Pentagon Accounting Error Hands Ukraine an Extra $6.2 Billion of YOUR MONEY

Here we go again! The Pentagon is claiming that an “accounting error” is responsible for the United States taxpayers being robbed of an extra $6.2 BILLION which was sent over to Ukraine – convenient much?

The Pentagon’s admission suggests that they took dove into the American taxpayers’ wallets and took nearly DOUBLE what they had originally claimed.

Pentagon spokesperson Sabrina Singh clarified that the supposed “error” was made because accounting used the “replacement cost” rather than the “book value” of the weapons and equipment pulled from Pentagon stocks and sent to Ukraine.

“We discovered inconsistencies in equipment valuation for Ukraine. In a significant number of cases, services used replacement costs rather than net book value, thereby overestimating the value of the equipment drawn down from U.S. stock and provided to Ukraine,” Singh said.


According to the spokesperson, it took TWO FISCAL YEARS for the Pentagon to even realize that something was off – which was likely because they didn’t WANT to find the error.

“We have confirmed that for FY 23, the final calculation is $3.6 billion and for FY 22 it is 2.6 billion, for a combined total of $6.2 billion,” Singh said.

Whether through pure stupidity or intentional negligence, the U.S. government has once again STOLEN from the American taxpayer and sent the money to Ukraine in what some are afraid could all be part of a massive money laundering operation which includes payoffs for the powerful elite!

Watch the video here to see why the pentagon doesn’t even CARE that they’ve been lying to and stealing from us!

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34 thoughts on “Pentagon Accounting Error Hands Ukraine an Extra $6.2 Billion of YOUR MONEY”

    1. I guess if Obama the 2nd pushed through this foot print bill they will be the first ones to be printed for lying , using TAx payers money improperly & televising lies to the Americans people

  1. Now they can give Joe and Hunter another $5 million . They got by with it once, no conquences, why not do it again?

    1. I knew it as soon as they got the Debt Celling raised this was their Plan anyways. To keep robbing the Citizens.

  2. I mean really??? 6.2 Billion with a B !!!! Not $620, not $6200 not $62,000 not $620,000, not $6,200,000 and not $62,000,000. Six Billion $$$!!!!!! How frigging incompetent can anyone be??? If you are not pissed, you should be!! This level of incompetence is just not acceptable. Who is getting fired??? And when do we get our money back??? Congress, when are you going to investigate???

    1. “Get the money back…? I imagine you’re just being facetious. The incompetents in government make an error of this magnitude and just chalk it off to an accounting issue. Now, if you or I underestimate our income taxes…lord have mercy, penalties up the ying yang.

    2. That would all be the right thing to do! However this government seems to think it’s okay to lie bash others and if you don’t agree you’re racist. We will never see this money again. When do we start holding this government administration accountable. It is time for the people to stand up and take a stand! We voted them in we can vote them out. I don’t remember anytime in history where the treasury made that large of a mistake. They know if they tell us it was intentional there will be riots but if they say it’s a mistake then if we riot and make demands it is our fault. This is the most corrupt government there is been since I have been the age of voting

    3. When you elevate people way beyond their mental capabilities purely on the basis of the colour of their skin, this is precisely what you get in return.
      Ask yourself the question ” Would the person operating on your brain be expected to convert from the only real training he has ever had – that of How to be a successful Car Parking Attendant – operate with any prospect of even keeping you alive ?”
      You could be forgiven for screaming and thrashing about BEFORE “they” administered the paralizing agent ( why bother with an anaesthetic ?!!)
      This is the REAL side of “Affirmative Action” – and YES, now it does not make sense AT ALL !

