Public Opinion on Election Fraud Shifting in Trump’s Favor

On Election night, President Trump held a wide lead over Joe Biden in several states, including Pennsylvania, Virginia, Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Then in each of those states, at some point in the middle of the night, after most people had gone to bed, assured that President Trump’s lead would hold, ballot dumps for Joe Biden rolled in.

Trump supporters, were immediately suspicious. In Georgia it was reported that a water main break shut down ballot counting for several hours. Was that time needed to bring more Biden ballots?

Similar stories were reported in other states. Several poll watchers spoke up about ballot dumps in Michigan. Their personal information was doxed and they were threatened by Democrats when they did so.


The next morning the mainstream media tried to assure everyone that nothing suspicious had gone on, that everything was prim and proper. If you even mentioned that you had doubts about the fairness of the election you were called a conspiracy theorist. CNN’s Jake Tapper tweeted that Trump voters’ job prospects would be threatened if they didn’t start accepting the election results.

Ever since the election, when the numbers suddenly tipped in Biden’s favor, American’s opinion has shifted too. Even Democrat voters realize at this point there is overwhelming evidence that points to voter fraud. The numbers don’t add up. There have been too many direct examples of fraud. This wasn’t a clean election.

Regardless of your personal opinion on the topic, public opinion has largely shifted in favor of President Trump. To back that claim, you can watch this video. Tim Pool will go over the important numbers, and you’ll get a better idea as to whether or not America is finally ready to admit the obvious truth: that Trump’s election win was stolen.

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214 thoughts on “Public Opinion on Election Fraud Shifting in Trump’s Favor”

  1. I was completely stunned when I learned that Biden had actually “won”. I still can’t believe it! Obviously, there was some “hanky-panky” done!

        1. I think Pres. Trump should declare Martial Law and put a stop to this mass Treason that is taking place and start arresting those that are responsible then have a Real election where voters go to the polls and vote in person with proper ID and no Mail-in ballots except Military and those bedridden. Do away with the voting machines and go back to paper ballots.
          Thank You for listening:

          1. For sure I agree have a honest cop at every machine watching to make sure they don’t try to vote twice have id’s and finer print

          2. Let’s put the Democratic felon’s in the new prison we should build I’d rather pay for that then illegals healthcare

          3. Yes as a Vet , I agree with you and 78 million others. Proper voter Id, Verified, Address, Paper Ballets, NO Mail in Ballots, other than military, and Disabled. No Bulk Voting Box drops. Voting Machines are too easily hacked or pre programed to adjust to a designated Party. We need to purge the FBI,CIA, DOJ. Seems those departments have Socialist infiltrated. I don’t want to have my kids , grandchildren and greatgrandchildren fact an uncertain future . Lets get ur done President Trump!

          4. I agree and when the vote is redone count in person and don’t use any machine to do the counting

          5. John,
            Your spot on, I know how radical it sounds, but I don’t see an alternative. i hope more people will encourage the President to take action. I believe that he can do it if he is encouraged too. With the state of our institutions and the lack of judicial involvement, the country will not servive any other way. I don’t know how you feel but after the congressional vote on the relief package, that was it for me. The liberals are talking about a world reset all the time. The country needs to reset towards its standards and values. I trust Trump, not the republicans, after that vote and what was contained in it, I see no alternative. we all should encourage Martial Law. The Georgia vote is hardly being talked about on main stream news and I feel the fix is already in. This election just might blow this country apart if it is as crooked as the last. I am tired of writing letters and participating in a broken and corrupt system.
            Merry Christmas and Happy New Year



          7. The problem is the vote tabulation machines. You can put a paper ballot thru the machine and, voila! It switches the vote. All should be hand counted with multiple observers….

          8. I totally agree as well! It is time for the people to take control of the corruption and put a stop to it !

          9. 100% agree!, everyone nomatter what their political affiliations deserve a honest and legal election! Trump truly puts Americans first as it should be.

          10. your right ,Please call your Rep and Senator Senator 202-225-3121 tell him you expect him tovote his elector for President Trump on 1-6-2021 Rep phone number is202-224-3121

          11. Knowing that there was election fraud with lots of video proof and sworn affidavits, the democrat appointed judges are refusing to even look at the evidence including the Supreme Court. As such, Martial Law is a LAST RESORT. It is up to Mike Pence to decide which set of electors from the states that sent two sets are used when counting them to determine who won. That happens on January 6th of 2021. I suggest everyone cool their jets until then. Wait and see. Pence has three options. One option is to accept the Biden electors which is unlikely given all of the fraud. Second option is to accept the Trump electors which WILL cause the left to scream bloody murder and probably commit it too. The third choice is to throw out both sets at which point it goes to the House where each state gets one vote and that person becomes the next president, likely Trump. This will cause the left to riot again, so be ready. Practice good gun control, i.e. hit what you are aiming at.

          12. That would be nice,… but too many hate TRUMP so much, they put logic aside, and they side with the Dems, even though they know they undoubtedly committed fraud & treason !
            Hard to believe so many supposed intelligent people including SCOTUS, are too blind to see the anomalies like 38,000 t for Biden, and ZERO for TRUMP ! As Biden redundantly says,…” Come on, Man ! “


          14. Yes this is the only way to straighten it out. If Biden is not afraid he should be willing to have another vote. Too many problems ( dead people voting, many voting more than once etc, it was so wrong it was a shame for everyone to see how evil it was. Should have been cancelled immediately, and as far as I know, no one has had to pay for this travesty! They need to be prosecuted for destroying one of every Americans right, the right to vote. There also needs to be Term Limits!

          1. We the people must put a stop to this nonsense and unite
            And the republicans who turned on trump should be voted out off office
            The Biden’s must be exsposed for what they are corrupt we need to stop this radical
            Crap once and for all
            Unite unite unite j

          1. Those wealthy , wealthy TYCOOONS on the left in those states are those where the swamp begins , and ends up with those who get in power within the white house , and become their evil players in the game of chess , and their games of chess are being played in every city and counties that make up our states , and our country , , and when one looks at how the government runs , do they not have two players , with one side being those on the left side , and those on the right side , which makes up those on the left side their DEMOCRATIC PARTY , and those on the right side make up those in the REPUBLICAN PARTY , and when we see and hear how each side fight against each other , not look like what takes place by those who run the white house , in a game of chess , does it not look like we the people of our country need to get rid of the government as it is being run , ” But what all people need is a good business person running our country on an even keel and in balance , within the states that make up our country , as well as with those who run the countries of Europe an Asia as well , and being our president Donald J. Trump is a well known business wealthy tycoon in his own making , as ii I for one of the millions of people in our country alone see Trump for who he is , and not as he is not , which is not like all the other wealthy evil tycoons in our country , that gotten their wealth off of the backs of every working person of our country with their WAGE EARNERS TAX SCHEME ,, that went into effect when world war two ended in AUG, of 1945 , and the unions that where already in play in our country well before world war two began in some of the working places in our country ,and went wild when the war ended , and gotten into all places where one worked to earn their pay or wages , and the medium wage was 2 dollars per hr. up to the 1960 ‘ s and taken off to where it is today at 15 dollars per hr. and cutting our own throats , from one year into the next since world war two ended , with higher wages earned , while everything went up around us , and we are living worse today then those that lived during the great depression and earned little money or wages , then one wonders why our free was going to hell , by the types of people we are now seeing running our country like those crooked evil Democrats , the liberals along with the news media , that knows how to give fake and misleading news in such evil ways that make we the people of our country look stupid , and is why I as one of the millions of people in our country may fell it is or may be time to get rid of the government with the two party system , and we all know what party that we need to get rid of , as it was those like we are seeing toady , that been destroying our lives and our country for many decades , to see who they are today , as that could be the change we been looking for, to put and end of up to 99% of our problems , by letting Trump and those he trust to remain and work with him , and as I for one of millions fell he can not only make our country great again , he may even make it greater then it ever was , since this nation was founded and started to grow ,to where we see it today.

