Poll Shows Democrats Think Trump Supporters are BIGGEST Threat, Fake News Driving Leftist Insane

A new poll shows the left’s biggest fear is not the pandemic or the economy, not war with China or Iran developing nuclear weapons but Trump supporters. Their obsession with their allegations of fake news continues to drive Democrat hatred of the former president and those who follow him.

Trump supporters even exceeded racism as a top concern among those surveyed on the left. The party that claims to uphold equality remains more concerned for their political agenda than people of color.

At 82 percent, the left’s concern for Trump supporters stood at more than double the concern with capitalism at 39 percent. It’s interesting that Democrats don’t fear capitalism when it comes to priorities. Their real hatred is for any leader who stands up to their agenda, whether Trump or those who agree with his conservative values.



This may explain why Democrats continue to introduce a resolution to investigate white supremacy and call the GOP enemy combatants. Despite Biden’s calls for unity, the only thing uniting the left is its hatred of American values.

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110 thoughts on “Poll Shows Democrats Think Trump Supporters are BIGGEST Threat, Fake News Driving Leftist Insane”

  1. That team of his hiding behind the drapes, are socialist as is Biden, interested in making money but could care less what’s good for Americans, he has sold his soul to be a player in the pay for play game. Biden and his family will ever be know as traitors for personal financial enrichment. NOT MENTALLY FIT: Three Dozen House Dems Turn on Biden. (Big League Politics) – President-imposed Joe Biden is already being undermined by Democrats who want him out of the picture and replaced with an individual who does not have severe cognitive impairments. Three dozen House Democrats have signed a letter urging for the nuclear codes to be removed from Biden as they attempt to neuter the illegitimate Commander-in-Chief before his dementia leads to a potential disaster. In their letter, the disingenuous Democrats framed it as if Trump, who pulled troops out of many different countries, was the reason they were taking this order even though he was just ousted from office. “Vesting one person with this authority entails real risks,” states the letter, which was led by Rep. Jimmy Panetta (D-CA). “Past presidents have threatened to attack other countries with nuclear weapons or exhibited behavior that caused other officials to express concern about the president’s judgment. “Joe Biden health condition is worse than ever before. And now Secret Service agents have accidentally leaked special information about Biden’s health. According to Populist Press, Former Secret Service And Conservative Commentator Dan Bongino says that sources close to the White House have confirmed to him that Joe Biden’s condition has gotten very, very serious. Dan Bongino Drops Biden Health Bombshell Former Secret Service Agent and Conservative Commentator Dan Bongino said that secret service agents are telling him just how bad Biden’s condition is. On Fox News with Sean Hannity, Bongino revealed the following news to viewers: “It gives me absolutely no joy in saying this… He is in real significant trouble. Everyone around him, everyone knows it.”

    1. I agree that Biden is a real problem but consider what a replacement ticket would be: Harris-Warren. The democrats have such a deep list of problematic contenders that they make sleepy creepy Biden to be a joke.

      1. Easily solve the problem. They can admit the fraud they committed in 2020 re the Presidential election, and select Senators/Reps/governors. Then then take Biden, Harris, et al, out of office and allow them to slink away to join the criminals who did this. Charge the criminals involved.. ALL of them, and actually put convicted ones in prison.

        Celebrate the return of the rightful President Trump as our leader, and get out of his way while he corrects the crazy, destructive things Biden, Harris, Kerry, and Rice have done in the past 33 days (seems like a year of pure hellish nightmare. Trump is fast and hopefully can turn things back quickly. Take Biden admin out quickly before he does more major damage to America and Americans.

        And charge Kerry with the Logan Act of treason, as he actually did it over almost 4 yrs with his mtgs with Iran after Trump became President. And the ones who arranged that he do those actions…like Obama, Biden, and probably Soros. Charge and prosecute them all.

        Also prosecute the REAL 1/6 planners/ instigators/bankrollers. It’s going to come out it was set up by more deranged, fixated and obsessed Democrats. Some currently in office and some no longer in office. Arrest, convict, IMPRISON. It was a “masked” coup to destroy Trump, his supporters, Republicans. Trump offered 5-10,000 National Guards members for 1/6 and a few days before. The House Sgt of Arms, who takes direction from PELOSI, and the Senate Sgt of Arms, who took direction from McCONNELL, made the decision to NOT have the National Guard. Decision would have come down from their two bosses. Pelosi said NO, but to have them handy. And she wanted a big blown up scene. How much did it cost her or her co-conspirators to do this, paying and shipping in pro rioter groups.

