Poll Shocker: 74% of Trump Supporters Believe a New Civil War is Coming, 40% of Biden Supporters Believe the Same

Oh, goodie! More fake polls!

You probably know most of what you’re about to see in the following video, based on the headline, “74% of Trump supporters believe a new Civil War is coming, 40% of Biden supporters believe the same.”

If you’ve been paying attention for the past couple of years, you were probably able to immediately spot the Fake News in those poll numbers. If not, we’ll help you out: There is NO SUCH THING as a Biden supporter.

Seriously. Did you ever see a “Biden for President” yard sign in 2020? We didn’t.

Biden supporters do not exist, so there’s no way that 40% of Biden supporters believe that a second Civil War is coming. Biden supporters are even more rare and hard-to-find than Biden voters, apparently.


Remember all of those news stories back in 2016? The entire media was scouring places like the Ohio River Valley, Pennsylvania’s coal country and other corners of America to talk to all of the people who had voted for Donald Trump. We had gobs of data about the “Trump coalition” before the end of 2016 and well before Donald Trump took the Oath of Office in 2020.

We don’t have that data this year! The Fake News media remains wildly incurious about the astonishing “80 million” “voters” who supposedly “voted” for Joe Biden. No big deal. It’s only been two months since the election and the media still has yet to ever speak to a single Biden voter.

Because there aren’t any. Okay, we’ll get off our soapbox for a moment, so you can watch this awesome Tim Pool video about these shocking poll numbers.

59 thoughts on “Poll Shocker: 74% of Trump Supporters Believe a New Civil War is Coming, 40% of Biden Supporters Believe the Same”

  1. No need to vote anymore. Democrats got your vote put in already. The govt is now all one. Dems, fbi,cia, doj, and not lease pelosi. Your going to like their ideas or else they will ban you from twit and facistbook. I will like all the shove down your throat or they will ban me too. People need to see this and wake up. China joe gang is coming for your assets to pay off their assets. I would never vote or listen to any govt or media outlet ever. Any since of normal is long gone. Civil war is not the answer. Only life is lost that way and things go on as usual. Now that dems have everything covered for ya all is good. Fake smile or else.

    1. America started with a civil war, that was very much a part of the overall revolutionary war!
      Civil wars ARE the only solution remaining for people who have no other course of action 😉
      Millions of Jews and others were liquidated by these criminals of humanity, just because they didn’t believe in fighting a civil war (until it was too late). I and many are waiting to see what develops between now and the 20th of January, at which point everyone is going to have to make their own choices! Good, bad, or indifferent, get in the way of The Storm that is coming from Constitutional American Patriots and be prepared to be exterminated! WE WILL NOT CONTINUE TO BE ENSLAVED! Have a nice day! M

      1. Nobody wants a Civil War again. These Dems don’t understand if they keep pushing and poking us with that stick that is what will happen we hold our peace and by doing so Demstake us as weak WE ARE NOT WEAK truth is we are stronger and more willed than you are don’t forget who took this land from the strongest country of the world in that day you Dems keep it up and we will retake it again by any means necessary.

      1. “Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it almighty God”. I know not what course others may take but as for me…”

        Is it better to be a slave to the government than a slave to a private owner? Think about it..

        Semper Fi!!

        1. Agreed totally with those words. A dishonest election is not a valid election, when Peolosi’s husband has major financial ties to Dominion with its machines fixed to give Trump ballots to Biden. The people in Venezuela warned us about the dishonest election that turned a prosperous country into a dictatorship. True Americans will not except a fraudulent elecion. We are not going to have big tech or anyone else tell us we must accept it. We were born free and we intend to die in a free America

    2. Why do you give up so easily? Do not listen to the Media’s tripe and lies. They use that to incite and control. Once the dems/media realize they CANNOT CONTROL PATRIOT AMERICANS, they will have to come up with a different strategy. By then, American Patriots will have taken over our Capitol (FOR REAL THIS TIME) and imprisoned those who wish to destroy our Nation.

      You obviously haven’t been all over the web recently have you? American Patriots, which make up most of America, with a few snake dems hiding in the cracks, are fuming, NOT ANGRY BUT FUMING MAD! Do the idiot corrupt dems have any idea of what has been circling the web? No, they don’t. They are as ignorant as a new born babe.

      There are so many bloggers that are ready willing and able to take on this criminal establishment called Democraps and end those loser’s careers in our govt. Civil War? How about hot flames coming out of a dragon’s mouth?.?? If Americsns could conjure up a medieval dragon to attack those criminals across our Nation that “decided” to steal our election, we would. But those criminals deserve time in prison for being idiots who thought they could usurp the American people and their President.