          1. You are correct, because with out a closely monitored election , then elections as we know it will never be valid again in this country.

        2. I agree. How do we do that? Since they know there was foreign interference in our election,why can’t Trump envoke his executive order of 2018 and declare the election null and void?

        3. I believe that if the courts do not help resolve this election, it should be nullified and a whole new election be held. This election was laced with corruption and fraud. We the People must demand that we have a brand new election to prove who won. It should be in person at the polls, A Voters photo ID must be presented to get a ballot,, no voting machines nor computer voting be permitted, poll watchers be in place to secure a fair and honest election at the counting. I was Stalin who said that the counters would determine who won an election.

          1. I forgot to mention that Military votes by registered voters deployed anywhere be mail-In permitted but held separately for counting and be added to the total Vote.

          2. Right you are. Why is it that in past elections you had to prove who you are and that you are registered to vote but not now? I went to vote one time and I wasn’t on the list of registered voters and I couldn’t vote. I forgot to register in the area I had moved to. We have to show our IDS for everything else in this country but not in an election. Ridiculous. That’s the only way they could win. And letting illegal immigrants vote. You have to be a citizen of this country to vote.

        4. Amen to that , if the American people are not totally outraged over the Democrats voter fraud scheme and stand up and demand another election WITHOUT MAIL in voting , they get what they DESERVE, and I hope the Republicans lose the Georgia senate races , let the Dems have their way , is that what people want for their kids and grandkids “SAD” WHAT THIS COUNTRY HAS BECOME

        5. A new election can’t happen due to time constraints, however, with all the evidence of fraud, if this doesn’t’ get flipped then officially it goes to the legislature. Now if this doesn’t work it can go to the house but I’m not sure if it goes to the house before or after The SCOTUS. Either way, there can no longer happen (new election).


        6. Don’t use Facebook, Twitter or anything else like that, instead use the phone or send a text message, because they tried to get into the area where I went to vote and I told him that he didn’t need to touch the machine. The police where outside and the man who owns the gas station down the road from the voting place is the only judge in town. He left in a hurry, I’m in a wheelchair and I would have put my chair on his feet and held him until the police came inside. Dominian machines are the way they cheated the American people from a president who we the people voted for. I pray for everyone who needs his help and our president and his family. Read the book of Revelation and then think about it. Time to lock and load, world war 3 is coming.

        7. I agree I do not mind a do over Re-vote a clean start with legitimate voter ID and in person only No Mail in Ballot

        8. We need to protect the president and vice President and get our weapons and defend our country and families against the blm and antifa four more years keep america great.

        9. Absolutely, it`s the only way to settle the issue. Speak up America ! It`s your country and your future that`s at stake.

        10. I agree, if not why even vote if it does not matter. I lost all confidence in the election process I have voting for 46 years every since i was able to vote.

        11. Rena you are so right! The American people need to demand a New election and it should be handled by military who watch every step, count the ballots and certify the true winner. We can’t trust political people who want to destroy the voice of the American people!

        12. There is the rally on the 6th(?) but I think somebody capable ought to put together a humongous rally in DC or across key states in America. Unfortunately I am too old, poor and immobile,
          Truthfully the only hope for Trump is the prayer of the people. God tells us that when his people repent and call on him he will hear and heal the nation. We must stir the people to prayer!

        13. I say Trump should NEVER EVER concede to that frail old white man that cant put a sentence together , stayed in his basement , knowing the DEMOCRACTS had the election Rigged. He couldnt lose. He and his family is a disgrace to this Country!!!! He is a LIAR and a CHEAT !!!!!!! A LOW LIFE PIECE OF S _ _ T , IF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE IS NOT WILLING TO FIGHT FOR TRUMP AFTER WHAT HE HAS DONE FOR THIS COUNTRY , I HOPE HE NEVER SIGNS THAT CORONAVIRUS BILL, LET THE PEOPLE SUFFER , THEY GET WHAT THEY DESERVE !!!!!! OUR ONLY REWARD WILL BE WHEN GOD RETURNS !!! AND THEN THOSE PEOPLE IN CONGRESS AND THE SENATE THAT HAS SOLD OUT THIS COUNTRY WILL PAY THE PRICE !!! THAT WILL BE A GLORIOUS DAY !!!!

        14. Totally agree , and the American people should stand up and boycott the State of Georgia , never spend another dime there , ITS FULL OF CORRUPTION !!!!!!!!!! DISGRACE !!!!!!!!

      1. This is a fatally dangerous game the democrats are playing. Joe Biden has been put in his position by the ‘voting’ of illegal aliens. His view is that soon after he is installed as President he will legalize all undocumented aliens, and that this will rectify the blatant illegality of having them vote in the first place. The danger? American civilization was evolved in Europe. Why then, in the last hundred years, have we had to save Europe? Twice.

        Answer: multiple languages. Don’t get me wrong, knowing multiple languages is fine. But multiple languages is absolutely antithetical to good governance. Over the last 20 years both China and India have spent almost a trillion dollars to get rid of the regional dialects in their countries. Does America want to become poly-lingual? Never. Importing 50 million aliens who speak only Spanish will ruin us.

      2. I knew something had to be wrong when they announce Joe Biden had won first of all the media is not allowed to call the election , i also knew that Joe Biden was under investigation with Ukraine due to the Burisma Ordeal I knew he had ties to china, for a long time & so did Obama because in 2015 Obama/Barry Soeterro in 2015 gave Wuhan Pharma lab a 3.7 Million dollar grant from the American tax dollars leaving the USA poorly prepared for a viral infection then not replenishing the stock pile after 2009& 2010 swine flu. Joe Biden has not been a clean politicians for 47 years of his being a career politician his skeleton plays scary tunes & not because of Halloween either.

        1. Let’s face it, after taking millions from China, to basically compromise the V.P Office and potentially our national security, Buden certainly approve any illegal action to get his butt in Oval Office.

          Why? So he can pardon Hunter!

      1. Oregon has a brand new prison. I think we should make good use of it. I haven’t heard anyone mention the Cracken? Do you know the significance of the Cracken?

        1. Arrest Suckerberg, Soros and the rest of the traitors and ship them to Benezuela where they all belong if they like Socialism that bad! Take away passports, too. Joy Behar and the rest of the crazies. I will help them move to Venezuela!

      2. Yes BUT WHST HAVE THE DEMS HOT IN STORE IF IT COMES TO ANOTHER ELECTION. They are very good at being devious.

      1. He stayed in his basement because he knew the fix was in he didn’t have to do anything I swear between Clinton – Obama – and Rice letting our boys be killed overseas and nothing was done -NOW Bidens — all of them – and Joe did get money – the way he received his money was son – Hunter – paid mom and dad‘s bills -such a good boy! where in the world do you think the money came from to pay those bills. Now I called that back door under the table payments. I’m sure they thought no one would trace it. Somehow the American people need to let the government know and that includes the supreme court who is doing nothing and is supposed to represent the American people and uphold the Constitution that we won’t stand for this. The million dollar question is how do we do it!

    1. SCOTUS should under oath ask Biden and Harris if they were aware of vote fraud and stealing votes from Trump to Biden and if they new Dominion was used to cheat?