        Police said many of those questioned said THEY DIDN’T VOTE in the 2020 election. Trump supporters there to hear Trump? I’m sure they ALL voted. Whyever would President Trump offer 10,000 National Guard to be at the Capitol, if he was planning Trump supporters breech it? HE WOULDN’T. And the NYT shared the timeline: Capitol breeched at 12:46pm, by black clothed people wearing red headwear, some printed with TRUMP or MAGA, easy enough to purchase. The video of one of the ANTIFA leaders, arrested, showed him telling Antifa members to get to DC and wear some Trump accessories, and tools and equipment would be waiting for them there (that included all the MATCHING bright yellow climbing ropes and glass breaking tools..you didn’t think all those matching yellow ropes were fishy?) . Trump’s speech was 16 blocks away and didn’t end until 1:11pm. Some of his supporters reached the Capitol 45 min later, did go inside an opened up Capitol. Video shows them wondering about taking pics. Just because a red hat wearing person is acting like rioter, DOESN’T mean they have anything to do with Trump, other than being paid to do what they did that day. Arrest them and those who were evil enough to come up with this plan.

        1. What you said here (kudos) is true and accurate. The real problem is the dems all want it this way. They are all complicit et al. They don’t think they cheated, they believe whatever it took to accomplish this coup was OK and legal. As far as gathering them all up and charging them it will never happen not as long as the deep state runs everything. Even the fbi won’t go after anyone. Believe if biden gets taken out they will celebrate the first WOMAN OF COLOR qualified or not. These people are demented and will never want to get America back.

        2. Very good responce. Bir we all know that Will never happen. They actually have a right to fear MAGA. We have been rightfully cheated And the American wayi of life is endangered of extinction. I love America. The one I grew up in. The one i felt returning fie the last 4 years. What the dems did in the election saa nti only wrong bir criminal. Bir eho is there to right the wrong, everyone has nsem removed. So i saylike the patriots of 1776 whene their backs were against the wall. They cake to take our guns, And 76 died that day.

        3. You forgot execution. Trump cannot order the National Guard to do anything until they leave the state where they are based. Each state’s governor is the commander of the state’s National Guard and has to decide whether or not they will leave the state and come under federal control.

        4. Excellent! Take all this to the Supreme Court…they need to hear it. You are exactly correct on every point!

          1. I really think instead of worrying about republicans , China and Russia are the real worry. The Dems should worry about them no reps.

          2. Supreme Court ? WHAT Supreme Court ? They are now the, “NOT SO SUPREME COURT ” ! Since Biden’s threatened to PACK the Court they are now under his thumb in fear that he will do so. The Supreme Court ?
            Has been CASTRATED !!!!!

          3. Mary I only wish we could count om the Supreme court. BUT lately they have shown a tendency to favor the Democrats obsessive rulings. It almost makes one believe that they are Biased. I PRAY not.

          4. are you nuts? the Supreme Court has thumbed its nose at republicans. John Roberts is compromised, big time. he just let Hilary walk. they won’t hear anything that has to do with repubs. period. you just waste your time there. we are stuck unless two things happen. we rise up and forcibly take this country from the communists who stole it, or two, sit and shut up like good little sheep. since most don’t want to go to jail, I’m sure it will be the latter. forget the courts. all are bought off and paid for by Soros, Clinton, Gates, zuckerberg, and the guy who owns twitter.

        5. I agree Vic; the supposed Trump supporters at the Capitol that day were paid by Pelosi and led into the Capitol by Pelosi’s Capitol Police that she is in charge of. It was all a scheme by her to make Trump look bad and give her the chance to try & impeach him again. Pelosi is an evil witch !!

          1. Randy, In my 90* years on this Planet I have NEVER seen a more MENTALLY disturbed person more intent on Destroying another human with such a Massive commitment. I believe she would call for a National Holiday if he were actually Murdered. I am not the sharpest tack in the box BUT, I think that about 75-80 % of the Democratic parties problems today are stimulated by her. She is one who HATES PEOPLE. Pres. Trump unfortunately is one of them. She is unable to separate Peoples desires or any other feelings. I do believe she should be at least involved in part time therapy. She is burned out. A horrible way to reach retirement. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL HER LOVING REAL CITIZENS

        6. I have the same dreams that you just articulated. Biden and the left will not go peacefully. We need the US Army to remove him from office for cause and put Trump back in. See I’m dreaming too.