      My guess is that across the U.S. are groups of Patriot Americans deciding when and how to destroy those half breed American leaders who have pretended they cared about our Nation until we ALL found out it was just an act! Civil War, BIG POSSIBILITY! OR we could send out a group of kindergarteners to attack and collect all those deluded dems. That’s about the dem’s speed of thinking. Oh, no. That’s being disrespectful to our kindergarteners. Those kids are waaaaaaaaaaay smarter than those despicable dems, soros, and the ccp!


  2. The Dems are evil and they will destroy this country. It seems very close to what the Nazi’s did. It’s a shame that so many of our military died fighting to prevent this type of Govt. I pray our country will recognize the Presidency is a farce they only won by changing rules in election process and they don’t have to admit they STOLE THE ELECTION

  3. This song keeps popping up in my Brain, I’m thinking it might be a warning.
    “A piece of bread can buy a bag of gold. I’d wish we’d all been ready. “.

  4. Americans know that come January 20th we will have a criminal as our President and a whore as our Vice President.
    May God help us.???

    1. Ruth, I wander if she sleep with harry leg Biden or the Dr. Biden or maybe both, talk about sleeping your way all the way to the top.

    2. God doesn’t help those that can help themselves! I detest the thought of a civil war. No war is “civil”, real bullets are fired, real people die, real fires burn and real houses and buildings are destroyed. There is no “stop the action”, as you were talk. We need to let the false leaders know we mean business before terrible acts are committed. Look what happened to a real rebel led incursion, now heads are rolling of simple followers who went along for the thrill of the moment, jail, barred from jobs, their jobs, disgrace, etc. what ever the opposition deems as sufficient punishments. Please give these thoughts careful deliberation and consideration before action! We want success not deadly consequences.

  5. We the people have gotten screwed before, but never on such a grand scale! I can’t understand how any courts can throw out clear evidence of fraud especially the supreme court refusing to hear about accusations and definitive proof! The “ball less Biden” administration owes so many people & corporations for carrying out the plans for corruption/fraud/stealing an election, that all of the tax revenue from the increases will have to be funneled directly into the corporate coffers and ceo pockets. BLM is already complaining that they have not been paid as they were told. In one county alone up in Michigan, there were 102,000 more votes cast than there were actual registered voters! That’s just one case of definitive fraud, but the courts refuse to hear that case & numerous others! Total control of control of a government is a dictatorship when any objections are disregarded by the “supposed” enforcers of law & order…ie…the courts. It’s only a matter of time before people who are getting ignored and “shit on” explode. The preaching by the Dems for peace is a joke when they were/are the ones inciting the destruction,burning, looting, murders and rioting. Now they expect upwards of 74 million people to just sit back and accept being robbed, shot, beaten, lose our businesses & jobs along with losing our civil rights. They constantly quote the Constitution when it suits them, & then ignore it when anything in it pertains to is something they want to do! A dictatorship, that equals Communism is facing the U.S., and yet we are expected to just sit back with “our thumbs up our asses” and accept the downfall as life as we’ve known it our whole lives! The Dems are inciting civil war!

    1. Oh! America….I surely weep for you all.
      I have to say that I saw this coming with the minute you voted in (or did you?) the fake ‘steam-room’ abomination : the CIA/FBI begotten Obama………day by dreadful day he deceived you all………but, is it any great surprise? THAT is what Muslims do……..THAT is what their fiction, the Koran, teaches them….from cover to cover.
      Did you not see and hear his diabolical (and I mean Satanic!) mealy-mouthed confession……” the greatest sound I ever heard is the Muslim ‘call to,
      prayer’ over the rooftops from the mosque ……..SO! Don’t tell me you were not warned…………from his own crooked mouth. I am so, so sorry to predict, America will rue the day all the traitors turned on your TRUE American President, and if ANYTHING will live in infamy…..even greater than Pearl Harbour? IT IS YOUR COWARDLY CORRUPT JUSTICE ‘SYSTEM’ who were presented with the truth – and BETRAYED YOU ALL.
      From an ‘old limey’ in England who loves your country more than do the fictitious 80million Biden ‘voters’.
      God Bless America……..I weep for you.

      Donald J Trump.

      1. You said it all. Americans have become weak. I fear for our children and grandchildren having to live in such a nation. This election was a farce as Trump has millions of followers and Joe hid in his basement. Who in their right mind would vote Socialism on a great country like this one? God help us all.

        1. So well put’ Hopefully many million Americans will come forward and vote for Trump.
          I find it amazing that a DO NOTHING FOR 40 YEARS JOE BIDEN Wins against Donald Trump to become President of America….. Must be a miracle. ????

      2. Good commentary, hopefully America will overcome this travesty, as she has done in past injustices, but without “blood in the streets” scenarios.

  6. Voting in America no longer means anything, it’s just one big Fraud. We are now no different than any other
    Communist Country. Be smart and do what you can to protect you and yours. It has been said that America could only fall from within and here we are. For those who did vote for Biden, God help your soul.