      1. Biden and Harris should be given a shot of Sodium Pentathol, the truth serum before they are asked any questions. So should every politician in DC before they take office!

    2. Truth be told Biden, while leading in the election hasn’t WON anything as yet. Ya, media is playing Electoral College members right now, but as Candace Owens proved by challenging fact checkers in court that Biden wasn’t actually President…yet.
      I have one, or two questions I would like answers for (with corroborating data0…from the appropriate election officials responsible. How does a state receive requests for1,800,000 absentee ballot, and not question when they receive 2,500,000 completed absentee ballots back? (believe in PA) How does a cache of 130,000 ballots come in in the wee hours of 11/4 ALL for Biden, and only voted for president…no down ballot selections (WI)…and believe 300,000 same thing in MI
      I’m sorry I’m cynical, but my life lessons about election cheating occurred very early in my life…and I was taught by one of the “masters” of election “engineering.” I walked the streets of Chicago going to and from work starting 1963. Did so for 5 yrs until I was drafted in 1968. Each election day would see bums who had come to town on boxcars… carrying partly consumed bottles of Johnny Walker bottles down Chicago streets. Rewards for being in town on Election Day and on the right trains in the station when campaign managers rounded up some insuirance votes. Everybody knew…just something nobody talked about. i would go home and would be told…that’s just Chicago politics. Actually saw a comment to an article many years later written by a long time conservative Chicago resident purportedly not wanting to be buried in an old Democratic area cemetary…”No, I don’t want to be buried in Woodlawn Cemetary…I’d be forced to vote Democratic for all of eternity if I was buried there.”
      Guess regardless what the date on the calendar is, elections will always be fraught with corruption…effectively sufficient for that day

      1. Yes tk,
        “Truth be told, …” the true facts
        of the lies infiltrated by the left,
        will be brought forward and hopefully sooner than later.
        Thank God for the brave and bold ones like Candace Owens
        speaking out for the Truth!!!
        Thank you for your service and
        I appreciate your statement of the reality of Chicago’s history of playing dirty politics. So sad,
        but I believe God is Great and God is Good and will be praying for His Divine Love to heal and restore our nation!!!

        Merry Christmas!!!

    3. I was not surprized by the results because I expected some sort of Fraud to be done by the Democrats. They have thrown everything at President Trump and nothing has stuck. Outside of just assignating President Trump, they, the Democrats had no choice. In my opinion, cheating was the only choice they had left. So, stay tuned, the crap is about to hit the Fan.

      1. Also, I will add that during the election of Obama 2008, my first time to vote using a mail-in-ballot, I waited and waited to receive the ballot, however, none did, so I went to the registras office to cast a ballot. When I did finally get to ask for a ballot, the office personnel said that I had already voted. Wrong, I told that person, she gave me a ballot and then I voted. Later, I questioned the Registra in writing about the issue and they provided me a printout showing my vote. I did not hear any thing more about it. So, to sum it up, Fraud was committed on my vote, in 2008. At the time I was living in Riverside, California.


      1. Speaking of “shot”…, didn’t AG Barr reinstitute the FIRING SQUAD for treason.
        Line them all up (front to back)…., Hilliary, Obama, Schumer, etc. One bullet: .50 caliber hollow-point. FIRE! I’d pay for the ammo.

    5. I hope Democrats win georgia senate seats , And the American people who voted for baby killing Democrats get what they deserve. You cant be a Christian and vote for what Democrats believe in , killing babies up until birth. God will have his revenge !!!!!! And for Republicans who didnt stand behind trump , you are a disgrace to this country. And as for the Supreme Court goes , every one who voted against Texas lawsuit , you are a disgrace to this country!!!!!!!! I dont see how you can live with yourself , Sad what this country has become. LET THE DEMS DESTROY IT , and the ones who voted for them , GOD HELP THIS COUNTRY!!!!!!!

    6. If this disgraceful voter fraud is allowed to stand, there will never be another honest election in America. They know that they can cheat the people out of their votes and get away with it. America, the once great nation has become a lawless shadow of it’s former self, where American citizens are forced to accept c0ommunism and take a back seat to criminals and illegals, where blantant racisim is becoming the way of life.

    7. He didn’t win…Dems cheated. I don’t believe it at all. In fact Trump big if all illegal ballots are removed. This insanity from Judges and election officials must stop and they need to held to account. Ballots examioned and verified, machines analyzed. Its not about Trump/Bide now. Its about the integrity of our election process. Its broken.

      1. We true Americans need to lap down on these traitor politicians ! ! Remember we all are going to have to live in this Country along with whichever way the voting goes. Just think for a moment if the Socialists win . . . . . TOO SCARY TO EVEN THINK ABOUT ! ! ! THIS COULD HAPPEN ! !

    8. One state reported that Trump was ahead a lot all day long, then in the middle of th enight, boxes and boxes o ballots were delivered, and ALL votes were for Biden,…..everyone of them. Someone suggested that they had warehouses all over that housed boxes of Biden votes. They probably had people filling them out for months before the election. Trump was winning all over the country till it got to the swing states, then Boom, boxes and boxes for Biden to overtake Trump. Biden is a fake, illegal president-elect.

    9. Appears to be much ‘hanky-panky”. As each day goes by, more and more is uncovered. Not only does this appear to be a fraud on the American People, it is a fraud on our very Founding Principles! Biden and his crew must have know this was all taking place well before the election. As much as President T. is disliked by many, at least you know where he is coming from and what he did accomplish for the citizens of this nation. I can respect that, even with all the underhanded opposition he has been subjected to. I’m and Independent voter. I am a Conservative and believe in the Constitution. This is a fight that needs to be won! We have seen what this party has already done to divert our attention with their ‘media’ controllers. We must not forget the fear they placed into many Americans with the lawlessness and illegal activities that happened in our nation. Our President tried to put a stop to it. Those governors put up a stink to have him back off. He did and look who suffered the most. Yes, more citizens bought guns and ammo that ever before. The silent majority of hard working, tax paying citizens desire not to see blood shed or war. We want justice, laws obeyed. police respected as well as our military. Now, in my humble opinion, if the good citizens are going to be punished by this ‘new administration’ I believe they have another thing coming from ‘WE THE PEOPLE’. They already have controlled us in this COVID pandemic. The President and his advisors have done the best they could. We have a series of vaccines that have cone out in record time, no thanks to the opposing PARTY! They want to take away of freedom of choice, to live our lives in peace and harmony, and be miserable controlled subjects taking away our WILL! This all has been quite a show, many good people have been sucked into their outright lies and promises, but are seeing the truth. I am a veteran, served our country. I like many that served this great Nation, took an oath to protect and defend this Nation and our Constitution. I believe what we have seen, is out and out TREASON! Those who were involved in this FRAUD, and related activities, need to be relieved of their duties, barred from future public office at the least. Once those have been charged with election violations and then sentenced should be given probation, if those above them are revealed and prosecuted. Perhaps, it will lead to the ‘top’ of who knew, gave orders, etc… . It will take a lot of investigating and cost US a lot. It is interesting what tactics and devious approaches they have been using. They are right out of the Marxist, Communist play books! How could we let this happen? Now we find we have foreign interference. Certain ‘people’ have been paid lots of money. For what? To take down this nation! I believe we are already at war, one from with-in! We need to stop this tyrannical plan before WE THE PEOPLE loose this precious nation with it’s Liberty and precious Freedoms. Bring back integrity! Yes, term limits for politicians. Washington, does need to be cleaned up. Our President was a Democrat at one time, but changed. Yes, he has, ‘said it like it is,’ and changed. He is a businessman. He has failed in some areas of his life still made his fortune. He has been blessed. He appears to have done what is best for the PEOPLE of this Nation. He has given away his Presidential salary. He said we need to drain the swamp! It is deeper that we all thought. But, he continues to expose it, perhaps indirectly. We need people like him that have backbone and will do the same. Wake up you quiet Republicans. Do what is RIGHT and TRUE to and for this Nation! If the tables were turned you know how the opposing party would act and behave! But, I hope Republicans are above that but will boldly stand for the principles of this nation, like several do, who are hated and attacked, literally by the LEFT! It also startes with our educational system. We need to return to the traditional values of this nation. Colleges and Universities need to be rid of the liberal and anti-American views that they spout. But that is against our Freedom of Speech they say. However, they and other censor others’ point of view. Even the indoctrination of our younger children need to be changed. Our nations history is important. Our Nation needs to remember the words, “In GOD we Trust.” I believe, this nation should never START a war unless attacked first. If attacked and know for certain who did it, even then send a warning to those attackers. Defend first, then state, “Cease and desist, or your total destruction will follow!” We as a nation, have treated our former defeated enemies with respect. At least the people of those nations. (Thank you, for your example ‘Candy Bomber!’) We wished not to be conquerors. We the PEOPLE have the will, and means to save this nation, and will pray to our Creator to do so. Let US do what is Right and True as true citizens of this GREAT NATION. Let us be a ‘Standard to the World!’ I appreciate the rebuilding of our Armed Forces under our President and am deeply concerned should this possible next administration have their way. It is by a strong offense and a stronger defense that our nation can survive these trials and by a GOOD ‘WE the PEOPLE,’ how will help those in true need. Merry Christmas, and pray that 2021 will indeed be a better year where trust in our laws, for the all good of America are honored, respected and revered.

