Protester Who Entered Capitol Building Speaks Out on Motivations

The world watched as protestors walked through the United States Capitol building as Congress looked to authenticate the November 2020 election. Much of the news coverage has been focused on the very few protesters who stepped over the line and went too far. The media is using the more shocking footage to call all Trump supporters bad. The media hasn’t stopped to interview any of the level headed protestors who attended the march—individuals who were there to participate in their constitutional right as an American to protest.

LifeSiteNews sat down with one of the men who admits to entering the Capitol building and asked what his motivation was for breaking into Congress. Understandably, the man says, he was caught up in everything going on, but he also outlined all the illegal activities that went into the 2020 Presidential election and how he felt it was his own responsibility to help prevent the furthering of these illegal activities.


He went further into indicating that none of the institutions were working to look into the numerous claims of election fraud, despite evidence brought up. The fact that the courts wouldn’t even look at the information and decided that they could deny the lawsuits based on procedures not being followed, upset the man (as it has the 76 million Americans who voted for him), so he entered the capital along with other protestors.

In total, the man said he was inside the Capitol building anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes, although he admitted it was difficult to fully comprehend the passing of time due to everything going on. He also added the police kept everyone in check while also being as professional and respectful as they possibly could be. To hear the full interview, watch the video below.

127 thoughts on “Protester Who Entered Capitol Building Speaks Out on Motivations”

  1. I am tired of the double standards. Term Limits are a must! Congress, (you are elected officials, the laws you right you must also follow, let the people vote on the laws you want to make), members of congress has to be on the same social security and medicare as the rest of “American citizens”. All foreign aid must be stopped until America and it’s citizens are financially sound. Voting needs to be done in person with ID by Citizens of America. Counting computers must count only, no algorithms programmed to average or change.

    1. Very much agree. Limit officials to be re-elected. It looks as we live in socialist countries, where government elected forever. It likes country in a country. They have their own rules and benefits. It has to be stoped!

      1. Congress must be cleaned out and true patriot’s who believe in the Law, Constitution, the Flag the communist call racist, and God. Members of congress should not be backing Terrorists and collecting foreign money like these Jackass communists demo.

        The true democratic party died the day that the democratic party murdered on of their own president. I am talking about John Fitzgerald Kennedy (May 29, 1917 – November 22, 1963), He was a Patriot served in the military (Navy) he seen war. He stood on the law of the US and the Constitution, He showed honored with the flag, the same FLAG the covered his Coffin.

        The Socialistic/Communists in the Democratic party hated him for that and they MURDERED HIM IN COLD BLOOD, that is the party now in congress and going into the Whitehouse, they do not gave a DAMN who they have murdered as long as their communist ideals stands.

        People go back to History and see what theses jackasses will do to this country.

        I have one question for these jackasses: If communist is so great why then are people fleeing form these countries? Answer is Communism is not great it is the evil that consumes people in power like the Democrats in Congress and all communist that wants the Whitehouse.

      2. If we the people are allowed to vote on these things like term limits and stop sending money to rogue nations it would pass guaranteed. Let us vote!!!

      3. The dem leaders only goal is power & how they get it does not matter whether it destroys the U.S.A. ! There’s a thin red line separation to keep U.S. Constitutional Freedom & Rights or a dems socialistic, marxist, Islamic nwo terrorists be dictators to control every human life with enslavement service to stay alive without any Freedom ! The dem, commie instigated vote fraud is the proof of criminal dictator whims & ways for tyranny power !

        1. I hate to admit it but I don’t really care they entered the capital. For months they have been taking everything that is America and spitting on it. Destroying monuments, insulting snd degrading our founders,burning our cities,murdering, destroying history planning to brainwash our children and our fearless sat there in the capital doing NOTHING. Where is their respect for the capital and what it represents. Then on top they tefuse to investigate an election and invalidate millions of citizens votes and take away our constitutional freedoms. A POX on ALL YOUR HOUSES! MAGA

    2. I applaud Trump’s supporters. They had a legal right to protest and the Capital is as much theirs as the politicians. Politicians and the courts did not rule by the law and they were getting away with this travesty of justice. As Albert Einstein quoted ” it is not the evil that will destroy the world; it is those that stand back and watch and do nothing”.

      1. Absolutely correct! The Capitol building along with all the other buildings “owned and operated” by the government belong to us, the people. While crowd control may be necessary due to the limits of the facilities, those facilities are still ours, not some elected officials or bureaucrats, ours! I’m amazed (actually, not surprised at all) at how cavalier the media are in their coverage of events. While the people who entered the Capitol were somewhat rowdy, they didn’t loot the premises or start fires or do any of the things that the “peaceful protesting” BLM and Antifa did all summer long in our cities. Yet, look how the media covers things. Some have described these events as the worst assault on the government since 1812. Good grief! Incidentally, it’s three days later and the media coverage of this citizen action is still the lead story everywhere. They aren’t even covering the carnage that has been going on for well over 100 days and is still happening in Portland, OR.

        1. Have you seen the Video where Trump supporters were trying to pull these ANTIFA members away from breaking windows in the Capitol Building? A woman actually tried to alert capitol police that ANTIFA was in the crown. A man in a MAGA hat pulled a man in body armor and a helmet away from a window that he was attempting to smash with a club. When he pulled the man away and told him to stop, four more ANTIFA members jumped him and beat him up and continued to break the windows. You don’t see them showing this on Main Stream Media because they want to make it a blanket blame against all Trump supporters.

          1. I saw the same video and you could spot antifa members a mile away. I pray that TRUMP PULLS THE PLUG ON THE SWAMP RATS AND ANTIFA. HE STILL HAS TIME.

          2. I call BS! Rioter vs. Protester (Refresher course of Fake News)

            ANTIFA members don’t break windows to break in to confront the accused – only red blooded AMERICANS do! (and that’s BAD)! = Protester

            ANTIFA barricades the exterior doors of buildings with Federal employees inside, douses it with accelerants and lights the building on fire! (apparently that’s GOOD)! = Rioter

      2. Not according to the Jackass communist demo-nut cases
        George Washing said it best: But if the laws are to be so trampled upon with impunity, and a minority is to dictate to the majority, there is an end put at one stroke to republican government, and nothing but anarchy and confusion is to be expected thereafter.