          1. that is wrong, the Army brass is now under control of the Left, just as is POTS and the FBI

        7. Yes, the riot started when two other groups finished their gatherings (na.ely Antifa and BLM), and they then crossed over into the Trump gathering, and did what they are known to do..start vandalizing and tearing the place up. The Trump supporters did no damage, and we’re there for some time, before the other groups joined in and starred vandalism

      2. The dem leaders with all ignorant dem voters are a #1 U.S. enemy to be eliminated to keep U.S. Constitutional, Freedom, Rights, Liberty and National Security intact ! Illegal foreigners biden needs for more fraud votes are also a #1 problem to eliminate with dems wannabe dictator marxist, muslim socialist terrorism as # ! enemies ! Yes POTUS Trump with majority U.S. support is a problem for dem’s dictator whims that will eliminate all far left marxist, Islamic, commie being justice for Freedom, Rights with all U.S. Patriots protecting our U.S. Constitution !

      3. Hi Roy P., I have thought the same,, we will replace evil with satin, well close to it, I never thought I would be so concerned in loosing our Great Country. Will we get the Senate back and can we take control of the House? In 2024, will we be so far down the tube, will we be able to overcome the damage that Biden and the ones who are pulling the strings, to ever get back to MAGA?

        1. Iguess There have been lots of times in our History when it looked like ‘all was lost’, but Patriots rose to the occasion, and with God’s help, we made TRiumph and Victory out of Devastation, and we will do it again! Think about Pearl Harbor – they took out almost our entire Sea and Air Forces! in one attack! and so many of our men died on that one day! It looked like ‘it was over’ for us! to ever ‘come back’ from! But we did! And we will do it again! Dems want us to think ‘we are the deplorable Minority’, but we’re NOT. We ARE America! We are the same ones who have ALWAYS come through for America in every generation! And we will again! Dems know it, and Dems FEAR us. We WILL win this just like we ALWAYS have before – trusting in God’s Help who LOVES Justice, Truth and Righteousness! and LOVES those who Honor them, too. And that’s all WE WANT for America, too!

          1. Right you are! Not mentioned enough is the reason that Yamamoto nixed continuing to attack California: there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass. Yamamoto went to Harvard so he knew about our tradition of gun ownership (which the DemonRats are bent on destroying).

          2. we have not experienced a problem quite like this one because our main enemy is from with-in.

    2. Concidering he bombed Syria and dear Harris didn’t know from I’ve read getting those numbers isn’t a bad idea. But they just need to use 25 to eliminate the problem then they would go to Harris what their after is congress to be in control of those number and then GOD help us

    3. Great Post! Dems (under the FakeNews arm of DNC) are being TAUGHT to HATE ALL/ANY Trump Supporters simply because we’ve figured out what they’re DOING, finally, after decades!!! Mostly Thanks to Rush, and Sean, Levin, Tucker and Glenn Beck, among many others! whom they always HATED the most! When you read these posts, you see what I mean. We KNOW TOO MUCH about them! They can’t have that! Their whole schtick depends on us NOT KNOWING ANYTHING, as they sleuth around behind our backs – but NOW WE’RE ONTO THEM. THAT is what makes US so ‘dangerous’ to them – we now KNOW what’s going on, and who’s responsible. We no longer consider them ‘our Friends across the aisle’ – they are definitely OUR worst enemies, wanting our total demise! And now that we KNOW, we are more poised to do something to STOP their downtake of America. They can’t have THAT. We SHOULD have known sooner, the first time they showed their HATRED for the motto ‘Make America Great Again’. They don’t want that. How could they, when THEY’re about DESTROYING everything America is and stands for, as the USSR said decades ago they would destroy us, ‘from within’.

  2. The Democrats are the ones who are causing racial divide in this country by constantly bringing up white supremacy in the country,I have had enough of thier claims of Trump supporters being racist when he was president the thought of racism never crossed my mind now that Bidens people are in that’s all they talk about.I say enough already instead of dividing the country like they are they should be uniting the country,so enough of the B.S. already

    1. I think the NBA and NFL are racist! It’s all black!!!
      They worried about school gifted classes? What about sports? Let’s be fair!!