    10. Me also!! Especially since he could barely bring a crowd in for his rallies. Compare that to Trump’s thousands. Plus, who would elect someone that cannot speak publicly without aids…and bungles what he is saying each time due to his mental incapacity? Plus…the corruption on his plate is nothing to sneeze at. Plus…this president (Trump/Pence) has gotten an “A” on his Presidential Report Card….and has listened to those who elected him and worked his tail off for all of us. Almost has the border wall done…coming down hard on illegals…on drugs…on abortion…..encourages worship and acknowledges the greatness of God and His importance in our nation…..and we know he is not responsible for Covid (in fact, most of us realize it is worldwide, not just in the US) and in fact, many Dems are directly involved in the Wuhan Labs…Fauci is on the Patent name to manufacture the Covid virus (what is this about?) Hmmmm….sounds so timely to have a terrible virus hit on an election year to undermine the economy and thereby undermine the Trump administration’s economic boom. They knew he was SURE to get re=elected and knew they would have to do some conniving to get this election done….cheating!!!

    11. Sorry, it wasnt hanky panky , it was down right stealing the election . CORRUTION that people should be outraged over. I guess when the Democrats finally get this country to socialism and your rights and freedoms are gone , the dumbass people of this country will wake up and take this Country back if it’s not to late!!!!!!!

  2. I WILL NEVER BELIEVE BIDEN WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The election was fixed or Biden would want to find out the truth. He knows it was fixed and he is afraid that He really didn’t win. Two time looser, third time is the charm, So Biden is a CHEATER!!!!!!

    1. exactly Trump warned of this months before the corona virus fraud is their excuse now the Ga runoff will be corrupt again .
      they will do the same thing to take over the Senate and the dems will get away with it . Right in front of our faces because all the politicians and judges have been bribed. This just SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!

      1. It’s a fact, Journalist John Solomon, reports that Zuckerberg of facebook dropped 350 million into the Democratic Elections in the 5 swing states that affected the outcome/fraud of this election. This money has paid off Judges, official ballot counters, politicians, etc….

    2. Definitely absolutely unequivocally right. Fraud election in all states. Trump had won the election then all of sudden over night it changes rapidly un true please pray for our great President to make America great again.

    3. Biden bragged that (We have put together the most Extensive and Inclusive Voter Fraud Organization in the History of the U.S.: It was an Exact Quote from Joe Biden.
      Article in Facts Not Mimes

      1. Totally disgusting Trump is the winner!! Biden will never be respected by me as my thinking is he is pure evil and corrupt

  3. You said it perfectly, why are none of the dems asking any questions about these mathematically impossibilitys,, It only suggest that they know all about it, Sadly, it really is simple to disectic to find the truth,, Come on Barr!!!

    1. Barr just stabbed Trump in the back. The only action they are investigating for fraud is miner stuff like multiple voting . Nothing big like ballet dumps of 100K and more in the middle of the night, or rigged voter machines. They are looking at piddly things that are too small to change anything. That way they can say we did our job.

        1. We , the American people needs to stop talking about it , complaining , and do something about it . STOP THIS FRAUD !!!!!!!!

      1. Wake up , it is people like your kind in our country , that believe in all the made up crap that is nothing short of B S , or just plain Bull SHIT , that is seen on our TV , plus all the other things that one buys and reads , and it is all those people like you , that helped take our free country that it was , to where it gotten to today , and what has taken place with our votes for Trump and how Biden and came out ahead , as the winner , which taken place with Obama and with his win , and became our president , not just for four years ,but for eight years , And it was Donald J. Trump who put the breaks on Hillary R. Clinton , with his win , ” And done it honestly , not like how those same types of people behind putting those types of people in power of running our lives and our country , that been going on ever since a government was formed in our free country , to where we are seeing and hearing how those types of people get in power , and who are those that are behind getting and putting such types of people in power , like Nancy Pelosi for one , who acted as a bureaucrat , and saying as she has said without a brain with her ways of thinking , in such ways that people like myself have not been aware of , or noticed of , ” Like when she said , Trump was going to be removed from the WHITE HOUSE one way are another , like a threat , ” And what is taking place with our votes , not be what she was talking about or meant , wake up , just like those types of people like her and her kind , are in for a rude awakening , and it is on its way , with full steam ahead , as I for one see it.

  4. I totally agree there were huge voting frauds that were concocted by the Democrats, Big Techs Companies, George Soros, Hollywood Elites, you name it! They hate President Trump because he is a DISRUPTOR! President Trump doesn’t play their games!

    1. I agree, I think it is time for Trump our president to declare martial law and do a total revote the old way with no machines.

      1. Agree! Agree! And the ones doing the “observing” (observers) should be sitting exactly next to the “counters”. Many of us Trumpers would like to see the “non”-Republicans arrest the guilty, from the bottom to the top — from the vote counters to the ones providing the leadership to create the phoney ballots.

        1. Oops! ! Typo error! “non-Republicans” should be changed to read: “guilty arrested”. Send them to Guantanamo for “safe keeping” until the trials come up.

  5. That’s why Biden was kept in his basement. They knew he would win before the election took place. Total Travesty.

    1. I said the same thing somewhere on the internet..
      Ur so correct! They really think they were going to get away with this! They are lacking brains!??

  6. Don’t expect Wray at the FBI or Barr at DOJ to do anything. They are part of the cesspool in DC problem. Our country is being run by non elected big money donors on both sides. If Biden takes office and Georgia Senate race goes to the Crooks that manipulated this election will never see another Republican in the White House. It is so disgusting.

  7. So AMERICA is becoming a SOCIALISTIC/ COMMUNIST COUNTRY!! This election was RIGGED as will the next one..are AMERICANS going 5o just go along with this??

