People on the Street: Can You Name One Good Thing Joe Biden has Done?

Lisa and Caity from the Daily Caller went to the streets of Washington, D.C., to see if anyone could name something good President Biden has done so far.

Some of the comments include:

“I think he’s done a fine job.”

“Definitely an upgrade.”

“I think it’s pretty decent right now.”

But when asked, “What’s one thing you think he’s done well?” the story changes.

“Actually I haven’t been paying attention…”

“He’s taken the vaccine rollout seriously.”

“I’m not following up on him as much as I did Trump.”

“He’s kept his calm in the midst of chaos.”

Not very comforting, is it? Nearly all the responses by Biden supports in D.C. are based on feelings. Most could not even name one good thing the president has done after more than two months in office.


Unfortunately, the responses in D.C. are unlikely not much different than many other parts of America. They’ve accepted the “Biden, good; Trump, bad,” storyline from mainstream media without critical thinking, or without any thinking at all. But keep mind Trump is the one who helped resource the vaccine. And keeping calm in chaos may have more to do with not knowing what’s happening rather than keeping calm.

If you ask conservatives one good thing Biden has done, they may also have no answer. But instead of not knowing why, it’s because he hasn’t done anything good for the country. In fact, most argue he hasn’t done much to help at all.

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41 thoughts on “People on the Street: Can You Name One Good Thing Joe Biden has Done?”

  1. Grown ups who voted against Trump can only answer like a child, orange man bad. Many people are being manipulated by the media knowing they ignorant to politics, economics, and basically lazy. They hear the same thing from multiple sources for 4 years they take it as gospel. They have no idea what’s going on in there local city, let alone the rest of America and the world. They have people blindly lining up for experimental vaccine shots approved by the FDA on an emergency use basis because it takes 3-5 years to understand there safety on humans. People are ignoring the constitution and accepting violations of it when it works to there wanted outcome. They seem to have accepted, after learning from President Trump politicians have been giving away taxpayer money to special interests groups and foreign terrorist countries for decades. Many people still don’t understand that in 1871, after borrowing money due to bankruptcy, our Constitution was rewritten that made the White House a foreign owned land. They still are not aware President Trump in 2018 dissolved the corporation and made the United States a Republic again. People need to finally realize the fence around the White House is to jail the corrupt and hold military tribunals. Wake up people and learn how we have been duped by the Rockefeller family and other rich and powerful families that kept us and this country in eternal debt. It’s all about to change.

    1. This a very thoughtful piece. Thanks for taking your time to compose it. I’m not sure why or how you thinkg the debt situation will change, but the rest of your piece id Right On!

    2. You nailed it. Everything the Biden administration is doing is unconstitutional, especially H R 1. A Republic is supposed to be self rule. Taking away state’s rights requires an amendment to the Constitutional, ratified by 3/4 th of the states not by legislation

    3. I agree with you 100% but the people have been so brain washed I don’t think tyhey will ever change there minds.

  2. Dementia jo maintains his turtle outlook in the way he has signed things that he never has read and does just what the communist controlled democrats tell him to do and the communist controlled media is singing his praise.
    Not a word about Antifa still attacking state capitals and illegal pedophile rings that are getting children over the border to restock their supply of minor children!

  3. Biden has proven one thing since he has been in office; and that is that even demented fools who have worked in government for over 40 years and accomplished nothing during that times can still get elected to the highest office in our country because half of the country’s citizens’ brains are misfiring.

    1. BIDEN WAS NOT ELECTED..the swamp and crooks like him, were able to steal this election..and God will deal with Obama is leading him by the nose..and he always did.. we have useful idiots ,in high places, my opinion

    2. Proven one thing? I challenge your proof that he was actually elected. Yes, there was an election, and yes, Joe Biden is in the Oval Office. However, I question the 2 AM count stoppage with President Trump in a nearly insurmountable lead that turned back on at 6 AM with Joe Biden’s thin lead that needed days to be solidified. When you don’t allow people to review the process, the machines, or the ballots cast, cheating cannot be proven. But neither can it be proven to not have happen by merely saying so. Too many people are like lemmings and follow what they are told rather than studying facts and thinking for themselves.