    2. their idea of undividing the country is similar to that of a former dictator whom we all know and loved . Germany inthe early forties is the clue. He developed UNITY by getting rid of a certain group of people he hated. then he had the perfect race. His country then had UNITY> GOT it. now.

      1. 100% correct ! He wasn’t elected , and is a traitor just like everyone that supports the demonrats platform !

      2. That’s true, but that didn’t begin in the ‘early forties’, but way back in the late 20’s he began by first getting into politics being a ‘community organizer’ of Youth and Youth Programs. That’s where he first ‘united’ the men and women he was planning to later USE for his purposes he planned while he’d been in prison, Mein Kompf. And this (in the U.S.) has been ‘being planned’ ALSO for decades, as they have worked ‘incrementally’ (Rush’s pun) to push toward where they wanted to get in making our country self-destruct, while Repubs were totally caught off-guard about ‘their devious plans’, exactly like the Dictator did. The Jewish annihilation plan was just a ‘way’ to an ‘end’ that was two-fold: to create FEAR and control the People, and to rid himself of ‘religious resistance’ to his immoral plans and occult obsession which permeated through his entire regime and in his ‘troops’. Both of those things are occurring NOW with Covid and to Christians/Jews, not any other religions. But when I learned about all that Dictator did, I was struck with ‘but no one had any money!’ Jobless, and just out of prison, how did the Dictator get the $$thousands it would take him to ‘fund’ thousands of young people with ‘equipment’, uniforms, and propaganda banners, posters, etc.??? He must have had some ‘money source’ behind him who still has remained ‘unknown’ to this day! who well KNEW what he was up to… just like we have now.

    3. It is true. The democrats are the ones who keep causing racial and political division in America. They know that if they don’t succeed in keeping our nation divided, the American people will band together and overthrow their new Nazi party.


    4. I just know one thing, that every democrat has a hatred against anything not democrat, that is just unbelievable! They are nothing but an enormous bunch of bullies, who got away with overthrowing a great president, who worked for the country and not for himself. This bunch of criminals who have taken the White House BY FORCE, should be thrown out and replaced by Donald Trump, who really won the race in 2020. These evil democrats have done nothing so far but dividing the country and creating nothing but upheavals and problems. Stand up for your rights, Americans! It is your duty and right to your fellowman and your country.


      1. I agree it time for all Americans to stand up to all the democrats and over throw them and get the true president back in office
        Bring back Donald Trump he is the president not sleepy creepy disoriented Joe Biden and that means take and remove Harris and remove Nancy pelosi

        1. Don’t forget AOC, she’s another one that needs to go. Just an activist on the hunt looking for anything she can find to bitch about and play the dramatics for the media whether true or not. Another joke in politics.


    5. Yes, enough is enough. The truth their is not one race of people that has some that hate another person just because the color of their skin. Instead of looking and watching the character of the person.

  3. These POLITICAN always bring up RACIST AND HATE DURING THE ELECTION SEASON! But the rest of the years they are quiet! Biden had no business being PRESIDENT. I have said before there are so many LAWS HE BROKEN THAT SHOULD KEPT HIM OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE! But you have witness these DEMOCRAT POLITICAN CHANGING THE LAWS TO BENEFIT THEMSELVES AND THEIR PARTY! Which is wrong! Obama was NOT A NATURAL BORN AMERICANS CITIZEN AND NEITHER IS HARRIS! That just like telling a black natural born AMERICA he or she CAN NOT BE PRESIDENT!

      1. we had proof of odumba– but no one cared. same with Harris. wasting your breath there. odumba– own brother gave proof, but they shut him up good.

  4. Americans are a threat to all who would try to destroy our nation, our families, our jobs, our constitution, our freedom of speech, the way we worship. Listen up left. God is your biggest threat, His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom. You have sicken Him with your constant disregard for all that is Holy and Godly. You are turning America into a nation that will soon feel the wrath of God. Yes, I think you do feel threaten, your conscience, of the wrongs you’ve done is what causes you to think that you need the razor wire and the National Guard, and that they will protect you. The only hope you have is to repent of your sins and ask God to forgive you.