    1. I hear yesterday that The P has the Power to declare Martial law & ask to do the elections again w the military overseeing the elections. No counting votes w computer, checking ID that mashes your registration & absentee valots. P Lincoln did it & is done when this take place. This country send our soldiers to conduct elections & overseen in others countries when is so much violence & corruption. Right now those politician are just standing by! People need to rise up to the plate & save the Republic!

      1. Maybe… just maybe… the Social Security card should be among the ID documents presented by each voter-applicant. The Social Security database could be checked for segregation of the “dead”… and the “duplicate”… voters. It’s easy: No Social Security card, No vote… period.

        If the voter-applicant is honest and sincere, they will have a LEGAL Social Security card that keeps them “right.”

        Let the military control the security of the Social Security database.

        1. People in Louisiana Mississippi and Alabama are selling dead people’s social security numbers to the highest bidders, because I have caught one illegal Mexican man with my mom social security number and I caught 2 with my father’s social security number. Everyone who has died from the virus ,they social security numbers are being sold to illegals who come .into the country. The 2 that had my dad’s number were deported, but the other one is still in Charleston SC and has a different social security number again. Nothing is going to change unless we the American people take a stand against this. All the votes should be tossed out. Redo the election the right way, paper ballots, you should have a birth certificate,id card with your picture on it .

    2. Three blind Agencies the DOJ and the FBI and the inspector general not to leave out the CIA? They have failed this country in allowing theses criminals to steal the presidential election. This election is nothing more than then a farce and mockery of the election proceedings and THOSES involved must be prosecuted for their treasonous actions no matter how many high ranking government officials are responsible for this lawlessness and coup attempt. This time the swamp will be drained or this country is doomed to failure and the fear of losing are FREEDOMS That the men and women who have served and die to protect them. TO ALL THE LIBERAL COWARDS THAT BELIEVE THAT SOCIALISM WILL BE THE SAVIOR ARE STUPIDER THAN A BOX OF ROCKS TO DATE THERE’S IS NO SOCIALIST COUNTRY THAT HAS SUCCEEDED THERE BEING

  8. As a political refugee, I ran away from a totalitarian regime. I never want to see my new country turn into a Socialist/Communist country. The US Democratic apparatus is adhering to Communists practices that made me to run away several years ago.

  9. There is no way that Trump supporters will ever believe that he did not win the election. It was a well organized attempt to destroy this country and everything we believe in. We love Trump and we the people believe he is the best president we have ever had in the USA. He has had to fight for every accomplishment he has made. He has done what he said he would and the battle is not over. We will not let the swamp get away with this.


  11. What more needs to be said – indeed the election is a fraud- WE THE PEOPLE must take a stand this time or there will never be a fair election again. The Swamp is large and full of cridders on both sides. Yes, they are in the DOJ, FBI, heck most in non-elected positions are full of untrustworthy fakers. Someone suggested Marshal Law and Trump stays in office until a fair “come to the polls” election can occur. This should include AFTER the Hunter files are released to the public as a starter. The truth is out there ….

  12. With all this BS happening at the polls the Nov. 3 presidential race should be null and void and done all over with a special team to count the votes with the poll watchers. DO OVER

  13. I agree with all the above!! We have to beat and get rid of all the evil Democrats and keep our President Trump and his team working for us!! A whole group of us are praying and hoping for our miracle for our PRESIDENT TRUMP and his team!! GOD BLESS HIM AND GOD BLESS PUR AMERICA!!!

  14. Mr. Barr is a former CIA officer and a Bush appointee. President Trump has imbued members of the deep state, probably unknowingly, with power. He is an outsider, after all. Both parties have had their big chummy swamp party, defrauding and scamming the American people. Think of GW Bush calling Bill Clinton his “brother from another mother.” They are primarily interested in covering their behinds because of prior criminal behavior. Anyone notice how all these people, including the Bush family, become obscenely rich on government salaries? Dear President Trump, the Chinese bought and paid for most of our politicians, and we, the people, beg you to reverse the vote steal, one way or the other, or we will all be slaves to the state, eating bugs and weeds like the World Economic Forum wants, and learning to speak Mandarin. Do you want us to be second class citizens of the Empire of China?

  15. May the cheaters involved in the voter fraud be taken down, arrested, pay high fines and punished, for steal, harassing’s D. J. Trump for 4 yrs with bogus investigations, lies by media,, all should be taken down. Guess non of them have ever heard that HONEST is the BEST POLICY. The democrats want to break the USA, and have us dependent on them for food, housing clothing, with socialism you are not allowed freedoms but are controlled., those that voted for Biden if he wins hope you enjoy what is coming your way. For others may God continue to keep you safe and may the H and S stop stupid wasteful spending, and crocked laws, etc. Down size government, remove crooked leaders from all levels of government. MAY D. J. Trump Pervail………….

      1. Locked and Loaded! 😉
        Now is the time for all good men (women and children) to come together and stomp this oppressive government constructed by the criminals of humanity OUT! When the good and decent Americans have a little more time to understand what happened to their overwhelming votes for President Trump, many will start to realize that ALL of the dramatic and criminally unconstitutional acts of government and the politicians have been rigging elections for decades! That is why the vast majority of Americans NEVER voted for or approved of the this out of control abusive and oppressive socialist/communist government, yet that is exactly what has been forced upon ALL Americans! Any government employee or politician that intentionally creates and fosters division of good Americans, MUST BE ELIMINATED by any means necessary~! Merry Christmas~!

  16. On a scale of 1-10 one must wonder just how hard it is for these people to keep a straight face when saying that there’s no evidence of voter fraud. Lying filth.
    To question whether the Democrats are attempting a large scale cheat to steal the White House is to question if rain is wet.

    Yes, Martial Law should be declared, if constitutional law continues to be subverted. Trump very clearly won this election…Two-Term-Trump

    1. Would it not be wonderful if “We The People” forced congress to apply strict term limits on ALL political/government positions, but demanded that President Trump be allowed to run for a THIRD term??? Under these extraordinary circumstances it is worth strong consideration! Congress passed the act restricting the President to 2 terms, so congress can be made to allow President Trump (only) a THIRD term, so that he can oversee what must now be done to correct the path of America~! Possibly a FOURTH term! 😉

  17. How can you gain 15 House Seats, only loose Two Senate Seats. and then loose the Presidency? The numbers do not add up. Investigate the Dominion Voting Machines sponsored by George S. and Nancy Pelosi’s former Chief of Staff. I am sure if you follow the money – Hillary Clinton is involved as well!!

    1. If the Dems did the cheating, why would they let themselves lose 15 house seats and 2 senate seats. Why didn’t they make sure they won all of the close Senate races that were supposed to be close (i.e.,Maine, Iowa, South Carolina, Georgia). That is what does not make sense.

      1. You can’t cheat that much and get away with it. The Demrats wanted Trump out, the rest is academic. They used the machines to change numbers, they had illegal voters being used, they used names of dead folks and they flooded the swing states with mail in ballots. They took no chances and they are lying, cheating Mo Fo’s!!!

      2. It makes perfect sense! The concentration was on installing Biden as President! The coordination was much easier pinpointing the man at the top! To accomplish the rest that went state by state, there were too many little parts!! That’s why ballots were flooded into the machines with no down voting on them! They know Biden is incapable physically & mentally of being the President, so on comes one of the biggest Socialists EVER! Kamala Harris & AOC will take over, China will move in & the greatest country on Earth will be a thing of the past! We Will No Longer Be Free & There’s less than 2 Weeks to get it changed!