  3. How very convenient,pure BS more of the payback from the Biden cartel how much of this was actually retained by the socialist Democrats,biden buddies ,and other corrupt family members,including the Obama’s,Clinton’s.At some point these things have to end. So payback joe collects millions through his corrupt son,now billions have disappeared, how much to the FBI how much to a corrupt woke military ,how much to a corrupt collection of prosecutors, how much to pay lackeys to frame Trump,to pay operatives to foment trouble on Jan 6.How much to pay human smugglers and drug cartels allowed to traffic across an open border,costs a lot to hire corruption and destroy what has been the golden crown of countries.throw in placing corrupt prosecutors in major cities to turn loose murderers ,criminals of all sorts,It costs a lot to finance a campaign to confiscate all fire arms in a country and a major source to prevent the destruction of what was built as an example to the rest of the world

    1. All Conservatives and like minded other parties need STOP PAYING OUR TAXES UNTIL these billions are put back into the Treasury! THIS MONEY IS OUR MONEY—NOT THE BIDENS & buddies never ending sweet money pot?? IF THIS ISN’T REASON ENOUGH TO PULL THIS SHITHEAD OUT OF OFFICE, what is?!?!

      1. Better yet. Rescind that amount from their budget. Thataway. Dey pay for their error, not USes!!!!! Fair nuff? Aye Matey!

  4. Government- DEMOCRATS- BIDEN- FBI-CIA-IRS- have and are in the Process of destroying this country inside and out- we are now the biggest joke in the world and at home! When are and how long before people will say enough is enough! Honest hard working Americans are getting abused and shit on! The Media is just as bad and in bed with all these corrupt people! We now live in a 3rd world country and acts of communism is happening right before our eyes! This is not USA! Pathetic! All these characters must be replaced, removed and held accountable!!! The Audacity for any Democrat talk or say the word DEMOCRACY! What a joke!

  5. Our government should put America first not foreign countries. While those countries are able to be more financially stable, America is being made a third world country.

    1. Under the first and second reigns of Obama-Biden, the media learned that they could literally get away with murder so long as they stuck to the Democrat Party Line.
      They also learned that there could be no consequences from the co-corrupt White House , Senate or House of Representatives – again so long as they held up the Demonrat Party line and the Communist/Socialist base !
      As a majority in the employ of the Mass Media harbour very Leftist political views and have no honourable feelings whatsoever towards the majority of American voters, the initially quiet promotion of hard-line Communism eventually emerged into the light of day and proudly now asserts its commanding and corrupt position over the entire USA continent.
      It is never too late to Pray for God to help and bless the real America, but I think even The Almighty may have to pause a moment before taking on such a mammoth task ! RIP America – time to step back at least ONE THOUSAND years in real terms. Are YOU all READY ? REALLY READY ??

  6. Well if they made the mistakes it’s there response ability so it looks like the Pentagon owes the people are the United States 6.2 billion dollars. If we make a mistake we sure have to pay it back . So the should be held to the same laws as anyone else.

  7. I call BS. Just another way of ripping off the US taxpayers. Their calculating error was more like a calculated scam. AMERICANS need to stand up for the country and get this miserable POS and his lackies out of power. If Biden, for some fraudulent reason, is re-elected in 2024, our Country is DOOMED. There is no way our country can survive another four years of Biden and his Administration. Biden has no idea how bad he’s doing American People, but then again, he probably knows everything he’s doing because that’s what his intentions were to begin with. He never had any plans to “UNITE” the American People, but instead he’s divided our Country to the point that everyone hates everyone and is leading us into a civil war. If the people that voted for Biden in 2020 haven’t seen the destruction he’s caused by now, and vote for him again, our Country is in serious trouble if he wins. DOOMED TO REPEAT HISTORY. For the sake of the country, please vote for a REPUBLICAN and let’s get the NATION back on track.

    1. NO ONE “ voted” for this worthless incompetent braindead senile motherfucking mumbling stumbling tumbling fumbling bastard pudding- brained lying CORRUPT piece of shit Pedophile/rapist…the assclown octogenarian fossil was INSTALLED through voter FRAUD. Plain and simple. FUCK Schmo BYEdumb to HELL??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  8. It would appear the news of this, accounting error???, Was the fault of the Pentagon. T he U,S, Government and the ELECTED jack legs politicians are the ones at fault. Most of those elected, most of the Government, all of those appointed are at fault, these people have to take an oath to protect, defend and honor our Nation when they accept the duties required of them. Sadly they are just a bunch of greedy, self serving vestigial brained AH,s. The whole lot there in D.C. should be thrown out and bring on a new team with term limits, impose a fair tax system this will mean noore over loaded IRS. Privatize the Post Department, the Veterans Administration and most of the other wasteful Departments. A term used by our scientists an other research groups is a fitting term for the D.C. lot, term for the whole group is, “pessimum”. The D.C. truly the least favorable, stink hole environment.