        The time is now near at hand which must probably determine whether Americans are to be freemen or slaves; whether they are to have any property they can call their own; whether their houses and farms are to be pillaged and destroyed, and themselves consigned to a state of wretchedness from which no human efforts will deliver them. The fate of unborn millions will now depend, under God, on the courage and conduct of this army. Our cruel and unrelenting enemy leaves us only the choice of brave resistance, or the most abject submission. We have, therefore, to resolve to conquer or die.

      3. The dems have got away with their many crimes for past 12+ years of bo,hilary treason instigated in all law violations possible including the 4 year coup to destroy POTUS Trump ! There is ample proof of far left dem’s intrusion at every end of U.S. Government then blamed on the Republicans while bo’s appointed fed judges ignored or did not prosecute ! The dem leaders treason is fact that the cowardly DOJ-AG ‘s continually ignored ! Now it’s GOD help the U.S.A. to remain Constitutionally Free with human Rights & dem’s create their demise !

    3. I totally agree with all that you’ve said. I’m worried for my children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren and their future. I won’t be around many more years but they will. We’ve worked hard our whole lives so that we can pass down to our children, etc. We taught them good work ethics and they passed them down to their children, etc. We are very upset about what the radical left wants. It’s not what most Americans want, nor what the Framers of the Constitution wanted. I pray every day for our country.

      1. Betty I’m in the same situation, GGrandchildren I worry even my grandchildren.I went through this as a child with Hitler it scares me to death what lies ahead of us all.My Parents never talked about anything to scared, I caalle dmy brother want to talk about politics he tells me he cant talk they listen.He ment Obama then.

    4. I very much agree with everything you say .We also need a national id with fingerprint required to vote in person only. It should not be to hard to have computors that can recognize the fingerprimt like phones do to vote.

        1. One question to ask all of you. January 6, was Trumps last chance at saving his Presidential position. I say, why would he start a riot and ruin his last chance Congressmen who were going to object for him had their chances shortened or dismissed completely. It seems to me when it comes to motive the Dems are more likely suspects of starting this whole things than Republicans. Think about their overall behavior and you will find the answer.

          1. I agree with all of you ..The Democrst party must be controlled or our country will be destroyed .. At least 500. ANTIFA were bused into the capitol .going to a back fence where a security guard opened the Gates and let them in ..They were the first to start breaking into the Capital encourage some wound up protesters to follow ..Considering there were close to a hundred thousand people there and a 100 got into capitol
            ( plus Antifa and BLM) the figures aren’t that bad ..sad that the lady was shot by one of the police or security. And a police man who died of injuries and personal health issues ..And others died of conditions that they had …..President TRUMP DID NOT TELL PEOPLE TO RIOT OR BREAK INTO THE CAPITOL !!! THE MEDIA IS LYING AGAIN …. He thanked people for turning out but ask them to stop rioting and told them to go down, I think, Pennsylvania avenue. And then go home peacefully …It was fine for ANTIFA And BLM to destroy property ,Businesses ,And killing people most of 2020 ..The democrats supported them !! Obama ,Soros, and Steyer bought ANTIFA ar15s !! Nothing was done to them ..and we Republicans complained but didn’t intervene … our
            Maybe VP even said. I SUPPORT BLM. BUT I WILL DEFUND THE POLICE AND TAKE CITIZEN’S GUNS AWAY !!!!! Sounds like Hitler doesn’t it ?? BIDEN IS PUTTING A RADICAL CABINET IN WHO DO NOT RESPECT THE HUMANS LIVING HERE .. what does that tell you ?? They are bad mouthing Trump to take the attention away from what they are going to” try “to do. Pelosi is a maniac that should be removed quickly before she does any more damage .. Pence better refuse to do the 25th amendment on Trump if he wants to continue in politics!!! …..

          2. My thoughts exactly! This entire election has been a sh** show by Democrats who are in collusion to change our country to a Socialist/Communist nation. The crooked illegal election has shown Americans how far Dems will go to silence those who oppose their assault on our Constitution and nation. These long-term politicos need to be removed from their offices after two years service and no long- term pensions or insurance other than the cheap HMO s that their home state offers thru federal funding of Medicaid/Medicare and Social Security just like everyone else in our country. I hope Trump exposes and declassified documentation regarding the left Dems and that clearly shows how corrupt Democrats are…And if you are Republican or other parties show all corruption. It is past time for Americans to rise up against this political corrupt machine and correct the injustices done to Americans by their direct actions.

          3. Agreed – this has many elements of a “red flag” op. Where were the counter-protestors that ALWAYS show up at Trump supporting rally’s? Bus loads of “sketchy looking” people getting off to join the rally – people carrying weapons – spears, pistols, rifles arrested in the Capital complex; this is NOT typical behavior of Trump “MAGA” supporters!

        2. Only problem is dem leaders want a no vote dictator & destroy all U.S Constitutional Freedom & Rights to establish their own dictatorship in a NWO with other totalitarian terrorist dictators to enslave all infidels !

      1. I think all elections should go back to hand counting. People have gotten to dependent on tech and they have gotten lazy. ask the younger generation if they can even read an analog clock you would be amazed at their answer.