      1. I agree, we all know that this election was rigged from the beginning. As far as I am concerned, the conservatives shouldn’t have to prove fraud. Just knowing that votes were counted without poll watchers verifying the counting should result in illegal votes and not be counted. Votes coming in after election day should be declared illegal votes and not be counted. Theese votes were allowed due to unauthorized politicians last minute changes to the election laws. Pretty simple, only the Legislatures of each state can decide voting laws. Pence knew this but still did not send electors back to states that submitted two sets of electors. Claims he didn’t have the Constitutional right to make a decision. Even if that was true, the Dems could try their hand at going through the court system. Speaking of the judicial system is seriously broken. None of them would rule according to the Constitution. Supreme Court – what a travesty of justice. They had a job to do and they failed their number one sworn duty to defend the Constitution and they failed Americans. Disband them because they are worthless individuals that think they are so elite they don’t have to take on controversial cases .

  4. I appreciate your efforts and wishing you a happy Holi Festival Celebrations Gladly with full energy and potential.

  5. I can give you a list of 125 or more accomplishments Trump did but sorry, can’t find anything good that Biden did in 47 years.

  6. Well what do you expect from DC? The place that 90% liberal DEMONcrat? You have to be pretty STUPID to ask them anything! They are mostly FOREIGNERS OR GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE! NOT your everyday AMERICA citizen! They will say anything to protect them self from their left-wing boss!

  7. Ummmm, Ummmm, Ummm, seems to be the constant factor in reply to the “one Good Thing” Biden has done so far! C’Mon Man, he couldn’t fill out an application for a job cleaning tables at McDonald’s without help from his “Handlers”

  8. Bet the Media can. Even if they have to make them up. Which they will. They’ll have him parting the sea, and fishing out good at a homeless shelter.

  9. Bet the Media can. Even if they have to make them up. Which they will. They’ll have Joe Bidophile parting the sea, and dishing out food at a homeless shelter.

  10. you can tell these folks have no clue : this country is so spoil. The issues these folks are talking about are from folks that have life pretty easy. Go to any third world country, and asked them if they give a rat’s ass about climate change, transgender, or any of these other BS slogans these folks were mentioning. You know the problem with DC, they all worked for the government, and think the rest of us have a great of a gig as they do. Barely worked 35 hours a week, great pay, and retirement the day this economy stops working, the gravy train ends for them to.

  11. This is why stupid should not be aloud to vote
    If you don’t pay tax’s or retired you should not be around to vote . To hear all the young people make me think they need to raise the voting age yes I know they say your a adult at 18 but you can’t buy alcohol in till your 21 so why should you be aloud to vote the way I see it your not a true adult until then

    1. You’re saying people who have worked all their lives, paid their taxes, and even fought for their country, should not be allowed to vote? Then you’re out of your freakin’ mind! Because I happen to be one of those people.

  12. If chinajoe wants his legacy he got it. A demented old do nothing but destroy man. He even makes Carter look decent.

  13. What GOOD has “Beijing Joe” Biden DONE? . . . he kept the CORRUPTION up to a Fine Science. Oh, GOOD?!? What GOOD?!? One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  14. I would not hire BIDEN to take out my GARBAGE !
    Part senile, and already owned by both China and Russia, he is the worst excuse for a president we have ever had.
    And all this because of ELECTION FRAUD !

  15. Well, he’s kept calm ( although I don’t know whether it’s the drugs ) in all the chaos he has created. Is that something good? As King Edward said in Braveheart, ” As king, you have to find the good in any situation. “

    1. He always sounds like he’s drugged up with drugs for his dementia in order to get him through the day.. he stands there and looks like he’s ready to go off to sleep.. We have a nightmare in the white house… tearing apart our country and I don’t understand why the GOP aren’t demanding for this to end… He is also racially dividing the country.. WHY have the GOP not stopped this nightmare…

  16. Well, he’s raised the National Debt to over 28 TRILLION! It was 10 trillion when Obama took office. So 28 Trillion, divided by 140 million taxpayers, equals $200,000. So, Y’all just write a check to the Treasury Dept. for $200,000 and then see how fast the Dems can run it up to that again? You college grads that just got your first job can go take out a loan to pay your $200,000.

  17. He hasn’t done anything but rolled back everything that Trump did that had our country moving in right direction. He’s signing everything they put in front of him not even knowing what it is. They are destroying our country. I hope and pray that people will wake up and see what is happening.

  18. He hasn t done anything but destroy our country and everything Trump has done to make America great. He s nut job and so are the people that voted for this nut.

  19. After four years of hearing my relatives griping about the evil orange man, at least the relative calmis welcome, but it’s puzzling and concerning to hear “Oh , he’s a good , honest man trying to do his best for everybody.” I can’t ask any questions without being brow beaten with “DON’T TALK POLITICS!!!” I’ve been a pariah siwithin my own family since Trump was elected. They simply refuse to listen to anything other than their beloved anti Trump/ Republican/ wite man tropes. If I even attempt to speak on the subject they get vilently defensive. it STINKS!!!!