    1. Amen brother. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ and color of skin makes no difference, as what is inside of us is the only thing that counts,. The Radical Left Democrats have turned away from Christ and all that is holy. It seems to me that all the evil they are doing to this country is because the old Devil himself has taken hold of all of them body and soul. I also believe the fence around the Capitol and White House is their dirty conscience for what they know they have wrongly done, and also their thirst as power hungry individuals, which make them the dangerous ones not Republicans. There will come a day of reckoning for everyone and they all had better hope and pray that God will have mercy on their souls, because if not, they will spend the rest of eternity with the old Devil himself in the fires of hell, and then they will certainly wish that they had not destroyed people’s lives and that they had not destroyed America, because their evilness is doing that very thing.


    1. George, don’t you think if VP K. Harris gets to take Biden place, we will be worse off in our Once Great Country. MAGA..

      1. no. she can be impeached for her aid in the riots of George Floyd. she paid bail herself, and solicited it via a commercial she made. it got them on the street faster than the ink could dry on their rap sheets. if that is not aiding and abetting, or giving comfort to enemy combatants. nothing is.

  5. Why can’t we hold these Democrat politican account for every CONSTITUTION LAW they break? Sure they have IMMUNITY! But that shouldn’t stop us from being able to remove them! No time in history of this country has there been bobwire and fencing put up to keep the PEOPLE OUT! We can go back to the beginning of 2016 when The people elect Trump as PRESIDENT! The first words out of the SPEAKER MOUTH WAS I’M NOT WORKING WITH HIM! Shouldn’t that call for her REMOVED FROM THE SPEAKER SEAT? That is the second time she has BROKEN THE CONSTITUTION LAW. FIRST WAS WHEN OBAMA WAS SWORN IN AS PRESIDENT! PELOSI and SCHUMER knew he was NOT LEGAL TO BE PRESIDENT. BUT WANTED TO CATER YOU THE BLACK RACE! Well black people got the worst treatment during Obama terms! We came together AS AMERICAN PEOPLE WHO LOVE THIS COUNTRY! Til the media cook up some lies about the truth in Trayor Martin case. Obama got elect NOT BY BLACK ONLY! BUT WHITE AS WELL! Then Obama bad choice of words DIVIDE THE PEOPLE AGAIN! That just the way DEMOCRAT PARTY WORK! They know for them to stay in POWER AND CONTROL they need the MEDIA TO COOK UP LIES! So the black race feel they are getting treated bad by REPUBLICAN AND WHITE PEOPLE! Doesn’t take a genius to figure out what these Democrat politican are doing! Just common sense! You see black sold their soul to the DEMOCRAT PARTY in 1968! When black woman agree to support them for FREE GOVERNMENT HAND OUT! No matter how their living conditions was. Or what job they can’t get. They only wanted FREE EVERYTHING! Even if it hurt the future generations. God gave everyone a working BRAIN! YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN LIFE, NOT THE GOVERNMENT! That why this country is HAS FREEDOM AND LIBERTY AND NOT SOCIALIST!

    1. You are right
      All truth
      Democratic politicians are making people to hate each other
      Pelosi is a sick MENTAL that woman needs to be fired as soon as she sad that
      She never had respect fir president
      She has created more problems for USA
      She has show how much personally she hates president
      She is a angry sick woman
      To lead country it takes cooperation not hate
      She has show to all a true Americans who she is
      She should be removed before more problems arrived
      He can talk only if he is reading
      Most time he is lost

  6. There was a time I would watch for the invading parachutes of the Chinese as they land in our once Great Nation. Now they don’t even have to drop from the sky. Now they can walk in the front door and be welcomed by the majority in the Swamp. Now the occupant in the White House has no idea where he is or how he got there. Now the real Americans, those interested in preserving our Great Nation are labeled as the enemy because we have the intestinal fortitude to stand up for what is right. The only racists today are those holding seats of power in the Swamp with plans to take Power. How long, like the animals they are, will they eat their young?

    1. I’m not American ??
      But reading all this can say
      Every time democrats push and talk about racist ,every time they push and put more black people out every time they talk Obout they are bringing more hatred comments
      All those people are creating more and more problems
      Simple stop ? talking Obout
      All LIFES matter
      There should be never ever even talking all bs
      You are who you are
      We all different
      Love your self first
      If you cat somebody’s STOMAC we all the same
      Educate all people Teach them to love and hug NOT HATE

      1. Nice words Cathy, I am not a hater but remember the words of my father… ” you can’t shake hands with a rattlesnake” Not even because it has no arms but you can’t trust it to be nice, ever.