    5. Please do the right thing, Voter ID and in person voting only. I felt like the guy where I voted did not even care if I showed my ID. Pelosi Schumer Sciff and others have been unfair to Trump, if Pelose does not get her way she walks and does not pay attention to what Trump is trying to do . Congress needs to listen to really pay attention to the people who pay them. I do feel Trump tries to work for the people. While osme of congress eat there 14 dollar pint of ice cream and live in million dollar homes and Maxine Waters fo after them. What kind of person is she, and I know a lot of black people who do not feel whites are against them, like Trump said good and bad on both sides. Why didnt Dems in there states stop the riots, burning, fires, breking into stores and looting just an excuse. Help

      1. The voting laws are done by each State, the focus needs to be on the State legislatures, they should have intervened when the judges and election officials went around them to change the rules of voting, they also heard the evidence and could have decertified their electoral candidates

        1. Here is the problem as I see it. They have all lost their spines. They are afraid if they do the right thing and go against the Democratic Machine, They will be the Target of ANTIFA and BLM riots and have their homes and families threatened. That is exactly why Chief Justice Roberts refused to take the cases in the Supreme Court. He didn’t want to become a target of the Leftist Regime. President Trump and a few others like Sen. Ted Cruse and Sen. Hawley and a few members of the House are the only ones who have stood up against these tyrants. Mark my words even after President Trump is out of office they will still come after him because they are so afraid he will run again in 2024. That is why they are pushing Impeachment. They already plan to Hold the Impeachment from the Senate until after Biden’s first 100 days. To me that is Unconstitutional as everyone is entitled to an expedient trial under law.

          1. You know that the Democrats plan on invoking an amendment, I forgot what it was; will not let Trump run for President in 2024? The Democrats are so afraid of Donald J. Trump that they will block him from running in ‘24 speaks volumes! The Democrats are so drunk on power that they will do anything it takes to keep it. How do you think the rest of the world looks at Democrats. I will give you a hint. No class. The Democrats are so blind by their hatred and racism and division that it will come back to bite them in the ass!

    6. Well said, I agree there must be term limits to stop these so called congressmen from getting rich off the backs of hard working Americans.
      It’s time for a change

      1. Spot on! Vincent has nailed it. As Abraham Lincoln said in the Gettysburg Address – … Government OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people- … Pelosi, etal, have seperated themselves from the “people” – they believe they know better than the masses what the masses want – how do they know that? Over half of the people voted for the re-election of POTUS-45 – the election was stolen by big tech not allowing us to hear and discuss anything possibly negative about Joe Biden and how do you lose votes already in your column? Several times during the counting process?

    7. I AGREE 100% GREG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      WELL SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. I understand his frustrations, but he did not admit that he proceded behind others (Antifa? BLM?) who broke into the Capitol which was against the law) and continued into the chambers of the House & Senate where none of the protestors belonged. I saw others carrying baseball bats, using battering rams, carrying ropes, wearing gas masks…who carries these things to a peaceful protest unless there is a plan to cause destruction or harm to others? He witnessed others exhibiting aberrant behavior, but remained there.
      He seems conflicted as to his actions and not remoseful for having participated. I think he used poor judgment to begin with and should still be punished for his actions.

      1. Like Rudy Giuliani said Trump didn’t invite these people to riot with his speech, they came prepared to riot even bringing bottles of milk to clean their eyes out from tear gas

        1. Who came prepared to riot? Who? Do conservatives typically do these things? No! Who told members of Capital Police, or D.C. Police they could go home as Trump family was speaking? Why were Capital Police taking selfie’s with the protesters? And these “Protesters” are such “violent people”- “no regards for the law” – they stayed within the lane marked across that floor of the Rotunda! Somebody explain that, ok?!?

        2. These people who infiltrated the Trump Rally were not present during his speech because Backpacks and such were not allowed in. These people who wore body armor and carried weapons and had backpacks filled with equipment were professional rioters. We all know who employs these types of people. This whole thing stinks of a set up. I am not a conspiracy theorist but it just seems fishy that through out President Trump’s term during all his rallies there has never been any violence and then all of a sudden at the capitol this happens?
          This seems to me like a set up so the left can make sure President Trump can never run for office again. They hate him so much for tossing a wrench into their money making schemes, That they must make sure they permanently disable him. I was thinking If I had the money, which I don’t, I would run for President in 2024 and have President Trump as a policy advisor. We would Make America Great Again. Why not, That is what Obama is doing with Senile Joe.


    10. While I agree that we need Term Limits and we must have sound and secure elections that are fool proof with check and balances to ensure the security of the vote. Having “We the People” vote on legislation completely upends the type of “Representative Republic” that we are supposed to be! We are NOT a Democracy, but a Republic.

    11. I find it amazing that BLM and Antifa were encouraged to destroy property and terrorize Trump supporters using an excuse that they’re exercising their rights and standing for injustice in our country, but when people stand for the injustice for a rigged election, they deserve federal charges. Our government is no longer working “for the people”, they’re working for a particular party. We need to get them all out of office and put people in there that want what’s best for our country and not how much hate they can cause and how much money they can make. Washington is full of corruption and it’s our right to demand more from those people that work for us. Laws need to apply to everyone equally. Due to the lack of consistency with our laws, we have chaos. We need to choose our country and not a party.

    12. The dam crooked media or fake media know dam well the people that did the break in of the capitol were the Antia thugs that the democrats hired to come and mix in the peaceful crowd and do the damage, because they wanted to prevent the vote on the Electoral vote and knew if they start this stuff it would stop that vote. They were going to lose this vote and they knew it. Why don’t you arrest some of these dirt bags and interogate them. They are the scum of this earth, Biden, Carlade, Pelosi, Schumer and all the rest of the shit heads that have sold our country out for the all mity dollar, which they have also destroyed that too. What a shithole country we are going to live in with all of this scum. When George dies what the hell are you scumbags going to do then? Greg all of what you say is very correct and you are not the only one that is fed up with crooks, There is at least 74 million of us.

    13. ALL voters vote in polls, only exception are absentee ballots that can be mailed in.
      EVERY paper ballot (State and Federal)MUST include three items:
      1. A fingerprint (on scotch tape or ink in a square of the ballot)
      2. A facial picture (copy of a drivers license or employee badge)
      3. A DNA sample via saliva or blood sample (spit or diabetes sample) into a square on ballot)
      4. Each person voting will have a finger dyed to prevent an additional vote

      Now our votes will be valid and can be checked honestly.