    1. I have the same problem.. my brother is all in for Beijing Biden and hated Trump.. I finally had to tell him to NOT say anymore because we were never going to agree … Trump worked so hard to do much good for our country and the citizens…. All this nightmare we have in the white house now has done is tear apart this country and he is racially dividing part of it… Beijing Biden is really good at lying.. really good at destroying jobs, really good at allowing illegal aliens to flood the country costing us already MILLIONS of our tax dollars…
      I will never understand how anyone with a brain, can think this nightmare is doing any good… Beijing Biden is a disgrace to this country

  20. The only thing Beijing Biden has done is DESTROY THE COUNTRY, RACIALLY DIVIDE THE COUNTRY… Lied to the people over and over again.. He does a really good job at lying!!!!
    He is allowed thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens flood our country and caters and coddles them while he stabs the American people in the back.. He has racially divided our farmers.. He refuses to face the fact that he created the crisis at the border and blames Trump for it.. NO it is NOT Trump’s fault.. Trump had the border under the best control it has been in many years… but Beijing Biden is so extremely consumed with hate for Trump that he cancelled the policies Trump had in place and told the illegal aliens they are welcome to come here… this is costing the American tax payers Millions … BEIJING BIDEN IS A NIGHTMARE …. THE DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA IS IN PROGRESS…. He is taking this country down a dark and dangerous road to destruction

  21. Rene,
    Don’t worry. When they start paying all those taxes you can just mention, “wow, did you see how much gasoline has gone up”. Or, “wow”, did you see that Nancy Pelosi has put very nice gold-tipped points on top the fences around the Capitol and the White House. I understand that they want to do that around the Supreme Court also, as those “do-nothing’s” are as worthless as Biden and his laughing hyena Kamala. The entire lying bunch should be forced to live in that squalor on the Texas-Mex border and send all those kids back with new shirts: Beijing-Biden invited me to America and all I got was detained in a sardine can with Covida-19 and dirty diapers.

  22. I can’t think of a single thing either, and I’m paying attention, unlike most of the people who voted for Biden and can’t name the policy positions he put forth during his emotionally- based basement campaign.

  23. No one can think of any good thing he’s done because everything he’s done is leading to the destruction of the United States and all of our freedoms. He cut the pipeline without any prior notice or any prior planning what he was going to do with all the 11,000 workers that would be out of work and all the people who have purchased equipment to complete the pipeline And are out that money. He had nothing organized for any new jobs for anyone. Gas prices have gone up almost $.60 a gallon but obviously doesn’t even affect President Biden and the rest of the socialist/communist times in which we are paying their bills. Our borders were secure and the material needed to finish building the wall it’s already been paid for and it’s literally laying in the dirt and Biden decides to open up the borders and Welcome and everybody that wants to come in and it’s turned into a total invasion. Not only that, there was no plans for testing the “illegals” for COVID-19 and that ended up As the border states responsibility and cost because Biden had nothing arrange the schedule even though he claims that the pandemic is the most important thing to him. Of course it is he’s not exposed to it and doesn’t care clearly how many Americans he does exposed to it by opening up the borders and literally allowing the United States to be invaded by illegals. If you didn’t have anything to hide then why is he keeping the news media away from the border? Of all people he put Kamala Harris in charge of the border crisis when she has clearly and openly declared that ice agents are the same as the KKK. Truth be told neither one of them has gone to the border yet so where is the leader ship. There is absolutely none. If Biden feels so open about “illegals” then why hasn’t he made arrangements for them to be sent to Delaware as he’s having them sent All over the US whether they are infected with COVID-19 or not. It’s clear that Biden sit in front of a desk and all the progressive/liberal, socialist/communist Dems put what they want him to do in front of him and he simply signs it like a puppet regardless of how detrimental and destructive it is to the US in the American people.

  24. One good thing he’s done since he’s been in office is make me laugh when he fell going up the stairs to AF1. Sorry but not sorry, that was hilarious.

  25. I know of nothing I could say he has done that could be considered good. The only positive I can think of: Is consider how much damage he could do if he was in good health of mind and body!

  26. The only good thing he did was give the
    stimulus payments in the covid bill…BUT
    even then he ruined it!! The bill cost 2.9
    trillion. And only 9% of it had anything to
    do with coved relief

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