      3. The answer to this question is two fold. In order to accelerate the theft of votes for Biden, there is broad scale evidence of plunk voting only for Biden, and no others, on hundreds of thousands of ballots. When it became clear that Trump was winning by huge margins, the vote was suspended in swing states in order to bring in all the ballots with only votes for Biden. They also had to use the “hammer and scorecard” deceptive vote stealing programs associated with the Dominion voting machines. Secondly, there is evidence of fraud since it is harder to steal the vote from the precincts of areas where people know one another and are more likely to question unlikely outcomes locally, and Trump’s coattails were gigantic. The people who ran elections who associated with him won by enormous margins, even considering so much fraud, especially considering there is evidence that many Democrats were allotted 35,000 votes before the voting began! The fact that so many Republicans won despite the obvious vote stealing is an indication of how big the margin of votes that should have swung to Trump was. He took the country by storm and the Dems had to resort to tricks like putting up cardboard screens to prevent the poll watchers from observing the biggest heist in the history of our country!

      4. It actually does make perfect sense 🙂
        The criminals were caught off-guard by the historic landslide vote for President Trump and they panicked!
        Criminals ALWAYS make mistakes and these criminals of humanity and America know that controlling the office of the President, when they already control The Deep State and most of the US government & corrupt corporate America, would have effectively given them control of the US itself. They would make sure that there would never be another honest election again. anywhere in the US, and that would be the end of The Constitution (and American freedom) likely forever! The problem most people have is in understanding the dynamics of a war being waged from within a country, because they never appreciate just how long they always take to completely execute! A war from within is THE long game, but I don’t believe one has EVER failed in the historic record. Until now 🙂 President Trump will be sworn in for his second term soon, because all of this epic election fraud is ONLY “new” to most Americans, but NOT new to President Trump or The Oath Keeper’s~! Be prepared for the unexpected! Merry Christmas! M

  18. Our Country is in big trouble if people are not held accountable
    Money & Power has corrupted many parts of our government & our lives on so many levels
    WAKE UP! conspiracy I don’t think so, When people are threatened and killed over speaking their truth.

  19. The Democratic Party no longer exists. It has been hijacked by communists, socialists, fascists, Marxists…The Ists must not win the day.

    Donald J Trump is a man of greatness. He won this election, and he has won the hearts of tens of millions of patriotic Americans.

  20. how we going to beat the democrats when they can change the legal laws, to crooked coniving laws! i cant see how a lieing pos like biden swindeled that many votes,out of this crooked election !he must have paid blm and a\ atifa to stuff balot boxes! biden is calling all that voted for him dum assholes!

    1. We need to organize, prepare for war, and take them down by force. With the exception of divine intervention, it’s the only way.

  21. Biden/heelsup will never by my president. Will just wait patiently like we did for 8 years with the illegal man who said he was president. The hatefilled socialist dems will have their comeuppance one day.

  22. Investigations that are being conducted have so far tremendous examples where the same type of cheating was proven in a number of states; precisely the same type of cheating was done, particularly after midnight and before dawn. Coincidence my ass; this was a well planned Democrat Party act to ensure Biden would win the election. The Democrats had votes for deceased persons, people coming from other states to vote illegally, multiple votes by one person happening in many states, votes for people who no longer lived at the addresses to where the ballots were sent, election voter helpers counting Trump vote and Biden, and a number of states using “fixed” voting machines. I could go on and on, but you get the message. The SUPREME COURT must declare an illegal, fraudulent election and require a total re-election immediately before the Democrats can muster up new ways of cheating. A question keeps bugging me; did the illegal ballots also cheat for other candidates such as for the senate or House of Reps? The sneaky, lying, corrupt Democrats are desperate to make certain they win a majority for the Senate. The people of Georgia must use their senses and vote for the two Republican candidates. But, if the Supreme Court invalidates the election, then the citizens will have to vote again for the candidates for Senate and House, plus all of the other candidates for lesser political offices.

  23. Better wake up America. We’re on the verge of a BIG change in our country. And it isn’t good. We’re losing our rights left and right. Protect our law enforcement. We need them. Back President Trump. We need him for another FOUR years. We need to demand voter ID and voting in person.

  24. If the American people let this stand , and Biden goes in , They , the American people get what they DESERVE, I cant believe anybody that calls themself a Christian , could vote for ANY Democrat, knowing they are for KILLING babies period , much less up untill conception!!!!!! GOD BE WITH THEM

  25. I knew from the beginning that mail-in voting would be wide open to fraud. WE THE PEOPLE are entitled to another election process at walk-in polls with trusted transparency all the way to Capitol Hill.

  26. Of course threat fat ass at the DOJ Attorney General William Barr sees no evidence of voter fraud.. He seems to be the only one.

  27. How will we ever be able to trust our government again, if they don’t thoroughly investigate this election. There should not be anyone on either side that should feel comfortable with the outcome that has a conscience and cares about the United States.

  28. All of these comments are so true. How did we get to this so quickly? I know the total dishonesty started 4 years ago when President Trump was elected and so many on the left could not accept it. They’ve gone to great lengths to see that it doesn’t happen again. How are there so many people in so many areas that don’t care about the state of their country? They accept, willingly, corrupt behavior? There has been so much disgraceful behavior in our country that it’s just embarrassing. The 2020 election voter fraud made me think I was living in Venezuela or some other 3rd world country-not the United States of America. There is no such thing as darkness-only the absence of light. We the people need to let out light shine!!

  29. The time to raise up and defend our nation and our way of life is now or never…bring in the troops…locks this scum bags up….If our judges will not do there jobs then we the people will…we can not let Biden take office at any cost…2nd amendment needs to be used as intended to resolve this attack on our freedom.

  30. With all this BS happening at the polls the Nov. 3 presidential race should be null and void and done all over with a special team to count the votes with the poll watchers. DO OVER

  31. Gretta,
    It would be nice to be able to wait for them to get their just rewards for this coup/stolen election, BUT, if we wait, we will never have any chance at all of having a real election again. Did they cheat? No one in their right mind could say no! They made some mistakes in the 2020 election and the evidence is there with more and more coming into the light just about every day. The problem is if they get away with it this time, they will have corrected these mistakes and be ready for the next election. This cannot be allowed to go forward. Bring ALL of the Evidence out including the 100s of sworn testimonies and nip it in the bud NOW! Charge every one of them who participated in this fraud (you can even say TREASON) and change them with high crimes against the USA, convict every last one and apply the punishment called for in our laws! Period!
    Maybe, just maybe it will resonate with the traitors and make them realize what awaits them who are stupid enough to try it again!

  32. Omg….I could call Biden every name in the book…and I do, but one word always seems the best…i JINX. Him..
    That’s an old voodoo word…I have given so many comments around the internet, that I’m exhausted of all this! I know something good will come from all this!
    Biden will fuck up royally…god be with us! ????

  33. Having watched the voter fraud hearings for Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Michigan, one thing jumps out at me more than any other fact. When the votes were being reported from the Dominion voting machines they were being reported with fractions for a candidate. Since a vote is 1 per voter this is statistically impossible unless the Dominion software was assigning a number other than 1. Example each vote for candidate A is assigned a value of 1.2, and candidate B is assigned a value of .8. One does not need to be a mathematics scholar to understand this. This fact has been presented in two of the three hearings. So one can only conclude that the Dominion systems were fraudulent and the reported results are false and must be thrown out.