    14. Amen Greg. My sentiments exactly. Voter IDs dont disenfranchise anyone. Our government works for We The People, they come to Washington for a term or two to resolve an issue and then return home. Eliminate all of these Super PAC’s and 501c’s, they do nothing but spew hate. I Lobbists want to spread money throughout Washington let them put it in to research and studies and not into the pockets of politicians. We need to take the country back.

    15. I agree with MOST of This Statement! Most of The Politicians Don’t Listen! They have lost Their Way! It is ALL about Power and Money!!!

  2. I am still waiting for any reputable news source to acknowledge any of the half dozen videos of the Capitol police moving barriers and directing people in towards the Capitol. I am also waiting for someone to state that Ashi Babbett was surrounded by police in the hallway who obviously thought she was not a threat as they let her pass into the opening where she was murdered in cold blood. Of course the video of Ashli being shot was removed from the internet because before she hit the floor it showed she was being helped by a half dozen officers who were shocked shots had been fired.

  3. No joe Biden as president for me. Call him what you want,but he is nothing more than another crooked politician. And he has proved it rrepeatedly. Not to mention he has a 0 average of getting anything done. The president b4 Trump was an invalid and so is Joe. Joe’s wife is a skank and Michelle is a michael…and really should tape it back and just shut the f__k up. Protesters had every right where congress did not. Democrats don’t even know that they work for us,(the people), however if they keep this shit up we won’t have any rights left at all. Facebook and Twitter should be shut down and all of msm should be fired and start from scratch. Hire all new reporters that want to report. They know they are lieing to us and don’t care. Not even when confronted with the truth. Hang them all by the toes until they tell the truth. Most of them would hang until they died just to not admit the lies. WAKE UP! We know you lie and you have made fools of us all to the rest of the world,but hey…with Joe at the helm who the fuck is ever going to take the USA seriously again.

    1. The one you have to worry about is Harris. You have to know Joe flubbed and told exactly what he was going to do, resign the office under medical causes. That is in print! He is taking the oath of office under false pretenses.
      This will be seen as a legal move. The turn over of power will happen at the first sign of incompetence of Joe. He should have been examined and judged fit for duty before he was made a candidate but we all know how this goes in politics, no logic is ever used in politics.
      Now let us turn to Kamala, the inexperienced puppet of Obama, the architect of the ruse of the people.
      He picks a liberal attorney to mold and shape in his image. Never pay attention to the primary assessment of her that was only 3.4% of the voters. Now, what does that tell you! The people have no confidence in her yet she will be our supposed new President. Where will her newfound power fall, right back in Obama’s lap?
      Have you noticed Obama is now a fixture at Joe’s hip, Do you want to know why? Obama has no respect for Joe.
      We all heard it on the open mike recording of what Obama really thinks about Joe. ” Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to “F” things up!”
      This ruse has been planned out from When President Trump threw his hat in the Ring! That is over 4 years of a scared Obama fearing President Trump, (Don’t forget the legacy part of this equation, Obama has made this fight into a moral imperative of retribution.) Look at this mess they had to cook up just to get back in power.
      The American people have been played like a fiddle and protests have fallen on deaf ears in the DOJ. I’ll bet that we dig deep enough you find corruption high up in the DOJ. We can’t get justice applied to a Presidential candidate that deserves jail time for subversive activity in her Emails. So just who is putting our justice system in the trash can. I would like to know! Then we would know who really to go after.
      I’ll get off my soapbox now and turn it back over to other real patriots to call this sham out for what it is!

      1. Extremely well said, I can’t agree with you more, this country is headed down a evil path, it will only get worse, if it can ever get better remains to be seen, this double standard, two tiered justice system, one for the wealthy and powerful and another for us common folk, it can’t be denied, the truth is our system, is completely broken, when our Supreme Court refused to even hear the cases and listen to the overwhelming evidence of voter misconduct and fraud, what type of signal does that send to we the people, these individuals took a sacred job, they should have been willing to except the consequences that go with that choice, meaning at some point they would have to be willing to wear a bullseye, but no, their cowards, all 9 of them, as are all the senators who said they would back our President and then flipped at the first sign of trouble, when two sides can’t even come together for the common good of the people and pass 2000 dollar stimulus, which mind you is a joke and the 600 we got is even more of joke, these individuals forced our hand and thats why the Capital was stormed, you can only kick a dog for so long before he bites back, I digress, the Veteran that was murdered in the Capital deserved so much better and this too will be covered up, ill reported on, washed over, she will be portrayed as some evil Trump supporter and hold your breathe if you think MSM will cover this correctly, they will not, they too are compromised, they wouldn’t know honest reporting if it bit them in the ass, we must in act term limits, these individuals that have grown old in office and enriched themselves on our dime and our taxes must go, lastly we need voter integrity, voter ID must be required to vote, this is one of our most honorable and sacred rights, Christ you can’t drive a car or purchase alcohol or tobacco products without one but I can vote without one, and the left has made all this possible, their constant refusal to pass sensible legislation and regulations, is incomprehensible…..I must apologize for going on, but there is so much that needs to be said and reported on but sadly it will not be…………the left will not be satisfied till they have taken our rights, our voices and rule completely, with a boot on our necks!

      2. Blackmail. Theres photos of chief justice roberts on Epstein island and his name on flight log on lolita express. Reason he refused to hear the fraud case. Google the photos.

      3. SCENARIO : Biden will be impeached or forced to resign – Harris moves to Presidency & what do ya know ////
        New v.p. Pelosi // Then comes Chuckie ???????????????????????????????????????

        1. Harris can’t become president she was not born in U.S. when slow joe cracks it will go to speaker of the house nut case nancy pelosi!!!

      4. Good because as soon as Kamala Harris is sworn in as President to take Senile Joe’s place she needs to be Impeached for collusion with ANTIFA and BLM Rioters. She started a fundraiser to collect bail money for these thugs who were burning, looting, and tearing down statues, Attacking Police Stations, Federal Court Houses and countless other crimes. She did exactly what they are now accusing President Trump of doing. If she can be removed from office before hand then that is even better. By the way before anyone says that would make Pelosi President, Please read the Constitution. She will only have Temporary control until a new President is Elected under special election. Besides she is old and feeble and probable isn’t going to last much longer with all that 14 dollar a pint Ice Cream hardening her arteries.