      2. I agree with you…..treat me right and I will do the same towards you…I don’t care the color of your skin…..respect is all I ask and that is what I will give you in return….


  7. Unfortunately Warren wouldn’t be in the picture. Next in line after Harris is Pelosi. Either way it would be a total disaster for America, a communist and an insane person. 2024 can’t get here soon enough!

  8. That would be funny if it wasn’t so ridiculous. The Commiecrats are the ones attempting to destroy the best country ever established by eliminating the constitution and bill of rights so they might rule like the elitists they THINK they are.

  9. all though I do not like Biden I hate to see people not knowing what their doing he does not have the capability of understanding what he is doing and this is one of the biggest threats to our nation that can happen along with the other so called people that are suppost to be running our country

  10. Poll Shows Democrats Think American Patroitsthat stand up against communist socialism of these damn demos are BIGGEST Threat, Fake News Driving Leftist Insane.
    I stand for America not the damn demo communist /socialism pile of MANURE. USMC

    1. God, and He only, will correct this whole matter with a sweep of His Hand, on His Terms & Schedule!

  11. The Left Wing Liberal does NOT like the TRUTH thrown at them, opposing them at EVERY opportunity, EXPOSING their ROTTEN, WORTHLESS agenda AND their LYING. I guess I wouldn’t like conservatives EITHER . . . One Enlightened Patriot.

  12. The Democrats are the biggest threat to America. That is why, they are trying to keep us quiet. The Social networks and the Media, are doing their best to hide the truth from us. We are God Believers and The Democrats don’t like us. It is time to take the Democrats DOWN

  13. Go back and study what happen to the last stolen election Nixon vs JFK ,that election was stolen by the Democrats and Kennedys, then the democrats led by LBJ took out Kennedy ,I look for history to repeat itself

  14. Why are people ignoring the fact that the shear hatred for The Donald is the single most important thing on their mind… ? How can we expect people so consumed with anger and hatred to govern justly, respond to the nation’s needs or anything else? All rational thought has been blinded by the democRats hatred and anger over Trump. They are forming lynch squads for anyone who supports Trump and or his policies. If not in fact for certain for a voice on any media, truth, fact and science are out the window. No wonder they cannot tell what sex they are.

  15. Democrats, just wait. Your time is coming. You can’t rig every election, even though you are trying with Nancy Pelosi HR1 bill that will never pass. But in 2022. She is gone for good and the Senate will be in control of the Republicans, because the Democrats are committing genecide.

  16. Biden and Democrats are all our problems they are evil. Care only how much they can get of our money

  17. Hey Democrats wake up. You are rising our gas prices. You are costing the jobs of friends and relatives. You are putting small business out of business. Our friends and relatives own many of those businesses. You are promoting “Illegal Citizenship” which takes more jobs away and raises our taxes to pay for them to be here. Last time I looked, nobody is paying me or you to be here and it’s our money they are taking to pay for it. You are eroding the very values that make this country a better place to live than most anywhere else on Earth. You are promoting civil unrest and Racism which is tearing this country apart. These are our Neighbors, friends and family members that are the ones suffering for it. You are like little children when it comes to knowing when someone or the media is lying to you. How does that happen if you are so smart and aware of the facts? You are destroying the very things that keeps you safe and able to work for a living. Here’s the future if you continue. No guns, No police, murder and mayhem everywhere, no jobs, long lines to get food since the food stores had to close. $5 plus gas per gallon, pay the countries that want you dead to get oil and gas. Greater risk of a nuclear bomb being sent to wipeout America. Higher taxes so you can afford less. If you hate America so bad that you want her destroyed, please go to another country and enlist in the armies so we can at least know who you are and have the right to kill you! Or, just be an American who wants what is best for the country and those who live here. It is a choice and you have to make one or the other. Which will it be?

    1. You hit the nail on the head. Everything you said is the truth. Everything you folks have said is so right on. God bless all of us. Continue to give President Trump the stamina to keep fighting.

  18. You just have to listen to what they are saying. joe said they are doing the biggest voter fraud in history, (his words) now they got him in they start. Obama said he is OK with sitting in his basement and pulling the strings with a puppet in front. This is obama’s third term and he promised to “fundamentally change this country. And he is doing just that. This is their mindset and they won’t stop until they achieve their end results. These people are not Americans and don’t care about our constitution or Bill of Rights. They want control. That’s all they want.