  34. Believe all started 2016 Hillary lost. Never was and still except she lost. Trump cheated she said. Hillary lost by what 300 th . Votes?
    During democratic convention she told sleep Joe not to Concede under any circumstances. Fear that Trump would cheat again . She showed she pissed yet. So tit for tat . The democratic wanted revenge. Determined to win back the White House. The only way was to cheat. Why because they backed the wrong horse. ( Sleep Joe)
    Democratic know Trump had land slide win over basement Joe.
    If you look at Joe’s campaign. His exposer to the public 12 at a time, answering questions (none), holding rallies in parking lots at car dealerships, his back yard. That’s because the democratic told him it’s in the bag.
    Election nite was a nightmare. Trump winning . (That was expected. Why? 1. Never turned down a question (2) rallies with thousands of voters . Sometimes 3 – 4 a day.
    Now that’s a campaign. Now I can see Trump getting 80 mill votes, but come on Basement Joe. This election was rigged from start. Democratic are some dirty sneaky bastards.
    America know that Trump won this election. The cheating for Joe was to Obvious, democratic know it to.
    Demand a whole new election, start over. Then see if Joe gets 80 million votes.
    Like to see how Joe even gotten half them votes.

  35. There is another Civil War coming soon, IF Biden stays in the White House and WHEN he and O-Rourke come after OUR GUNS, the UPRISING will begin and won’t end for 4 years. Every good trade, policies, and economic recovery (even after the CHINA VIRUS), will be UNDONE by China Joe Biden. We are heading toward a “dark” 4 years if Biden stays at the helm.

    1. We’re at the point where we won’t be able to demand anything if the democommies take control. American patriots will have to take the initiative and force them out.

  36. Too many Trump haters and cheaters. Nothing will ever happen,even some of the weak republicans are jumping ship…why…because they don’t want to lose their cushy positions. Again I say: FOLLOW THE MONEY

  37. The Attorney General and the FBI say there is no evidence of Voter Fraud is pure BULL CRAP and the Media knows it. An investigation into Dominion Voting Machines is computer controlled and it’s program which can be modified from anywhere, is definitely needed. They are the center of this fraud theory otherwise their CEO would have filed a Deformation Law Suite against Trump.

  38. The Attorney General and the FBI say there is no evidence of Voter Fraud is pure BULL CRAP and the Media knows it. An investigation into Dominion Voting Machines is computer controlled and it’s program which can be modified from anywhere, is definitely needed. They are the center of this fraud theory otherwise their CEO would have filed a Deformation Law Suite against Trump.

  39. voter fraud was committed look it was al done in battle ground states. where they use voter id and vote in person or absentee ballots where got have use voter id plus with signature and picture on it. then vote in person or valide absentee. It worked will in florida. them voting machines dominions were controlled by foreign country and probably hacked. Trump won up to up to midnight then they stop then all of sudden biden was winning. VOTER WAS DEFINATELY FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Please refresh my memory once again.
    What was Hillary’s last comment to Joe?
    Oh Yeah!!!
    Joe, whatever you do, DON’T CONCEDE

    Lock her up already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. The U.S. is at an historic crossroads. Inalienable freedoms are at stake. The Democrat Party is now under the complete influence and blindly obedient to an uber-exclusive cabal of operatives who are the architects of the Deep State. This subversive consortium is anxious to secure total control of the U.S. population as part of its contribution to the greater organization—The Global Cabal—that is executing its “Agenda” to install One World Government. To remove obstacles means to remove Trump and anyone in Trump’s camp. WARNING: This includes you, the individual voter. This election was the precipitating event to wipe out resistance.

    1. Agree and deeply appreciate your statement. Sadly, I know many who are lukewarm, shut down any conversation, just want to stay comfortable in their ignorance.

  42. If Supreme court does’nt over turn this corruption , fraud on our election , and the American people dont stand up and demand justice, The people of Georgia NEEDS to let the DEMS have the senate and let the American people get what they DESERVE. Democrats are ruthless, Republicans are weak as hell , alot say they are Republicans, but they are truly Democrats

  43. What needs to happen, since the Democrats want socialism so much, is this. All election officials at all levels, that prevented Republicans to legally watch and question ballots, permitted or even opening doors to enable the “midnight deliveries” to permit truck loads of illegal ballots, covered and prevented the other party to be up and close to the counters, had the abilities to carry USB sticks, etc, should be indicated and fined more than $25,000 per illegal vote/ballot, and then, as the Democrats’ want to do to Republicans, send the Democrats off to never-neverland or camps to be reeducated. The American people are sick and tired of the crap done by either the Democratic Party, Antifa, BLM, and others that worked for the Party. That also includes USPS supervisors and managers that made or required workers to perform illegal acts or be fired. And if that’s the case, fire and send them directly to hard time prison. After talking with a number of USPS employees, they were told what to do by those that fear President Trump because he can now fire them for not doing their jobs.

  44. we the people should get rid of nancy pelosy and the democratic [arty in congress and the traitors in the republican party!!!!

  45. I’ve never seen a media company as slow on the ball as patrioticviralnews . Sad, really sad. Next thing you know they’ll have a breaking report about 9/11. LOL.

  46. Why is anyone even considering allowing Joe Biden to enter the White House? You don’t reward a thief for stealing. Trump won the election ? fair and square. Aside from Abraham Lincoln, Donald J. Trump is the best President this country has ever had! He truly loves this country and what it stands for. You certainly can’t say the same for Lying Joe Biden!

  47. I have read here, many talking Martial Law. There are too many downfalls of Martial Law that could be beneficial to the Democrats. We might consider all communities for an organized militia. Protecting it’s self. United, we would have better protection from those riot and burning groups. The Democrats do not seem to comply with our Constitution, but it does indicate the use of military cannot be implemented to control civil unrest. Allowing unity of the people and better protection from riot and burning gangs, If Trump will not concede, have a fair Georgia election, have a fair deal of the electoral college, Pence may get to vote. If that would be the case, I’m thinking this is where the militias will be needed. Maybe.

  48. I agree Tod do election over with military checking and Id and signature because President Trump was the one who won

  49. If this election goes through as a biden win no need to vote anymore. Just put your most paid for person there and all good for us. Media will supply the new president for the better good of the country. All the hunter stories will be quite, any chinese involvement will be gone as well. We have a bought and paid for president. The biden gang wrapped this election up as tight as you can get one. Never will anyine be prosecuted. We have been sold out

  50. As a retired law enforcement commander I could solve the problem in election fraud very quickly with just a handful of investigators. In Georgia, the corruption is so wide spread and easily could be revealed. We have the so call smoking gun! That is Ruby Freeman , her daughter, the man in charge and along with the other thieves. Freeman herself said a mouthful when she stated she was going to submit to an interview but her attorney advised her against it. Freeman went on to say this is BIGGER THEN HER. I had a lot less evidence in my career to flip numerous people to get to the top co-conspirators. IMUNITY is the answer. They would roll over quickly facing THOUNDS COUNTS OF VOTER FRUAD. What is taking the GBI so long to post where they are in the investigation ?????? Also how about the traitor ag BARR and the corrupt FBI??? They say there is NOT enough evidence to turn this election . If they would only start looking and listening to the thousands of honest American people who have come forward with SWORN AFFIDAVITS, under penalty of law , they would have plenty of irregularities to overturn this corrupt election. In addition, the SEVEN GUTLESS, so called justices would be hearing these cases to support the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES. John Roberts is a disgrace to shout at the other spineless justices, allegedly saying the blood in the streets would be on them. John Roberts needs to be removed, just like Lin Wood has stated. Also the three Trump coward appointees should hang there head in SHAME! They re-paid loyalty with a knife in President Trump’s back. Those seven feared for themselves and not the PEOPLE who had faith in them to uphold justice. And Amy Comy Barrett , the not so great constitutional scholar did nothing to uphold the constitution and allowed her fear to dictate her decision. I say to these seven cowards if the 80+ million were rioters and terrorist would their gutless decision’s be different. Since when do we Americans give in to Terrorisms. When again, as a retired Police Captain throughout my 22 year career faced many criminals, received Valor awards while in combat with armed and dangerous advisories, I had never fled to uphold the laws of this land and the American Public I swore to protect. My only wish that along with 80+ Americans these seven cowards in their ivory tower would try to stand up and set the record straight we will NOT give into criminals and support our Constitution!