      5. Democrats throwing other Democrats under the bus? Wow! Talk about a dog eat dog world Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    2. You are right.
      I also think, if George Washington was surrounded by traitors like our President Trump, we would never win against England. They are cowards.

      1. Actually History shows that George Washington was surrounded by traitors and he still managed to win. Keep that in mind. Example: Bendict Arnold, and you don’t think he was working alone, There is always a network when there are spies and traitors. Kind of like Mitt Romney. He might as well switch parties because he’s not very good at the game. we all see him for what he is.

    3. So nfucking true!!! America is lost unless we still have patriots in the millitary who will stand with TRUMP and close down the country NOW!!!!!!!!!

      1. Amen!! We must support people like Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch who is, and has been, filing lawsuits right and left trying to defend us legally. Pray God will help him and us!!

    4. You correctly point out that Joe Biden has a zero average of getting things done. Maybe that’s a silver lining on an otherwise dark cloud. Even with total control of Congress, he and his party may continue his zero average, at least until he is replaced by Kamala. Whatever title he prefers, he will continue to be an illegitimate occupant in the White House.

      1. What military personnel voted to cut their own throats? They changed their votes to. So disappointed with everything going on. President Donald Trump is my president not uncle sniffy joe pedophile is what he is and kabala harris will not be my president either
        She was not voted for

    5. David you said it all, Even the GOPs sold us out not all, but they cant to it all to make it right.We had one of the best Presidents in my life time, they did not stopped till the corrupt voting starting. MY children all vote for him not I told them, but they seen what was going on.Obama wasent my president so will not be biden.Obama will be running Biden mark my word, also he knew Harris for a long time, this is the reason she got picked as VP. What hurts me Pence a Traitor, this bothers me the most the innocent looking snake. He goes down for Treason.

      1. Most of what you say “rings the bell”! But VPOTUS Pence did what the law requires – it is on Congress to speak up, force debate on the election process in GA, PA, MI, WI, AZ & NV. If Congress is so in the tank that they refuse to comprehend what they are told, and refuse to follow the law, then WE the people need to organize starting now – and vote those out! Can we make a clean sweep? I doubt it, especially when big tech has their FOOT on the scales! Our major media from print to “news presentors” to social media – if we are not allowed to hear what is going on – how can we talk about it or reach consensus on what needs to happen next? If they decide it is a non-story that is what it becomes! And we never hear about it!
        Parlier has been erased, now CNN is advocating that Fox News be “deplatformed – the left wants a monopoly on what is fit to print!

        1. And that in a nutshell is Socialism/Communism. Big Tech set the precedence when they blocked Parler and now they will go after Fox News and News Max and other conservative news sources, Though Fox has been leaning to the left for a while now and I only watch a few of their people now and mostly stick to Newsmax these days.

  4. NewsMax shows you everything that went on. I seen people that were there show videos of them stepping a side for them to enter. And seen where Antifa was being escorted into where to park. You will have to watch. Prayers and love to Ashli and her family!! God rest her soul.

    1. I switched the night of the election to newsmax , had to call my cable, I want Honesty in our reporters. For me what the fake media done is not free speech is lying to the American’s and so many fall for it. I have a friend, flee the east to Germany because of the war and corruption,married a GI came over here & vote for the same people she run away from, get that. Well I haven’t talked to her ,I really have problems talking to any one who voted for Biden.

      1. The people who voted for Biden will suffer the same fate as the rest of us. Good! They wanted Trump out of office so bad because they probably blame him for the virus and willing to pay high taxes? It’s like the blind leading the blind. The Democrats should change their symbol to a snake because that is what they truly are. Never trust a snake…means never trust or vote for a Democrat!

  5. The truth behind all lies will come out. The ones responsible for the wrongs they done will come out. You can’t hide the truth from GOD.

    1. Amen.
      Anyone with half a brain knows that the riot at the capital was all planned by the wicked far left .Wake up America!!!!!
      Biden is just a do nothing idiot. It’s all about Harris and Obama running our country.
      How sad. They hate Trump because he was exposing all of them. Romney, McConnell , Graham, Roberts , Bush and so many more are a disgrace to the human race. Bush sure had me fooled.
      You so called Republicans need to get off your butts and show some backbone. Stop looking out for your own good and take care of the people who put you in office. Your all a bunch of hypocrites .

      1. I have said for several years now that political correctness and freedom will be the downfall of this nation. To say ‘wicked far left’ is not politically correct even tho’ a true and accurate description. Freedom under the Constitution gives the far left as well as everyone else rights to do as we will under the law. The problem came when barry odama made certain the nation was polarized into black and white and achieved the goals of charles mansion to start a race war. It is good to be old and have limited time on this ball of dirt but I do pray daily for my grand peeps. Amen

      2. Dorothy Bush had me fooled,I argued with People who put him down.I cant believe this but now think about Pence, what a traitor.

    2. Agreed! God has this in His control! Truth and Right will ultimately win! However, it is up to the conservative to fight in word and deed to pray this through. remember the promise: “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray snd turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven and heal their lands!” This promise comes first with required action on our part! When we do it, God will heal our land! Think on this! Eternity is waiting!

      1. All us Patriots are in agreement w all being said. As long as people keep voting in politicians who stand w abortion and sending $7M to Pakistan, et al, to further transgender policies, etc., it appears God may have turned a deaf ear! We had a chance to heal this nation by correcting so many injustices with President Trump at the helm but now???? God has the last word and we have to trust and believe everything is going according to His plan! Amen!

        1. Jone, I doubt that God has turned a deaf ear. The Father knows what is going on, but he has His own way of dealing with it. We must keep up our faith and do all we can to further His kingdom. For starters, we need to pray that evil doers have a change of heart and come to believe in the Father and his goodness. They are not to be condemned. They are to be prayed for.