  19. Sunne,

    The biggest problem facing the nation is……………….( 1 ) Biden, the hair sniffing, touchy-feeling, Dirty Old Man ( DOM ), mental incompetent along with ( 2 ) Cuomo, the DOM who does not recognize personal boundaries, the winner of an Emmy Award for sending the elderly and sick to Covid deaths and ( 3 ) all of the other Democrats who placed those 2 in office……….Trump was right, when he asked “Do You Miss Me Yet” ?

  20. It is good that they fear us. We need to get our shit together and take this country back for good. The constitution and my rights do not change with the times.
    Long live Trumpism.

  21. You are so right….need to get rid of this so called president and vice president… we are in a mess in this country. The biggest bunch of bull is covid because we have highest death rate here in US around the world numbers are down and they are getting back to norm our government is using it to control us. Time to take our country back, that SCARES demoRATS…. WE NEED TO STAND TOGETHER AND TAKE OVER OUR COUNTRY AND OUR RIGHTS BACK….

  22. Why do u think Pelosi wants 7000 armed military protection behind razor wire fences. They are scared to death that joe and the hoe will be legally removed and they will call it a coup ordering the soldiers to protect them that is why they had the soldiers background checked. Bet most of those soldiers (good folks I would bet) checked out as democratic voters. No offense meant to these soldiers only doing their job.

  23. I am Canadian. My love to all of you, and especially D. J. Trump et al. Please, you must keep fighting the Commiecrats. Don’t give up. You will win eventually.

  24. Ignore the time stamp. It is 1140hrs. when I type and post this. I am in Eastern standard time zone.

  25. here’s a new

    Here’s a new (good??) idea…..Although fake news is not reporting this, there are thousands of foreigners from all over the world down on the Mexican border trying to get in the USA…..put them in airplanes, buses and deposit them behind the razor wire in The Capital in DC..let Pelosi turn the Capital into a Sanctuary city like San Francisco!!!! Wake up America…..when are we going to expose the selection of Biden like MY PILLOW GUY has on video ABSOLUTE PROOF….get it at michaeljlindell.com.


  26. They are wrong because it is the Democrats that are the biggest threat to this country. They will destroy it.

  27. Why are these people working as reporters and news casters giving up this country for a paycheck? Obviously they are extremely shallow, have no self worth or care for anything other than money. Where will they spend it when this country is ruined by the lies and deceit they’ve sown? Everyone knows who won the election so why all of the stupid games? All of the riots and elections and bullshit are so obvious! Please tell me why all the misdirection and smoke just what is really going on that is being hidden from the people? It must be a big one !

  28. Trump supporters, and conservatives in general, are the greatest threat to the Democrat (leftist) agenda, not to the US or its culture.

  29. I think they should be scared of us, there is more of us then them. And after this election, we now know how they operate. We are watching. Karma is a bitch.

  30. Fascist, marxist, communist, socialist entities all mixed in disguised as Democrats. There will be a day of reckoning for this party of traitors. The destruction this country has gone through because of emotional, immature and deceitful politics by the Democrats and even some Republicans along with Soros and his swamp flunkies and now Big Tech is joining censoring everyone who doesn’t agree with them. All these people are used to suck the life out of our country and its people, but because they get paid big monies by foreign entities and aren’t adversely affected so they go along with their program. No loyalty or patriotism to our country. The country that provided every one of those individuals their success in their endeavor. I’m sickened when FBI, CIA, Supreme Court justices, House & Senate officials, Governors, Mayors and others who have taken it upon themselves to manipulate these offices of service to benefit themselves or had no backbone to stand up for righteousness or allowed themselves to be threatened. I challenge them to do the right thing. will likely fall on deaf ears.

  31. WE THE PEOPLE (aka SILENT MAJORITY) have had countless opportunities to have stopped this nightmare, but we chose instead to give the DEMOCRATS what they expected of us, to REMAIN SILENT! Thus, making us equally complicit in the fraud perpetrated against United States Americans!

    Isn’t it time you actually did something, took action?

    I strongly urge everyone who reads this to PICK UP THE PHONE and call your REP AND SENATORS in DC and DEMAND a COMPLETE AUDIT AND INVESTIGATION into the 2020 ELECTIONS and for the IMMEDIATE IMPEACHMENT OF BIDEN AND HARRIS.