  7. I think there will be a civil war but not mostly by Republican’s, it will come from the Left when the people they have lied too and betrayed will explode. We all know the amount of money to support all the free crap the dems tout is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. We do not have that kind of money, jobs lost and reduced wages will result in less taxes so they will tax everything more and the wealthy people will just move to another country. Ask any Cuban,Venezulan ,Chinese regular people or N. Korea where they are starving what they think of socialism/communism.

    1. I’m with you 100%. We need to take back our country at all cost. Biden is the biggest joke, stands for nothing. Harris is a lying hypocrite . Slept her way up. She is such a phony. Obama’s pick, he is calling all the shots. This all started when he became president, another phony along with his wife. We need to take back our country. Move if you want socialism . We don’t want you here, take Nike, NBA and the kneelers with you.

      1. Amen, to your post. When Obama said he was going to FUNDAMENTALLY change America, we knew there was trouble brewing! But people were duped and voted for a black man for President, see! I’m not prejudiced! No, but boy, we’re they brainwashed! The current, about to be sworn in , is just a continuation of the Obama agenda! Biden does not have control of the office he is heading into, his power of matters will last maybe a month. Is Vegas taking bets yet as to how long his term will last? The Chinese Communists are gloating over their successful goal of putting a comrade in arms into the office of the once most powerful country in the world.

  8. I was worried about Socialism, but I believe USA is quickly moving into Communism.
    Dictators here in USA politicians. Our freedom of religion and freedom of speech is gone.
    The Democrats are not democracy, but for controlling all people into mice and dogs.
    Republic was setup in 1776 and beyond with “IN GOD WE TRUST” in our Constitution and Declaration of Independence. The Republic is almost gone and the Nazi-like (George Soros as leader now) Democrats are taking us into a Communist state like Hitler and Mussolini did.

  9. Boycott Facebook and Twitter so they lose $! Also boycott all left news channels, Amzn Apple & Google however you can. I will no longer buy thru Amazon but go directly to sites and places like Bonanza etc.
    How come nobody ever mentions Obama gave China a couple of million or billion $ to make the virus then snuck over there last spring probably to make sure it didn’t come out, but nobody holds him responsible!

  10. I believe it’s just a matter of time. These Democrats hate anybody who is white, heterosexual, Christian or conservative. And after stealing the election, they’re more hated than ever. I remember a line in the movie The Godfather 2. Michael Corleone is in Havana at the time Batista was overthrown by the communist scum. He said that the soldiers for Batista were paid to fight. The rebels were fighting for free. The rebels could win. If there were another civil war in this country, those of us fighting against the communists would have to fight for free.

  11. I am hoping for a new Populist Party as I’m giving up on the GOP. No Republican who abandoned President Trump should be re-elected. The GOP has overplayed their hand and many of us are leaving.

  12. Pres. Trump did more for our country than the crooked and evil democrats ever. They rigged the elections and I believe set the whole capital invasion up to make republicans look like we were the peope there. How many times were they warned so they knew well in advance and did nothing. I think they actually helped some to get inside. Pray for our President and our country. We are going to need all the help we an get.

  13. Build the wall; no $ or help of any kind or health care for illegal persons; english language only; teach US history and Constitution in schools; audit the Fed Reserve; no visas of any kind except merit visas, revert to back our $ with gold, cancel the security clearances for all Obama hold overs & get rid of them; voting with photo ID only, NO MAIL-IN voting, NO SAME DAY VOTING REGISTRATION AND VOTING; no doing any business with China; do not use dominion HAMMER computer and scorecard software. Take back our country……with civil war if necessary.

  14. C V
    We are about to have Civil War and another Great Depression to go with it. The reason this Nation is coming
    apart is that we have left God out of our lives. He will not be ignored, but will bring judgement on any nation that
    does such a foolish thing. That has been the case throughout history. I have been praying for years that God would raise up prayer warriors across America to seek Him with all our hearts, that He might restore righteous-
    ness to our Nation. That, my friends, is our only hope. God says, “It is not by might or power, but by My Spirt”
    that we are victories. Also, read Psalm 33:10 and following. We have to have REVIVAL to survive. May God have mercy on the soul of America!

  15. Mr. Heath, you 1,000% correct! Biden and all his paper friends are only out for CONTROL & MONEY! all I can do is protect myself and my family! If they step up on me, I’ll die for mine and my beliefs! If I see a norther getting trompped on, I’m stepping into that fight too! Im fucking disgusted by this shit! Everytime the Democrats wNt in, they distract everyone with “racism”! It’s their MO! then after the dust settles, they ignore the blacks and all the other minorities and shove them back in the closet until they need them again! Obama made the same bullshit speech these idiots are doing now! Distracted everybody with the Russian bullshit, while they got these other movements fired up! Not to mention that the bitch Hillary got off without a fucking smack on the hand! Again, try to come tell me what to do! I’m an AMERICAN!, FREE, AND FUCK ALL OF YOU WHO WNt to play this blind leading the fucking blind. I’m not dead yet, and now, God bless all that love this freedom our soldiers have fought for, and I pray you all the best through the smoke and mirrors. Trump woke our asses up, so it’s time to stand up!