    3. The truth will come put and it has already started. However, this Corrupt Administration cannot be touched. They are all in it together. They have complete control of all three branches of the Government which includes the Justice System and FBI, liberal judges, Democratic Governors, Ag’s and Mayors. THEY COVER FOR EACH OTHER.

        1. Can you write without cursing or is it that you have a very limited vocabulary?
          Also, you need to use spellcheck.

          1. Good for you, Virginia. There are too many out there who can’t talk or even think without a filthy mouth.

  6. Much of the news coverage has been focused on the very few protesters who stepped over the line and went too far. The media is using the more shocking footage to call all Trump supporters bad. The media hasn’t stopped to interview any of the level headed protestors who attended the march—individuals who were there to participate in their constitutional right as an American to protest.

    The asinine communist news media does not want to truth, they cannot handle the truth, they rather LIE and make up false stories and try to convince people that the media is on their side. News media has never told the truth in decades since the murder of John F. Kennedy in Texas.

    1. Isn’t it rediculous that these idiots went to college to learn journalism and paid a fortune to learn how to cuss and hurt people?


  8. To answer all questions, china owns. Wall street, state dept. Intellgent system. Dept. Of treasury, dept.of commerce. Us trade. Us. Judical systems. They own. All democrates, 1half repuclicans. They controll deep state. This has been going on for 50 yrs. Or more. Joe for sure is stuck up thier butts. This comes from a man named. Di dongsheng. They had every set up to take full control. Along comes Trump, he put a monkey wrench in thier plans. Thats why all the crap he got for 4 years. What do we do when’ half of us dont pay any attention to whats going on. Right now we have the socialist aka dems n republican party. Its time to form a patriots party. Some one to represent us

  9. It’s time we the people stand up for the declaration of independence and unite to abolish the existing government for their destruction of our country, we were not meant to be under someone’s thumb, if this continues we will not have any rights whatsoever, it’s time to abandon and abolish our existing government and reinstitute a new government voted by American citizens only, in person, ID required and if necessary fingerprints. This my fellow Americans has gone way to far, for way to long. This is supposed to be about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, yet it has become duck, dodge and what the fuck are they going to take next. This year they will have your 10 year children getting jobs to help support their families OH THAT’S RIGHT THEY TOOK AWAY YOUR RIGHTS TO RAISE YOUR CHILDREN AS YOU SEEN FIT AND NOW WE HAVE A COUNTRY FULL OF YOUNG ADULTS WHO THINK THAT THEY ARE ENTITLED TO EVERYTHING, IT SHOULD BE HANDED TO THEM AND GOD FORBID HAVING ANY PRIDE OR RESPECT. I’M just saying that we are heading for some really bad shit. GOD BLESS US ALL

  10. The Democratic party is the party of traitors, liars, and cheats – there is no saving them or changing them. We will see in the coming months, who has any morals or conscious – could some change parties when the madness starts. Harris already calls the shots, traitor Joe is just a puppet and an imbecile and will do whatever they tell him to do – he has no morals. No matter what – history eventually will show the corruption of our government and Trump will prevail due to giving true Americans the truth and the determination to take America back from the imbedded and corrupt Federal government employees and politicians. First step is to take the state government’s back – we should start seeing state legislators pressing charges and investigating election fraud in their states. People need to be prosecuted, no more of this coverup and people getting away with crimes, we pay their salaries, we need to be able to get them fired!!

    1. Good Luck to those states with democratic governors and all democratic locals. Our only hope is at the poles next election. No mail ins PLEASE VOTE IN PERSON! Demand each voter shows picture ID and 2 other ID’s like utility bills with recent dates. A thumb print with voter card would be great!

    2. How fucking stupid You are the elephants have been running the state for the last 25 years to post the shit you did might not go well with ktuu and channel five

  11. If they were showing Antifa where to park, there is no doubt in my mind it was a set-up. We know from their destruction and we know who bonds them out. In the four years of many Trump rallies never has this happened. Hopefully the FBI will see this for what it really was and bring the truth out. The Democrats are fearing the truth and now they are trying to do anything they can to silence President Trump.

  12. Is Georgia still going to do that forensic audit? What about the votes we saw change in the videos of newscasts?
    Going down for the Republican candidate and going up for the Democrat? One changed by 32,400 votes; another by 5,000.

    1. Watching the Georgia runoff on Newsmaxx that night, I was writing down the times and vote counts for each candidate. At 11 pm EST Purdue had a lead of over 130,000 votes. At 11:14 pm EST, the news person appeared shocked and said there’d just been a big ballot drop. Purdue was suddenly only 3,000 ahead, and it just kept fallkng after that.
      Loeffler attended the Congressional mtg, saying she’d be standing to say GA had fraudulent voting in November. And since Purdue was still in quarantine after covid exposure, and at least one Senator had to sign a statement as such to allow fraud info to presented and then voted on, or it couldn’t be brought to the floor. She backed out of signing the go ahead for GA, so it’s fraud data could not be presented and voted on in Congress.
      AND then Purdue can not use the GA fraud data effectively in his objection to the run-off election. Now the Left just calls national fraud nothing. And it wasn’t nothing. It surely existed in many states, even beyond swing states.
      I am convinced there was fraud in GA for 11/3 and the run-offs, and nationwide 11/3. The Democrats who are so fixated on destroying America and President Trump are unhinged, but they are still able to help with the long term plan to attack Trump for yrs, and to attack our democracy, either as a goal or as fall out for others. The destruction of America seems to be another goal, though. And they are very good at long term evil plans. Biden appoints people from Google, Twitter, Facebook management? And then we see a well coordinated plan to take down communications of our PRESIDENT and his team, take Parler off, and CNN announces FOX News, Newsmaxx, and another conservative network are also targets to be destroyed.

  13. Amen Daniel 2:44 soon to take place. 2nd Timothy 3:1-5. Get ready and right with our creator and his Son Christ Jesus. Only then will Psalms 37: 9-11, 29, and verse 34, come to fruition and have a fair and just world.

