neighbor Democrat. They beleive China China Joe and the congress. Biden is not my president…..

  7. The major news channels have continued the lie that there is no credible evidence that there was voter fraud. What about all those brave Americans who, under penalty of perjury, provided signed affidavits & testimony to what they witnessed at the polling sites. Most complying to me was the testimony of Jovan Pulitzer, a tech guru, in Georgia demonstrating clearly how ballots were manipulated, fact that these Dominion voting machines were connected to the Internet allowing for data to transmitted back & forth with the obvious opportunity to change votes cast as well as showing examples via a powerpoint of lack of a barcode on numerous ballots compared to legitimate ballots. If Biden did indeed win fair and square, why the objections to a forensic recount? Recounting the ballots without validation signatures & addresses accomplishes nothing except waiting time and OUR money. There has to be a list of those individuals at these multiple polling sites who were involved & probably received financial compensation for involvement in the scam. Follow the money, check their banking accounts for large deposits not usually to their daily activities, issues subpoenas for court appearane under the penalty of perjury and jail time if they lie. FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!

  8. Several states have after the fact had a judge decide that illegal acts were performed to get Biden the vote. Important as this was, why did it take so long to have these cases heard? They should have been heard prior to inauguration so that senile demented man didn’t get in. At least, those states are prevented forever to repeat their actions. Every state should be investigated so we finally have a fair and honest election next time.

    In the meantime, I am letting my voice be heard by emailing everybody I can so they know how disgusted the American public is, especially Senators Cruz and Hawley who stood up against the electoral count and have already introduced bills to undo Biden’s damage. Texas sued the Biden administration for their stupid immigration policy and with them having the largest border up against Mexico, they would have had the most to lose. A judge ruled against Biden. Texas won! Every state should be suing him for infringing in states’ rights. Now they went after him for the job losses on stopping the oil pipe pine.

    Biden is not for America. You have only to look at the relief package giving billions to foreign countries while our citizens suffer. Why would we be paying for transgender studies in Pakistan? Who gives a flying f&$!
    Let them pay for their own. It also wants us to pay for abortions around the world. This is a sore subject for me as abortion is murder. We shouldn’t be condoning it here let alone pushing it to the far corners of the world and footing the bill to boot. One of God’s commandments is “Thou shalt not kill.”
    Abortion is not healthcare.

    In the meantime, Republicans are resisting the bill because of the billions built in to benefit foreign countries. Biden refused to break the relief bill out separately so that Americans get the help needed. He said he would not do it piecemeal trying to hold the relief over their heads to get his agenda for “Every other country but the USA first.” Do we need anymore proof who he doesn’t represent?

  9. How could so many people, that voted for that treasonous, lying, communist Biden who never really campaigned at all not believe that son of a bitch legally won the election??!!. He never had to leave his basement because all the fraud was being done for him!! Everyone associated with him, including that “hoe” Harris, will all be pardoned when & if any illegal or fraudulent charges are brought against them, to include his druggie son and his brother! ANY excuse they are telling the public about why D.C. is being so heavily guarded is a bunch of garbage. The REAL reason is that all the Dems are shitting their pants and having to “look over their shoulders” constantly. IF they had ANY brains, they would realize they can’t call over 75 million people terrorists and other slanderous names, when in actuality THEY are the prime examples of treasons, anti-American, anti-Constitutionalists imaginable! I think they are finally coming to the realization that the “breaking point” is being approached and facing the fact as to what is eventually going to happen “when you back any creature into a corner” they will come out fighting. The Dem administration has affected almost the entire population, except the “elite” rich. Millions of people are devastated with “nothing left to lose”. Many Dem voters are realizing just how fucked-up the Communistic Democrats in Washington are when they finally realize how they have been censored by the “fake media” covering up their actual treasonous, unconstitutional, communistic agenda. If an election were to take place now, with all the Dem voters, knowing what they now know, and with the corruption that took place, there would be very few DEMORATS left in Washington! Many people i’ve spoken with, Dem & Rep alike, have said “let those assholes try and confiscate my guns and they’ll have to take it from my dead hands”. I think maybe those assholes in Washington may have heard the same and realizing the public’s “limits are very close to being reached when there is nothing left but violence to get their attention. I think the FBI, CIA and Secret Service all know, “there is no one that cannot be reached”. I don’t like or encoursge violence myself, but many people are feeling they are left with no alternatives but elimination!

  10. Some among us did vote for Biden, but far less than 81 million. Unfortunately, those voters continue to listen to the lefty media and rarely even catch a glimpse of the truth. We must speak out whenever and wherever we can. We are not a violent people, but we are dangerously close to being pushed too far. If push comes to shove, we’ll have no choice but to be ready to act. Having said that, we may be facing an even bigger enemy in China. We’d be smart to keep an eye on that. I believe the whole world is about to explode in a far more terrible war than any that has ever been fought. Heaven help us.

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