  16. The economy is tanking, our civil rights are being obliterated and we’re forced into wearing worthless POS facemasks and into antisocial distancing. This isn’t America anymore. It’s disgraceful. I don’t know how people can expect there not to be a new civil war!

  17. I have decided to let God solve this CRIMINAL INFESTATION that calls itself the Democrat Socialist Party.

  18. As difficult as it will prove to be, civil war is probably the only course to follow if we are going to destroy the communist movement that is trying to overtake our nation. They have cheated and lied about virtually everything in their quest to attain complete control of the government, the media, and now big tech as well. Their next move will be to systematically erase the constitution, all individual rights and freedoms, and the voices of dissent that may be raised against them. The question is whether or not so called patriots will muster the courage to stand united against them, or will cowardice and the fear of the suffering and death that a civil war will certaily create turn us into a bunch of bleating sheep being led to the slaughterhouse.

  19. Remember, China is behind this anarchy. China can not control Trump and Trump won’t let China govern the USA. Things will get worse before they get better but, make no mistake, we will win in the end!

  20. WTF!!!
    ” … well before Donald Trump took the Oath of Office in 2020.”?!?!?!
    Methinks you meant to say when Trump took the Oath of Office in 2017

  21. I was listening to the interview with the Governor of Georgia when asked about the 5000 votes for Biden, and he answered their were only 2 that was found to be by dead people…well if you rob a Bank and you get $2 dollars or $5000 it is still robbery and they probably knew how to cover. We wanted proof so bad and could not find it like we wanted it. But why focused on the heavy black states. Never heard a word about the others. Like Arizona, for years I heard them complaint they needed protection from the immigrants coming over, then that state votes for Biden no wall on his agenda. I can not believe the Mexicans out number the whites and other race of people. What was this big hurry to impeach the president, he was leaving in a few days by electorial votes . Peelosi showed such a panic state of mind, such severe hate, it was shocking , and why are our Republican Senators the ten, do not realize what we see, that Trump never encouraged a riot in the Capital, he just wanted a show of supporter’s to make their present. The agenda of the extremest is not planned well, just a head ache of messing up the smart citizens, and maybe an excuse to send help in by the constitution. Did I understand that the military said they would have to use the Reserves they would not come in. I guess they represent ALL Americans. Not just a one sided group…..I can not believe they cut all communication OFF from THE POTUS…I was shocked. We have had radicals showing up at all the protesting around the country. But this time different. I guess social media owners are Democrates. But why are they on the side of the D’s. and Bill Gates why is he on their side??? Have they had private meetings about the one world government? I am confused. Why does the FBI report stuff about the voters for Trump, why do we never hear about them keeping up with the evil side… Surely they spy on them, to see what is plotting. The whole stage is set for something.

  22. If Trump leaves office,he will put everyone in serious trouble. We all know that this was a very corrupt so called election!! Why would trump leave office under these proven fraud has taken place??? It seems to me a true american would stand the ground and tell these crooked and doers to take a hike and take their wicked fraud with them!!!

  23. everyone knows that this election was stolen from our President. those who say differently are terrible misinformed. I dont understand why there is such a heavy military presence for an ” honestly elected” demon rat? have you seen pictures of the extreme measures that are in place? every road blocked with tanks, military vehicles, 8 ft fences? why is the barbed wire on some fences INSIDE the fence? are they trying to keep people inside these buildings? why have checkpoints going OUT of d.c.? I truly believe something of great magnitude is coming, and it aint bejing biden. could our President consider a mass arrest of all treasonous congressmen and women? is he doing this so that the military courts will have jurisdiction, rather than the soros, Clinton, etc cabal? personally, I think there is going to be a mass roundup and unlimited flights to gitmo coming this next week. I also believe that president trump is not going anywhere. he will be POTUS for the next 4 yrs. he has laid traps for the deep swamp denizens, and the first arrest will be Pence. it is unreal for 25,000 federal troops loaded for bear for a virtual inauguration. biden knows he will never see the inside of the whitehouse. he is hoping against hope that the “largest voter fraud network ever” will get him and the California ho inside. the only “house” that he will see is gitmo. our president would never give up. that is why so many patriotic Americans follow him. tomorrow will be the start of the greatest drain the swamp program ever seen. GOD bless President Trump. and to all of you useful idiots on this site that voted for dementia Joe, I hope you suffer the agonies of hell if he should get in.

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