    1. thank you for your selfless service. my family has a special love for the police. we lost our dear one to a drug dealer from Detroit. he was a decorated interdiction officer, and was killed at a traffic stop. the huge offender beat him nearly to death, and then shot him in the face with his own service revolver. that we can’t stand lawlessness is an understatement. why can’t the courts follow through with the sentences that are given? we are still supporting this scum and have been for the last 34 years. I have volunteered many times to pull the switch. the Supreme Court justices are scared to death of retribution. it is easier for them to deny the suits, than it is to stand their ground as they swore to do. all should be removed, and start over with real Americans. that our President has gone through years of hell and still provided for us is amazing. I for one would support a do-over under martial law. that most of America realizes this was a stolen election should be grounds for that. what is humorous is that KA MA LA has lost her senate seat. she will be on the outside looking in for the next few years, and crazy Joe and Hunter will be looking out from behind bars if we are successful….

  51. “Give me liberty or give me death!”

    The Continentals would be rolling over in their graves. Those ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it.

  52. The voting Dominion voting machines using software created by the Communist Chinese to help get a Socialist Dictator elected in Venezuela when the people certainly didn’t vote foe one, this election fraud is brilliant, it leads little or no audit trail, but electronically changes the vote to one candidate or the other by switching votes. These machines, not coincidentally, but on purpose were used in on five swing states, that had Trump with a substantial lead over Biden when most workers were sent home by the election supervisors and told come back in the morning to resume counting. I the morning there was a large dump of ballots 99% for Biden, an almost impossibility. Fraud, absolutely!

  53. Based on historical facts, fighting communists with legal procedure is very poor defense. Based on their greed for power, they go over dead bodies, as America has already experienced.

  54. as i said just after the president election it was rigged. this election needs to be done over completely. there was to much cheating to elect someone living in there basement. the only president i will see is president trump only.

  55. No surprise here folks. The same Libocrat party would lie, cheat, steal or murder to regain power. Time to take off the kid gloves and bring in Marshall Law. Shut down the country or at least the swing states and turn it upside down and inside out. There will be many, many arrests and some of them at the highest levels of the government. The media need to be crucified and the silicon valley folks need to be put in jail for funding these illegal actions starting with Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. The congress folks who are giving money to Pakistan need to go especially Schiff, Shumer, Pelosi, Nadler and the kahuna himself Obama who is orchestrating every move. Put on your seat belts as this will be a revolution. Antifa needs to be called a terrorist organization and the folks at Black Lives Matters need to be shut down. Bring in the troops…….not the national guard in every trouble spot. ENOUGH!

  56. I agree the left mob swamp cheated and they should be ashamed of themselves! Especially the fact that Biden stayed in his basement almost the whole time and how corrupt he and his family along with Obama and others! And how could this wacko guy get more votes then (OBAMA: the most corrupt and un transparent and selfish most racist president ever) Obama did? Biden hardly got anybody to show up at his rallies! Bill Barr stabbed the President and the American people in the back. My question is who got to him and why? Trump did everything for the American people while exposing all the crap the Democrats have been doing to us for years and years! I agree that we should go back to paper ballets! Lets go old school and that way we can prove who won and who did’nt! I will never except Joe Biden as my President he is waste of time and only the front man for Obama in his third presidency! God help us that we will have Obama Kamala and the mob left running our country! They also want to give more money and power to other countries well I am sick and tired of my taxes going to other countries and people that live here illegally!

  57. Interesting that many of society recognize the election cheating by the Democrats, and yet our supposedly smart Supreme Court Justices can’t recognize cheating. How much did those lawyers get paid off o ignore the Democrat attack on this 4 yr Trump attack. That Court is supposed to protect us from DOMESTIC enemirs. We need a change in special lawyers.

    1. The Only ones that don’t think there was voters fraud are the democrats, and media. Once President Trump is reelected democrats will be back up to their old tricks of trying to discredit him. It is time that the democrats stop paying off the media, attorneys who wanted to take the case, and all the threats on their family and the attorneys life if the did take the case. You NEVER reward any CRIME including stealing and election. President Trump won the election fair and square. It is time to arrest biden, harris and obama who is behind the scene whos would be acting president in the shadow. which he stated on a talk show would stay in his basement feeding information to biden, who can’t even read a teleprompter right. obama thinks he is still presdient, he needs to be arrested and tried for treason. There have been two wonderful presidents in teh USA who loved their country, served their country and that is our 16th President Abraham Lincoln and Presdient Donald Trump. The worst is clintons, obama and coming up joe biden. all are criminals . May TURE JUSTICE BE SERVED and the TRUE PRESIDENT WIN THE ELECTION, REMEMBERING GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL not democrats

  58. The corruption at all levels of state and federal government is overwhelming. It’s like a big redwood tree that you can’t get your arms around. I think the only way to stop it is for all Americans to unite in great numbers to stop paying their taxes; in effect, shut down the government unless and until they realize that they work for us , “We the people”. The message is clear, we don’t take kindly to being disenfranchised. We’re tired of your deficit spending and spending away our country’s future to enhance other nations and non-citizens at our expense. Spending $1.4 trillion is obscene. I think this is the only way to stop it or at least get our complaints addressed. God knows, our votes don’t seem to matter.

  59. Let’s gather WE THE PEOPLE to demand the hypocrisy, corruption, socialist trends, get rooted outed and get back to the basic principles this country I defended, along with so many, was created on! Some did not come home and they can’t vote! But they made the ultimate sacrifice, for a rigged election??
    We need to demand action for those that can’t, for them, for us, for our future, and that of our children, and their children!
    Slowly going down this road to a no morals, no law, no rules, no truth, no integrity, no God country is to our own demise as a free country.
    My fellow veterans and patriots, this is the “put your foot down moment” in our lives.
    DO NOT accept your rights being decimated slowly on your own local level. That leads to awareness and then, action, and then change!
    Be well my brothers and sisters, God Bless America!! And those who fight for her!

  60. You see the Democrats pushing the Jews and Christians around – you don’t see them telling the Muslims to stay out of their Mosques or cancel their holidays do you? Why? Because they are scared s**tless of what will happen to them if they do. They are scared s**tless of BLM & antifa too. They don’t fear you so they don’t respect you. There is a lesson here for all.

  61. The other day a judge said the courts are not doing anything because of threats from the left. An honest election is what makes this country what it is, if the Democrats are allowed to get away with fixing this election, we have no country.

  62. The FBI is screwing President Trump over Just like they did Richard Jewell. After more than twenty years they still have not admitted they were wrong in saying they suspected Mr. Jewell as being the bomber in Atlanta.

  63. Quite simply the voting was severely corrupted making it illegal and needs to be thrown out. We need to have a new vote day and try again.
    If we do nothing, we will lose our country.

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