    1. This is the biggest crock of crap I have ever heard. It was probably BIDEN’S payoff to Zelensky to keep his mouth shut about BIDEN’S corruption.

  9. The Briben Pedo sniffer, his crime family & the Cat House clowns are an “error” to the Human race.

  10. I have often wondered what percent of all these monies we’ve given and continue to give is going right back to Biden?

  11. Everything that has happened since 2020 has been a well thought out plan by the Bidens with Obama and the Clintons and the rest of the left to launder money through Ukrain.They have probably been planning this for years and by the time there done, which depends on how bold they want to be, either 2024 or2028 they will have stolen at the very least 350 billion in cash and that’s not counting the military equipment and there is still a year left in his presidency.If they steal the election who knows how much more they will take with them.As soon as there voted out they will be out in the bahamas sip mai tai’s while this once great nation burns to the ground.

  12. Don’t you think the American people could use that extra money since it does belong us taxpayers.

  13. Accounting errors or excuses for the waste? If errors get rid of the accountants. If not get rid of the management.

  14. I don’t think it was an accident. I think they made the payment on purpose, because the corrupt Biden regime is receiving some of that money back into his hands! I can’t imagine wasting $Billions monthly on foreign causes!
    Biden and all his administration must pay all that stolen money back! Then they all belong in jail.

  15. We don’t belong in Biden’s war. This is a made up war by the administration to threaten Russia ands it isn’t working. Russia was forced to take action as the administration was looking to expand NATO. This would surround Russia from the south, while being blocked from the west and north.
    The 6.2 billion should be given back but it won’t so because of that we should not support the war for 6 months.
    You and I just found out that the Biden administration stopped a peace move by Russia and was accepted by Ukraine but our Biden stopped it. The media is reluctant to expose this but it will be known and it should be.

    1. Can you expand on the Biden-foiled Peace Move by Russia, Frank ? I think we should ALL know more about this !
      Nil Carborundum Illegitemi !

    2. $6.2 Billion/300 Million people = $2100/person, I think. It is time to withhold that amount of money from the IRS, nationwide. No more money to these democrats, wokes, BLMers, RINOs, Climatologists, what have you, for 2023 taxes. Class-action suit against Biden and Harris. Stop buying products made in Ukrain. Ukrainians owe us 6.2 Billion Dollars. Get that back by withholding paying $2100 per person owed to the IRS, right off the top. Sounds fair.

  16. The error was made by the Pentagon, The President (Commander in Chief – The Big Guy), The IRS, The Banks handling this money, The Government Accounting Office and every single Representative and Senator – all of the above are responsible. Stop all spending per that Kevin McCarthy agreement. Back to Square One with no deal. This is absolutely childish at best. The Judicial Branch needs to stop this asinine act with all cooperation with Ukrainians. Recover the money by crediting $2100 per person per household against taxes due for 2023. If you don’t owe taxes, then you don’t count.

  17. I recalculated $6,200 million/300 million people = $21/person. Easier to comprehend. This is a much more manageable amount to not collect for 2023’s Tax Year. For instance, if there are 5 persons in the taxable family unit, then the Taxpayer gets $105 back or subtracted from what is due. If you don’t owe taxes, you get nothing back. This is a simple concept to do this in April of 2024.

  18. A mistake! Ridiculous! A mistake is $5 or $10 dollars off! This was done intentionally! Consider all that could be done for Vets; homeless; mental health; with that money! Stop the BS! This wasn’t a mistake–this was a premeditated “error!” Shame on them!

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