    BIDEN is completely UNFIT FOR OFFICE! And they both (BIDEN & HARRIS) have family members putting them both in a CONCLICT of interest position advertising and promoting their businesses and using their VP and POTUS both as an advertising self-interest, self-promoting position and it is ILLEGAL!

    People should write these numbers down and use them frequently even if you don’t think your elected officials listen, they are required to note your comments for the permanent record in their caller database for anyone to see.

    Members of the House

    Members of the Senate


    One call per rep!

    Keep in mind: SILENCE = ACCEPTANCE

  32. The BIGGEST Threat to this NATION is JOE CHINA / KNEE PAD HARRIS and the DERANGED and DEPLORABLE S of the Democratic Socialist Party.

  33. “Trump supporters even exceeded racism as a top concern among those surveyed on the left.”

    Interesting survey, am I reading this correctly that they only surveyed persons ON THE LEFT? SO, what else of a response would they have gotten?

  34. I think the democrats are completely insane. If this was true, the dems would already be gone!

  35. Are the demon rats really afraid of Donald Trump, or what he stands for Justice, Law, US Constitution? He has faith, something a lot of people have lost., or never had. The only difference be a sinner and Christian is we have acknowledged we are a sinner and come short of the glory of God, therefore REPENT ask for forgiveness, and do our best to follow God’s way by reading the Holy Bible (as a Christian the Holy Spirit helps us understand the word of God-without it words don’t seem important) As a New Believer old habits are gone and you begin living differently-hang out with different people, swearing stops, stealing, lies, drinking, smoking, and now you focus on things of importance, helping others, you have manners, and guess what YOU BEGIN TO LIKE YOURSELF. Your not only read the Bible, You Pray, attend church, prayer meetings, Bible Studies, it all begins to make sense, you are a child of God who has a purpose in life, you are created in His Image no matter the color of skin, you begin to like yourself, you feel complete as a person and your life has a purpose. Where as a sinner who hasn’t REPENT of your sins, your life has not meaning or purpose and because you are hurting and not happy you drag others down to your level and life seems black and empty. Christians still have bad days and it isn’t always happy and successful, but we know we can face the day because we have God and he will carry us through the trails we have and we grow in HIM as we go through the trails and tribulation and we give thanks for the lessons HE is teaching us. Our strength comes from God. Our journey ends with eternity with HIM not in the pits of hell for not repenting and following HIm. REPENET be happy serve Him, not evil.

  36. Of course that is their biggest worry. They don’t want their hypocrisy – corruption and perversions exposed. AND they sure as hell don’t want to have to admit they were wr…..wrr…..wrrro……wrong.

  37. The Democrats mentality is based upon lies, vicious lies. Money isn’t created out of thin air and our way of life is not based upon tenets of socialism, but our Constitution, which Democrats are now attempting to destroy now that they have stolen power. Knowing they stole the election, of course they fear those they have wronged the most! It’s seems the Democrats have become the party of sociopaths and sociopaths have a way of destroying all they touch.

  38. Mark, I want that to happen to but the media is not for GOP. I they were they would have gone after Biden before he took office. The media also protected Hunter and hid him from the public even though he was getting a huge amount of money from foreign soil. So our fear is the press and all they want is to fill their pockets with cash as they are writing bad things against Trump. In 2022 we have to vote red. 1st thing is to get the old fogeis out of the office. And get new blood into the system we need former vets in there cause the old ones never did a lick to insure the safety of this country.

    1. Speaking of voting “red” I believe the colors should be reversed now to blue for the GOP and red for the Demoncrats as this would show their true colors as commies.

  39. democrats need to be afraid….but not from Trump supporters ,but from the devil himself.. They are filled with hate and the devil has them in his grip…When they die they better dress lightly fore the temperature is warm and dry, very warm…

  40. Anyone that has a moral compass, is truthful and a patriotic American has nothing to fear from Trump supporters. Unfortunately, the current administration and its supporters has done everything possible to avoid checking any of those boxes. Sooner or later, the truth will be told, unless they start a severe internal purge to silence any internal opposition.

  41. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again and again:

    The United States Armed Forces have to do their job and that is not to obey BUT TO ARREST AND PROSECUTE THE ILLEGITIMATE PRESIDENT AND ADMINISTRATION.

  42. They don’t even know what nor who America is so how can they make their ignorant accusation. The truth be known they want to get rid of everything that made this country great like our constitution and patriotism whcih makes THEM the country’s biggest enemy.

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