  14. Sick and tired of one set of rules for the left and another for the right! Where was Pelosi this summer during the riots and fires and looting! She didn’t even care, Now making a big bruha about this one. This election was stolen. People can take only so much! Trump being tormented for 4 years. The dems locking everyone up. People losing their homes and businesses. Lacking food. Being evicted! Enough to make people react!

  15. I am one of those that is not afraid to put my name on what I say. I am 89 years old , so what can they do to me that they already haven’t done. I and a member of my family served in the military even though we could have got out because of medical reasons.. I saw one person mention China. China has Biden in their back pocket. I would not be surprised if China has a base on American soil before the end of 2024. Be it Samoa, Guam, Hawaii or Alaska. They are already entrenched in the USA. He can not refuse China after all they have paid out to him and his family. Who would loan an individual over a billion dollars, The Bank of China. Biden keeps saying he never received anything. His son made a statement that old Joe made him give him half of the 30 million for his part in the deal with China or Ukraine. I only see things getting worse. Until 1931 you could walk into the capital and ask to see someone and there was no problem. The democrats stopped that GOD BLESS AMERICA

    1. I want to touch every aspect of the comments above with few words .
      Were are the Patriots Generals ? are they Generals only to go defend the others countries ? are they hiding , afraid of losing their job or are just cowards, do they have balls to call the army to stop this joke?
      What are the supreme judges doing ?The judges are defending the criminals only , right? How can you say there is no evidence, if you don’t even care about check the problems . Piece pence this guy , just recently say that he is very happy for being working with President Trump; and on the last minute he cut the legs of the President. This guy could have found a way to delay , by asking to have a new national elections ,or ask the supreme judges to check all the evidences, there are plenty of evidence…
      what kind of traitor is this guy, The pope also played a big roll in the elections as well, he is pro xi gimp-anzee. What kind of so many republicans traitors they are ? There isn’t even one stupid demoncrat capable of saying a good word in favor of President, sleepy joe belongs in jail with his sons /brothers and many others, they are savagers. The same happens to Jesus, He came to the world to do good to all men, and the people followed Jesus in multitudes , the high priests become enraged , and decided to get ready of Jesus, and so they carried the plan to the end , and got ready of Jesus,The same happens to Mr President Trump, He did everything for the Love of America, and Mr Trump didn’t even get paid , what a life , and it is real, I conclude saying , china has the road fully open, to do their manuvering, good luck America as I see things– Americans, remember, President Trump made America Great , you are making more money , you are more secure in many aspects , too many to describe,he stop the wars, the soldiers came home etc, etc ,,?… ! Please reply

      1. “ByeDin.” (Goodbye LAWS)
        China chips made multi billionaires with facebook and Twitter.
        China chips to communicate or eradicate?
        Free speech deleted for cheaters to beat.
        Sounds like treason for an obvious reason
        “Con-uism” controls
        Bless the 75 million votes
        and the percent more that did not know
        and would have changed their vote if the chippers chirped and true voices were heard.
        No truth. No justice. No liberty. No love.
        Yes Trump trumpets “take our business back”. Made in America. Yes Trump is a trumpet, a leader for individualism, unity and peace. “One Nation under GOD with liberty and justice for all. “ Under attack by the “bye-dins” and “per loses”, Perloseys is too confrontational to confront the damage to her state. Trump trumpets. Blow the shofar for truth justice law and order. “Bye-Dins” are the rioters. Look. Listen. Learn. Earn to merit with your merits. In GOD we trust. Law ! Not a new world disorder. Not chip distorters. Trumpets for Trump.

  16. Agree to all the comments posted. We need to get together, stand up for our freedom of speech and choices. Unfortunatly the dems will not leave P.Trump and his family alone. We, need to think of our families, what we are going to put up with for the next 4 years and why do we have to. I think all supporters should get together and rally for our rights, pray and protect the president and his family, fight for our democracy. If we let them take over now we will Not have America again. Our 4 fathers fought for this country and put their lives down. We should stand up as the patriots of our wonderful country. I moved to U.S.A 29 years ago and cannot be thankful enough for all the opportunities were given to us. LOVE AMERICA and can’t believe that i am going through everything again as i lived the same scenario 29 years ago before we immigrated to U.S. President Trump is the only one who cared about our veterans, citizens, brought all the companies back to U.S, supplied jobs and ….. The dems are minor group of people that bark like little dogs by trying to attack the big dogs. Them all are afraid of Trump. We need to do something about it. Revolutions happen for a reason, maybe it is one we are as Patriots have to take the chance if we care about our future and of future of our generations. This country was based on Freedom and IN GOD WE TRUST should take the place. We have the right to demand the truth and have Trump start his own party, he will have even more followers now. All of us citizens took 4 years of nonsense attacks left and right with Trump. He was the One Man fighting against the entire world. We can’t let him down.

  17. So you can’t storm the capital , it wasn’t the first time , 1967 black power did , armed ! Maybe it’s alright to go to there homes seek and find there hiding places , democrates have your day now , and then it will be your turn , your shameless accusations of faults lies absurd propaganda of Republicans has a ending point and it’s here . Getter done . Molest there rocks that they live under ” homes ” turnabout is fair play .

  18. Given that the Capitol police inexplicably ALLOWED many of the “protestors” to enter, it’s very puzzling that they could be charged for thus “Breaking and Entering”.

    Now, those that smashed windows, looted Government property (like that bozo proudly showing the lectern he’d just purloined, what an IDIOT), or occupied members’ offices (like the moron sitting in the office chair of the Speaker, and then took some of her MAIL? No one could simply LOCK THE DAMNED DOOR? Methinks there’s a “rat”…). If probable cause exists of disruption of the business of the United State Government, then I’ve no issue with arrest and prosecution of the perps.

    IMO, although like the unfortunate late Ashli Babbit, some of the out-of-control “protestors” were indeed Trump supporters, this whole thing was an orchestrated setup and a FALSE FLAG, and they were stupid to go along with it. That police officer that fired upon Ms. Babbit and killed her, without apparent justification, could have as easily killed fellow officers, as there were several of them, heavily armed, RIGHT BEHIND HER. IMO, a very reckless act of the Capitol Police which they need to be held accountable for. Of course, since Ms. Babbit was WHITE, and a despised Trump supporter, there’s no outrage from the Lamestream Media over this shocking act. Had she been a black woman, or a BLM and/or AntiFa operative, DC would still be BURNING.

  19. ??I must absolutely agree with what the gentleman said…”WHO WILL LISTEN…We’re fed up!!! Somehow we’ll make them listen!!!” President Trump was elected because people are sick of these politicians that the people elect, get into office, then turn around and do as they darn well please. Sadly, taking drastic actions seems to have turned the other way, and will now be used to press the thumb down on those that are truly fed up. The gentleman said…”GOD will judge us!!!” But I believe there’s a massive difference between getting upset, and making a poor judgment call, and deliberately abusing your authority for your own well being, and deceiving people, and looking down on them!!! And if you listen to some of these officials…they are the true haters, and I believe GOD’S hammer will come down hard on them for what they have done, unless their eyes are opened!!! And 1 day, there will come a time when many of them…will be begging for a freezer full of ice cream!!! PS: I am not much of a conspiracy theorist. But with all my heart…something just ain’t right with this election!!! And I pray that one day it’s brought out…and people had’ta answer!!!??

  20. I think part of the reasons the courts would not hear any of the cases about the obvious fraud was because many of the judges were appointed by Obama and those who weren’t were too afraid of the “power of the liberal army” – the politicians, the MSM, social media, Antifa, BLM, and their adoring minions. They go after anyone who dares to disagree with them with a rabid ferocity. God help us during their reign of power because they are definitely going to try and destroy anyone who voices any opposition. Look at Cuomo in New York. Thousands of doses of the Covid vaccine being wasted because he did not give his approval for first responders to receive the vaccine. Bet he was first in line to get it along with his brother. Next they will be forcing individuals to receive the vaccine. They are so terrified of losing the control that this virus has allowed them to have. They have been terrorizing the American public with fear for the last year.

  21. This will probably be the last time I post this. Harris is ineligible to be sworn in as V.P. or to assume the job of President after Joes fake illness and stepping down. When she was born her parents were not, I repeat not American Citizens. Her mother was from India and her father was from Jamaica here on educational visas. They did not apply for citizenship until 4 or 5 years after her birth. Under the U.S. Constitution she is not eligible to hold either of these offices. I as the question why the democrats did not vet these people before election? Pelosi and Chuckie knows this.


  23. The Congressional Parties Of Both Republican & Demoncrates Leftists, From The Start Of This Country Have Been Cheating The American People Whom Have Been Voting For A Candidate They Felt Should Be Our President Of The United States Of America, Well Let Me Tell You All Something That Is In The Electoral College History , Art& Archives Of The United States House Of Representatives Civics 101 The Story Of The People’s House, During The Constitutional Convention As The Founder’s Designed A Government For A New Nation Disagreements Emegerd Over How To Elect A President In Some Attendance Favored A National Popular Vote While Others Wanted Congress To Select The Chief Executive This Is Thier Comprimes-
    The Electoral College was Something Of A Hybrid Under This System , When America’s Voted For A President , They Technically Do Not Vote For A Candidate But Instead Vote For A Slate Of Electors Whom Promise To Vote For That Candidate In The Electoral College The Candidate Who Wins A Majority Of The Vote In The Electoral College Wins The Presidency , Since 1961, The Electoral College Has Been Made Up Of 538 Electors Each State Has The Same Number Of Electors , Senator’s, & Representative’s In Congress 535 Plus 3 Electors From The District Of Columbia, State Political Parties, Choose The Electors Through A Convention Or Party Commity An Can Serve As An Elector Except Those Whom Held A Federal Elected Appointed Position, In All But 2 States, America’s Voted Are Collected Recorded, Then Signed By Both Of That States Elector An The Governor An Sent To Congress & The National Archives Most States Use Strick Rules That Bind Electors To Bind Them To Their Choice Of Candidate Of Whom They Pledge Their Vote, To But The Constitution Dose Allow For That Elector To Change Their Vote Which Is Called A Faithless Elector,
    This How Each Presidential Election Has Always Been Held Since The Beginning Of Our Country To The Present Time 2020 – 2021, This System Of Voting For A Candidate From The American People’s Votes Which We Have Thought Are Tallied Up As A Vote For Our Choice Candidate Are Not Counted Toward That Candidate, Our Votes Are For A Slate Of Electors “That Promise To Vote For That Candidate In The Electoral College” Dose Anyone Know This, I Mean Dose The Adverage Citizen Know How This Voting System Really Is, Is This What We Are Taught In School About Voting For Someone We Favor To Be Our President Chief An Commander, When I Was In School They Taught My Class That Everyone Gets To Choose Whom They Would Like To Be Let’s Say Class President An So All Of Us Wrote Down Their Name An Then The Teacher Put Them In To A Hat I Know It’s Not Exactly The Same As Nation Wide, But The Same Principle Then They Count Them Out I Know That In each State There Are Thousands Of People Voting An When An Election You Need At Least 270 Or 300 Score From Each State To Win The Election But How Dose This System If What I Just Wrote To You About Involve That 270 To 300 Score If Our Votes Aren’t Really Counted For That Candidate , An Go To 2 Electors From Each State In The Electoral College Vote Each Presidential Election ?????? Remember There’s 535 Plus 3 From Columbia Electors ???

  24. Computers is how they stole this election. A computer only dose what it is programed to do. where can you find integrity today? there is none in the Dem party and little in the Republican party either.

  25. The time to have risen up was when the voters elected Obama, who was not qualified to be the President, because he was not born in the United States. He was backed by Soros. No one would listen then, and now we are all paying the price. There should be limited terms for members of congress, just like for the President. Longevity breeds corruption in any government. President Trump has accomplished more good for our country than any other president. I will always call him OUR PRESIDENT because he truly is.

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